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tv   [untitled]    December 24, 2013 3:00pm-3:31pm EST

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it's midnight here in moscow this is r t international the smalling a palestinian girl is killed and troops and tanks are deployed in the gaza as israel escalates its retaliation over the shooting of one of its citizens. friends or foes stereotypes of the nato and the e.u. are outdated approach to other countries russia's top diplomat comments on the years foreign policy trencher a visit to a. deadly bombing at a police headquarters in egypt adds to the country's political crisis is the interim government blames the muslim brotherhood for the attack randi get a terrorist organization. a mass protest against all corporations aiming for easy cash watch our continuing series on the events that defined twenty thirty.
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if you joined us good morning i'm kevin now in this is r.t. live from moscow our top story and israeli airstrike on garza's killed a young girl and also injured several members of her family the shelling comes in response to the fatal shooting of an israeli civilian on the israeli palestinian border earlier israel's also confirmed there are tanks and infantry involved in the current operation a middle east correspondent paula sleep late. one palestinian girl a three year old has been killed in the gaza strip and some nine others injured among those injured are her mother and her brother this comes as some ten israeli airstrikes hit gaza over the past few hours now they targeted the hour in the hi-z. refugee camp as well as islamic jihad and hamas sites both in harm eunice in the
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south of the strip as well as in northern gaza earlier on choose day a palestinian man was killed by israelis waste of beit lahia which is also in the gaza strip this was in retaliation to the earlier shooting and killing of an israeli man by a palestinian sniper now this is radio man was mending the border fence between israel and gaza when he was hit and he died in hospital what we're hearing now from israeli sources is that this is the largest operation that the israelis have carried out in terms of a strides over gaza since the operation pillar of defense back in two thousand and twelve the i.d.f. has also sent out an alert in the last few minutes warning border farmers as well there's always a difference within the the cemetery of gaza to stay at least one kilometer away from the fence and the understanding of course is that we could be through the airstrikes in the coming minutes if not in the coming hours so the situation on the ground extremely volatile we're following it closely and everybody particularly
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concerned that this could escalate into something much bigger than what we witnessing at the moment middle east correspondent discuss the struggle goes with friends console the boy roof he said such a disproportionate response on israel's part can't be justified. as usual it's disproportionate and overwhelming force being used against people who effectively live in a caged area the israelis they have a ratio figure for everyone israeli killed i think their figure is about a thousand palestinians must pay the price of the hour you know it is but they have a right to they to respond when one of their nationals is killed. absolutely but there are political means or there diplomatic means that they can use. to deescalate the situation rather than use disproportional force f. fourteen aircraft our. combat troops are not a proportional response to
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a people who have no effective army and cannot fight back following developments and that will produce lots costs here on r.t. as we get it plus live updates available to on a website out home. western countries are gradually changing their approach to the syrian conflict realizing the threat posed by islamist rebels there that's the view of russia's foreign minister who spoke exclusively to r.t. about this year's may results in foreign politics a corresponding evil person offers among those who talk to a level of. what. i said was the last things are finding the time to meet with us we have three channels here r.t. spanish arabic and english. still with a whole year to cover there were lots of things to discuss it brought russia several diplomatic victories including the chemical arms deal with syria he would do is the next step would be just elaborate of preconditions from the syrian opposition remain among the key after goals including the one for president assad
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to step down something that the west is now moving away from what was actually the threat of jihadists coming to power in setting up a caliphate and the realization is doing that region change is not the way to resolve this problem our western partners before becoming increasingly clear about this. there are also changes in russia's relations with the west and apparently there are signals for more transparent and trustworthy ties on both sides but a board warming talent is still something that must pass to deal with. the media members have a phobia against russia which is really said this leads to some of our european partners still wanting to keep dividing lines within europe and even move these lines eastward the countries that you'd rather be with them or against them you can use the comments for the last november's nato drills near russia's western borders the largest in ten years six thousand troops from all member states as well as finland sweden and ukraine practice defending the baltics from an identified flight from the east while president putin is question of what was the point of still
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planning to build an anti missile defense system in europe without of threat from iran still hasn't been properly answered by washington there aren't any firm guarantees the system want to be aimed at russia either you've got this kind of moscow. and we invite you to watch the highlights of that exclusive interview with the russian foreign minister showing again here next hour on r.t. international. the egyptian city of monsoor has been rocked by a bombing attack that targeted the police h.q. in the city fourteen people died there was one hundred were injured in the blast as devastated a large part of the building the government blames the muslim brotherhood with a spokesman calling it a terrorist organization reporting for us from cairo here's tom dale. around one am a series of at least two explosions went off inside and just next to the security director building and storage i know that at least two senior security officers are among the dead according to state t.v.
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and this is the deadliest the most dangerous in a series of attacks a series of bombings creature. since the july third ouster of mohamed morsy. and the group which has been behind most of these bombings and just plain old school unsought beat him up the street and the partisans in jerusalem. and while they haven't yet claimed responsibility for this attack they didn't shoot a statement two days ago where they specifically warned and of the security services that they would be targets and that they weren't safe. so this is not a just attack which apparently managed to penetrate. the inside of a security building destroying as you can see from your pictures part of the top three floors and one which poses a real question about egypt's transition post the ouster of president mohamed morsy the first official reaction was from a spokesman for the cabinet office who appeared to blame the muslim brotherhood and
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who said that they had been designated as a terrorist organization however shortly afterward the prime minister hasn't we emerged to say that the the muslim brotherhood had not being so designated that they aren't officially considered to be a terrorist organization and it should be said that it's very common for quite casual connections to be drawn between the brotherhood and terrorist activity for their own part of course the brotherhood denied any involvement and condemned the attack. well he remains in turmoil since the military coup that led to the overthrow of president morsi in july the interim government launched a massive crackdown on his party the muslim brotherhood which still has wide support in egypt blogger a journalist told me the blame game your story is playing with the muslim brotherhood is dragging the country deeper into chaos the government has been leading. a propaganda call the war on terror basically they've they've used people to support them to crack down on terrorists this is what they've chosen
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to do and this is is this is the way the security forces have chosen to deal with the with the muslim brotherhood is a security solution and a rhetoric of war on terror so i think that what we've seen over the past few months is that all the blame. to the muslim brotherhood and someone even a representative from the police has said that the killing of protesters on twenty eighth of january was also the muslim brotherhood's fault it's basically rhetoric and they don't have a lot of evidence for it but they're using the rhetoric and pushing it and polarizing the country a lot more coming up later this the arctic thirty may be going home soon as russian authorities begin to drop charges against the greenpeace activists arrested in the arctic in september look at how the story developed. next the future of. the number one topic in the foreign media since the former
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russian all tycoon for a presidential pardon who plans to fight for his imprisoned comrades to putin's reasons for letting him out of jail five days since the exile agog for lisa been full of speculation and analysis marcus papadopoulos of the u.k. magazine politics first has been following the media hype and explained why he thinks khodorkovsky has been over a fight in the west. if. i had done what he had done in russia but say in britain where i live he would have been frozen into jail there would have been no mercy from the british major i'm quite rightly as well of course kate is a criminal but he served his time and that's what the justice system is about but it's important to remember that while his company you course was built on the back of the pain and suffering of the russian people he is not this innocent individual this in the same entity that we are that we are hearing that this is not a man who should be glorified in the west the only reason he's being glorified in
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the west is because he's a critic and opponents of president putin. actually led minutes past midnight here in moscow hoping to stay with me we're back in just a few minutes with a review of the most important themes of the risks of fracking technology. if you. start to construct. gangstas you don't want to be. the time that the king came to be we can see. you just me as i was and i was in the hood.
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i don't want to die. i want to die. young a. good lover tory was able to build a new most sophisticated. fortunately doesn't sound anything. to teach me creation why it should care about humans. this is why you should care only. just weeks away was sifting through more of the year's top stories. these are the ultimate. braving the elements in order to stand on u.s. soil giants. this comes after
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a massive hunger strike that returned the world's attention to the place that some have dubbed the gulag of our times. it's an undeclared global battlefield in which yemen is just one of the front lines . so one of the biggest stories this year the modern day tale of david versus goliath for local communities fighting for their land against the oil and gas giants who've been covered extensively seeking to drill for easy money fracking technologies widely been criticized for being dangerous and devastating to the environment and it's been drawing attention across the world but if you can reports next on how the
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global struggle starts with a single household the local government in texas tells steve lipski that the water from his well water that he can set on fire is safe to drink and to use in his home. you can't carry it into your home. if you think it but steve has the assessment of other experts who say he's well is it ticking bomb in his backyard loaded with methane and other contaminants why the starkly different assessments steve claims that a fracking operation nearby contaminated his well and that texas energy authorities are shielding the gas company they don't want the world to know that it really is this bad they don't want it in official documents. it could be that the fracking allowed gas from lower formations into the aquifer and subsequently into steve lipski as well the gas company denies the claim the lipski is sued the range
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resources corp but the firm counter sued and won in cause and effect evidence a ground water is incredibly difficult to prove my d.s.l. us are is an engineer who worked with the federal environmental protection agency is not surprised that the state oil and gas regulator sided with the gas corp agency that derives its seen come in survival from oil and gas production issues really put him in charge of also regulating the protection of groundwater from our going down swells and there's any parent conflict of interest in that determined to fight for his home father of three steve has been shipping fresh water from the city on trucks at a cost of five hundred dollars a month but the family now faces another blow from the fracking corporation of four
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point two million dollars lawsuit for defamation steve lipski his dream house and it's a beautiful property has become his nightmare several of his neighbors apparently have the same problem but they're reluctant to speak out after they saw how the gas company went after missile it they shouldn't expect much help from washington either. says the environmental protection agency has not put nearly enough resources into studying the effects that fracking has on groundwater but that didn't stop the e.p.a. from coming up with a report in favor of the practice. believes his word vise to vent the gas constantly to keep it from accumulating under their property as their neighboring gas well continues to frack despite thousand it were pretty much standing around atop of one hundred years from now when somebody dies because there's some. war and they're able to trace it to this fracking everybody off his
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head who cares invest in a philosophy for now it seems that the authorities at all levels are so fired up on fracking potential profits that households like steve leave his family are left to fight a low to get a healthy environment in their homes. to check on our team parker county texas. well the trends we picked up of corporations around the world not willing to give open a potential money making opportunity protesters in the u.k. for their part been fighting off all companies you could draw on their learned despite being banned by european power which is what france and germany the franking you'll be in britain stand strong competitors there say even public pressure though isn't enough for the government to acknowledge the danger the key from our point of view is to keep up the pressure so that the government and their cronies in big business can't get away with forcing this onto the british people
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what we're saying every time this this technology turns up on the doorstep of a community in the u.k. that community does not want it unfortunately the government is preparing legislation at the moment it's trying to make it more and more difficult for people actually to oppose this this technology and meanwhile they've actually made it possible for people to oppose wind farms but not fracking so this is obviously highly inconsistent from our point of view. well corporations are just taking baby steps in europe right now but in part to really drive thousands to protest against the lucrative shale gas extraction process we were appalled at how romanians are standing their ground come up in the next hour. the ongoing violence in south sudan has now claimed thousands of lives the u.n. says it's boosting the peacekeeping mission in the region the world's newest state broke off from the north of the country in twenty eleven taking with it to seventy five percent of the sudanese all reserves at the same time american corporations have had their sights set on the oil rich region have a sense although the latest unrest cast doubt on doing business there of course one
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regional affairs expert told me they believe the us wanted south sudan on the world map to get a stake in its own industry the united states has a lot invested politically in the republic of south sudan they were one of the main forces about heine encouraging the sudan people's liberation movement to break away from the republic of sudan i think they were more interested in with getting the republic of sudan up prior to the partition sudan was the largest geographic nation state in africa it was also an emerging oil producing state they were producing all five hundred thousand barrels of all per day eighty percent of the oil concessions with the republic of sudan in khartoum held by the people's republic of china the state owned oil firms there so it was a concerted move on the part of the united states to weaken the government in khartoum and also to lessen the influence of the people's republic of china and
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some down. meantime in central africa a congolese peacekeepers been hacked to death but christian militias peacekeepers are increasingly becoming the target of rival insurgents of relegation to taking sides around six thousand troops from the african union and france are battling to end the christian muslim conflict there are most internationals estimating some one thousand people lost the lives of. more news imbrie the trial of pakistan's former leader pervez musharraf has been adjourned to the first of january after explosives were found on the route that he would have taken to court he faces charges of treason the sheriff's accused of illegally suspending the constitution in two thousand and seven when he declared emergency rule he says the charges though are politically motivated. if you're celebrating christmas something to bring a bit of cheer this christmas and a lot of the world both children adults in some parts of the water already celebrating it not forgetting the message of christmas this is the scene in bethlehem in the west bank the birthplace of jesus crowds there a gathering where if midnight mass spoke the difficulties the existing tension in
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the region hundreds of tourists are joining the festivities. the story the greenpeace activists now arrested after their attempt to scale a russian oil rig in the arctic may be reaching a conclusion tonight russian authorities have begun dropping charges against them with one already set free. got the latest. this story began in september of this year when several of the activists on the arctic sunrise vessel have scaled and or the rig and the russians more than water they were pulled down by russian authorities and were arrested and later in prison today were charged with piracy because according to russian officials the activists were in fact putting in danger the lives of those who were working on the oil rig and in the injuring the oil rig itself later those charges were dropped two charges of hooliganism the arctic thirty work in jail for some time but were later released on bail however there are
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the criminal proceedings against them were still going on until the countrywide amnesty which was announced in the middle of december and already saw some higher profile releases from coming out from under it and now we are hearing that at least one person from the so-called arctic thirty has received. and the rest of the greenpeace activists will receive the same peepers and will be able to go home by the end of this week at least this is what their lawyers are telling us christmas is a happy holiday for those who've got a home just celebrated not summer though of course for the thousands of homeless people especially in paris the number has been rising year by year in fact it's already increased by fifty percent since two thousand and one. some of those forced to call the streets home christmas. a time of seasonal joy cross europe but not for all. these people have nowhere to sleep and nothing to
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eat if you have reasons to feel festive although some try. to see what happened while you on the street. oh it's still very odd the system in france is designed so that anybody could be a measure to ensure that every decision is all these people you know think of us coins because they know they could be here wonder about all that is here that the economic decadence is here with a collapse that no one wants to to address happen to this in france europe second largest economy the number of homeless people has increased by fifty percent since two thousand and one despite the promises of successive left and right wing governments to sort it out a year ago one hundred fifty thousand people had no way to call home. in paris alone it's thoughts more than eight thousand people leave iraq today and the current economic crisis is not helping already rattle the fanny the family to pick
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it up so we see entire family experience with kids who have a sample years who work out who are too poor to pay for accommodation because prices are entering the activities in the right place where the instruments are going because when a person still be sleeping on their you know that's just not all step bel-air lead become more and more new myself. dimitri spends eight hours a day underground because there's his job and by begging for proof you get him for the hardest thing is loneliness that's what we are many but we are alone all by ourselves alone and getting little sympathy from the authorities. at this amateur video shows french officers trying to read essential to reason street from what nearby shopkeepers considered a blot on the landscape lesser before seven of the market. they become reminders of unstable wife and ends up with anger disrespect or even brutality i was at the homeless for themselves because it was not patrick has been livin rough for three
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years even the language he speaks is different they call it street french. they do. know one has money no one has a job in spain greece italy france everywhere in your before there were jobs but to date there's nothing today it's only do. as the day ends patrick takes a picture of us for tweeter he's one of five homeless people in france dissipated in a social project called tweet from the streets to raise awareness of the rising numbers of those spending christmas out in the cold us this is a lot of goodwill to a land and despite the numbers status show so sorry to hear in france is most sympathetic towards harmless people than any other european country perhaps because they think that one day they could find themselves among those asking passers by for spare change. refresh our party reporting from france.
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like the homeless in paris my son used to run up so farther south thanks be with us and i support him with me in full support thirty four minutes time now for celebrating christmas day we were very best wishes to of course now after the break to the story of renowned rifle design a mccullough kalashnikov died on monday. no . this christmas no no no the north pole has been virtually invaded season occupied and so now santa is living in the occupied territories of the north pole. found oil up there rudolph the red nose reindeer has been read designated
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a terrorist. and a commie. then word any word that sets you up and makes you see the need for the u.s. military to occupy rudolph's oil rich homeland so while you may remember him as the free gift giving flying boat friend from now on folks seize the commie terrorist or all rich reindeer so by by sentence by by rudolph there is oil to be secured from those bad guys. right. first street. and i would think the true. recorders would.
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be in the. true. kills that distinction belongs to the polls my tree.
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was taken. but. there are. special training. procedures. to be tested in such. a testing ground. in a field. with
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his. goes through seven stages first the gun is placed into what's known as the dust chamber where the room is filled with sand. and dust chambers filled with fine particles of silica sand the next stage will lead us to the sprinkler room it imitates a subtropical climate when u.s. commandos fought in the hot and humid conditions often prompted them to improvise with captured kalashnikovs. and sixteen rifles kalashnikovs wealth and such a climate. gunsmith mikhail kalashnikov came up with a prototype for his celebrated rifle at least age of twenty two he says about designing it off to he was wounded.


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