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tv   [untitled]    December 19, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm EST

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r.t. dot com slash usa and follow me on twitter at my going to underscore lopez also your right back here at eight pm. i've got a quote for you. they wait substory. get this guy like me you're about done that are working for the people in the mainstream media for joe wright brothers these are. the.
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welcome to the kaiser report i am max kaiser you know this week it was reported that factory farm tallies are being said the mess from the bottom of chicken to edges a combination of feces feathers and on the chicken feed which includes antibiotics heavy metals disease causing bacteria and even bits of dead rodents. i know what you're thinking you're thinking that sounds a whole lot like the federal reserve banking system it was the factory farm citizen consumers fed cheap credit laced with the feces feathers and dead rodents and
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chicken feed of a hundred years of old toxic debts of money printing pushed by financial disease causing banks. and both feeding the system resulting disease on healthy consumers stacey a gruesome story that is and surely thriving and these factory farms citizen consumers are in our first have imax kids living in basements drag on us services spending economy consumer spending on services everything from rants and water bills to health care and haircuts is a laggard as the economy as it covered from the worst recession since the great depression such expenditures adjusted for inflation have risen six point three percent since mid two thousand and nine compared with a thirty four percent surge and outlays on durable goods such as automobiles and appliances according to data from the commerce department and washington and max the culprit is the millennial living in mom's basement slouching towards a robust row living back in the basement. camping out on
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a ping pong table. drinking tang. and you know open for the best but get the worst an educated unbanked unloved poor kids there's no drag on the economy because you're not out there spending. they become an appendage to their the society's appendix they need to be appendectomy yes well as they said people are spending on durable goods like refrigerators and washing machines but they're not spending on services because you don't need to internet connections you just have one for the home these there is no new household formation and in fact they say outlays have been held back by a slowdown in new household formation and meager wage growth as young adults stay home with their parents rather than forging out on their own spending on utilities and amenities such as cable television has languished durable goods. like freezers you know serial killers they chop up their victims but in the freezer there's
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a big demand for that goes down america these teenagers get a few guns kill a few folks put them in the freezer you know that's where the demand is but for you know real work real jobs manufacturing in los germany decided to build b.m.w.'s and to kota somewhere there's like a very much of a job situation well they say they didn't mention any serial killers but they do mention the fact that those who do get a child the millennial under thirty four year old they are not earning that much and even if they are earning most of them are earning minimum wage at fast food factories or at mcdonald's and general motors i could come out a serial killer serial and you know the in my day get a job kind of chart you lower brunton barrier cheerios you know you go inside there you captain crunch you get a little prize a little trinket something that france asked for serial killers serial the new general motors i mean general and general motors mills cereal is going to go up
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you get a real good to get a thirty eight mag and pistol in their thirty eight caliber pistol inside your cheerios go out and kill a few people put them in the freezer the man for white goods goes up. ok well they are also working at low paying jobs so let's look at another squeeze on basically disposable income available to spend on such things as services and amenities workplace loans gaining popularity sonic drive and restaurants out of phoenix have added a new item to their menu of workplace benefits short term high fee loans arizona restaurant systems a scottsdale arizona company that operates twenty eight sonic locations in the state allows workers to take out loans ranging from one hundred fifty dollars to five hundred dollars that typically lasts two weeks so this is that good luck a seen a starter state where they're out on the company far. yeah exactly the payday lending the high interest lending four thousand five thousand percent loans this is the growth area for banks because they took every one savings with quantitative easing
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and zero percent interest rates they destroyed the economy because of the chrome pleat crash and money velocity due to the complete absence of responsible central banking so now they're going to dig deeper into the financial tit that is the american economy by lending these surest economy workers fast food types and sex workers in vegas short term loans and killers which are now you know on the government payroll six hundred seven or eight hundred percent loans for a few weeks so they can keep themselves employed in the casino goo leg you know the suv or was fought to end slavery and yet these short term loans are a form of slavery a once again a poor the people up there to learn that song that is becoming popular now
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no joke around big. joe. years. america you. do you should do it you know there's lives and i say i got a lot of got to pick dell we're talking about factory farming and as it applies to the debt and credit system and there is only one game in town there's a model culture developing and everybody is into financialization you mentioned accidentally general motors general motors doesn't sell cars anymore it sells debt here your job there are no jobs anymore and there's just a place to be sold more debt this is this is this the sum total of one hundred years of central banking right well henry ford speaking of the car business he stimulated demand for his cars by offering as workers increased wages in cash but now in america the idea is to increase demand by offering workers access to more debt more credit which is
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a slippery slope into hell because that debt of course comes interest payments and the interest on america's debt is not greater than or approaching america's g.d.p. as it is in japan so the global interest in the global debt is approaching the global g.d.p. and you enter into this slippery vortex of credit. collateralized hell where no amount of revenue or taxes will ever pay the debt which is exactly what the plantation owners want we'll be living on the field no well but you also see the fact that it's very top heavy there's a toppling going on because the basis of the young workers coming on first of all they don't earn enough income but the fact that there is so much debt whether it's student debt or credit card debt or auto loan debt auto loan sub prime debt that they now have or these now these you know job debts. it's sucking money out of the real economy and the system is is again precarious and likely to topple is leeching from the economy of this debt load and there are some economists in
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america principally at the new york times that calls for more debt more more quantitative easing more government subsidies of these debt monsters which of course is just destroying the american ability to compete in the world and now i mention monocultures and i want to look at this and then the next headline this is from new zealand exiting watchdog concerned about risk of the single investment so the next big financial disaster to hit new zealand investors could involve a collapse in house prices or the share market says departing investment watch out boss sean hughes hughes who leaves tomorrow after three years at the financial markets authority cleaning up the mess left by the collapse of the finance industry company said my biggest concern is about excess investment in single asset classes and what happens when asset prices fall sharply whether that is equity or property again we have all this quantitative easing all this money printing caused by the
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toppling last time of the last bubble and now we've only they all the single only policy has been about stoking that keeping these share prices and house prices up that's it there's nothing at all pushing more debt right and there's just one bet monoculture here john. and authors wrote a book about this a few years ago we had him on the show talking about the fact that in the investment world now every single investment is correlated around exactly the same bet and there's no diversity in the what one can invest in these days you can only make one bet which is on a high the leverage expansion of this unsustainable bubble of this game of musical chairs remember the former head of citibank when the two thousand and eight crash occurred he was saying well you know we are playing the same game of musical chairs that when music stops somebody's going to lose you know i paraphrase but this is exactly what they've done they've just made the game of musical chairs bigger they've included all the major economies around the world and this next crash which
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is coming is just going to be even bigger than the two thousand and eight crash well they're article after article in the papers around the world recently so there's a record house prices here in london their record new house prices and record debt levels by the way in canada. there's even remember at the beginning of this financial crisis everybody talked about the sweden model let's act like what sweden did during their last financial collapse which was caused by a housing bubble and everybody was supposed to let the you know the banks were taken over their all their bad debts got rid of and the c.e.o.'s kicked out well there in the midst of even a bigger housing bubble apparently than canada swedish housing surges to unsay value as debt soars apartment prices in sweden rose fourteen percent in the twelve months through october thirtieth after having more than tripled since two thousand max and this means as prices have risen buyers have taken on more and more mortgage debt aided by record low interest rates and interest only mortgages household debt
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soared to one hundred seventy three percent of disposable income at the end of two thousand and twelve after having hovered between ninety and one hundred percent for the previous decade right so again here you have a culture a million for its fiscal prudence being sucked into the much of the house price speculation and of course the results will be catastrophic and it will reverberate around the world very few people will survive the global collapse the responsible parties are the central banks like mark carney janet yellen mario draghi and whoever is running the bank of canada that marconi is here in london this factory farmed housing speculators and there's a single point of failure our system is so vulnerable to these and finally you know here with this brain washing of being a factory farmed citizen consumers goldfine see unprecedented thirty one percent slump with world losing faith investors are dumping gold back exchange traded products of the fastest pace since the securities were created
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a decade ago mirroring the steep price drop in thirty two years holdings in the fourteen biggest plunge thirty one percent to one thousand eight hundred thirteen point three metric tons since the start of january that's eight hundred tons down but then they go on to mention of course that in china. imports of gold is up twenty nine percent to one thousand tons for investors in china but well we've talked about the vilification of gold as an asset class this will be a bad year for gold the first and ten or eleven or twelve years since we started talking about a way it was four hundred dollars an ounce and certainly has made a remarkable move since then well let me interrupt here max because they interviewed this guy who is a wealth manager and he asked and he says the reason why people are exiting these gold funds is because quote equities continue to be the only game in town why would you want to hold gold and see the value depreciate when you buy equities and see your money grow here we have factory farms citizen consumer investors in
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a factory farm investment community. yes they collapse is one hundred percent guaranteed so then we're going to have a lot of debt without any equity and we'll have to hold you want to go the other. ok well i guess that sounds a sober well we've got to move on thank you so much. ok max stay tuned for the second half whole lot more. i've got a quote for you. it's pretty tough. stay with substory. let's get this good looking but smear that guys started working for the people most issues the mainstream media were pretty much on the bridegroom's didn't.
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they did rather well. that was a new alert animation scripts scare me a little bit. there is breaking news tonight and they are continuing to follow the breaking news. the alexander family cry tears of the war a great things out there that there had to be either red dark and of course a wall around online there's a story made for a movie is playing out in real life.
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welcome back to the kaiser report imax keyser time now to turn to bill still of the still report which you can find on you tube bill is also an author and a filmmaker behind the hit documentary the money masters bill still welcome back to the kaiser report thank you very much max all right bill still you have gone mad for the crypto currencies tell us how this all occurred in why. well it just dawned on me that crypto currencies were actually a complimentary currency it's like there is this this pressure throughout human kind where where we don't have enough money and so just like in the depression of the one nine hundred thirty s. here in the united states three thousand complementary currencies arose because people didn't have money so they just figured out how to make up little pieces of paper called money to facilitate trade amongst themselves and i think that's what's going on here and but then there's this additional government spying thing that's
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going on that's really scary i think this is really the next space race it's. a race of cryptographic security unfortunately we the little people are are way behind in this race the n.s.a. now is bypassing the posse comma tatas law which previously prevented them from spying on americans domestically but the interesting thing is they're simply farming the spine out of the americans i think i think what's going on over to britain's g c h q and so they're just kind of trading it around to get around each nation's laws this technology is moving so fast and consolidating power so quickly that there's not really that many of us that understand that this is a serious threat to democracy this is an orwellian state. i love how the guardian put it last week they call the turn key tyranny so if you don't want to
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live under the big brother new world order boot we just have to quit being scared that we're looking foolish talking about this stuff we are about to lose human kinds two thousand year long struggle for self-determination democratic governments this is now a real possibility and there is not i was a first attracted to cripple occur. and cs was always attracted to quark because it has this advanced cryptography scheme which was not set up until after the recent n.s.a. revelations you know i can easily use for see a future now with the you know it's the snowden revelations are just coming almost every week i can forsee a future now where people will be. so concerned about their privacy that we'll be able to pack up. all sorts of data e-mail
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traffic trading. we're right now cork seems to me to be the best inside these security algorithms and trade them back and forth and so the crypto currencies might really be the only thing we've got going against this type of invasive technology all right below i want to think up of things here first of all you mentioned the crypto currencies of course based on encrypted technology and this is happening at the same time as the n.s.a. spying scandals and the edward snowden reveal about how these agencies around the world are going around laws and spying on everyone so you see a real connection it's not by accident that you have the edward snowden scandals and the crypto currency is happening at the same time in the case of bitcoin it came to being after the two thousand and eight crisis and the original founders a bit going in their manifesto talked about how the banks had overstepped their
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bounds that there was a need for an improved central banking system i mean your sirrah your film the money masters really goes after the central banks it really talks about the federal reserve bank and the fallacy of having really a federal open market committee decide interest rates and how that is quite damaging ultimately to the economy in the case of a bit coin or other. cryptocurrency that function is now fill by the network and you're relying on the mathematics instead of the decisions of a few in the pullup bureau of the central bank so do you see this as a real counterpoint to a central bank system cannot replace a central bank that's my question well i think they're going to fight hard to replace it and you know this recent news from china. china had forbidden banks to trade in bitcoin and all that that was way overblown because they're allowing it
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they they specifically mentioned were allowing people to trade for it and practically speaking on the ground restaurants and beijing are now accepting bitcoins so yeah i think i don't i think central banks will go down fighting if the they do go down this is going to be a battle and i'm sure they're going to attack it coin more and the kryptos all together but i think this is classic. decentralization of power and that's what this battle is all about let me jump in for a second because just to get more specific care and other words your film and your work is a real master class of how central banks work so my question is could a decentralized cryptocurrency do everything that a central bank could do but a lot more so the criticism people have is that well you need a central bank for anything any of this to work isn't that false oh yeah that's false and this is disses decent realisation of power we're bringing the money power
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back to we the people it's just a natural outgrowth of this blockade that central banks have made especially in the past hundred years all right now let's talk a little bit about quirk because you've made some videos on your you tube channel caught a lot of attention we had bitcoin is obviously the first out of the gate it's got a huge market cap relatively speaking then we have light coin which we talked about on our show a few weeks ago so i'm going to do another world premiere of yet another crypto. currency that you brought to people's attention and you mentioned it earlier goes by the name of cork why is it different than bitcoin why do you like it bill still well as i said before the cryptographic algorithm was created after the snowden revelations and with the whole n.s.a. intrusion in mind so it's a way more complex way more difficult perhaps the n.s.a. could eventually break it but they certainly can't break it in real time or anywhere close to real time so. i'm not smart enough to know you know exactly
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whether or not they'll ever be able to break it but all i know is this is the best one that i've as far as i can tell and. the privacy issue is all important to me because if we are going to put a dent in this central bank monopoly we've got to be able to have some sort of privacy in doing so right now bill is one of the great things about bitcoin of course is they cannot double spend a bit coin that's part of the the the open ledger that is the inherent in the technology you liken it you made the comparison to a digital tally stick so can you talk a little bit about that because obviously the tally sticks go back in ancient history but this seems to be an updated version of a tally stick built. well yeah i mean that's just it the money power is being retrieved by we the people instead of centralised by the privately owned central bankers and it's just
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a simple as that money cannot possibly serve the public interest in the current debt money system why because governments are borrowing from whom borrowing primarily from banks and through the federal reserve and the fed is a corporation the banks are its stock holders a corporation must serve the stockholders therefore this whole fed system in the united states cannot possibly serve the public interest it has to serve. only the bank interest and that's exactly why we see this ever increasing percentage of the total money flow going to the top one percent and it's not going to get any better anytime soon or let's talk a little bit about where you see those going the the top name in the crypt those fair is bitcoin it's got a market cap of about ten ten billion plus they've got some other think of that clued in the one that you talk about quark have a smaller market caps so let's walk us through how you see this going developing
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over the next two or three years were saying that it could challenge the central bank system that the central banks will push back but there are other applications for these types of currencies going to talk a little bit where you see this going bill. well yeah i mean we have to get a more open market we have to get direct access to what they call a u.s. dollar cross or a pound cross or a euro cross or or whatever so that the average person who doesn't have to go through all these machinations to just buy bitcoin to get into the market well it's even harder to sell bitcoin back. into the market and we need that to increase the effectiveness and once once we get that then i think it'll really take off all right let's let's talk a little bit about a quirk in more detail here that get this is one of the crypto there's been there's been going is kind of the main the main crypto currency that's all retailers are
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plugged in the crypt bitcoin except are now the case of cork if you go online you get some reaction one of the questions people have is that in the case of cork you have primo cool waynes. of course the early adopters have a large position in that sense can you speak about that a little bit well i'm not the greatest expert on this but there's a difference between pre mind and distributor. apparently and what what they did was go for a different model from the typical crypto model to try to specifically distribute. to make the pyramid less steep whereas other crip those are really developed like this where few people hold more and so the quark model was to in the mining period within a six month time so by january twenty first then mining is going to get very much more difficult with clark and then it'll scarcity will start to set in and the
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market should become less volatile ok so. to contrast this with bitcoin in the case of bitcoin you've got distribution happening through the mining process which goes out a number of years and so they won't hit that twenty one million maximum bitcoin level for quite some time whereas in cork they have the mining algorithm is happening a lot quicker so you'll end up in a position where you won't have the volatility potentially because all of the coins will have been mine in use and trading for this reason he might have some some greater stability do you think going forward that there is a room like we have in the world today for a dollar a year and a year ago do you foresee a future where you'll have the big coin like coin cork three or four major coins like we have around the world whose value will change against each other as you mentioned before some pairs are trading against each other depending on different
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geo political situations as a room ultimately for three or four majors in the in the crypto space bill what do you think oh yeah i think so i mean this this is this is the ultimate in competition among we the people as opposed to pretend competition imposed by the privately owned central bank debt money system. all right fair enough bill still we got a got to go out of time thanks so much for being on the kaiser report thank you max ok and that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacey everett would like to thank our guest bill still if you'd like to get in touch tweet us a kaiser report until next time by all. st . strategic. islands or covert team of
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journalists trying to release wiki leaks documents about. more pro-american they encounter peer. pressure. blocks the way to information freedom. pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm sure.
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ok paul so all of me goes i am not a martin this is breaking the set so much the duck dynasty controversy that the mainstream media is trumpeting there's actually a positive news to report a panel appointed by obama just released its recommendations to scale back the n.s.a. and the document they recommended forty six changes to add transparency accountability the agency but most importantly they suggest scaling back its authority to snoop and every aspect of our lives so time to pop the champagne all rolls right out so fast this is only good news if obama actually decides to embrace the advice and here's the cold hard truth even if the recommendations are adopted it's not going to prevent my.


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