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are you ready to join the movement then walk a little bit take. on larry king now or jane lynch the how larry is that verse on the moment she knew i remember thinking why some people in this room knew the truth these people would like to see what is the future hold for sue sylvester your kids she's a bitch she's not going to be you should be brad plus one of the things that nora ephron had was such a point of view that a lot of women like look back and i think lena dunham's the same machine is kind of . this says it like it is for sale maybe not just her generation but all of us all next on larry king now. welcome to larry king now in new york with one of my favorite people jane lynch and
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jamie jamie lynch you know or so sylvester of course on the fox hit series glee she recently made her broadway debut in one of the great roles ever for the stage an emmy she plays miss and again she's hosting a new game show called celebrity game night on n.b.c. she's a golden globe winner an emmy winner a people's choice award winner even the television critics association trophy and maybe even a tony coming why did you why did you come back to the stage well i you know it's been about twenty years i started on stage and i that was my first love being drawn to the stage and getting i have been on stage now twenty years but doing annie the first time i stepped out there i was like oh i have been in place a lot of come about well that james the pine and the crew called my agent said you know katie finneran who did the role had again got a television series michael j. fox i'm serious at the end so she'd be leaving the show would i be interested in doing it over the summer not. you betcha i've known this musical forever i know
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every breath of of the score my big fan of dorothy loudon bridget who originated mishan again and. gosh it was just it was a perfect magical coming together of things that you know i said yeah absolutely my friend but you know toes me is so it seems dumba theater when the curtain opens it's just you know we can hope the. director's medium right right goes into right when television tune you sit in your trailer for a long time and you know there's you don't have any skin in the game unless you're you know directing or your producer you kind of i mean i'm sure you know we all work very hard and we have we invest a lot of ourselves and movies and television but we ultimately have no say in how it's going to look and you know when the curtain goes up you have the next two and a half hours to regulate your energy and to go on your journey on your arc and nobody's doing it for you but you and i love that it was about performing on the tonys really i was really nervous i don't think i've been that nervous in
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a lot of time well bernadette peters was right here patti lu pone with the fair. he was right there and i set up the set on the radio city music hall so it was amazing in the sound there is as they do that i don't know in our set was beautiful the lighting was beautiful and the kids did a great job and it was very exhilarating it was another resource stamp if you're a movie goer terrill we're not theater. do you do you find something to like him have it. over well i view her as somebody who thinks she's just in the wrong place at the end if it weren't for the depression and how horrible things are in the world and she would be elsewhere and she would be thriving and she's not cruel she can be cruel yes it takes i she takes out her frustrations on the kids you know to send was so let's turn to you know she's angry and upset and frustrated and she takes it out on these little kids who she's supposed to be taking care of. when you step on the stage on broadway and you started. to scream yeah yeah i didn't think
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it would happen for me i'm it wasn't even on my bucket list and it is a scene stealing role isn't it dave to terrific songs and if done correctly are showstoppers indeed but is w.c. fields once the right move or work with children or animals got a dog on stage to both both of them were going against me well you know what i think that it separates the wheat from the chaff is that actors go and i think if you can rise to the occasion and do a good job with adorable children singing and looking all cute victimized then i think when the sun will come up tomorrow it always does. nora ephron is right love lost in what i wore a moon or you know when i started to know her well or the lady me out really got to play a little as well as yeah rode with lucky guy tom hanks is illinois is. those lima done in the nation or wow yeah well you know one of the things that nora ephron had
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was such a point of view that a lot of women like yes i agree yeah yeah she kind of burst through the walls and said you know being a woman is this but then nora was so empowered herself that you know women just really aspired to be her and i think linda dunham the same way she she's vulnerable like like nora would be she also had great own abilities in her characters and you know lean is kind of. says it like it is for so many people not just her generation but all of us know it was so funny yeah she was really a funny funny woman and she's one of those people i didn't know her for a long time but i did get to know her a bit in the last few years and she's one of those people who just loved life and she loved other people she loved being a champion for other people and going back to little if we go back to glee i'm waiting i mean i'm hopeful but you know you've based of picked up my option i nothing is done from the theater nothing's ever for sure how many years wait do it'll be five if i lucky enough to get another season so it can happen to her in the us that this will yeah. sue sylvester was fired for bringing
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a loaded gun to school and actually she didn't tell him she was covering for her lieutenant with down syndrome and so she was fired and she got a new job at the twenty three hour fitness as a robotic an aerobics instructor so as far as she's concerned i think she's probably lying to herself she's like a new lease on life but we'll see what happens when you say you haven't been you mean there's a chance it will now that says you know what i did for stitches i have i have no reason why it is that way because we don't know where our next jobs coming from maybe like to torture ourselves to something crazy can respond told me once the worst feeling in the world is between script. you never think the curtains coming up again is a good oh yeah one a month you got you got it but oh well isn't that nice the as a you know what yes i do you know i think that things are a little better for me that now than they were ten years ago in terms of getting a steady employment but i think it's kind of a we got our kind of bread and i think this is
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a good thing to take nothing for granted to be grateful for every job i understand or some families in newton connecticut upset with the way we handled the gun issue how do you feel oh i do you know i don't want to add to anybody's pain and i'm sure ryan murphy didn't want to do that either right ryan feels a responsibility to. tell the stories of what high school kids go through and he always goes to the headlines to. you know to see what's really current so he can be really you know realistic about it and you know this is something that concerns high school kids these days and so he did his take on it and then like i said and i think ryan said the same thing we certainly didn't want to add anybody's pain does it leave large racially topic so i like maybe the bad word but he's not afraid he's not afraid yet he's not afraid and sometimes when you do that you you know not everybody loves it and i'm torn. romas hannigan is sue
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a villain yes well no not like you get here she's a bitch she's not to sue is not like hannibal lector you know it's not dangerous she's not going to you she will threaten but ultimately she is just a kind of wounded warrior she had she sees the world is her in addition wears a uniform she's militaristic you know she's what she's really defending zero tender heart that's how i see a jew think it's show would be but i knew it would be something i knew it would be a hit with just didn't know how big it would be i didn't know that it was there would be like a term gleek i didn't know that it would be the sensation it is but i think music in musical theater too is so powerful and i think people love it and you know people come out of the woodwork saying hi michelle i love the show now do you sing in on the stage are they going to sing more assume you could lead to glee which is a safe assumption are they going to have you singing in glee i don't know ask ryan oh i've done
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a few songs i would love to do more you know i i love singing i am probably not the best singer on the kit and the cast but i do enjoy it very much so i hope that it will very close yeah they're really close yeah they're their friends they were all bunch of more just in mexico my niece works on the show too and she's friendly with them as well they're all they all bond together is the wider is still to say the cult. i think it's wide i think even when it was i think it's who let's put it this way i think it started out wide and maybe it's called now i think it one of the reasons it was such a phenomenon was that it kind of was firing on all cylinders in terms of the demographics everybody loved it and nowadays the audience is winnowed down a big it's still a nice big audience but. you know i don't think they're it's not that huge thing that of course the shiny new thing it's odd to gay and lesbian the way it handles for instance it would for aggression oh yes and i love that it's a little high school in ohio where maybe this would ever happen or yeah i think
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it's quite progressive and you know ryan takes that seriously that's the puts these real issues into you know the the halls of mckinley i you think the public is going to be moving and you know i think it's over it's in it over fifty percent of the way is fifty percent fifty six percent of the thing is that it was back to a vote telephone you would pay which has a yeah i think that not only is it fifty for sixty percent now i think it's like jumped ten points in like just four years ago is that so it's happening like yeah it was sort of be like this yeah yeah well i'll go back to. what's hollywood game night a hollywood game and what we do this thing and hollywood i don't know if you do it here or doesn't see you peasants out here the game nights where you play these are very low reference level games you don't need to know tolstoy or it think like that it's all about pop culture and. we do our little version of charades a name that tune in this game celebrity sean hayes is pretty famous for having them
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in his house on he's a great guy on the show he is executive producer he created this baby and it worked on his own his own the parties i would. turn it on it's a stand simply takes place in my hollywood mansion and six celebrities to civilians so two teams of four and we played these crazy games everybody gets nuts they get their buddies drinking. yeah we got like amy sedaris amy sedaris i wish we had amy sayres. amy poehler and jason sudeikis we had tom arnold we had our visa larry we met perry yeah we had tons and tons of fun prizes twenty five grand for the civilian if they win and then twenty five grand a match to the favorite charity of the celebrity who helps them to do or is sort of it's like party goers it's taking takes place actually in a house we shot it in home so we have these about eight or now but twenty people kind of hanging out sitting on couches watching us would be if i ever saw billions will take just the same we find other game show. you know the i'm the host yes so i
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love game night i'm a big fan of game now i'm very competitive and you want me on your team you don't want to play against me but i have no heat or you just i don't compose it compete i just make sure everybody you know stays within the frame hazing is kind of a brilliant idea yeah he has come up with this idea based on his own his own games i've which i've been to them back when jane lynch at the as. a i think. it was a. very hard to take i don't. want to get on their plan that he ever had back with governor rick perry. with.
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the political. i. think. the really going to do is show that you know the press is the only industry specifically mention of the constitution should clarify that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy correct allmers. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across the silicon we've been hijacked right handful of powerful friends dashiell corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers one still just my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of
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what's actually going on in the world if we go beyond identifying the problem to try rational debate in a real discussion critical issues facing america if i ever feel ready to join the movement then welcome to the big picture. jamie lynn show ended the gay thing start to change america plow i think a kind of went like a vet and we think if i can do is there an incident i don't know that there's an incident but it. a lot of people started to come out like melissa etheridge and k.d. lang and allen wife it was a big point l and really i think we can point back to allen is that i mean she was on the cover of time magazine and everything and she kind of took one for the team back there and back in the ninety's and it was the kiss to own and ellen and no one go well a lot you know there was a kiss on l.a.
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all lesbian kiss and l a law that roseanne oh on roseanne that's right that's right i'm trying to think what was it was laurie metcalf and somebody and oh gosh what's her name essential bernard and her not yet that happened but you know i think that it i think it really started this this momentum i would say when ellen came out and then one willing grace came on. n.b.c. sat everybody down in the cast and i know this because sean told me and make him a lousy told me the saying you know you might get some black backlash because as a gay show about what didn't happen was it took you to come out well i never really came out i mean the people kind of blazed the trail for me like melissa as you know somebody that i never was i never called the press conference i just never had i was in a all these people had come up before me and i just kind of walked down the path like oh no i have to talk to so many in the community over the years i feel as a pioneer marshall tour ever understood prejudice against it i knew when i was heterosexual i didn't choose it right those i didn't choose it you didn't choose
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the course to how did you know when you were well i knew when i was having crushes on girls and i always had a crush on somebody in school and then you know what at one point i heard that there was this thing called the gay and i went. i have the girl version of that and i think i was about twelve when i realized i had you never dated boys i tried i had a couple of dates yeah and what happens it was to i fit felt so wrong larry there was a silly thing in my stomach i was would put his own money in a movie felt wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong never never desired it wrong wrong wrong in the first time i kissed a woman i was right right right right right which you don't know why not only that you know is that i know that we have preferences but what was it like to get married oh bob the wonderful wonderful it was you know i never thought i would you know and everything. in life changed that day for me you know you haven't changed and you know divorce now i'm going to know what happened well what happened is that you know my vision about what happened well it's you know i mean it's just it's two people who just decide it's better to go apartment stay together alone together
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three years. friends yeah and we have a little girl she has a little girl who was you know a very dear told cheesed ten and she's doing great so she had her when you met and she had her on when we met yes so she had had a had to sit through you know she had she was with another woman where she was we actually she gave birth to hayden in she had been with somebody for ten years close to the girl i did yes yes yeah is it how hard is it around the world is hard any state is it is you just to be have to remain adults which we have you know where we re keep the the everybody's that was specially haden's good in our mind and you know and it's not dramatic it's not a horrible thing it's something that we're dealing with did you have a girl who had crush on my friend julie andrews i did oh huge yeah yeah from the sound of music just loved her i wanted to be of entre fits so bad did you hide your said oh yes oh yes until those that like they are all it is a lives or law
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a well did you know that yelling you're living a lie in a sense and you have this big blot of shame that i remember thinking myself if the people in this room knew the truth about me none of these people would like me and i'm a big dog yeah did you ever have to. date because it would be the smart thing to do for the career no one knows who walked the red carpet no not at all and also on the character actors and like i said by the time i was walking red carpets ellen had come out melissa had come out you know so many people if you think you were discriminated against for corset i don't think so i don't think i ever lost a job because i was gay are you a fan of mr obama in that subject yeah yeah yeah i think he's done great to the wallow he did when you cared to get him to yeah yeah yeah maybe i do knows what goes on but you know i think that the president's job is so political and he's got so many things on his plate i think that there's you know i have i don't i don't
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listen to politicians and no no because they're you know i don't think anybody moves from their deepest convictions i think it's all political they kind of have to we were trying to please too many people were losing privacy in america. an example of it is the divorce everybody has to know about of police feel about that . you know i know a lot of people have concerns about oh my you know what people are hacking into my emails and so i don't care about that stuff i just don't like having people stop me on the street take my picture that's the only thing i don't receive yeah yeah but i'm sure you've gone as far as you know people on the street with children when i said children they think throwaway you ok we have a social media questions for you certainly r d x runs ninety seven s. what do you think is the meanest thing you've ever said to any character on glee oh gosh let's see gosh i can't remember that tear enjoyed doing it though i do yeah. that kevin young tweets charlie needs you you should guest star on anger man
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management now that he fired his costar would guess what i would we've talked about it and if we can make it work we'll do it oh good i maybe i'll come in as. and it was something maybe i can as a transgender someone who's transitioning to a larger audience i love them yeah i think he's an angel just terrible yeah he's a guy who's sending instagram as if you could give a message to children who are being bullied in the schools but which is also there's this great thing called it gets better campaign dan savage is campaign i think it's just hard to give anybody advice so you know do you because sometimes the bully is supported by the powers that be you know and people so i was just saying on yeah that from what i understand it's especially if you're bullied for being gay you know they turn up with the biggest thing and that's why i think people give all kids get bullied for everything that's one thing and i think that there's kind of a brother's believe that
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a little exactly that too at home yeah doesn't really bullying but they really can but yeah they can i mean i think it's part of growing up i think people you know it's you but then of course there's the work crosses the line and really hurts the kid and there's this if you're being loyal. even if you're not being bullied for your own orient perceived orientation sexually it gets better. you know tons of celebrities people who have done really well with their life not just in the entertainment field but sports and political obama did one where they say hang in there it gets better it feels awful right now but it gets better as sunshine susie seventy one tweets you're always making us laugh would you like to play some dramatic roles you are great on criminal minds thank you yeah i played a. google or some other who's institutionalized with schizophrenia. yes i i would love to do something that. you know caused me to dig a little deeper and a little to left to the right you were
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a character actors all ages ready came famous for a television show right. similar james gandolfini right as we came character and he told me a couple months ago that his time is strange because she's still inside you retard or right now you are star and everybody knows in the past they would see i know i don't know or name but i know that exactly how they know yet how does it change. that's true it's different than it used to be as a character actor i could walk down the street no one would know who i am or they'd say i'm from somewhere. how does it change it i never expected to be famous like this i knew i wanted to be an actor and i knew i wanted to play fun parts but this is i never expected it and in a way it's really nice. but you know like i tell people at. annie and the people who work with me at any i don't ever want to know who's in the
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audience even my own family when they come i say go through my system because i just want to do the work i just want to do the work i don't want to be thinking about who's out in the audience you know is there a celebrity out there that's why i hated knowing patti lu pone me audience during the tonys i really just want to do my work. which leads into a less social media question just a limp on instagram what i want to be remembered for. making people laugh i think that will nothing like that nothing like it nothing like it cures all ills you know that moment that moment night when you're leading up to the lie yeah and you know it's funny if you play into the game shows cause if you only knew this i don't know your case based on how you felt about boys who was the first person you kissed the first person i cast. some kid up in a tree a boy up an intruder in the tree at a would probably twelve members within walking cigarettes to you remember his name
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no i don't want to bring his name but you didn't enjoy it you know you think like a cigarette your favorite terrio the song. there's a kind of hush oh moon sin and. the greed djerejian most like to trade places with oh what's eight. and it is that i have to be a completely different universe but only a michelle and i would like to take her voice with me you lived in chicago los angeles and new york take one pick one chicago. chicago. is everybody's second very rich city a second city san francisco my first favorite my first hit yeah i don't live the great city isn't the best a lot it never had a bad day and i'm good rhasis but there's something i have san francisco where you love chicago i love you but usher yeah you're a southside i miss outsider i was
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a cub fan though so yeah i didn't wave those colors very vigorously out in south what is sue's most redeeming characteristics she is a protector of the innocent and of all in the vulnerable favored villain favorite phil. i can't think of war like hannibal hannibal lecter who doesn't like cannibal gotta love us we are read the book no i didn't of it it's scary how scary of it and the movies that movie was it was scarier to some of their i don't. when you read the book and he's only in six chapters he's only in seven scenes in a movie and upton's told me that you think of his the whole the whole movie seven scenes in those large when you got to that he was in this next section. you couldn't wait to turn the page again and you're shocked yeah plus i never forget read that funniest person you know in my life my friend laura coyle she just makes
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me laugh so much joy. if you weren't an actor always you'd be unemployed a drain on society probably needs to go i don't know what else we're going to do larry what do you want to be when you grow up. again thank you thank you for your delight me i'll thank you and look first celebrity game night on n.b.c. jane lynch thanks for joining us and you can catch me on can you set king's things on twitter.
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crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want. well it. came.
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a pleasure to have you with us here today. think that. over. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy schreck albus. role. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across the cynical we've been hijacked like handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers one school class i'm tom hartman and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem to try rational debate and
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a real discussion critical issues facing america five for ready to join the movement then welcome to the big picture. i would rather ask questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question for. hello
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world i'm having martin in this is breaking the set while we're back in our ridiculous late cold winter slumber at a very special program for the first show of the year last week i had the great privilege of spending several days of the pine ridge reservation in south dakota. is the eighth largest native american reservation in the u.s. and it's home of the to one of the seven the sub tribes of the code of people approximately forty thousand and all the tribe members live across two point one million acres with a gorgeous rolling hills untamed wilderness it's no wonder why pine ridge is held so sacred to the tribe that inhabits the land despite the multitude of problems facing a community that depends on federal funding to survive many tribe members have taken it upon themselves to empower the lakota people to secure a brighter future for the people they were hugely inspiring and we love pine ridge greatly humbled by their stories over the next two days.


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