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tv   [untitled]    December 26, 2013 1:30am-2:01am EST

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couple of days off but they've already been plenty of festivities this month. on something a lot. no spark nano technology center was officially opened in the town of troy just south of moscow. aims to become a launch party for high tech startups by bringing together all the facilities and know how to develop and produce innovative goods all into one roof while the town's strong research base made it the natural choice of location the pog received a large investment from ross nano and the company's chairman was there to make sure the money had been put to good use. about twenty five startups should already be created this year there are twenty five startups alone in the year the center was set up then i expect tens or even hundreds of startups to emerge out of here in the near future and today you see in the creation of these innovation powerhouses with your own. lasers are a key direction for techno spark so we went to a fest of projects which is also part of the regional innovation cluster to see
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what's cooking the family run business has been producing ultra short pull sleighs for fifteen years it's emerged out of the birthplace of the laser believe it to physical institute and they continue to work closely together. in leases are already frequently used for increasing and cutting too often glass but the full spectrum of the cations for this type of laser is only just being realized however it's hard to imagine exactly how short. term to a second is one four trillion or one millionth of a billionth of a second there are a way more then two seconds in a second then yes the universe has existed so to put it into context it's takes around three hundred trillion femto seconds photos of blink. if you are travelling at the speed of light you would only move north point three michael b.c. one tenth the second which is about the size of a virus for such a miniscule amount of time the potential for this technology. the main benefit of
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second lasers lower level of heat transfer almost no heat is transferred to the surrounding areas the material is removed through a process known as cold ablation if other laser systems remove material by melting it evaporation explosions this is a completely new process because the intensity is so high at the focal point of the material. instantly from the desired location this takes place in such a short amount of time so that he does not have time to diffuse into the surrounding areas secularize that follows on from the first this method can be used with any material transparent or not no matter how hard or what its composition. so what about diamonds one of the hardest natural materials known to man beauty an exceptional solidness is what makes them prized by jewellers these properties that made them hard to keep secure. the crystal production corporation has been
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producing fine diamonds from the stone for fifty years once the gems have been cut to any of the dozens of sizes to choose from each polished to a sparkling shine the company uses a second laser a unique id on each stone to prevent it from being counterfeited. but this form of marking has its limitations because one. can be removed so the company. institutes for a more permanent solution the institute's traditional strength in a fundamental laser science and a vest of projects expertise in laser construction resulted in this device second laser is capable of creating a unique mob go deep within the diamond. the edging is so fine that it can't be seen with the naked eye. with. tensely to avoid damaging. surface
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so the laser beam penetrates the exterior unfocussed but is then intensified hundreds of thousands of times inside the diamond because this provides the concentration of energy required to turn the diamond into graphite although still a form of carbon block providing the contrast required for the id and the only way of removing it would be to split the diamond into smaller stones which would trust the overall volume what's the up locations of femtosecond laser extend far beyond jewelry. many uses we have researched corrective eye surgery with this laser in cooperation with the central clinical hospital we're also running a series of projects to examine high energy physics with this laser and others in our labs here. pinpoint precision offense so second lasers makes them ideal for nano surgery and grafting prosthetics directly to the bone they use is also range
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from engraving consumer electronics so high tech kitchen appliances while the potential for fixing silicon chips makes them indispensable in the computer industry books whatever they're used for blink and you'll miss it these fish will opening of techno spark wasn't the only cause for celebration in december because christmas came early for some of the country's longest and most talented innovators and of course we went along to the main award ceremonies held this month. point by convention two thousand and thirteen buying in moscow's dolman university on the fifth of december. and you'll event recognize us bush's most talented young scientists and at the end of the day the joy of experts picked the best projects in green and biotechnologies materials i.t. and engineering but despite the exterior design project has very commercial goals. there are no specialized events for young engineers or a. venters in our country at the moment. we don't want people involved in high tech
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development just three million dollars for a fifty percent stake in the company. want them to make billions just like tony stark and. just such a rousing words i was he gets to meet the future fine men and women of the barman university in the exhibition area. the stones not only gave finalists the opportunity to show off the fruits of their labors but also network and meet potential investors the highlights included the universities formula students car and printable solar panels that can be attached to pretty much anything meanwhile lurking in the depths the uni's entry for the student robel sofa competition boasts a three d. camera and is floating its way up the leaderboard and of course no technology show would be complete without augments of reality play display here brings two d. images from books take is a must to life and then lets users interact with the b three d.
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to reveal the information embedded inside. elsewhere in moscow that in a start two thousand and thirteen final was held at the center of modern design innovations later that evening over three hundred students submitted their projects for consideration so one of the top three prizes and those who made it to the final five to present their ideas light and was subjected to a grilling from the jury those who didn't quite make it to the final it was still on hand to show off their entries which included a unique hydro massage and this facial tracking technology which only requires a standard low resolution webcam to track movement making the technology less of a strain on the pocket back in the main hall the jury had come to a decision the winners of this year's in a star included a radical rethink of moscow a super green roofing material under device to make sure you never get stung on your electricity bill is one thing receive an award for your innovation but once you spend your prize money you should go to tech crunch to try and find an investor all. tech crunch moscow two thousand and thirteen was held at the
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digital. guests of the event by the tech news websites of the same name from startups to industry leaders as always tech crunch is stossel ali was jump shots with people. vying for attention and hoping to get a spot on the hollow disrupt stage participants have three minutes to present the idea of charts investors and move on to the next round however one name that cropped up in a presentation about the messaging up stood out from the rest. is the founder of the film production company and if that doesn't ring any bells he's also the director of the hollywood film and many of the star studded flicks the path from concept to big screen is no walk in the park and pre-visualization plays an important role in getting the movie off the ground action parts of modern pitches require more than the traditional to teach chuckles sketches three d.
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on emissions give a frame by frame idea of how the finished product should look pre-visualization is also help direct to tweak camera angles stage direction and lighting and in an industry where time costs lots of money they help everyone know who's doing what where and when on sets despite saving money even the previews are very costly and time consuming a fact. when i read all sorts of images and pictures appear in my head and i thought it would be great if you could write a text and then have a computer to automatically turn it into an animated cartoon. it would understand and use the same language used by all filmmakers when they're telling a story just from images on a screen. so the guys at the studio got cracking to make the most fun to see a reality the company developed
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a universal text animation script this compatible with pre-prepared to d. and three d. characters and animals you simply put in your text complete with stage directions and the application source of the dialogue movement gestures and camera angles it was easy to see how it was coming useful in the film industry so while director such as he was busy with his next screenplay i wanted to find out how such a specific piece of software made its way to the mass market. where we took the professional version which supports lots of features and gradually began automating them or cutting them out altogether introducing defaults at such a sort of this product could be used by a wider audience in the future. was that you even had a trial where you made a t.v. series for a cable channel to three d. bag rounds and characters that were left and created an online version of the program which could be accessed through a browser. so anyone could visit and see the interface it has
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a stage these two robotic characters and a text input box. the text is then uploaded to a server to be animated the whole process only takes around fifteen second but leads to some rather peculiar videos online in twenty eight and it's an awfully people in their thirty's and forty's complaining and they should because their lives are almost over twenty sucks because it's the end of fun or at least society thinking it's ok to have fun when you turn twenty eight you and your fun friends start partying and start having addictions that's what they call it you can get hammered on monday night without raising some eyebrows other may seem like a lot of nonsense to get a lot of users online a chance to express themselves and it caught on surprisingly quickly. as to their having created these robots and the spy the fact that hughes had created videos
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which had been viewed over one hundred thousand times. early on but only five six well less than ten percent of our audience could create their own screenplay. so we decided to go one step further and simplify our application even more and return to the world of s.m.s. and takes communication. in a world where people show how they're feeling with smiley's social network of contacts which also happens to be russia's second most visited site was the perfect place to test out the technology the simplified film pre-visualization software only requires text and smileys for the current system interacts most messenger's ease of use and logical progression from current communication trends mentality to must over seven hundred thousand users in the first three weeks alone was the evolution of this once nice software doesn't end here.
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we plan to launch a mobile application sometime in the summer of twenty fourteen. and probably be released at the same time as a film it's taken about the. of the characters and images in it. though we currently don't know what film it will probably be a big budget animation or adventure franchise but it will change the terms. that's the end of the first half touch after the break. he survived war atrocities. to make a cycle is a solution. he has changed his life and the world around him.
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by giving up. hope. and loves to so many children. nikolai the american worker on the tree. tops rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want.
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back in two thousand and three the rules of the game were not very clearly defined and what what are called schools locked out for you know was probably being done by many are there only guards but now the state made it absolutely clear that it's not going to tolerate breaking the law the one who became rich as a result of a pilot to say she wasn't breaking certain rules because the rules in a very sordo who was a virtually nonexistent. condo colts game was sent to. the island i guess everyone else should be in the same jail with it. these loopholes are big chunks out here braving the elements in order to stand up
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to us oil giants chevron. this comes after a massive hunger strike that returned the world's attention to the place that summed up jobs the gulag of our times. is an undeclared global battlefield in which yemen is just one of the front lines. now that is that it's a. welcome
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bark let's take a quick look at this month's tech news. sales of the phone kicks off on the fourth of december. in what's proved to be a day of firsts the company's first foray into a market it also happens to be the first design smartphone and the world's first. screen mobile. display promises to prolong your life and display information even when the phone is not. under the device also has wide implications for russian innovation. we show that we can do it because three years ago a few people who believed that russian startup can bring to the commercial product and get this type of success and interest we have around the globe we can create innovative products we can do something consumer electronics and we can be competitive russian environmental monitoring service that unveiled the latest addition to its fleet of flying locks on the sixth of december the heavily modified
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forty two d. boasts over seventy instruments for monitoring pollution and radiation levels as well as particles it can even rainfall in dry areas of silver iodide disperses. a million martian meeting was held at the cosmonaut explain more you museum in moscow on the third of december cost of the mars one project the project hopes to establish a permanent human colony on mars by two thousand and twenty three and so far as received over two hundred thousand applications for a one way ticket to the red planet. when you. about this project the first time. but then when you showed a. very realistic plan all the people that are already involved. and the companies that slowly starts getting on. this is getting more and more serious the russians humanoid robot softball one was unveiled at the star city cosmonaut training center at the end of last month the robots is set to join the crew on the
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international space station early next year. controlled remotely from the ground by a pair of much of gloves the robots human like hands will carry out maintenance work on the exterior of the station. the line between technology and biology is becoming increasingly blurred so let's focus on moscow state universities latest developments in wearable tech. brains overbroad. wearable technology has been billed as the next big thing but i'm not talking about smart watches or fancy glasses one of the web tools is catching on quickly exoskeletons braving the cold outside the moscow state university andre and pavel here are busy putting their xo athletes through its paces the xo athlete is russia's first exoskeleton meaning it requires no external power source but despite this high tech can help the operator carry loads of up to one hundred kilograms.
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keen to get out of the cold i headed inside the institute of mechanics where i found the technology has rather unusual roots the institute ventured into robotics way back in the seventy's and the. bikes made for quite a spectacle they used to gyroscopic stabilization system which kept them upright even when they were standing on the spot having impressed audiences around the world the researchers shifted their attention from wheels to walking machines having already created one of russia's first anthropomorphic by people robots love was on a roll so why stop at just two legs. meets musher the walking robot she was built at a time when computers filled entire rooms but despite her ripe old age of forty the old girl can still strong stuff with the best of them she's the results of the institute's work on mimicking nature in an attempt to find alternative transport means each leg has three axes of movement provided by a total of eighteen perfectly coordinated electric motors she was refined over the
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years to improve her awareness of the surrounding environment and before. she could climb stairs and adjust her gait according to incline and the institute of mechanics had big plans for muster two point zero but if. there was talk of using matia as a mars rover or the thing is though what the moon rover before her run on wheels. but if it came across an area on the surface of mars that was either an even or covered in rocks it's unlikely that a wheel based machine would have coped with it. and this is where legs would come in. which would. in the one nine hundred seventy s. during the cold war humanity had set his eyes on conquering other worlds and russia was looking towards the red planet the institute of mechanics proposed sending
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a beefed up version of masha to mars the giants yellow mascotte translated literally as mars walker would help clear the path for human settlement just like musher the muscle hold would have been able to adjust its gait depending on the surface and obstacles in its path however unlike mattia the mass accords featured a scoop or claw at the front and open bed at the back for building clearing rubble and collecting samples there was even talk of creating a version that offered the speed of wheels but the off road capabilities of legs but all that remains is a solitary like. it has to be said that as well as carrying out experimental work into a two legged and six legged walking robots we also conduct a theoretical research we developed algorithms that allow the robots to walk and our experience with watching robots came in very handy when we were developing the eggs or skeleton. all these experiences meant that the exo athletes made it from jordan ball to prototype in just two days it was developed jointly with the
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emergency situations ministry and received funding from the ministry of education in science weighing in at just twelve kilos it can help the operator carry loads of it to one hundred kilograms while its lack of bochy and electronics means that it requires little if any maintenance in the field naturally these advantages caught the attention of the russian defense ministry to see both ready to go the eagle eyed a monkey may remember the xo athlete from a news piece we did back in august where it was demonstrated that the russian defense ministry innovation day the russian armed forces saw his potential for assisting troops loading heavy i mean it's increasing supply use as well as carrying heavy duty military combat shields such as this one but it wouldn't be that easy to fight in on the idea. it was shelved. the uni's also working on hydraulic and electric versions this battery powered hydraulic suits weighs twice as much as the passive one and has an operation time of around two hours but this
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was a tradeoff the team were willing to make for the added power and mobility it gives the user senses on either side of the knee pick up the operator's intention and swing the leg into action. i had to try one on for size it was a strange feeling pinstripes so securely to the exoskeleton and it felt like learning to walk again as i started slowly forward but it didn't take long to get the hang of it pressure pads at the bottom of the exoskeleton takes when the foot is touching the floor unlock the leg at the knee ready for the next step. toward there is a motion detection system installed industry which uses video cameras to help us see how a person moves in the exoskeleton a workout that's nomics. because this is one of the methods are used to deal with the irregularities of the human body. we can gather statistics to see how people walk then use this information to customise the exoskeleton. including the speed
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and movement of the joints the rigidity and shock absorbing properties of the excess skeleton a much more we get more good word obviously pavel wasn't quite as happy with my performance as i was i thought i could do with some extra assistance the could just weren't entirely out of place though with waning interest from the military the medical is the one they're currently looking to explore the potential of the exoskeleton helping people walk again or recover from injury not to mention the psychological benefits that come with it is immense the passive exoskeletons lack of complex electronics means that it would be perfect for people living in remote areas it can also be used to help take some of the load off those who carry heavy objects as part of their daily work as i work with. the war in creating the exoskeleton we're hoping to be one of the first players in a market that's only just forming. so we'll have
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a chance to find our own each and meet the expectations that people have told us about when you come to reduce. and provide them with the exoskeleton they really need. gaining popularity through hollywood blockbusters developments such as the one from moscow state university minutes exoskeletons are no longer confined to the realms of fantasy potential in the real world. as an engine is looking for ways either to restore people's mobility and strength or wearable robots might just be the way. they used range from helping people get back on their feet and building strength to helping the world. and making lights work of heavy lifting so it looks like. a. technology this year. and finding out what two thousand and fourteen has in store for us your plan to bring in the new year enjoy the ride.
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this is st augustine. strategic vision told try. a longer covert team of journalists trying to release which leads documents about throughout the united states it's right. there. may be a local media more. they encounter fear ignorance and pressure. the country blocks the way to information freedom. media stop on our t.v. . the beginning of the long haul take night. school island life. and now enough temptation. the
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dog was lost for six months. more polar bears than people. and it's as easy to hire a rifle as a scooter. because the island is so in a special there are no indigenous people but there are all those who do choose this frozen life. this era could be right about. if you are. approximately sixteen percent of imports came from illegal fishing. the european union is ironically taking fish from some of the poorest nations on earth so this is a very serious and very urgent problem that needs immediate international action. on foot they enter our territorial waters they fish they load the fish on to the
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ships and leave for a curate. to day illegal fishing is taking the bread out of our mouths. if you. know opportunity. to construct your own. cue don't want to be in bed give don't want to be gangsters you don't want to be drug dealer they don't want that blow you know the time that the kid came be we can see. you just millions of dollars of my own problems in the hood. but i said what about the. i don't want to die i just really do not want to die
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young young. iran considers a bill an accelerating its nuclear program if new u.s. sanctions are imposed as western powers urge it to fulfill an agreement brokered in geneva seen as a key breakthrough of two thousand and thirteen. a child born today will grow up with no conception of privacy at all. privacy is on the verge of extinction warns edward snowden as he takes to the british airways giving an alternative to the queen's speech and wishing everyone a merry christmas. and a competing is nice but winning trumps it all says athletes as they ready themselves for the sochi winter olympics and stay with us as we report on one paralympic contender is using that gold fever to turn tragedy into purpose.


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