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tv   Politicking With Larry King  RT  November 28, 2013 8:00pm-8:31pm EST

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european leaders admit defeat in convincing ukraine to sign a deal on financial integration but that hasn't stopped tens of thousands of pro e.u. protesters in central kiev are demanding just that. the un condemning the attack on russia's embassy in damascus is terrorism calling for those responsible to be brought to justice. texas trevor's an unusually high number of earthquakes hitting communities as locals and scientists point the finger at cracking plus. the sound of a gun made using a three d. printer triggering fears in the u.s. that it could lead to a deadly revolution in homemade firearms. in
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moscow i met president good to have you with us our top story this hour either leaders are admitting failure in their bid to convince ukrainian president viktor yushchenko bitch to sign an agreement with the association agreement with the block after a charm offensive was launched on the first day of a summit in lithuania kiev decision to ditch integration split the public with thousands besieging the parliament building there paul scott and alexei ski following the events protests are growing in numbers in kiev right now i would say approximately thirty thousand people at independence square in the city center the protest the speech will but this may well be a calm before the storm because we've already heard statements coming from some opposition leaders that in case that you know call this does not sign the station deal on friday in vilnius they will be taking people into the streets for a national white strike and. even inside what they describe as
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a euro revolution indeed this deal and this is what it's all about that we heard strong assurances from the government from the president that the deal will not be signed still these people here are hoping that the agreement will eventually be reached indeed it's a tricky situation because the korean government explained a move of not willing to sign this deal by economic damages possible economic damages to the country the economy which is already ailing and has one hundred thirty six billion hero a low debt annual debt and modernizing the factories ukrainian factories alone for the e.u. standards would have cost more than one hundred billion a year ost but in the case of ukrainian politics which is the growth across the right and it has always been like that you can never say anything would hundred percent certainty and despite those assurances by the government and the president i've mentioned there's still a chance that unocal which may take a u. turn a last minute u. turn if you turn and sign these deal by call the couple scott who is now in vilnius covering the summit will tell you more ukraine stalling of signing an association
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agreement here in vilnius threatens to turn this summit into somewhat of a damp squid kiev cozying up to the i.a.e.a. was meant to be the highlight of the two days here. so why is he attending the summit well unit has been keen to stress that the deal can be signed any time and that the latest development is just a postponement and not a council a sion a move seen by some as a winnah for all concerned buying them vital breathing space they're very uncomfortable the idea of ukraine coming into the e.u. the e.u. right now is. with the crisis in the pigs countries portugal italy and greece and so far they don't have money to do anything asked if you're crying the only thing they can do is try to take advantage of the weakness and so i don't i don't think the e.u. as a whole is going to go to the financial implications of such an agreement may have even been misjudged by the e.u. . you with the president of the european parliament martin schulz saying the e.u.
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may have underestimated the drama of the domestic political situation in ukraine that the country is economically and above all financially in the deepest crisis for decades and he goes on to say kiev needs money and a steady gas supply suggesting that's why they're leaning towards russia at this time publicly the e.u. continues to cool kiev the agreement will remain on the table into the eleventh hour allowing janak ovitz the opportunity for an improbable late u. turn but we can't have requesting more money and brussels finances already strained it could be a while yet before ukraine starts taking e.u. advances seriously police got r.t. we spoke with luda victor dad an aide to the leader of france's far right national front panel he says it's not surprising that ukraine is reluctant to go ahead with a deal. they're making interventionism inside the national politics of train i can totally understand the president of ukraine why you felt humiliated on this case
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they're mixing up with the international internet all this is difficult questions of don't you get to go in there and their case the korean should be thinking twice about these officers which were seen as you really eating and which even upsets their russian friends i mean what does the european union have to offer when it sees the need to keep if i did when it's that time is rising unemployment rates rising ukraine is divided into do you have a pro european opinion you have pro russian opinion in this country for months history and its geography is complicated let's not make things even worse. and while brussels and versity of ukraine some of the leading members of the european union are signaling that they're on happy with the in full of migrants from eastern europe that report still to come later this hour.
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the un labeled the attack on russia's embassy in damascus an outrageous act of terrorism after was hit by mortar fire a syrian security guard was killed but the russian staff are believed to have escaped unhurt archy's policy or has more. we know that one syrian has been killed nine people have been injured including syrian security officials as of yet no information that points to any russian citizens having been killed or injured now the russian foreign ministry is calling this a terrorist attack now the attack happened when a bomb exploded in the embassy premises earlier they was a mortar attack by anti government soldiers in the vicinity of where this embassy building is the russian foreign ministry has issued a statement and i'm reading comments it says we resent and condemn decisively the attack by militants in central damascus and we consider this as an act of terror.
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comes as international powers agreed to hold a peace conference in geneva to bring a negotiated end to syria's conflict leading being mediated by moscow and washington but some elements among the rebels have refused to make an appearance in january gathering will be the first time opposing sides will meet head to head across the table since the start of the country's civil war. a three point six magnitude earthquake struck an area in north texas the strongest charmer there in five years no and no damage or any injuries but many locals have been left shaken by the experience and not everybody blaming mother nature some scientists think drilling in nearby fracking wells is setting off the quakes the area's been hit by more than a dozen small tremors this month alone and it's seen more quakes since fracking started there in two thousand and eight than during the previous four decades all together one texas resident in the area shared his experiences. we had like three
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hundred quite a one with a two point five. and then the three point six and it sounds like a woman in the house shaken and we did have some damage minor just a little crack in the iraq my wife was having panic attacks about it to one lady and she said she has a peer main house and the flat house on a slab foundation like we have. shaken off and she thought of their houses and caved in they were really concerned about it it was a look at the controversial process of fracking a well was drilled more than a thousand meters into the ground and then a mix of water sand and so-called fracking fluids that can contain dangerous toxins are pumped into the well that creates fissures that a lot of oil and gas to bubble up to the surface but the harmful chemicals used for fracking can accumulate in the soil and contaminate groundwater toxins also evaporate and could cause air pollution there is a growing movement to ban the process and it's confronting
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a powerful energy lobby that's looking to tap lucrative deposits tex's activists sharon wilson used to live near a fracking site till she made the decision to abandon her. at one time i turned my tap on and nothing came out which was a very frightening thought the air was degraded horribly lots of air attacks trucks lie it's not always it was just it completely changed the character it's the worst concern for me was to end up without water or that my son could end up being sick from the chemicals that he was being exposed to i lost eighty thousand dollars in property value as they expand this practice more and more people are harmed and more and more people join the opposition right now there is an entire neighborhood over five hundred homes in denton where they are fracking very very close two hundred fifty feet in some cases from people's backyards. british anti fracking
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activist stephen hall worries that using fracking to extract shale gas could be more houser to us than burning the gas itself. there are much better alternatives is of the disposal of we don't need. an old i mean people such as me that it's a transition feel i wouldn't show old in america from the leakage is from all the wells that. is the three to seven out the sense of leakage of the gas into the atmosphere is a lot more coal students greenhouse gas the waltz seal to is so you know there's a case to be said it's actually a more harmful form of energy than burning coal in power stations. coming out of russia while it doesn't want to deploy drones like other nations prudence's the unmanned aircraft or no video game plus. or port from egypt where there's been a spike in an arrest after the government effectively bans demonstrations that and
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more after this short break. is the media so we need to be. by the sea motions to. visit the. issues that no one is asking with to get that you deserve answers from. early in the iraq and afghanistan war it was much easier to use a weapon and you always work with a ground crew i might be following a convoy if they came under attack i would work directly with the ground controller he would tell us where he needs help he would say you look at that arroyo we're taking fire from that arroyo and i would tell him what i'd see and then he would clear me hot and the decision was on me for when to fire as the face of war changed
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those restrictions became greater and greater and greater we we could not loose weapons and towards the end of our occupation in iraq we were weapons to fight it to. the president to say yes that somebody would be destroyed. thirteen minutes past the hour russia's president has rejected the use of drone ware for warfare as other militaries currently employ the unmanned aircraft that amir putin was speaking at a time when the country's armed forces are undergoing major changes or he's to bottom out say is more from sochi. well at the presidential residence the president has had a very busy day so far now he went on to talk a little bit about of the defense and aviation industry particularly about the drones technology let's listen to what he had to say just in the drones are finding an increasingly wide use all over the world but we are not going to operate them as
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other countries do it's not a video game however it's absolutely clear that on manned systems have a big future russia's armed forces are currently going through something of a transformation in fact if they've begun as modernization program since the soviet era the government says it needs to adapt to face up to new threats this all comes at a major cost of course hundreds of billions of dollars and the process will continue until twenty twenty old hadaway is being modernized and new cutting edge weaponry is being born but him home and abroad keeping up with global advances an unmanned military system is a vital part of this revamped drone technology has become highly sophisticated but is also very controversial with all the hell reports of civilian deaths in u.s. drone strikes in yemen and pakistan all in the name of the war on terror russia is
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determined not to go down that road although it does want the technology so it's a new phase for russia's military but with some clear boundaries in place to bomb with a sochi our team. in egypt a student was killed during a police crackdown on a rally outside cairo university i officers used tear gas and water cannons to disperse rioters as the country's swept in another wave of rallies people venting anger over a new government banning more than ten people from gathering especially during a demonstration of his belcher reports from cairo students were angry as harsh jail sentences. given to twenty one young women are in the exam to who were arrested in october for protesting in support of islamist president mohammed morsi he's ousted in july by the military fourteen of those women have been given the eleven years in jail for supposedly holding weapons and assaulting police officers seven of them
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are mine is that just fifteen years old sixteen years old they've been sent off to juvenile detention centers their families say they were just protesting on the corniche of onyx holding balloons handing out flyers but the authorities claim that they were actually being very violent it's not just protesters who have been cracked down on we've also got elected activists who have been arrested the new protest by the government which was issued a few days ago for hits any protests that happened without permission from the interior ministry so anyone who is in the streets rallying is being rounded up security forces are going in within minutes of demonstrations occurring with tear gas but it's also water cannons the latest news we've had is a blogger. who is one of the keyboards is the donor to be five edition was picked up this evening and his wife beaten he was being summoned by the general prosecutor for inciting protests he is of course a liberal and leftist activist saying that it's not just the islamists who have
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been targets it's the question is whether the government can continue this has been massive opposition from a lot of the political factions including comments from one of the main liberal leaders he's going to be a presidential hopeful he tweeted this afternoon asking the interim president to pardon these girls who've been sentence and there's been no pressure broad's about this new protest though asking for it to be looked at again so the question remains whether this military led government will be able to continue this crackdown and continue issuing these very difficult. restricting freedoms cultivating life on other planets may sound like science fiction but a breakthrough could be on the horizon. find out archie dot com scientists are just a couple of years away from sowing the first plant seeds on the surface of the moon and online for more details there plus. on a more somber note the belgian senate has approved a controversial bill giving it terminally ill children the right to elect when to
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end their lives r.t. dot com has the full story on that. right see. first book. and i think that you're. on a reporter's. instrument. in recent years the e.u. has only grown in size which is left some of the blocs major players unhappy they're feeling under pressure from the vast influx of cheap labor from the newer and poorer member states germany france and the u.k. of all called for curbs on the huge volume of internal migration within the union and it's leaded tensions with brussels or he's peter all over as more. well in a little over a month's time on january the first rumanians and bulgarians will have the right to
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move within the european union and seek employment now we saw david cameron the british prime minister say he wants to see limits put on the amount of benefits that those type of migrants would be able to receive those calls have been echoed by anglo-american here in germany and france who are land in france and it does seem that there is this movement between this split between the the west in the east in the e.u. those in the west are concerned that there's going to be a huge influx of migrants moving their way now in backing up mr cameron's mr cameron's words we heard from angela merkel saying that my currents that poverty migration was the cause of considerable social problems in certain cities in germany no she didn't mention those cities but it was almost understood that she meant both along the eastern border of germany and the former the former east
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germany. know what she said is that it's as she was announcing her coalition government that she wanted. restrictions that would not allow migrants to just move here without a job and sign on for social benefits for housing benefits and the like that they would only be allowed to do so for limited periods of time now or in france in france warland was saying similar things he said that this type of migration was a threat to the social fabric of france and that something must be done to try and curb these type of large scale migration from east to west from those who are not just from east to west but really from the poorer countries in europe to those that . have weathered the storm much better than others those in the high echelons of the european parliament of being concerned by these comments coming out but it hasn't stopped leaders in britain in france and here in germany saying they want restrictions on migrant. the right to keep and bear arms is in trying to the u.s.
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constitution but how about printing them out a revolutionary three d. printing technology could make it possible for anyone to assume create a home made gun the city of philadelphia has already banned the practice but it may be harder for the federal government to do the same as artie's marine important reports from austin texas. rhett's shooting range in austin texas is normally packed with gun enthusiasm. today the difference is that these men are firing rounds with a do it yourself firearm the world's first three d. printed metal gun we wanted to showcase the abilities of what direct metal can do and what a better way than find something that can withstand a bunch of heat tolerance accuracy all wrapped into one which in america everybody knows which is a par. eric much later is a project coordinator at solid concepts a company specializing in three d.
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printing hearing prints are in the arts he was granted an exclusive tour of their austin facility which boasts ten three d. industrial printers and a glimpse of our technological future these are all the three d. printed parts that went into making this car after getting a federal firearms license the company used a process called direct metal leaser centering to produce this browning nine hundred eleven pistol takes about twenty five to thirty five hours depending on the machine we put it on and what materials were grown in. this three d. printing metal gun has fired over one thousand rounds in the meantime solid concepts has manufactured its second nineteen eleven firearm we plan on making a few more prototypes for additional testing. and we don't we don't plan on going into full production on these we can afford to sell them. at the price of be
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required to get our money back while the prices of many three d. printers have fallen below one thousand dollars solid concepts insists the stainless steel firearm they've introduced to the world can't be replicated by hobbyists these machines start at six hundred thousand and go up to a million dollars they need to be in. industrial environments they require more electricity than is available in residential areas and they require inert gases in the chamber that are just not commonly available so it's definitely an industrial commercial type process and it will be years before metal printers become available on the consumer market if at all not exactly the world's first mini metal maker has already been created it prints using precious metal clay and with laser centering patterns set to expire in february it's predicted that metal desktop printers will hit the consumer market before you know it five years from now small this is going to do it maybe five years after that you starts at home workshops and and you know
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having one on your desktop at home so that we are going there to pick knowledge exists the price will come down. as the world has learned the convenience of technology has a downside we all love to the internet cell phones e-mail and social media before finding out that our beloved data is being monitored and stored by the n.s.a. thing the astonishing capability of three d. metal printers is no longer a secret. so when they become a part of our households have alongside the microwave and flat screen t.v. thing put people choose to physically in the privacy of their home thanks will be beyond the control of the us government. arena point i r r t texas a very deep reading technology can also make plastic guns which are far cheaper the first plastic firearm was printed in may look like this right here but so far
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they've proven too unreliable to use but as marina port said in her report metal printers are becoming more affordable but tensions are making it possible for ordinary people to stamp working replicas of real weapons one firearms specialist warns about the dangers of the technologies massive implications. it's a very universal kind of technology that can be used in most of different ways some some good some not so good but but it is alarming that people have started printing guns i would say the most dangerous thing is a let's say a gun that doesn't look like a gun but looks like a flower vase or something else and so that is this ability to make things in any shape and form really defies a lot of the conventional thinking ground regulating guns around detecting them and so forth and i think that's sort of it's a whole new world when it comes to controlling these kinds of things. now to some other stories making international headlines this hour powerful five point six
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magnitude earthquake struck southern iran killing at least eighteen wounding dozens more a disaster happening in the blue share province where iran has its only nuclear plant twelve people remain in serious condition and no damage reported plant. protesters in thailand power and water to the national police headquarters earlier that day prime minister yingluck shinawatra urged anti government demonstrators to back down after she survived a no confidence vote in parliament security was raised across the capital bangkok as the country faces its largest civil unrest in three years crowds were marching on state ministry since sunday accusing the premier of acting as a proxy for her exiled brother taksin shinawatra who was forced from power in two thousand and six. up next politicking with a larry king stay with us here on our t.v. and for our u.s. viewers a very happy thanksgiving. i
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hate to be a downer but i really think the olympics have lost all meaning in the past when there was the cold war it was like a battle between two ideologies taking place in the abstract and the one nine hundred thirty six olympics nazi pseudo science their self proclaimed superiority was put on trial for the whole world to see and spent the olympics having the majority of the countries on earth participating they're now horribly horribly bland one could argue that they have become a great way for countries to show off their ex used to build up some infrastructure but i think this is a big misconception let's look back to the two thousand lympics and beijing china is really develop in the last twenty years but the olympics really teach us anything about this country with a radically different political system or anything about their ancient culture or the way they think of the way they live no nothing at all all we saw were some
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flags and some pandas that rather unique stadium which was mostly the work of a swiss company yeah i hate to say it but i think the olympic flame is kind of burnt out over the years although i have to admit that saying the torch in the space was kind of neat i think that when and if the world ever becomes an eye. ideological battle ground again and then the olympics will become worth watching but for now it's just generic sports from generic countries a generic stadiums but that's just my opinion. ukraine a country divided its government's decision not to pursue integration with the european union and for russia instead as western politicians and media in an uproar brussels feel snubbed while moscow has a wait and see approach as ukrainian politics is anything but stable the so-called struggle for ukraine is far from over. secrets from the campaign trail the inside scoop from behind the scenes of the two thousand and twelve presidential
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race and its impact on the shape of the u.s. political landscape joining me in the co-authors of an instant bestseller double down journalist mark halperin and john howard all next on politicking with larry. welcome to politicking i'm happy to have the authors of double down in the studio with me mark halperin is editor at large and senior political analyst for time magazine and senior political analyst for m. as n.b.c. and john holliman is the national weather of new york magazine and a political analyst for m.s.n. b.c. they have both co-authors of a terrific book double down a great follow up to game change with another great book before we get into current policies like how did the book come about that you did you know you were going to do a follow up for you now the new file you cover the races well i mean the first one
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we enjoyed doing a lot and between the book and the h.b.o. movie we had a certain amount of momentum to think about doing another one and it wouldn't take too long for us to say you know there's a certain formula to what we did and we wanted. try to do it again for a different race some characters carrying over like the clintons and obviously president obama but but a new group of people who write about it i once interviewed john theodore white who wrote the making of the president one nine hundred sixty and sixty four and sixty eight and seventy two he invented it on sept is jim this ship in bed with a concept of the day kennedy died of a. you were you thinking in terms of the ago right well you know we are both big readers of political literature so you know be think about people who have done stuff like this in the past tell you what obviously established became a franchise but you know hundred thompson did for a living on the campaign trail in seventy two a book we both admire richard ben cramer wrote one of the great political campaign books ever what it takes about the ninety eight campaign but no one to done
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anything like this in a while and the campaign book had sort of died so we were fighting against the trend which was a lot of publishers thought well there's so much coverage of these races now how can you possibly write about something that comes out a year later or more forgotten about it but the two thousand a race in this race both really interesting and we wanted to get behind the scenes we thought we could use of them so little through the turn of sure if it looks like and we're going to get into it in a couple of minutes but first some current things really as we tape this the president is in l.a. today where where does this stand right now this is the rollout of the what's going on think of presidencies in the balance this how did the employed this i think that you can see the seeds of some of the problems in a few things that we write about in the book and that have been said about the president some of which are he passed health care with all democratic votes did docking republicans bought into it at all and didn't run to get a mandate on health care when he ran for re-election governor romney didn't bring it up because he had his own problems on health care and i think when you don't make an issue front and center.


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