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tv   Headline News  RT  November 29, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm EST

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i'm. sorry you're. coming up on r t a recent c.n.n. interview may not show the full picture of the russian ambassador to the u.n. claims that his interview was censored including his thoughts on syria a look at what was missing ahead and the filmmaker with a history of crossing lines consider taboo oliver stone the man behind films like scarface amplitude and now has a documentary series about the untold parts of american history more on that from the man himself coming up while there is hope for an economic boost from black friday shoppers the future may still be dire the new book the crash of twenty six tina warns of a future economic catastrophe brought about by the dealings of wall street bankers and the government the book's writer tom hartman tells us more later in the show.
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it's friday november twenty ninth four pm in washington d.c. i'm meghan lopez and you are watching r.t. well starting off this hour the russian ambassador to the u.n. claims his interview was censored after an appearance on c.n.n. but ali churkin says c.n.n. made significant cuts to his interview with christiane amanpour which aired on tuesday night churkin says the network cut the majority of his commentary about the situation in syria and his assertions that a number of people in the country support president bush are all off saud c.n.n. has since published a full transcript of the interview on its website and also offered this statement to our t. the encore team conducted a lengthy interview making it clear that it was taped and would be cut down for a length and time on air this. normal practice for taped interviews we never do
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anything to an interview that would alter its meaning meanwhile russian foreign ministry spokeswoman. said that such moves by western media aimed at removing bits and pieces of information it seems unnecessary to its viewers a broader understanding are becoming the rule and not the exception especially where russian officials are concerned now we'll continue to follow the story as it develops you know and this is not the first time c.n.n. has come under fire in recent months for its editorial decisions that the network makes meanwhile the news program continues to slip in the ratings artie's parian boring looks at those slipping ratings and what c.n.n. is doing to reverse the trend c.n.n. is having their worst year ever during that awful actually near most news organizations will see their ratings decrease a bit but cnn's are currently some of the lowest they're waiting to have job to forty eight percent since november of last year and for the importance of
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a graphic of twenty five to fifty four year olds these ratings have decreased fifty nine percent taking a look at their competitors and this in b.c. has dropped forty five percent a since november two thousand and twelve and fifty two percent for the twenty five to fifty four year old demographic the fox news channel only saw an eighteen percent drop in viewership since last november and the twenty five to fifty four year old demographic is down thirty percent so what is c.n.n. doing wrong jon stewart has highlighted some obvious of examples a certain news network show remain nameless has been occasionally as we watch it move through you know when there's a breaking news incident and it's that we're just fans out of the streets and. guesses it might be happening so we could take a shot of this chopper right here if we can and this apparently is a some kind of a rescue chopper to look at all these cars that are coming something just happened we don't know what it is. it's it's really about. jobs like or took over. c n n's president in january of this year he was the previous president
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and c.e.o. of n.b.c. universal well head of n.b.c. he found himself caught up in numerous confrontations the biggest lead to conan o'brien leaving the network altogether stepped down from n.b.c. after comcast purchased fifty one percent of the company he has been a c n n for eleven months and at the same time c.n.n. is facing terrible ratings challenges during the week of october twenty eighth seen then provided heavy bridge of the troubled obamacare website rolled out the result was the lowest a weekly ratings for c.n.n. and more than a year that we could see in an average three hundred eighty five thousand total viewers fox averaged over two point three million while m s n b c average six hundred eighty three thousand for that same week maybe it's seen as approach to breaking down complex issues that's hurting their ratings a good thing or a bad thing to shut the federal government for a few days seven in ten americans say a bad thing to shut it down for
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a few days nearly six in ten americans say it would be a bad thing if the debt ceiling is not raised but nearly four in ten say it would be a good thing remember that but also remember this nearly six in ten of you but even . some believe c.n.n. is a spice things up could bikini babes be the next step for c.n.n. michael bolton the creator of bare essentials news says they need to fight fox news with fire hot anchors with hotter news anchors and they hope to be journalism's elite they are essential xnews features anchors and bikini's and speedos but who come from pop journalism schools which is columbia and northwestern they say the cast at fox news channel is helping drive their ratings c.n.n. has declined to comment on if they are looking at working with bare essentials news to revamp their cast at this time in washington d.c. perry and boring are to you well he's spent years making a name for himself directing producing and writing films that are meant to lift the boundaries of societal. booze from the movie scarface to natural born killers to
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platoon his films have ever left a lasting legacy on american culture oliver stone is that it once again with his documentary series the untold history of the united states in it he examines war drones the economy and much more are tease that sam sachs had a chance to sit down with the living legend along with historian peter koos nick who co-wrote the series take a look. filmmaker alder stone and historian peter koos nick are promoting the release of their new series untold history of the united states which premieres on blu ray and d.v.d. i sat down with both of them to talk about how events in american history may give us insight into recent news about n.s.a. surveillance drones and wall street greed and oliver stone explain to me why he feels like a dissident against the u.s. empire oliver peter thanks for sitting down with me the news over the last few months has focused on the n.s.a.
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it's focused on drone warfare american military ism. and poor economics here at home. that news is sort of ripped off the veneer of the u.s. government how do you rectify the way the u.s. government is acting today with the vision that you've had and that americans have the way the government should be acting i don't i don't think that our government has a shadow government that has existed down and grown stronger in the seventy years since world war two i think we get into that very heavily in our series ianto history but it's out of control hoover was out of control and during the vietnam war and also prior to that in the civil rights movement and his monitoring of communist since one thousand nine hundred i mean basically our battle with enemies began around the wilson time when we went into a war but afterward when we went after the communists that was much more important hoover than any gangsters or corruption in our unions and mafias and he didn't care
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about that he cared about communism that was somehow the deadly enemy for him and would disrupt the american way of life on this issue of hoover it's pretty well known that when he was head of the f.b.i. hoover had dirt on pretty much everyone from members of congress to members of the media everyone and some have argued that he had blackmail power over a centrally everyone because of this given what we know about the n.s.a. spying on everyone not just for national security reasons but also for do. well medical reasons economic reasons has the n.s.a. become the new f.b.i. the n.s.a. makes the f.b.i. look like amateurs just like the n.s.a. makes the stasi east german secret police look like amateurs the stasi is motto was to know everything about everybody they couldn't do it they were bumblers but look at the n.s.a. they really now have the capability to know anything everything about everybody and they're doing that the fact that they've got all this information and it's stored
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and they can tap it whatever they want means that any kind of political freedom in this country is very very tenuous this is not the way democracy operates it gives our executive and and police branch our security branch enormous power because we don't know what they have and fear is a result of this conversation every conversation is in the end can be monitored and that is to say it's not listened to at the time it's millions and millions of conversations but we fear that in the future with also increasing tiptoes we'll go back ferret out every little last word if necessary and every conversation so everything is on the table there is no privacy it is for terrifying as a constant in your series you praise henry wallace is the very progressive former vice president of franklin roosevelt and he wrote an op ed in one thousand nine hundred eighty four in the new york times on american fascism and i want to read
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you a quote he said. if we define an american fascist as one who in cases of conflict puts money and power ahead of human beings then there are undoubtedly several million fascists in the united states there are probably several hundred thousand if we narrow the definition to include only those who in their search for money and power are ruthless and deceitful what do you make of that definition and given the american government's obsession with wealth creation do we have in american fascism problem said that explicitly one point in forty two he says america's fascist are those people who think wall street comes first and the american people second today we call them democrats and republicans and this is the this is the heart of both parties which is why there's so little difference between them and that's what's take the long view of american foreign policy more so than domestic policy there's very little difference between the democrats and republicans militarism and corporatism together that's what runs this country but all these things from drones
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to surveillance to even austerity economics don't they all come down to a problem of american empire i mean we're trying to surveil the entire world we have drones per trolling skies across the middle east to deal with blowback of u.s. intervention all across the world from the middle east to africa to asia how long can this sustain itself and how how do you make the case to the american people that empire itself is a disease it's so difficult to make our case because people cannot understand that if you're on top. it's not necessary the right thing we are in this privileged position oil economics we are on top of the world and we kind of feel uneasy a little bit we know something's wrong but we don't really want to know too much think about it and i was in the soviet union in one thousand nine hundred. ninety three i was doing a script on dissidents because i was. i was seen at i was seen tend to. people that
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were actually put in psychiatry psychiatric hospitals they were under surveillance they were back in the cities trying to meet me at midnight in subway stations with strange places and i felt this country is falling apart there is to system does clearly does not work over chop saw that economically it was no incentive to work there was no compassion between people it was dead completely dead i didn't know was the end i didn't i was shocked to do then did so quickly after that but i think that now at that moment i time i felt an instinctive united states because they were are we were polar opposites was going to go through the same thing as they were going through and when you look at our economy wonder between the gap between the rich and poor the sense of deadness the average life that there is not much possibility anymore beyond a certain sphere you can get to a certain place you stay inside your your sphere you can't get beyond that and above all the the sense of spending this much money on empire which is the military economy of the soviet union was absorbing like forty to fifty percent our economy
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is absorbing our military intelligence is absorbing forty forty percent of our expenditure our real expenditure think about the parallels i feel peter doesn't realize yet like a bit of a descent in this world i decided against the american empire and i thank god i'm not a psychiatric hospital and we have freedom of speech so far but you know we can be ignored and we are being ignored by media mainstream media we can get on national public radio anymore but if the good thing is that there is an alternative for all that out there and alternative media and that media appreciates what we're doing and we've done a lot of right wing shows and we do a lot of progressive shows and people aren't all the only taking their information from the usual sort of most people do most people i'm sorry they do that's where the numbers are i think something is going to happen i said the curve or the ball could break differently it's history shows that i think something is going to happen i just feel it before i go so it's going to be within the. most of my
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lifetime you don't know what is going to happen they had no idea what set off the arab spring. season street vendor was humiliated one time to mehdi set himself a blaze in the middle east exploded in the united states can be the same all over peter thanks so much thank you very much an observer would love you to disappear. still ahead here on our t.v. before you spend all your savings on black friday deals be warned some analysts believe another economic crash could be on the horizon a new book warns of a future financial calamity caused by wall street and the government an in-depth look at the crash of twenty sixteen now after the break.
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i've got a quote for you. that's pretty tough. stay with substory. let's get this guy like you would smear that guy stead of working for the people most vicious in the mainstream media for each other bribery must be sure to. come out of this. would rather play well. it was a. very hard to take out. once again to come on here. live
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happy that it had that would that hurt their place so that. if it was let's see. if if if if if if if if. if. if i took.
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six. dramas that can't be ignored to. stories others refused to notice. street. lights in the. summer. well today is black friday a time when millions of americans head to the stores before the sun rises for a chance at a good deal on the latest gadgets and gizmos a plenty it's a good day for the american economy but despite the fact that the economy is more or less on the move again after the worst financial meltdown in a generation some analysts argue that the government bankers and brokers brokers
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haven't learned their lesson yet in fact they believe we are on the brink of yet another or perhaps more catastrophic crisis than impending doom is the topic of the new book called the crash of twenty sixteen the plot to destroy america and what we can do to stop it written by our teaser very own tom hartman here's my interview with tom who walk me through some recent events he says are a recipe for economic disaster. i think the government shutdown is a symptom of this rise of the realist class that i talk about the book using the old phrase that f.d.r. did to describe you know the billionaires and not only they're attempting to seize total economic dominion power but also political power really the crash started back in two thousand and six and when the housing market sort of fall apart just like the great crash nine hundred twenty nine hundred twenty seven when the housing market fell apart and and we are still in it you know in two thousand and nine we
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were losing seven hundred thousand jobs a month when obama was sworn in that month and he didn't stop the crash what he did was he basically g.m. been a bubble gum and bailing wire against it to just hold it which is why we're still in this very very painful phase phase it's interesting that in the one nine hundred thirty s. they didn't refer to it as the great depression that that phrase didn't come about until the one nine hundred forty s. i think you know a decade from now two decades from now we're going to be referring to this is the great depression of two thousand roughly twenty twenty ten twenty fifteen twenty sixteen so what does that recession in two thousand and sixteen look like what kind of symptoms can we see i think we saw a glimpse of it in two thousand and eight when the market fell almost in half i would expect that it's going to be bad and worse and you're going to see you know more unemployment massive unemployment a large drop in the stock market the risky part if you look at these crashes about every eighty years these things happen eighty years ago it was the great depression
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eight years before that the civil war eighty four years before that the american revolution the economic pressures are always followed by wars so the question that we have to face now and this is something very serious consideration is you know will this be followed by or the good news i think is that americans are so war weary because bush linus' into two wars you know we said basically no. when president obama wanted to warn syria but on the other hand there are things that might be out of our control i mean a saudi arabia iran decided to go to will you know warming something like that over china taiwan i mean who knows there are so many things that could suck us in and a lot of people argue throughout history at that war has been used to boost the economy is throughout time so what you're saying is possibly that the war could be used to help get us out of whatever crash or recession comes well that's sort of what happened in world war two wars are massive government spending programs and
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the most efficient way to get out of a great crash is to have a massive government spending program you know it's tragic the. world war two was the thing that pushed spending up to the point where we really finally popped out of the great depression roosevelt got us three quarters of the way there though with other you know it doesn't appear in c.c.c. and things like that let's hope that it's not war that gets most of this time so is there anything that we can do to reverse the trend that we seem to be on leading up to this twenty sixteen or whenever it happens to be crash yeah possible it could happen any time i'm projecting two thousand and sixteen because the obama administration is doing the same thing the bush administration did which is try to hold it off until after the elections in november of in that case twenty two thousand at this in this case twenty sixteen i don't know if they'll be successful or not i'm frankly skeptical but what can we do the fundamentals have to be changed we need to we need to break up the big banks we need started forcing the sherman
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antitrust act not just the big banks but virtually every industry in america has been totally vertical eyes in this the hands of two or three or four corporations that that in nature broad and diverse is strong top heavy and very narrow is fragile and every aspect of our economy now is like that in fragile from from banking to ag to i mean fill in the blanks so we've got to we've got to start enforcing the sherman act. bring back something like glass steagall we've got to bring back the middle class you get a changer in trade in saying trade policies and these are things and that's just the beginning but basically it's a roll back the reagan tax it's largely rolling back the reagan revolution if we could successfully roll back to the reagan revolution we could stop this thing in its tracks but the political will is not there the political will for these kinds of really big changes only comes about with crashing so where do we put the blame does the blame solely lie on the heads of these big banks these corporations one ox or does the blame go back to congress back to you own back to me. blame is an
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interesting word because this this is the result of our forgetting what we once knew as america you know america knew how to get out of a depression we've done it three times arguably actually five or six times with minor minor depressions and we just we forget the lessons arnold toynbee is said to have said that when the last man who remembers the horrors of the last great war guys the next great war becomes inevitable the generation that remembered the mistakes he made in the one nine hundred twenty s. . harding coming into office nineteen twenty and dropping it out of him in a factory ninety one percent out of twenty five percent all that stuff that generation has died or is dying and those lessons have been forgotten and we were some making the same mistakes that we made in the twenty's so that's really where the blame is. due to the corrupters in the greed heads
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they're always there but we're allowing them to take over again just like we did in the nineteen twenties and some of the stories that you kind of highlighted in your book were these tragic cases where people lost everything so will it take another generation of people losing everything to to really wake up the country and have those changes that you're talking about the need to happen we're already halfway into a loss. generation of people who are coming of age right now and have been for the last six or seven years people who are in their late teens through their twenty's you know and are. so in debt that it's going to take them a decade or two just to get out of debt much you know much less start a family start building equity by buying a home and the kinds of things that people historically did so we are already into that was generation and i and that's the kind of hope is the next bubble bursts will be the student debt bubble that the young people in america are going to wake up and say you know to hell with this we've had enough and that could be
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actually a very positive way that would possibly provoke the crash but could also provoke the reason the appropriate response to it and finally tom you've talked about some ways to fix this but given the society that we have built and given the government that we have voted in how viable is it to actually happen. i don't think that any of these major structural changes are i mean many of them have been proposed by nancy pelosi actually got a number of these things out of i was representative only to be filibuster about against the senate. and the senate is propose some of these things only be blocked now in the house so i don't think we're going to see the necessary political and economic changes happen until there's just an overwhelming national consensus and that's going to be that that's going to be the consequence of the crash i think that's going to you know especially the good news of the crash if there if there
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can be some light at the end of the tunnel there tom hartman is the host of the big picture and author of the new book the crash of twenty sixteen thank you so much for joining me thanks michel and in case you are interested in d.c. and wanting to learn more about america what america's financial future holds tom we'll be discussing his new book at politics and prose on tuesday december third from seven to nine. well since. botched rollout of the affordable care act website health care dot gov the obama administration has been scrambling to get things right president obama himself promised that by the end of the month all major glitches would be fixed and that the majority of americans would be able to apply for health care online while it's the end of the month and it appears as if the administration once again is attempting to quell the excitement by lowering its own standards but white house announced on wednesday that small businesses it will be able to enroll online in the new health insurance exchanges in november of next
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year or that is republican opponents of so-called obamacare say this announcement is an indicator that the website is once again not up to par the lead contractor of the website q s.s.i. says it has thirty to forty people work through the thanksgiving holiday to finish the fixes by this weekend the administration officials say the website is expected to handle eight hundred thousand people a day smoothly and ambitious least from the twenty seven thousand people who enrolled online during the entire month of october so once again it's a make it or break it moment for the administration the consequences of yet another a botched rollout could be the final nail in the obamacare coffin if this website doesn't get c.p.r. and fast and that's going to do it for now from on the stories we covered go to youtube dot com slash r t america check out our website artie dot com for usa and
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don't forget to follow me on twitter at meghan underscore lopez stay tuned boom bust is next. you know there's one thing that i still come to understand that i don't want to good mood but i have this one question when i'm going to do it is so for me that you had everything that they respect and that you give them all know if they were in the senate to go your way but what for. it was a latent form he tried to restrain himself but look it will burst out anyway. if it really puts me off that i have such a father. it was one small but very
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great secret that i have to live with for fear of. ukraine a country divided it's government's decision not to pursue integration with the european union and for russia instead as western politicians and media in an uproar brussels feel snubbed while moscow has a wait and see approach as ukrainian politics is anything but stable the so-called struggle for ukraine is far from over. i'm. but i'm. trying to. do and. it's all been all about money and i'm battling it for the politicians write the laws and regulations that. are coming up. here and
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just to lead. today by. that. there i marinate and this is boom bust and here are some of the stories we're tracking for you today first up thanksgiving day is about stuffing ourselves with turkey but this year many stores were stuffed with shoppers twenty four hours ahead of black friday as well now i'll tell you what this means for the retail sector all come in the write up plus a bart chilton is leaving the c.f. to see at the end of the year will be maverick commodity commissioners' next move be to politics is a book deal in the works will explain coming up later on in the show and it's been at ninety years since the ends of germany's inflationary woes we'll tell you about the lessons the u.s. could learn from the via our republics but now let's get to the show.


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