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tv   [untitled]    December 21, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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the long awaited reunion will. meet his family in berlin after president clinton pardons him on humanitarian grounds. plus the pentagon fails to account for an eight point five trillion dollar black hole in its budget as washington seems unable to rein in defense spending. egypt's ousted president mohamed morsi faces new charges this time over a twenty eleven jailbreak while his supporters of all ages been thrown behind bars . for the first time in my life the child is locked up in the military prison for having a ruling. party follows a story of an egyptian schoolboy who was sent to prison over his shoulder support for the country's deposed leader.
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thanks for tuning in this hour i'm to seek out for nothing and watching our t.v. well on to our top story now. has been reunited with his family in the german capital he greeted his parents outside the hotel where he's currently staying now the former oil tycoon had arrived in berlin just hours after his release from a russian jail this was following president putin's pardon artie's peter oliver has more. on the calcutta coasties first full day of freedom was a day of reunification with family here lynn his son pavel who'd flown from new york told us that the whole family had been reunited and that they were all very happy thrilled to be here in germany that day because my father is free. my family is finally going to see it and we're very very appealing because he.
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really can hear. me how to cause his mother and father had flown here from moscow now his mother has been here in berlin quite a quite a lot in the recent past she has been receiving cancer treatments here and a bill in city hospital where you can function shock to me as didn't come believe i'm going to see him now i feel like it's one of my regular veins the whole reason behind because of course he being granted the presidential pardon on humanitarian grounds was the the ill health of his mother so they have been reunited here in the hotel just behind me the press secretary of the russian president dmitry peskov now he said that khodorkovsky remains a russian citizen he is a russian citizen he's free to return to russia whenever he would like and live there should he want to you also said that he's he's free to stay here in germany should he want to as well it's pretty much as simple as that and no peskov also
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outlined the letters that were written by a local ski to vladimir putin he said there was to one of them was a personal letter to president putin the of the was the official petition to be to be released from prison and that it was that petition that resulted in him receiving this pardon is released on humanitarian grounds to the former german foreign minister hands again missed again she seems to have been instrumental in making sure that because of how to close the code come here and chancellor in a statement from the chancellor spokes person on the medical spokesperson she pay. she paid tribute to the work done by mistake and share in bringing her to call ski here to germany and she also praised the work done by the german government behind the scenes in making this possible and well could be called how to cope ski it's germany. where he is just behind me in the other lot hotel now enjoying his family reunion
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a political act analyst an expert on russian german relations alexander rar was one of the first people to greet the former tycoon on german soil speaking to r t he shared some of his impressions about their first meeting in ten years his face didn't change in the past ten years i haven't seen him for ten years. i think he didn't lose his humor he. he still. in a very strong mood to. i would say i don't know i don't think that he's going to involve him in politics but it's my personal opinion that there are also told us who was neither a mystery nor a surprise that the one time all of our chose to head to berlin. the reason why i could of course he came to germany's very simple because his mother is here in hospital she's very very sick and to this is not a secret and asked to release him because he wants to meet
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his mother before it's too late and. as it happens mrs of the people here. when the sun never arrived but she's in germany. she left on to germany for russia but of course she's now. a politician paul hamm from the euro skeptic alternative for germany party told us why he thinks enjoyed such a warm welcome in berlin the people germany don't know very little about but. i mean he was known as an audit guy who had been put on trial in russia and send him to jail for the last ten years that is all you know the people in the west and would have forgotten so quickly what has happened after the subject to the break of the soviet union the fall of the soviet union i mean it was in times of boris yeltsin there were the all the guards which have taken over power and were most
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influential in russia president putin came and you know be criticizing today the influence of the only guy in the ukraine for example but we welcome somebody a representative of the group who has been imprisoned in russia i think that to the first bet it is to the russian people as well that the other guys have no influence on russian policy any more it's into last ten years. will be getting us first news conference on sunday at midday g.m.t. we will be bringing to you on air as well as on line at r.t. dot com meanwhile visit our live updates section on the website for the latest photos or videos and analysis from. the pentagon has secured a six hundred thirty billion. dollar budget for next year even though it's failed to account for the money it's received since one nine hundred ninety six a whopping eight and a half trillion dollars of taxpayer cash has gone to a defense program a snug of which has been on attach the so-called black budget
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a spark concerns over potential fraud authorities going to she can reports the pentagon is almost certainly the biggest source of waste in the u.s. government ovoid or seemed best to geisha and says since one thousand nine hundred ninety six the pentagon has spent eight point five trillion dollars in taxpayer money that has never been accounted for and nobody can say for sure how many billions of that amount were wasted on goods and services that were never delivered on over payments to contractors and many other things what does congress do about it nothing and national security experts the mile serious here with me to help us crunch the these numbers even a tree lead dollars on it can only be for a lot of money this is the kind of thing that you would think would bring capitol hill to a screeching halt they would be hearing this kind of almost daily you know various committees looking into it none of that just leads to massive waste and there can be all sorts of fraud that you don't know about just one example when the inspector
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general looked at iraq which was you know a lot of money but in the grand scheme just a portion of the money the u.s. spends what they found was about fifty billion dollars of the money the u.s. . six billion dollars was completely lost they had no idea where it was completely unaccounted for and put that in perspective that's about the amount of money that other countries would spend on their defense in a year total and that's just the least pocket change that we lost in the house one thing i found very interesting in this report is that the pentagon apparently using the standard operating procedure to enter false numbers or so-called blogs to cover lost or missing information in their accounting in order to submit a balanced budget to treasury so they could write a new everything this probably the most shocking part of this is that they get to the end of the day and they say oh there's money missing what do we do we'll just put a number in there that says it's there and we'll sort it out later i mean again this is this is the type of operating practice that if you did it in your own business if you try to do it with your own taxes for the government they haul you off to
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jail what contributes to the massive waste is the fact that for two decades the pentagon has dodged an audit which means nobody checked if the numbers in their accounting made any sense congress has just passed the budget that allocates around six hundred thirty billion dollars to the pentagon roughly the same amount as last year how much of that will be wasted taxpayers will never know in washington i'm going to our. earlier we spoke to a retired u.s. army colonel douglas macgregor he said the majority of americans don't realize the amount of taxpayer money that squandered in the defense budget. if americans were actually aware and most american citizens simply are not aware if they understood how many trillions of dollars have been lost in the defense budget how much of it has nothing to do with defense how much of it in no way supports the soldier sailor airman or marine who is actually organized trained and equipped to fight for the
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country they would be furious because if we could recover those losses we could probably reduce the national debt rather substantially again it's a function of the people on the hill the people in congress the president they have to be pressured by the electorate and the electorate can do that and the electorate can demand accountability but the electorate hasn't. he has intelligence expert gordon duff sons that lawmakers have become increasingly corrupted by their ties to the military industry we have so many. defense entities that have gained so much power in washington over the past ten years certainly the i consider the phony war on terror as been an opportunity for the defense industry to buy congress the pentagon it works much like the federal reserve we have overt and covert policies we have so many black budget
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a budget projects including nuclear weapons development projects that when dark is early as one nine hundred ninety one we have heard of none of the advances we know that were achieved during the strategic defense initiative but in the eighty's and ninety's the those have all gone dark but they're continuing to eat funds and we're watching much of the military budget used for sustaining a top heavy military and air force for every third person is a general. in a few minutes here on our team curbing the festivities. scottish capital works to keep public order during the holiday season introducing special patrols to help those taking your celebrations a bit too far. also three olympic titles ten world championship gold medals that's the record of legendary ice hockey goalie. and yet he's still in good
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shape as you'll see in the second part of our program will tell you about the important mission he has this weekend. we reported on this ratio before debt to g.d.p. growth going back to the one nine hundred fifty s. it was almost one to one so marital issues i'm dead and they get some some kind of g.d.p. kick as a result of it but it requires more and more dead to. quibble and same g.d.p. dollar of growth and what we now have is clearly a case of zombie banks and zombie corporations that would not survive if they were being transfused was more debt continuously which means that good businesses are being crowded out by zombies and it also means that you've got a. total loss of competitiveness so this is the worst thing really that quantitative easing has done to america.
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i. new charges have been filed against egypt's former president mohamed morsy he's suspected of involvement in a prison break and the killing of police officers during the twenty eleven uprising against hosni mubarak protesters meanwhile continue to be swept up in a government crackdown we're age it seems doesn't matter true has a story of a fifteen year old boy who's languishing behind bars. mohammad buckra waits at home for the return of his fifteen year old son credit jailed for taking
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a chrome morsi relate to school teaches notify the authorities when they saw the fourth a good symbol which commemorates the bloody august dispersal of citizens in support chips asked it was. the first time in my life that a child is locked up in the military prison for having a ruler resume and the rest warrants out for me for inciting my son to take the ruler to class but even if they look my son our problem we're ready to keep fighting islamist supporters of morsi like mohammed say they are in hiding fearful of showing any allegiance to the oust of muslim brotherhood president. since they cleared the sit in some men started shaving their beards and the women took off their new cabs anyone who is against the coup does not sleep in their own homes they spend nights at friends or even in barns they're not even arresting activists but normal people the checkpoints because they look like islamists with a beard even the simplest expression of support for mohamed morsi like a piece of stationery puts people in danger both from the communities and the state
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hundreds of morsy supporters have been arrested and many face trial often lies overthrown by the military security forces say the crackdown is necessary to secure the country but human rights organizations say it's part of a white a clampdown on i the military backed government is determined to enforce new legislation banning protests without police permits so now leading secular activists are on trial to change into the. again to let you know that the breakdown of political activists is normal and natural because it's easy to accuse them of working for a foreign agency and charge them with treason or attacking people even killing them is part of a political game played by the state. that the government insists on restricting and controlling demos to keep the peace. egypt's dissidents all the time and to keep protesting at the consequences. for our culture shake.
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well this is a photo of call it in his classroom apparently shot at a mobile phone giving the four fingered salute as you can see right here and it was for having that symbol on a stationary that he was arrested although mohamed is the chairperson of the british egyptians for democracy group and she weighs in on this and other arrests. so this fifteen year old child along with many many children are now placed in prison just because they have. things that simple symbol it's a symbol was false and is only a yellow background and he's actually placed in an adult sitting alongside suggs and rapists and criminals in fact this is actually outrageous what we're seeing is the military regime. going up somebody in mad because a child is reminding its of its atrocities and the clear violations of human rights are taking place and as as you know at the moment there are many many children as
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well some of them we know about some we don't know anything about because once they're in prison and you don't get access to a lawyer or medical attention. the secret techniques of f.b.i. interrogations are now available to the public and that's after the agent who literally wrote the book on that submitted his work for copyright protection find out why he wanted to make it public on our website. also at r.t. dot com catch what's been called the wiki leaks road movie media stand up the trials and tribulations of getting leaks into the media. in your home i like to thank you ali thank you i just like you.
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like to have you with us here on t.v. today i roll researcher. the first of two spacewalks to replace a broken cooling pump have been completed without a hitch at the international space station it took a pair of nasa astronaut over five hours to finish the repairs truckful it is the founder of capital science connections and he explains the details and the dangers that that mission the equipment involved takes heat from all of the electronic equipment inside the space station and transfers it outside the space station radiating away to space there are two units that can do that and one of them has failed that means that the astronauts on board have had to shut down a lot of non critical upper races there so the thing is functioning perfectly all
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right but of course if the second unit were to fail that would mean that they were into a really critical situation where they couldn't call the space station properly and they would likely have to abandon it it is obviously scrupulously maintained and monitored piece of equipment and there is an argument to say that within reason the longer that something is functioning and functioning satisfactorily the safer it is so the risks here are well understood and well controlled but clearly as the thing ages as the equipment on board starts to get older and older and potentially malfunctions there is inevitably going to come a point where the international space station will have to be abandoned and the question is really in everyone's mind i guess whether anyone would ever build such a thing again. time now for some world news in brief and we begin in germany where violent clashes have erupted between the police and protesters was.
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was reacted with anger when police moved to the big people living from a left wing cultural center and homework protesters hurled objects of police responded with water cannon even dozens injured the cultural center has been occupied by refugees for over twenty years but the building is now under threat of collapse. violence across iraq has left at least twenty five people dead dozens more injured the deadliest incident saw at least eighteen soldiers killed in a bomb blast during an operation against al qaeda linked fighters in the anbar province among the victims were high ranking officers r.t. is keeping track of the violence in a walk in a special project that you can find on our web site. thailand's maimed opposition party has announced it will boycott february snap elections amid
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a deepening political crisis in the country earlier this month the prime minister called for a vote in a bid to to end weeks of mass anti-government protest demonstrators demanding her resignation saying that she is a puppet of her brother the controversial or mine leader. while the holiday season is in the capital in bergen as in full flow so is the alcohol which accompanies it special patrols and so-called booze buses are being deployed to maintain public order and to help those celebrating a little bit too hard or sour fourth reports. in the streets and pubs of edinburgh and the festive spirit is alive and well yet the rudest and with the city's bars and he tells filling up the holiday season provides a much needed boost for the local economy. it was. right it
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was the right way. the scottish new year is known as hogmanay and the celebrations held in the city of renowned around the world the big hot ticket. it's where basically we have the tradition is that you're go round the houses and you take your ticket but glass of whisky and some cold cold to keep you warm and wished you to have a drink and i think new year's eve was invented by the scots but it's not cause for celebration ambulance and police start it's a busy period and it isn't where this year a number of schemes have been put in place to try and provide support for the people here corson a little to marry safety zones and to say called these buses will be an operation to try to take the strain off the local services the scottish ambulance service says the buses will be there to treat those who suffered a minor injury or have simply overindulged. the city gears up for
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a busy holiday season and does that midnight countdown is party goes here it is imbra us to try and enjoy the spirit of the event just easy on the spirit. surf r.t. edinburgh was. one of us anticipated competitors at the competition sparking at the winter olympics in sochi as the ice hockey tournament and what stuff we're going to be key to the action is the parks which have been presented to the public by a man who even in his sixty's knows how to deal with them better than most. this is how it goes. like this i'm ready to shoot. i haven't lost it. it's impossible to score when trade check is in gold. as you can see the legendary goalie who won three olympic tournaments ten world
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championship medals for the soviet team is still in good shape he was out the black sea resort helping to make sure everything is ready for a face off when the action starts including these pucks you see right there the teams will have to get to know very well if they want to take home the olympic gold come february. up next as the kaiser report to stay with us you're watching r t international. the parliament of yemen has put forward a motion to ban drone attacks in the country the motion is now waiting approval by the president and it's probably impossible to enforce unless they could build a really big net or something isn't it strange that now after years of drone strikes in their country the parliament just wakes up to the fact their systems are
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getting blown up from the sky to be fair yemen doesn't have a ton of cash and i could see how having the well equipped and funded us military to take care of the al qaeda problem for them for free could be really entices i mean it must be scary to be a politician with lots of power hungry terrorists about this would be the first time in history that a stronger foreign power fought a weaker states battles for them but the problem is that according to the huffington post a former u.s. state department official in yemen says that every year drone attacks create eight from forty to sixty new terrorists why they create terrorists because according to the human rights watch seventy percent of the people killed by drones in yemen are civilians you know if the yemeni government is really free from washington's grasp and really wants to deal with their al qaeda problem they'll have better luck doing it themselves with the good old rifles and bayonets pointed at the right targets but that's just my opinion.
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welcome to the kaiser report imax kaiser in a surprise move to many brazil has awarded a four point five billion dollar fighter jet contractors saw of sweden it was expected to bed boeing would receive the contract but and i quote the n.s.a. problem ruined it for the americans a brazilian government source told reuters on condition that anonymity. anonymity those brazilians sure have a wacky sense of humor anyway the reason this is a problem is that new research suggests that humans descended from jellyfish. more specifically the related warty see walnut a lot in this blog blog and blog and blog and this warty see walnut lives inside
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all of us but especially inside americans floating through the crowded space seeking to soak up more debt to feed the pool of the rivers and fraud in which it floats and survives and also warty america debt and that can survive on very little real wealth creation it does need some real income to keep that pyramid of debt goo from imploding especially these days of the fed trying to taper its ponzi and as weapons and hollywood are the only two sources of export income it appears this population of war you see walnuts may soon be going hungry stacey max yes saw the shares soared by over thirty percent on this news meaning that the markets had not yet priced in this collapsing us empire as a result of the n.s.a. spying scandal even though we have reported here for example that i.b.m. sales were collapsing and the likes of i.b.m. so this is part of that story and i think the reason why they hadn't priced didn't was because hollywood is still export ing this myth of the american dream and the
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american superpower there to protect you all yes it remarkable story and i understand what you're saying there that the there was a delay in terms of pricing in the fact that boeing and american corporations are being shunned around the world because of the n.s.a. infiltration of products with spying technology that renders these products worthless as far as being competitive you don't want your products competing with somebody who isn't affected your products with their spying technology it also speaks to how broken these markets are around the world so much of the price of stocks and bonds and currencies around the world is set by fraudsters using their algorithmic trading computer trading so it took a couple of days for stock to really discount the fact the american empire is crumbling that these spy software is a classic case of diminishing returns that there won't be the same. kind of profits made by these corporations that have been made by these corporations and the only thing left the only game left in town really is purgatory lending in a war what you speak of diminishing returns and that's what we're going back to
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here because you mentioned at the opening that boeing one of the major export units of america is has lost its huge deal with brazil so let's look at this chart which is debt to g.d.p. this chart compares the level of gross domestic product g.d.p. with total credit market debt as reported in the federal reserve flow of funds report it took roughly one dollar and thirty cents in new debt to create one dollar of g.d.p. growth in one thousand nine hundred fifty two today it takes over three dollars and fifty cents in debt to generate a single dollar of additional g.d.p. so it says diminishing returns and this is why it's so important that we're losing the last few remaining things and once we lose boeing and we can export the weapons you know how much longer will people even believe in these hollywood stories we've reported on this ratio before debt to g.d.p. growth going back to the one nine hundred fifty s.
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it was almost one to one so marriage issues of debt and they get some some kind of g.d.p. kick as a result of it but it requires more and more debt to quibble cape equivalent same g.d.p. dollar of growth and what we now have is clearly a case of zombie banks and zombie corporations that would not survive if they weren't being transfused with more debt continuously which means that good businesses are being crowded out by zombies and it also means that you've got a. total loss of competitiveness so this is the worst thing really that quantitative easing is done to america it's just reuters competitiveness down the n.s.a. spying on top of it and again the only thing left are these belligerent quantitative easing moderating fear mongering really trolls whether it's john kerry going around the world threatening people or it's barack obama or it's jamie diamond they have nothing of to offer other than violent.


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