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tv   Headline News  RT  January 15, 2014 5:00am-5:30am EST

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to find out more visit i too early. another day for egyptians to say yes or no to a new military backed constitution after attempts by islamist opponents to sabotage the voting result in bloodshed. kay is criticized for refusing to let in syrian war refugees who are struggling to survive one of the world's worst humanitarian crises in decades. say hello to a new version of cyberspace were internet providers get to decide which websites you see based on their commercial interests we explain short. questionnaires international coming to you live from moscow with me marina josh
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welcome to the program polling stations have opened across egypt for a second day of voting on a new constitution a yes vote would cement the authority of the transitional government and powerful military and pave the way for presidential elections in a matter of months or correspond reports from cairo. dictions that once again the polling stations for a second day on this referendum on the constitution people behind it so are this interim government and also a minute and then a people who stand to gain the most if this is in the us very safe and if there's a high turnout is in particular the military as is key articles within this constitution which would cement military power over the civilian states' military trials of civilians will be allowed the minute she budget will be kept secrets and crucially the appointment of a defense minister will have to be approved by egypt's a supreme counts of the armed forces which basically means the minutes to be able to veto the decisions by the presidents now this is worrying quite as if you rights
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groups and also activists who said that this was centrally cause and military state within a state but really the biggest opponents the constitution are the muslim brotherhood and supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi who say the whole process is intimate and has been a very tentative no vote campaign which hasn't really been allowed to express itself over the course of the last week six members of the strong egypt part you actually initially backed the military to with jailed after they tried to put up posters calling for the country to vote no in the constitution and this is something that people are saying is causing you know causing a real problem here in the referendum as it's really only a yes votes allowed in egypt and of course it is that yes vote the affirmation of the governments and the military looking for high turnout and a yes vote would be a stamp of approval from the states on that military altered political road map which they put in place in july and we'll see parliamentary and presidential elections of course this could also pave the way for egypt's the fact they need it and forces chief general sisi to run for president has already expressed interest
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in doing that we have a similar situation under the former president mohamed morsi when he pressed through his constitutional two thousand and twelve constitution which basically any all his decrease in additional gave themselves you can get thirty and he actually immunize the body that was drafting his constitution from being dissolved. any judicial body the missing brotherhood and his supporters do not recognize the current constitution as they still believe the two thousand and twelve constitution should be in place so they are boycotting at the moment and we spoke to a spokesperson of the missing brotherhood's until i asked them what their position is the constitution make egypt a military state these concession make it the bullycide state otherwise you can consider that. in a state that egypt has an army you can say that gives you an army has the state this is the reality of the sky and of course that you should however there is a sentiment here in the streets of egypt people won the country to move forward
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after six very difficult and bloody months so we'll have to see what the variance is and also how the nation decides on this constitution but the current circumstances surrounding it doesn't leave much hope for a stable democratic future think egypt now coming your way this hour here in our international or national heritage or a vanity spending. just one politician who initially agreed to have her portrait painted later pulled out off the press inquiries regarding the cost she said she considered the big picture. the u.k. house of commons has commissioned portraits of its most illustrious members at a cost of hundreds of thousands of pounds we ask taxpayers how they feel about it. and in spain there's no shortage of rage over government spending will report soon on why grounds of demonstrators have descended on the city of burgas over a pricey reconstruction scheme. the united nations is urging
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e.u. members to take in syrian refugees who fled the war zone but are now struggling to survive in neighboring countries several european nations have answered the call and are granting asylum to syrians but one of the largest member states is being criticized for shutting its doors assessor cillian are reports. increasingly extreme humanitarian suffering there is a humanitarian crisis britain is leading the way with humanitarian support but some might wonder whether it actually is the u.k. has committed five hundred million pounds of aid that sue a cyst syria's neighbors like jordan turkey and iraq cope with the sheer number of refugees but that as far as it's willing to go the u.k. has one criticized. refugee agency appeal to syrians fleeing the conflict despite calls to open its doors for now why answer is still the latest count more
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than two million syrian refugees are on the borders of neighboring countries this is. just. on the war. concerned shared by seventeen other nations who said yes it's hard to understand why they're taking this position given that this is something that we have done in the past problems the conflict in the balkans with thousands of kosovo. i fear that there may be may be domestic emigration considerations that is influencing this come slap in the middle of a political climate at a national mood that's increasingly wary of anyone coming through the door we already have accepted a number we have except i think about one thousand five hundred asylum seekers that is a fact we've already shaky said it is a fact that we have accepted hundreds of individual asylum seekers from syria but
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factually speaking the un's most recent request is that countries all for resettlement places for people who are still stuck in the region which does not include the fifteen hundred nick clegg says of apply for asylum in britain what the un has asked for is over and above. a commitment an international david camm. and has caused a serious friend quote this refugee refugee crisis of our time in recognition of. the u.k. would respond to us or sylvia our t. london and some analysts say the refugee crisis is being used by foreign powers as an excuse to push their own agendas over syria if everyone gave them to the refugees that there would be no more emergency it gives the whole syrian issue more often memphis is what you have refugees suffering us being ignored when it's convenient and and it's been quoted where no when it's when they're playing along with the game also france the u.k.
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and the united states are playing good cop bad cop where the united states claims that they are for peace and they contradict you know that john kerry's own spokespersons have contradicted him on several occasions no. a u.s. appeals court has struck down measures of forcing net neutrality or equal access to all online content as a result broadband providers will soon be able to steer users traffic towards or away from certain websites the ruling followed a lawsuit brought by a one of the country's largest mobile phone operators horizon against the federal communications commission the company challenge the f.c.c. is ban on providing extra bandwidth to certain websites giving them an edge in reaching consumers civil advocacy campaign or todd o'boyle says this preferential treatment for major commercial sites jeopardizes the future of the web. i think the biggest implication potentially is for content providers and for innovation we know
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that the innovations flourished online because the small players have equal access to consumers as of this rolling a big company like rising could strike a deal with a video service make a partner deal with them so that their content would always be delivered more quickly that makes it difficult for the next startup to get started if that decision is left unchallenged then there's nothing really stopping from that service provider from blocking access to specific content and if you block access to the most important online social organizing tools it may impact what they're able even to say and how they can be connected communicate so obviously there are startling free speech concerns here. the veil of secrecy is slyly lifted on the life of the fugitive n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden and he now has a new job the former cia employee joins the journalist glenn greenwald and his
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fellow whistleblowers on the board of the freedom of the press foundation free to full story on our website and. i think that company is tasked with developing a remedy for space junk more on the revolutionary plans for clean up in orbit at our team dot com. right from the scene. first for you and i think that you're. on our reporters' twitter. instagram. to be in the know. at a time of economic unease and deep welfare cuts british politicians haven't been holding back when it comes to immortalizing dear colleagues on campus leaving
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taxpayers to pick up the tab artist boy boy capacity to health. they say a picture is worth a thousand words but in the case of the u.k. parliament it's more like a quarter of a million pounds it's been revealed that since ninety ninety five m.p.'s have splurged two hundred and fifty thousand pounds on commissioning portraits of fellow parliamentarians to adorn the walls of the houses of parliament behind me take for example work and pensions secretary ian duncan smith his portrait cost ten thousand pounds a painting of foreign secretary william hague that cost four thousand pounds and a relatively small portrayed have left wing m.p. diane abbott well that set back the taxpayer eleven thousand seven hundred and fifty pounds the same amount that it cost to commission a life size bronze statue of baron s. that chair it turns out i think people will expect the parliament jewels ortiz to
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have portrayed of prime ministers or former speaker of the house of commons but looking at the list of people who have been immortalized on canvas or in broad so over the last decade or two that cost them a very wide and i think question as to exactly who is getting this privilege and whether it's worth taxpayers' money being spent on much well the thoughts as you go knowledge obviously painters of politicians however talk of austerity possibly don't the best idea there are some things that cultural an artistic things that are worth paying the money for of the public purse because they. can be seen by everyone. but i have no interest in seeing in seeing paintings of politicians and surely that i could have found the money some other way whether it be a charity you know donation private donations but it does seem. to come from you know you come from us as an art lover i think it's quite good because we saw the
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documentation of part of history and they can talk about it in the future. you know they commission do these things and it was really risky at the time because they were in a lot of debt in response to criticism over the paintings a common spokesman said that the annual all budget has been reduced in light of the economic downturn but despite this just one politician who initially agreed to have her portrait painted later pulled out off to press inquiries regarding the cost she said she considered the big picture and no longer felt it was appropriate to splash all that public cash in times of austerity party boy artsy london. and elsewhere in the e.u. soaring unemployment means fierce competition for work places and it's the prettiest faces who are winning out job seekers in france say they're being discriminated against on the basis of their looks we hear from one of them after
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the break just stay with us. previously peacekeepers were profoundly concerned with monitoring peace deals in a post conflict environment nowadays they're increasingly asked to operate in a high risk obama while believe bible says to leave all week to stay. motionless with these people has caused over almost twenty years four million people. millions of displaced and refugees tens of thousands of women raped tens of thousands of children recruited those soldiers who were slaves no. wealthy british sign it's time to. go.
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markets find scandal find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to name two kinds of reports. millions around the globe struggle with hunger each good. what if someone offers a lifetime food supply no charge. they can they're very strong against g.m.o. and we think that's. the genetic anymore the. priest.
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there is no. evidence that there is any problem with genetic engineering when you make a deal. or is free cheese always in a mouse trap i don't think that. poor and that free. enterprise is profit. for these golden rice. dramas that can't be ignored. to. stories others refuse to notice. the faces changing the world lights never. on full picture of today's events no longer from around the globe.
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drop to. fifty. welcome back this is r.t. international protesters in northern spain are marching against a major reconstruction plan in the city of borg os was. i want to use one to revamp a boulevard at a cost of up to thirteen million euros locals say it's a waste of resources that will affect the city's poorest during a time of severe recession riots have broken out over the past few days with protesters torching trash cans and clashing with police we talked to one political analyst who says these vans reflect the situation in the country as a whole. the demonstrators say that they will continue. protesting against this project because they they still don't believe that he's going to be with the reason why people are so angry specifically because it doesn't
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fit with the current situation of austerity of cutbacks in services this is an area which has suffered from those cuts boxing public services recently so people they say they decided to run the schools and hospitals rather than politics this is the very conservative c.t.s. this is the father's most city in space but it happens something like that in a city like hudler so this is probably. one of the same to himself of how problematic is speed to situation on the whole in the whole of space. and travel ears an iraqi city of fallujah are in negotiations with al qaida linked militants armed groups have controlled the city for over a week now in today's breaking the set abby martin looks at who is responsible for the alarming turn of events. last week al qaeda militants took control of the iraqi cities of ramadi and fallujah after days of nonstop violence according to
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independent iraqi news agency house want to grok three hundred seventy people have died in just the last ten days all about numbers hard to verify considering how bodies are not being taken to the morgue and instead excluded from official death counts that you may remember fallujah as one of the primary deadly battleground during the height of the u.s. occupation so what if the fall of the city signify for not only the progress of iraq but the region as a whole joining me now to discuss is eugene career ordinator for the answer coalition thank you so much for coming on metal thank you so much for having me so you jeanne what the main factors that are contributing to your failed state of iraq today well i think the key factor that we have to mention is that the occupation of iraq by the united states fundamentally destabilize the country the united states just completely disassembled the iraqi state as it existed and not only didn't really put anything in place but actually set up a structure which made it sort of bit official for forces to become more the cereal to divide along sectarian and other sorts of lines of what we're seeing now is the
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real fruits of all of these time bombs land mines that were set by the u.s. occupation. and as the standoff in fallujah continues it's been a day of bloodshed in other parts of iraq at least fifty two people have been killed in a series of bomb attacks in the capital baghdad and a village near the northeastern city of baquba that's worry suicide bomber blew himself up at a funeral killing eighteen people and wounding sixteen more car bombs claimed more than thirty lives in the mostly shia districts of baghdad the u.n. says over seven hundred people were killed last month alone in iraq making the total death toll for two thousand and thirteen the highest in five years. thousands of her town stars have marched through to. island's capital keeping up calls for the government to resign demonstrators of occupy cuba road junctions and blockaded state ministry buildings gunshots were fired at
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a crowd overnight injuring at least two people the government is hold snap elections to calm the situation the people though are vowing to stay on the streets until their rulers and the accuse of large scale corruption are forced from power. really the fans minister has apologized for his remarks on the u.s. secretary of state's middle east peace efforts and israeli newspaper quoted moshe ya'alon as saying that john kerry's attempts at israeli palestinian peace were missing an account obsessive the white house called the comments inappropriate kerry has been on a diplomatic push recently to line a deal between the science but progress has so far been halting. with a french media swarmed of coverage of the president's colorful private life from saul on his vow to ease the tax burden on businesses and cutting public spending by fifty billion euros a lot also says he wants to streamline state bureaucracy while keeping francis
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social welfare model intact previous conversational tax hikes and the so-called millionaire tax seemed some of france's wealthiest citizens had a broad and change citizenship. another challenge facing europe's second biggest economy in two thousand and fourteen is soaring unemployment while matty of the country's young people are seeking work elsewhere those who remain say they're feeling increasingly discriminated against or even optional looks into what's behind those claims. human beauties glorified by poirot's syngas and artists like it or not we are drawn to beautiful people but we can't all be old paintings prowse is known as the world's fashion and beauty trendsetter but the gleaming smiles and slim waist line said gray's billboards and shop windows are also sets that trend with some deeply undesirable consequences and sophists planned eight years at university she has two diplomas is
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a tickler eight and thoughtful but confines a job she says because of her size ahsoka ignore the people think because i'm carrying some extra weight i don't have the brains or intelligence to take up a post they were like he's sure really can't move doing her job and he didn't even hide it and modal appearance is like having an extra diploma which is completely wrong depressing and pure discrimination sense a fetus drives more than society as being like a carnival mirror if you don't conform to standards it sends you and others a negative image of yourself sid you are a wizard hard of course today's society is far from a gift with this problems and becomes even more painful it leads to extra stress and depression it's just not fair. what answer feast says she has been facing for years appears to be backed up by statistics. are brilliant. yes. we have
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a blonde here she got much more responses compared to an overweight person. sociologist. carried out an experiment in which he sent the same c.v. with different photos after a change in the color this keen hair weight age and sex the results were surprising bridge to defend. there is more difference between a pretty blonde and an overweight or aging woman between someone of french origin and someone with african roots which means that discrimination by beauty and age is even more pronounced than race or origin based discrimination but no one pays any real attention to it. france and belgium and the only european countries where these type of discrimination is against a more physical appearance is a nineteen criteria that employers are not allowed to base their decision on. this is a very dangerous tendency people are pushed away from the market not because of
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a lack of qualifications but because of their hate weight or color of their eyes the person responsible for this cremation is based on physical appearance could face up to three years in prison or pay a forty five thousand here a fine but people don't even consider it discrimination it's considered normal and it's worldwide wasn't. a number of associations in france as well as world wide aim to protect the rights of there is not considered to be conventionally attractive but there are plenty who have already suffered thanks to the unofficial and unspoken beauty contest of the job market reflection r.t. from france. with almost two million cameras watching over londoners every move are they any safer if your is artier national can find out in just a couple of minutes but if you're watching from the u.k. it's going aground next.
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millions around the globe struggle with hunger each day. what if someone offers a lifetime food supply no charge only in the cherry sub take in the very strong position against g.m.o. and we think that. the genetically modified products are a priest too. there is no. evidence to this any problem with genetic engineering when you make a deal. or is free cheese always in a mouse trap i don't believe that that destroyed. and that free. enterprise is profit. for social justice golden rice on our team. who should set the new good last few months
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and we should. stay on humans use they don't know. just to come and do. one. and we have some time if we go tomorrow then years later. what's the difference it made no difference for me because i should not see it but you can look make good food for human. welcome to london the world's capital surveillance even though the years since nine hundred eighty four you may be forgiven for imagining big brother really is watching you i can see one. six. being
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a peanut hammer on the wall every bit of public. everything are free but also just because all the different companies and different landowners have their own c.c.t.v. cameras everything is what everybody. in the most monitored city in the world there is one camera for every fourteen people but those this intensive london is safe i mean in a way the streets like a kind of dangerous because that coveted c.c.t.v. but no one's watching that's what's interesting about these two to be culture if it takes away like the joy of having a mysterious like natural survey that will take. photographer henrietta williams for george. to ring of steel around london's financial district. security gates and surveillance cameras anyone who enters is registered electronically and anything out of the ordinary triggers security protocols or.
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even seemingly innocuous things like video cameras. on the flight nothing to do with your cab or your car move along with your fear your car we can film whichever way we want. you to do what. you want to do we want you know the police can rely on the private security to jump before that. moment so you know let's pull it out of the city and in fact in most cases the streets along this were given to the developers so that they could see all of the press tries in the street but also install. defense and surveillance against terrorist attack i get sort of actually loitering on phone pretty. surveillance systems here on just simple cameras. anyone who behaves.


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