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tv   Headline News  RT  December 7, 2013 9:00am-9:30am EST

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the fracking rage in romania clashes erupt in a village between police and locals who don't want american energy giant share for on to drill for shale gas in the area. the kremlin refutes western media allegations that ukraine joining russia's customs union is a done deal as protests in kiev show no signs of dying down despite the cold weather. and the mourning for nelson mandela continues worldwide we look into concerns that traces of south africa's dark past may return this time for the country's minority.
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there you're watching international with me andrey far. fracking protest in northeast romania has turned violent clashes have broken out between police and local so you are trying to stop the u.s. oil giant chevron from drilling for shale gas in the area. of is that the site of unrest. we're here in this is just moments after a very tense clashes between protesters who are against chevron conducting exploration for shale gas drilling here in this area in northeastern mania what you see behind me over there is actually the chevron site now protesters had ran across the street they broke down the perimeter of the chevron location tore down the fences and entered the area there were actually inside the chevron test exploration area the police had to run and there weren't arrests made at the moment but then as you can see these units riot police officers had been called into the area this is
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when things very much escalated and we have several protesters arrested there are options between the police and the demonstrators and actually if we pan over here you can see people very upset about what's happening here with chevron and. these protesters who have been camped out here for over a month earlier that's the count was actually broken up by riot police officers today saturday was supposed to be a major protest there and they're still trying to get chevron to leave because although chevron and october announced it was seething operations the work had begun these police officers are not going anywhere as you can see they're trying to keep the protesters contained to this area so that they don't break out again and go on to the chevron site now we did see several arrests some people had been injured they were taken out in medical vans we don't know exactly how many and again it's a tense tense environment these people are very unhappy with the conduct of the
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police not just today but earlier and they're very unhappy that chevron is continuing these operations they feel that although chevron says that it's trying to do this in a responsible way the people here feel like they haven't been consulted they feel like their point of view isn't being taken into consideration and we have to keep in mind that this is a farming area people here rely on the land to survive if the water does get. contaminated which is something that they fear will happen as a result of the fracking their very existence is threatened which is why they're so frustrated with the situation the police officers as you can see are coming closer we're not quite sure why it's you. again we're not exactly sure what's happening here this is private property as some of the people are saying across the road it's the chevron property but this is private land so people are very upset that the police are moving us out of the way we certainly don't want to get arrested so we'll keep moving but i suppose they're trying to clear clear people
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out of here but again. tense environment the demonstration continues it's unclear what will make these protesters leave as you can see if we turn around they're sitting down they're staying their ground they don't want to leave this area. but of course we'll keep you posted on the developments in romania and you can also stay up to date by following. on twitter and is loosely mentioned locals fear the substances used in fracking will accumulate in the soil groundwater and even the most of the chemicals will remain in the ground for years to come and there are over a thousand documented cases of water contamination need to reading sites with health impacts including century and respect tree damage earlier kevin and spoke to environmental safety campaigner george bush says big business and government are closer than ever when it comes to show. what you see essentially is this this
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battle between big business and the interests of the people and a consistent pattern both in the u.k. and roumania where you're seeing major figures from the energy industry moving into into government directly david cameron as i came into came to power on the promise of being the greenest government ever and what we've seen is exactly the opposite in rumania it's exactly the same scenario we see leaders says there's no fracking because the people want it and then when he's in power he starts dancing to the tune of these major players like chevron george the problem the bottom line here is that the general public not as may be about the environment not even a little concerned about the environment i've got kids to bring a little card to really good job to do they want cheap fuel this is one of the law is being made both here and in romania that you know. maybe a poison your children but it's going to be cheap through the people in neighboring plots of land don't get paid the ones that have to suffer the consequences the huge increase rates of cancer of all sorts of or spiritual problems thousands of
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families have been forced to move out of their areas and one of the reasons that we're not hearing more about the specific stories of illness is that in order to get any kind of compensation from these trucking companies they have to settle out of court because they can't begin to fight the legal battles that everyone can afford. the kremlin insists that ukraine's president began to call victim blood in it putin did not discuss kiev joining russia's customs you at a meeting in sochi refusing media claims that he has you agreed to join the union in return from the track to gas deal artie's pull scott has the details. quotes actor beauty to ukraine's prime minister barney under fire president victim and a covert stopped off in sochi on his way back from china for a meeting with his russian counterpart president vladimir putin in an attempt to strengthen economic ties between the two countries and in particular he was looking
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to strike a deal over gallus the state of ukraine's economy means that they've been struggling to pay their bills of late it was described as a roadmap to eradicating the differences between the two countries in the areas of trained and the economy while in defiance of the weather and the offshore it's a spouse and people remain here in central kiev continuing their demonstrations in fact a delegation of european officials have just been addressing the crowd including former polish prime minister. they addressed the crowd offering their support to the protesters and also they called for a snap election as for the protesters themselves or organizers are hoping that from all over ukraine up to one million people will descend on kiev on sunday i've just been down mingling with the crowds behind me and everywhere you look there are placards and barrenness saying midday tomorrow in maidan so it's clear that organizers hope that over the next twenty four hours or so this movement is going
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to get some extra impetus on this also i hope on both sides that the violence we witnessed last weekend isn't repeated as my colleague arena good lishka reports he could do by new delhi now my gun uku the worst moment was when i saw people being beaten on the ground at my feet they were just kids and i couldn't do anything about it and it was terrible it must never happen again. the night of november thirtieth when peaceful protests in the heart of kiev were broken up by ukraine special riot police force dozens and end up in hospitals images of police beating defenseless people emerged on the internet with. i. the next day it was the police on the receiving end of the violence but at the hands of a mob and not the peaceful protesters who were dispersed just the day before.
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i got hit by a brick or a piece of pavement score in the face it's hard to tell because everything was flying no one could predict it would go like this that there would be rocks bricks most of cocktails. i was scared for my units who were there because it was totally unexpected right in front of all of this there were these boys eighteen nineteen years old who serve in the army and everything was flying at them rocks molotov cocktails. these men are among the officers still in hospital a week after the attack some received injuries severe enough to leave them disabled or to convince them to leave the force but both. i determined to return to service and so you don't have any animosity towards the crowd on independence square i can understand the people they want to express their opinion. people have the right to voice their opinion but without breaking the law it would not be an overstatement
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to say that many people here view as their enemy number one especially after last week's intense clashes what's there is opinion out there that the special task police force were simply following the instructions they have received and it's those who gave the orders that should be held responsible for the violence so. there are recordings on the internet of the actual orders that received an auction of paul to clear we must create a parliamentary commission and find the person who blew it all up and hold them criminally responsible i'm sure the orders came from someone higher than the head of police. as the protests enter their third week the tension is palpable no one wants a repeat of last week's nightmare but a resolution requires calmer efforts from both sides among people whose patience is already wearing worryingly thin. r.t. . well let's go live now to alexander in a class of
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a political commentator who did in london thank you very much for joining us this evening if you don't mind will start playing a quick sound bite from somebody today another delegation has been encouraging the protests and we can take a quick listen to what one. has had to say. but was. to describe. the reason. you see. growing the major choice for a country you lose in freedom. and under the rule of law. interesting comments what did you make of that i mean is that how you see what's happening in kiev. well i think it's very unfortunate that foreign politicians and parliament to the deputies are interfering into what is happening in ukraine it basically you know in a sense marks over there the war because you might actually find the ukrainian or
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russian or. diplomats or formal politicians or part of the politicians will take part and then your demonstration against the e.u. will in all across europe and that would cause an uproar probably even in the western countries going to the united nations and asking for a meeting of security council because that is blatant and to feel this isn't got nothing to do with people power as they claim some petitions like to say about it under the rule of law does not involve foreign diplomats and foreign politicians interfering and basically provoking this violence like it's kept in the union crane but haven't always done this have they because i mean in my dish it was a public protest and to take gas he's they say every day yet we didn't hear from u.n. pays day in. and in fact nobody went to ankara to support the protesters why do you
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think this such a difference between what we saw in turkey for example and what we're seeing in kiev now. well i think that there was general and the e.u. was well they are desperate to get ukraine on board because they have so many problems with their economies they need the resources they need to achieve play but then you lots of things and you can basically track this you can see this with other nations as well you know with the baltics it happened the same way that they need to cheap labor and look at what's happening. and you can even. move a bit further to the arab spring and see the same similar tactics in the same way you know people spyware blah blah blah and then when it comes to the trade you can look who's got all the resources look who is running them and or in iraq and in other places so what we're witnessing here political games which are very nasty games and i can tell you if i were the vice president you know core bitch i would
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advise him strongly to approach the u.n. and ask for a security council meeting because we are witnessing something. interference on a scale never seen before and what i find amazing is the people there who are protesting against the current government and demanding to join the e.u. or soon as possible they don't see that it doesn't don't seem to understand that and some of the opportunist i can call them opportunists only on the ground the opposition members they are using this momentum to basically create more and more trouble ok well let's talk about opportunism believe the politicians that we've seen speaking in kiev this week do you think that being opportunistic and if so why about here. well the polls are kind of their own agendas and if you if you remember what some of the opposition leaders were saying they want ukraine divided they want ukraine to be caught up in two if they can get ways they can drag ukraine into the
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european union as a call now that is very opportunistic and very dangerous splitting up our country into tools and basically you know let me let me tell you something on the personal sort of human touch level i am the great great grandson of one of the most probably famous russian poets you call by extension across i'm also a descendent of leo tolstoy now where four of them and i have lettuce and documents all were never dreamt they would never dream in the night that ukraine may be dragged away from russia now i can tell you that it is unthinkable to think that ukraine can be sort of taken away from russia join the european union against its interests national interest and i just can't understand how these opposition be there's i think you also i've looked the association agreement all of its pages
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this is not a good deal for your crime category. we understand and i can understand a very passionate base and it is an issue that has divided the country and we can certainly say on which side you fall the saving but thank you very much for giving your opinion here that sir alex and then the cast of live from london thank you. well european and american politicians have been lending their support to the opposition in kiev online we've got more on that and the reaction it's course a day you had to say don't call. there are moves to stop britain's prisons becoming breeding grounds for extremists coming up a crackdown on hate preaching behind bars is under way to try to stop impressionable brits from being radicalized in their selves. the man who led south africa out of its darkest days of apartheid nelson mandela will be laid to rest on december fifteenth at his family estate but can the change
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in the quality he bodied be maintained in a country which suffered such deep scars poor a slayer asks if a different chapter on segregation lies ahead. for many years south africans in particular have been asking themselves the question what happens when mandela pos is on and for a long time there was a war we that everything he stood for which was essentially bringing white and black south africans to give it would disappear when he dies this question has become less urgent as the years have passed on and a new generation of south africans has come to the fore but certainly there are pockets of particularly white south africans who are today afraid now i visited the community of plain fun tain which is a white on cave they you find only off the condos now these are white south africans who can trace the roots back to european cities who came in the sixteen hundreds you need special permission to enter the area there are security guards
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everywhere there are statues paying tribute to the founders of a party which was south africa's legal system of discrimination between blacks and whites people there justified the existence of such enclaves as merely a way of preserving their history the culture their language they argue against any kind of claims of racism we feel strongly about our identity and we want to protect that and preserve it this together with the fear that some white of economists feel has caused some to put in place contingency plans now there's a group called the state land is they estimate that the figures are around eighty to one hundred thousand people and they are all linked through mobile phones in such a way that if in any time they believe a genocide happens and they do believe that a genocide is coming against white south africans they can then mobilize him selves and move to an area where they will be able to both protect themselves and be completely self-sufficient and i visited this community and this is what they had
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to tell me right now oh we're the stage or little six. little service is really the true can be stewards these white south africans our. are in the minority the majority maybe credit mandela with bringing the country back from the brink of civil war the goddess of the color of a skin they race the creed they have been made and south africans were god mandela as the hero of the struggle. seen him as one of the greatest sons this country has ever given birth to after the break up british terrorist cells being recruited from within prison cells we'll look at that in a couple of minutes. i
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think. this is the media leave us so we leave the media. by the see bush and see your. mother your party there's a bill. for shoes that no one is as good with the gas that you deserve answers from it's all politics only on our t.v. . do we speak your language or not of the. programs in documentaries and spanish what matters to you. the alternative angle of this story. here. the spanish find out more visit
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actuality. welcome back now the british government has drawn up measures to stifle the spread of extremism it follows the brutal murder of a u.k. soldier by islamists in london the plan includes blocking jihadist material on the web and cracking down on hate preaching but as artie's or smith reports the country country's jails are also becoming a breeding ground for radicalism. wormwood scrubs prison in west london temporary or longer term home to around fourteen hundred male prisoners apart from the inevitable gang activity and drug taking that goes on inside many prison inmates find religion while they're doing their stretch some are genuine others not so much any religion you get those who watch on to and use that religion
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is an excuse for treatment and we're particularly concerned by definition clear evidence that there are youngsters being radicalized. and forced to join the rest of causation of young a full report prisoners. who then can become a tree machine where evidence from the prison office's union shows prisoners are necessarily so much finding gods as having shoved in their faces muslim gangs have grown in power and influence in jails all over the country and the prison officers association is concerned that they target vulnerable new arrivals for conversion and that those who are muslims already are being forced into more extremist views you speak to some prisoners or noble. barefoot or out on it to get more time a show or just to be seen as to be part of a gun culture i've done it for protection i've done it because i was bullied
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extremists who are ultimately released from behind these walls back into society. being a foreigner stuck in a north korean jail can't be easy so how do you get out apologize for your war crimes of power play that's exactly what an eighty five year old u.s. veteran had to do to walk free head to our web site to get his story but in egypt more and more people are being thrown behind bars for not keeping in line with military rule r.t. dot com has details of the almost daily arrests. right to see. her story. and i think that you're. on a record there's going to. be an. on.
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france's leading second major intervention in africa this year with reports of around a thousand troops on the ground already in the central african republic bloody clashes there on thursday have left almost three hundred people dead paris began to send reinforcements hours after the u.n. authorized the mission to quell the rise of sectarian violence in the country thousands of civilians fled to the country's airport seeking refuge from armed fighters christian militias loyal to be ousted president are fighting with the muslim rebels which currently control the country. france which is sometimes known as the policeman of africa has been active in the continent since colonial times and here's where it used to wield total control just a few months ago france led an intervention in mali in the past decade it's also been in chad the ivory coast and the democratic republic of congo and that's aside
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from its involvement in libya as for the current conflict in central african republic france's had to refuse or did refuse requests to intervene from the president he was ousted by muslim rebels in march but now it's chosen to act lawrence freeman from executive intelligence review magazine billy's french domestic problems are behind the decisions recently france has become more active militarily and i think the problem with that there france and britain have not given up they are intent on having access to news of some of the resources and wealth of the african countries or so i think france and suffering serious problems at home there is a devastating collapse in living standards throughout all of europe so many things i think combining to push france forward into some of these more terry
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activities. more of them recently than we've seen before a quick look now at some other news this hour the world trade organization has agreed on a landmark deal which could provide a trillion dollars boost the global economy greenman it's designed to speed up cross border trade by slashing red tape customs checkpoints analysts say this will give a lift to developing nations by creating up to twenty million jobs is the first global deal of its kind that has yet to be ratified by each member government. in mexico six people suspected of stealing a truck with highly radioactive material have been released from hospital only be youngest suspect age sixteen was found to have traces of radioactive poisoning the men remain in detention for further questioning the vehicle was carrying streaming dangerous cold sixty when it was hijacked at gunpoint near the capital early this week. makes an r.t. international a look at the social programs in africa that are actually fueling poverty and debt
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and for our viewers in the u.k. it's breaking the set. we often see the middle east as a place of constant turmoil and revolution but people in thailand seem to be very fired up as well masses of protesters are forcing government ministries to shut down by storming them with human waves one such ministry is the thai equivalent of the american f.b.i. which has been accused of killing around ninety people in a crackdown on those who support ousted prime minister thaksin shinawatra who is the brother of the current leader wow people are crying out for democracy with accusations of violence against protesters so where is barack obama john kerry the mainstream media i mean whatever some group of rebels protestors are i mean freedom fighters rise up for democracy are we supposed to arm them like in syria and or
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bomb their country back into the stone age like in libya serbia iraq some protests explode across the mainstream media with calls for intervention and others are almost totally silent like thailand and bulgaria where there have also been strong links of buildings less than a month ago i might be conspiracy theorist but the selective coverage and selective concern for some humans rights and not for the rights of others well it smells a bit fishy to me but that's just my opinion. we are the problem we in the west of the problem especially the united states government so it really is quite ridiculous that we get manipulated into saying oh we have to take care of this problem over there the problem is in our own backyard and we know this.
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the world bank and the international monetary fund africa finds itself crippled by foreign debt and remains a continent of great poverty and inequality is. as long as we are in thrall to and dominated by i'd even go so far as to say enslaved. there is no attention paid to social affairs like health and education can you imagine we have to sacrifice congolese children who have to die who cannot study because they have to pay for the debt. and the international community talks about generosity now they are talking about cancelling the debt as an act of generosity by controlling the country's resources. that they say debt is to keep countries with natural resources under can.


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