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tv   [untitled]    December 14, 2013 4:30am-5:01am EST

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when you keep interest rates cheap as they do at the federal reserve bank or marconi here in the bank of england you spawn cancer of cancerous incestuous bulbous melva form of like jamie diamond and j.p. morgan that are now eating up eating swallowing the economy as only well not only is our global financial system and banking system backed by seemingly maybe one or two units of debt and they keep on pasta caving in spending and turning and turning the same exact clients and debt but this same pool of so-called talent the same c.e.o.'s jump from one corporation to another to another bank to another you know political office and now go back to the article about the incest incest cult in australia they said some of the children had oddly formed features which scientific tests would later reveal as a result of homos i gossipy or identical gene patterns of both the children's
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parents so i'm saying that if you apply this to wall street and all of their debts and all of the same hiring practices using the same exact identical gene pool as the leadership of the the country end of the business as a cross the nation then you get the same sort of dysphoria and malformed and deformed financial system oh speaking of homo so posture free no one to the pomo homos i got city homozygous city right here in the u.k. i see bob darman is making a return to get tossed out for doing stuff well and junk or design launched a hedge fund soon after his rehired paf a kid that same piece of debt of spanish debt blew up and deformed the global financial system instead of mobs or caterpillars turning into butterflies these are butterflies turning into dog poop whether it's done. mynd or jamie diamond or job
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corps on it's a metamorphosis isn't it from something that works intrinsically beautiful related to nature like a butterfly into something that gets stuck to the bottom of your shoe walking through undesirable mist kept st well of course j.p. morgan is being investigated in the foreign corrupt practices act but robert writes in this article ask you know don't we do the same thing do we have a sons of daughters daughters and sons program in wall street or that we have like timothy geitner has now joined warburg pincus we have telsey clinton was at a big hedge fund we have peter orszag is now a senior executive at citi bank but now we're all confused about who the father the mother the daughter the angst the uncle we it all looks the same we get this sort of headline that we see here in the u.k. deficit one hundred eighty five billion not ninety billion that committee of m.p.'s weren't so the office of national statistics here is saying well if you use normal
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accounting procedures the deficit here is actually hundred eighty five billion the government george osborne has said it's only ninety billion but he's not explaining to them what accounting standards he's using right the deficit here in the u.k. is twelve to thirteen percent of g.d.p. and not the numbers that they quote which are what your law is to to put it in layman's terms the chancellor whining because the deficit is at least double accounting tricks so the big the big accounting firms they hire them they give a big wad you know big briefcase full of cash and then they come back with a nice thick report which details how to lie about the deficit the debt of u.k. is now approaching one hundred percent of g.d.p. the deficit is down twelve to thirteen percent of g.d.p. so all this growth is happening in the u.k. is because of all the increase in. in debt as long as interest rates can keep low
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which is great to keep the debt mounting in this huge ponzi scheme however does give rise to incest you know was kleptocratic cancer ridden financial terrorist like jamie diamond and the folks you see here in the u.k. well this article points out that for example assets like network rail and taxpayer owned banks should be included in the accounts where they are currently excluded quote in defiance of normal accounting rules so the normal accounting rules but we have an incestuous deformed accounting rules that just decide to say that we could just keep on repackaging the same debt and this call it something else now it's an asset it's not a liability that was on the other side of the accounting ledger even though it's it's the same product of the same father or mother or uncle or aunt. not putting things on the balance sheet is called the enron approach to accounting it's all such time as you can't hide the incestuous exploding debts off the balance sheet
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any longer and then suddenly like enron everything goes completely to zero quite rapidly yes but the markets took it as if it was a normal response at this as if the u.k. government guilt debt market for example is not deformed and that if you if you mate with it if you interact with it or interbreed with it you might end up with a you know equally deformed debt situation now speaking of the u.k. staying on the u.k. and this debt and passing it on to children your own children now children are pestering their parents for a payday loan fears that payday lenders are grooming tilde or an accelerated yesterday after new figures revealed that the number of loan advertisements seen by britain's children has soared by almost twenty thousand percent in just four years so in two thousand and eight there were three million payday loan ads seen by children between the ages of four and fifteen by two thousand and twelve that number had ballooned to five hundred ninety six million. children
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a little untapped market to get into the debt slavery business yeah getting kids ten eleven twelve year old kids who've done debt using cartoons and other means that work for the cigarette industry when i get them hooked on debt i think the umbilical cord is a good entry point for these payday lenders to get fetuses loaded up on debt and then of course you'll have a situation where a fetus uncomfortable debt with debt will abort themselves to avoid going to bankruptcy court will be the biggest cause of abortion will be fetus is a born of themselves because so much fricken payday lender loaded him up with debt through the umbilical cord because a mother is there smoking crack smoking cigarettes wondering what it was george osborne on t.v. with three arms to get out of his head some mutant chancellor from outer space talking about why the deficit doesn't count anymore we don't count it in this county in terms that we made up pulled out of our hat well so the figures back up already published evidence that youngsters are being suckered by cartoon characters and juvenile doing goes to believe taking out loans which charges so much as five
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thousand percent interest per annum is perfectly normal family behavior there's that word again normal this is normal family behavior if you're not incestuous incestuous with your debt now probably i mean this presumably children are our want their allowance right this is their allowance payday lending but their parents are having to take out payday loans to give them their allowance so you have the same debt being recycled over and over at five thousand percent hey kid is it twenty and twenty thousand pounds of five thousand percent annualized rate of debt increment hope boy i can hardly wait for my young adulthood when i can prostitute myself down in the city of london for some pleasuring some bankers the pay off this debt that my parents forced upon me because they could afford their crack habit here in the u.k. or is that marmite i can't tell the difference there's smoke and marmite the smoke there fricken druids ok they're over there at stonehenge worshipping rocks they're all psychos so this is an incest cult that they had an australian i'm say. that
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this is also what we have on wall street and in the debt markets in general now one thing and incest colt does not want is any sort of diversity or new entrants into the market because they want their malformed children and their weird incestuous cult here's how one mega bank is trying to crush big coin the mega bank of course is j.p. morgan and their sons and daughters program at the top of the show here they have a renewal of u.s. patent number six six zero nine one one three and the article says that j.p. morgan chase's patent states the company's intention to develop a virtual wallet for consumers with a virtual currency it allows for anonymous free payments online right well j.p. morgan is obviously going to try to tie up the big point market in patent by patent trolling people and they came out and said this immediately and not talk about patent druids i know it's something british but this is patent trolling these are trolls not british people and they're going to attempt to tie it up because they want competition and when this came out yesterday i mean tweeted about it people immediately went to j.p.
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morgan's defense. oh they're not really going to try to put going out of business we have to trust jamie diamond to go he's an inveterate liar and we just we talk about the show for years what every single comes out as novels a lie he's more just to us than the frickin royal family and he says he's not going to attack calling why would we give this guy the time of day we already know he's a frickin liar so if course he's going to try to go on using patent laws the same way that the recording industry tried to attack people engaging in their fair use constitutional right to copy intellectual property to put those people in jail or the case of course start of the n.b.a. chase and torture to death he's a murderer it's always the banking industry so jamie diamond shows john course on should be done a good job of course i would that if they didn't pay back that loan that he cooked up with m.f. global the guys don't whack or he's a mobster these are schmuck well you know patents are the same thing is this part of this incest only one idea one germ of an idea is allowed. i finally came to
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quite replace pay pal the reason why i bring this up is to bring up this point of diversity because meanwhile john rushed into the economy some professor at work business school says the brilliance behind the technical design of bitcoin is the fact that the mechanism for payment is a distributed network no one owns it it does not run in a data center owned by pay pal or mastercard a visa the added bonus no middlemen taking a cut from the transaction coin is that jamie diamond slayer and he knows it is running scared all right we've got to go stacy thank you so much but we must we must go to the second half of the show fight the cult of debt. all right stay tuned for the second half a lot more. so you'll know if you're confident that the irish people won't be asked again to step in. what the what the private banks the only constant stand out for hopkins plays
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into people on our economic future what always happens is. central bankers politicians they say this will never ever happen again and it keeps on company but we hope to ensure that if those company. doesn't switch let's make an awful car for tots. the people needed me as. a mobile solti. family. i'm still looking for a cold a good life. so my place in the world. literally have no. place to
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live. the last money you were able to beg. get out of here. there are only two possible outcomes to the situation. and it's all about. politics. what defines a country's success. faceless figures of economic growth. standard of living.
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and the rest. will be. welcome back to the kaiser report imax keyser time now to go to mexico city and speak with jeff berwick of dollar vigilante dot com jeff welcome back to the kaiser report thank you max my pleasure all right jeff the last time you were on the show
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we discussed bitcoin and what it was trading at seven dollars a bit going of course now it's over a thousand many at the time called it a ponzi scheme now two years later it's gone over a thousand with loads of volatility along the way but what's next for bitcoin and do see it being used in mexico for example jeff oh absolutely. since we last talked because it has gone through a tremendous evolution it's really caught on around the world i think the biggest reason that it's been rising recently wasn't necessarily that ben bernanke he gave it his is his approval but it was mostly china if you look at our feet leak dot com you can see host of the big koreans are going to china right now and most many places and the reason they're going to china is because of the capital controls in china went to one a remote. and you can just see it all over the world that this is catching on it's
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going it's going to mislead well and there's going to be ups and downs going to be volatile it's going to go all over the place this is a total revolution in money and banking and it's fascinating and exciting to watch all right jeff one of the complaints of the mainstream media babbitt going is that there's too much hoarding you've got property that you are selling in chile and accepting bitcoin have people been spending it with you or do they prefer to spend dollars. we accept that quaint for everything we do our company is a worldwide company and the action was for employees except korean as payment we accept that point for all of our products you're really seeing that it's really catching on that everyone starting to use this currency now and that's what's really. interesting about what's going on is that. everyone around the world not everyone obviously but a lot of people are really catching on to this currency and once you start to use because as you know max it's really excites your mind how the possibilities are
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because as you know when you try to open a bank account with the bank's toure's anywhere in the world it takes days or weeks or months they often freeze your accounts they always ask you what you're doing with your money with because it's a total revolution in money and banking and. if people haven't used it they should just get on it and use it and we'll see what we're talking about now when asked to jump because you have a lot of information on the web to each track that gives people information about expatriating around to different countries and where expatriation to different countries is is easiest and where it's easiest to get a second passport we've seen the last year a record number of americans basically turning in their passport turning their back on america and moving to some other country is bit coy and now a way to make that easier for americans seeking to escape the the
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horrible kind of police state that we see emerging in america now jeff oh absolutely i've actually just talked yesterday with a very big name person i can't say whose name was and was all over crypto in christian but he wants to get a second passport for because you. know these people are criminals and you look at someone like edward snowden he is a missing timer you know he actually is a refugee from. the u.s. he defected from the us he ran to china and how he's in russia you can only imagine twenty years ago saying these things would be crazy but the us is out of control the government's out of control. the federal reserve is one of the biggest enemies of mankind and people are starting to catch on to this and yes many people are just opting out i opted out years ago i'm originally from canada and i move to mexico where i am right now though i'm not here as a citizen i'm just here as
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a tourist i live a perm a permanent tourist a prior taxpayer lifestyle and many other people are as well thanks to internet and technology and things like because people can live a very international lifestyle and avoid all these very dangerous governments and central banks now you have a community jeff until a cold galt's gulch obviously a reference to rand and atlas shrugged one of her most famous novels can you tell us a little bit about how that fits in to what's going on yeah absolutely this is something i got involved in about a year and a half ago and i recognize that many people were just wanting to get out of the western world not just the us us cam of the a lot of europe it's all turning into a disaster it's all debt based it's all central banks it's all money printing regulation taxes and just like in the book in atlas shrugged a lot of the wealth producers just decided they had enough and left and so i got
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involved in galt's gulch in chile and the economy is booming down there it's just incredible to see i was in chile probably ten years ago and it was pretty quiet and very boring actually and now it's starting to look like hong kong so a lot of capital and a lot of people a lot of productive people are gravitating to that country and so we i sort of helped start a community there called girl scouts and it's really growing tremendously yeah i want to ask you about this split i would call it and the well. let's call it the libertarian community because there are some people in that community and i would put you in that community who have embraced bitcoin and see it as a natural adjunct to austrian economics and the idea of sound money and then there are people in this community let's say a gary north for example who one would find writing on the pages of lou rockwell dot com who has come out recently with really
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a screed an anti bitcoin screed and it seems that there's an enormous split in that community and i see some people sitting on the fence who are now putting their seemingly they're going from the anti bitcoin over to bitcoin i think that's kind of the trend but can you speak on that little bit yeah absolutely there's definitely is a bit of a rift in the austrian economics community regarding bequeathing right now we're seeing people like gary north i don't like to be too dry stuff with people but what he wrote about bitcoin was embarrassing he actually does not even understand what declining is and one of the things that the austrian economics are talking about is the regression theory and they talk about the money what money is and that all these theories are actually just theories they were came up upon decades ago before there was internet before this technology and they said that money had to be
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something that was tangible something that was used as a commodity well you know big cording that really is into these world when we have so much government and central banks and taxes and regulation it is a commodity because it actually allows people to be semi free with their money i'm not saying that because it is the only thing that people should hold and i'm not saying that they should necessarily invest in big corn however i do think that if they don't catch on the big corn soon they're going to miss the strain and they should also get into precious metals or anything that ben bernanke here janet yellen can't counterfeit. all right let's let's mention talk a little bit mexico because you live in mexico now more than one million u.s. citizens now live in mexico there's an exodus of baby boomers heading south we talked about you les already and. i guess just this idea that many americans are getting out of dodge they want to get out of the u.s. the n.s.a. spying is deplorable and just on a competitive basis if technology companies are not going to be allowed to keep up
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with the world in terms of where big coin is and where it's going then you don't really want to be in a technological innovative laggard you want to kind of go where the cutting edge is and that seems to be not the us jeff what do you think your thoughts yes absolutely i think the u.s. government is one of the most oppressive governments on earth at this point they seem to be shutting down any productive business that actually is trying to innovate and talking about mexico hardly anyone really understands what's going on here in mexico i was just walking around here in mexico city it's booming. the entire economy and mexico is doing very well not many people know this the stock market in mexico is gone up hundreds of percent since two thousand whereas the dow is just basically almost where it was in two thousand and then refuse just for inflation it's down dramatically things are going on and many people took because we're very slow to catch on to what's going on this actually more mexicans leaving the u.s. than going to the u.s. right now yet you still have a lot of people in the u.s.
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worried about border control i think that's border on the mexico u.s. border is eventually going to keep americans and ok so keeping on the big point theme there. and the reluctance for people who are more let's say mainstream to embrace bitcoin i don't know if you saw it or not but on business insider and the deputy any editor over there joe wiesenthal recently published a make culpa saying he's been wrong about it going did you read that and what are your thoughts i didn't read that but i be. seeing a lot of that happening this is a changing very fast so many people were very slow to catch on you were one of the first macs and also in a row two thousand and eleven around three dollars caught on to that what's going on and this is not going away this is not a ponzi scheme this is not a scam this is not. going to go to zero this is going to be very interesting it's going to be very volatile for sure and we've seen all the volatility and that's
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what a lot of people talk about but so what we're seeing now is a lot of people really starting to catch on and that's going to continue and because of that i think because it's going to going to continue to rise and jeparit one of the interesting aspects of this of course are the automatic teller machines or a.t.m. i know you were involved briefly with the project and the big point a.t.m. there is now other companies that are getting involved in this big coin a.t.m. machine there is they seem to be proliferating around the world is this kind of the killer app where it's very easy for anyone to simply go up to a machine and convert to bitcoin and they're in business right oh absolutely you're saying entrepreneurs around the world starting to create all sorts of ways that people can get involved in because when they can transact once you get involved in it you'll understand why it's so exciting and yes you're seeing hundreds or thousands of companies and entrepreneurs creating really ingenious ways of interacting and it's really exciting and if people out there don't know what's going on they should start to pay attention because this is i compare bit corning
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to the internet in one thousand nine hundred four i say that the internet was a revolution and tell it in communications and because it is a revolution in money in banking. and finally jeff i see that there roger there are who's one of the very early adopters of bitcoin recently made a one million dollar donation to the very organization that seems to be split on the libertarian side in terms of acceptance of bitcoin are going to see more of this type of philanthropy do you think we'll have about ten seconds oh yeah you see it all the time there was a young kid at the college football game was held up is because stamp thing and he got twenty four thousand dollars worth of big corn sent to him. all right jet program time thanks so much for being on the kaiser report my pleasure max oh ok that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacy herbert i'd like to thank our guests dollar vigilante if you like to get in
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touch with us tweet us at kaiser report intellects timex and bio. this is a so we leave the. bush and see. for the musical . shoes that no one is there with to get they deserve answers from. politics. they look like bounty islands where the locals can enjoy the sun and the ocean. but what was buried here years ago. means these people are suffering the consequences.
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how much more poison lies on the ground. behind this zone there is what we call the callet bank on which there is a deposit of plutonium left by security test which caused the dispersion of radio nuclides despite previous cleaning efforts there remains a deposit of a little less than two kilos of plutonium stuck in the rock and the coral reef about ten meters down you can test a never ending legacy. largest consumer of the season i see it with me in the country is the federal government simply say's property of the united states government. is the united states suffered damage and it was done public has to realize it can't just buy. just throw it away. for instance belongs to the united states environmental protection agency i found this
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on a dump site here this year it's not always the last producers of these and that's what i think should be able to collect these i believe that vision responsible for their products from cradle to grave. fatal from mexico comment of mental health proper tool south america incorporated it also belongs to the washington metro area transit authority properties of a dentist aids page trend and trademark office. i was thinking somehow i had to come back because mom was waiting for me. and i just knew that everything would be fine for some reason they were so confident because we were going to get married officially after he came back how could he not come back because the mere thought of it never crossed her mind. the militants decided to try and break through to her new guinea above screaming
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grenade. the explosion blew him all round his back war. and it was all over all. we know that our call rats on our commander won't leave us no matter how tough it gets we're a team. there who are getting was a senior in his military trio. you know he knew that if he didn't smother that grenade with his body more of just comrades would die he gave his own life to save us friends.
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ukraine's president proposed an amnesty for arrested protesters and a moratorium on the use of force and demonstrations in attempt to resolve differences with the opposition plus a buy it into the. only e.u. donuts with the european union flag are now available for sale. we take a look at how the young going to mr asians are affecting the daily life of people. one hundred twenty kurdish civilians are reportedly taken hostage by syrian rebels near the turkish border with the minority caught in the crossfire once again. and are alone becomes the first state to officially break free from the euro zone bailout program milestone on.


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