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choose to use the consensus to. choose the opinions that invigorating to a. quick choose the stories that impact the life choose me access to your office to. put it on your cultural phenomena like making news all the face i think i'm peter loaned me. please. a pleasure to have you with us here on our team today i roll researcher.
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potential peace talks on syria be raney a nuclear deal or russia still diplomat to recap some of this year's most significant events during his visit to r.t. . the deadly bombing attack on a police headquarters in egypt adds to the country's political crisis as the interim government blames the muslim brotherhood for that branding it a terrorist organization. and mass anti fracking protests against oil corporations aiming for easy cash poured on the bones that defined twenty thirty years later this. this is our seeing to national coming to you live from moscow hello and
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a very well welcome to the program. western countries are granted changing that approach to the syrian conflict realizing the threat posed by islamist rebels that's the view of russia's foreign minister who spoke exclusively to. main results in foreign politics and. was among those who interviewed sergei lavrov and joins us now live here hi there you go quite an event. regarding a foreign policy what exactly that sergey lavrov. but we spoke for an hour and talked about lots of issues but with the geneva two conference on syria clearly being worked on obviously a lot of attention was focused on that and according to the foreign minister preconditions being voiced by the syrian opposition remain one of the main obstacles including calls for president assad to step down but mr lavrov said the position of the west is shifting. and currently western countries are becoming more realistic in their approach to settling the syrian conflict regardless of what
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their official spokesman say the threat of terrorism in syria the threat of jihadists coming to power and setting up a caliphate and trampling on human rights maybe even exterminating minorities in syria is the number one problem and the realization is dawning that regime change is not the way to resolve this problem for western partners are becoming increasingly clear about this. russia's relations with nato were also discussed and the foreign minister said that there is an apparent tendency of will from both sides to create more transparency or more trust of the alliances actions are still unclear to moscow. nature was holding collective defense exercises code named steadfast jazz we asked our nato partners to pull the drills to police what does this mean defense against all took place near our borders it's all to poland we didn't get any clear answers
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later we were told that the drills were going to defending the blocks nations against the threats from the east. you know all these comments do come the president asking the logical question of what's the point of building a u.s. anti missile defense system in europe since the progress of the iranian nuclear program being made and that was among the key arguments made by the u.s. to protect its allies from this potential threat coming from iran with north korea there what is the point of building the shield that. rules the world which gets you good. artes igor peace cannot live you go thank you very much indeed. and you can watch the highlights of our exclusive interview with the russian foreign minister into hours time here on r.t. international. the egyptian says here when syria has been wronged by a bombing a target that targeted the police h.q.
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in the city fourteen people have been killed and more than one hundred injured the blast has devastated a large portion of the building the government has put the blame on the muslim brotherhood with spokesperson calling it a terrorist organization reporting for us from cairo is tom de. around one am a series of at least two explosions went off inside and just next to the security directorate building and i'm sure we know that at least two senior security officer among the dead according to state t.v. and this is the deadliest the most two day shifts in a series of attacks a series of bombings which are plagued egypt since the july third and also my family will say i am not thinking of the tube which has been following most of these bombings just plain months ago and i just can't i'm stop eating my food stamp it hard to sound very sad. and although i haven't yet quite sensible but this is the time they didn't see this day two days ago where they specifically warned of
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paying for use of the security services that they would be targets i mean they weren't safe. so this isn't a just the type of which apparently managed to penetrate the inside of security building for just drawing as you can see from the pictures. part of the top three floors and one which poses a real question about egypt's transition post the ousted president mohamed morsy the first official reaction. spokesman for the company. appeared to blame the muslim brotherhood and who said that they had been designated as a terrorist organization however shortly afterward the prime minister hasn't we emerged to say that the the muslim brotherhood had not being so designated that they aren't officially considered to be a terrorist organization and it should be said that it's very common for quite casual connections to be drawn between the brotherhood and terrorist activity for their own part of course the brotherhood denied any involvement and condemned the attack. ajor permitting same turmoil since the military coup that led to the with
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world the president morsi interlined this year the new interim government launched a massive kwan down his party the muslim brotherhood which still maintains a wide support an age where some experts say that the government's concentration on the persecution of the forwarding party is dragging the country into deeper calles . theory the interim president. made a decision that they had to see. the muslim brotherhood for the sake of survival. in a very strong. really months since the change in power in the summer months were. really the most important aspects of it's going to go in the future not be acted on in the full scope people really need is
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a leader to nominate to go we need john it's future. coming up on our to international what we call violence being more than a thousand people killed in southern sudan. as the world's newest state blunders it ok also look at what american corporations have to lose in the oil rich country. that he. has been the number one topic in the foreign media says the former russian oil tycoon walks free following a presidential pardon from puerto cops he has plans to fight for his imprisoned comrades to patients reasons for letting him out of jail five days of the x. oligarchs freedom have been abandoned with speculation and analysis and marcus papadopoulos from the u.k. magazine politics fast has been following the case closely and john. just now live
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from london and mark is saying you believe that mr khodorkovsky the promise is to stay out of politics. well because khodorkovsky was found guilty of a very serious crime he served his time and he's entitled to an opinion his opinion is that there's there are political prisoners in russia and he has every right to have that opinion and he has every right to try and highlight what his opinion is however he has to do that in accordance with the law with russian law and he must not be allowed to embark on funding in n.g.o.s in russia whose sole objective is to undermine the legitimacy. of government or the right of or of the russian federation and it's comes as no surprise that the west in the form of politicians and journalists have whipped up a frenzy over mikhail khodorkovsky. it's important for your audience to know
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really who mikhail khodorkovsky was he's not some innocent businessman that was wrongly punished following the collapse of communism in russia the russian state was on its knees politically economically and legally and what emerged to take advantage of that was a very small group of very talented businessmen including mikhail khodorkovsky. flattr make isn't skee mikhail friedman of lot of time in who took advantage of that to buy up pretty much all the assets of the russian states prefer actually nothing and they made hundreds of millions of dollars they enrich themselves and by doing so the russians they lost everything they lost their safe and they lost their pensions they lost their insurance schemes and because of the actions of. khodorkovsky ordinary russians were thrown into. abject poverty into abject misery
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this is not a man who should be called the fires in the west the only reason he's being glorified in the west is because he's a critic and opponents of president putin a president who has made strong again. for the reckless. of the nineteen nineties mr khodorkovsky valid to fight for the release of some of his former colleagues who were jailed now and some of them were found guilty on charges of murder so do you agree with mr holder confiscates description of them as political prisoners. i certainly don't agree whatsoever they're not political prisoners as you said one of them was convicted of murder the other once they were convicted of having been associated with the left of russian state assets in the ninety nine seas if. he had done what he had done in russia but say in
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britain where i live he would have been thrown into jail there would have been no mercy from the british major i'm quite rightly as well rico could of course create is a criminal but he served his time and that's what the justice system is about but it's important to remember about it while his company you course was built on the back of the end of the pain in his company was built on the back of the pain and suffering of the russian people he is not this innocent individual this in the same entity that we are that we are hearing that. we can make links to yulia tymoshenko in ukraine who the western media is portraying as a hard done by individual she was an oligarch who made millions from the gas industry chivas with g.v. asli in the mid ninety's ninety's that's why she's in prison and it was absolutely correct when pretty heated rhetoric came to power but he removed. from
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political positions of power but it wouldn't be tolerated in america or in britain or in france in germany and they should not be tolerated in russia and rightly so you know because capitalists publish and i did sell the u.k. magazine politics fast thank you very much indeed. more news coming your way after this short break including our report on fracking and its hazards you're watching out international stay with. no. this christmas no no no the north pole has been virtually invaded season occupied and so now santa is living in the occupied territories of the north pole. and boil up there rudolph the red nosed reindeer has been read designated
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a terrorist. and a commie. then word any word that sets you up and makes you see the need for the us military to occupy. oil rich homeland so while you may remember him as the free gift giving friend from now on folks is the commie terrorist or all rich reindeer so bye bye santa by by rudolph there is oil to be secured from those bad guys. with. technology innovation all the developments around. the future.
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it will shrink all seem to national it's good to have you with us with twenty fourth st just a week away now where sifting three top stories. these are local to big chunks out here braving the elements in order to stand up to us oil giants chevron. this comes after a massive hunger strike that returned the world's attention to the place that summed up dubbed the gulag of our times. is an undeclared global battlefield in which yemen is just one of the front lines. that it.
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is a modern day david versus goliath story of local communities fighting for their land against the oil and gas giants taking to true court easing money so-called came to acknowledge your widely criticized for being dangerous and devastating to the environment has been occurring at scotiabank the old boy richard i want to see an uprising resistance in brutal running. locals in this remote region of remaining i have been saddled with and i'm going to guest u.s. and the giant chevron is due to begin drilling for shale gas bills opal agriculture is our lives trying to drill in our soil for sure a woman to die because we've seen an illusion of course they have done in other places let me cruise with them up on monday morning many residents here fear that the process of fracking could release chemicals into the soil and contaminate the water out. of the guys i'm so afraid of these kind of guess exploitation people see
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they will be big problems for our animals because the water will be affected and this woman the food for animals and for us and our children as well we have children and grandchildren what should we do not. these locals and environmentalist have been camped out here braving the elements in order to stand up to us oil giant chevron and the romanian government which has given them the green light to start exploratory drilling in that field over there without any public consultation. biggest problem and a problem that. gives through just people too real. this. feeling goes stooging because they didn't ask. we didn't matter to them. the sense of betrayal is echoed by most protesters there are many in prime minister was against fracking during his
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election campaign after being voted into office he changed his mind and granted chevron permits for the controversial practice but now nothing is happening chevron were forced to leave the area last week unable to get past the locals human chain around the site but it's only a matter of time before they retire and when they can guess they don't have any future because the children who present the future the old people in the village told us that they can die but this it's important for us to have a future chevron told r.t. that they have all the required permits to begin drilling and plan to return to the site and begin fracking safety as soon as they can something that's less than reassuring for the growing number of people gathering here. we hope to stop them even if it means paying with our lives if you want to send the army we will die if it is. so loaded be proven you won't give up until the old friends of you remain
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you. are to be pretty jest romania. and to discuss further how far the corporations could go when i joined live by the president of the council of roumania ecologist party demitra bandra gan mr boucher again welcome to aussie very nice to see you so the drilling continues despite all the procedures that doesn't mean that the government is siding with. hello good morning does this we see the distance between the government and the people of this is the main problem and also we cannot understand how these government take a decision to stop. decision to stop a referendum it is a problem because. this distance between government and people is bigger every
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day and that's why it's there are many people. go out from his houses and try to support these people who fight from what hoult and also economy the fight from your economy strategy from the rural people from the media. talking about positive sides of fracking i'm sure there are many of them like cheaper energy for instance could people benefit from that. it's difficult to. fight from energy because this strategy doesn't mean the many and people who many on government we have this economic activity under his authority we have private investigators who will take this. was unveiled make profit is not. a problem or rumanian energy it's a problem of private invested dollars and it's
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a problem of how you want to make governmental rumania because we don't have a dialogue between government and people we don't have this deal of before take any decision of this economy strategy. of course systems but that's why we see. what we see september a big powerful reaction from from the people. is there any clear evidence that fracking can cause earthquakes and contaminate water please tell us more about ecological perspectives on that. you see when you put this technology in the land. inevitable you can affect what inevitably you can affect because this activity make
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a lot of how can i say. this activity put a lot of particle of this effect the learned are on this when you practice for fracking so this can affect the local economy also it's a big risk to affect. the water who is in seoul and it's a problem because nobody can guarantee you will not affect the water. do you think chevron well eventually win the battle and expand its operation in europe as if nothing happened. in this moment that action is public reaction of the contrary we cannot discuss just about one company we discuss about one technology who is rejecting all the contrary because to win this battle depends how work the government will act if the government really start
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a dialogue restart a strategy to respect the law so a private company cannot give the public reaction but the government after twenty four hours twenty twenty four years after the revolution will start to protect just that company rights so very. demitra battleground president of council of remaining ecologists party mr batra than thank you very much indeed for sharing it with us thank you very much thank you. protesters are also giving corporations and the law a hard time in the u.s. where they lucrative shale gas extraction is a looming and booming warschauer port and how americans stand their ground next. the leader of a rebellion in south sudan says his forces now control all of the country's major
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or fails the world so new has stayed broken from the north in twenty eleven along with seventy five percent of all sudanese oil reserves american corporations have had their sights set on the country's oil rich region ever since but the latest violence can doubt on doing business there the u.s. has now sent in the reins to the horn of africa preparing to evacuate its citizens paullus leah has known how to. use the boots. but is south sudan already on the brink of its own divisive conflict you're dealing with a civil war that knows no bounds in terms of how long that's would last of course it has no determination as to how many people lose their lives not to mention those who will be displaced and. the vice president for start which exclaimed ignited his loyalists into a deadly rebellion just two and a half years ago the world rushed to recognize south sudan with washington among
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the largest supporters south sudan has mining reserves and it also has massive oil reserves those are the biggest interisland for oil mining in agricultural production the agents of power that have put in place the government of silva per the agent that supported the south sudan sudan people's liberation army would be the government of uganda and powerful factions from the united states including corporate executives from the oil companies for the oil companies have served their interests have been served by bringing deescalate to power which they did and they succeeded in creating a separate independent state called south sudan now though a key oil producing area. as for an integrated gate force is a huge blow to a government that relies on the industry for just about all of its money well i'm afraid it's going to affect each and every one of us worldwide you wouldn't see a good tail pullback in terms of production levels from the south sudan which would impinge on global world prices of oil goaltimate they would feel it at the pumps in
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respect of where you are in the world where you go to a lot so prices will go up with there will be panic in the markets a lost cause ultimately the biggest losers will be the south sudanese people foreign fuel firms are pulling stuff out and in many cases winding production down to zero last weekend for american service personnel wounded as their military aircraft came under fire during an attempt to vector way to u.s. civilians to safety president obama warns that he may take further action to keep americans safe i mean south sudan was never you know a country that had proper infrastructure and the may complain from from the people is where is the money going why are most south sudanese on the edge of survival and you know the new government is already driving their said dispense and building these huge houses this fledging nation born out of decades of civil rule is facing the toughest taste of a short existence but the population where we'll find seeing and feeling has fallen
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down the priority list of those championing the moves to get south sudan put on the map police here r.t. . coming up next exposing dungey dealings in the world of finance in the guise of a. summer break a time when all students rejoice and most importantly relax but in. russia's summer break for male students could change dramatically and involve lots of guns currently male russian citizens have to put a year into the armed forces but the ministry of defense thinks that they can make things easier by having students spend their summer breaks in the military this training would tie in with their future professions such as engineering students being put into military engineering position now the question is does your summer
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break belong to you or another words of the government have the right to tell you what to do and make you serve in the army even if just for three summers during your college years i think the answer this really depends on your culture in places which haven't been invaded countless times or have a strong individual ism streak any form of conscription sounds barbaric and oppressive but if you come from a country that is less individualistic and has been attacked invaded by pretty much every country that possibly could like russia then having a draft makes more sense i think this program could work and if i was in college i would be pumped to spend my summer vacation with some heavy artillery but this is definitely not a universal idea for all countries i don't think liberals or libertarians in america would take too kindly to it and rightly so but that's just my opinion.
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welcome to the kaiser report i'm max kaiser no poco this christmas no no no the north pole has been virtually invaded season occupied and so now santa is living in the occupied territories of the north pole and without an exit visa from the prison guards it doesn't matter whether you bend already or nice sense i am going to be all uring now deaths are a noun dancer and france are in dixon on comet on cupid oh dunder and lets them you see. the found oil of their rudolph the red nosed reindeer has been read designated a terrorist. and a commie. then word any word that sets you off and makes you see the need for the
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u.s. military to occupy rudolph's oil rich homeland so while you may remember him as the free gift giving flying who friend from now on folks is the coming terrorist or all rich reindeer so bye bye center but by rudolph there is oil to be secured from those bad guys stacey. yes max things are hotting up in the arctic circle this christmas did canada just claim the north pole canada may have positioned itself to eventually claim sovereignty over the north pole canadian foreign minister john baird made a statement last week that revealed that a scientific and geographical survey regarding its claim to arctic territories will be submitted to the un commission on the limits of the continental shelf and may contain data robust enough to lay claim to the north pole yes all the way up to the north pole everybody has been sea starting to maneuver to get some sort of oil rights up there but canada is going all the way up to the north pole well.


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