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tv   Headline News  RT  December 7, 2013 2:00pm-2:30pm EST

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anti fracking rage in romania clashes erupt in the village between police and locals who don't want american energy. to drill for shale gas in the area plus. a delegation of e.u. officials descends on kiev once again to reiterate their support the government rallies the public gatherings show no sign of dissipating despite being told now they've got four days to stop disrupting the government. does the mourning for nelson mandela continues worldwide we look at the concerns that traces of south africa's tainted past may return this time for the country's minorities.
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around the world very good evening for me kevin owen here in moscow it's just past eleven pm this is r.t. international our top story tonight an anti fracking protested northeast remade is turned violent clashes have broken out between police and locals who are trying to stop the u.s. all joined chevron from drilling for shale gas in the area catherine office at the site of the unrest. we're here in this is just moments after a very tense clashes between protesters who are against chevron conducting exploration for shale gas drilling here in this area in northeastern mania what you see behind me over there is actually the chevron site now protesters had ran across the street they broke down the perimeter of the chevron location tore down the fences and entered the area there were actually inside the chevron test exploration area the police had to run and there weren't arrests made at the moment but then as you can see these units riot police officers had been called into the area this is
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when things very much escalated we had several protesters arrested there were options between the police and the demonstrators and actually if we pan over here you can see people very upset about what's happening here but chevron. these protesters have been camped out here for over a month earlier that's the count was actually broken up by riot police officers today saturday was supposed to be a major protest there and they're still trying to get chevron to leave because although chevron in october announced it was seizing operations the work had begun these police officers are not going anywhere as you can see they're trying to keep the protesters contained to this area so that they don't break out again and go on to the chevron site now we did see several arrests some people had been injured they were taken out in medical vans we don't know exactly how many and again it's a tense tense environment these people are very unhappy with the conduct of the
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police not just today but earlier and they're very unhappy that chevron is continuing these operations they feel that although chevron says that it's trying to do this in a responsible way the people here feel like they haven't been consulted they feel like their point of view isn't being taken into consideration and we have to keep in mind that this is a farming area people here rely on the land to survive if the water does get. tamminen which is something that they fear will happen as a result of the fracking their very existence is threatened which is why they're so frustrated with the situation jesse tense environment the demonstration continues it's unclear what will make these protesters leave as you can see if we turn around they're sitting down they're staying their ground they don't want to leave this area and you press this story we'll keep you posted on the developments in room only you can stay. of course on twitter. it was mentioned lucy said earlier on that locals are fearing the substances used in fracking will
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accumulate in the soil and pollute groundwater even the most of the chemicals will remain in the ground for years to come first or disputed activists claim though there are over a thousand documented cases of water contamination near drilling sites with health impacts including sensory and respiratory damage and the fracking campaigner and the church told me earlier that authorities worldwide stay silent about fracking precisely because of the possible hazards. there's no regulation in this country or in any other part of your long where all this specifically designed to bait you like this industry because they know full well they can adequately regulated is there an exaggeration of the potential problem say are we looking at fact difficult to quantify the risks the tool easy feeling with the vagaries of very deep geology and it's basically the whole realm of the are no fracking for going for thirteen years or more that started last large scale at the turn of the century do you feel
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you've lost your battle and when the police are there supposedly to protect and serve the community with all the sound is it being deployed going to governments to protect and serve the interests of the big businesses we should basically back in the government and that's the situation we've got in that's why we've got people up in arms and we can't rely on the police to protect our communities where i'm just protect our own communities by this sort of action we're seeing you know in the main all over the world you know with stories we're from child everywhere it goes people are going to be up in arms about it because we know that we can't rely on our government we can't rely on the police to protect our communities from these threats. next feuding the public protests in ukraine yet again a delegation of euro and pays are spoken to the crowds in kiev the protesters now have four days to decamped from government buildings poor scott sinking ship. the
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crowds behind me were addressed by a group of enemy pages who once again reiterated their support for the protesters now the delegation met with opposition leaders and also mingled with the crowd but they didn't meet any representatives of the government of course the government survived a vote of no confidence in the wake of that despite that results the delegation still backed cools for a snap election we see that the people will growing made that choice for a. country really believes in freedom. and under the rule of law there is no opportunity for the only other. democratic run through every time the right. well the opposition continue their blockade of certain government buildings despite the fact a deadline set by the government for them to be out of those buildings is looming large and expires on tuesday on the delegations support for the opposition comes
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despite pleas from ukraine's prime minister for outside interference to stop on the delegation also similar were condemning what they described as russia's pressure on kiev well as for the protests they look set to continue into the evening here behind me with all eyes now on sunday when organizers hope that up to one million people from all over ukraine could descend on the capital. to to have an army pay why european politicians are cozying up to ukraine's opposition it's not against. ship i think there's just so dire solidarity if they stir protesters and i think we want that association extreme and this deal is signed bond of course still crying to be on a long term member of the union. and therefore be a system. some political commentators though say the assistance by western
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politicians is simply unacceptable maija need for any ukrainian or russian or any other diplomats or formal politicians or put it there sions would take part in any a demonstration against the e.u. in all across the city the euro and. probably even in the western countries going to the united nations and asking for a meeting of the security council because that this blatant into fields this isn't nothing to do with people color as they way some politicians like to say about it and the rule of law does not involve foreign diplomats and foreign politicians interfering and basically provoking this violence like it's happening in ukraine. investigations underway into allegations of brutality from broken police and pro e.u. activists that unfolded last week really commission has got that side of the story
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. it could be i mean now why don't you call the worst moment was when i saw people being beaten on the ground at my feet they were just kids and i couldn't do anything about it and it was terrible it must never happen again. the night of november thirtieth when peaceful protests in the heart of kiev were broken up by ukraine special riot police force dozens and it up in hospitals images of police beating defenseless people emerged on the internet the. was the next day it was the police on the receiving end of the violence but at the hands of a mob and not the peaceful protesters who were dispersed just the day before. the book i got hit by either a brick or a piece of pavement score in the face it's hard to tell because everything was flying no one could predict it would go like this that there would be rocks bricks
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most of cocktails. i was scared for my units who were there because it was totally unexpected right in front of all of this there were these boys eighteen nineteen years old who serve in the army and everything was flying at them rocks molotov cocktails these men are among the officers still in hospital a week after the attack some received injuries severe enough to leave them disabled or to convince them to leave the force but both don and i determined to return to service and say don't have any animosity towards the crowd on independence square i can understand the people they want to express their opinion. people have the right to voice. but without breaking the law it would not be an overstatement to say that many here.
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there. simply. received those who gave the orders that should be held responsible for the violence. recordings on the internet of the actual orders that received and to clear the we must create a parliamentary commission and find the person who blew it all up and hold them criminally responsible i'm sure the orders came from someone higher than the head of police. as the protests entered their third week the tension is palpable no one wants to repeat of last week's nightmare. from both sides among people whose patience is already. to find out what. recent.
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prisons becoming breeding grounds for extremists coming up. to build a new. mission to teach me. why you should. with the economic down in the final. and the rest
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of it will be. hello again the man who led south africa out of his darkest days of apartheid nelson mandela will be laid to rest on december the fifteenth that is family estate but the change in a quality he embodied be maintained in a country which suffered such deep scars next paula slater asks if a different chapter on segregation now lies ahead. for many years south africans in
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particular have been asking themselves the question what happens when mandela pastas on and for a long time there was a war we that everything he stood for which was essentially bringing white and black south africans to give it would disappear when he dies this question has become less urgent as the years have passed on and a new generation of south africans has come to the fore but certainly there are pockets of particularly white south africans who are today afraid now i visited the community of k. infante in which is a white on cave they you find only off the conason all these are white south africans who can trace the roots back to european settlers who came in the sixteen hundreds you need special permission to enter the area there are security guards everywhere there are statues paying tribute to the founders of politics which was south africa's legal system of discrimination between blacks and whites people
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there justified the existence of such enclaves as merely a way of preserving the history the culture the language they argue against any kind of claims of racism we feel strongly about our identity and we want to protect that and preserve it this together with the fear that some white of economists feel has caused some to put in place contingency plans now there's a group called the state land as they estimate that their figures are around eighty to one hundred thousand people and they are all linked through mobile phones in such a way that if in any time they believe a genocide happens and they do believe that a genocide is coming against white south africans they can then mobilize him selves and move to an area where they will be able to both protect themselves and be completely self-sufficient and i visited this community and this is what they had to tell me right no we resist the urge or little six. little sort of is really a true could schools these white south africans our. are in the minority the
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majority really credit mandela with putting the country back from the brink of civil war regardless of the color faced skin they race creed they religion south africans regard mandela as the hero of the struggle against apartheid and see him as one of the greatest sons this country has ever given birth to. france has launched its second major intervention in africa this year president has raised the deployment now to one thousand six hundred troops on the ground in the central african republic the soldiers with armored personnel carriers have now moved beyond the capital bangui to patrol remote areas where the violence is at its most intense furious clashes on thursday left almost three hundred dead parents began to said room for schools hours of un with rise of mission to a spike in sectarian bloodshed thousands of civilians have fled to the country's main airport to try to seek refuge from the armed fighters christian militias loyal to the ousted president of battling muslim rebels who currently control the country
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lawrence freeman from the executive intelligence review magazine believes france's domestic problems that were behind this latest move. reason the france has become more active militarily and i think the problem with that there france and britain have not given up they are intent on having at the news of some of the resources and wealth of the african countries or so i think france and suffering serious problems at home there is a devastating collapse in living standards throughout all of europe so many things i think combining to push france forward into some of these more very activity is. more of them recently than we've seen before. the british government stronger measures to stifle the spread of extremism and follows the brutal murder of a u.k. soldier by islamists in london the plan includes blocking jihadist material on the
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web and cracking down on a preaching was artie's laura smith reports next the country's jails are also becoming a breeding ground for radicalism wormwood scrubs prison in west london temporary or longer term home to around fourteen hundred male prisoners apart from the inevitable gang activity and drug taking that goes on inside many prison inmates find religion while they're doing their stretch some are genuine others not so much . those who watch on to and use that religion is an excuse for treatment and we're particularly concerned by doctrine is clear evidence that there are youngsters being radicalized. and forced to join doretta causation of young vulnerable prisoners. who then can become a tree machine while evidence from the prison office's union shows prisoners aren't necessarily so much finding gods as having shoved in their faces muslim gangs
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have grown in power and influence in jails all over the country and the prison officers association is concerned that they target vulnerable new arrivals for conversion and that those who are muslims already are being forced into more extremist views you speak to some prisoners or noble. food or thought it to get more time. or just to be seen as to be part of a gun culture i've done it for protection i've done it because i was bullied extremists who are ultimately released from behind these walls back into society. laura smith reporting there big a foreigner stuck in a north korean jail company's isa how do you get out if you're in that plight while you apologize apparently you war crimes that's exactly what an eighty five year old u.s. veterans had to do to walk free at a web site to get his story also that two in egypt more and more people every day
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have been thrown bars for not keeping in mind with military rule r.t. don't columns got details on the almost daily arrests. right the scene. first for you and i think you're. on a reporter's twitter. instagram. to be in the. cover of the start of these top world news stories will trade organizations agreed on a landmark deal which could provide a trillion dollar boost to the global economy the agreements designed to speed up cross border trade by slashing red tape at customs check. say this will also give a lift to developing nations too by creating up to twenty million jobs there it's
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the first global trade deal of its kind but has yet to be ratified by each member government. in mexico with a story been covering the last couple of days six people suspected of stealing that truck with highly radioactive material aboard in a medical scan a been released from hospital themselves now only the youngest suspect age sixteen was found of had traces of radioactive poisoning the man will remain in detention for further questioning a vehicle was carrying extremely dangerous cult sixty from a body scanner when it was hijacked to gun point near the capitol earlier this week . it's sort of world's most popular vacation spots but for those who try to settle down in paris often find their romantic notions a shuttered terser center explains why it all looks great on paper but anyone with an aspiration of living in central paris quickly discovers the nightmare and becomes looking for what here this picturesque center of the city might as well have a sign that says off limits to anyone with
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a tight budget but if you must prepare for very tight quarters when you first arrive to the fight i was completely shocked because this was the smallest area that i found myself ever but i didn't look it's from here do you hear. danica pay seven hundred seventy euros for this tiny twenty square metres central paris flat in the popular lot in quarter area plus another hundred for bills and internet she chose convenience over price a choice that's not quite there for others like sabina who lives just outside paris with three other people her bedroom in the basement. but it was about five hundred euros when i moved here so. i was looking in internet for a place for five hundred euros couldn't find anything really. expensive visited a few places. couldn't find any so i decided to move for some way to sever close suburbs in more extreme cases not only do people end up far from the center
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but in apartments like this one where there's no kitchen or hot water so. it's a real problem in fronts this lack of housing we need eight hundred to nine hundred thousand more housing this is what explains the high prices in july of report released by france's national institute of statistics and economic studies found that one hundred forty one thousand five hundred people were without a fixed residency in france a rent control law was recently passed as part of a larger housing reform to address the lack of housing substandard conditions and the trend of people being pushed out of paris and other major cities but changes in living standards won't come overnight a fact many in the city of lights have just come to accept to live in paris you know nice area. you know. it's ok to say it's. just our cilia arty paris. next the world's high flying
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financial scholars need to look sharp. quite often countries rich in natural resources are the poorest africa's a colony it's a colony of the big corporations it's a colony of some it's own leaders who are under the thumbs of the big corporations so they have to beg from the world bank's development of social programs goes to pay back debts all country is we're drowning under the amount of debt that they had and so every year they would borrow money. and they would use that same. there is money to pay back oh that's. all that money really. the
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wages of debt. to limp a torch is on it's a big journey to such. one hundred twenty three days. through two hundred cities. really fourteen thousand people or sixty thousand coming. in a record setting trip by. their. numbers based. olympic torch relay. on our. welcome to the kaiser report imax kaiser.
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how did well success for david cameron's trade mission to china this week. they downing street announced the u.k.'s won the right to export pig semen to china this is going to be a long one in a deal worth forty five million pounds per year. little piggies well rescue britain's economy for sure and exchange it appears china will win the rights to more of the u.k.'s real income producing assets such as the h s two high speed rail link between london and those places up north that nobody ever goes not only will china invest in the new rail network but may even build it they did a good job in america building a railroad. cameron bragged that the u.k. infrastructure is worth investing in not just by the government meanwhile back in the u.k. space frightening close talking continues police told members of the public so nor
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people just as clowns if they meet them in the street a leftist by the public warning the media insist on reporting on george osborne's autumn statement oh oh stacey. max george osborne perhaps the most terrifying clown of all actually take a look at this image here this is a clown spotted in norfolk i'm not sure if it was george osborne but he looks quite similar with his autumn statement no one thing that was reporting on the state of the u.k. economy i think was the u.k. guilt because in the march budget ten year gilts were trading at one point eight percent with the autumn statement it's now a two point nine two percent so let's look at some of the lies that he had to tell in order to make the economy here look better well workers overall pay has not fallen insists george osborne george osborne is to claim that workers overall pay has not fallen despite official figures showing that the wages of middle income
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families have dropped by five thousand pounds over the past five years so that's a drop of six point four percent according to the office of national statistics george osborne is saying those are a lie he's going to come out with his own report to show that in fact those numbers are deceptive yeah george osborne is thought so much a clown as he is one of these french mind and but he speaks which is kind of interesting for a mind he's more of a friend of mine it depends upon show and he believes that these numbers do not tell the truth these are all remote greet the famous french artist who would say this. is a post painting of a pipe this is not a pipe corridos only for me paula tall i'm going to put all of them so. you could use. to blow as usual school i mean first they trickle in you. see not everything is the real core in charge over people are suffering they're not suffering in this country they're merely expressing their patriotic fervor for the
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coalition government they're not starving they're not freezing to death they're merely expressing their patriotism well he does look a bit poor scene you might say so he could be. judged as book oh yeah he's a big fat pig let's be honest about of those as brother in arms david cameron david cameron is. my impression david cameron more of these approved talks dinners you know he's like. oh i do not go over every word the poor brute would is going through we're. going to broke to poor people. no good because they well let's look at those who are so poor a scene and this is the people who can't even afford to eat this is looking at the true state of the british economy now george osborne as we said he likes to deny this.


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