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tv   Headline News  RT  November 27, 2013 4:00am-4:30am EST

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protests against the halt of trade talks rage on in ukraine while russia's president calls on brussels to tone down its criticism of moscow saying it's about business not politics plus. police in cairo enforce a new law that restricts protests of it fears a country sliding back to an authoritarian regime. and a ticket to ride n.s.a. whistleblower and word snowden appears on posters in washington bosses as campaigners urge americans to follow his lead and reject government surveillance.
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this is r.t. coming to live from moscow with me marina joshua welcome to the program demonstrations continue in ukraine's capital kiev over the government's decision to turn down an association agreement with the european union that says president putin called an e.u. leaders to stop their criticism of russia over ukraine decision the european bloc has accused moscow of pressuring out of signing the deal are just like here she ask is following the protests in kiev. protests are still continuing in kiev several squares occupied by the people and they stayed overnight despite the temperatures in key of dropping below zero degrees centigrade and we expecting certainly these protests to continue at least until friday this week until the eastern partnership summit in vilnius last night we had a call by one of the opposition leaders to come to the government building in the morning and staged protests there at the same time i warning came from the local
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police to abstain from any kind of provocations because according to the authorities they have information of certain provocative groups will be trying to incite riots and obviously these people are unhappy with the government's decision and they're still clinging to a slight hope that the deal may be still signed in vilnius despite strong assurances coming from ukraine's government from the prime minister from the foreign minister that the deal will not be signed but looking at the numbers and figures of potential economic damages it's easy to see why the korean government doesn't want to sign these deals let me break down some of these numbers for you do you john may have started a few people but it's no surprise to those who looked at the numbers the country's economy has been on a downward slope for over a year and a half with foreign debt at a staggering one hundred thirty six billion dollars it would have cost over one hundred billion dollars to modernize factories not all can so closures would trigger massive unemployment at risk if can not afford especially since the e.u. made it clear no immediate compensation then
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a huge drop in industrial output from last trade with russia which said ukraine cannot get loyalty points from everyone ukraine's decision has also started a political street fight brussels and moscow as they do trade accusations of pressuring q. i wanted to ask our friends in brussels or my personal friends in the european commission viewer to refrain from harsh statements do we really have to stifle an entire segment of our economy just to get them to like us salute was initially going to make the fear is that with the free trade agreement already in place with key of the. should markets could be flooded with european goods that could destroy entire industries and see tens of thousands of people out of work. but those coming to keep central square are adamant about becoming part of europe despite the risks to their own countries you can only kill. and hours later if you ask your reporting from kenya and all for all the latest updates from the ukrainian capital again follow
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his answer graeme has got food from the scene plus pictures from the heart of the demonstrations. now europe and ukraine were expected to sign a political association agreement as well as a free trade pact at an e.u. summit in lithuania later this week ukraine's president has said he will attend the meeting to explain why a key if turned down the deal are just peed all over explains why some believe your turn is saving your of a lot of trouble. ukraine's decision not to push for closer association with the e.u. could turn out to be a blessing for those european countries there was going to have to be some two hundred thousand pieces of regulation that would have to be changed to allow ukraine to fit into this new partnership all of which would have had to have been paid for by the european countries that these pieces of regulation range from quite
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big issues right down to things like the type of screws used on road signs and the gauge of railway tracks and those are things that really european countries can't afford to be paying for right now we're seeing eighty four million people on the brink of poverty across the european union this is according to the european union's own statistics organization youth unemployment is endemic across most of europe all of these things leading europeans here in berlin to tell me that well europe should look to put its own financial problems correct before it starts taking on the debts of others. so that the e.u. already has plenty of problems in its own right at the moment for example bulgaria will be joining soon i will only create we were programs. we have ones i think yes this will be expensive we have not realized it yet but we just have to wait and see . it's hard to say there are plenty of problems in ukraine in any case if we take
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them it should be done under different conditions. so it seems you may have dodged something of a financial bullet following ukraine's decision not to push for those closer ties. one reason ukraine shelled the e.u. deal was the international monetary fund severe in terms of an aid package it included the freezing of salaries and additional harsh budget cuts we've got more analysis on the story plus all the latest updates had to r.t. dot com. and police in the egyptian capital cairo have used to tear gas and water cannon to disperse crowds protesting against a new law that restricts public gatherings. dozens of demonstrators have been arrested in the operation the bill requires police approval for public protests of more than ten people critics say the law is
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a major blow to democracy in egypt now reports. protesters today who took to the streets in defiance of this very oppressive new law they told me they felt like egypt could turn back time to the mubarak days when these kinds of rallies were swiftly moved from the streets by security forces who are in fact to be given carte blanche to use violence to move people on so certainly feels like we've moved into a new era here in egypt people were fired on by tear gas and water cannons heavily beaten within moments of coming to the streets to protest in defiance of this particular new piece of legislation they were rounded up among those dozens that were arrested including sixty women and very well known activists including one human rights lawyer now this fog across the country egypt committee of fifty years in the last few days of drafting egypt's constitution had to suspend that session of the ten of its members walked out in anger over these arrests there's also been
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a lot of comments made by egypt's political faction saying these protests will cannot continue. really yet to be seen what's going to happen but certainly egypt's feeling like it's moving into a new era where people can demonstrate people do have a voice of rights groups are saying are you observing really have any crackdown on so it remains to be seen really whether the military backed government is going to be able to keep these very oppressive laws in place and keep restricting freedoms in this particular tumultuous political time. well coming out on r t would take a look at the latest images from the syrian civil war. with a country engulfed in violence international mediators agree on a day to resume peace talks already shown by the rebels fighting the regime in syria. britain is turning into a color coded society with the u.k.'s why it's an ethnic minorities choosing to live apart and it's according to a new study that warns of comfort zone segregation which could lead to division and
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hostility between the communities has more on the worrying trend. well that warnings that person could be drifting towards becoming a color coded society coming from the former head of the equality and human rights commission trevor phillips now mr phillips has been leading some research with think tank demos and the university of london and what they've done is stated from between the two thousand and one census and the two thousand and eleven census and what they found is during that time more than one hundred thousand people from ethnic minority groups had moved out of london but instead of moving to areas considered predominantly white said preferred instead to move to so-called mixed areas where there are already established minority groups here in sheffield a local community has hit the headlines over recent weeks the concerns raised over
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community tensions between the population and other ethnic groups in that community but what this research is saying is that this could be a pattern that we see played out across the u.k. the segregation really needs to be dressed and acknowledged because of course it does have very serious implications for community relations across the. it's estimated some six hundred thousand wide britons left london between two thousand and one and twenty you have an opting to move to areas with a high white population eric cartman professor of politics of the university of london says they are driven by the need to stay in the majority. one of the negative consequences is that you are getting whites british people avoiding very diverse areas so it's not because they dislike anyone group but they just want to be in a comfortable bitch already so you can get a situation where like in parts of east london new him or in parts of south london . each census there are fewer and fewer white british there and it is possible that
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there will be areas that have very few to no not no but very few white british people living there we see the same trend in the united states there are sections of the diverse cities like houston and los angeles where you are there are very few white people living there and that could be a concern for integration so it's just that inability to attract or retain white british population in some of these areas that are maybe not so close to central london but are not far enough away to be sort of leafy and green so it's that where you might get this effect. on the program the local fashionistas might be impressed by visitors to moscow's iconic red square have been taken aback by this side of a larger than life louvre tahn suitcase that's been installed near the kremlin coming out would take a look at a controversy surrounding the case. do
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you think humanity as a whole would ban affair from living some parts of the wall g.m.o. free just to play on the safe side view through biotechnology through research through genetic modification we can give those small holder farmers the opportunity to be able to deal with and survive all of those challenges and i believe they should have all of the tools. choose your language. make it we don't forget you want to stay still some. choose to use the consensus to. choose the opinions that you the great.
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choose the stories that if you. choose access to. welcome back this is our team now one of america's most wanted n.s.a. contractor turned whistleblower edward snowden has been spotted in washington d.c. bottom fortunately for authorities there only on a bus advertisement human rights activists launched a campaign to credibility and call on the public to stand against america's widespread surveillance program artie's ganesh account hopped on the snowden bus. if things didn't weaken the us and civil liberties advocates are saying they're saying q to edward snowden it's a crowd sourced campaign so people across the country have donated small and large amounts to get this message across. in the eyes of the government edward snowden is
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a traitor and civil rights advocates through campaigns like this one show there are many who don't think so there are millions of people across the united states that recognize that edward snowden is an american hero and he were to democracy worldwide so it's important it's cool important to combat the message of propaganda that's coming from the obama administration in leadership that are trying to demonize him what he's done is a piece of plastic whistle blow to the united states government classified its evidence of its own criminal misconduct its its violations of the bill of rights and all that that mr snowden did was revealed the basic facts that the public is entitled to know there's several legislative initiatives right now all stemming from edward snowden's revelations to make sure that the just later don't forget that edward snowden supporters plan on launching new bosses around january when
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congress is back in session in washington i'm going to check on r t. well why only a limbic torch continues its odyssey across russia routed file this nation into sochi the countdown to the winter paralympics is also on there's just one hundred days left before the games begin an artist i would say is there for us with the latest update. hello there tommy well i see it's raining where you are but do tell us what's happening preparation wise for the winter olympics. well hello to you yes indeed it is raining but that's not going to stop what's happening here today where adam. media center this is where the media will be house during the olympics and it's in a beautiful mountainous class even though it's raining today but kicking off that one hundred days before the para lympics winter games the paralympics into game will start from the seventh of march till the twenty six. months now that's almost
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ten days and then pick excitement as well as sportsmanship now russia has been taking a very important steps in making sure that those with disabilities are being cared for one of them is a read to find a un convention on the rights of persons with disabilities and in twenty twelve two they also made sure that there was an environmental of accessibility in terms of a program that was going to be accessible making environmental changes around the country now those changes have certainly been around sochi which is the host city now we've seen how the transport infrastructure the restaurants the a limpid stadium as well as that the hotels have adapted for people with disabilities and that not only for the athletes who are coming to compete out here but also for the spectators as well now of course our sochi is all about of the sports now when we talk about to talking about the sports we have about seven
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disciplines with the paralympics as well as five sports and newly added on the list is that the para snowboarding which has had everybody quite excited. now in terms of out of the relay for the paralympics we know that the a little pig torch has been going around the country going to places as far as outer space too late and the total for the paralympics will kick off on the twenty sixth of february till the seventh of march it will go to four to six that's a month and so to around russia and i'm sure it'll be just as exciting the president who will be here later today to see for himself how far the preparations have gone he's also going to talk to you. those involved in terms of the security albeit limping so it will definitely be keeping out of the rain had to be a little from now but it will bring you more as soon as we get it going we know it does sound like there's still a lot of enthusiasm there and good spirits i would take think as much for bringing
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us this update live from sochi. now let's take a look at what our team has lined up for you on our web site today and a new report says that as many as eighteen million americans may be suffering from gloopy related maladies caused by genetically modified food had to r.t. dot com for the full mr geisha. plus. the truth is stranger than fiction on our website you'll find a story of a hollywood spy film director found himself involved in a real live clandestine operation. the news today is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing operations room.
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a bomb attack near the syrian capital damascus has left at least fifteen people dead including civilians and the government troops this comes as a further dramatic food emerges from the war torn country so. an interviewer was talking to the total of. one of the powerful should the street fortunately the children were on the hurt meanwhile world powers have agreed that peace talks in the syrian conflict will resume in january next year in geneva the western backed free syrian army has denounced the talks saying it will continue its fight against the regime of bashar asad during the. syrian political activist amara cobb says the opposition could undermine any agreement. the government is one of the only two factions who can claim two percent if.
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you parked your. car such as you to your presentation or presenting another. series but if the super example you used to geneva the politicians knew that there's a bishop in the ground who for is going to be a leader this isn't going to be because any underground can actually go through. a brief look now at some other news making headlines around the world the u.s. has reportedly flown to be fifty two bombers over disputed islands in the east china sea to find new chinese air defense rules china expanded its air to fan zone on saturday threatening measures against air grab a didn't identify themselves japan that also always claim to the islands dismissed the new instructions as invalid. in germany angela merkel's christian democratic party has reached a coalition deal with the center left social democratic party merkel c.d.u.
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fell just short of an outright majority at last month's polls when its liberal party or one seat many asked by the supporters are wary of the deal after the party suffered a miracle shadow during upbringing use graeme coalition. israeli security forces have killed three suspect the palestinians militants in the west bank israel claimed those killed were linked to al qaida and were planning assaults in the coming days against israeli targets the palestinian authority has denied any links to terrorist groups and accused israel of killing innocent people. demonstrations in thailand have entered a fourth day with protesters declaring they will take over every ministry in the capital they have already surrounded several government buildings cutting off electricity and water to pressure people inside to leave bangkok has been engulfed by an rest over controversial amnesty bill is passed it will grant pardons to
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politicians both past and present and pave the way for the return of exiled former premier. of scotland has taken another step in its campaign for independence by releasing a wipe a bird dogged by the country's first minister as a mission statement for the nation's future a six hundred seventy page blueprint outlined scottish plans to cut corporation tax extend free childcare and raise the minimum wage document comes to have next september's referendum when the scots will be asked a simple yes or no question whether their nation should separate from the rest of the u.k. london has strongly opposed the idea of clashing with edinburgh on the issues of currency oil reserves and e.u. membership but despite all the uncertainties scottish national party m.p. angus macneil says the white paper it sends a very positive message to the nation. it really is the media are different from each and that has been part of that and yes i think people do have the information
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to make the choice people are being inspired in scotland the reaction is that there are people already who felt that they were all on the fence of put up siding towards no who've had the positive message to do to be have seen or know that there's a level of detail they have to say on this level of detail that is accessible to them and this of course we knew that people who were who could have been from mission of independence and more likely to support it know this white people is only going to increase the movement in the polls with a nine percent at the moment that's less than a five percent swing referendums of this kind of you should have bigger swings towards the end and we're very very optimistic on the u.s. side that the people of scotland will indeed make the right choice officials and the kremlin have been outraged by a larger than life suitcase placed right in the middle of moscow's iconic red square artie's margaret howell went to find out why it's causing so much opera or. standing here right in the middle of red square what do you expect to find here the kremlin of course lenin's mausoleum very sacred ground here in russia in addition
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to these major landmarks we now have this gigantic leave aton box which is featured behind me you know it stands thirty feet high it's a huge monstrosity of sorts and there's been a lot of social outcry about this box on twitter a photoshop images have come up on line regarding this gigantic leave a ton box now twitter of people online have been commenting that this sacred ground has since been turned into a commercial space members of the do must have come out in regards condemning it saying you know that it just doesn't belong here and in the good department store has since decided to go ahead and remove this box now they're citing that it's not because of the outcry the public outcry but it's rather because it's just simply too big so we're going to see this major luva ton trunk being taken down in the coming days it was originally supposed to be here for six weeks now they're saying
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it will come down meantime a suitcase seems to have developed a persona of its own on twitter posting messages against its removal well there it says it's not just an object and threatens to pay itself to the brick and also claims to be symbolic and part of people's history well if you can don't miss your chance to see what's been causing so much public amazement before it's finally removed and of course here on our team continue to keep an eye on the fate of the suitcase on red square up next to our takes a look at the harsh reality of child labor in europe so stay with us. to do it for the show quoted least some kind of deal there can be no doubt this first step agreement between the. in the great powers of historic significance it could become the foundation for far reaching geopolitical ships in the region but
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have no illusions the naysayers are intent on scuttling the deal and the use of force we're told on the table. there was recently revealed that jamie diamond rented out watching him palace in order to entertain his close friend tony blair the dinner took place only days before jamie died and had agreed to give the us department of justice a very small cut mortgage fraud and oh how the peasants outside buckingham palace gates rejoiced at the impossibly large number of thirteen billion dollars to pay. all hail jamie done in a. deliberate torch is on its epic journey to. one hundred twenty three days. through two hundred two cities of russia. really by fourteen thousand people
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or sixty thousand. in a record setting trip by land air sea another space. olympic torch relay. on r t r two dot com. i have to get up at seven in the morning school i go to school go out easy do my homework and. my work and finish it eight o'clock and then i do the same thing the next day. as time goes by and we see the crisis getting worse those who have a job have to hang on to it. because it's not easy to find another.
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i don't think it's full of people my age of the responsibility of things like this . if i'm going to. like school. i'm not going to do well at school because i'm on a tight. here in the countryside dreams do not come true very easily so i don't get my hopes up. southern belgariad endless green fields people in traditional dress. the region of the brain as a natural paradise where time seems to have stood still. people
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have always worked in the fields. as a family a mother a grandmother and two children. it's midday the sun is scorching more than thirty degrees. apart and it's getting hard little one. seven and his sister nine to school today then they did hear. the no one to say whether the situation is normal or not. if these little children the punishing them like this making them work so hard when life are they going to have. a future will they have. near the border with greece during the two thousand this little village experienced an unprecedented period of growth area became the gateway to europe.


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