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tv   [untitled]    December 19, 2013 12:00am-12:31am EST

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abuse torture and executions a syria delves deeper into a sectarian violence international looks at washington's attempt to make friends with the radical groups that have now risen to power among the rebels. the u.k. government is accused of putting pride and ideology before its people as the country refuses a helping hand from the e.u. to feed the poor and needy. and the russian president gets ready some of the most pressing questions from local and foreign journalists here on the program we bring you a preview of lot of you will need. some up all the country's political ups and downs of the.
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world wide news live from moscow with the international with me role research from everybody here welcome to the program. the international human rights groups now sounding the alarm bells over emerging reports of secret prisons in syria controlled by radical islamist groups of civilians including children said to have been tortured and executed in such facilities most of them for so-called crimes against islam now the islamists in syria have been getting a foothold among the opposition ranks overshadowing the more moderate groups and with the nation plunging deeper into turmoil washington's dealings with the rebels are only worsening the situation as explains washington says it's willing to negotiate with the so-called islamic front in syria it just stays after the front kick the western. supreme military council out of their headquarters and seized
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their warehouses we can't engage these on the front of course because they're not designated to give anything yet the islamic front includes groups that are demanding a hard line shari'a state to be a strategic mistake if the us administration or europe or their allies would be engaging in a partnership and a partnership meaning they would be collaborating with organizations that are the hardest and have not committed to become moderates or recognize the fact that if they come to power or part of power they will recognize human rights that did not happen while washington is revalue eating home to a support in the fight against al saud al qaeda affiliated groups are mapping out an islamic state they've made significant gains in the north of syria having pushed out the rebel forces in the name of allah the gracious and merciful. when you're firing rockets it's allah who fires them with your hands these strikes
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are only a drop in the ocean the lines of the islamic state are fulfilling their oath from iraq to lebanon on these islamist forces are better trained and better armed some of them got their training fighting against the u.s. in afghanistan in the one nine hundred eighty s. when the u.s. was arming the anti soviet mujahideen in those days some got their experience and their arms fighting against the u.s. in iraq much more recently washington says islamic front that it is willing to negotiate with does not include designated terrorist groups like job at a loose wire and the so-called islamic state of iraq can live on but on the ground in syria there are so many different groups that the labels could be relevant. residents of the town of adria near damascus can't name the exact rebel group that executed over eighty civilians there including children earlier this week. the u.s. has supported the syrian opposition on the premise that washington would be able to discern different shades of extremists they would figure out which ones are less
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extreme but even the report that there was no battle over the warehouses between the islamic front and the western backed supreme military council is one indicator of how blurred those lines are and how flawed is the assumption that one can distinguish with certainty between those groups in washington are key. and while the forces may be united in their goal to topple the government a little unity itself within the movement of us particularly as extremist groups gain more and more power and turn on the moderates. sector commander of the free syrian army was executed by members of the islamic state of iraq and levant group and it's not the first such clash within the opposition as the strife between radicals and the f.s.a. is reaching critical as. syria has become a beacon for extremists all over the world with volunteers even from the most secular countries of europe coming in to fight alongside the jihadists of this is
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raised why are you some of the e.u. officials especially as these islamists are likely to come back home and some point . has a look at the concern. the number of europeans heading to syria to fight in the country's civil war is currently topping mii you counter terrorism agenda speaking at a meeting of security officials in brussels the belgian interior minister says as many as two thousand citizens may be involved in the conflict his french counterpart saying well those numbers on the increase statement reiterate findings by the international center for the study of radicalization there were a group based out of king's college in london they suggest that since april of this year the number of europeans going to syria to fight increased three fold the findings suggest that up to eleven thousand foreign is as many as seventy
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different countries may have taken part in the conflict at some point eighteen percent of those coming from western europe the majority of that eighty percent from britain and from france also from right here in germany in fact in the german state to the interior minister has been proposing a nationwide campaign to try and tackle radical i say shit this is after a study that found jihadist recruits using universities to try and recruit potential fight says this is all adding to the reason why why the issue of europeans heading to syria to fight is talking to the counterterrorism agenda because the leaders of european countries don't know what will happen when these people return home will they return home radicalized as potential home grown terrorists. and as the power of the radical islamists continues to rise will the
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west admit that bashar al assad is the best candidate to professor syria from turning into the center of jihad. clear signals to consider and find the full story right now online. international law from moscow britain has ditched the e.u.'s help to feed the poor but despite half a million citizens including children turning to charities this year to stave off hunger at the opposition's criticize the government for gasping with pride and ignoring the problem laura smith reports. just a stone's throw from the seat of government in westminster is something that's becoming a more and more common sight in the u.k. this building's used as a food bank handing out emergency supplies to families so poor they can't afford to eat as the cost of living rises the number of people turning to food banks increases with its funding tighter all the time but nevertheless the government has
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turned down a potential twenty two million pounds in funding for food aid why because the money comes from the european union very brits and we've got a government with a very anti european ideology appears to be more keen to. warn europe to get credit for something than to get money which can how feed hungry people if you are starving you need some food on your plate to die and this government's refusal to provide the carriage is literally taking food out to the merits of how great the european aid for the most deprived fund amounts to two and a half billion pounds but the position britain's taken means the country will receive just two point nine million and instead of using the food aid as intended it's expected the government will spend it on helping unemployed people find work all well and good to say critics but there are people who need survival basics now
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and this money is meant for them my colleague polly boyko has been to meet one of the unlucky many. we've. got to go through. well making money from those in need is a scheme adopted across the ocean of. you knows all about. workplace is gaining popularity sonic drive in restaurants around phoenix have added a new item to their menu of workplace benefits short term high fee payday lending the high interest landing four thousand five thousand percent loans this is the growth area for banks they destroyed the economy because of the crude pleat
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crash and money velocity due to the complete absence of responsible central banking i once again poor the people up there to learn that some oh and that is becoming popular now joe. joe. you're a slave in america you've given up your accounts to do should job you know there's live. ten minutes past the hour here in moscow it's r t international more than a thousand journalists are ready to grill the russian president on policies and decisions that will mark this year of lot of input into holder's traditional annual news conference in just a few hours we'll be bringing you the event live here on our team international but for a preview now with aussies a quarter percent. these conferences have become a tradition the president has been holding them for quite
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a while at the end of each year and also another thing which we've gotten used to is their extended length last year's conference was around four and a half hours long it's not expected that the president will cut journalists short this year either an hour or more on the hottest topics that we're expecting is the upcoming amnesty in russia which should affect up to twenty five thousand people ukraine with the latest developments there the association agreement with the e.u. and the alone the fifteen billion dollars loan which was given to give by moscow just recently also diplomatic breakthroughs like the one with the syrian chemical arms deal and the iranian nuclear program of course relations with the u.s. and many other topics since over thirteen hundred journalists have registered for the silver events were true we are expecting a great variety of issues to be totally on usually not all questions are serious either some of them do give the president an opportunity to show his human side you know this conference is set to take place just a few in
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a few hours in moscow i'll be there as well and we'll bring you all the details of course throughout the day. if you can watch let me put ins on you will news conference live here on r.t. international and that dot com that will be at nine am central european time. as for this hour here on the international got loads to come still here on the program including the three headed ukrainian opposition take a close look at the man the helm of the month long protest in the ukrainian capital similar to the political ambitions but it's quite different in their agendas and motives. no flying because of the spying brazil walks out on a huge american fighter jet deal amid growing fieri at the n.s.a. surveillance which reached as high as the country's president.
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what defines a country's success. faceless figures of economic growth. for a factual standard of living. i wonder if we can add democracy at least expansionist democracy of the kind us dollars by george w. bush to the aptly stuff utopian ideologies on par with communism on par with nazis long partly it's militant really gents you know the ideologies that can ultimately lead to an increase in violence i think the problem is the idea that by military force complicated government create
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a state of anarchy and hope that democracy would spontaneously. this is st augustine. strategically she told. a longer covert team of journalists trying to release wiki leaks documents about how the united states is trying to. make media more pro-american they encounter fear ignorance and pressure. the country blocks the way to information freedom. media stuff on our t.v. . margins consumer p.c.'s and i see what many in the country is the federal government simply say's property of the united states government. is the united states'
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privilege and it was done the public has to realize it can't just by. just throw it away. for instance belongs to the united states environmental protection agency i found this on a dump site here this year it's not always known that producers of these little i have to should be able to collect these though i believe that vision responsible for their products from cradle to grave. paid off to mexico comment on mental health for up until south america incorporated it also belongs to the washington metro area transit authority properties of a dentist aids page trend and trademark office. it's our international thanks for joining us the e.u.
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says ukraine's recent deals with russia will help stabilize cash strapped economy and will not be an obstacle in the way to the country's potential european integration that view is obviously not shared by ukraine's opposition leaders who slammed the multi-billion dollar agreement and even used it to further insight protests in the capital and while there may sound where they may sound i suppose on soon on the main square in kiev there's a high chance this unity will dissolve or soon as the rallies are over. the chef he reports. he used to deliver hammer punches in the boxing ring and now he's given up his world champions belt to succeed in politics but old habits die hard core likes to use boxing language even in his politics he's parties name is the ukrainian democratic alliance for reforms which abbreviates to the ward which translates as a punch. i call out in
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a courtroom battle i make in my personal corner. hearing the status of a living sports legend in ukraine klitschko made a rapid rise in politics with his party making it into parliament last year when known as a politician of relatively mild views she raised many eyebrows once really provoked a major brawl by directing the ngo fired up protestors at security officers during a rally. ukraine cannot be controlled like one controls the situation in the boxing ring the chaos is too big in the country now i like klitschko but you can't use force to change ukraine. another card in the opposition pack is our see needs a new x. foreign minister relatively young but experienced in politics he took the reins of forward prime minister yulia timoshenko sparky when she was put in prison gets a new has been vocally advocating her release. in order to relieve.
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us of our ability. the secular government to support the band members elizabeth on this matter though not everyone is buying it should tymoshenko walk free his days at the summit of the greats politics will be numbered there are even some judges real conviction and to me she goes on nice with ten shankill and you shan't go that was always that tension that was always that simmering that undercurrent which frequently exploded into iraq intimacy moved there between the two with yes and yet this very little prospect that would be any debts in fact is every going to live it would be worse and last but not least i look to both the leader of the nationalists the movement gays migrants jews and particularly russians have been in his crosshairs all along. he wants to surrender us ukrainians to servitude to eternal slavery under moscow. supports your integration for ukraine but many say
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his values are incompatible with the european ones the western powers think well anything will work if that if we can work with them together and elements and you radicals are ok i think it's a dangerous game i think it basically represents interference into ukraine's affairs the european union is actually prepared to raise the stakes so cry in a european country on the fringes and basically the risky assault of a civil war in the sense writing the tide of you know my down and the troika of ukraine's opposition looks like a solid unit but appearances can be deceptive when the storm settles and the twenty fifteen presidential election draws closer the lack of a clear opposition front runner could play into gonna call which is hands and these three men would hardly miss a chance to grab at each other's throats to be their one alexy russia reporting from key if in ukraine. and over on our website for you europe gets nuked in
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a promotion for china's moon. you can learn what's behind that story. is one of the largest shareholders might be surprised. pleasure to have you with us today.
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thanks for joining us here on the program. brazil has snob the american plane making giant boeing after years of negotiations over the supply of fighter jets it's believed the news of washington's spying on the country's president ruined a multi-billion dollar contract for the chicago based company those billions will now go to sweden's sob and one current affairs editor says u.s. companies are simply losing competitiveness because of the n.s.a. spying scandal. once this these revelations came to the floor they damage the reputations of american companies the fact that the n.s.a. has been pushing back doors and to date is into the data systems of a lot of american firms means that those american firms can't be trusted either by domestic customers or certainly by overseas customers companies are going to continue to lean on the government to push back because they're losing customers they're losing money losing the edge to companies based overseas and that's why one
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of the recommendations that they're supposed to hit the president's desk is that the n.s.a. stop doing this stop pushing the. systems because they're damaging america better to do and so. far some of the international headlines in brief will start with egypt's ousted president mohamed morsi he's now facing charges of treason espionage and sponsoring terrorism amid his already ongoing trial for inciting violence officials a ledge that morsy collaborated with iran and militant groups including hezbollah to destabilize the country following july's coups if convicted he faces the death penalty new charges have been brought despite almost daily protests by morsi supporters that often result in bottles. and thousands of rallied in rome to voice their discontent with the country's economic policies people also called for parliamentary reforms and demanded the government steps down italy's
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witnessed a spate of protests over the weekend some of them having ended in scuffles with police. and israeli troops have showed that a palestinian man during a counterterrorism operation in a west bank refugee camp up to eight more will also reportedly wounded by the israeli army opened fire off their being attacked by crowds throwing explosive devices at soldiers israel claimed around one hundred palestinians were involved. oh i think so much for joining us here on the international talking global politics now it's time for me to step aside because it's on a boycott and will is a pod is coming your way next.
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is the media leave us so we leave that maybe. the sea motions to the. other party is it the. shoes that no one is asking with the guests that deserve answers from. politics only of our.
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why is the price of gold so high demand global demand do you think oldest money. know the value of the only place we have. of the water that we need to survive it's not compared to i mean gold we're not going to eat gold we're not going to bait with gold. we're not going to drink up what clearly what amal is and is in a desperate economic situation absolutely right what we're wrong to do is say therefore any kind of economic development from the outside is going to be a benefit their only purpose is to extract as much money as possible to feed into the global financial system. with we're
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a part of the geo political economic system that's extremely or split to do. first of all is a question with the mining should even be carried out altogether can it be done in a way which doesn't destroy people's lives resources environment and so on well you know those are pretty serious questions mining is not a what a moment problem it's happening in asia in africa and south america in central america in mexico and it's even happening in canada and the united states. dramas that can't be ignored to. stories others refused to notice. faces change the world lights never.
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old picture of today's news. on demand from around the globe in the book to. fifty. hello and welcome to worlds apart if you just watch the news bulletins on i t you'd probably be surprised to hear that we may be leaving in one of the most peaceful areas in our species history and here this is exactly what one of the world's leading intellectuals beliefs professor steven pinker laid out his argument in his two thousand and eleven book the better angels of our nature and he joins me now on the walls apart professor pincus thank you very much for being on the show it's
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a great honor for me so thanks for having me now we're recording this program on a monday just a few hours after the news broke about four harbord buildings being evacuated to due to a possible bomb threat and so far no explosives have been found but i wonder if you could update us on what is happening on campus. no much as far as i can tell there most of the activity is from journalists there's a news helicopter flying overhead there are television trucks everywhere i see reporters on several corners but nothing has actually happened in any harvard building according to the latest report that i got on my e-mail and i also know that some of the final exams have been scheduled for today i wonder if i don't know some student who may be falling behind on his studies do you think however students are capable of something like that off using a bomb scare as a way to get out of the final exams. almost certain that that is not the who who
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called in the hoax i might be wrong but my guess is that it's some nobody who wants to achieve a little bit of fame a little bit of influence who is probably watching the news right now happy that he has made so many people to. up their lives because of something that he did that would be my guess now given these bombs carried the main thesis of your book that we are living in one of the most peaceful eras in our species history is a bit counter-intuitive isn't it it's only counter-intuitive if you get your information from the news forgetting about the fact that news is about things that happened so yesterday and last friday and the friday before there was no bomb scare but that did not make the news so all of the. days and places that are free of violence never get reported in the news no matter where violence happens it's guaranteed to be on the news and because the human mind estimates risk from
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examples especially vivid examples our impressions of the amount of violence in the world is biased only if you look at statistics on how much violence there is now and how much violence there has been at earlier periods of time do you have an accurate picture of changes in violence over time i think the statistics the data that you provide is very persuasive and you actually be of that decrease in violence sustained decrease in violence to the better angels of our nature are peaceable inclinations taking over some of our of violent tendencies but i wonder if it's right to equate the the lack of violence or the decrease of to the violence to peace because the number of people meeting a violent and may have significantly decreased but has that necessarily made the quality of the lives spared more peaceful well i think it has. for.


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