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tv   [untitled]    December 21, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm EST

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the computer on and you select the game you want to play when you kill the killer the game allows you to go to the next level you kill the killer again you go to the next level and so on. we always try to retain the fighting techniques in the video games later on a football field we imitate the technique among ourselves. just move over this way . and i move around this way and when there's an attempt to throw a punch at me i step aside through a punch like this kick him when he falls to the ground i'll step on him. this place is very small if it was affordable feel he'll make you laugh your head off. i was encounter monteux at the time selling pure water there was this friend of mine told an eho he was already breaking these computers apart and i asked him to show me how to collect these metals from the computers when i started with them i usually would
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collect the wrong metals and show them to my friends who advised that what i had collected were the wrong ones they showed me how to hit the metal against a stone a unique stone from the metal will indicate the correct metal or not. how old were you the six years yes it's worse so i don't like it i don't want my son to go out there but sometimes the situation here is so hopeless there is no money to send him off to school so on saturday he left me there to the dump say to look for some money so he can go to school on monday where making no sales this days at the market people are not buying. what is the purpose of your work why are you working here. it's for the money it is better for us to work here than become thieves stealing from other people. as for the very young boys who
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work here it is not good for them. and. why not let me. say this because of money that they also come here to work and they are poor however they become bad boys coming here. they don't want to go back to school but the money they make is not enough for their future. constantine's and i said they should stop bringing them because the computers we break to obtain the iron and copper bring diseases but a child will do it despite the diseases because of money children will always break them up they can last in the computers cuts them and if care is not taken they a tetanus i have a cut on my hand myself too was. the
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thirteen. just all the haters together and kind of a camaraderie of of everybody being there you can see what other people are bringing what they're doing to their computers how they're modern on what kind of hardware they have what operating system running quake on and so largely from walk around and get a lot why this is for what you want to do to your system. there's
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going to be a conference on he wished the title is the woods in africa. there's been organized by the us d.p.a. and another look at his asian i see international. something of a lot of people when. i have seen the program. this is horrible i'll see in the program but i haven't seen a slope for a visit to the dump site but it would be good if they can come to a dump site and see what is actually happening here. maybe a very good learning experience for the people who haven't been here since this place used to be a beautiful place the water nearby was very good for swimming but now it's
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a dump site i believe when i am older it'll change back in the day this is what i've done five used to look like very little back here like this my broom meandering through the lungs. i mean some pods there was also among groups you know some trees thumbs here in the but no. there's nothing to show it's all gone. the reality is also a part of the manufacturers of these lifetimes cannot be absolved from blame the money fortress all the producers of these lives when i should be able to collect these things i believe that they should be responsible for their products from cradle to grave robber. needs to live that way plan again i got cut by broken glass when i was breaking the
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computer monitor. problem to my. that. is. the this is the here and in your body talk about it a go go was meant to divide. sand into a big and wash your hands and into blood. so red if i threw that back in. the move ok so but i think that i typed i would just go away. so i'm going to order soil has bought things when you wash your hands. clean it's nowhere near the truth
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we're talking about pollutants the system is reversible believe the bio accumulate you know researchable pollutants those three almost were able to rise from the soil in the food chain and also if you can both.
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one of the characteristics of human being. that among other things they do they fall problems. and what it means are going to solve a problem and be able to not only get an actor to question their eyes in a particular situation but to find other creatures that are similar to the nation one that we. i mean. in a position to so just one concrete problem but a whole crowd of you know the average household today you don't just have one computer you have three t.v. set so you know your thirteen year old your fourteen year old they both have cell phones your wife has a still phone it be a d.v.d. players you don't just have the one item you have a pallet or a couple pallets of items and then builds up with the new i found a new i pad coming out every day every year it seems like apples are on some of the new out other companies are bringing out new l.c.d. televisions blu ray d.v.d.
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players you know people want to know where a culture of wanting an end to end and getting so i think a lot of the old stuff that average consumers just don't get rid of it this is a computer it's not wait its influence on plastic i mean it's just. you know for us it just makes so much more sense to do something like this than to do anything else but. i think the biggest thing that separates great oversight from the other electronics is like for the processors is our investment in technology i mean we'll show you millions and millions of dollars of the capital investment into technology that itself revolutionized this industry we named our first processing system david won it's kind of the answer to that goliath amount of electronics and it's kind of a process where all the materials shredded comes out in pieces anywhere from you know a penny to a no bigger than a silver dollar and then from there it enters a series of starvation systems and these are taken systems allow us to take
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a co-mingled computer that has been shredded and then separate also if you take one p.c. drop it in there you're going to get aluminum you're going to get pieces of steel pieces of circuit board pieces of copper you know as we speak there's probably about twenty six different states that every and that have enacted some sort of law went through our cities and those laws are all different from state to state mentally we need to go to a bigger broader so that there's some sort. national legislation that really takes this issue and addresses it is the largest consumer of p.c.'s and i see equipment in the country is the federal government so if they can you know if they can come up with the solution at their level you know then that is going to drive it down to the state level to businesses. we've reported on this ratio before debt to g.d.p.
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growth and going back to the one nine hundred fifty s. it was almost one to one so marriage there were issues of dead and they'd get some some kind of g.d.p. kick as a result of it but it requires more and more debt to. quibble and same g.d.p. dollar of growth and what we now have is clearly a case of zombie banks and zombie corporations that would not survive if they were being transfused was more debt continuously which means that good businesses are being crowded out by zombies and it also means that you've got a. total loss of competitiveness this is the worst thing really that quantitative easing is done to america.
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crosstalk rules in effect of you can jump in anytime you want. to get right on the scene. first st pete and i were being picture. on our reporter's twitter. and instagram. to be in the. mob. there's
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a media leave us so we leave the media. by the scene push the security play your party there's a. push is that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all politics only on our t.v. . well. it's technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered. i know we're going to a conference on the wisdom of the. e.u. was and offered is being organized by the us the pew and then the international network for environmental compliance and then false claims as a fresh conference and then gone on to say everything held well i think. in most
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part of africa it is the first time that we haven't got an international conference . yet again i would say is just the beginning of something good i mean does the way i see it but i'll keep monitoring i think the real need to move from talk talk all rhetoric to action and that for me would symbolize something really good you know otherwise it would be the same old talk show. you know things. you're going to get but that doesn't mean you can look up. the country against the . bardsley belief is that the prices are right. the driver full made it past was well. let's i would believe because i know the love to get meanwhile.
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the top and bottom and i'm sure you recognize it since it is you see. the latest and if you don't want to work now i probably ask the security service for a part of the world when it was me. i'd say to myself would be have nothing to hide why would they want anybody to fold it you know is all about i wanted his creation it all is all about says phase ation is all about educating people. i just found a soft. rubber deal supped american copper. it also belongs to the washington metro transit authority is simply ses property. and i phone. this is the property of a dentist aids patient and trademark office. i'm going to assume you know this
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is not enough the us e.p.a. should know better is also part of the dumping. for instance belongs to you know those thieves imbibing to protection agency the us the v.a. and i phone. just never it just keeps coming. up we can really recycle everything in a computer. there's no problem showing things with more costly to recycle than all the like the lead in the glass you know that's very close to resign yeah that's going to go away eventually because now they have the l.c.d. screen but the l.c.d. screens have mercury and so you know that's another issue you know the mercury has to decide if they can just come up with a better way it's coming out i would think of not having hazardous stuff in there it is just going to keep going to keep growing more people more transient more landfills and just will be recycled everything out of the recycling.
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is everybody's problem we'll have so many landfills and why you know i'd rather have a car built than another landfill and if we can keep this about a landfills we can find the dynamics that should go into landfills but i mean recycling you know it just makes sense and smart i mean this is a mixture of c.r.t. televisions and c.r.t. monitors these are all these are obsolete they're not they're not using electronics anymore so when they come to us we will take them and will process an easy gentlemen are taking a c.r.t. actually two out of it's plastic aisy and they're also being able to harness. and gather the cob the low grade circuit more and that's in the material and then we can use those they'll be processed into our precious metal refiner but the great thing about this system is it is essentially to clean the glass and turn a c.r.t. glass by separating the light and last one on lighting glass and then cleaning it
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and that is what we would call a furnace ready blast hole and that's ready for blasting glass recycling going into this lot in there and he said that you want to start to add that such in bags and gratitude securely and the laser measures the through so that the flames are set but that zoom in a certain way it goes in and makes you cuts into his inflict on a rotating table the other side is then cut and that's all done by laser measurements and some great software and that was straining to make this machine after the c.r.t.'s made cut and let it glass and then removed from the panel glass the paint on the lattice didn't clean this is furnace ready and on last night will go to a recycler and then they will use it to make it last this is not going to end and i third world or developing country is a commodity this has a value you know dollar value associated with.
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people from becoming friends into the cone friends who want to see what it is like to be other he was dumb slides you know so i decided to bring them here so they can see for themselves at first what it was like so do appreciate it no matilda problem and don't go back and help him please. just dumping a few words. nations countries africa into gone off about malta. yeah i read you another one. let's move. let's go. see some burning and then we see the little you know a good. i think. where is that from somewhere. you know. oh ok ok ok so he's indicated it's for disposal to go so the little slaves for disposal wherever they came from but this is the school here in ghana
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each day about these little ones come here to expose themselves to all to come home be broken into flame retardants the lead you know. all the stars the computers everything they will think of but these are kids whose blood is also going up there is one thing to see this on t.v. i just have a nice old cup of peanuts next to it's in them and takes the stand here and she experienced a smell that that ninety three experience i mean if people would be able to smell this that we don't feel like eating peanuts anymore makes me really angry don't because i'm all angry all the first time i come to prison might remember. ok so let's go. and. spoil. their view can step on this so now we're bridging the digital divide. you can see if it works. ok good here you go
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already. there is a super bug. a very. i got to. say we're not going to solve this all of your. body that ultimately it was similar. to we'll we're going to trust this girl. that we know when you're hot when you see you complain or up or down boniva it's so i thought oh it's or you want to call they're going somebody will reduce. the thing i mean certainly based on hostile stop sometime. if there. are enough is enough i think the roof poisoned enough children it will also poison the earth the soil everything. is just going to go on like. you know in a little responsibility over the risks with the industrialized nations absolutely the flooding in effect their rights marchers. they really have to come here and see
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what to do with the people's lives it's the economy just environmental racism based on feelings angry. you know the first will be scaling so badly it's so unfair to have all this wealth and old as well being old is techno. undersold is of people who really die from it and interestingly. it is illegal to put in some landfills in the states and yet it is legal and they're very good idea to bring them here to africa where we don't have any. site we don't even have any recycling facility at all so it is not. all these are. just the we all share the belong to all of us. one of the oldest learned to get companies to. principals. to do you enjoy
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your work. you know i don't like this job it makes us sick. i'll stop when i'm fifteen or eighteen years old or something like that. what type of work will you do then. i'll go to church and look for a job when i'm twenty years old i'd like to be a reverend father holding on to the truth of god makes me want to become a priest so that one day when i die god will bring me to heaven to enjoy. you know we as a society need to get away from the charm even ways we're creating this like we don't even use that term e waste because none of this you see here is a is a waste it's all a commodity i mean there's nothing here that isn't a computer and it isn't a printer that is an extreme or it isn't a v.c.r. d.v.d.
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player in israel are right there we're using new technology and all the old technology and yesterday that's going to be a continual cycle these serial cheater cycles college start and we're going to get bigger and better. do you do. you do you. do you. do you do.
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do you do you. with the computer as with. a concept. man. or a craft. and the data. must be manned. and here's responsibility.
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if you got nothing and you got no opportunity. to start to construct your own terms. kill nolan be a bit give don't want to meet gangsters you don't want to be drug dealers they don't want that blow you know the time to tell the kid came be we can see. you just needs a hundred dollars and i hope i was in the hood and what a.k.o. somebody with thirty round clip taking but it felt like. i said all about that. i don't want to die i just really do not want to die young young a. clip
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on your cultural moment i should be making news all the face i've been trying to. pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm researcher. dramas the truth be ignored. stories others who refuse to notice. the faces change the world writes never. the old picture of today's new long distance from roads to blow.
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up to. fifty. he wasn't like the easiest person to negotiate i mean many people who've met him or even those who knew him briefly all say that he wasn't completely sane what was he like when you were talking to him and negotiating with him about the lives of these people he was very she was very. maybe a drugstore. but she was maybe it wasn't the right place at the right moment. wealthy british. what's really happening to the global economy. headline news.
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reports. one hundred twenty three days. through to. really. people. in a record setting trip. on our.
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the headlines on our t.v. a long awaited reunion. meets his family in berlin after president putin pardons him on humanitarian grounds. plus the pentagon fails to account for an eight point five trillion dollar black hole in its budget as washington seems unable to rein in defense spending. egypt's ousted president mohamed morsi faces new charges this time over a twenty eleven jailbreak all his supporters of all ages are being thrown behind bars. you can get more on those stories r.t. dot com but for now it's max and stacy kaiser on the kaiser report to stay with us who watching our t.v. international.


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