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coming up on r t the u.s. federal reserve has reached its one hundredth birthday but not everyone is celebrating this government milestone straight ahead we'll tell you why a growing number of americans are fed up with the fed plus the colombian government seems to be getting an upper hand in its ongoing battle with the far as it turns out a covert cia program helped assassinate dozens of far commanders that's not all details next and we've all heard the same family comes first but the l.a. county sheriff's department took that literally by hiring friends and relatives of department officials some with criminal backgrounds we'll tell you more later in the show.
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it's monday december twenty third four pm in washington d.c. i'm lynn neary david and you're watching our t.v. . today marks of a very special birthday for the federal reserve believe it or not the central banking system has now been in existence for exactly one hundred years it was created on december twenty third one nine hundred thirteen primarily as a result of a severe panic in one thousand and seven that panic is often referred to as the knickerbocker crisis and it stemmed from a financial downfall in which the new york stock exchange fell almost fifty percent being that it was at a time of economic recession many state and local businesses entered bankruptcy and the panic eventually spread throughout the nation that's when congress enacted the federal reserve act with the hope that a central banking institution would address the problem of big bank panics and meet the need for an elastic currency but over the past hundred years the role of the
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fed has expanded and some people say not for the better that even though it was created to help the economy it's growing power could be weakening it artie's parian boring reports. too powerful to secret too controversial one hundred year street one hundred years ago president woodrow wilson signed the federal reserve act into law marking a pivotal point in america's monetary policy no longer was congress in control of the u.s. dollar as the constitution stipulated had been delegated to a private institution it's been the most stupendous case of mission creep almost in recorded history of government the fed it was the united states the third attempt to establish a central bank andrew jackson abolished the second one saying it congress has the right under the constitution to issue paper money it was given them to use themselves not to be delegated to individuals or corporations over the past century
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operating under a veil of secrecy the federal reserve has grown into arguably the most powerful of financial institution in the world the fed is not fully audited so there isn't much about it we may never now just a few years after its inception the us entered world war one the fed was then given the authority to buy government debt it helped finance the war it became an agency of the government rather than a banker's bank but it was during the vietnam war when president richard nixon opened up the present era of central banking to camp david in the infamous week and surrounded by a lot of so-called free market economists he closed the gold window severed their anchor to the dollar says the end of the bretton woods system the u.s. dollar has held no intrinsic value leading to unconventional fed policy such as quantitative easing where they're buying unprecedented amounts of securities directly from the market these are the same securities that helped lead to the
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crash of two thousand and eight this will be the current fed chairman bernanke he's legacy he will be regarded as one of the most significant and time will tell of course but perhaps successful chairs in history. not everyone thinks this bond buying program will be better. that show in the long run however ironically this is the greatest engine. reverse income distribution ever imagine its kind of inverse robin hood policy and tell me who is benefiting from q.e. it's basically the one percent even economists of opposite agree that q.e. as for wall street the immediate beneficiaries certainly are the financial institutions that are doing interbank lending former federal reserve official introducer called it the greatest backdoor wall street bailout of all time but there's about to be a changing of the guard at the fed however president obama has nominated g.m. that yellen who is openly supportive of q.e. so what does the future look like with progress as the. i think we can safely say
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that the central of the economic. position of the fed is one that is more likely to increase than to decrease when the federal reserve began and the u.s. dollar was backed by gold today our currency has evolved into basically sheets of paper that are only backed by the promise of the u.s. government going time will tell if all these promises can be kept washington d.c. parian boring r.t. . and on the federal reserve's hundredth birthday protestors are planning a day of national action they're calling it fed up one hundred people will head to all twelve of the federal reserve bank branches throughout the country to call attention to what they say is an institution that quote exercises power in complete darkness to talk more about this i'm joined by harrison schulte an activist with fed up one hundred in our new york studio and the r.t. correspondent who brought us this report perry and boring perry and let's start with you so as we look back at the fed over the past hundred years how would you
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say its role has really evolved what started out as a banker's bank as a lender of last resort it was established to create an elastic currency that currency has changed from a gold standard. what we have now is completely free of money mean as backed by nothing but the promise of the government and it has expanded the currency unprecedented so the role of the federal reserve has changed significantly over the past century when do we start to see it really spike in that direction it's always been around wars during war one is when the fed ramped up its printing press helped fund for the war and then that was when the federal reserve became an actual private agency and then again after the vietnam war that's when richard nixon closed the gold window and made us completely feel and that's really when we saw the unprecedented level of money printing interesting harrison and your group thought up one hundred has been critical of the relationship between the fad and
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the big banks you know some people have said though that this relationship that they've called evaded helped the fed save the economy in two thousand and eight during the financial crisis helped to from you know falling into a great depression what do you make of that argument. personally i can't speak for all the activists who have gathered today to protest and to illuminate this black hole in our democracy but personally i don't think the stave off the depression at all or session at all i mean i think main street we're all still feeling the effects of this monetary institution. and harrison the fat responded to the most recent recession by launching a massive stimulus program called quantitative easing but how much transparency and oversight do the american people have into this program and programs like it virtually not as far as i know i haven't seen any information on this and i do believe we are entitled to an audit but i believe we're entitled to more than an
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audit fed of one hundred is demanding that the federal reserve be federalized so that the treasury has the ability to print money. this will get us one step closer to putting the power to create money back in the hands of the american people as opposed to a private banking cartel. and one of the fed mandates of course is unemployment you know given that the unemployment rate is for real pretty high what does that really say about how effective fed policy has been for the middle class i don't think it's been effective for the middle class at all i don't think it's been effective for the poor classes for the marginalized classes at all i think this is an institution for the one percent. and keri-anne freedom works is an organization that has just for at least ten reasons to abolish the fed can you go over a few of the the reasons why they're advocating for an alternative here you're one of the biggest reasons as they believe it's unconstitutional the power to coin
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money in the constitution was clearly stipulated to be delegated to congress that would be overseen by five hundred thirty five members that's now been delegated to a board of a very select which are not elected by the people that's another reason is that these are unaccountable on the lek did of bureaucrats that are basically responsible to nobody also because it's very secretive what we're talking about the federal reserve has never been fully audited by an outside source the g.a.o. which is another part of the government has looked into its books some but there's still so much about the fed that we don't know so because unaccountable unelected unofficial and so secret that's why they didn't do it when it was ron paul that was actually pushing for an audit where you were is that stand well ron paul is no longer in congress he. retired last year so in the house we have paul brown who is pushing that bill and then we also have solar rand paul is pushing in the senate and he has said that he is going to hold out janet yellen his nomination who's been asked to head the fed when bernie he steps down next year and he's going to hold
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her nomination until that bill is brought to the floor so there's a logic gate abound around this right now and it looks like that vote will come up early and january so we'll see very soon where that's going to go well speaking of congress harrison i want to go to you obviously congress has a role in all of this i mean do you think recent policies have been in response to sort of the gridlock we're seeing in washington or how would you say sort of congress is weighing in on all of this. i can speak to that honestly the one point i do i would like to make however is that we're not calling for a straight up listen or an ending of the i mean i think that would be ideal and ideal world is dominated by local and alternative currencies but i think that could cause some pretty big problems in this country if we were to proceed towards a straight out abolition what we're proposing would set up one hundred is proposing is for the federalists ation of the and we're looking at a process that we're trying to propose a new process into the national conversation about how to go about tackling this issue and bring it under congress is just the first step because we have more
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control over congress in spite of all the problems that congress has than we do of the private wall street banks and harrison what exactly are you hoping for post protest and you know of course it's great to get all these people together but i'm wondering sort of do you guys have concrete next steps in order to. you know yes we do a lot and then the night is still had go ahead yes tonight is the tonight is just the beginning i mean obviously the fact that this bill was passed two days before christmas in one nine hundred thirteen should tell you a lot about the kind of people that we're dealing with here and so tonight is just the beginning this is a first up any year long campaign to illuminate the federal reserve to start a grassroots educational campaign you can find out more about this on fed up one hundred on facebook you can also follow us on at fed up new york in at fed up san fran and where there's going to be plenty more announcements and plenty more actions ultimately if our demand for the federal for the federal reserve to be
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federalized if that demand isn't met by two thousand and fourteen sometimes or seventeenth then i think it's time to talk about reoccupied federal reserve absolutely will follow up with you and see where all of this goes that harrison schulte activists with fed up one hundred and r t's perry and boring thank you. and we're just learning that a central intelligence agency covert. action program bolstered by eavesdropping from the national security agency has helped the colombian forces kill more than two dozen leaders of rebel groups including the fark over the past decade this is all according to a new washington post report that reveals how the u.s. had been providing the colombian army with both human intelligence and a g.p.s. guidance kid when used together it would transform a regular bomb into a perception guided smart bomb that could accurately target specific leaders even in dense jungle the multibillion dollar covert program was authorized under
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president george w. bush and continued under president barack obama r.t. political commentator and sachs has more so there are a few interesting takeaways from the washington post report of the week that the cia and the n.s.a. are covertly assisting the club mean government in its fight against fark rebels now it was just this month that the president of colombia won mineral santos was after a white house meeting with president obama you see this is a relationship that is very important to the white house and in particular president obama's agenda of boosting u.s. exports from two thousand and nine to two thousand and twelve exports to colombia have steadily increased their expected to further increase this year also colombia is second only to mexico in the amount of arms and equipment the us has shipped to central and south american countries since two thousand and six so clearly a colombia not in the midst of rebellion is pretty good for the us economy. but
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what's good economically may not be illegal that's a question the white house wrestled with internally is he guilty of carrying out assassinations by helping the colombian government target and kill suspected fark leaders ultimately they decided it wasn't the white house's office of legal counsel and others finally decided the same legal analysis they had applied to al qaeda could be applied to the fark killing of fark leader would not be an assassination because the organization pose an ongoing threat to colombia also known of the far commanders could be expected to surrender in other words the same justification used to carry out drone strikes in yemen or pakistan is now being used to carry out lethal strikes against park commanders in colombia fark commanders who aren't a direct threat to the united states the world really is a battlefield which gets us to the last take away the cost of all this public the
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u.s. has given billions to colombian military aid but these covert operations are funded out of the black budget and we learned earlier this year through a snowden disclosure that the cia's budget for two thousand and fourteen is fourteen point seven billion dollars the n.s.a. is ten point eight billion dollars and specifically covert missions combat and terrorism receives seventeen point two billion dollars this year or does this mean it means that colombia is not the only and may not even be the latest country to be receiving help from the cia and the n.s.a. . and washington d.c. same sex are today. as the threat of a civil war looms over the world's newest country the u.s. is moving additional marines and aircraft to south sudan raising the number of u.s. troops in the region to one hundred fifty a week ago clashes between rival groups in the capital capital of juba began and
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then spread across the east african country forty six u.s. troops were deployed saturday to help evacuate americans from the violent region for u.s. troops were injured in the evacuation mission as gunfire hit three military planes all four troops are in stable condition but president obama has said that he is monitoring the situation and a letter to congressional leaders on sunday obama wrote i may take further action to support the security of u.s. citizens personnel and property and putting our embassy in south sudan clearly the u.s. is preparing further today moving its troops from spain to the horn of africa in order to provide more embassy security personnel will also help with additional evacuations the extra forces will move into dish booty where the u.s. has its only permanent military base in africa the military buildup also includes osprey helicopters and c. one thirty transport planes south sudan won its independence from sudan in two
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thousand and eleven after decades of war the country has some of the biggest oil reserves in sub-saharan africa after nigeria and angola. and last week russian president vladimir putin shocked the world when he announced the pardon of former oil tycoon mikhail khodorkovsky khodorkovsky was released from prison friday after spending ten years behind bars and just two days later he spoke at a press conference in which he outlined his political future artie's peter oliver has more free of the ten years but so moved because he's comments of his release of raised bros. some of my comrades remain in jail they are my fellow sufferers for example my friend platon lebedev alexei put in there are still other political prisoners in russia not only those related to the you cause case i am free now and i'm asking you to think of it as something
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which symbolizes that the efforts of civil society can lead to the release of some people who no one thought would be able to walk free to choose again was the head of security for mr hodder coasties oil company you cos he's currently serving a life sentence for five counts of murder in two thousand and seven a court convicted again of ordering the shooting of blood in me a pet you call of the mayor of a town in siberia bet you call four hundred clashed with you cos over his insistence that the oil giant paid taxes due to his tone the court found no link between the murders and the head of you cos however because widow believes this was a crime that went to the top there was no one has to geisha about her that cost his involvement in my husband's death he wasn't even interrogated both myself and other people who are analyzing this have plenty of facts proving that her cough skee was directly involved in the killing of my husband while on trial for the murder of
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petty hall of children was already serving twenty years in prison for the attempted murder of former holocaust the advisor all good cause dinner after quitting her post with you cos she went on to work as the head of p.r. for the mayor of moscow it was then that a bomb was placed in her moscow apartment fortunately it detonated while no one was home because dinner sees the holocaust these comments about political prisoners as self-serving. how to cough ski's a hostage of his own past he can't a differently now if he ever recognizes what his security forces were doing he will automatically become responsible i think now he fears that and exupery too can may start talking and what the third ucas case could potentially be is a further investigation into those murders and assaults which the company security forces carried out how to cough he has no other choice he will continue to insist
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people from his security department are political prisoners and he will pretend to be pushing for release the idle ation being heaped upon mr holocaust years left some of those watching feeling that only half the story is being told. totally unknown in the west. is a big economic or criminal that have stolen a lot of money from the russian people and from the russian state that every kind of businessman in the best who had done the same waterfall saw that in prison this story is told in the west despite his insistence that he was a political prisoner many in russia believe broke the law and that was why he was said to jail peter all over r.t. berlin and the scandals keep piling up for one of the largest law enforcement agencies in the u.s. l.a.
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county sheriff lee baca had to admit that his department gave proper treatment when hiring dozens of deputies some of whom had troubles with criminal histories then there are the eighteen deputies facing federal charges for abuse in the jail system artie's or mongol endo explains the litany of problems that l.a. county's top cop is facing. inside the l.a. county jails crimes are routinely happening that our prosecutors claim some of those committing the crimes are wearing a badge the examples of illegal conduct alleged and these indictments demonstrated that's certain. the individuals and certain of that behavior had become institutionalized eighteen current and former members of the l.a. sheriff's department were arrested accused of abuse and corruption inside the largest jail system in the u.s. have been broken teeth have been knocked out and then we and then next the physical aspect let's talk about the long term post-traumatic stress disorder that people
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face patrice colors advocates for victims of violence inside l.a. jails in this country seems to often not fight for the human rights of all people although it says it's the greatest country you know in the world and we have to really have a critical eye on a country that doesn't admit to the way it treats its own prisoners f.b.i. investigators say it's not just the inmates taking a beating a graphic photo shows gabriel korea after he was allegedly beaten by jailers korea was there to visit a relative when he claims deputies took him into a private break room they beat him repeatedly kicking him they broke his nose a black eyes it was very much systemic and it was there was a level of impunity that these deputies were able to engage in force against inmates in here the most absurd level against visitors but inside the jails has prompted closer scrutiny of the l.a.
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county sheriff's department stories of abuse go back to the recent news reports show the problems at the sheriff's department could extend well beyond the jails we're seeing a broad array of corruption brutality and misconduct that can't be isolated to specific areas to specific instances so let's freeman is a veteran criminal justice reporter in los angeles young deputies who come out of the academy the first thing they do is they spend a couple of years in the jails working you know within minutes when you have inside the jails these rogue deputy cliques that someone has. high up as a former commander said our breaking bones in order to get in the click and be allowed to get their tattoo those people eventually are going to go out to patrol many recent l.a. sheriff's department hires have histories of serious misconduct and investigation by the l.a. times but that some officers have been accused of crimes such as battery and
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soliciting a prostitute we do not tolerate misconduct by any deputies this department is grounded in its core values namely to our perform our duties with respect for the dignity of all people and the integrity to do what is right and fight wrongs share bucca was forced to admit he hurt some people he shouldn't have earlier this year the point of justice also accuse the sheriff's department a racially biased policing most people working for the sheriff's department wouldn't do that but you have enough people throughout the department who have not been reined in. which points to leadership that that it's destroying the trust of the people of los angeles county as the scope of the federal investigation widens pressure drew form bills on the l.a. county sheriff in los angeles remotely in the r t. would you like to read
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a top secret f.b.i. manual on interrogation tactics when i can all you have to do is go down to the library of congress in d.c. where the seventy page top secret document has been sitting for at least three years so how did this happen well according to mother jones reporter who claims to have seen the unredacted manual this was all thanks to the work of an f.b.i. supervisor who once worked as a unit chief in the bureau's counterterrorism division for some undisclosed reason that supervisor actually registered a copyright for the manual in two thousand and ten and dropped off a copy to the us copyright office where then became open record to the public the a.c.l.u. was pushing for years for the document and received a redacted version published in two thousand and eleven here's a quote from that version of the report which says all non-coercive questioning techniques are based on the principle of generating pressure inside the source without the application of outside force this is accomplished by manipulating him
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psychologically until his resistance is sapped and his urge to yield is fortified needless to say this little has gotten some harsh criticism julian sanchez a fellow who studies copyright policy at the cato institute had this to say of the error do they not cover this in orientation sensitive documents should not be placed in public repositories and by the way they are not copyrightable how do you even get a clearance without knowing this stuff now in response to this apparent mistake and f.b.i. spokesman told mother jones at the agency is aware of the matter but quote cannot provide any further information at this time regarding the subject. and that does it for now for more on the stories we covered go to you tube dot com ford slash r t america check out our website artie dot com forward slash usa you can also follow me on twitter at amir i gave it stay tuned boom bust is next.
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the fact that. everybody go to the show did you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution and they're trying to that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy should threaten all brothers. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and our press similarly we've been hijacks trying handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what are probably harder than one built on my job market that on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world if we go beyond identifying the problem to try to fix the rational debate in a real discussion critical issues facing america if i ever feel ready to join the movement then welcome to it.
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i've got a quote for you. it's pretty tough. as they wait sob story. but if this guy like you would smear that time instead of working for the people most issues the mainstream media are working for each other right right because they didn't fight. they did rather well.
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i would rather ask questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question more. he
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