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why not. canada. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max conjure up for a no holds barred look about lobel financial headlines tune into kinds a report. in effect got into can jump in anytime you want.
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and i did welcome back to tonight's big picture politics panel david law school mate sweet francesca chambers and before the break we were talking about stand your ground laws another case in georgia of an old timer's a guy who had all timers wandered into someone's property started playing with the door knob and the guy felt threatened so he shot him dead or. is this is this a legitimate use of violence here in aren't these laws justifying illegitimate uses of violence for interest i don't know enough about this specific case to honestly be able to argue if it was a legitimate use of violence however regarding what was said directly before the break if it's not that's up to a jury to decide it doesn't automatically mean that this person's going to get free because they waived up the white flag and said stand your ground they still have to go to court a jury still has to decide if there's a bias within the law if it's not
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a legitimate use of force i personally believe in our political our our system our judicial system and see the jury that will probably be able to see through that but don't these laws complicate what the jury can do and yeah i mean i think one of things you have to look at is a how the jury instructions will be how the judge gave the jury instructions as we saw george zimmerman trial even though the ground defense was not included in the zimmerman its defense team's actual argument that jury instructions included the stand your general says you took that exaggeration but you also think even if this hendricks guy is found to be guilty of misusing the doctor and he gets more than likely that he felt empowered to use force in a reasonable manner on his property because he knew the wall based on what i'm asking you should realize what their son said you have absolutely no idea what he said is that yes but you have no idea what he was thinking you can't you can't claim to know what he was thinking or what he was probably thinking i think that that's a little bit too far we can also look at the statistics that you show in all states
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at. implemented stand your ground laws they've seen an uptick in gun violence. what do you what do you say to that point that in these states that have passed these laws we see this uptick in violence. well i don't know that correlation necessarily implies causality in this case but but look you know i said before i'll say it again we have to be very careful in way these laws are written to make sure that people don't feel empowered to go around shooting people but you know the point i was making before we went to break is that at the same time we can't over correct too far we have to make sure that americans particularly those who don't have easy access to police can protect themselves but in this instance and again i don't want to prognosticate because i really don't know the facts of the case but in this instance if this man hendricks walked off his property in pursuit of this guy then then yeah it sounds like he was probably in the wrong he should have stayed at home and pointed his gun at the door but we weren't there i think it's a little tough to judge before all the facts emerge i don't know where the concern was that the laws on the books aren't enough to protect people's self-defense before we saw all these laws but let's move on the web site climate has put
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together this video it's a mash up of republican senators and congressmen talking about why we shouldn't worry so much about climate change because after all we have the bible. it is the twenty two that are used and there's three means there would be springtime harvest gold in the winter and summer day and night my point is you've got to fill up their . air again if people didn't think we would be to change what he is doing in that climate is to me the second verse comes from matthew twenty four the earth will and only when he declares it's time to see over. and will not destroy this earth this earth will not be destroyed by a flood i would point out that if you are a leader in the bible. one would have to say the great flood is an example of climate change. that certainly was because man can get overdeveloped. carbon energy
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. so if you were engaged in say let's say a water cooler debate with someone and you were talking about the minimum wage and the person is like god will take care of the poor or you're talking about iran and nuclear weapons or god will make sure uses their nuclear program for safety reasons you would say this person you would not listen to this person you might call them crazy it would just be completely dismissed so why do we allow members of congress to make the same argument in response to something that could be a huge problem facing the entire world francesco please explain to me all i want to start out by saying that i absolutely think that policy should be driven by scientific facts however what you are you just compared just now is comparing apples to oranges they are actually taking things out of the bible and using those as a reason verses where you just said which has absolutely no basis in the bible apples or oranges. so you're saying that because it's actually written in the bible it has
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more legitimacy than something that was there were in the bible what i'm saying is that what they're claiming about you know the flight being an example of potentially climate change who that knows it could possibly be i don't know that that's what i'm saying as far as like the end of days it is true that in the bible it says that in the end days like god will end the earth that is true that if you believe in the bible believe it regardless of whether you believe in the bible or not should members of congress be using the bible as an argument in hearings congressional hearings. who know of course not it's obscene i mean look anybody who gets their political philosophy and i don't mean in general guiding terms but i mean in real specific policy terms anyone who gets their political philosophy from a two thousand year old religious text or for that matter a five thousand year old religious text or a two day old religious text is clearly insane and should have no voice in public life i mean no absolutely not i'm on your side with this one made how hard is it to
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confront climate. trained and confront these issues when you have this sort of obstruction that is motivated seemingly by religious beliefs and do they actually believe it or are they just playing in the war i think that's a good question i think to me first of all it's shocking that this is the discourse in the country we have right now about the greatest threat this planet ever faced but i think when you look at it and when you look at this more closely jim inhofe one of the guys that he was first speaking there in that speech he's one of the top or symbionts of donations from the oil industry and for me what it really shows is what we've created this monster we've created in this country by allowing political donations from private corporations to do good to do the good to the degree that we do i think it's it's it's dumbed down the discourse in our country to allow people to say i'm going to do with money rather the fly here but no idea what you're talking about right now like that is completely irrelevant to the discussion that we're having as far as the people are getting huge amounts of money from industry that has accelerated counting to do with his beliefs on climate change with regards
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to that is what i'm saying that will you disagree with the point ok we're going to time anyway is going to leave it there david last year francesca chambers nate sweet thank you all for joining me. well republicans in congress continue to live in the stone age when it comes to global warming our neighbors across the pond are taking action to fight runaway climate change in two thousand and ten ireland instituted a carbon tax and so far the tax has been a big success tom recently sat down with the irish green party head in ryan one of these lawmakers who helped pass ireland's carbon tax to learn more about how arlen's fight against global climate change is growing he started by asking what motivated ireland to create a carbon tax and how they went about doing it. it took a long time i guess we were looking at it from the late ninety's and it took almost ten years before it was introduced in two thousand and ten and maybe not time it was useful in some way we've got a lot of economic analysis to show that if you introduce those and use the revenues
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to reduce labor. to protect people against fuel poverty and invest in new green energy systems that actually does your economy good it gives you a net gain to the economy it raises activity it cuts down the expensive imports of fossil fuels as well as cutting out the carbon so we were in government in two thousand and seven two thousand and eleven and it was one of our kind of commitments to try and deliver i was glad that we were able to do it and i suppose glad as well just to see it working you know the world didn't come to an end it wasn't an easy thing to do politically but the figures for our land i think show an example that you can actually start cursing out the carbon and your economy still holds up and we went through a difficult period in our economy but but the actual green economy has done well and i think it's a lesson for the rest of the world not work and we're a good people say look at scandinavian countries not always doing the right thing maybe aren't as a nice example because we're perfect sinners as well but the same time we were able to do it and it worked how does the irish carbon tax work. we did
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i suppose we're an island and it was fairly simple to introduce it in the sense that you put we put it at the point of entry so as an oil and ship comes into the into the port of cork and the port of dublin are a culture it comes into shannon river we're able to put the tax at the point of entry and that's a big advantage because you cut out the expense of collecting those kind of kind of trick it's true the rest of the economic system so you put it on the oil tanker coming in or you put it on the cologne culture and. and then it applies in in a myriad of different ways it's not a huge tax you know it accounts now for about one percent of our overall tax revenue but it's a signal that it's one of if you put it in as one of several signals it starts to have that effect in even areas you don't expect you know in improving your energy efficiency in your homes or improving industries energy efficiency when they see a carbon tax in place people know that they can vest in alternatives that actually
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cut out the use of fossil fuel. so that's a big advantage we had is that it was able to be fairly easily introduced at the point of entry it applied on on every aspect of transport he's showing a. new kind of trickle through the economy now to a. and and his reason be easy to to collect if you were to translate ireland's carbon tax into. dollars or euros for ton of carbon and it could do you know you have a sense of or or even an exact number for what that would be and how by comparing i think it carbon taxes you enter a little bit. roughly twenty five dollars a ton twenty twenty euros a time whatever the current exchange rate is so we originally set it up i suppose to mirror the european union has another way of pricing carbon called emissions trading scheme and we set it up to my. mirror that. price that exists across europe
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now the emissions trading scheme the sun soon fall into a very low price but our carbon prices started to saying i would start consistency that you you know it's twenty euros a tonic whatever different application that it applies it raises about four hundred million euros a year in tax revenue and in terms of iran's going through different economic situations that we needed to balance our budget us and the carbon tax i suppose provided about twelve percent of the adjustment we needed to make on the tax side so i suppose we were fortunate in some ways in the revenue situation as was very difficult and we have to apply the carbon tax to help on the outside but the real benefit is the signal it gives to investment in other areas and i suppose in ireland we've the advantage benefit i mean we are firstly very very exposed ninety percent for energy is imported fossil fuels so we need to cut it out as and what we've seen in the last five years is we've doubled our amount of renewable energy supplies we saw a twenty five percent improvement in the efficiency of new irish cars. those sort
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of signals and then there was another. in the car tax side we did some other measures around car tax to kind of help that happen and i suppose the message the public when it's not popular it's not easy to introduce it but every new irish car going into the to buy gasoline is spending twenty five percent less than i would have been had we not sent those sort of price signals so it's not easy to introduce you know no one should underestimate the difficulty but the benefit for the consumer is that if through those signals you can cut out the wasteful use of energy and everyone saving money in it more than covers the cost of the carbon tax in the first grades even ryan thanks so much for being with us. thank you david. coming up president obama has the chance to make a deal with iraq but he's got to watch out as republicans are ready to do what they do best and that's sabotage trouble explaining to tonight's daily to.
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mind. and i'm. just. plus i was a new alert and. scared me a little bit. there is breaking news tonight and they are continuing to follow the breaking news. alexander's family cry tears of the war i. think. that have you ever read or.
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is a story. playing out in real life. then it's time for tonight's the good the bad and the very very parsimoniously ugly good shimizu the japanese engineering and construction company has announced plans to build a two hundred forty mile wide a ring of solar panels around the moon that were effectively turned the moon into a smaller sun and provide more solar energy to planet earth to shmooze you this solar panel belt could generate up to thirteen thousand terawatts of energy but that in perspective in two thousand and eleven the united states only generated
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four thousand five hundred terawatts while the idea sounds like something straight out of star wars it's this kind of big thinking that may be needed to help fight back against climate change so keep shooting for the moon. now the bad ramesh ponnuru in the wake of the supreme court's decision to hear the hobby lobby contraception mandate case took to the his bloomberg view column to express his views on the rights of corporations. argue that corporation. are well within their religious rights to not pay for health care coverage like contraception for their employees but botterill is fine with corporations dictating the health choices of their workers even if those choices go against the religious beliefs of the workers we really shouldn't be too surprised by this for all conservatives only care about the well being of corporate america everything else like the rights of a real life human beings well that's just an afterthought. and now the very very
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ugly wisconsin governor scott walker favorite spite what bill o'reilly might tell you scott walker is the only person waging a war on christmas last week walker's campaign sent out an e-mail asking supporters to give money to his campaign instead of buying christmas presents for their children. that's right the e-mail read in part instead of electronics or toys that will undoubtedly be outdated broken or lost by the next holiday season help give your children the gift of a wisconsin that we can all be proud of. scott the grinch walker is in a tight reelection battle and he apparently needs all the money he can get by telling wisconsinites to give him money instead of spending holiday cheer money on their children well that is just very very ugly.
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crazy it's a bird it's a plane it's a giant bundle of weed following from the skies please that's what some san diego residents were saying last week then see some drug smugglers from mexico got a little crafty by dropping two hundred sixty pounds of marijuana plane into a field outside of san diego. officials say these smugglers flew over san diego with an ultralight aircraft and then dropped the payload of into the field where two other smugglers were waiting the plane was able to get back across the border to mexico but the awaiting smugglers on the ground were picked up by u.s. customs and border protection officers so maybe the earth is just one big gravity after all.
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right now senior senators on capitol hill mostly republicans are working on placing new sanctions on iraq this effort comes despite a preliminary nuclear agreement reached between the united states and other world powers less than two weeks ago that agreement has iran making concessions on its nuclear program in return for the u.s. easing some sanctions and the white house is desperately trying to prevent lawmakers from potentially scuttling this deal and perhaps a larger and more comprehensive new deal down the road by placing new sanctions on iran right now as one of ministration official put it if you want to hold our feet to the fire on the final deal fine do that if people have concerns about elements of a final agreement come in and tell us but that is
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a separate discussion from passing a sanctions bill in the middle of negotiations. the obama administration is also arguing that any new sanctions would not only violate the agreement with iran but could also cause a rift between the united states and its foreign allies president obama secretary of state john kerry and national said kerry adviser susan rice they've all made personal calls to senators in recent weeks in an attempt to halt any new sanctions package from passing out of congress. now this is a big deal and it strikes right to one of president obama's campaign promises to open diplomatic channels with countries that aren't so friendly to the united states you know rather than just shutting those countries out as the old bush administration did. now we've often been told that policy dust ups between the white house and members of opposing parties in congress always stop at the water's
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edge there when it comes to foreign policy our government should speak with one voice usually the voice coming from the white house and its chief diplomat the secretary of state of course this rule isn't being followed today by congressional republicans and even some democrats but has it ever in fact looking in the recent past about how republicans have undermined a democratic president's foreign policy objectives this is actually a commonly used tactic. think about it the motivations for new sanctions on iran that are being discussed by republicans and some democrats on the hill today are about more than punish. your country for its nuclear ambitions. a tells you the diplomatic process the obama administration proposed for political gain and this is exactly what's been done before in the past again and again and again and that is the subject of tonight's daily take. as is the u.s.
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or any nuclear deal spread like wildfire this week in the mainstream media began as their usual set of questions is this deal for real can we trust the iranians or the mole is just using a temporary break in the sanctions to buy enough time to build a bomb ever since the second bush administration labeled brand part of the axis of evil the media has portrayed the iranian government as a scheme in theocracy so the question of the two faced persians isn't all that surprising but aside from being wildly racist this portrayal is also wildly inaccurate that's because the biggest threat to an american iranian accord comes from president obama's enemies at home congressional republicans not from the iranian president hassan rouhani already republican leaders in the senate are calling for more sanctions against iran georgia senator saxby chambliss for example says that doing so is the only way to ensure a long term deal between the u.s. and iran. call for sanctions also has support in the house of representatives
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majority whip kevin mccarthy of california says he backs any certain plan to tighter restrictions on iran's economy. republican attempts to sabotage a democratic presidents deal with a rant are nothing new. just as jimmy carter in one nine hundred eighty carter thought he had reached a deal with newly alike that iranian president. hassan body solder over the really base of the fifty two hostages held by radical students at the american embassy in tehran bonnie solder was a moderate and as he explained in an editorial for the christian science monitor earlier this year had successfully run for president on the popular position of releasing the hostages i openly oppose the hostage taking throughout the election campaign i won the election with over seventy six percent of the vote other candidates also were openly against hostage taking and overall ninety six percent of votes in that election were given to candidates who were against hostage taking
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. carter was confident that with body solders help he could end the embarrassing hostage crisis that had been a thorn in his political side ever. does it begin back in november of seventy nine or carter underestimated the lengths that his opponent in the one nine hundred eighty presidential election california governor ronald reagan would go to to screw him over behind carter's back the reagan campaign worked out a deal with the leader of iran's radical faction supreme leader ayatollah khomeini to keep the hostages in captivity until after the one nine hundred eighty presidential election. this was nothing short of treason the reagan campaign's secret negotiations khomeini the so-called october surprise sabotage carter and body solders attempts to free the hostages and as bonnie schneider told the christian science monitor in march of this year they most certainly tip the results of that i nine hundred eighty election in their part in reagan's favor. not
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surprisingly. iran release the hostages on january twentieth one thousand nine hundred one at the exact moment ronald reagan raised his hand to be sworn into office the october surprise emboldened the radical forces inside iran a politically weakened body saddam was overthrown in june of eighty one and replaced by. mohamed ali. a favorite of khomeini's these radical forces today are represented by people like former president mahmoud ahmadinejad hardliners who oppose any deal with the united states that like khomeini in the one nine hundred eighty s. will jump at any chance to discredit the current moderate president hassan rouhani any. surprise also led to the deaths of thousands of innocent people around the world particularly in central america reagan took money from the iranians and use that money to. well nuns in nicaragua but those are just the most obvious results
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of the october surprise again occur were able to free the hostages like he and bonnie solder had planned carter would have won re-election after all he was leading the most polls in the months leading up to the election and it reagan were never elected america would be a much more progressive nation. flashforward thirty three years and once again a democratic president is trying to negotiate in good faith with iran. president obama has made a deal with the moderate iranian president that if everything goes as planned will solve a major international crisis but like president carter's deal president obama's deal is opposed by republicans who have proven time and time again that they will stop at nothing to sabotage a democrat in the white house. and while there's no proof that republican senators are secretly asking ayatollah khomeini to violate the terms of this weekend's nuclear deal their obsession with slamming iran with more saying this is just as
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dangerous we know what happened the last of a deal with iran fell through because a republican sabotage who knows what could happen this time. a long term iranian nuclear deal would be a once in a generation chance for the united states to rethink its foreign policy president obama should go forward but he should watch his back because if history tells us anything it's that republicans are more than willing to betray their country for a little short term political gain. and that's the way it is now it's tuesday december third twenty third t. and oprah did tom's new book the crash of twenty sixteen the plot to destroy america and what we can do is stop it is now available for purchase at all on line retailers and at your local bookstore go to your local bookstore to get it and you can read it for free at your local library. and you should really read this book
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and if you haven't checked out our new climate change documentary last hours check out our last hours of top four cuts last hours dot org and over that democracy begins with you get out there get active tag you're it. i would rather i asked questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question.
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well. science technology innovation all the least of melons from around russia we've gone to the future and covered. i've got a quote for you. that's pretty tough. stay with sob story. let's get this guy like that would smear that guy stead of working for the people
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most issues in the mainstream media are working for each other rivalrous vision. of the dead rather low. cut. tops rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want.
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today on larry king live now to j.f.k. his legacy why didn't we learn from him who was assassinated fifty years ago today many people of my generation are only familiar with the history class version of j.f.k. maybe you know the peace corps or the missile crisis or of course the tragedy of the assassination like j.f.k. is the only man who has an eternal flame above his grave and i think that that's not mere symbolism it's trying to be instructive so that means young people need to take up this torch and be leaders participate and ultimately get into politics even will we ever know who killed camelot there are a lot of research use who've gone before me and said well it was the cia it was the mob it was is jack kennedy believe texas oil they're all correct but what do all those entities have in common lyndon baines johnson i don't think l.b.j. did it i know you did it's all ahead on larry king not.


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