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tv   Headline News  RT  November 29, 2013 1:00am-1:30am EST

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it has absolutely no place. european leaders failed to rebuild the ruins of a trade deal with kiev during a key summit. president on his decision to free. press in egypt as one student is killed and the police crackdown on protesters the protesters being jail sentences stopped on a group of women for a peaceful demonstration. with the black friday shopping thought about to kick off in america we look at the wild buying spree of the federal reserve and where it's taking the american.
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international is coming to you live from moscow. and from everybody here welcome to the program ukraine will not be reviving its plans for signing a pact with the e u after the block failed to convince president during the eastern partnership summit currently in effect in lithuania about says mass demonstrations continue to take place in kiev. against the government's decision to shelve for trade pact with europe have joined rallies in the heart of ukraine with the opposition for a nationwide strike and even pledging what they call a euro revolution the e.u. ukraine deal was due to be concluded at that summit in the us that's exactly. right . ukraine stalling of signing an e.u. association agreement in vilnius threatens to turn this summit. into somewhat of
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a down square here of cozying up to the ai was meant to be the highlight of the two days here are you nikolaevitch has been keen to stress that the deal can be signed any time and that the latest development is just a postponement and not a council ation a move seen by some as a winner for all concerned buying them vital breathing space they're very uncomfortable with the idea of ukraine coming into the e.u. the e.u. right now is used by all of the crisis in the pigs countries portugal italy and greece and so far they don't have money to do anything asked if you're crane the only thing they can do is try to take advantage of the weakness of ukraine so i don't like the e.u. as a whole is. the financial implications of such an agreement may have even been misjudged by the e.u. with the president of the european parliament martin shultz saying the e.u. may have underestimated the drama of the domestic political situation in ukraine
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that the country is economically and above all financially in the deepest crisis for decades and he goes on to say kiev needs money and a steady gas supply suggesting that's why they're leaning towards russia at this time publicly the e.u. continues to cool kiev the agreement will remain on the table into the eleventh hour allowing the end of the opportunity for an improbable late u. turn but we kiev requesting more money and brussels finances already strained it could be a while yet before ukraine starts taking e.u. advances seriously got r.t. in the meantime leaders are now saying that an agreement could be possible when a new president comes to power in ukraine and even planned to hold meetings with ukraine's opposition on the sidelines of the summit in lithuania but little which they've done an aide for the leader of france's national front he says the e.u. simply put should not be meddling in kiev's internal matters. along with this image
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sure deal which was made that they're making interventionism inside the national politics of the train i can totally understand the president of ukraine why he felt humiliated on this case they're mixing up with the international internet all this is difficult questions of don't you get emotion go in there in a case. this is not good as well train is divided into you have a pro european opinion you have pro russian opinion this country for me it's history and its geography is complicated let's not make things even worse. and ukraine is cited economic difficulties as the main reason for rejecting the european deal according to some reports it would cost up to a hundred billion dollars to implement the required e.u. regulations and standards so dan also believes it's not surprising ukraine is rather reluctant to go ahead with the e.u. agreeing. ukraine should be thinking twice about these offers i mean
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what does the european union have to offer when it is politically divided when its depth is rising unemployment rate rising what exactly do we have to offer even in terms only of markets and economies i'm not sure it's a good deal at all anyway for a train today and people have elements guests today debating ukraine's rejected a u. bid and just how attractive the deal was for kiev in the first place but of course in today's edition of cost. the fact is the european union doesn't have money to hand out ukraine needs an awful lot of money and everyone knows that the european union and its member states are broke they have debt up to their eyeballs and they can't afford to pay their own bills let alone other people's both russia and the european union like integration with ukraine but unocal overture to the end of the day just said it's not a good enough deal i think the only quality of government trying to probe and see
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where that the european union would be able to provide some financial assistance and also whether it would be willing to notch the i.m.f. to be more lenient and maybe have preconditions for unlocking the loans however the european union made it clear that they're not going to make any concessions. on our website r.t. dot com we've gathered expert opinion on the e.u. ukraine association deal so to find out more of what's behind kiev's u. turn it on line to walk the dog. thanks for joining us here in r.t. international news just in thousands of protesters in thailand to force their way into the royal army headquarters crowd stormed the compound reportedly demanding
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they want to know whose side the army is on meanwhile hundreds of people seeking to prime minister yingluck shinawatra gathered outside the building of her ruling party in just the last few days protesting crowds of besieged several ministerial buildings and cut the power at the police headquarters of the mounting violence has sparked fears of a possible military coup. i did so shift gears now to egypt we go where a student demonstrator has been killed as cairo university becomes the latest battleground of anti-government protests against a brutal police crackdown. you know the pictures are basically speak for themselves officers clashing with youths tear gas used to disperse the crowds who were chanting down with military rule the protesters fury was fueled after a group of female activists some as young as fifteen were given a heavy prison sentences as part of a new government mall bombing more than ten people gathering without permission.
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true this report from college. students were angered harsh jail sentences given to twenty one young women are in the exam to who were arrested in october for protesting and suppose that islam is president mohamed morsi he was ousted in july by the military now sports scene of those women have been given the eleven years in jail for supposedly holding weapons and assaulting police offices seven of them on mine is that just fifteen years old sixteen years old the families say they were just protesting on the cornice of onyx onto a holding balloons handing out flyers now it's not just islamist protesters who are being cracked down on we've also got elected activists who are being arrested the new protest by the government which was she did few days ago to hit any protests happened without permission from the interior ministry the latest news because is gyptian blogger. who is one of the keyboards of the journey to be part of the nation was picked up this evening his voice beaten as he was being summoned by the
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general prosecutor for inciting protest he is of course a liberal and leftist activists are saying that it's not just isn't a sweeping talk it's the question is whether the government can continue this has been massive opposition from a lot of the political factions including comments from one of the main you believe is being said he's going to be a presidential hopeful he tweeted austyn the interim president to pardon these being sentenced and there's been no pressure from cool words about this new protest last name for it to be looked at again so the question remains whether this military led government will be able to continue. crackdown and continue issuing these very difficult and restricting freedoms and coming up here on r.t. international ensuring the britishness of the u.k. . people are rightly because it's a very small area very densely populated and people as you can see so terrace houses people living on top of them as migrant communities flow into the u.k. some locals with strong views about their unwanted neighbors begin know which at
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night in an attempt to force newcomers to adopt their english ways the full story around the corner. but for now locals in northern texas have been experiencing a shaky thanksgiving day the area being rocked by a series of earthquakes and seismologists are trying to get to the bottom of exactly what's going on some though skeptical about it being purely down to natural causes now no one was injured although locals were understandably concerned by the tremors more than a dozen quakes of rattled north texas just this month alone some scientists point the finger at nearby gas drilling wells for causing the seismic activity of the area has seen more earthquakes since fracking began in two thousand and eight than during the previous four decades combined one local witness told us what he saw. we had like three hundred one more the two point five minutes and in that three
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points. and sarka aren't berman in the house shaken and we did have a damage minor just a little crack in the rock my wife was having panic attacks with. one lady and she never appear in being how. our. nation like we hear her shaking. her and caving in they were really concerned about it. by now let's have a quick look at how the controversial process of fracking could have indeed caused the recent earthquake activity in northern texas the well is drilled to more than a thousand meters underground a mix of water sand so-called fracking fluids which contain dangerous toxins of been pumped into the well they create fissures here that allow oil and gas to reach the surface but they also cool potential trouble as it's also possible the harmful chemicals accumulate in the soil and can contaminate ground water and cause
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pollution as well with a number of those calling for this process to be abandoned is on the rise but that's an odds with the energy giants looking to make some money texas activist sharon wilson she used to live near a fracking site until though she made the tough decision but she realized that she had no other choice but to abandon her home. at one time i turned my tap on and nothing came out which was very frightening but the air was degraded horribly lots of air attacks trott's lie knowing it was just it completely changed the character it's the worst concern for me was to end up without water or that my son could end up being sick from the chemicals that he was panic says to i lost eighty thousand dollars in property value as they expand this practice more and more people are harmed and more and more people join the opposition right now there is an entire neighborhood over five hundred homes in denton where they are fracking very very
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close to two hundred fifty feet in some cases from people's backyards. good to have you with us on our t.v. today the day off to the turkey feast the peak of the shopping season is knocking on the door in america while shoppers in the us head out to stores to pick up bargain deals we look at the federal reserve's wild ball on buying and told one of those behind the policies who doll things you know use the taxpayer as an apology.
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if you're thinking about an alcoholic drink associated with russet it's probably not going to be one that springs into your heads but they've been making it here on the black sea coast from all. and there is an industry which really can compete with the rest of the world. i've come to meet some of the people going the great and to see the secret to the. us.
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it's friday morning here in moscow welcome to international the holiday shopping season has kicked off in the u.s. and many retailers have even broken tradition by pushing their opening hours into thanksgiving night instead of waiting for the official start of black friday exactly five years ago the federal reserve announced an unprecedented shopping spree but it's hardly been helping america's economy. one of those behind the experiment and now things it was all one big mistake. black friday the day after thanksgiving is america's busiest shopping day of the year millions standing in lines for hours or even days before stampeding into stores to snag door busting deals oddly enough the first reserve bank has also used this pseudo holiday to launch its own unprecedented spending spree otherwise known as want to t. that easy two thousand the financial crisis the fed began buying up massive pawns
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to drive down the cost of credit and experiment pitched at helping main street as the program marks its five year anniversary the former fed official who spearheaded the quantitative easing is publicly apologizing to all americans for the role he played his name is andrew who saw r. and he joins me now andrew what is so bad about quantitative easing that you felt you had to publicly apologize to the entire country i believe we have a very big wakeup call with the financial crisis five years ago we had a we realize we have this economy that was over we were lying on wall street where the banks have become too big and too too concentrated for the larger economy and what i feel quality quantitative easing all to me has done is to reinforce. that structure in the u.s. economy and a lot of the benefits of q.e. have ultimately gone to the banks rather to to to main street america so if we see
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that over the course of five years those that have benefited from q e have been the richest people in the united states of the richest companies the richest banks in the majority of americans are not benefiting from this and why is still continuing the problem is. the fed at this point is the only one doing something and so it feels like it keeps on having to do something to help mild to the argument is what it's doing is it not only helping but it may actually be hurting for four more dramatic u.s. economy. in the meantime with us burra was increasingly missing about credit payments it means interest rates are about to go through the roof of the publisher of trends journal gerald celente he warns of grave consequences the only reason there is any recovery going on in the united states or for that matter the european zone is that interest rates are at record lows so as i mentioned you could
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buy an automobile with zero percent and what there go it what's going to happen when interest rates go up the housing market again collapses the auto market collapses and worse than that the bond market collapses and so you're going to start seeing a decline again in people paying mortgages more foreclosures happening and that's when interest rates go up because when interest rates go up this phony recovery we have in the housing market is going to stop and a lot of the new people that got into the market are going to have trouble paying off their mortgages. the web lined up plenty of stories for you on the website including the black hole. in fact it's a brand new submarine which is being dubbed with this name for being virtually undetectable underwater at all the details in the pictures of this very impressive
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machine. also the u.s. war against intellectual property theft doesn't look so effective now it's been revealed that washington had its own face in the trough full story click away. to see. first rate. and i think you're. going to. be in the. thanks for joining us on the international just a moment on the world update for now that the u.k. now provides a roof to two hundred thousand migrants who move there in search of a better life but some brits are angry that few of the new comers are ready to
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change their cultural traditions and respect the rules of their new home in response some locals have taken matters into their own hands setting up so-called street patrols and. investing. well ping up against the cold this team is setting off on one of their regular nightly migrant patrols organized by the pakistan community association their beat is this small neighborhood in sheffield in the north of england known as paige all the trying to save the community tensions here and i know there are tensions in the area and people are angry because it's a very small area very densely populated and people as you can see so terrace houses people living on top of each other it doesn't take us long to see what some members of the local community a say concerned about even on a monday night in winter large groups of roma men congregated on this small high street i just saw in our. city so look around this mess you sensed
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noise that night most of the roma here from the back here and they're eager to tell us that they don't want to cause any trouble for my friend you know my school work here people who speak you know so if you have them in horrible you know booking for drop you know problem here for a nine pm curfew has been put in place here under sixteen can see the police thanks coming back so they have what sort of significant presence in the area in less than a presence here from eight o'clock in the flame right the way through until like three o'clock i mean i mean it's a very difficult thing to police the situation has gained national attention but some voicing concerns of a repeat of the race riots that blighted the north of the country to stave a decade ago it didn't concern me that it was going to happen what concerns me was how that would make very much population and the longstanding population feel that they're living in an area where tensions of perhaps not so hard either that might
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happen like all east citizens of roma have the right to move freely throughout the european union but so what is the most persecuted ethnic minority groups in europe the migrant patrol at. trying to aid integration here but with restrictions being removed next year allowing carians on remaining to enter the u.k. sparking white public concern it won't just be the patrol keeping a careful watch what plays out on the streets of this small community service. reporting from sheffield in the north of england are going global here on the program let's get some other headlines for you. as ordered warplanes to routinely patrol its newly declared defense over disputed islands in the east china sea this comes in the wake of america japan and south korea sending military flights over the archipelago of the dispute threatens to overshadow u.s. vice president joe biden's trip to the region next week and may indeed continue to
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fuel tensions between china and its regional neighbors. afghan president hamid karzai accusing the u.s. of launching a drone strike which killed a child saying it's another reason i don't washington's disregard for civilian life if similar attacks continue he is vowing not to sign a long term security agreement that would allow several thousand u.s. troops to remain in afghanistan after twenty fourteen the afghan leaders already shown his reluctance to sign the deal saying he first one so sure and says they'll be no meddling in upcoming elections and no more airstrikes to. and iraq twenty nine have been killed after three car bombs hit two outdoor markets near baghdad the blasts all went off in a five minute period and dozens were injured twenty thirteen it's been the deadliest year for the country since two thousand and eight and we have a special online project about the human tragedy called a year of carnage you can
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find that at any time of the day or night at dot com. but also international coming to you live from moscow thanks for joining us today up next we look at a transgender tragedy his name is julia the program just ahead. i
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hate to be a downer but i really think the olympics have lost all meaning in the past when there was the cold war it was like a battle between two ideologies taking place in the abstract and the one nine hundred thirty six olympics nazi pseudo science their self proclaimed superiority was put on trial for the whole world to see and support the olympics having the majority of the countries on earth participating they're now horribly horribly bland one could argue that they have become a great way for countries to show why. for ex used to build up some infrastructure by i think this is a big misconception let's look back to the two thousand lympics and beijing china has really developed in the last twenty years but they the olympics really teach us anything about this country with a radically different political system or anything about their ancient culture or the way they think or the way they live no nothing at all all we saw were some flags and some pandas that rather unique stadium which was mostly the work of
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a swiss company yeah i have to say i think the olympic flame is kind of burnt out over the years although i have to admit that saying the torch in the space was kind of neat i think that when and if the world ever becomes an ideological battle ground again then the olympics will become worth watching but for now it's just generic sports from generic countries of generic stadiums but that's just my opinion. ukraine a country divided its government's decision not to pursue integration with the european union and for russia instead as western politicians and media in an uproar brussels feel snubbed while moscow has a wait and see approach as ukrainian politics is anything but stable the so-called struggle for ukraine is far from over.
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there's one thing that i still can't understand thank you i don't want to ruin your good mood but i have this one question what do you doing this so for. listen to me you had everything. respect authority he gave them all know you decided to go your way but what for. it was a wait and for him he tried to restrain himself and find his place in society in spite of this disease. but look here in the first out anyway is that if. you're sitting in a really puts me off that i have such a father. if the warming up to it was one small but very great secret that i have to live with.
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go along i am a transsexual woman as we're now i'm going through a transition period the so-called hormonal stage when i need to adjust to society as a woman that's why i need to change my sex and my passport in the past but. there's been no surgery as you know no not yet it's very expensive and i don't have enough money with your money to the right amount first and with the name you already overdose of in my passport people treat me as though i'm a non-person and i can't find a job lawyer as you don't even believe it's really my passport. here's substantiate your claim with a number of medical reports could you present them to me so far you have only presented a medical report from professor going to check us clinic or so i thought that
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report would be enough if i didn't think i'd need anything else if you refer to it as a medical statement than you need to have a document proving this clinic really is a magic oregon has ation authorized to issue such reports. i don't have such a document will you be able to present it yes i think so when will you be able to present it like concern exact date i'll have to submit a request in five days ten how many. about ten probably it's hard to say exactly the cases are joined to the ninth of september if the clinic refuses to provide you with the necessary documents the court will sign an inquiry. didn't it surprise you that they claim you could go into a request from the group yes it did i don't know why they didn't reply it's so strange i can't comment i don't know why.


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