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it's ten pm here in moscow tonight a day before the summit to wood's eastern european partners public fury in ukraine refuses to die down as the government hesitates and signing up to trade deals also . people with disabilities in the general with limited ability with one hundred days to go now to before the paralympians takeover at the sochi winter games are teammates a man who managed to turn his life around on the ice rink. also lighting tonight italian senators expel former prime minister silvio berlusconi from parliament for tax fraud and a vote that the veteran politician condemns calling it a day of mourning for democracy. and a crackdown on terror here in the russian capital where police say they've arrested a group of heavily armed islamic extremists.
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for a good evening this is all to international kevin the interview watching around the world for a good to have your company our top story then there's an eastern european economic get together starting on thursday but there's one country in the wings having trouble making up its mind ukraine is seeing days of violence and protests demanding that their president signs closer ties with the e.u. even though he knows being hasty could be costly and. protesters still continue in kiev they lost it overnight despite temperatures dropping well below zero and right now several thousand people are besieging the government building in central kiev and there's been a warning coming from you which is for the general public to abstain from any kind
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of provocations because they had information that some provocative groups were preparing some riots and even and the possible attempt to take over the government building that's why you can see this heavy police presence ride police are all over the place i when i walked here to the government building i saw literally hundreds of riot police all over the place they're securing every governmental the parliament of the government building and the administration of president building and judging by the fact that these people have ten camps across the city they're not willing to go anywhere until friday until the summit and still clinging to this last hope of signing association deal during the eastern partnership summit even though there are serious assurances coming from the government that this deal will not be signed ukraine's decision has also started a political street fight between brussels and moscow as the two traded accusations of pressuring q. i wanted to ask our friends in brussels my personal friends in the european commission to refrain from harsh statements do we really have to stifle an entire segment of our economy just to get them to like us. the
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fear is that with the free trade agreement already placed with key of the russian market could be flooded with european goods and that could destroy the entire industries and see tens of thousands of people out of work. but those camping out in kiev central square are adamant about becoming part of europe despite the risks to their own country's economic health. in the thick of the ongoing public unrest and here from day one follow up on instagram for his images from the very heart of the demonstrations in fact if you take a look at the news pictures going through from ukraine tonight you see. just from the snapshot here hundreds of people out there judging by the ukrainian and of course the e.u. flags flying there as well that's the pro e.u. lobby out in force again continuing their protests into the night again with ukraine's dire economic conditions are being cited as the main reason lawmakers
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though backed away from the e.u. deal so far are berlin correspondence been hearing reaction in europe with the it can't afford to accommodate kiev. ukraine's decision not to push for closer association with the e.u. could turn out to be a blessing for those european countries there was going to have to be some two hundred thousand pieces of regulation that would have had to have been changed to allow ukraine to fit into this new partnership all of which would have had to it being paid for by the european countries now these pieces of regulation range from quite big issues right down to things like the type of screws used on road signs and the gauge of railway tracks and those are things that really european countries can't afford to be paying for right now we're seeing eighty four million people on the brink of poverty across the european union this is according to euro star the european union's own statistics organization youth unemployment is endemic across
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most of europe all of these things are leading europeans here in berlin to tell me that well europe should look to put its own financial problems correct before it starts taking on the debts of others. so it's not the e.u. already has plenty of problems in its own right at the moment for example bulgaria will be joining soon i will only create more problems if you know one zain yes this will be expensive we have not realized it yet but we just have to wait and see a mic it's going to it's hard to say there are plenty of problems in ukraine in any case if we take them it should be done under different conditions. but it seems year it may have dodged something of a financial pull it following ukraine's decision not to push for those closer ties . we also spoke to many people metal from the u.k. independence party he told us many ukrainians and europeans failed to appreciate the risks attached to the association agreement. they don't know enough about the
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problems that your up how does. the european union once create ukraine to eventually join they were albanians to join they won't say happy it's a joint i mean they even want taking to join you know ninety five percent of tear he isn't even in europe i mean this is an expansionist organization we in britain certainly don't want ukraine to join the european union because if they join that means our borders will be opened up to forty six million ukrainians and in ukraine the average wage is around three hundred euro. and we know that if they do join a lot of them will come west and at the moment we have twenty two percent youth unemployment in britain and we can saturate out all market any further with any more people. it's just over ten weeks to go now until the sochi winter olympic games in the
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country and to to the paralympics has just reached the hundred day mark as well say with the latest on the preparations. certainly a hundred days before the paralympics kick off. and this day was marked a specially by president. made a surprise visit to the city to check for himself if the infrastructure and everything around around sochi had it's a point for the start of. the president's around the infrastructure facility and was quite impressed even giving the thumbs up and saying that everyone who's coming to the situ be able to enjoy. the city as well as the olympics the better live it so will start on the seventh of march until the sixteenth. that's almost nine days all of all limping as well as sportsmanship now russia has been taking really important step in making. careful last year they
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actually read to. the white people with disabilities and then in the same day yeah they went on to introduce a program that made accessibility environmentally easy for the disabled so indeed those infrastructures have been seen they've been in place a. transport system with stadiums the restaurants at the hotels all ready to welcome. the athletes but also the spectators of all the athletes will be preparing themselves for aiming for that gold almost seven hundred athletes competing in the paralympics also around forty five countries who will be taking. seven. wives and a newly introduced parents snowboarding which has had everybody excited and my colleague. the russian paralympics the hockey team to find out how they're
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preparing for that. ice hockey as it should be intense fierce determined and. like you. just with two sticks one in each hand with extra risks. you're constantly flying around speeds collisions and everything for crazy. and tireless commitment just. training all the time morning to every day for these seventeen paralympic athletes are in the twenty fourteen russia sledge hockey team and thirty six year old body is their captain he was injured in two thousand and two while serving in the russian military in chechnya. before the age of twenty five used to have a completely different life through both of but after the injury i turned to realize my potential. he went from swimming to taking up
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a chance to join russia's brand new sledge hockey squad. no one is going to bring you things on a platter you've got here we had an opportunity. since two thousand and nine when we were told we participate in the second paralympics it's been a driving force. in a country that struggled to accommodate people's disabilities russia's paralympic coach says the team is helping to change perceptions in november so we're focusing on the second huge new world more. these guys managed to prove to themselves their relatives and the entire society that they are not people with disabilities people with unlimited ability. he has been a heroin pick since one thousand nine hundred four but this is the first year that russia will defeat this would only change here few years ago his body remembers with more than we were just staring at one another not really knowing what to do first of all let me show you what's on the slide here is the sledge for what it is
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this is the blade and this small area is the seat. which means it's terribly unsteady so just imagine you have to keep your balance and simultaneously carry the puck you keep falling down and it takes a lot of time to get back up but now we're skilled at it. these sledge hockey players they're really just so she hasn't been easy it's taken an immense amount of hard work personal sacrifice and dedication but the payoff is that it's just on the ice the possible super bowls to this experience i believe that people who have survived a car crash or a plane crash will look at us and realize that even with an injury like that you can live on if you can set your own goals and achieve. our team to the region of russia. big news coming from italy tonight the italian senate in the last few hours has voted to expel former prime minister silvio berlusconi from parliament over his conviction for tax fraud
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a larger than life billionaires lead the country for most of the past two decades has come off as of late in fact from row in the best italian way it wasn't without emotion was it what went on in the italian parliament last couple of hours of course. well it was quite an emotional vote at the senate and the comments that we've been getting from mr berlusconi and his supporters are frankly just as emotional they've deemed his political rivals as the firing squad they've been saying that this is a day of mourning for italian democracy n. that this was a political assassination but mr berlusconi himself is saying that he's not planning to back down he's not planning to go underground and wants to stay with his supporters you know his rivals on the other hand are celebrating comparing the former prime minister with al capone to the. the chicago gangster who for years managed to avoid prosecution but then was finally jailed for tax evasion and they're also reminding that since mr berlusconi was convicted of tax fraud under
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italian law he's banned from politics for the next six years now all of this is happening amid some serious problems with the italian economy the current government hasn't really been very successful in dealing with them they've barely managed to push through the two thousand and fourteen budget which is in the focus of a loss of criticism the economy is going through the worst recession since the second world war youth unemployment is very high right now and some analysts are suggesting that this whole scandal around to mr berlusconi and including this vote in the senate are aimed to divert attention from the public from the way the current government is been dealing with economic problems in the course of the long goodbye this may finally be yet but it still may be able to play for as you say ok you can all thank them so much there. and we bring in all the details of a major terrorist right at moscow after the break to me telling a lie to note as well take a look at this this is no photoshop job really isn't red square today dominated by
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this super sized suitcase muscovites not amused and it seems the voices have been heard. what a case after the break. speak
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your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world talks seventy i p interviews intriguing story. arabic to find out more visit. russian police and the rest of fifteen members of al qaeda linked terrorist cell in moscow the suspects reportedly called red handed with a cache of guns and explosives. and of a report. that comes after russian security forces detained and nother member of the same group at the beginning of november now the man who was allegedly involved in recruiting a young women to join in the organization now all of those set
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a members cell of those people that are detained now are thought to be members self an extremist islam a very good musician and were involved in a number of for criminal activities to fund it now this arvid ization is described as a you magics of terrorist cells which inspired some of the tactics and methods settled now that are going ization that was created back at the beginning of seventy's and egypt however a leader of the country's authorities banned it and back even twenty tanna russia also banned its activities i spoke to professor xander dawn really is an international lecture on the terrorist problem he told me the latest arrests of most kohala the global nature of the threat these kind of be extremist islamist groups we're going to get funding from overseas that's for sure saudi arabia qatar you name it we have the same problem here once again when i say we're in the same boat i mean not only we believe in those russian countryside or in
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moscow or in sochi where the same boot this is my message but to my colleagues in great britain and elsewhere. war games against major enemies are vital of course to training any army and cyber warfare units are no exception at r.t. go calm we invite you to take a look at nato his biggest ever defense exercise against mass coordinated hacking attacks and all this just a few kilometers from the russian border well logging it r t the home also online to read faces of the world health organization after its admitted an embarrassing blunder in a report on the infections in greece. a recent study suggests britain is drifting into a color coded society with the u.k.'s whites and ethnic minorities choosing to live apart the results were known as comfort zone segregation which it's feared could lead to hatred and intolerance among communities it's even led to the country's
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long time figurehead on racial equality to say that britain is a bit in denial on the issue for far too long sarah ferguson is this report. well that warnings that could be drifting towards becoming a color coded society coming from the former head of the equalities and human rights commission trevor phillips now mr phillips has been leading some research with think tank demos and the university of london and what they've done is arrey stated from the tween the two thousand and one census and the t. thousand and eleven census and what they found is during that time more than one hundred thousand people from ethnic minority groups had moved out of london but instead of moving to areas considered predominantly white have preferred instead to move to so-called mixed areas where there are already established minority groups now here in sheffield a local community has hit the headlines over recent weeks the concerns raised over
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community tensions between the roma population and other ethnic groups in that community but what this research is saying is that this could be a pattern that we see played out across the u.k. the segregation really needs to be trashed and acknowledged because of course it does have very serious implications for community relations. and it's estimated around six hundred thousand white britons left london in the last decade to settle in other parts of the country they're predominantly white politics professor kofman from the university of london believes they're driven by the interest of the majority. one of the negative consequences is that you are getting white british people avoiding very diverse areas so it's not because they dislike anyone group but they just want to be in a comfortable bitch already so you can get a situation where like in parts of east london or in parts of south london. each census there are fewer and fewer white british there and it is possible that
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there will be areas that have very few to no not know but very few white british people living there we see the same trend in the united states there are sections of the diverse cities like houston and los angeles where you are there are very few white people living here and that could be a concern for integration so it's just that inability to attract or retain white british population in some of these areas that are maybe not so close to central london but are not far enough away to be sort of leafy and green so it's that where you might get this effect for tonight's top stories in brief a part of the stadium is due to host the opening much of the twenty forty four world cup of brazil's collapse as kill three people. want to create plugged into a huge metal structure is ills but in a real race against time to try to compete and complete the a world cup winners before the deadline set by free from next month. demonstrations in bangkok eventa the fourth day forcing the evacuation of thailand's top crime
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fighting agency now the testers are demanding the government step down surrounding state buildings cutting off electricity and water supplies the government's pledge not to use force against the crowds but wants to arrest a key protest leader the rallies was sparked by an amnesty bill that could see exiled former premier texan should know what return to thailand he fled in two thousand and eight amid corruption charges. china saying it monitored the flights of those two unarmed american plane fifty two bombers that flew over disputed islands in the east china sea on tuesday in defiance of a newly declared air defense zone beijing announced that airspace set of boundaries on saturday and threatened action against any aircraft that failed to identify itself that flew through the area the instant been seen as a symbolic challenge from washington now as part of president obama's asia pivot policy of containing china's growing clout. latvia's prime minister has resigned along with his government over last week supermarket collapse in brega that left
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fifty four dead the tragedy the worst hit the baltic nation in decades is blamed in part on the government's failure to oversee construction projects valdis dombrovskis was the longest serving premiere in libya's history is resignation comes just over a month before the country is due to join the eurozone. it's been a big day for a bit cohen and you if you ver got that currency the crypto currency has hit the one thousand dollar mark for the first time of course it isn't cash that most people know it it's a quick reminder of how it works you need refreshers of what it is traditional money of course has a value linked to real goods and services regulated by governments the value of because it's entirely a matter of supply and demand there are no banks involved it just encrypted strings in letters and numbers that can be freely traded on the internet at the beginning of the month you may recall one bitcoin trading for just over two hundred dollars by mid november it had gone up to four hundred dollars right now as i just said it's broken through the one thousand threshold spoke to economist mark forms and he
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believes the new virtual currency is starting to win over the doubters note. i think it's a matter of just just a matter of time at this point to go over and what we've seen in recently is that there's a lot more acceptance of bitcoin by both merchants and by governments governments have recognized bitcoin they're willing to accept it they realize that it's the type of currency going forward in the world where it's more secure it's more private it's more efficient the end it holds its value better as well i think you're going to see much higher prices for bit coin i don't forecast market prices but i think that over time you're going to see bit of rising in value because currencies are continue to depreciate around the world we're in a world currency war and that's good things for investors and bitcoin. for victory parades to mass executions over the centuries moscow's red square has seen
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plenty of history changing events but now a suitcase the size of an apartment block rights of this embezzles cathedral is a step too far for many people even if it was partly for charity margaret how when to find out why the stunt has stunned so many. i'm standing right here in the middle of red square what do you expect to find here the kremlin of course lenin's mausoleum something you may not have expected to find there is this massive live a ton trunk standing thirty feet high it right in the center of red square this trunk originally sparked a lot of controversy and outrage first on social media sites people taking to twitter expressing that this is sacred ground and shouldn't be used for commercial space also members of the duma here specific members began to speak out saying that the trunk was an appropriately place and didn't necessarily belong here in red square now it has been decided as of today that the trunk will come down it is currently being dismantled now there were two possibilities for where this trunk
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would end up the first would be gorky park also the old exhibition center we have heard that it possibly that they have confirmed that they would indeed accept the project it was supposed to have benefited the naked hearts charity foundation it's a charity here in russia that belongs to a very famous russian supermodel and she originally designed this project to benefit playgrounds to construct playgrounds in the area of moscow is something ironic or incidental there is a v.l. featured on the trunk this famously. some have speculated that maybe unintentionally this emblematic symbol could also represent a lot of mir lenin now if that was an unintended consequence placing these large letters on the outside of this trunk you know either way it is coming down and leave a ton it will be moved to a different place oh well talk of the suitcase seems to develop the persona of its
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twitter posting messages against its removal if we go this way we can see exactly what it's. as look at the twitter sphere. it says it's not just an object and threatens to pin it so to the ground that off his recently private poet so red square she wrote we didn't see that it also claims to be symbolic and part of people's history. if you can don't miss your chance to see what's been causing so much public amazement for it fine removed as well take a trip over to red square as he said to get to moscow next something you would hope not to find within the e.u. we investigate child labor there's serious story coming up in a couple of minutes right after the break. i do it's been struck well that we some kind of deal there can be no doubt this first step agreement between iran and the great powers is of historic significance
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it could become the foundation for far reaching geopolitical ships in the region but have no illusions the naysayers are intent on scuttling the deal and the use of force we're told three me on the table. deliberate torch is on its epic journey to structure. one hundred twenty three days. through two thousand and nine hundred two cities of russia. really by fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand killing. in a record setting trip by land air sea and others face. a limp torch relay. on r t r two dot com. this is the place that has been consecrated to god for almost a thousand of years people came here twenty some years ago it's very established
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last a life on the silence. and people feel the love of christ working. people say you can. come and something happens on this island that makes them return to it again and again they say the below saves them. join me james brown on a journey for the soul. only on a. as baker is used to working with under-age boys he makes no secret of it. it's easy yes yes it's true that there are so many ask me for work at least ten or twelve a week they say they like the work they say to find professional and well it's true that it's a fine job but it's also tough. cycle freddo doesn't consider himself a child exploiter this boss of a small family business feels that the current crisis leaves him with no choice.
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i used to have three employees then little by little because of the rise in taxes an increase in fuel prices i ran into difficulties and had to let them all go and. of course one of the advantages of having these boys working here is that i save a bit on expenses. but i have to say i'm still the one who ends up working the most since my sales are plummeting i'm forced to count on the kids. but i'm telling you if sales increased i did mediately get a qualified worker who could lighten my load a little. here you are senora have a great day. how many italian small business owners are taking advantage of this cheap labor force. according to recent estimates there are sixty thousand kids working in the naples region today.


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