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tv   [untitled]    December 15, 2013 4:30am-5:01am EST

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there is no port into rare just a simple landing where basic provisions such as petrol and spare parts can be delivered. at the edge of the village in an old atomic bomb shelter where the population have to take refuge during each atmospheric test the vegetation disappears little by little while the rust slowly raises history. since january nine hundred ninety six when the last of the test was carried out has slowly been forgotten almost to the point of indifference and then the french commission on atomic energy published a report in which the works are numbers which had never been translated into the local promoter language entered into the local vernacular. the publication of the document couldn't have come at a worse time just after the focus shimon nuclear disaster and the following tsunami . well you know we're in the middle of nature here and i really love this place
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i spend my time here sometimes we clean or collect coconuts. you can't stay here and wait for the tsunami that is coming to morrow we can't but if we hadn't seen on television what happened in japan and he's been everywhere else then we wouldn't be worried but we were shocked. too we were told to go to her ground but there aren't any high places and. it is flat here there are no mountains there is nothing. if not more ah goes then so do we poor turia. a small loss of contempt and helplessness to forget about a very real fear. and anxiety that pushed the people to ask for a delegation to be sent to. visit took place last december.
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but the new deal we visited more i. could see that a part of more was under water. frankly for me that worried me i was very angry after what happened. destroyed the city. we had dancers to our questions. after their calculations and. mathematically speaking. they say there are no risks but logically we cannot say that it will leave more twenty meters high and arrive here at less than one meter it's not possible to know according to theoretical calculations published by the french commission on atomic energy the waves would only reach the edge of the island barely touching the feet of the
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inhabitants but the locals have a different experience of the terrain when large some away swell and cover parts of to rare. i saw over there that. is no longer a nat'l it's an apple of cement. they have calculated from a very critical point that if it ever collapses in one go. they say there will be waves twenty meters high. and we know that a way of solving even one meter will definitely affect. it. now i don't really know what's going to happen it first starts the fact that we are so close maybe if it does fall violently they'll be
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a big mass of water. and that he will come and destroy us. i don't we have discovered something relatively irrational in the mines in habit and so. when they compare things that aren't really comparable that's an immaterial scale and the amount of energy that is mobilized between a phenomena like the tidal wave that took place in japan is you know where the energy was considerable and the waves were fifteen meters tall and they wind up to two kilometers inland with the phenomenon that could happen if the coral reef were to collapse. a tall here the way this life we did be between five and ten meters at the base of more. second you know wave about two meters with the swell of the around fifty centimeters. or most dire estimates
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it would send a wave of about two or three meters to the island of fucked. that would be enough to submerge around half the atoll according to another computer simulation. because of all of variables involved such as wind strength and angle of the wave it's impossible to predict an exact scenario. inhabitants have real reasons for concern. you will rule after a visit to morrow we realize that we have been lied to for a very long time. since the beginning of the atmospheric and underground nuclear tests here the population hasn't believed anything that has been said or written telling us not to worry that a prosecutor. for
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me personally that's all has been shattered see it's as if bones have been crushed . morcombe on the. that's how we saw. this road takes us to the highest point of the actual to see where the tsunami would arrive. there but here we are almost twenty one kilometers from the village of a model. we are close to a horse which is a little canal where the water flows into the ocean and the lagoon we need cover to see on it is via the hole that the waves would enter and they would make the levels of the lagoon rise until they completely immersed the village. and on the offense what are we going to do for our families don't fall for our children for our grandchildren. with this threat of possible collapse we just
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don't know how to prepare for the future body for the future. some are already planning to emigrate to tahiti in any case the two hundred inhabitants of this forgotten not all have many unanswered questions and a lot of resentment. she and it is a legacy that our ancestors left us created the land and our ancestors were able to look after it cherish it maintain it and then with everything that they did as he's often herodotus was transformed into her throne for me and often must be said for. the paradise transformed into hell.
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this hell that the ministry of defense allowed us to visit is the secret calls murillo are in poland. which was the stage for one hundred thirty seven underground test between nine hundred seventy five and nine hundred ninety five. taking into account the size of the nuclear blasts but question whether they could have taken place without having any effect on the stability of the atoll. one hundred thirty seven wells between six hundred and twelve hundred meters deep were dug in and again and on the crown of the unit all. these images taken in the one nine hundred sixty s. before the tests show a very regular crown. since
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the end of the nuclear tests we know that and more there are some zones that have been weakened due to the underground testing in particular. test on the twenty fifth of july one thousand nine hundred seventy nine caused some of the exterior slopes to collapse in the south west zone and there was a return wave that surprised everybody. of politics seventeen kilometer protective wall was built after that. because we feared that there would be another collapse.
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today caused a collapse far less important than the one anticipated. in the northeast we drove to the center located between a lagoon and fi ocean. the road ends in a cul de sac there is danger beyond this point. yes it does on behind this zone there is what we call the callet bank on which there is a deposit of plutonium left by security test which caused a dispersion of radionuclides. despite previous cleaning efforts there remains a deposit of a little less than two kilos of plutonium stuck in the rock and the coral reef is about quite an meters down. so swimming here is out of the question for at least two hundred forty thousand guinness the total lifespan of plutonium.
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and ne of more is a zone where twenty eight underground detonations were conducted it was recognized in the official documents from the ministry of defense that among these underground detonations seven were not contained in the volcanic zone so it was not verify. a year north confident that the irish people won't be asked again to step in. when the where the private banks of the end of any crisis that after happens whether that be funny now economically again what always happens is the regulator central bankers politicians they say this will never ever happen again and it keeps on happening but we have to ensure is that if this does happen again it doesn't cause such a classic police make an awful cost for tots. live
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right on the scene liz first trip to live and i think the term. live on our employers twitter. and instagram live. today in the live. but. you know that you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy albus. in
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fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and our press to mco we've been hijacked like handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once called i'm john mark and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on well we go beyond identifying the problem. rational debate and real discussion critical issues facing america five are you ready to join the movement then walk a bit. around thirty of the wells used for underground detonations were packed to the brim with various waste and radioactive material and then covered with a slab. time has been weathering the concrete slowly eroding the cover of each
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well. ethically cut it is the exact opposite of what you were supposed to do with radioactive waste national a national agency for radioactive waste set out some rules one of which specifies that waste can't come into contact with water but there it had been put in the middle of the sea i'm told it's completely surrounded by water. there's another problem the seabed is crossed with fractious which the military claims are natural while opponents argue that they were the result of nuclear tests whatever the cause they have grown larger over time following the unfortunate t. . blast the french commission on atomic energy. station in one nine hundred eighty . different continental the last thirty years there's been a system in place called tel site that is a remote surveillance of the site and was constructed using several different installation techniques laterally incline drilling of cables that are anchored
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three to four thousand meters in the call cliffs that allow for very precise measurements of the movements there are seismic stations and inclinometer as in the wells that allow us to see and measure the internal movements of the rocks and then there are various g.p.s. stations that allow us to measure the movements in relation to each other. with all this increasing surveillance of the earth all our tempting fate. these results are sent by satellite to the atomic energy commission office in paris where they're constantly analyzed throughout the. last surveillance report that was made available about the geologic stability of more was made in two thousand. and two thousand and twelve and that was the last report we had access to. the two thousand and nine report indicates that out of the twenty devices called extant
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matters. were still functioning. he said. we have a wire for example in the france was that is stuck. kate is described in the report that it is stuck and obviously no longer gives any results. no results no readings no information there you go of course it happens that the wires get caught and then become unstuck but we shouldn't necessarily rely on that and then of course a way can break the most important thing to remember is not whether this or that is working or not obviously it is better if it still works then lots of security visit is the safety analysis regarding the failure of this or that. that allows us to ensure that the security of our personnel is always maintained on that. the so we need to do some sort of rejuvenation of some of the devices which is something we are looking into at the moment and we are going to proceed and
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rejuvenate the material there. i am certain that security and safety is currently maintained thanks to the duplication of information we get from the various senses . renovation and redundancy other two main pillars of morale is geological stability. so it would appear that continued monitoring has been taken care of even if far from perfect. and we've been assured that landslides will be detected days or even weeks before they happen. this is intended to reassure the residents even though procedures do exist for the emergency evacuation of the twenty or so military personnel present here at the moment but there is another concern for the residents. there are five kilos of plutonium in the at all settlement case of a hypothetical disaster this factor remains completely unknown. or is
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a unique case and opinions vary as to what will become of this potential threat was it. for them or i'm not especially worried about the collapse. cypriot is rather what is underneath that worries me. to a collapse there are radioactive deposits underneath that will come to the surface that i think will end up contaminating the entire pacific zone. gonzales later this scenario would be the side which is exposed next to two rio which is closest to the atoll. basket would be the other side. are money matters. because the wave will act differently depending on which side it comes from if the wave goes further inland then the polluted material will be moved as it goes on that is to say that the radioactive material will sink to the bottom tony m is
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rather heavy radioactive waste and so it sinks will be aspirated by the floor and then brought back by the reflux and dispersed so we really need an explanation about which scenario is the most realistic and then once the risk is known we can invest in preparing and then informing the population. this is all very fine but to have a discussion on a level playing field everyone must have access to the same sources of information on the one hand the army has opened its doors allowing us to film and answering our questions but on the other there is still the natural tendency to cover up. in france there is always this desire to keep everything secret that concerns defense. only the highest authorities with the highest clearance may have access to this information on the ground for my show and we must understand but for
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that to happen we need to have access to the source of the information this part is absolutely necessary yes but on july the first two thousand and eight during a sleepy summer and under the veil of indifference the law was passed with serious consequences for access to military archives the very principle of the in communicate ability of certain archives can only be considered in the most restrictive way that is to say only when absolutely necessary from this double point of view the solution that you propose during the first reading of this text a delay of a hundred years and a definition more explicit resolve the concerned archives of the archives will only be incommunicable. if they can see the information that would allow the conception fabrication utilization localization of weapons of mass destruction the nuclear biological chemical or bacterial. our commitment is to not use the archives to find
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out how to make a salad to put it simply i couldn't care less i don't care how about how to make a bomb better we simply want access to the information they have about the environment and the health of facts now it is time to listen to the voice of the house on the law presented who is for who is against the law is adopted minister it is your turn to speak but i think that the culture of military secrets is really very poisonous especially concerning the health risks and the risks to the environment was it as in the united states a commission exists which has been allowed access to these military archives for all these years where we can find all the information linked to the tests but it doesn't contain the information about type of nuclear weapon that was tested what or how to make such and such weapons work so that is not the goal of our involvement. which was initiated at that time.
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if the thousands of polynesians who worked in the role. profited from the windfall they received from mainland france they did so in secret it's difficult for them to keep the memories alive the veterans are gone taking their memories and their testimonies with them history is starting to unravel and the younger generation has different worries and interests. they have never been talks between the french authorities and the local population over the thirty years of years atomic saga a large misunderstanding grew out of this and fostered the rift and bad feelings surrounding the top secret told. when the territory was forced to concede in one thousand. sixty four it had been promised that morrow and funds would be given back to its people once the tests and finished. the last test took place in january nine hundred ninety six and since then nothing had changed until january twenty twelfth on the really in two thousand and five the
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investigation commission of the assembly of french polynesia asked the state to recognize the two types of consequences clean up the atolls and return them to their native population at the end of the plenary session on this monday the sixteenth of january just a few days ago the assembly of french polynesia gave a favorable opinion with a large majority with regards to the presentation of the war it is then a big question that i asked the senate today and i asked them to happily follow me in the spirit of the retrocession of the two atolls we must give these the tolls back. it is thanks to us that france became a powerful international figure thanks to our land on exist we exist and these islands exist parents lived here and i think france owes the owners of mordor or a lot of. the with german i put this proposition to
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a vote who is in favor of adopting this law. who is against the proposition is therefore adopted as a law. it's only a small win for the senate only the first step in a long legislative procedure which will see the bill presented to the national assembly. and while parliament did confirm the return of the land the much larger problem still remains that the one hundred seventy five aerial and underground tests in monroe have definitively condemned the at all of the big secret. i don't want the land back now it's poisoned. i don't want it back i simply want france to recognise the property rights of these islands this which are ours because we are the descendants of those who own them. there cannot be uncontrolled human
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activity for a very long term. and whatever happens it can. change whatever is the destiny of the. next place whether we continue the discussion or stop talking about it altogether the truth of that statement will not change. and nothing can change that. and i start there cannot be any uncontrolled human activity and this is a tour for the moment and it is the price. to be paid the same. as france left us with now. nothing better to they have left us with nothing but their poison in. the general de gaulle said that the nuclear terrorists more are served the interests of peace to bring peace to the ward. pretty crazy what this
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peace brought with it. the. i was thinking somehow i had to come back because mom was waiting for me. i just
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knew that everything would be fine for some reason we were so confident because we were going to get married officially after he came back how could he not come back the mere thought of it never crossed her mind. thank. the militants decided to try and break through her new guinea screaming grenade. explosion blow them all round his back toward. and it was all over all of us. we know that our comrades and our commander won't leave us no matter how tough it gets we're a team. you're getting was a senior in his military trio. you know he knew that if he didn't smother that grenade with his body more of his comrades would die he gave his own life to save us friends.
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choose your language. because you know if the medical center today still some of us . choose to use the consensus i can. choose to defend against that invigorating to. choose the stories that imply the life choose the access to your office. headline news. stream of snowden related leaks no
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longer surprises but. still does even online game. all the while the powers that be. to rein in the n.s.a. only want to make legal illegal is it time for. digital rights. with the. mission to teach.
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the spanish capital shaken by violence as riot police clashed with demonstrators calling for an end to a draft a bill that would see shoot fines for taking part in an authorized. mass demonstrations taking place in kiev this time with tens of thousands of pro-government protesters voicing their support for the president while more high profile foreign politicians sweep into ukraine. island celebrates shaking off international lenders to become the first country to break free from a bailout program that the government warns of severe challenges ahead. and a lot of delivers his annual state of the nation.


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