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this is why you should watch only. the iraqi prime minister urges all kind of fighters in control of key towns to give up that says the militants enjoy a rise of influence fueled by the war in neighboring syria. beyond his greater threat to the u.k. military disconnected from the public who apparently don't understand what a functioning for the claim coming from the parliamentary will stop. russia's sledge hockey team prepares to make its debut at the upcoming paralympics i mean the capitals only to find out where he's drawing his strength and inspiration from .
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international news and comment live from moscow you're watching r.t. international with me q thanks for joining iraq's prime minister is calling on al qaeda fighters and all those who joined them to surrender the militant group has occupied k cities in the country's biggest province and the government is struggling to regain control of his middle east correspondent policies following the conflict. well the situation certainly is becoming increasingly volatile but we've now heard from the iraqi prime minister is him urging all those who have joined a kind of to give up the fight he has hinted at the possibility of targeting these militants if indeed they do so they are facing a massive siege that has been launched by the government troops now i think he was speaking in his weekly televised address and he volunteered that address to continue what he calls the sacred war against al qaida is the local branch which is known as the islamist state in iraq and they live and he also said that he would
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continue to finish the push to retake the key ambar cities off the new shirt and ramadi which earlier were taken over by the militants and that the militants had a commitment from the as they need an independent state what we see happening now is that al qaeda going to militants are trying to capitalize on the sick tarion tension that is currently inside iraq and this is a tension that the united states failed to resolve you'll remember of course of the united states occupied iraq for eight years and then called out leaving behind this major tarion power of the cave at the same time some of the al qaida and linked militants who are now fighting in iraq all reported me coming from across the border in syria now of course the united states has been supporting the syrian opposition which inadvertently has allowed these extremist islamist militants to flourish in the first place the united states is now saying that it will be sending
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an emergency shipment of surveillance drones and missiles to iraq in an attempt to try and prop up its allies in baghdad. the militant group now in control of fallujah calls itself the islamic state of iraq and the levant and its fighters are also known as the most radical jihadist wing of the syrian rebels let's now take a closer look at the organization which is gaining momentum in the region right now while its roots go back to the early years of the iraq war it was astonished in april two thousand and four by sunni extremists and pledged allegiance to bin laden at that time it was called al qaeda in iraq two years later it was rebranded as the islamic state of iraq in twenty third chain it gained a strong presence in northern syria which saw it at a live band to its name and of course in the latest developments the group has taken control of the key town in the bar province in a rug and proclaimed and islamic state their plan is to unite to iraq and syria to
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form a caliphate and phyllis bennis from the institute for policy studies told us he's kevin r. when the crisis in iraq is fueled by this see we're in war. we risk the possibility of the extension of this militarization that we're seeing in iraq right now we're seeing it already in syria where a civil war has expanded to a regional war and it's now spilling over into iraq the increasing militarization by the united states to the iraqi government is only going to make that worse not better and of course the irony is on the one hand you've got the united states supporting the rebels in syria have now come over the border into iraq and we're also hearing this week no offering drones or military support not personnel but military support to fight these very same people before them there against them indirectly you have this scenario where the sunni population which is the minority but a large minority in iraq feel completely disenfranchised disempowered disconnected
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from their own government and so the u.s. is saying instead of in insisting that the government change its policy of discrimination towards one of egalitarianism many quality for all something that we are in no position to brag about here in this country i should say but what the u.s. claims to withhold is to hold up as a as a model the u.s. as well will send you told missiles so you can send more missiles and kill more people the wrong the government has delayed it assault on the militant held city of fallujah for now in fear of civilian casualties down but the troops and times besieging the city are ready to attack as soon as they get the order but the residence as a looming catastrophe has been a terrific reports. residents of. hell during the u.s. occupation now face their own army so solve on the cd the iraqi government has lined up tanks and loaded fighter jets preparing to drive al qaeda linked militants
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out of the city the u.s. is packing more hellfire missiles and other weapons with the iraqi army to use and everybody knows when the bombing begins there will be blood brian back with me brian so many innocent iraqis have died in terror attacks do you think this. terror assault could turn out to be just as deadly as terror itself it could be even more deadly the people of. have been through this before two thousand and four twice the u.s. marines committed huge war crimes against the people of flu should they can they call a kill zone anything that moved was killed when you declare a kill zone you see everything that moves must die everything that moves must be a terrorist everything that moves is a legitimate target who then dies who then suffers it's the the people of pollution themselves of course they don't want to live under what do they want to live under these kind of military assaults paid for by the united states with arms from the united states carried out by the government which has also been a brutal against the residents of fallujah i don't think so crucial question thank
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you thank you no doubt there is an urgent need to drive these militants out after all how can you allow extremists to run talents again territory expand but then you also have to ask if you see bombing as a viable option in order to drive extremists out of residential areas how different is it from what bashar assad is doing in washington i'm going to check on our team . so the zombie state over iraq and libya and controlling fallujah is at the same time urging attacks on its rival opposition groups in syria while other rebel leaders are urging a truce between the function's read all about it on our website that's what he called meanwhile the second round of peace talks on syria is around the corner but the country's opposition bloc is split on whether to attend it coming up in just a couple of minutes we've got an expert opinion on what's behind the syrian national coalition divided stands. with later but now one of the
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biggest threats to britain's armed forces is a lack of public understanding what they stand for that's according to a recent u.k. parliament report. say the opposition to wars in iraq and afghanistan and a reduced public appetite for overseas interventions is leading people to question the purpose of the u.k. army public support for defense is dropping due to what it's seen as a lack of a long term strategic mission meanwhile massive military budget counts are putting the army's capabilities are traced where despite being one of the world's top defense spenders britain is planning to cut personnel by nearly thirty thousand over the next six years and he's also used to s.r.c. . the army's recruiting but applicant numbers are slow to pick up amid thousands of layoffs there's a massive drive to recruit army reservists but leaked mid year army memos revealed
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the number of people in the listing and beyond the reserve over a three month period was just three hundred sixty seven barely a quarter of the target the ministry of defense said that after wrapping up the recruitment drive in september there were more than fifteen hundred applicants in the first four weeks and that it's too early to make a conclusion but this young man says he simply can't be convinced my grandparents were in the air force actually during the second world war of the time enjoyed was not such a bad idea to be joining the forces because they were fighting a war against fascism i don't agree with the way the. food is used for. the grass. and this morning when i was arrested to commemorate the conscientious objectors to military service those who would exercise their right to refuse to kill were at the time of the first world war for instance they faced a restaurant jeers from some a society who view them as cowards but times have indeed changed.
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a decade of fighting in iraq and afghanistan has made the british war weary a most people join forces to be in the peace business not in the war business because it's a threat to their livelihoods nobody wants to be in a war because to be in a war activists have also lashed out at recruitment campaign started at sixteen and seventeen year olds who according to one recent study are more sceptical to post-traumatic stress disorder at the moment we're asking a sixteen year old who we don't trust to point to drink a pint of beer in the pub we don't trust to fight in a general election we're asking that person to make a very far reaching legal commitment towards a career like having a baby carriage or in accounts or in the ministry of defense. the report completely ignores the benefits and opportunities that a military career offers young people but for this young man it's a career path he is a ready to change his mind about it's like trying to do the job and you are going to have to show people that if you're joining the army no you're not going to be
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sent abroad to shoot people you've done nothing against. the source of your article . and joe glanton is a former british soldier who refused to serve a second tour in afghanistan on moral grounds he was later jailed and spent five months in military prison he believes people have a problem with the politicians who turned defense forces into a means of invasion as i was with had questions been the military there's just no four of them it's nor it's not the oxford debating society obviously you're just told to crack on and politics have nothing to do with you why defense i mean offensive capability and i mean invasions and the use of drones and special forces which is increasingly the trend clearly people want to be secure. and that's not all people the public generally have a problem with what they have a problem with repeated. operations along the lines of iraq afghanistan libya
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nearly syria we're not sympathetic to those in the corridors of power who stop these rules and this is part of the reason why we've seen increasingly because of the law and eyes ation of of the military and you can call it a hero or is asian and you see this increasingly this very jingoistic kind of building up and placing on a pedestal of military personnel and out from a list. of popular opposition. coming up later this hour the talk spares picking up the bells. this building site will eventually become but it's pretty tall however it's already over ten times its original budget it's set to cost close to a billion euros for reports on the huge national construction projects in germany as well as that bunch as many times of a g. just appalled bluntly. sledge hockey has been on the
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winter power to since nineteen ninety four but this year will see where chastain make its debut we're already seeing them on ice and the captain and now we're me bo's who have helped captain so you can enjoy all so many hot chips at his try for victory for of against the hoop and he is known as the captain of the national paralympics club talking to him here in russia but in this tells he's just known as . we asked about his family and the first time he met his wife. we first met when i was in the army serving in this area it was a spark from the very beginning and i grew as we dated you could see it was love at first sight my entire life changed it had a new meaning but another kind of change was coming the two were considering time the not one of a team went off to war where he lost both of his legs i removed into his hospital
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room to help with his care and the couple continued with their plan to marry when asked about the proposal irene a said she knew it was coming. well i was expecting the proposal and the wedding day we had a lot of guests and we all had so much fun but the mood changes a little when we asked our rena how she felt about his and jury. i couldn't believe it for a long time coping with the stress of any injury requires real psychological resilience they both clearly have that in spades he does everything for the family we all feel that he helps people realize that life isn't over but everything is possible life goes on. the marriage is stronger than ever and katia became the second woman to change the team's life six years ago. now he's heading for the paralympic games
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and that also means leaving his loved ones but four of a team his two passions in life are never too far from each other but. i really enjoy all the time i get to spend at home because when i'm away in training sessions with the team i miss my family very much which is the same as the game when you sit on the bench for a long time just watching the others play and then you get this little time and nice you want to make most of it you're one hundred percent committed. a commitment shared by everyone in the health while the dream is eager to take home gold come march he already has his prize at home in the moscow region margaret howell r.t. and with. part in big games finest approaching don't forget to follow that mazing journey to claim or been falling into line as well cashed the best bet so they record breaking torture emailed the twenty fourteen winter olympics in sochi.
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the olympic torch is on its epic journey. one hundred twenty three days. through two thousand nine hundred cities of russia. relayed by fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand. in a record setting trip by land air sea another space. a large feeling. on march the march to the cool. of the bank and a few moments after the break we're trying why russia sayings greenpeace is connected with the seizure one of its trolling is by sending them to.
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the media leave us so we leave the b.b.c. . the scene pushes you to the place your party there's a good. news that no one is at school with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all politics. are t.v. . dramas the truth be ignored. stories others the few still notes. suggests changing the world. so picture of today's. politicians from around the globe.
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look to. this is our international welcome back debunking the myth of german efficiency of public construction projects have been turning into economic time bombs jew critics say to the irresponsible planning of those in charge and its taxpayers who feel it sticking most of all on of a pool. if you listen to the politicians germany's ruling in it but if you believe those following the money trail is a different story. the mainly it's a problem with cost estimates they use the wrong data they start building and eventually they run out of money and then taxpayers have to pick up the bill
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currently germany has one of the biggest construction sectors in europe but all around the country there's evidence that those in charge of the purse strings on the best to make building decisions this building site will eventually be cumbered premier concert hall however it's already over ten times its original budget it's set to cost close to a billion euro it's not just the grand artistic projects that have cost the big money here in the thought off this tourist information booth has already cost taxpayers around one and a half million euro. for the ultimate in modern german construction white elephants look no further than right here at the brandenburg airport grossly over budget already four years behind schedule it's currently costing nearly one million euro a day to run and that's without any planes or passengers on to those
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a train tunnel in light zigged that ended up five hundred million over budget that people had expected in two thousand and five and the german reputation for efficiency doesn't hold up when it comes to construction those running for re-election this year to the e.u. parliament believe those in power don't have the required skills to decide on huge projects it's not their money they can dream they can plan they can make each and every kind of. drafts. because they don't have to paid they are in charge for four years before eight years as long as the project is not finished. they are fighting for. about additional costs increase the national debt so talk spears have to pay twice first to pay the interest on the debt then again on the extra cost of course planning those familiar with the construction business know that if you plan
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as you go it's always more expensive than planning in advance she was sworn in as chancellor for a third time late last year and promised five billion to fix up germany's rule adds germans will have no idea how much that promise may eventually cost them peter all over germany. and online for you right now does believe in his own strategies we're all going to find out what the u.s. secretary of defense feels disillusioned by obama's policies plus some other juicy details the former top military man reveals in his memoirs. valley holiday or one greek terrorist might have run over time as he fails to return back to prison after his new hears leave more details on the story. for the geneva two talks and sirus set to kick off later this month the country's opposition remains undecided on whether to take part while more than thirty members
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of the super national coalition have already resigned over the group's participation the blog has postponed its final decision until january seventeenth which is less than a week before the summit begins analysts believe despite being bombed by the west the opposition doesn't have the support of the syrian people. in syria you have an electoral process there is a presidential election this year and the big problem for the opposition is that they don't have any support on the ground in syria because they don't represent anyone other than western powers the western imperial alliance the transatlantic alliance nato the gulf cooperation council so there are support in syria is very very minimal and that's why they don't want to take part in the actual election process in syria the writing process so this is a big problem because how do you negotiate negotiate with people who essentially represent western interests and don't represent the interests of the syrian people
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so they would rather not have to enter into any kind of rational negotiation and the reason for that of course is that they have no political program they have never had a political program they have no economic program and if they had their way they would simply destroy the country get in there tear the country apart privatized everything and sell it out to the gulf cooperation council countries particularly saudi arabia and qatar and so on and they would serve western corporate interests. and in some other news in brief this hour at least nine ve been killed in india the fibro count on a passenger train spread to three coaches the train was on its way for moved into the country's north other passengers were evacuated and continued with their journey in the remaining territories because of the fine in december at least twenty six people died after another train quarter light in the country's south. in britain four airmen were killed after a u.s. military helicopter crashed on the east coast the chopper was flying at low
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altitude during a training mission the crash spread debris across an area the size of a football field and the exact cause of the incident was not immediately apparent police have cordoned off big question tonight and it concerns live ammunition on board would part of that. also angry activists in south korea have staged a protest and saw against came young on the day believed to be the north korean leader's birthday they torched flags of the neighboring country and depicted last month's execution of the powerful uncle of came younger and raised tension on the korean peninsula prompted the united states to deploy more troops and heavy tongues in seoul as part of the so-called military rebalancing. and the polar vortex is continuing its icy hold in north america even the u.s. senate had to partially halt its work due to the biting freeze one hundred ninety million people have been affected by record breaking low temperatures with
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thousands of fighting council of flights cancelled schools closed and traffic brought to hold across dozens of states in kentucky and escaped prisoner turned himself back into jail to get back into the womb meanwhile you tube video of a third pastor has a college viral after he throws a pot of boiling water outside the liquid waveriders before it will change the ground. moscow says it's preparing to file several legal claims to a court in synagogue after the detention of a russian fishing trawler it's now been trapped in the west african country says the weekend something greenpeace has expressed its destruction about she's really going to go has more. we're talking about an armed detention of the ship and some sixty two russian citizens that are on board that detention was actually handled quite roughly by the. stories because at least four people now off the course saying that they are actually in need of medical help however they are not allowed
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to get off the ship in fact all of the russian citizens have had their passports taken away by the armed officials and they are the ship and the crew are essentially being accused of illegal fishing and poaching waters however the authorities of senegal still haven't given any concrete proof of that actually haven't taken place or have not provided any concrete explanation where these allegations are coming from and still we're already have the greenpeace which is already making statements saying that they fully support the actions of the senegal government in their attempt to prevent the alleged illegal fishing this involvement by greenpeace is something that doesn't sit well with russia's federal fishing agency greenpeace says it's been tracking this special time i want to be taking upon themselves government's responsibility to protect their waters and biological resources. therefore based on the statements from greenpeace one may conclude that the military of senegal is acting upon these claims as you may know senegal fishing
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minister heads the green party in senegal and was until very recently a member of greenpeace and so you see the connection between this harsh and unprecedented attack on the russian trailer and his detention with greenpeace's actions if you go back to september i will remember the arrest of the greenpeace arctic sunrise after an attempt by the greenpeace activist to scale russian oil rig in the northern waters and then of course later they fell under the nationwide amnesty and were released and what we can assume that they are now safely home when there was active countries however this recent development in the west african nation this seems to rise up tensions between russian officials and greenpeace yet again. is there a way to curb violence in america is not a compass shellshock says just ahead.
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more. dangerous entanglements in contradictory alliances is the u.s. has initially hostage to its many client states how well do these fine states and alliances serve america's national geo political interests and is washington hopelessly overstretched its foreign policy commitments. choose your language. of holy week over the internet or else going to say there is still some honest. truth good news that concerns you can. choose the opinions that immigrate to. choose the stories that imply a good life choose me access to your office or. you cannot preemptively restrict your freedoms because of the fear of what something or
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how something might be used everything that has ever been developed has been used for a bad purpose baseball bats which are fun for you know for baseball players to hit balls you know they've also been used to beat people to death i mean we just cannot restrict ourselves because something might be years in or in the wrong way. please write the seat. first right. and i think the trick. on a reporter's. instrument. would be in the.


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