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tv   Headline News  RT  December 1, 2013 11:00am-11:30am EST

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chaos in the ukrainian capital as protesters stormed police lines and capture administrative buildings hundreds of thousands are on the streets demanding the country's leadership resign over the shoulder of a trade deal with the e.u. . headlines of the week despite general praise for on the story deal on iran's nuclear program president obama is attacked by a hawks in washington who think iran. independence movement has its manifesto to much acclaim but critics say the text is heavy on detail and light on the facts.
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and in the back of the past seven days top stories and the latest developments this is the weekly. breaking news at this hour as many as one hundred policemen have been injured in the ukrainian capital several arrests were made after protesters used gas and threw stones trying to break into the presidential administration building hundreds of thousands of demonstrators are on the streets despite a month long ban on rallies in the center of kiev. police had to use force to clear out the protests from in front of the administration of the president building the building which was previously assaulted by the by the protesters even had to use a bulldozer to break the police lines they failed so they failed to enter the building but still they threw rocks at the police and tear gas was used it was a pretty much a violent street battle we also do know that some of the activists of the nationalist party taken over the city administration building and they describe it
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now as the temporary headquarters of the new revolution so things are pretty tense here despite the crowd is somewhat diminishing here at the independence square but that is still several hundred thousand people and that is clearly the biggest protests we've seen in ukraine for the last ten years just a short while ago i saw a future crowd of people maybe fifteen twenty thousand walking down the street from the administration of the president building and they have now aligned themselves together with the crowd here at the at the independence square obviously the protest has no indication of dying down any time soon initially the protest was about the government's refusal to sign a free trade agreement with the european union during the eastern partnership summit in vilnius on thursday and friday essentially this deal all caused a lot of controversy because many have been saying it's been very and profitable for ukraine but the protesters they cared little about that they literally wanted ukraine to be part of europe and that's what the protest was about then the
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breaking point was when a peaceful protest at the independence square with several hundred people staying overnight was brutally dispersed by the police the focus of the protest essentially shifted from the displeasure of not signing the deal to the fact that the government had to use force against peaceful protesters the latest information we're hearing coming from several agencies in ukraine that if things are going to escalate in the current situation then the government will impose an emergency situation in the country but we're waiting for any kind of confirmation coming from the fischel sources on that. well i mean we spoke to political analysts alexander who believes that ukraine's president is in real danger from these protests. in current situation and this is very unlikely that ukrainian president will say these words. that's what you can't do really well they are always killed you know uprisings they're always skilled in light. of their police killed in you know
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just the way to the conflict not peaceful resolution they're not really prepared to do you know the coworker down to the deal they want to one. wants to sit down at the table of negotiation so they do what they can do well nothing. more now on this latest escalation with jeffrey summers he's associate professor of political economy at the university of wisconsin milwaukee jeffrey the opposition clearly is yearning for europe standard of living is that what they would get if they actually did achieve membership in the long term. unfortunately i think not the history of e.u. expansion has not been one which is well served altogether the people who have been in the former soviet bloc or in the former soviet union itself. i have some sympathies with the protesters and i understand their desire to have better government have better standards of living of their dinner there and i think it
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will certainly fail but if we take a look at east we're expansion of the e.u. we can see that it has in the past produced really aid dnd us realisation in the east. labor migration from the east to the west and so we've also seen western european consumer products don't in the east so europe's ambition here ben obviously wants to take on one of the largest countries in europe and yet it's effectively bankrupt isn't it what's he going to gain from that membership apart from you said maybe cheaper labor coming in from the east to the west. i think we need to take a look at the situation in the west europe in the late one nine hundred eighty s. at that time there was a great deal of unemployment and one of the way. west europe dealt with that was through the inclusion of the former soviet bloc into the european union what it did
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was it opened up a vast new train of markets where consumer products could be a centrally dumped and with tariff barriers removed and i think that the e.u. is again experiencing of course of the past four or five years economic crisis and it sees further eastward expansion as a way to resolve their own problems in west europe so how does ukraine solve this current problem now does it go east does it go west or could it perhaps stand alone in the middle and perhaps partnerships with either side well i think that's actually the best route to go i mean ukraine of course is huge tens of millions of people so it's a nice apple to plug for the european union in terms of expanded market share for the products and there's nothing wrong with the e.u. selling products in the in the east in ukraine but it should be done on perspective of autonomy in which ukrainians themselves have
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a larger role in writing the rules so what i would like to see is for ukraine to have a more autonomous position and to engage russia and the european union from a perspective of independence and strength and have a greater say over how the rules will be constructed if it reaches that sort of autonomy could it still be in a stable because politically the country seems to be in a bit of a mess of the moment that the visions are a much stronger now and coming to the fore could it be seen as a reliable economic partner with all of this going on and indeed of course the problems they have with corruption. well this is another problem for west europe but they don't seem to recognize that a good bit of corruption has been imported from the east not to say. that perhaps and corruption in west europe or even the united states for that matter but we have to lead to that some corruption is going toward it into west europe so i think this is a big problem i don't think that ukrainians are going to receive much in the way of benefit from further partnership if again and referring to the if they don't have
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more control over how that partnership is shaped and i think what's happened is that that people in ukraine are very very frustrated with high levels of corruption in their government but high levels of dysfunctionality with the excessively high rates of inequality and so of course they aspire to west european standards of living of but also reduced corruption i think if they don't see is that west europe with its current kind of the film liberal trajectory is moving away from those previous and of social democratic norms of low corruption low levels of inequality and so they really are kind of moving away from from that model jeffrey great to talk to you thank you very much indeed for joining us live jeffrey summers associate professor of political economy and public policy in wisconsin working and i thank you very much and they went across as an independent asset manager thinks the main goal of the e.u. is to upset ukraine russia relations this salute tempted to the tough
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this is largely being driven by the poles feel that way means the baltic general who are seeking to overthrow the government of ukraine and to pull ukraine towards europe even in the camp in the longstanding fight they have with russia this is not just a trade deal this was an attempt to pull ukraine always from russia towards europe and the you have european political leaders leading the marches in that this is the basic criminal act of. government seems to be too paralyzed to to restore order. and here's why the ukrainian government is under pressure right now thousands of protesters as well as the opposition in parliament want to move the country towards europe but the government thinks that is premature saying brussels is not offering perks such as the ship and the privileges that most
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europeans enjoy then there is a belief that life closer to europe would be cheaper but the government warns the deal would actually damage the economy for little in return now the opposition still insists should resist pressure from moscow but close economic ties with russia including a free trade zone are shared business landscape and increased exports to pull the states together benares the publisher and editor of business new europe believes there's little economic sense for ukraine to move towards the e.u. . there's no reason for you. to let ukraine go and in fact it would be an enormous headache and we just hope to start right would be extremely difficult just . because of the language of will so that evidence of cold war i mean there was a crane bringing into the european four before russia grab it and bring it into what's been called you know the remake of the soviet union which is you greater economic union that russia has been building and without participation.
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russia is very keen to get going. the protests in ukraine have been going on for over a week now for the details of the movement as well as more on the ukraine e.u. deal that not to be you can always log on to our website at r.t. dot com. international life coming up this hour a tide of unexplained and increasingly powerful earthquakes and making life difficult for texas communities the oil lobby says it's just a coincidence but residents points towards shale gas fracking as the corps in a few minutes we speak to those affected also. do it fully functional middle of the world's most iconic printed with three d.
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technology. twenty five to thirty five hours depending on the machine we put it on and what materials. we need the engineers have printed three d. firearms to find out whether the promising technology is actually called for. that story and all this after a break. from countries rich in natural resources are the poorest africa's a colony it's a colony of the big corporations it's a colony of some of its own leaders who are under the thumbs of the big corporations so they have to go from the world bank's development of social programs goes to pay back debts country is drowning under the amount of debt that they did and so every year they would borrow money. and they would use that same amount of money to pay back.
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the wages of debt. write the scene. first. and i think. this week saw diplomatic differences exposed by the historic deal between six world powers and iran over its atomic ambitions and the gentle cautious optimism walks on capitol hill israeli hardliners and disgruntled shapes in the gulf states are just some of those who are angry at egypt's and the political battles the white house faces to make this agreement stake today that diplomacy opened up
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a new path toward a world that is more secure and flying in the face of president obama well keep it in geneva. last night in small stores. it's a store and state. does not move to a safer place in an environment where israel as well as many u.s. lawmakers don't think that iran should develop nuclear technology at all the obama administration had to engage in diplomatic acrobatics to both acknowledge iran's right to peaceful nuclear energy and not acknowledge it at the same time we approach these negotiations with a basic understanding of iran like any nation should be able to access peaceful nuclear energy but because of its record of violating its obligations iran must accept strict limitations on its nuclear program that make it impossible to develop a nuclear weapon the scope and role of iran's enrichment as is set forth in the
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language within this document says that iran's peaceful nuclear program is subject to a negotiation. into mutual agreement despite the official's attempts to appease the hawks punches are flying it looks like we've tacitly agreed that they will be enriching for commercial purposes down the road so i think you're going to see on capitol hill again a bipartisan effort to try to make sure that this is not the final agreement another senator marco rubio call the deal quote a blow to our allies in the region who are already concerned about america's commitment to their security and i think a lot of people both in the middle east and on capitol hill are very concerned that this interim deal becomes the new norm opponents of the deal in washington and abroad are already working not too late it's a vive the six month trial the obama administration is walking on eggshells before
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congress israel and its allies in the call as it's trying to convey a carefully worded message which is you cannot threaten war all the time in washington i'm going to check out and activists kind of more pain accuses been you know who have war mongering and believes it could end with israel becoming isolated iran has made clear they have no desire to develop nuclear weapons whatsoever they have no desire to develop nuclear weapons but yet they get this fear mongering this talk of you know the words coming out of netanyahu they're very frightening and people of the world want peace they want they want cooperation between countries they don't want to hostility and war and if netanyahu continues to be committed to this aggression to this hostility he's going to going to be further isolated around the world because what he wants is dead diametrically opposed to what the people the world are striving for at this time. an unexplained surge of earthquakes have sent in top texas communities into panic the residents are already pointing the
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finger they say it's the shale gas fracking industry that's at fault more specifically the methods they use the motion is nothing new but proof has been hard to come by during fracking thousands of tons of toxic chemicals are pumped underground to loosen rock and release gas and that leaves soils highly unstable license so it's like spurts and earlier we spoke with local resident sharon wilson who lives near fracking site but was forced to abandon her home. at one time i turned my tap on and nothing came out which was very frightening the air was degraded horrible a lot of air attacks triads lie no i was just it completely changed the character the worst concern for me was to end up without water or my son could end up being sick from the chemicals that he was an expose to i lost eighty thousand dollars in property value as they expand this practice more and more people are
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harmed and more and more people joining our position right now there is an entire neighborhood over five hundred homes where they are fracking very very close two hundred fifty feet in some cases from people's backyards. it's been a critical week for scotland in the long lead up to the vote on independence late next year leader and excitement which is a weighty document laying out what he labeled a mission statement for the nation's future to sit it looks at the key points put forward by the pro independence movement. should scotland be an independent country it's a six word question that requires a simple yes or no but breaking a three hundred year old doing it could hardly be simple and the scots are not taking it lightly as it stands only about thirty percent of scots say they will vote for independence a figure those in the yes camp hope to increase by presenting that much anticipated
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white paper which a scottish national party says has the answers to all the questions about independence the prime minister david cameron then throws the ball into the no cap and says that independence is laden with risks and problems with warnings on just about everything taxes and debt the no camp suggests deeper and higher taxes e.u. membership london says scotland could forget about it the trident nuclear program david cameron claims getting rid of it is a bad idea in case of a north korean nuclear attack and there might even be roaming charges on mobile phones if the split happens at the list goes on it's a project fear by the yes camp and they accuse the government of scare mongering scots into voting no and they insist the white paper will prove that independence would bring about a jobs boom and a thriving economy concerns that resonate with voters this white paper answers some six hundred fifty questions and the details here really are two main categories
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here one those that will be negotiated during the transition period and another of those will be made to an independent scottish government is formed they promise indeed a lot of breaking down of all the policies they want to pursue let's listen to a bit of what they said we would call a halt to damaging westminster policies are pushing so many people into poverty abolish the bedroom tax and ensure that the incomes of the lowest paid keep peace with the course of living the main crux of the matter here is that many critics are pointing out asking if this white paper is going to be presenting the plan b. because a lot of the premises presented requires another party in the. what if the part of the bag of england that the british government or even new member states in terms of e.u. membership what if they don't agree to what alex salmond has been proposing but he said that he is confident everything that's contained in six hundred seventy pages will be addressing every single question if anything this white paper is going to
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be a springboard for even more the base in the months to come. one member of the scottish parliament campaigns for independence is hit back at criticism that the new white paper is too detailed to very accessible document its sense of catalogue style and very defined chapters and of course it's going to be online with easy search facilities people will be able to look and see what particular issues they want to investigate these areas for most of my life span the government such as go to the board and independents who play a little bit people who vote for the representative government will be scotland wants and it's about making choices and positive choices and defining the future as it is best for scotland and the people who live and work in scotland very straight forward as far as i'm concerned. with three d. printing proponents say the future is here and regulators are just itching to get
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a grip on it really people are designing everything from sex toys to fully functional handguns and i found it scaring some lawmakers. red's shooting range in austin texas is normally packed with gun enthusiasm. today the difference is that these men are firing rounds with a do it yourself firearm the world's first three d. printed metal gun we wanted to showcase the abilities of what direct metal can do eric much later is a project coordinator at solid concepts of company specializing in three d. printing game prints are in the r.t. was granted an exclusive tour of their austin facility which boasts ten three d. industrial printers and a glimpse of our technological future these are all of the three d. printed parts that went into making this car after getting a federal firearms license the company used a process called direct metal laser centering to produce this browning nine hundred
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eleven pistol the three d. printing metal gun has fired over one thousand rounds in the meantime solid concepts has manufactured its second nineteen eleven firearm solid concepts insists the stainless steel firearm they've introduced to the world can't be replicated by hobbyists these machines start at six hundred thousand and go up to a million dollars they need to be in industrial environments they require more electricity than is available in residential areas and it will be years before metal printers become available on the consumer market not exactly the world's first mini metal maker has already been created and with laser centering patterns set to expire in february it's predicted that metal desktop printers will hit the consumer market before you know it as the world has learned the convenience of technology has a downside we all loved the internet cell phones e-mail and social media before
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finding out that our beloved data is being monitored and stored by the n.s.a. . the astonishing capabilities of three d. metal printers is no law. a secret. so when they become a part of our household tap along side the microwave and flat screen t.v. . what people choose to physically create in the privacy of their home. will be beyond the control of the u.s. government bring up or ny at r.t. texas the first functional gun was created in may this year and a single shot model made of plastic over a period of six months fully functional metal copies of the world's most iconic hang began appearing at foreign ranges one expert in this field told us that the biggest danger is that three d. printed forums can be easily disguised. it's a very universal kind of technology that can be used in loss of different ways some some good some not so good but but it is alarming that people have started printing
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guns i would say the most dangerous thing is let's say a gun that doesn't look like a gun but looks like a flower vase or something else and so the this is this ability to make things in any shape and for really defies a lot of the conventional thinking around regulating guns around detecting them and so forth and i think that's sort of it's a whole new world when it comes to controlling these kinds of things. let's take a look now at some of the stories making headlines around the world a passenger train has crashed hurtling off the tracks in the bronx new york killing four people were going sixty others are reported injured with twelve in a critical condition officers and emergency workers are still at the scene in the area has been called in the blood pressure up. hundreds of people have rotted outside the gates of carre university smashing up police cars before large to get on fire they were demonstrating against the death of a student on thursday with all three died during precious with security forces two
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others from the same engineering faculty were killed last month when demonstrations turn to. make a day of unrest in thailand where running battles between police and protesters showed no sign of letting up tens of thousands of demonstrators have stormed several state institutions calling for the prime minister's resignation four people died and dozens wounded on saturday when government supporters clashed with protesters demonstrators accuse the pm of being a puppet of the drama full of promise to convicted whole corruption. about with the news team with wolf in just over half an hour from now in the meantime venture capital filters through the week's financial data that's just off the brink. deliberate torch is on its epic journey to structure. one hundred and twenty three
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days. through two thousand and nine hundred top two cities of russia. relayed by fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand kilometers. in a record setting trip by my own air see another space. olympic torch relay. on r t r g dot com. there's a wee bit maybe. of this in the oceans too with. your party there's a good. news that no one is that would get that you deserve answers from.
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technology innovation. developments around. the future covered. play that will confront absolutely katif this week protests continue in ukraine advocates decision not to side the free trade agreement we got a correspondent on the ground to get to that in just a minute to get the details on that one we've also gotten out of us three to five years since quantitative easing first began with the situation now as well as in corporate news ryanair is making its way to the sky this is thomas is on the way he'll give us a sneak in his full credit i want a bit coy for you for some not so exciting for others so there's lots coming up of this dog talk about the ukraine. so the e.u.
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easton partnership summit in lithuania it takes off this week ukraine's rejection of the free trade zone took center stage meanwhile protests in ukraine over kiev decision not to sign the bill clinton you so recall that figure in kiev for us we've got postdocs in vail this is how it's exactly what's going on on the ground side. hi that poll sign no idea what exactly happened. while heading into the two day summit in vilnius katie i don't think hopes were particularly high of a last minute u. turn key have to say should it not to sign the association agreement with the a paid to be final the deal would be not signed for now anyway and it seems that european leaders pressure on president on a covert to try and change his mind and try and sign the deal at the eleventh hour their efforts were always going to prove a futile now the reason that the president has given for not signing the deal is quite simple that they find.


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