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tv   [untitled]    December 25, 2013 10:00am-10:31am EST

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ethnic killings mass graves and thousands dead across the country violence in south sudan as some question whether there is more to the unrest than just an internal conflict. or simple village we're stuck in a war that we didn't ask for but the outcry against drone warfare being heard across the world are two travels to a region in pakistan where the unmanned strikes have become a deadly every day reality. hardens happy ballad exhibit leaves people there wondering whether the end justifies the means couldn't do anything at all if you think that was this dish. i have no way i wish to speak to some of those trying to keep a roof over their heads as banks push to repossess homes from struggling families.
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international live from moscow where it's seven pm our top story this hour the u.n. is sending over five thousand more troops to south sudan almost doubling the number of peacekeepers there for the past ten days the country has been engulfed in deadly violence which the u.n. says has already claimed thousands of lives are reports. the un says that investigators discovered mass graves in the rebel held city of two with fourteen bodies at one site twenty bodies at a nearby site but the possibility of there being either even a third site now tens of thousands of people have fled the country amid fighting between rebels that are supporting former vice president riek machar and president
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salva gears forces you have to remember that south sudan is a young country and a civil war is what initially caused its breakaway from the north you know the united states campaigned for it some experts believe that washington's enthusiasm for south sudan's autonomy had less to do with humanitarian issues and more to do about south sudanese oil reserves now the irony right now is that no matter which way you slice it the international community has another crisis on its hands that may be costly and complicated the country's top u.n. humanitarian official said the death toll from the past ten days has surpassed one thousand but added that there's no official firm counts it may be more it may be less nobody knows what we do know is that the violence is spreading and spreading quickly washington has sent to the horn of africa to help evacuate its citizens from south sudan the u.s. has been engaged in the region since the one nine hundred seventy s.
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when oil giant chevron discovered oil there washington was also one of the biggest champions of south sudan's independence one journalist covering regional affairs warns that this involvement may have gone too far. the problem is they're young country they have very limited infrastructure they're really not a viable state in regard to. the scylla to its capacity provide services to people and i think it was extreme tragedy that sudan was broken up it would possibly would have been better to have south sudan as an autonomous region as part of a broader a republic of sudan but the united states as well as the state of israel purged the republic of south sudan to pork away but the united states has to be very careful because if they enter on a broader level i think it very well be bogged down in a guerrilla war and
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a civil war and they could lose a substantial amount of troops as well as military equipment in the fighting. as we prepare to say farewell to twenty thirteen r.t.s. looking at events that made headlines this year. these are very cool supreme council hammer braving the elements in order to stand up to us oil giants. this comes after a massive hunger strike that returned the world's attention to the place that some have dubbed the gulag of our times. is an undeclared global battlefield in which again and it's just one of the front lines.
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now in the tribal zones of yemen and pakistan people will be hoping the new year brings some arrests fight after nearly a decade of us don't draw on. strikes despite repeated claims from the white house that these anti terrorist attacks are pinpoint the annual civilian death toll seems to suggest otherwise in the latest incident up to seventeen people were killed at a rural wedding ceremony in yemen. never ports on the human price of america's war . the locals call it death in the skies in pakistan's northwest tribal region an american drone as seen from the ground it's become the weapon of choice in the u.s. war on terror and this is the damage it can wreak under president obama more than three hundred such strikes in pakistani soil against alleged al qaeda and taliban suspects. but ordinary civilians also pay
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a price this man is one of them i mean was on his way to work at a mine near his village when a drone struck the area he lost his leg in the attack three other miners who were with them lost their lives we live in constant fear of another strike we are simple villagers who are stuck in a war that we didn't ask for it's a hopeless feeling death is above our heads all the time. although the attack took place three years ago i mean new laws says the pain is still severe the sight of his injuries upsets his four children meanwhile depression anxiety and lingering fear have pushed him to take up tranquilizer pills. in the americans should be able to tell an ordinary person from a taliban leader they should know who they're killing what did we do to deserve this. this isn't my. drone arctic it's a question echoed by now dar who lost part of his hearing his short term memory and nearly his foot when. the drone shockwave was so intense that it threw us outside
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far from the place where we were sleeping after several minutes there was another strike and it killed many more people attorneys out of bar has sued both the u.s. and pakistan on behalf of the civilian victims he says there are the voiceless people have gone isolated by geography and politics by simply call it a concentration camp that you have build a wall of. military and militants and behind that wall you keeping more than eight hundred thousand people who are not allowed to come out and no one from the rest of the country is allowed to go in and that's a kind of tree which u.s. is using to use and test its drone program in many ways the epicenter of the cia's highly classified drone program is a black hole on the map a region of pakistan off limits to outsiders especially westerners now evidence of the drone strikes is almost impossible to get but leaves for smuggled to islam about from the tribal areas there are believed to be fragments of actual hellfire
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missiles retrieved from a war zone most americans never get to see the fragments collected by nora but a local journalist who spent years documenting the civilian toll of drones especially on children just images of the living and the dead for nor its personal . enemies. whenever my three year old daughter hears a plane she runs inside and won't sleep that night the children here have been traumatized by the drones the sound of a door banging shut is enough to terrify them. and that fear can turn to anger a new generation radicalized by the war by carrying out drone strikes killing innocent people who are not part of the conflict you're just why did the conflict you're giving a reason to people who were not part of the conflict to become part of the conflict . of course this is make me hate the americans we are angry and want revenge they've destroyed our lives my parents my wife my children we all see america as
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our worst enemy now while promising to rein in their use the white house says drones are both legal and effective that's the target of all this on. us. when translated by defense that's cold comfort for the victims you see caffein of pakistan. drones have been praised by obama's administration as a surgical weapon allowing them to take out terrorist leaders and save the lives of american soldiers but empty drone campaign or nor mere believes the efficiency of the u.s. on man strike is questionable to say the least we're seeing actual legislative bands coming out of countries where drone strikes actually happen the yemeni parliament has asked for a ban on drone strikes the pakistani national assembly asked for about on drone
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strikes when we hear about the drone strike that happened in pakistan that did end up getting the second commander in chief of the on in pakistan and you know you see everyone saying well you know the drone program is great this happened but we also have to keep in mind that he's been proclaimed killed at least four different times by drone strikes prior to this one so who died in those drone strikes that happened before this one that finally worked i think those are the questions that we need to ask when we think retrospectively about the many times the drones have supposedly killed people. the u.s. war on terror has become a heavy burden for civilians of the countries where it's waits our correspondent went to yemen where unmanned strikes reaper a deadly toll each year you can watch that report next hour. various banks may have managed to shake off the burden of an alibi at what price to
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the man on the street homeless organizations there estimate that sixteen families lose their homes each month in the capital dublin as artist has her sylvia finds out thousands more are still battling the banks to keep their homes. most people you remember the cultic tiger with this sense of known callie economic boom time for the mid ninety's up until two thousand and seven that went bust in no small way the young for the structure behind me would have been the offices of the anglo irish bank one of the struggling banks it was effectively nationalized it was a stark reminder of the property boston the ensuing banking crisis and the painful austerity that continues to today now for some irish families though there is also a daily reminder the threat or reality of losing their homes we had a mortgage was very high on the value the property was falling below the mortgage so i ended up with a cash offer five hundred passengers in two thousand and eleven and i was delighted but the banks refused to accept the offer because it wasn't more which was eight
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hundred i climb with the rears so instead they prefer to me of course. repossessed the house while arlo may have officially exited its bailout it's still mired in debt and the end of september almost one in five home loans worth a total of twenty five billion euros were still not being fully repaid homeless organization focus arland estimates that sixteen families lose their homes each month in the capital the banks haven't had a catastrophic effect on dates the activity of art and on business to paralyze the entire nation they have failed to do with the mortgage debt crisis but coming up with creative solutions we can measure how much the data has cost us in monetary terms we have never evaluations how much this is cost us in the motional and mental health terms i could barely push. one foot in front of the other because i just i just i couldn't sleep nights i couldn't think about things i get up at school run and then i'm going to bed again and you know i couldn't do anything at all or think
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i was this dish. i had no way out and new law was passed in december which would automatically discharge a person from bankruptcy after three years as opposed to the current twelve year term personal insolvency arrangements can also be made for those who want to just and other debt with this perhaps there's a glimmer of hope for people like julia i would be bankrupt of course you know. you know it's bad luck and the reason why i'm hoping to be bankrupt christmas is that i can start again let me become what i was before does or sell your r t r aligned mourners just ahead for you on r t international. so true of the twenty fourteen olympics what's this place like. this is so special as the russian resort prepares to welcome the world power the games should be the city's present and future
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a lot more so it will bring you this is the moment they report you for a look very cold and snowy windy mountainous tough beyond the olympics but the. starting journey of the first. approximately sixteen percent of imports came from illegal fishing and. the european union is ironically taking fish from some of the poorest nations on earth so this is a very serious and very urgent problem that needs immediate international action. coupon for the territorial waters they fish they load the fish into the ships and leave for europe. to day illegal fishing just taking the bread out of our mouths.
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welcome back here with our to international live from the russian capital ukraine has banned thirty six foreigners including former georgian president mikheil saakashvili from entering the country those declared persona non-grata ricks suspected of working with the ukrainian opposition to destabilize the situation in the country during the ongoing anti-government protests for more on this i'm now joined in the studio with by our t's daria pushed so tell us who made this list and why well the most prominent person that you already mentioned is the former georgian president mikheil saakashvili who is a known support. this is called color revolutions he has been recently to the independence square in kiev and he pledged support to the demonstrators he'd be there if he'd been there already before almost a decade ago in support of the so-called orange revolution and they're wrong reportedly another twenty nine georgians on this list and among them is a man who is wanted on the international wanted list for organizing
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the protests or rather organizing the unrest during the protests in moscow in may two thousand and twelve and recently saakashvili even admitted that the man was working with the russian opposition on his personal request twenty nine georgian obviously there's not just georgians on this list indeed there are also people from the european union and the united states and they. they have also been banned from coming to ukraine for national security reasons as it's being pushed and they've already been criticized in ukraine itself and from abroad for interfering with ukraine's domestic affairs were there any high level officials i mean we obviously saw some in here recently but it is surprising that actually none of them are high profile so you don't have any high profile u.s. or european politicians on that list although we've seen quite
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a few of them in the independence square just to name a few victoria nuland the u.s. deputy secretary of state who visit brutus twice and even was giving out some cuties as a sign of support as we remember there was catherine ashton the e.u. diplomatic. talks with both the government and the opposition and our the well known u.s. senator john mccain john mccain john mccain certainly he certainly made his rounds i mean he's been at protests all over the world for years indeed he's also well known supporter for regime. changes just like we call saakashvili he had been in ukraine almost a decade ago during the orange revolution and more recently he was active during the arab spring in egypt and libya and even supported the syrian rebels so he's been around for quite a while none of those names are on the black list so it's really not clear at all
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whether it will stop anyone else from going into ukraine and messing up with their domestic affairs but we'll see maybe it'll make them think twice darren fresco but thank you so much for those details well online for you today on the healthy food but not for the employees on our team dot com we've got the story of why mcdonald's is pushing its workers to choose a salad instead of a burger. piracy for good on our to dot com we tell you how an iconic heavy metal band plans to use data from illegal song downloads to fill their concert venues.
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welcome back the story of thirty greenpeace activists arrested after an attempt to scale a russian oil rig in the arctic is drawing to a close almost all of them have already had all charges against them dropped within a nationwide amnesty that came into force in russia last week are choosing to go has the details. the story of the so-called arctic thirty began in september of this year when several of the activists were warned board the greenpeace vessel have climbed on to a russian all owned oil rig in the northern seas now they said it was an action of protest against drilling for oil in the arctic however they were arrested because russian authorities said that there actually was closed and dangerous to people who were working on the oil rig and to the oil rig itself. surely the activists all activists including the crew members of the arctic sunrise were charged with piracy however those charges were later downgraded to charges of buddhism and all of those
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who were arrested and kept in prison for a while were released on bail we couldn't leave the country by now because they fall under this amnesty which was passed in russia in the middle of december they are free to go whole. other world news for you this hour the iraqi capital baghdad has been hit by twin blasts as many as thirty seven people reported to be killed and injuring scores explosions targeted an outdoor market and the church as worshipers were leaving a christmas service churches had been increasingly targeted since the fall of saddam hussein and the population of christians has halved in recent years over nine thousand people in iraq have lost their lives in violence in twenty thirteen. hundreds of opposition supporters have clashed with police in thailand as they try to enter a registration center for upcoming elections polls were called for february after weeks of anti-government protests demanding the prime minister step down country's
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main opposition party promised more protests and said it would boycott the elections which the ruling party is widely predicted to win. india has downgraded immunity for u.s. diplomats serving in the country meaning they have no protection committing serious offenses immunity for their relatives. has been revoked all together bringing the rules in line with those applying to indian officials in the u.s. these are the latest measures imposed by delhi in response to the arrest of its deputy consul general in new york for alleged visa fraud for her staff from more insight on this we're now joined by dr serum dean of the jindal school of international affairs thank you for being with us india it seems in the u.s. or in the middle of a diplomatic spat clearly new delhi being very specific on what retaliation it was going to take arresting same sex partners of foreign mission employees stripping u.s. diplomats of immunity of privileges where will it end are we just going to see this
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go back and forth. i hope not but diplomacy operates on the principle of reciprocity and i'm afraid americans have not shown the basic courtesy circled it remarks in new york and we have every right to retaliate with appropriate measures of our all this is not going to say very at all it's been rather nasty and that we would have never wanted this in the first clips by the us state department as always of the double standards think of all the raymond davis case. of involving a us cia contractor undercover as a diplomat in pakistan with people shooting and president obama came out of the times with a lot of pressure to understand to save their so-called diplomat was actually a spy and a killer or else to boot and said you know there's a broader principle of state diplomatic immunity we use the same logic on this case it was a far smaller of months it was a much less real crime if at all you can call it it was
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a domestic dispute between four and our diplomats and our heard almost example about the escalated to a point very much she was keeps asking who we're getting so we will be right i'm used to promote often get away with a lot in many our foreign postings and we have been extending these courses because in diplomacy you need to do it in order for the relations to go ahead but unfortunately american seems to have started that you know india is a banana republic and can't take up for and doesn't have the spine to to hit back so we have taken measures but we hope that the americans will keep sense are you sick of your state john kerry has expressed regret and that is actually in tradition because we have been demanding a far more apology but nonetheless i think they will see sense because reciprocity means if you do bad you will also get back you could give respect you get this. you mentioned what john kerry statement and also the diplomats lawyer says that investigators made certain mistakes when looking into the actual claim of these are
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fraud why won't the u.s. back down and review the case especially for hearing such words as regret from such high ranking officials. the issued i mean i mean legally the argument that you know they have their own independent legal process does not apply here simply because the issue of bilateral relations to explicitly answer with the nitty gritty of legal early go here and in this q. so it could very well be true that our diplomats made a mistake or it are otherwise but that is for you know the technical issues we are more insensitive or the lack of sensitivity on the part of the government and the studio apartment with joe initiated the complaint in the first place and little or you know all these are until reasons just briefly before we have to let you go this is the first strong action by new delhi against the us in years really what could it mean for the bilateral relationship between the two as you see it. it is
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a relatively it will bust by the coalition should be both economic and security aspects but i would see that. indignities committed against a representative of stooge remember this he was not a private indian citizen who discovered some small infraction and she was a president of the state or diplomatic a symbol of the bilateral relationship and i don't think she should have been dealt with a man of few words no matter what her ford was and i think the indians are sending a clear message that we want to deal with the united states as equals not us our superordinate or someone in it and the world of the motives nice reduces lenses it can have double standard one for its diplomats and the others for people who are from what people possibly still considers third world countries so we want respect and that i think is new the overall message of our stronger measures and reaction in india purchaser and charlie i didn't have jindal school of international affairs thank you so much for your analysis. but next year in our to international it's our
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debate so cross talk but if you're in the u.k. it's option return see taking you underground. these are they're called spin sally hammer braving the elements in order to stand up to us oil giants chevron. this comes after a mass hunger strike that returned the world's attention to the place that some have dubbed the gulag of our times. it's an undeclared global battlefield in which a young man is just one of the front lines. that.
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millions around the globe struggle with hunger each good. what if someone offers a lifetime food supply no charge. they carry subdeacon the very strong push against them all and we think that's. the genetic anymore the right products are priest to. there is no. evidence to this any problem with genetic engineering when you make a deal. or is free cheese always in the most crap i don't. destroy for and that free. enterprise is profit. for social justice golden rice. wealthy british style sun some time to write.
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markets. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report. right on the scene. first rate. and i think. on our reporters. in. the in the.
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hello and welcome to cross talk we're all things are considered i'm peter all of the phrase international community is often bandied about in western media as if its meaning was clearly understood by all in fact when western politicians and media invoke the phrase international community it almost always reflects the thinking and agenda of washington and its closest allies around the world used in this matter the international community is in fact a very small minority. to crosstalk the term international community i'm joined by my guest george samuel in new york he is a fellow of the global policy institute of london metropolitan university and in
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tampa we cross to margie ruff he's a day he's a political scientist and president of the international american council right gentlemen crosstalk. that means you can jump in anytime you want i very much encourage it my dad if i go to you in tampa when you hear the term the international community when politicians and evoke invoke it when western media says the international community says this or represents what it was that mean to you that's a great question peter i think you hear a lot the politician usually throughout the term international community and it's really varies the depends on the context that you're using it but from my perspective the concept international community community is really too elastic to define it but for the sake of i think our discussion and our debate there are two main you can say definitively for the international community which are you is the classical one international community includes all sovereign states all nations.


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