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tv   [untitled]    December 21, 2013 5:30am-6:01am EST

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yes it's. just so. we. were. we were. but that was a good thing with the bill introduced to code less person would cause us to flee
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and move the bus and we both came up cell which unfortunately launched the field press which said so we're going to keep these things but i want thoughtful well i was going to tell you many of you. yet they have a senator. you doesn't new york i would. love this month it's a seven of us in d.c. missing you'll probably. see deal of death i mean there's a video that they put up or it is that it was on but i wonder just on a. sheet you just said the products. that sell us good. morning yeah i would love to the shooter of the fist which is book and stuff. with a story on the fold is for those far
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as her were good discourse the what dish up for. such and groups. not push the president meeting to get not get the newton you get if he is the best and then there's a boy. who could not us to meet george w. waiter in a movie is not proper for. me to get that simple question just check your bottom out in a you don't want to. keep. score are. you sure are supposed to. do that simply add them explain it a bit of some good drugstore and internet is the money permission. of view of you know where your. nuclear video. it pushed the price
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what it was thought the fish good bottle of you. t.v. for the t.v. praying it could be getting it the sun being. the problem. it is just look at the national committee of the food security discourse the thing is that the modern bio read up on by. the office the theory of the office door which i would say is that a greater portion will easily complete. the process there's a limit to the bill because i just wish that the developer. is going to or she's been immune to the princeton review some things we need to do it does appear that when i was a professional opinion it was a little slow but me not just the school it was stuff that i do as a pick at that this was a really sick. serious stand that things went on there's an artistic.
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it's a gritty to. give up just over two. thirds of the drugs and get decent. numbers ability doesn't could this much into this. give him a good berth. for the rest of the national. commission. more than. just a good book though most of we look across the. not so into google groups because. you can access. most of we discuss a while then you saw it was full of kids easy on thousand euros a pick can still play. more the dr. price. is. kind
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of your career guard no. national park area membership anymore some fraction or not i don't. ever. hear of a crack addict here. care there no measuring it is a new one on me so we need to know what bit of it you need each school monday mogens music wesley i will start. to watch it is you don't i just need to be submitted if you look at a little. bit about your son as it winds with your shoulders don't you think you played b.c. then you know i am not sure if you track your progress for america cricket. that was over the whole different. sort of us because we were
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right. there was a lot of really it's. just that it got. closer. to the gate. and you. know. it's pretty it's you know this will go to you notice it because if it is you would say we're going to get what's your interest going to. here's a cable about the meeting that the u.s. ambassador has with the governor of missouri sharif here in northern afghanistan. and this is what the governor says. you have to loose with
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a litany of complaints about the swedish presence in afghanistan he described the relationship to the swedish military a school saying that the only times that the swedish commanders visit or when they first arrive in mazar and when they pay there for a local. morning is fair criticism for this which is media reclaimed never bothered to talk to politicians or ordinary people during their visits to the minute your base and bus only heard positive accounts of its work instead of hearing the views of local residents. then the cable goes on about basically all other afghani politicians are asking this we believes of going to stop centuries you're thinking why sweden hearing that. what it was we didn't hear from the say. it's the. catalyst is it that this is usually one of these words. eat.
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eat picked. it. hello is this the yard over here are my name's dramas i just got your telephone number from the top model of my swedish military base here in the us are sure if. we're just getting off now towards your office together we're going to go out with a local journalist that will help out with translations. all right so i was here so . it was the this isn't the kind you know. i was just running through the book
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called. make up their. posts under six people they were in. and the police were not leaving the germans to go inside to come to earth. but i got some information from motions my son the smile for the call. and it was really heart of them for me because everyone was calling me to help them. because they're good spirits it was very good it was not a good in terms of finding money for them in the sense of health because in terms of human or got killed it was really it was a song i was going it was sad. but in terms of the news it was the first time the minimal comfort in afghanistan was came in the time. that there were some done as they were coming. london you can see me from the scene and they were asking me that me we need to hire you could they. do it he proceeded enough to blather.
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and then i was telling the truth i don't think those were paid to be very good i was not. so what do you do with them you don't just throw them on the telephone what's happening on the telephone i was writing on the laptop and i was sent to email. worth more than ten minutes come over so. we've been there a month not just with joe couple of days how much sand twelve thousand dollars i mean you see by selling he was selling pictures. on the with after the food today he says that i would have gone through this guy and took two thousand dollars. identify therefore we can blather that is very thing you and me where they're going to go home take their many you know they're going to have something.
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we've reported on this ratio before debt to g.d.p. growth going back to the one nine hundred fifty s. it was almost one to one so marital issues some dead and they'd get some some kind of g.d.p. kick as a result of it but it requires more and more debt to. equivalent same g.d.p. dollar of growth and what we now have is clearly a case of zombie banks and zombie corporations that would not survive if they weren't being transfused was more debt continuously which means that good businesses are being crowded out by zombies and it also means that you've got a. total loss of competitiveness this is the worst thing really that quantitative easing has done to america. why is the price of gold so high. demand global demand do you think oldest money.
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know the value of the only place we have to live of the water that we need to survive it's not compared to. gold we're not going to eat we're not going to be. we're not going to drink we're clearly one of all is and is in a desperate economic situation absolutely right what we're wrong to do is say therefore any kind of economic development from the outside is going to be a benefit their only purpose is to extract as much money as possible to feed into the global financial system. with current. economic system that's extremely exploratory to. first was a question with mining should even be carried out. in a way which. destroy people's lives resources environment and so on well you know
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those are pretty serious questions mining is not a what a moment problem it's happening in asia in africa and south america in central america in mexico and it's even happening in canada and the united states. dramas that can't be ignored. stories others refuse to notice. the faces changing the walls the lights now the. full picture of today's leaves my own designs from around the globe. look to. the.
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frontline of port city of societies people international justice people rights with its rights truth good governance freedom of information peace democracy cannot cross i w p r i do keep our eye doesn't feel makes a difference. the greatest guarantor of freedom is truth we have been working with really experienced it in different parts of the world in different countries we are. looking for immediate martin area in the context of somebody that would be interested in thinking and working with the policeman here you're here and if you think this is something going to that you can work with then we would be willing to give it to well let me get a check of the british and he goes of course but what wish there was a. test would call these stories that we have the close of program us yes all of us
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are. dead the problem is that you know it's no use telling you space. heaters that any of their. customers cheat and there was a group of journalists kids working. to let some people in to plot against often couldn't trust this he's a free man i said information but they still didn't give me a letter but if you started it means that you would be the person to fix this and we did yes and i did you and then i did get information but you know you can only given that because you were the one of the control i don't care if you're here because i wrote it because i can speak english when ever you want to be a convict me. but this year they will. keep me. it is not a there is no therefore it is they are. problem by to tell you don't understand now
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because i know you are there is a living get you all i can just drug i really care it is there i did the you did not good it was a lot and i would have thought it was you know i think you. know but it is you may have to accept actually that he was a member of the k.g.b. . i must say. oh good let me do a little about the ice i will put the signature on the key for american miles it's called all cash for jars of i just never i know exactly how they give the go and my brother was persecuted in germany because he was critical of i do this but i will give information or look for help. because he had all the things he came up with out of the book of this information to write that. ok yeah a lot of respect i don't think i'm good at the. high julian this is
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a. journalist based in the northern afghanistan. and they just made you listen to this in the morning and symphony in peter t. place of peace in the snow. i didn't know the. oh you will win a hell of a nationally that having access to this information until we have enough can do this to disclose the face of war lords the faces of those who commit their crimes the faces of those who committed genocide but later on we knew that having this much else could be dangerous since afghanistan is a particular country and there is no good to for the life of a journalist therefore it made me a little bit impressed and it put me and it made me a little bit this just. therefore. i don't know how to deal with this not just with
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they know these myths and but important in order to help the journalists know that in order to make the able them to do their stories but having because all these documents are proof by having these documents they can do their stories. one of the most important thing for a journalist is that they're facing looking for proof and information always. by the know is the lead thinking how to do it and. so. every day. the risk situation. in your country. can be really. bad except if you. have experience. it's
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educators and. it's. at best it's getting picked. yes as far as i knew the. u.s. forces are more than our. army their numbers and that's something claire i can say this is another united states. in terms of having forces. you know that they have access to everything to every nation to be afghan and everyone it's i'm sure there are some some information there are some.
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i mean i can say some reports that what really u.s. wants do they really wants to just to. just to continue this war in order that you have it's part of profit. i'm sure if a group of donors came together. we would be able to help it otherwise with only me i'm sure it's difficult for. this not easy job. so.
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here's a cable about the treatment of president. bush the son of president george bush sr it's called meeting with the president. to explore all directions including to die a bush the son of the forty first us president met with the president of turkmenistan. the purpose of the meeting was to explore for possible business opportunities in turkmenistan's oil sector they immediately recognized the emphasis of form over substance and turkmenistan they were both surprised and impressed by the rapid pace of construction in the capital the oil directors works to build a more personal relationship with the turkmen officials in the hope that it will lead to some of the proposed projects the presidential meeting was featured on the front page of neutral turkmenistan newspaper in the following morning. this is the main office. building found. their losses to the most important newspaper in the country which has founded first bit by bit but
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. i i. guess i'm. going to. go but anything from it is not. really with google we cannot go up. as he'd be a. levee would be a case in. you know all that know the money's going. to have the least you. know so. yes i. think both are locking. down the young man who will be. all of these rules pushing.
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for. those of. you. just. soup for those. sleazy these do still. those. who fulfill each. pulls. on his must reach their target of many of their benefits but bush was made here. to bring us down other good luck to the business breaking into somebody's balls you know why doesn't he get enjoyed that was made was he would that be a bit doesn't it is he added who threw the letters into the shape of the air. through life. with good. starfleet who. will study is a good person is consistent so who buys his truth was that he
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is he'll was a suitable job but who doesn't look at least as negotiate it should be him but i'm glad i didn't call who do you where should lose you. should live through the illugi produce blue to prove that. people who. live here or should. go to work. or if you prefer you can still go to schools partly because of the overseas says. knows a lot because he is his own and yet as you know usually it is it like. a humorous nazir but in your twenties there. is a weird weird. it doesn't work there it is that they hope will see.
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you as you look at last as from a distance ok you did it was a. sure screw p.c. to you. but you fools we seem to see the gauge of this we are going to get it also the good you would need us to get to get you so he she still does stuff get into what i would be good for you that's not good i didn't mean you guys could put it on the podium to keep us. because it is good to know this was debate that we trust and that we did that you needed. to kind of stuff people docs would snap to move you must be just switching to persuade her that she was the book of rules even given my ship the ability the with reason you were small to see the full steam. growth we should have previously seen the sure mildred which made. it seem your rights were persuasive compared to something do you think you would be to. give up
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the idea of these. cheap you could members in my backyard but he would. say he is going to be able models you can use a new student who would. not look easily. he was already. sure she would be much more watching me i would get right to. the engine she knew what the. geishas. spirit would be believes you should use and the signal she just stood to look at you each you push each of cookie. sheets and you mean. the book doesn't.
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cover. margins consumer bases and i see it when i'm in the country is the federal government simply saves property of the united states government. why is the united states numbered image when it was done public has to realize you can't just buy. your own just throw it away this is a problem for instance belongs to the united states environmental protection agency i found this on a dump site here this is are here it's not a waste it's no not black and produces of these literally i think should be able to collect these i believe the vision responsible for the products from cradle to grave. fatal from mexico department of mental health for up until sucked american corporate are also belongs to the washington metro area transit authority
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properties of a dentist aids pay trend and trademark office. i don't understand you correctly. you don't believe that ad words snowden performed a public service may be in the best interest of the united states but at least in the best interest of humanity here countries don't want to turn over their play book to the other side and that's essentially what's happened here it is true that it is heard a big debate about the role of our intelligence services in the united states i think that debate was coming anyway after nine eleven but i don't think we've had sort of anything in the interest of humanity served by the steps.
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to see wasn't like the easiest person to negotiate ways i mean many people who've met him or even those who knew him briefly all say that he wasn't completely sane what was he like when you were talking to him and negotiating with him about the lives of these people you know he was very he was very. how can i say maybe on the drugs or medicine. but she was listening maybe it wasn't the right place said the right. elite .
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from behind bars to berlin a former russian tycoon mikhail put our post is about to be reunited with his family in the german capital. as his family members begin to arrive here it's a family reunion it's been ten years in the making for the whole to call. for the solid defense at a price eight and trillion dollars goes and accounted for in less than two decades as part of the effort to keep the pentagon running. and another charger slapped on troops toppled leader mohamed morsy over a twenty eleven prison escape as police grondahl and his supporters who were protesting against a law restricting demonstration.


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