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tv   [untitled]    December 16, 2013 9:30am-10:01am EST

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i always feel the tide turning sharper than others so i asked an artist about the changes in the air. here because there is a filmmaker actor director writer musician you name it everything great to have you on our show today so ukraine has been in the news lately everyone's talking about it you have sat that ukraine is looking at a yugoslav scenario what exact parallel switch retro with your quite a new class flavia to you think civil war is possible there i don't think syria will come because the question of ukraine is more. a question about who will give
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more because i have a feeling that those people who are of a can from the european colleagues. are much more. agreeable to to accept some good bid so this artificial name of what we call today nato is in fact spreading or what they used to say in world war one drunken austin and no this is very visible that in fact european formally doesn't mean nato but in fact it's very much connected to what i'm saying it is i have example in roots for the strategic reason bulgaria and romania became europe before even serbia and grace. what is your of europe is all. the old system that gave us the renaissance and it gave us the biggest
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achievements. in the judea christian civilization and i am behind this but each time it comes every in a while in the century to the crisis then there is a formal way to go for the goods on the other side my problem a little bit problem in founders of understanding this if the current the present. administration with a president is one hundred percent decided not to go to europe as that as they said it i don't know if this is sincere act of mr what is it you know the cards or what is it they were in practice in fact negotiating trying to get more from europe but the point is they will never get money from europe because europe cannot give them nothing they are likely to have money and
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now the question who has the money and they will all know that russia has the money because our side has the sources in say b. area which they don't have for whom napoleon was kind of coming and trying to get it he too was trying to get it. and even meddling all right said it's unfair if such a small number of people living in such a great territory she was in fact thinking that europe gas your oil and all the minerals and all the stuff that you have over there it's unfairly not shared with them but what do you think about the people who are on the my don square when you think of them they look well it's very frozen they are like many other but i think that you believe in their sincere wish to be integrated into europe some of them yes i've watched the punk raids the man who was
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the nazi and who is celebrating was in fact marking the anniversary of the death of the man who. was a nazi so you could have a by the range of different people there you could have a people who really believe when they come to europe they will have one thousand euros each their people who are instrumental eyes were trained because when you see syria it's very obvious that syria is not a prize that came just itself i've been in syria beautiful people than there are people fantastically cleaned like never i've seen in a whole other pop up in per person world and what broke out there is for sure organized who does it. for export to fundamentally slum to syria i'm
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victim of fundamental list in bosnia. at mclean's from saturday were like hundred fifty two hundred thousand serbs there and i know what it is this was always the one that was attracting people who didn't want to fight in fact he is a fine about what do you mean attracting people what you see everybody likes to live in a good society in which you could meet a friend drink coffee with muslim speak about. it with with or to those speak about electricity with about nikola tesla and many other issues when one nation is concerned it's always less attractive so there was multi-ethnic today as much as i was fighting for it was live it to stay together barge in which i. am active which is called republic of srpska. i think it's time to
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try to leave alone to to use and to choose selves as the finish and as the issue of self defense because if you are sharing space with somebody who tells you. that muslim ideology will win in the end in between catholics and the orthodox the future of this state is not guaranteed but i want to get a little bit better say or since you brought it up you talk about it all the time until your films you write about it even said that you dream about it you never been back what would happen if you went back to siam. the problem is that there is . an emotionally blocked because most of the people who are loved they died naturally in the war. planes the city in which. ninety five percent of people muslims
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said it was constituents from. at least two hundred fifty two hundred thousand serbs were pushed out it sounds paradoxical the city was close by serbian troops around the hills but most of the people who are civil as they say europeans like myself i think consider myself european they were pushed out so when i think of going once i was dreaming i was in in the kind of hiding myself first of all because of the fact that i was i was raised that i made two films over there and i was. i would say i started living there in south living that means opening a spiritual and other processes so one could say how come this guy doesn't want to go there but i am absolutely scared that my disappointment would end up in kind of existential story of course out there in which if i would have gone there
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i would walk and you know nobody kicks my as i would be probably leaving it without one single emotion city is not cities who is there. you've been you go in. school you go to the place where you find people because the crowd is not something that interests you and this crowd has been changed socially religiously intellectually. for the last twenty years it's built up imo this is the movie use in which it would fit but your story is also like a typical story of the represents a lost generation breakdown of so that you know like you will no one coming away stepha's generation you know soviet union breakdown people went through that i mean i'm a little younger but i also feel lost you know i don't have that strong sense of belonging
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to one country are now there because i'm a georgian but i now live in russia and i was born in soviet union team have a strong bond to one country or sense of belonging to one place to three hundred percent serbian is this what you are. identity wise yes i do hundred percent but on the other hand. very much booking able to play music in latin america and south. america and making a movie i rule the world i have french nationality two people is. very much devoted to the idea of france vision of i don't know how long time it's going to last and i really feel good with the french. so this is nothing general but break up of this kind of big. countries even it was like it was big is making i would say consequence is.
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absolutely difficult to carry on because once you were growing up with the national team in. being sleep with crowds more could only ins with everybody around you and apparently in the. this is. this is this is the. i will be back with. a short break stay with us to hear what he thinks about the future of europe and how to balance artistic freedom with political conservatism.
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welcome back so i said down with i mean story and award winning serbian filmmaker to see how he feels about hear a pin integration i asked him what he thinks about serbia's inevitable you know membership because i like ukraine belgrade isn't being offered an alternative i would say that. serbia is placed in southeast europe. becoming a member of european union. makes a lot of limits in production. makes you developed as much as they
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want gives you a chance to have offices through the phones the question is how much you get and how much you lose i think. because to become a european union member it's very expensive. and i don't think if i was a president i would never go this way they go. but what i chose to survey had do you think you can survive on your own why not you can survive over the best how customer survived next america and it's still still doing well and still even alive why not if you become. and then another question is when you become european union does it understand but i don't say becoming a native. i think it's it's compatible it's money understand the other and this is then biggest bigger mess i would say in which show i would be playing
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militarily and economically a country which could combine the two worlds if i look. if i look czech republic except today of old is old houses i don't think the life of individuals is much but it was before except they could travel they could or they could do many other things but what do we know in twenty years. in the crisis that is very obvious votes will be europe in twenty years but i mean no one can say what it will be twenty years but if you look at it now it is sure it has a lot of problems and mostly big countries dictate what they small members should do but overall i mean it has to diversify see you have a big program because they can sell produce archaea you know that produces this and this is where the i think the boos when that when they when they were given two
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chances to go to europe to lose rockier they will do is make a camel to go to europe so there's a chance that serbia won't become part of the. now what i'm saying is like if you look at here up now it does have the unity and the diversity and these are the qualities that you appreciated in former yugoslavia plans please. give me a break with the with with the idealistic vision with europe is germany. oh the power you know the old reproductive power and ultimate political power is goods or meters it would be not what would be. your speaking here about the region the whole reason that is going through a big crisis. so why would your money need ukraine if they have greece and spain and italy so many other every piece of land in which they could bring siemens they
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could bring better bangs they could extend their power if they have a one million people country it's a market and you know russia very well coming all the time even speak question you know i think here you're filming a new. project it's also based on from hasn't got something as if it was and you've said many times that put in what russia needs because he's supporting me so he's great for russia why do you think why do you think conservatism and anti western stance is good for russia in your opinion i think. every country in the world including england which is the parameter for this needs to have conservatives because all what experimental people bring. is just too quick. and state government of the state is with many layers and with many difficulties unexpected. so you need somebody
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who will control the territory with by all means with a with a very strong and i think putin is not as strong as they say the. in between putin and some others you have either and that he or studying it so i think putin is in the very good middle in which at least. the goods that are coming to russians is still processing and i hope one day he will start developing very soon more the question of social event us because some of. the people the teachers who live better middle class the problem for him is that the run in the world makes middle class even in america
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not leaving as good as they used the wood the whole world is stepping over this far only times in which you will have three percent of billionaires and nothing and then you will have more or less poor people so the system like this is to be awarded and and my support to put in was in fact i would say very fair because when there were elections they were asking me what. would you vote to whom to you would i would save if i was english i would be against him because i know what english ones from russia english history in the last two hundred years was how to stop us on its way through to europe if i was american and you know what americans do it on the world everybody knows one says loudly the other one is not. brave to say we know what nato apparently the
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military. unified western world that was existing to to kill. pact and in the end they still continue existing for what for terrorists not very persuading so when you have a guy who came after the us enough to dancing president. who allowed every single agency to come to his office somebody who is trying to protect your dignity to have you on your own to decide which way to go. and i said i would always go to put in it's so interesting the way you talk about politics nero and russia and america like if you look in the artistic style like film and music you're always about breaking the rules in everything you do and there were you talk about problems getting sixteen so that when you talk about politics here you know for an average year you're
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a pretty conservative man how does that mesh together and it develops because develops from the period if you if you remember scorsese's movie taxi driver. he first. doesn't have a job then he gets on taxi then by driving the taxi he meets many people who falls in love in the middle of does he just cut his hair that he becomes looking like a punk or that he's been seeing abuse of a girl the woman they love is gone he's alone and he kills in a very bloody scene people who do bad things then another key is behind him he survives the goes back home and he's again normal men so when i'm speaking conservative i'm speaking because i don't want to see again. civic
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revolutions invades the us is destroying. such a such a strong and such a good killing saddam killing both anybody around i don't believe that this is the way to do things. i'm all is. today more for evolution than revolution but i could be still revolutionary on the other side because. the tell me that people in my done. bringing good stuff for ukraine because today in breakaway yugoslavia in each republic they have a great memory of the past and they all say we lived much better before than we live now they say how come you are now in europe be don't know but it was much better but also like the catalyzer of when you become so famous always sad and
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won the palme d'or it was because of the western viewer who saw your movie and who claimed contradiction here i am not in because of the extent of my best of you is that all the problem of eastern perception of the west is that we believe that. vest and world is unified from the top to the bottom they think the same go to paris and finish in info to look at the money in different but of they will see how much they hate the politics. so this mess. these groups of people are like us normal people those who govern they think about the hundreds of billions as the slaves he says they could even kill but to be guilty. when you speak when everything you do you have this complete inner freedom right in your field your music the way you speak to people but you have the luxury
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of speaking about the issues not being in the process do you think that freedom is appliable to politicians i see them as compared to the fact to the truth that i was never politician so this i was going to sing that could be applied to politicians who are in charge in the moment if i become bullet isn't everything falls apart because then you have to have a discipline then you have to follow the way that somebody tells you like this i could say what i feel and i must tell you all my life i was doing what i like and this is. why i could say that i have a quiet successful and happy life i know that you know when you became world famous curating lectures in a glum university you were making films in hollywood with the best actors why didn't you stay there i would die why i would die because there is no freedom there who would is impressive great it was the source of my knowledge the
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movies from fifty nine hundred seventy from two beach the best director the world that hollywood became what it is today it's a factory which they called film industry and when they speak agency between them they speaking about the industry i must say that i own first and. who sees cinema as a great adventure in the beach each time i start making a movie i never know where i could stop it's like playing a psycho ski and finishing with or about the. i'm one hundred percent in into the shooting which is not you're not allowed they have a strong system into because they fabricate movies and i create movies but i'm into other things no i'm finishing another sit second city. which is
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on peninsula and during that eva is a closed mind the border in between serbia and republic of srpska. i am building a farm in which i'm going to start taking care of cows and sheep. and i'm finishing my movie. and i hope that my life will be so stretched. and so dave or did that when the moment the guy comes i wouldn't even feel that i. can make history so thank you very much for this ensuring our ship all the best in all your fish and in ours thank you.
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what defines a country's success. faceless figures of economic growth. or a factual standard of living. i know c.n.n. the m s n b c news have taken some slightly but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate. that was funny but it's close enough of the truth and might think. it's because one full attention in the
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mainstream media works side by side the joke is actually on here. and our teenagers we have a different. little because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not laughing dammit i'm not. you guys stick to the jokes i will handle the stuff that i'm. leg. length. leg.
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and apparent witness to cold blooded mass murderer near damascus tells r t that dozens of people including children were killed by radical jihad as their. uncertainty hangs over ukraine as the e.u. says it's frozen trade talks while keeping up pressure on the president and blaming moscow for meddling. amnesty international exposes how bahrain routinely tortures people in detention including children. well human rights workers on the ground say the scale of the abuse is even worse than the latest report suggests. plus a british energy company finds a massive wind turbine sprawled across the entrance to a drilling site a gift from anti fracking activists caught up in the christmas spirit.


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