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tv   [untitled]    December 17, 2013 7:30am-8:01am EST

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his uncle is that he calls the uncontrollable catastrophe of the economy and you see that in our own western economies. it's not the leaders of the countries that are to blame it's all the other the people are they have austerity inflicted upon them they're sent to gulags of of work camps at tesco for free for example but the other thing that is very similar here that we see over in north korea is this airbrushing from history because jang has been airbrushed out of all the public documents the state documents of north korea so let's look at this first headline from the u.k. where we see some airbrushing happening government high risks of controversial help to buy scheme ministers are refusing to publish the government's own risk assessment into its flagship housing policy it emerged last night triggering suspicions that they are trying to cover up official warnings that the scheme will endanger the british economy yeah i tweeted about this i said ha ha ha you limey plugs we tried to tell you which we warned you. the government is not
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publishing well we have been reporting on this show that the help to buy scheme will cause. with a one hundred percent guaranteed outcome a crash in the real estate market and people will be underwater negative equity and the banks will need another bailout and the wealth and income disparity will increase yet again the banks will need another bailout they will have caused an uncontrollable catastrophe but it is us who will get the blame who have to pay the costs are all going to and now we're all equal joining the fate of uncle jang awaits us all. well a string of independent housing experts have publicly warned that help to buy launched by george osborne in this year's budget to give people a lift on to the property ladder will overheat the housing market and detonate a bomb under the british economy yeah they use that language detonate a bomb detonate a bomb a financial bomb sounds like you know car bomb or suicide vest or suicide
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banker or financial terrorist i mean except that it's not just a matter metaphor it's real they're causing wide scale social catastrophe it's. well it's social engineering and command and control just like we see in north korea and it's caused in north korea an uncontrollable financial catastrophe so people must die because kim jong un and his family will not look at it take blame for it just like here now one thing a similar response i see in dubai and this image right here which is a billboard from a property company called keep calm there's no bubble this is a good idea for george osborne he should import them into the u.k. . every culture has its own flavor of propaganda and i guess this billboard works to get these suckers buying into that real estate bubble here they
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have to have like mary berry bake a cake in the form of a real estate development she's going to some of the chinese or paul hollywood do some christmas jingle for gone called django before that thing blows up in their face the exploding coke. real estate nightmare concatenation of all debt no equity well remember in the two thousand and eight crisis it was dubai which collapsed first their property market spectacularly collapsed overnight the shaykh guy who runs that place he split town for a religious holiday and left his cousin who. genuinely wealthy arab emirates and so this is another family sort of feud we could see but unfortunately for the u.k. we don't have a rich uncle who could bail us out and i don't know not even uncle jang who could be but i would claim and. i mean think about dumping vining the chinese to bail them out i mean the chinese are buying everything in the u.k. they're buying huge swathes of it they're buying the crystal palace down the river
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here going to go down to two clicks down the thames river to see the crystal palace is going to be all chinese old well uncle sam did bail them out last time so you are correct but now the other thing that we're going to see reflecting new. korea is this hatred for gold and this propaganda against it this is from india people must shine gold says. we need to make people shy away from gold and induce them to invest in financial products so even in india they sound like kim jong un we will induce the people to take these financial products right by inducing people to buy into financial products like stocks and bonds do you use a technique called quantitative easing which is a financial repression or a financial zero pression where they crush down interest rates to the point where people are getting nothing on their savings and nothing on their wages so they end up migrating over to financial assets like stocks and bonds just at the point just
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at the top and then they they cut them off and they end up bankrupt like they did five years ago well with this help to buy scheme in the u.k. and this inducement to buy financial products in india i thought we'd turn back to north korea and look at this little clip this is perhaps the spokes person that they can use to push these products she wanted she. does that i guess all. we're not going to turn on. you. for some reason that clip reminds me of the opium wars because remember english nater and inducement to get china to buy goods because china was hoarding cash hoarding capital so they got a hold on opium and that was the basis of hong kong shanghai banking corporation now known as h.s.b.c. which is involved in the cocaine. inducement over there in mexico remember they got
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caught laundering billions in mexican drug money so they just b.c. in britain and the empire here under the. we we will break up lots of cocaine. rocks for you i am the queen i am a just b. c. we are drug inducers we want you to buy everything you can. in other words they're drug pushers debt pushers you know it's china's always been on the tail end of the sting operation but china is fighting back while the china is printing two hundred billion dollars a month which is more than the us has eighty five billion dollars a month and they're using all their printed money to buy assets here in the u.k. to become the landlord of mr and mrs. so go back to this india story the union finance minister said the reason why people aren't purchasing these financial products and instead stay with the five thousand year history of gold is because quote it is important that all our institutions maintain the highest ethics and
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highest standards of probity and ethics deficit can bring down the entire financial system as we have seen in the past here we are on the verge of global financial catastrophe again with housing bubbles beyond even the last house and i'm going to use their stare equating gold with unethical behavior no they're equating they're saying that the reason why people continue to hold gold in india is because they don't trust the ethics of bankers and their financial products so that if bankers instead become more ethical and they stop defrauding people that maybe the indians will give up their gold and go for their financial products so he's imploring them to please stop being so on ethical and then perhaps the economy and india can grow but you can't teach these bankers to be ethical just like you can't teach rust to stop rusting you can't teach cancer to stop being cancer they are at the molecular level at the level of their d.n.a. shyster malevolent malfeasance producing economic whole cause provokers they are
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a plague upon society there's no changing them the indian government should wake up to the fact that they've got a plague of banking locusts in their midst well speaking of baking locusts and unethical behavior there's been a big story. here in the u.k. where the state broadcaster b.b.c. annually does this comic relief red nose day sort of event where they you know they invite the people of the u.k. to send them money and then they'll in turn go help africans and all these poor people around the world well it's been uncovered that not only do they have one hundred million pounds and cast that has not been sent to these worthy causes around the world is they've invested in the likes of be a he and other like alcohol companies you know things that are considered unethical investment and in response russell brand says this comic relief is run by beautiful devoted people if you want to look for corrupt a holes there's a lot of better options which of course sounds like all of the if you go to k c n a
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which is the state broadcaster for north korea you'll see the same sort of claims that beautiful devoted people run kim jong un's government right whether financially illiterate bimbos whether it's russell brand or bob geldof or bondo who encourage people to put money member bottles red charity was just recently discovered to be a complete fraud now you've got comic relief in this country is been exposed as a complete fraud there's russell brand who's fronting comic relief they've got a hundred million dollars that they're putting into the very things that russell brand thinks he's fighting against so here's a bimbo russell brand on newsnight recently trying to explain it jeremy paxman why socialism and wealth redistribution is preferred to capitalism simultaneously fronting a group that's collecting a hundred million pounds that's going to go into the very things that kill people
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so why does the remake triumph of the will the famous nazi propaganda film starring russell brand because that's all he's a capable doing at this point based on his complete financial literacy will he come on this show and talk about it in a reasonable way no because we have flayed. openly hold those your program and expose a special little economically illiterate bimbo that is however we in the west are due to screech like this these are images of the north koreans crying for dear leader kim jong il who died previously but we cry like that for other people outside of our own nations now however look let's look at the airbrushed uncle jang and what we have in our own societies here economic activists political activists activists on trial prosecutors a warping the law to throw activists hackers like aaron swartz behind bars for years in the year since swartz his death a number of other computer hacktivists and whistleblowers to become the targets of the wrath of prosecutors and judges and they have either gone to jail or facing decades in prison in one case one hundred and five years and they look at the cases
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where people are being sentenced to one hundred years and it turns out that taken together the lesson appears to be that computer hacking for social causes and computer hacking aimed at exposing the secrets of governing elites will not be tolerated the state will come down on such people as hard as it can and yet just like jang the people. allow these activists these hacktivists to be airbrushed out and yet cry uncontrollably for the kim jong il's around the world and there's a natural conflict of interest with the people of comic relief who make their money from a copyright cartel that under chris dodd in the m.p.a. ended up killing aaron swartz as a father alluded to what they have no word whereas russell brand on that front nowhere nowhere ruffled big big silence from you thanks for your worthless. all right stacy we must travel on thank you. fun in the second half i well that's
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what's going to happen now a second half of the show so i courage you to stay tuned. people know me as. a mobile forty. thank you. know the family. i'm still looking for my cool to get along with. so my place in the world. literally have no place to live. chewing on the bread that you bowl with the last money you were able to beg but all i can say is get out of. there are only two possible outcomes to the situation you know you go to miami and it's all about fancy clothes hot chicks the
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other option you don't in the ring breathe deep breathe deeply. choose your language. with. said. she was going to consent you can. choose to use that to. choose the stories that imply you. choose to be access to. i know c.n.n. m s n b c news have taken some not slightly but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate. that was funny but it's close and for the truth from my
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think. it's because when full attention and the mainstream media works side by side the joke is actually on here. and our teen years we have a different brain. because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not laughing dammit i'm not how. you guys stick to the jokes well hang on to me that i've got a. welcome back to the kaiser report imax keyser time now to turn to image fire stein author of this instant classic planet ponzi now available in russian comrades that's
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it. can read it through a match welcome back to the kaiser report thanks for having me max and you guys you and stacy are the media mainstream media won't tell the real story at least somebody is doing their job to get the story out there that needs to be told how we got in this mess what happens next yeah and how to save yourself all right let's talk about george osborne. he denies suggestions that it's help to buy scheme will lead to london a london price bubble your thoughts wow let's see london price bubble i think that it's totally reasonable that the candy brothers are trying to sell a five bedroom flat in one high park for seventy million pounds what do you think well we want we drove by that just a few weeks ago and there at the top end there is the next incredible interest from china let me tell you just came back from asia china's printing two hundred billion a month contrast that with the federal reserve bank in america pumping eighty five
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billion a month so is china it's just a soft way for china to take over the world the central bank pumps eighty billion to two hundred billion dollars a month and the chinese just buy all these at strategic assets around the world as as of this china taking over the world is in fact money well i think what's happening is a good point you're making is that this is a hyperinflation in selected asset classes hyperinflation meaning that money's becoming relatively worthless they had one flat in eaton square that went on the market for three hundred fifty million pounds. do you know what the riser would have bought it. but this one is being printed by what is being printed by all the central banks and super mario is going to join the party at the e.c.b. that's why you write exactly you see that the euro is trading at one thirty seven against the u.s. dollar and the euro won't even be a currency that exists in five years is that right you take the euro all in just in five years not as we know it today i mean the debt that spain portugal italy and ireland have on the books can never be repaid i mean they can kick the can down the
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road which is what they've done i mean the taper talk that we're hearing right now in the united states is absolute nonsense what they might do is reduce the buying by ten maybe fifteen billion and then come back with a super charged program because yellen is going to put on her money printing cape and she's going to print one hundred two hundred three hundred four hundred it's going to be until until we have an implosion ok let me ask this because the wage inflation or wage growth is almost negative and you've got the. economic g.d.p. numbers when you strip out the true inflation numbers that are really happening are also negative in the g.d.p. in the u.k. is actually negative if you were to use the actual calculation of real numbers you mean real not you know we can't use those because it would upset were john's board's thesis going forward right so the market valuation is not based on anything tangible it's based purely on money printing algorithmic trading and momentum
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chasing and you have like you had three famous highs from a manager here in the u.k. recently thrown the towel and said these markets are completely worthless in terms of having anything of substantial value that you can put a number on it's just momentum chasing so tapering. tapering when they talk about taper isn't just like like a dramatist would foreshadow something happening in act three of a play or a drama but it has no bearing on any underlying economic reality as we know it before the world became infected with quantitative easing disease and other what i'm saying is isn't it just posturing this idea of tapering because if that's a little bit luck on a ponzi scheme you wrote plan a ponzi you can't you can't taper a ponzi let me ask you you can't taper the ponzi will keep growing and growing and growing and what we're witnessing now is we are in the frenzied state right now of a bubble you know when you have misallocation of capital to his store epic levels
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we've got the most mis allocation of capital you've got junk bonds trading where where regular corporates were trading five six years ago junk is junk for a reason all this is going to explode extraordinarily and there's nothing that they can do about it so the markets are broken there are no true price signals there is no price discovery and i guess you henry gave up and you just said ok well you know we've got some charts that i guess we're going to show a little you know the ocean currents of netflix and you can see that there's a line of people just chasing momentum in the netflix trade it's up six hundred sixty seven percent. in fourteen months you know you also got amazon that's up seven hundred fifty one percent in five years you've got tesla it's up four hundred sixty five percent this year ok so much you've got companies are making a profit is my point and you're you know the nasdaq is partying like it's one nine hundred twenty nine or party like it's one nine hundred ninety nine when we had the nasdaq go to five thousand two hundred forty one intraday and then collapse down to
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below one thousand i mean that will happen again but how big can a bubble be you know a bubble can can get very very large before blows up and they the point of having a central bank is to step in the classic definition when the party gets too raucous the central bank is supposed to take away the punchbowl the real estate market obviously in these key markets is extended to put it in the. terms that would be the least john mattick the stock market as you point out if i obviously got a nasdaq bubble again so instead of just talking about tapering instead of just doing like a pantomime like oh there's a taper behind you look look the monster why don't they just do what will prevent one of these bankers from being responsible and raising interest rates isn't that their job is to raise interest rates when you have an obvious hyphenated super extended bubble what will happen you're right max but what will happen it's not going to happen like that because it's not up to the central bank thinks that they can control these interest rates but unfortunately none of them are traders
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interest rates will go higher on their own but the fed has manipulated it to the point that they're buying seventy percent of the securities out that they can raise interest rates if they want to but they won't because they're not acting in the interest outside of the zombie banks but when they raise interest rates if you do the math behind the numbers they become insolvent because that what happened does their job right with the interest rates the interest rates when they go higher. will exceed revenues coming in of the debt service right so that's a ponzi scheme so that is based they've built a massive and this is another analogy for your u.k. real estate they've built sandcastles at low tide and there's a tsunami tsunami headed our way yeah but in other words they're acting irresponsibly so when the when the thing pops in and blows up the market arnie the bank chairman and now the bank of england what will be his excuse he'll say he didn't see it coming or he was on drugs or he got hit with a hockey puck he's got brain damage what will be his excuse because he's not acting
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in the interest of the economy and the people in general but what happened i mean if you look at the background of the bankers the central bankers in the world you've got mario draggy who was ex goldman at running the. e.c.b. you got mark carney who was running the bank of canada and ex goldman as well and you've got william dudley the head of the f o m c chairman permanent chairman who's ex goldman as well you know mark carney obviously created the biggest housing bubble in the history of canada and he walked away and came here to create the same model bazemore hired him to do exactly that one out of every five jobs created in the u.k. last year was in property there are six hundred thousand nearly six hundred thousand property brokers in the united kingdom now that to me is not an economic recovery what drives an economic recovery capital expenditure an increase in savings are we seeing any of that we're not seeing any of that bill maher carney just came out he said we're going to stimulate demand by making it easier for people to borrow money
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should they be saying isn't a man stimulated by increasing people's savings account i think what they need to do to stimulate demand is increased business and create businesses that actually make productive goods and make productive things and i don't think they're doing that i think that the debt and leverage we didn't learn a lesson from two thousand and eight slash two thousand and nine i think debt credit and leverage has gotten to a point where it's bigger than ever was so it's making the original crisis look like a pimple compared to what we're going to see when this one blows up put their lives company here in the day in britain it's a new manufacturing company they're in the business of making underwear that absorbs the odors from flatulence and this is a new standout u.k. company that is really proving that the engineering spirit is still alive here and in the u.k. i mean other than making flatulent odor absorbing pants as they're called here in the u.k. and a few rolls royce engines where is the manufacturing here in the is it just is it
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just farts and engines while beans on toast is one of the favorite meals of the u.k. so i must be just farts. fair enough point and of course they're owned by heinz now which is an american company once again showing economic imperialism alive and well that's right i think there's a big problem i think that there are no incentives if you look at the tax structure here it's not really friendly and you know if you have if you want to start a business in central london the cheapest two bedroom apartment that you're going to find to how's your employees is going to cost you thirty five thousand pounds in rentier so is that necessarily friendly to bring businesses here so you're not really encouraging businesses and then when all the numbers look terrible they're not going to realize the housing bubble they created cost jobs but look at all the construction that you've got going up here this is a bubble that's ready to pop i don't know what it will pop but when it pops it's going to be epic and they're going to be a lot of people that are going to get very hurt on the downside the rest of the governments the government subsidy at the taxpayers' expense they have a report that came out last night that they're hiding that the that they don't want
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to publish about the taxpayers and how much of a hit will have to take when these loans all go sour because they will go sour because you can't you know you can't indefinitely prop up more why don't they publish that report i mean they they're high they're withholding they're withholding key evidence isn't that part of a crime when you with the whole evidence that as part of a murder a financial murder and they don't and they withhold the evidence the are now party to that murder well look london well i've got my well tie on here what happened with london well what about john corazon yeah he just disappeared he rode off into the sunset john corps and nothing happened to him i mean it's selective because the media has two days and then they forget about everything people watch your show and forget about what we're talking about two or three days from now the point is people have to change that's why i think that there should be a third. party in politics that should come around that will actually implement change and not just promise lip service and actually do something and actually protect the constituents interests so the financial ponzi scheme is going to blow
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up and you're going to have people that are unhappy because they can't sustain their lifestyles so you're not really seeing anything that can possibly. and well here let me ask you because you just came back from asia and they had the asian financial crisis of one thousand nine hundred eight and i when i visited asia in the early two thousand the cranes are still in mid motionless like everyone just walked off the job suddenly and so when this collapse comes to a u.k. housing market in the construction is it just going to be people walking away from the cranes or the cranes will still be on the skyline we only got about ten seconds left oh my god well in thailand for example you've got building everywhere in every city and you've got multi-million dollar flats for sale but i don't understand who's who's going to be the offtake everybody says it's china it's russia i mean russia is an economy that i really have high hopes for i think we ought to be going to russia what a ponzi it is available in russia and look at since the relic which is really hard to understand makes i go to study it upside down oh nobody having trouble so i'm
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there at a time match the thanks again for being on the kaiser report thanks for having me. and that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacy herbert and i thank our guests mitch firesign of planet policy dot com if you'd like to get in touch tweet us a kaiser report until next time ask as a bio. why is the price of gold so high. demand global demand do you think gold is money. the value of the only place we have to live of the water that we need to survive it's not compared to i mean gold we're not going to eat gold we're not going to be told. we're not going to drink what clearly what amal is and is in a desperate economic situation absolutely right what we're wrong to do is say
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therefore any kind of economic development from the outside is going to be a benefit their only purpose is to extract as much money as possible to feed into the global financial system. with we're a part of the geo political economic system that's extremely exploitative. first was a question where the mining should even be carried out altogether can it be done in a way which doesn't destroy people's was resources environment will you know those are pretty serious questions mining it's not a what a moment problem it's happening in asia in africa and south america in central america in mexico and it's even happening in kind of not in the united states.
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please speak your language the. program says documentaries in arabic it's all here on all t.v. reporting from the will talks about six of the c.r.p. interviews intriguing story to tell you. in troy arabic to find out more visit arabic don't go it's called. look.
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at britain opts for energy over environmental concerns with a plan to potentially open up the pristine british countryside to shell gas fracking despite widespread public opposition. which you can't get into your home. if you think it has a fracking link to earthquakes weren't bad enough we meet the texans living in the shadow of a sail well with drinking water and started to burn. they don't want the world to know that it really is this bad they don't want it in official documents. and. also the syrian army moves in to clear the damascus suburb of bob dropped from extremists who according to locals launched a religious massacre beheading adults and children and wiping out entire families.


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