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tv   [untitled]    December 21, 2013 12:00am-12:31am EST

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god. from behind bars to burlington former russian tycoon mikhail khodorkovsky is in germany looking forward to being reunited with his family following his pardon and release from prison. defense at a price eight and a half trillion dollars goes on they counted for less than two decades is passed to keep the pentagon running. and friday prayers turned violent in egypt as police dispersed supporters of the president who were protesting against the law restricting demonstrations.
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there would welcome to you watching international now after a decade behind bars the man who was russia's highest profile prisoner is now in germany whiting to be reunited with his family mikhail khodorkovsky was released from a penal colony and arrived in berlin late on friday following a bombshell pardon by president putin let's get more details now from our teams in the france lindsay obviously he must be looking forward to seeing his family how soon will that happen do you think well very soon indeed and do we know that his mother plans to get to berlin as soon as possible in fact we just spoke with her about her travel plans. i don't know when we're on which flights i still don't have the tickets i just got up i hope we will meet today. now marina. his mother is is in failing health
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and in fact that situation was cited by president putin as one of the reasons he decided to consider clemency in this case. his. daughter also released a statement to the press in which she she said that for the first time in ten years since she got used to living in a reality where her dad was in prison and to realize that she'll be able to see him every day is just unreal so it was a very rapid fire succession of how things took place when his release was announced in fact some of the family members didn't even know what had happened they were finding out from media reports. now he's only been released as me for a matter of what so you've been doing during his first moments of freedom well things happened very quickly when president putin made that announcement after thursday's q. and a with journalists it was less than twenty four hours later that khodorkovsky
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was on german soil now right now he is at the adlon hotel in berlin journalists of course camped out there waiting to catch any glimpse they can of him and now this announcement as i said was made thursday around five o'clock by. in a remark to a journalist after the q. and a and he landed on german soil by five o'clock the next day that jet which had flown from st petersburg to berlin was met by former foreign minister hans dietrich genscher and this shed some light on how this all could have possibly happened so very quickly in fact german chancellor merkel released a statement saying she was very happy with the outcome and in fact praised cantor's efforts in recent years for petitioning helping to petition for. release so germany obviously putting in some extra effort in obtaining those travel papers which usually take a while to process and this happened very quickly now khodorkovsky posted
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a statement on his website where he says on november twelfth i asked for a pardon due to family situations admission of guilt was not raised and now he also does plan to hold a press conference on sunday so we will of course be learning much more from that especially when it comes to his future plans but within just a very short time span a very rapid succession russia's most famous former tycoon was released from prison is on german soil and is facing his first family reunion in ten years he will be a fascinating to listen to what he's got to say this lindsay from. or some german media reports suggested horticulture because he thought his mother was there recently undergone treatment in the country for cancer but at the moment of his release was back in russia his footage from the court of the family's house in the
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moscow region both of his parents were reportedly travel to berlin on saturday while his son is said to be heading from new york to join him in germany he said he was hoping to be able to spend christmas holidays with his whole family or political columnist eric margolis believes in terms of his plans for the future it will be hard for him to launch a political career one wonders he might be a little trace by his lip and not started rants against google career for a while what little you know after ten years of prison will he be mandela or will he turn out and really star. trak to the brilliant man. that he really is not a rouse and he simply i don't think that russia is certainly not has. no none of that sort of going over in some part or there was little. love lost the russian
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oligarchs most people still do should have been there michael. so he's lovely really got away with some money and do a longer jail sentence while the pardon to hold are called ski states the decision was guided by the principles of humanity however there's been much speculation in the western media that the release was an attempt to boost russia's image ahead of the winter olympics in sochi but legal experts and blogger alexander mccord is believes it was first and foremost because of these plea for clemency. i don't think it got anything to do with nobody it was going to stay away from salt because of vista holder koskie being in prison i think the first point to make is that he is guilty and i i want to say that because this constant attempts to say that he was a political prisoner there's been six or seven decisions by the european court of human rights i've lost count how many there are which is said unequivocally that mr
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holder koskie is guilty of massive tax evasion on a simply enormous scale now he has been punished he's been in prison for that for ten years what what has changed the situation and has led to his release is that mr holder koskie did what he had previously consistently said he would not do and that is that he wrote a letter to mr putin asking for a pardon so i don't personally see that there's any compelling reason to keep him in prison or longer. and we are closely following the latest developments in the story of his footage from outside the five star hotel in the coffee is believed to be staying a team from marty's video agency rep police watching the scene and feeding us the latest pictures. now i know half trillion dollars that is the figure handed by the u.s. congress to the defense department since nine hundred ninety six and it's remained
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unaccounted for ever since despite the organization having some of the most sophisticated military hardware in the world it still lies on antiquated and error prone accounting computer systems it's even lead to active duty personnel and war veterans being underpaid. investigates the pentagon is almost certainly the biggest source of waste in the u.s. government over reuters investigation says since one thousand nine hundred ninety six the pentagon has spent eight point five trillion dollars in taxpayer money that has never been accounted for and nobody can say for sure how many billions of that amount were wasted on goods and services that were never delivered on over payments to contractors and many other things what does congress do about it nothing and national security experts the mile serious here with me to help us crunch the these numbers even a tree lead dollars i think can only be for
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a lot of money this is the kind of thing that you would think would bring capitol hill to a screeching halt they would be hearing this kind of almost daily you know various committees looking into it none of that just leads to massive waste and there can be all sorts of fraud that you don't know about just one example when the inspector general looked at iraq which was you know a lot of money but in the grand scheme just a portion of the money the u.s. spends what they found was about fifty billion dollars of the money the u.s. spent there was wasted about six billion dollars was completely go off as they had no idea where it was completely unaccounted for but put that in perspective that's about the amount of. the money that other countries would spend on their defense in a year total and that's just the least pocket change that we lost in the couch one thing i found very interesting in this report is that the pentagon appears to be using the standard operating procedure to enter false numbers or so-called blogs to cover lost or missing information in their accounting in order to submit a balanced budget to treasury so they could write a new everything this probably the most shocking part of this is that they get to
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the end of the day and they say oh there's money missing what do we do we'll just put a number in there that says it's there and we'll sort it out later i mean again this is this is the type of operating practice that if you did it in your own business if you try to do it with your own taxes for the government they haul you off to jail what contributes to the massive waste is the fact that for two decades the pentagon has dodged an audit means nobody checked if the numbers in their accounting made sense congress has just passed the budget that allocates around six hundred thirty billion dollars to the pentagon roughly the same amount as last year how much of that will be wasted taxpayers will never know in washington i'm going to check out our team and we talk to retired u.s. army colonel douglas macgregor on the pentagon's failure to keep track of its money he things given the seriousness of the year she would give them and doesn't seem anywhere near concerned enough. i have actually been in this position when i was the director joint operations that shape headquarters for reasons that i did
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understand my pay was suddenly reduced and it took a year older at least straightened out and then subsequently i was paid money that i had actually earned but for reasons that no one could explain had not been paid to me and my point is that you're dealing with billions of people and a lot of instability a lot of movement and it's a difficult system to to work effectively. this is an enormous problem and this is something that absolutely must be addressed and addressed in a forthright manner at the moment no one on capitol hill seems terribly concerned and the senior editor of the veterans today newspaper gordon duff but he's fast expenditure got his own funds in full defense projects that never come to life. no we have so many. defense entities that have gained so much power in washington over the past ten years certainly the. i consider the phony war on terror as been an
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opportunity for the defense industry to buy congress the pentagon it works much like the federal reserve we have overt and covert policies we have so many black budget a budget projects including nuclear weapons development projects that when dark is earliest one nine hundred ninety one we have heard of none of the advances we know that were achieved during the strategic defense initiative in the eighty's and ninety's the have all gone dark but they're continuing to eat funds and we're watching much of the military budget used for sustaining a top heavy military and air force for every third person in our air force is a general. training every inch of the festive spirit and to. put all of
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a season getting underway special police patrol with get underway in the scottish capital to take care of these windows we've got the story coming. if you. the opportunity. to start to construct your. bed give the want to meet gangsters you don't want to be drug dealers they don't want to blow with the time a kid came be we can see. you just me or does i was like i was in the hood. around clue. but i said what about them. i don't want to die i just really do not want to die young young i.
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could die he wasn't like the easiest person to negotiate with i mean many people who've met him or even those who knew him briefly all say that he wasn't completely sane what was he like when you were talking to him and negotiating with him about the lives of these people you know he was very he was very. how can i say maybe on the drugs or medicines but he was listening maybe it wasn't the right place said the right moment. egyptian police in cairo and have used tear gas on a series of protests clashes started when crowds of supporters of the deposed president mohamed morsi took to the streets after friday prayers artie's bell true takes a look at the brutal police crackdown through the eyes of the egyptian people.
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mohamed buckra waits at home for the return of his fifteen year old son credit jailed for taking a pro morsi ruler to school clearly it's teachers notified the authorities when they saw the four think it symbol which commemorates the bloody august dispersal of sit ins in support of egypt's ousted president. the first time in my life that the child is locked up in the military prison for having a ruler there is even the arrest warrant out for me for inciting my son to take the ruler to closs but even if they look my son up we're ready to keep fighting islamist supporters of morsi like mohammed say they are in hiding fifteen of showing any allegiance to the ousted mr brotherhood president. since they cleared the sit in some men started shaving their beards and the women to go off their knickers. anyone who's against the coup does not sleep in their own homes they spend nights at friends or even in barmes they're not even arresting are to this but normal people the checkpoints because they look like islamists with a beard even the simplest expression of support for mohammed morsi like
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a piece of stationery puts people in danger both from the communities and the state hundreds of morsy supporters have been arrested and many face trial after tonight's overthrow by the military security forces say the crackdown is necessary to secure the country but human rights organizations say it's part of a wider clampdown on free i the military backed government is determined to enforce new legislation banning protests without police permits so now leading secular activists are on trial to jailed under the new law. and that the breakdown of political activists is normal and natural because it's easy to accuse them of working for a foreign agency and charge them with treason attacking people in killing them is part of a political game played by the state. the government insists on restricting and controlling demos to keep the peace but egypt's dissidents are determined to keep
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protesting no matter the consequences boccieri r.t. kafir shaikh. well this is a photo of had it in his classroom apparently shot on a mobile phone and if you look closely you can see the four finger salute which is enough to land you in jail in egypt no matter what your age or gender element chairperson of the british egyptian for democracy group says the detention of the fifteen year old is far from an isolated case so this fifteen year old child along with many many children are now placed in prison just because they have things simple symbol it's a symbol was false and is only a yellow background and he's actually placed in an adult facility alongside. dogs and rapists and criminals in fact this is actually outrageous but we're seeing is the military regime. going absolutely even because
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a child is reminding its of its atrocities and the clear violations of human rights are taking place and is as you know at the moment there are many many children as well some of them we know about some we don't know anything about because once they're in prison you don't get access to a lawyer or beds and. now don't forget our web team is also busy getting stories for you including another blow to gay rights this time in uganda by the parliament has ratified a bill that could land homosexuals in jail for a lifetime and more details on this tough measure go to r.t. dot com. also there us and he joins come under fire again with louisiana environmentalists claiming their water is being contaminated with radiation for more on that just click on our web site. right on the scene. first for you and i think what you're.
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on our reporters with i instrument i. am. on my. despite the vigorous attempts of whistle blows to be exposed government wrongdoing it's often difficult for them to find media outlets willing to publicize the truth media stan is a recent road movie shot by wiki leaks team of journalists who embarked on a trip across central asia and highlights the difficulties they faced will be showing the film here in r.t. in about four hours time but you can always watch it any time online at our website at r.t. dot com. st augustine. strategic leadership. under cover team of journalists trying to release which leaves documents. about speeds
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it's great. local media more broadly. counter to your ignorance and pressure. the country blocks the way to information freedom. media star. let's have a quick look at some other news now in the capital of the central african republic a fresh outbreak of sectarian violence is left at least thirty seven people dead red cross official claim most of the victims were of the short or hacked to death with machetes this comes after france which already has more than sixteen hundred troops on the ground appealed to its european allies to help violence between muslims and christians is left around a thousand people dead this month. i don't know why interrupted in the greek capital as hundreds of farmers took to the
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streets in protest of the new property tax they were confronted by riot police who they pelted with three before attacking them with sticks the clashes broke out ahead of a vote by pains in the non-popular bill needed to qualify for more international bailout cash. elsewhere dozens of rises have attacked a police station in the german city of hamburg after a demonstration over the threatened eviction of the large water protesters police cars and when days while a number of arrests were made refugees and their supporters are expected to gather on saturday in front of the roughly florists walk to demand open spaces and refugee rights about four thousand people said police are set to be deployed. mexican president peña nieto has signed a controversial fuel law that allows foreign companies to drill for oil for the first time since the sector was nationalized seventy five years ago protests across
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the country denies this is an act of betrayal by the government but the president says it will help attract investment boost falling and port. may be the height of the party season but some people will always celebrate just that little bit more than others in the scottish capital edinburgh blues patrols are taking to the streets so the festive mood doesn't spill out of control r.t. sara first joined one. in the streets and pumps of that umbrella and the festive spirit is alive and well as the rudest and with the city's sponson he tells filling up the holiday season provides a much needed boost to the local economy. was that. it was the right way. the scottish new year is known as hogmanay
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and the celebrations held in the city of renowned around the world the big ticket of all when. it's rainbow basically we have the tradition is that you're go right into houses and you take your you take a glass of whiskey and some cold cold to keep you warm and whiskey to to have a drink and i think new year's eve was invented by the scots but it's not cause for celebration ambulance and police start it's a busy period and in edinburgh this year number of schemes have been piss in place to try and provide support for the people he hosted a little tea mary safety saints and she say quote these buses will be in operation to try to take the strain off the local services the scottish ambulance service says the buses will be there to treat ses he suffered a minor injury we all have spent playing a very indulged in the city gears up for a busy holiday season and does that midnight countdown is party goes here it is
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imbra us to try and enjoy the spirit of the event just easy on the spirit. of. edinburgh was. nice being with. max and stacey kaiser report and if you're watching us in the u.k. is going on the ground with. a soft.
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thank. you. i. live. this is st augustine. strategic mission trying to.
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cover a team of journalists trying to release wiki leaks documents about zero united states is trying to. make me a local media more pro-american they encounter fear ignorance and pressure. the country blocks the way to information freedom. media stop. welcome to the kaiser report i am max kaiser in a surprise move to many brazil has awarded a four point five billion dollar fighter jet contractors of sweet in it was
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expected to bed boeing would receive the contract but and i quote the n.s.a. problem ruined it for the americans a brazilian government source told reuters on condition that anonymity. anonymity those brazilians sure have a wacky sense of humor anyway the reason this is a problem is that new research suggests that humans descended from jellyfish more specifically the related warty sea walnut a lot of this blog of blogs and blog and blog and this warty seawall not lives inside all of us but especially inside americans floating through the crowded space seeking to soak up more debt to feed the pool of the rivers and fraud in which it floats and survives and whilst awarding america debt not can survive on very little room wealth creation it does need some real income to keep its pyramid of debt due from imploding especially these days of the fed trying to taper its ponzi and as
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weapons and hollywood are the only two sources of export income it appears this population of war you see walnuts may soon be going hungry stacey max yes saw the shares soared by over thirty percent on this news meaning that the markets had not yet priced in this collapsing us empire as a result of the n.s.a. spying scandal even though we have reported here for example that i.b.m. sales were collapsing and the likes of i.b.m. so this is part of that story and i think the reason why they hadn't priced didn't was because hollywood is still exporting this myth of. the american dream and the american superpower there to protect you all i sort of marvel story and i understand what you're saying there that the there was a delay in terms of pricing in the fact that boeing and american corporations are being shunned around the world because of the n.s.a. infiltration of products with spying technology that renders these products worthless as far as being competitive you don't want your products competing with
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somebody who's in effect of your products with their spying technology it also speaks to how broken these markets are around the world so much of the price of stocks and bonds in currencies around the world is set by fraudsters using their algorithmic trading computer trading so it took a couple of days for a solid stock to really discount the fact the american empire is crumbling that these spies software is a classic case of diminishing returns that there won't be the same kind of profits made by these corporations that have been made by these corporations and the only thing left the only game left in town really is predatory lending in a war what you speak of diminishing returns and that's what we're going back to here because you mention at the opening that boeing one of the major export units of america is has lost its huge deal with brazil so let's look at this chart which is debt to g.d.p. this chart compares the level of gross domestic product g.d.p. with total credit market debt as reported in the federal reserve flow of funds
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report it took roughly one dollar and thirty cents in new debt to create one dollar of g.d.p. growth in one thousand nine hundred fifty two today it takes over three dollars and fifty cents in debt to generate a single dollar of additional g.d.p. so it's those diminishing returns and this is why it's so important that we're losing the last few remaining things and once we lose boeing and we can export the weapons you know how much longer will people even believe in these hollywood stories we've reported on this ratio before debt to g.d.p. growth the. going back to the one nine hundred fifty s. it was almost want to once america would issue some debt and they'd get some some kind of g.d.p. kick as a result of it but it requires more and more debt to quibble cape equivalent same g.d.p. dollar of growth and what we now have is clearly a case of zombie banks and zombie corporations that would not survive if they weren't being transfused with.


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