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tv   [untitled]    December 17, 2013 11:00am-11:31am EST

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it's. no more weasel words. when you question me prepared for a change when you punch be ready for a bad. president speech. down the street into class. ukraine secures cut price of gas and a fifteen billion dollar injection during talks here in moscow but the customs union wasn't raised despite pro e.u. protesters suspicious of a secret european bloc plot. also had written ops for energy over environmental concerns with a plan to potentially open up the pristine british countryside to shell gas fracking despite widespread public opposition. which you didn't hear. what you think it as if fracking earthquakes were but enough look at that we meet
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the texans living in the shadow of the shell well who's drinking water started to burn they don't want the world to know that it really is bad they don't want it in official documents. and in other news the syrian army moves in to clear the damascus suburb of drove from extremists who according to locals launched the religious massacre of beheading adults and children wiping out entire families. if you just joined us a very good evening for me kevin no it's just past eight pm here in moscow this is our international and our top story that it said deal day for ukraine after several key agreements was struck between kiev and moscow is going to strip the speed of an artistic appears can also been following the talks that have just finished joins us
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now live well kevin the three key points that came out of this meeting are first of all russia and ukraine did agree on the price for gas for two thousand and fourteen which went down from four hundred dollars to around two hundred seventy dollars per thousand cubic meters or so far as when or stand this is a temporary measure given to the financial difficulties in ukraine itself the second key point is that the. he is getting a low interest rate from russia worth around fifteen billion euros dollars in the form of moscow buying ukrainian government bonds but the third key point and perhaps one of the main reasons why so much attention was focused at the ceiling since there was a lot of speculation that this could be a step towards ukraine joining the customs union with russia which opposition is strongly against they were spreading rumors that president you know which was secretly brokering out their deal to do so well now both leaders here in moscow said that this wasn't even discussed and neither was ukraine's association
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agreement with the european union and now the protesters in kiev said that they would watch this meeting closely and there are further actions would largely depend on its outcome so now the ball is really on their side and the other player whose reaction now we're waiting for is the european union which rejected giving final financial aid to a ukrainian knowing the current financial difficulties that's gonna mean is going through it has been sending different signals throughout the course of the last few weeks and artie's looks. at the latest rhetoric. bret of sanctions if he goes to moscow and afterwards is why allowance then it might be interesting to know that. the bank accounts in general cannot be open to any more for some criminals to open questioning of the green government's credibility this government of ukraine has clearly discredited itself in terms of
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economic help from the e.u. the reaction of europe's officials to the dance of last month in ukraine has indeed made to reach cocktail they've effectively played pinball with ukraine's expectations some have expressed uncertainty about any future dialogue with kenya we're lacking a decision by ukraine's leader in a situation when ukraine's president says the offer is not good for his country we need to take a break and think it over while others signaled there was still a whole political statements on twitter are not the best way to resolve the matter the best signal we could make is to tell you crave that our doors are still open for it. all this more explained the change from the sweet talk of many european leaders before the vilnius summit in november where president which had refused to sign the. deal the offer of signing the most ambitious agreement the european union has ever offered to a nonmember state is still on the table we should always respect ukraine's
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suffering decisions but the tone rapidly changed said the proposed compensation for saying the deal was in order no it's a blackmailer of politicians who try to make out of the president. and of course it's connected with they are present connected with the interests of those who want to get some benefits from joining the deep and comprehensive free trade area with european union the money is still the main sticking point ukraine needs billions. millions and both science refused to budge in their demands this continuing standoff both geopolitically and on the streets of. which is going to moscow with a fifteen billion dollars loan. to be the likely result of this trip despite harsh rhetoric coming from europe which has been insisting that ukraine will not step
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down from the euro association however they protesting crowd behind the barricades already made it clear that every step of ukraine's president and moscow will be closely watched. r.t. reporting from kiev in ukraine while analysis of what all this means no petra political science professor from the university of rhode island let's talk to him showing. officials have been blaming russia for pressure on ukraine high the pressure on ukraine despite president putin's assurance of no conditions what she'd make of it all. well we won't know until the details are made available but it's a very generous offer and right now it's hard to see how anyone in ukraine or the e.u. could say anything but thank you i suppose they're going to say it's pressure of the not well how i'm not sure how then any sort of interaction
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is pressure and i think that's a rather ridiculous standard. obviously if the consider the deal arranged gives advantages to the ukrainian economy that no other side is willing to offer that something very positive end of the day when you're up against the wall for money if the prosecutor takes that count didn't it i mean russia gave ukraine to say these that it never would. this luxury low interest loans ukraine even need an e.u. partnership practic. well yes because the amount of potential indebtedness over the next. ukraine has and needs to repay to the repaid over the next six months is. by some accounts up to sixty billion so this is indeed a very generous lifeline but it does not solve ukraine's problems there are still
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tremendous structural challenges that the ukraine economy faces and the standards in the e.u. agreement are there to help them arrive at them. so let's just talk for a minute about the way that they approached this whole potential deal with ukraine you think they went about it the wrong way do you think they should have been more forthcoming first of all with with money which exactly what russia is doing here now because it's a end of the day when you're in trouble that's what you need the e.u. last side of the ball the entire discussion was about. and how that was to be to thinking point and instead it always was really about how to fund the transition when i look at the statistics of what financial aid is that is typically offered and has been offered over the past seven years to countries don't are transitioning to european association and presumably eventually into membership
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it has never arrived at of figure of more than two billion euros a year the ukraine was offered one billion but that's an order of magnitude below what. economists here say that they need a final thought from one of the presidents i joined the customs union wasn't discussed at this meeting that's just detailed in the last hour or so but these deals are going to be a real incentive now for for ukraine to side with russia i wonder what the european response is going to be. i think the political response is predictable depending on the positions that individual politicians have carved out for themselves but i do believe that at the end of the day there is almost a sigh of relief in brussels because the big question was if the ukraine.
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signs the association agreement. and then blame for the eventual collapse of the european out of the ukrainian economy would be laid bramley at brussels doorstep so they're off the hook. at least temporarily be nice to see them actually begin to see this as a partnership with russia for the salvation of ukraine. thanks ever so much fits on their own nickel i petro political science professor at university of rhode island thinks it was much. and that more expert analysis an opinion on the situation in ukraine now as always on my website as well r.t. dot com you can also find the facts on the numbers regarding what brussels and moscow can offer ukraine in case of closer ship it. a new energy may be coming to the british countryside but so far as
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a warm welcome the government reports laid the groundwork to open up vast swathes of the u.k. for all exploration including shale gas fracking explains. well this is a regulatory roadmap for on shore oil and gas exploration and it's the government setting out the stall for where they see this drilling technique taking the u.k. in the future and there are four reports for england scotland wales and northern ireland so essentially all across the u.k. and it's been described as an important next step for the potential of shale gas in the u.k. energy mix so it's a bulky document but if you look at the actual wording of it and there are some parts where it seems the government to accept is that they don't fully understand the environmental consequences of this controversial technique known as fracking but nonetheless they are going ahead looking at ways to expand its use in the u.k.
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now he's faking to the department for energy and climate change this morning and they said they've got more than a dozen applications that are under consultation at the moment so they're being considered and that consultation process usually lasting on average of about twelve weeks so you can expect early next year that we're going to find out where the new licenses are actually going to be granted across chunks of the united kingdom and as he said the government has very much tried to highlight the benefits that will come from there saying that it was shore up energy security in the u.k. talking about job creation with a month's local communities will be seen test sites already using this technique we have seen activities from activists and opposition groups just yesterday in fact in manchester near a test site we saw a group of activists laying down the wing of the wind turbine in opposition so certainly the. time i think convincing them visit the local community who are
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concerned if she is about water pollution earthquakes in the areas where test drilling has been carried out so a lot of convincing that still to be done this is a very bulky report that we seem published today lots of nitty gritty details quite hard to get a full understanding of it but as he said it's really made very clear that the government is going to want to push ahead with this technique all across the u.k. . well u.k. energy ministers hailed this report as the next step in unlocking britain's fracking potential but london campaign office of all the young greens dutch it tells us this is the wrong solution fracking is an expensive way of not solving the crises that we face fracking to very little to bring down prices will do very little to resolve the crime a crisis that we face generates a false hope for the issues that we were looking to resolve it won't be done in two prices the government has admitted this is simply offers the opportunity to hoover
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up wealth from government subsidies and commodity sells up to holders and companies and it's not about people's wealth while being so the question is what's down the road than for britain if a fracking revolution takes hold you need to look no further than texas may be the shale gas drilling capital of the world as it is their property prices are tanking their wells rank smell stretch for miles and even earthquakes have been linked to fracking and that's not all it's going to change you can explain. the local government in texas tells steve lipski that the water from his well water that he can set on fire is safe to drink and to use in his home. you can hear it in here. thank you but steve has the assessment of other experts who say he's well is it ticking bomb in his backyard loaded with methane and other contaminants why the starkly different assessments steve claims that
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a fracking operation nearby contaminated is well and that texas energy authorities are shielding the gas company. they don't want the world to know that it really is this bad they don't want it in official documents but it could be that the fracking allowed gas from lower formations into the aquifer and subsequently into steve lipski as well the gas company denies the claim the lips sued the range resources corp but the firm counter sued and won in cause and effect evidence a ground water is incredibly difficult to prove my d.s.l. us are is an engineer who worked with the federal environmental protection agency is not surprised that the state oil and gas regulator sided with the gas corp conceit that the rights it's incumbent in survival from oil and gas production issues should be put him in charge
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of also regulating the protection of groundwater from ongoing that's well and there's any parent conflict of interest in that determined to fight for his home father of three steve has been shipping fresh water from the city on trucks at a cost of five hundred dollars a month. but the family now faces another blow from the fracking corporation a four point two million dollar lawsuit for defamation steve lipski is dream house and it's a beautiful property has become his nightmare several of his neighbors apparently have the same problem but they're reluctant to speak out after they saw how the gas company went after mr lipski they shouldn't expect much help from washington either the first time why do you sell us our says the environmental protection agency has not put nearly enough resources into studying the effects that fracking has on
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groundwater but that didn't stop the p.a. from coming up with a reporting favor of the practice. believes his word vice to vent the gas costs and to keep it from accumulating under their property as their neighboring gas wells continues to frac slide thousand feet deep or pretty much standing around on top of the one hundred years from now when somebody dies because there's some timing on the border and they're able to trace it to this fracking everybody else instead who cares invest in a few last three for now it seems that the authorities at all levels are so fired up on fracking potential profits that households like steve leave his family are left to fight alone to get a healthy environment in their homes. gonna check out our t. parker county texas we want you to keep across the latest locals and activists struggling against begin to. become a web site also online we could report as well about companies in the u.s.
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warning of catastrophe off the coast guard off these rivers to ship toxic fracking waste came out for the program snowden strikes again with a new leak reporting that shortly. with the n.s.a. targeting russia just weeks after sweet was found to be others as well this just. tried to tell you we warned you so the government is not publishing well we have been reporting on this show that they have to buy well because more than one hundred percent guaranteed a crash in the real estate market and people will be underwater negative equity and the banks will need another bailout and the wealth and income disparity will increase yet again.
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the syrian. armies reportedly liberated key districts in the city of andrew which as it seemed witnessed atrocities described as the most barbaric since the war started almost three years ago local residents of told r.t.
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that adults and children were tortured and beheaded by the taliban of islamic rebels who tried to seize control of the area some estimates put the number of civilians killed at around two hundred a crew from artie's arabic channel is there . when dawn was breaking over a hundred l. news were front and the army of islam gave a signal for their fighters to attack they came in hundreds making use of bad weather and the element of surprise over government forces you to say yeah after fierce fighting with the syrian army the rebel factions achieve their objectives with the city soon falling into the hands of those who the residents of the city have dubbed the decapitated hours. a friend of mine told me that he claimed he was insane in order to save his life and avoid the militants they believe just story and let him go he also said his children have been emotionally scarred from the savage acts they have seen on the road between their house and the places where the choir is gathered equals heads were chopped off and the bodies thrown all over the
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road ahead of the slaughter everywhere the eldest was only twenty years old he was slaughtered they were all children i saw them with my own eyes they killed fourteen people with a machete i don't know if these people were alawite i don't know why they were slaughtered they grabbed them by their heads and slaughtered them like sheep. and industrial town is inhabited by thousands of workers and their families who were all trapped when the fighters surrounded the town and a few details of what happened there are still uncertain and mean and we've only had leaks about massacres that have been described as the most gruesome since the start of the syrian crisis sealants told us that the workers of not to break all legs acute and burn during the first hour or so they tack whole families were massacred we do not have an exact estimation of the number because we were unable to get into the town but the number is high that the woman at the future from the
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syrian army commanders in the region decided to besiege the town and protect civilians by isolating them from areas where fighting is ongoing on a move seen necessary by the military whose operation is not expected to be an eeg . he won the match. artie. the cold blooded a soul tonight who was reportedly carried by the link a loser a front it's also suspect that some members of the newly formed islamic front group were involved to radical organizations apparently now forging ties with the united states meeting could even take place place later this week foreign affairs analysts a split over whether the u.s. should actually negotiate with this group it's very important that both sides now recognize that there should be a political settlement and that means talking to the people with guns as long as they have some agendas or to read there could be common ground if they're just jihadi fundamentalists who want to slaughter everybody who is not to the sunni or who agrees with the interpretation of islam then obviously it's impossible but that
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is not did majority view i think the majority view among the sunnis of syria is that there should be a negotiated settlement they don't many of them like this al-qaeda infiltration that's happened in the last year or two i don't negotiate with terrorists but i should say that in this particular case the people who have dialogue with the terrorists they have blood on their hands because they have they have facilitated the training of these mercenaries in saudi arabia qatar they have provided funding they have not provided a significant level of funding to the so-called moderate opposition forces of opposition brigades and those moderate opposition brigades in fact is a myth most of the military and logistical financial aid has been china holds to these al qaeda affiliated organizations and that's what we have to address but it can be no peace as long as the west the military alliance supports the terrorists.
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the latest leaks made snowden's expose norway's role in america's global spying operations the nordic countries been sharing intelligence apparently with the u.s. about russia's political elites as well as oil and gas companies ordinary citizens . direct to the center for international strategic analysis believes this was a very complex set of operations to this is a multi faceted or the operations are also interests that go far beyond the war on terrorism on the fight against or code laws some extensive network singles intelligence into law. which collects symbols and told us about all kinds of especially military russian looked into which was also go against the sort of usual during the cold war would not actually. pass it is also seeing
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or relevant or standing for more political and legal only six source another blow for the n.s.a. on home territory this time a federal judge in america's made it clear he thinks its secret gathering of personal data was unconstitutional the government can now either repeal or delete all the data gathered on the five plaintiffs who filed the case chris kitchell to secure online messaging service he moved his company to avoid the prying eyes of u.s. intelligence he thinks is absolutely no reason for such blanket surveillance. it's not a strong argument compared to the right of people to have privacy in their papers from unwarranted searches so what's what's basically happening the argument the government's making is that the metadata that they're collecting which is all the information about the phone calls who called who at what time how long the call was all that information they think that's fair game that they should be able to grab as much of that as possible most people who who look at this you know from a situation like
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a normal person would say it's just like wiretapping the reality is this they don't need to do a dragnet on everybody if they really care about terrorists i mean most people would say yeah if there is or suspicion or a reason for people to be surveilled like this go to a judge get a warrant we'll cooperate everybody i know in this business would cooperate with a legal warranted search but when you go on a fishing expedition to catch every fish in the ocean and then throw ninety nine point nine nine nine percent of them back in the water that's that's not good. thanks for companies not enough the international after the break moxon stay seated into more of those murky waters of the financial world who feel see again in fifty four minutes.
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there calling obama's happy smiling sophie photo with the danish and british prime ministers at the mandela funeral an international incident but before we rail on obama for doing something stupid a funeral we need to clear one thing up the washington post says that this action occurred at the memorial service after the funeral is over and trust me after about three hours of serious lectures at a conference or some sort of super long waiting most of us will just be banging our heads against the wall out of boredom and i've probably checked my email about seven times obama's place know i said most of us but the president isn't supposed to be like most of us because he represents all of us it's one thing when you're fourteen and too stupid to realize that sophie photos at the wake after grampa's funeral is a bad idea but it's another thing entirely when one of the most photographed and powerful people on the planet takes a selfie at the memorial service of someone he claims to respect although i might sound annoyed this sophie is pretty much irrelevant this is just a big error of etiquette there are plenty of real concrete things with real
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consequences to be bad at obama over like our being religious wacko rebels in syria or signing into law the n.b.a. i wish with all my heart that we only had to be angry with obama over some minor etiquette errors but sadly they're just a drop in the obama bucket but that's just my opinion. welcome to the kaiser report i'm max kaiser the despicable human scum jang is dead the uncle of kim was shown no mercy after he allegedly drove the economy into an uncontrollable catastrophe and perpetrated thrice cursed acts of treachery by failing to clap enthusiastically for a supreme leader reins nephew dear leader kim jong un had also shown no mercy no
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remorse no pity when he had his ex-girlfriend and her girl band mates machine gun down after they sang some music which annoyed him. i know what you're thinking you're thinking that kim jong un is looking increasingly like an american high school student snarky bad music loving chubby. who doesn't hesitate to machine gun down his friends family or passer bys just because why the frick mom but those chubby little mass murdering high school students in the america look a lot like these so-called adults who also run the economy isn't this true isn't this true stacey well yes i like the reason that kim jong un gave for executing his uncle is that he calls the uncontrollable catastrophe of the economy and you see that in our own western economies. it's not the leaders of the countries that are to blame it's all the other the people are they have austerity inflicted upon them they're sent to gulags of
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a work camps that tesco for free for example but the other thing that is very similar here that we see over in north korea is this airbrushing from history because jang has been airbrushed out of all the public documents the state documents of north korea so let's look at this first headline from the u.k. where we see some airbrushing happening government high risks of controversial help to buy scheme ministers are refusing to publish the government's own risk assessment into its flagship housing policy it emerged last night triggering suspicions that they are trying to cover up official warnings that the scheme will endanger the british economy yeah i tweeted about this i said ha ha ha you limey plugs we tried to tell you we warned you. the government is not publishing what we have been reporting on this show that they have to buy a game well cause with a one hundred percent guaranteed outcome a crash.


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