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tv   [untitled]    February 4, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EST

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corruption across the states costs than astonishing one hundred and twenty billion euros a year that's according to a fresh study but details on the shadowy cash in the unions institutions are left out of the reports. american secretary of state's admits the white house the policy has failed on syria and suggests more weapons are the answer for reports from the war zone on how the already deadly fighting is affecting the country's youngest citizens. softies sets off a sports thoughts what about the gay propaganda boy called battle we talked to the city's eligibility community about what life is really like and how they're affected by the anger directed at russia.
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you're watching r t international with me marina call survivor warm welcome to you . a whopping one hundred twenty billion euros each year succumbs to corruption in the european union member states the figure compares to the blocks and tie our annual budgets you see commissioner cecilia strums says the extent of the problem is breathtaking of course live now to our c.s.a. europe correspondent peter all over well peter who comes out badly in the study. well everybody comes out of this looking a little bit shifty what we have seen though is the e.u. commission who put forward this report referring to corruption within the european
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union as breathtaking now upwards of one hundred twenty billion euros a year may have been done in in a back handed deals over half of the people in the european union half of the over half of those who were surveyed have said they think the corruption within the union was growing now what has raised a few eyebrows an issue to garner a few column inches is just who's put forward this study need the e.u. commission or an unelected body they're also the body that has been accused of putting forward some of the more ridiculous laws and rules and regulations inside the european union that always make a few headlines whenever they do but they also haven't they also haven't looked into e.u. institutions and the fact that they claim to do that may well regard may warrant further investigation into seeing just what it would have been if it had been if they had been looked into as well put from what we have the forty one page report it says that seventy six percent of people who were surveyed within the european
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new european union said that corruption was widespread twenty six percent of those said that they had been directly affected by corruption. and sixty seven percent of those were concerned about where political financing was coming from people putting in money to pay for campaigns of course we got a big election coming up here this year in the e.u. twenty three percent said only twenty three percent thought that the governments in the european union were effective in tackling corruption and seventy three percent said that. bribery for public services was the best way to go about achieving that so it all doesn't really make very good reading for the european union but. this is what's being put forward by the e.u. commission looking into the current state of the market if you will. that are all over with the latest. thank you very much
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washington's diplomacy has failed in syria while the key geneva two talks are of no use that's from a statement reportedly made by america's chief diplomat in a private meeting with american lawmakers john kerry apparently proposed sending more weapons to moderate rebels in an attempt to resist the rise of al qaeda and the war in torn country. now poor and more hardware want is the desperation of the country's most vulnerable citizens as marisha national now reports. lesson of arab league in a syrian elementary school these boys and girls may look like ordinary kids but they've already faced a lifetime of adult experiences they must have the cover at which a madman but let's call them day and cross the road i saw sarah and then a missile found somewhere nearby me and my cousins ran for cover the next day when
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i went to school our teacher told us that sarah died god bless her but that only. sarah sister was also killed that day editor is now afraid to go to school a choice pons with a bravery that many grown ups would be proud of his mother and marketability i hear from my parents teachers and friends that there is a lot of people dying but i will not surrender i will continue to started to rebuild my country. amid the violence of a protracted war the kids grow up very fast so the whole visit i feel afraid because of various and i feel sad because it's not ok to see kids killed like this it's not good to see when kids die like this so the other is eleven years old the syrian conflict has claimed for his relatives he was eight when it started and his had no real childhood scenes how long would it i ask myself this girl's why did
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they die so they have nothing to do with this conflict so why did. the pleasure. this story is not unique in almost every syrian school direct casualties like these . last november the entrance of the school in damascus old town was hit by three mortars four children and a bus driver died at the scene i haven't been able to accept these deaths until now they were my kids i can clearly see their smiles and hear their voices i still see them in my dreams that nothing can justify this no religion no moment of thinking makes it acceptable. but life the principle of the school term must go on at the holy he'll listen that he is immense the children and the administration have been deeply affected but it's also encouraged us to continue or to train and are learning the mission of education is to bring a new engineers a new doctors new teachers to build up this country we have to resist this violence
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and this will be anything between these missions after a short break kids at this school in damascus back to their classes but thousands of other syrian children all across the country still can't make it as their schools are destroyed and families displaced there were around twenty thousand schools in syria before the crisis today at least if easy for them a gun and even if the reason school nearby parents are simply too afraid to let their kids out of their sight once a thriving nation with a strong education system syria today faces not just a crisis of the present but of the future too. from syria. and we've got more on syria on our websites including the latest reports from the overcrowded refugee camp in damascus where tens of thousands are on the brink of starvation before that and more walk onto artsy dot com.
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as often as from all over the world arrive in sochi there is reassurance from the head of the international olympic committee that the resorts more than ready for the games to begin artie's fall scots is there for us. well organizers have been saying for some time now that sochi is ready to welcome the sporting world it of course all gets underway on friday evening at eight fourteen pm local time the contents of that two and a half hour spectacle are a closely guarded secret over the last twenty four hours or so i think spectators and journalists that continue to arrive in and around sochi the reports are emerging the number of hotels a colony in complete hotels they're going to house spectators and journalists but the president of the international olympic committee thomas. says he's confident that everything will be completed in time on the games will run smoothly at the olympic stage is ready for the base. of the world. we can
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see this in the sports facilities. there we can see in the olympic. which are all of. very high quality about eighty percent of the fleets can literally walk from their beds in the real each to their competition when you. something i have never seen before at the olympic games. also went on to address the issue of security saying that he is assured the games will be secure all that is a direct quote of course the recent twin suicide attacks in volgograd less than a thousand kilometers from here have heightened tensions but part went on to draw parallels with the two thousand and two winter olympics which were held in salt lake city just a few months after september eleventh and the other issue that of course has overshadowed really the buildup to these games is russia's adoption of the law
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banning the propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations to minors now many critics feel that this is infringing gay rights my colleague martin andres has been out and about in sochi and he's been finding out how if at all the new law is affecting the lives of gay people here in the city. thousands of athletes visit is expected to arrive this week and three billion people are also estimated to watch the winter olympics this month for some however the games aren't about spiritual progress they're about gay rights and the controversy surrounding last year's legislation that restricts children being given information name traditional relationships a similar law to the u.k. section twenty eight that was opposed to two decades in the late eighty's we had to the city's only beach front gate venue my act like housekeeping lish cup that's been in the city for more than thirty years it seems that and it's been a subculture is far more liberal. the people think traditionally one of the most
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tolerant russian cities when you're in the city or russians from all of the country the fia. club owner and his partner a man have been a couple for over thirteen years and settled that they don't agree with the law they remain mostly unaffected by it and business as they describe the west's response as heavy handed and an overreaction. i think it really bad it negatively affects gay russian people because society blames them for spoiling the olympics for an important opinions are still divided on sexuality in russia and this club does give something of an insight into the reality of gay life here the one time in the club and meeting people. meeting like any other gay bar that i've ever been to be it out of the backstage the performers all getting ready for tonight's performance in preparation for the club's new foreign audience english songs added to.
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the performance here can't believe the media attention bush's gacy has generated in the west to disappear would have spoken loudly in great numbers but the reality is that the issue is more complicated than it seems while some in the algae to community say that the polls brought him last year let's bring in a new way of the baby and violence of the state of the situation has to be changed and they gave up and i'll tell you the tickets. even somewhat large well people do not run the streets handed hand in sochi behind closed doors at such clubs people can be openly affectionate and one thing is for sure whether you have conservative cool liberal views this month is going to be a celebration of schools to remember the last member of the sochi.
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and don't forget that artsy is at the heart of the winter olympics will be broadcasting daily from saucy throughout the games and online at twenty fourteen r.t. dot com. and coming up for you this hour a warring major drug supply routes is opening up and israel yet the heavily armed nation is on able to stop the spread of illegal substances we report on that in
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just a few minutes. and the secrets of the island of the dead one of the united states largest cemeteries keeps the public away and is sparely accessible to even the relatives of those buried there that story's just ahead. with a year of the horrors south of the b.b.c. news subtitles as we enter the chinese new year which is of course is called the year of the horse alas i believe the b.b.c. forty and sub reveal a lot more about the true state of the british and global economies that which is not allowed to be said publicly by the likes of the beloved b. if you think about the elites in government think tank and business have been forcing public assets and their populations to turn tricks for bankers using the pip's lack of depth into the finances plug those national assets one too many loads
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of debt and then a bed of the trickle state of a nation screaming for more good credit all the way of the factory. this immediately goes so we leave to be. hard to see who she truly are you part of the musical. issues that no one is asking with to get big you deserve answers from. politics. welcome back you're watching r.t. international now one of the world's largest hacker groups is suing chancellor merkel and the ends higher german governments for foster and end up to spy on projects led by american and british agencies along with human rights activists
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they say leaders and they pulled the mass surveillance and violates of the country's criminal code we spoke to one of the activists behind the move. we have strong indications that the german government. and or together with the american spies on all of our digital lives at the moment even if the whole media was covering but they stayed very very passive and they it for us it looked like they were just waiting until the storm is over and that's why we want to force the federal prison prosecutor to start real investigation on what is going on and want beyond wrong and how the government not only the american all the others are insured invading our digital lives it's still not proven that any of these measures really help finding terrorists than all the other excuses they find and that's just a new way of power and which is fundamentally destroying every everybody's privacy
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and probably will also be of big danger for the democracy. high school is reeling from a u.s. style shooting of rampage on line you can get the story of how russian students who had been showing a great promise turned into a killer on campus. plus now speaking out against the king of saudi arabia can get shit branded a terrorist are it's a tough call that has the story. it's good.
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to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm researcher. trillion dollar war on illegal drugs could be largely in vain a un report reveals more than two hundred seventy million people around the world are addicted to illegal drugs and that's despite strict policies and billions of dollars spent on fighting the problem the study also lists world's largest drug hubs name in israel among them paula slayer reports on how the country became a major traffic center. like most major cities there's a dark side to the tel aviv night scene armed with a hidden camera we visit one of the popular downtown nightclubs everything's on often children doing drugs in the middle of the room. using drugs in a twenty five years but. stuff and sixteen years
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ago. i fell to the heroin and this was terrible one is a former user he spent many nights in prison and paid the ultimate price we were living on the street you don't really want to do it you know you just you know you want to use this you're getting a berth for. to get it again so. the soup can come out from a lot of people coming over from the circle my wife she died from the drugs she couldn't stop with full borders drug smugglers are entering the country from all sides although in this instance security forces manage to make an arrest they cannot stop them all israel has a starve role in the most recent wooldridge drug report issued by the united nations office on drugs and crime alongside brazil it's listed as a country that is a major manufacturing importer expulsion and uses of narcotic drugs i can confirm
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that more than fifty percent of all the drugs that enter israel has seized but this is obviously a long term counter police operations that will take place and continue working with the into porn is twenty five representatives that are here in israel and therefore information is transferred on a day to day basis but maybe that is not enough pay some figures that the israeli police know about and based on the suspects that we've arrested there has been an increase in attempts that's correct all sides agree this is a dangerous situation and that israel has to do more so people like want me. once again i think. even the government even the. people of this. it's a disease this situation lose money is not substantially different from that in europe the united states came simply arrived in the country fashionably late.
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television. from the world news for you right now or asked targeting a military boss in yemen's capital sanaa has killed at least two soldiers and left several injured the incident comes at a time of mounting tensions in the country's northwest where shia muslim groups who are trying to establish a breakaway states are battling local tribal leaders and the army on monday thousands of shia protesters marched the wrists and accusing the sunni led ruling party which has been in power for fifty years of mass corruption and abuse of power . and. international peacekeepers in the central african republic have been engaged in firefights trying to stop looting in the muslim neighborhoods in the capital the communities where earlier my rival christian militia is forcing the muslim rise thence to find their homes currently over six thousand troops from france and the african union are in the country trying to
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quell months of sectarian tension that has killed more than two thousand people. it's the final resting place for almost a million people yet it's kept under strict lock and key the hearts island cemeteries one of the biggest in the united states and the access is strictly limited by the government's it's even difficult for relatives of the deceased to visit their loved ones graves as nice to see a child in our reports. for a place kept from the public eye. you've likely never heard of it despite its long history and size one of the largest cemeteries in the united states with nearly a million burials almost one million people buried here since the hundreds the poor homeless stillborn children and bodies not claimed by anyone on just over one hundred acres hart island a piece of land just off of manhattan this is as close as we can get to the island
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with a news camera this is a dog where ferries transporting bodies inmates and occasional visitors depart from after a variety of uses from a prison to a psychiatric ward to hospital the place has been ran by the prison system making the cemetery more reminiscent of a jail where inmates beurre up to fifteen hundred bodies a year burgles for those the city takes care of take place in mass graves here inmates dig ten feet deep trenches at fifty cents per hour dollars that are buried out there are primarily homeless there are people that are generally forgotten and ignored by society. photographer in ferentz was able to get these images by reaching the island in secret on a handmade boat the most striking thing when we first landed it hit our boat for the morning. was that we almost stumbled into an open burial we stepped out on this i would realize that the plywood covered coffins controlled by the city's department of correction the location is difficult to access and visits if any are
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strictly regulated i had a live child. and she's gone and i have no control over going to a cemetery to visit her former navy commander ilene josephs five day old baby girl died thirty six years ago twenty three by herself while the grieving mother was trying to figure out funeral arrangements she found out that the child had already been buried by the city people are not properly informed in the hospital so as to what it means to allow the city to take care of it ilene was given a death certificate with no indication of where her daughter and did up the search for her child's grave went on for decades she was five days old i had nursed her she was my daughter and i was in the just about to throw away i would like to go to walk to my daughter's grave and be able to have some final closing but getting closure has been
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a struggle so far elaine has been able to come to a busy ball on the island following id checks after permission from prison system officials if this were a private cemetery it would be very clear under the law that you had to allow visits to the actual grades because it's a public cemetery the specific law that requires access does not does not apply filmmaker author and founder of the art island project melinda hunt works with women like elaine to have the island be made into a public park it's inappropriate to expect the public or someone who's lost a child to have to contact the department of corrections to make arrangements to. visit hard island and then not to be able to go to an actual grave site on it this is more to do with a regular tailor lawyer mark taylor who works with the grieving mothers pro bono many of them. did not subsequently have children so they have children
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who are buried out on the island and for them looking back in their life. it's something that has no meaning and importance to them access to the graves is it is impossible because the graves are not marketing lost records lost great story in their own records out there under shoddy conditions the department of corrections has not done a great job of maintaining this island as you know the new york culture urges jurors as a viable part of the prison system after a battle that's lasted years eight mothers including elaine have recently been informed that they will be able to visit specific grave sites still under strict regulations but until the island stops being ran by those who run prisons this place holding almost one million people will continue to treat those fighting for closure like inmates people don't throw their families away just as he took in a new york more world news from r.t. international in thirty minutes that's after the kaiser report has taken aim at the
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fall and a finance to stay with us. the first recreational marijuana shops are now open in colorado finally the question of what effect legal marijuana will have on the american public can be answered with real world experience you know there are a lot of people out there with strong arguments as to why we should legalize this controversial play it firstly there are plenty of things just as bad for us as marijuana or worse like beer cigarettes antidepressants and mystery fast food meats which are totally legal secondly young men are often thrown in jail for the absolutely victimless crime of smoking marijuana i could see punishing someone for
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drugs like crystal meth which can a do turn people into maniacs but have any of you out there ever heard of. someone breaking into people's houses on a we ramp age no no you have it the downside to all of this is that across america the world people are looking for change and they want to massive star rise but when the masses are stoned out of their minds it makes things in life that we shouldn't tolerate become very tolerable we now call allow us to make it through another day of our miserable lives so that we can live without going through all that effort of trying to make things better or challenge the system legalizing weed will just pacify the masses even more but that's just my opinion. of the flame. the olympic spirit travels with the flame from its place in greece. james
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brown for an elemental and a picture around russia and beyond. where i think. welcome to the kaiser report imax keyser welcome to the year of the horse so it's at the b.b.c. news subtitles as we enter the chinese new year which is course is called the year of the horse alas i believe the b.b.c. is forty and slip reveal
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a lot more about the true state of the british and global economies that which is not allowed to be said publicly by the likes of the beloved being if you think about it the elites and government think tank business have been forcing public assets and their populations to turn tricks for bankers using the pip slap of death until the financier is plug those national assets of one too many loads of debt and then a bed of the truth was heard of a nation screaming for more debt crack all the way to the glue factory. yes welcome to the year of the horrors stacey. max well it is speaking flattering and screaming your way for more debt on the way to the glue factory we might want to look here where there's been a lot of horse riding going on real wages have been falling for a longest period for at least fifty years oh and us says real wages have been falling by two point two percent a year in the longest sustained period of falling real wages in the u.k. on record we'll look at this chart that.


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