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tv   [untitled]    December 18, 2013 6:00am-6:31am EST

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somebody used to make an example out of him because keep them bare wrist holywood ambushed by success and online activists faces six years behind bars after a series of legal battles started by u.s. movie makers over their declining profit. it will either tortured killed or used as human shields are to hears from the syrian city of andro where rebel forces have reportedly carried out one of the most barren barbaric massacres since the beginning of the conflict. in ukraine's multi-billion dollar agreement with russia safe from defaulting on its loans but fails to calm protesters in the capital with some opposition leaders branding the deal treason.
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it's three pm here in moscow you're watching archie international with me nice in the way the top story this hour hollywood and pirates don't always go together what started as a legal battle against copyright infringement for the co-founder of the file sharing service the pirate bay has snowballed into a tide of hacking accusations from around the world now godfrey home could end up in jail for six more years as peter all over reports. banged up abroad since he was arrested in august twenty twelve pirate bay found a goth for its walk home vog seen the inside of jail cells in cambodia sweden and now solitary confinement in denmark it's just terrible as this man there to see that he is being treated like in this way like as if he were
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a terrorist hard criminal or violent criminal or sound kind acquitted on computer hacking charges by the appeals court in sweden he now has to wait and see what he'll be charged with in denmark due to the intricacies of danish law there's no way forgot for it to know how long he'll have to stay in solitary if it was you know a decision or warrant that was made by a judge i was i was able to tell him you know for two weeks and then we we can go and see the jets but now because it's a decision made by the prison service i'm not able to tell him if there is i can't give him an a deadline whatever case is brought against got fred for now he spends twenty three hours a day locked in a cell by himself and the thing that upset him most didn't me as well was a divorce until now to have his books in this cell even scandinavia is most notorious mass murderer anders breivik has access to reading material as he serves
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his sentence in norway for the slaying of seventy seven people those involved in online activism sometimes called hacktivism fear a witch hunt the treatment of graph. shows that the governments are scared of on the act or worse than they do which they've tried to get how to worse for everything they think which might be illegal even if they are revealing crimes support for godfrey it is coming in from all across the world the likes of julian assange the activist collective anonymous of throwing their weight behind the campaign to get better treatment for a man they claim is be. persecuted because of his online activism on twitter using the hash tag an account got for its online alias his supporters flooded the social media site some accusing the danish authorities not knowing what they're doing in the case just see somebody does something online online means birds they can't
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control it but they don't really seem to get what they are actually accusing him of for his family his mother is allowed an hour long visit once a week for which she has to make a thirteen hundred kilometer round trip it's immoral i would say and i don't think the danish people understand what's going on in their prisons saw tom denies the accusations of illegal online activity and the longer he waits for prosecutors to put together their case the more he becomes the face of online activism peter all over r.t. germany now the three years pirate party says fox home is being threatened as an example to scare others away we can observe that throughout this entire ordeal starting with the raid against the pirate bay on may thirty first twenty six a number of rights violations some more egregious than others have been
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committed and it's very hard to escape the feeling that governments are seeking to make an example out of god for it's far too rogue known as on a carter just to be scare others that might challenge the status quo and be frankly please the united states which kind of disgusts me to be honest i would certainly agree that he is a victim that somebody is to make an example out of him because he embarrassed hollywood. now problems for the pirate bay began in two thousand and six as soon as the successful file sharing websites started to hit the pocket of the us film industry this week as government was asked to take measures and a police raid followed which blocked the site for days shortly after the founders were tried for promoting copyright infringement and were sudden to
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a year in prison and here is far home now moved around from one cell to another waiting for yet another trial in a different country. children and adults kidnapped tortured and beheaded horrifying reports of atrocities carried out by islamist rebels keep coming to our t.v. from the rebel occupied syrian town of abdulla at least eighty people were massacred there but as the army advance of the number of civilian casualties could rise the city remains cut off but our crew got to speak to a few survivors who managed to escape. terror still fills the hearts of those who witnessed the militants entering the town about drugs they saw panicked disoriented people running for their lives and they ran themselves they will never forget the despair in the eyes of those who were forced to stay behind we have no reliable way to communicate with the people trapped inside address but officials are saying the atrocities against the civilian population are continuing and people are being butchered and even burned alive and every bit of news coming out of the town is
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doing a new blow to those whose families are still being held by the militants and everyone working for the local authorities was to be killed regardless of their religion organon in a sion they were all taken to be killed they took everyone even those who supported neither the government nor the rebels they were all either tortured killed or used as human shields the things being done in a drawer unthinkable they're slaughtering children and throwing them out of windows and no one's doing anything about it because the syrian authorities as well as human rights organizations say they have evidence confirming that massacres have taken place and address the dad taqiyya and many other areas which remain under the control of the armed opposition that the situation in syria has now deteriorated to the point that international norms of combat are no longer being observed if. there is an industrial town with a lot of these residents working both in the private sector and for government
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badge and sees horrifying crying as have been committed in this town houses who are set on fire with people trapped inside. the syrian army which is a position just outside the town that continues to carry out surgical strikes as part of their effort to liberate address which is now the only hope of the families waiting for news of their loved ones inside the town. r.t. well as soon as reports of the bloodshed in our interest started coming in arctic contacted the various leading human rights organizations to find out what they knew of events there are many correspondent policy or describes their response. r.t. arced a number of human rights organizations about what is happening there and even they do not know what's going on the fact is that syria is so deep in crisis that the international community is essentially unable to do anything it cannot even verify various mixed and partial reports that are coming from the war zone and this is
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what we see happening currently with the reports that we are receiving from both and aleppo what we are being told is that thirteen people have been killed and this is after the military launched an air strike on rebel held positions it's the third day of the army assault on the opposition's northern stronghold and according to local activists at least one hundred people have been killed including some twenty eight children now the chaos in the country has led to the rise of extremist militant groups among the rebels and it is now essentially the extremists who are leading the way now many both inside syria and the international community have been sounding the alarm bells from the beginning that this is what will happen but only now are others particularly in the international community starting to see what is going on in the ground even though where it is no longer insisting on assad stepping down we saw this at the recent rains of syria meeting understand by the
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thirteenth when western supporters of the opposition say that they would want assad to remain in power because of the rising influence of the extremists including outright it being to militants among the rebel groups and this is essentially because if assad did have to leave this would lead to syria being turned into a terrorist haven. but despite the concern over who has joined the rebel forces washington is still trying to forge ties with a newly formed radical group the islamic front and its western support for the rebels and whether the militant groups want democracy that's up for debate in cross talk later this hour. a lot of the. people who are fighting gates assad and they might be religious but they fighting gates assad because they want freedom for their country and the side of the dictator so he does not a democratic country and he's a dictator let's not pretend the round are they interested in democracy i've mentioned this before here they're not interested in democracy at all so they're
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actually. you know i mean. keeps the country together that's that's that's what russia has been. the sovereign country they're killing christians they're killing druze they're killing alawite it's they're killing. you know disagreeable sunni's who are they not killing is the question so i think the idea that they would form a stable government let alone a. secular one is insane. ukraine's new they struck deals with moscow may have given some rats fight to the country's troubled economy but they've also further fuel protests in kiev that's just might the issue of ukraine joining a customs union with russia and that the opposition feared could be agreed on not
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even being touched upon during the talks are venture capital host katie bill pilbeam explain what exactly the deal means for ukraine to my colleague jossy. the end of the day it came down to a practical economic decision crane simply can't afford the e.u. deal at the moment and russia gave a fairly good terms its talk about that then so we've got the bond purchases which are fifteen billion in total added to that is the gas discount as well so in combination that would equal twenty billion dollars it's just that the problem at the moment is that their form of wind that's a real problem because at the moment borrowing costs are really escalating and that's where the risk of defaulting on your debt comes in and it was thought that they accepted the e.u. deal or not this deal that russia has now put on the table they may have defaulted in less than six months which is quite telling you asked about the e.u.
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deal so this unique approach we know he famously called it a humiliating and said it was a sum of six hundred ten million euros that were also in order to receive that money they would also have to enforce harsh spending cars also gas increases as well so at the end of the day it was an economic decision basically i mean people would be bearing the brunt of it all in case the e.u. . struck with the rich could marry me if you think about it lead to more protests in the future and that was a concern as well but there are still going on. people are not happy at all but i can tell you that investors are happy about that so i can tell you the overriding fact is they're going to be getting three billion in three days now the point is the e.u. deal would have had long term benefits no one's arguing that but what we are saying is the ukraine economy could have defaulted in getting their. with ukraine's deals with russia having failed to placate anti-government protesters in kiev one of the
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most vocal critics of the lifeline of moscow provided is the leader of the nationalist football the party who called the country's president a traitor for signing the agreement archies alexei or said he takes a closer look at the rhetoric of one of the most controversial opposition leaders in ukraine. an offer of support for ukraine see us durations was not enough to persuade one of the country's opposition leaders to book drop shoulders with the german foreign minister during his surprise appearance at the protests in kiev mr westerly is openly gay and they looked at your books border has made its position on homosexuals quite clear attacking gay parades to move us to what we want to build the country based on harmony and social justice we're being dragged into homosexual values by the western states and we will not allow that but homosexuals and people of different races are clearly not books biggest foes. any treaty with
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russia is not worth the paper it was signed oh. dear he looks forward did not make up the core of the protest movement but there are clearly it's loudest voices and it's actions as well as words and the salt of the city hall and scuffles around it ten days ago they told the lenin statue in kiev and event described as the fall of the tyrant by the party and reckless vandalism by others this is a crack in the pavement where the toppled lenin monument literally lost its head and if walk around the pedestal of what used to be the monument to the former soviet leader we can see some graffiti over here first one he says which you're next and the one at the bottom says glory to the insurgent army of the 1940's in ukraine which some in this country believe to be freedom fighters who fought for independence while many others described as nazi collaborators on top of that and no militant field commanders believe were spotted. a man who fought as a. mercenary in creation and south of setia in all cases against the russians until
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the end of my days i will kill russians jews and communists british reporter brian flynn had a first hand glance at the militarized right wing forces in ukraine and of the euro twenty twelve football championship he went undercover into their training camp these are people very serious about what they do they train physically to back it up with violence and i watched while they followed live weapons and the presence of such people among the protesting crowd seems to cause no concern among european officials walking on the same square. which is rather extraordinary isn't it to see somebody that the united states has banned from entering the country on the same platform for mccain to see somebody who's been by and by that i say francis mistake statements for denying the holocaust who supporters actually in the streets of kiev still do make anti semitic as well as anti russian. gestures and slogans it does
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signify that the west and politicians are quite happy to use nationalist forces when it suits them that lack of reaction is particularly bewildering given many european statements about ukraine's right wing factions in the past and the burning over ukrainian football ground for now it's the slogans in the stance so if you create does make it into the e.u. some day it will be interesting to see how people with such different values sit at the same negotiating table. let's see reporting from key of ukraine. here at r.t. international coming up this hour high tech have popcorn boxes of the world's biggest companies band together against the n.s.a. spying but many just don't believe their call is genuine. victims of an invisible enemy u.k. nuclear veterans claim compensation for their service that was recognized in many countries except their.
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no the way out of this assad has to go does look ok people we've been here for two years you know jason assad has to go it's not going to happen if it was going to happen it would have happened he has the upper hand he's not he's not losing this war of course he doesn't have control of the entire part of the entire song borders of syria and that's why i brought up geneva too that is one way to move this process forward because i agree with sunny we will have a perpetual stalemate here the man wants to show up in geneva who's he going to talk to i think the geneva conference will be stillborn if the united states and its allies goes in with the precondition regime change of assad leaving power i think they need to back off of that that red line and look at a way to pursue new elections fair elections and obama can claim that he has been
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the assad regime by quarantining and removing and destroying his chemical weapon so he can claim that political victory and then move toward stability in the country. will go back to r t international live from moscow the military mission in afghanistan is accomplished at least that's what the u.k. prime minister told soldiers there in a pre-christian visit is cheering words calm as drug trafficking in the country reaches record levels and the afghan national army surrenders key checkpoints in southern afghanistan to taliban in return for an end to attacks we spoke to an iraq war veteran who believes that cameron is trying to put a brave face on sorry business. mission accomplished was used by
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cameron because you know politicians don't really say hey you know that wildly unpopular war that we sent you and your children to die and it's like for over a decade well we messed up and it was all of which they're not going to say mission accomplished by cameron that we died for years and a colonial exercise that was a total bloodsoaked disaster due to the arrogance of rich politician who thought they could dominate the land and resources of poor people in afghanistan using the blood of working class people from the united states and from the u.k. and it's almost you know for cameron to assert that there has been so called progress against the insurgency there is an absolute fantasy and the resistance in afghanistan has forced this multi-year withdrawal of u.s. and nato forces so this withdrawal that we're hearing of this is a retreat but a retreat in slow motion because the forces in afghanistan who are fighting the occupation i have been successful marriage militarily well cameron's victory speech
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doesn't seem to have changed the situation on the ground a nato base in eastern afghanistan was attacked by taliban gunmen and suicide bombers earlier today three insurgents and one afghan policeman have reportedly been killed in the firefight and it's the second such attack on that base that is a vital checkpoint on the border between afghanistan and pakistan. but r.t. dot com for you right now putting pressure on israel as scholars and researchers in the u.s. call for an economic boycott academic boycott of israeli colleges pushing them to rethink their mideast politics more on that for you online. and in the removed security barricades from the u.s. embassy in delhi and retaliation for what it calls the humiliation of its consulate in new york on line we've got more on what's driving the wedge between the two states. tech giants have paid
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a visit to the white house urging barack obama to overhaul the national security agency's surveillance program or bosses of the world's biggest i.t. companies including google yahoo and ample press their case right after a federal judge ruled that spying may be unconstitutional former cia officer ray mcgovern thinks the move is simply a p.r. stunt. i think the internet executives are crying crocodile tears they've made a lot of money at it so in ciphering their their establishment and then a permitting the united states government to get trapdoors behind it they're losing business that's the name of the game for them and so yes states like to have a sensible rules that make it easier for them to do business particularly overseas but it's long since time for them to speak out about violations of the fourth amendment. and we before meeting obama tech companies sent an open letter to the
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president and congress saying that n.s.a. spying undermines freedom here's what abby martin has to say about that. after publicly opposing government surveillance last week internet search giant google has enjoyed a wave of good press before we all decide to instill our full faith and trust the benevolent an almighty google we might just want to use their search bar to google boston dynamics he said yesterday sergey brin the little company purchased boston dynamics an engineering firm with strong ties the military's defense advanced research projects agency or darpa so what is boston dynamics all about terrifying and jaw dropping robots such as big dog four legged robot that can climb hills or cheetah a robot that can run at twenty nine miles an hour and most lifelike pet man humanoid robot that can move around like a human and detect chemical leaks so what the hell is one of the biggest internet companies in the world doing purchasing these spooky cyborgs yeah i don't know if i'm ready for google to have
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a private army of iron man. let's take a brief look at some other global headlines for you this hour the united nations estimates the number of dead from two days of fighting in the capital of south sudan has now reached five hundred eight hundred people have also been reported injured with thousands seeking shelter in u.n. compounds islands erupted on monday after a failed coup by the former deputy prime minister the country is now facing the largest crisis since its independence from sudan in twenty eleven. a demonstration of african migrants in jerusalem has ended in scuffles with police they were rallying and downs a new law allowing authorities to keep them in detention centers indefinitely around one hundred fifty african migrants abandoned one such center and walked to drucilla home where they were joined by rights groups believe some protestors back
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to custody after dispersing the rally. and invisible terror that's taking its toll years later british veterans of nuclear bomb tests in the one nine hundred fifty s. attribute most of their current illnesses to the radiation they were exposed to and are asking the government for compensation but u.k. authorities have rejected their claim despite other countries recognising their service men are silly a house more jeff lydia was seventeen when he joined the royal air force and was eventually posted to south australia nuclear tests were carried out there in the fifty's with some publicity but minor trials reportedly continued in secrecy until the mine nine hundred sixty s. . do. we knew every afoot every fortnight flew in with a nuclear from. which we. already know it was taken away you boy.
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we didn't know what they were doing with what he termed fifty illnesses he believes were caused by his exposure to radiation that matter linga started manifesting i started off with i had tb i then started having degeneration of my spine my daughter has gone pancreatic condition which can only be of traced back to genetic source so i have the question in my mind was it many was it because i was there and many others are asking the same questions even before world war two radiation was a has it. really is measuring it's in a meaningful way very very difficult indeed nevertheless there is undoubtedly i think a tradition among the british authorities not to own up to any responsibility these people were experimented on quite honestly it was disgraceful how those soldiers
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were created and they've long been asking the government for recognition and compensation their service is part of history the warrior lies a future generations will not forget but for those who would actually serve the forgetting is a lot of option especially for those who feel that a decision they made decades ago may have cast a shadow on their lives and those of their loved ones if you look out of the country's nuclear bunker is a treaty that veterans and compensate them and recognize them and we stand right at the bottom of the table that is wrong france the united states and even the tiny aisle of men have already done so but the ministry of defense maintains that while there is a quote huge debt of gratitude owed to the veterans the government rejects any link between veterans' health problems and their military service citing a two thousand and ten health needs audit. overall the range and severity of problems reported was typical of older people in the u.k. in general and
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a veteran who believes they have suffered ill health today's service has the right to apply for a no fault compensation jeff knows the clock is ticking and while he's hopeful he has no illusions about how difficult the fight will be at the very least what he wants is this and sorry frank you need cost money money to say thank you we are like ghosts. we don't exist tess or sylvia artie london. now as promised peter the bell and his panel of guests take on the syrian crisis in crosstalk stay with our to. st augustine. teaching you should try. a longer covert team of journalists trying to release which leads documents about see how the united
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states is trying to. be a local media more pro-american they encounter fear ignorance and pressure. just country blocks the way to information freedom. media stuff on our t.v. i wonder if we can add democracy at least the expansion is democracy of the kind us dollars by george w. bush to that at least a few token ideologies on par with communism on par with nazis long par with militant really gents you know the ideologies that can ultimately lead to an increase in violence i think the problem is the idea that by military force you can be propagated government create a state of anarchy and hope that democracy would spontaneously but also.
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the police chief. is. below and welcome to cross talk we're all things are considered on peter lavelle syria in collapse western backed red. polls have either been routed or on the run so do you support of jihadism now prevail in rebel held territories civilian populations terrorized meanwhile assad remains in power with his military in tabs what's next for syria. to cross not the war in syria i'm joined by sunny in london he is a contributor to al-jazeera and the guardian and in new york we cross to jason he is a writer political commentator.


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