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tv   [untitled]    February 5, 2014 3:00am-3:31am EST

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you know audience yes the game is rigged. it's torch time inside the olympic flame completes its epic journey to get the winter games going. that stein talks with the taliban it's revealed afghanistan's been trying to secure peace with militants behind closed doors while washington tries to keep some kind of military grip in the line drive it by ten years of war. and britain's leaders are told to get a grip on american spying after senior parliament figures say u.s. bases on the u.k. territory are getting away with taking liberties.
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come and see live from the russian capital this is artsy ensor national with me marina. before the winter olympics begin of one journey to end after traveling more than sixty thousand kilometers the iconic flame of the games has now reached its final destination paul scott is in the host city for our city. torches arrival here in sochi is going to be greeted with an increase in excitement levels over the next couple of days or so three hundred volunteers are going to carry the torch as it continues its journey all around this region and then of course it comes to a climax on friday evening during the spectacular opening ceremony where the olympic cauldron will be laid another person who is tasked with that corner at the moment we simply don't know it is a closely guarded secret and of course the olympic torch began its relay across
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russia the world's largest country back in moscow in october since then it's traveled sixty five thousand kilometers it's gone to the bottom of the world's deepest lake lake by college going to the top of europe's highest peak mount elders and it's also gone on a space walk as well on board the international space station but now it is here in sochi all eyes are turning to friday the international olympic committee they're having their one hundred twenty six session now the president of the i.o.c. is thomas back he is here in sochi as an and has addressed a number of issues around these particular games and in particular he's addressed the issue of a number of political leaders who have decided to boycott the games in an apparent protest against russia's so-called and hotly debated anti-gay law back says that the olympic movement should be above and beyond any political point scoring we are grateful to those who respect the fact that sports can only contribute to
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development and peace if it's not used as a stage for political dissent or for trying to score points in internal or external political contests rather political leaders we say however the courage to address your disagreements in a peaceful direct political dialogue and not on the backs of the athletes another issue that has been firmly in the spotlight in the lead. up to these games is the issue of security of course december's twin suicide attacks in the city of volgograd which is less than a thousand kilometers from here has heightened tensions and my colleague martin andrews now takes a look at the issue of security around sochi. defense missiles drones sophisticated suttles capable of detecting somebody's remains and high speed patrol boats a vast array of high tech gear is being deployed to make sochi one of the safest
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places on earth with any global event security is the number one priority and no expense is being spared to achieve that end at the twenty fourteen winter olympics a ring of steel is in place around the city and no one from residents to work is to enter without an official powers but it's a case of high visibility and minimal fuss was that you did not mention the astronauts have been saying that back home they saw very negative media coverage about the olympic village some were even afraid to come here but monday arrives this started wondering what all the data press was about i was very impressed by what's going on here they say that as much as how it will end discomfort you specially when it comes to security checks compared to previous guy is amusing but it's not just about tighter controls and manpower in place offices are into growing extra training for mountain patrols that have distinct advantages that such events overcome the pilots are able to work all year ahead of my games mounted police are
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more effective during massive burns because there's a tower over the people and have a better view of the crowds and the beefed up security including assistance from the u.s. government is primed to keep a protective ilocos and this is all that have a small almost five hundred cossacks warriors of russian law will also be on duty at various of the big locations. with their traditional black hats and coats with apple lets they will be on standby to assist the police because cossacks have been guarding russian borders for centuries traditionally based in southern russia and we know the region and its people very well. because sex job is to offer assistance spread safety culture and peace to various religions and people from different countries because like normally patrols without any weapons they can only stop a crime in progress and they can only call the police and wait for the authorities to arrive so as the population of this black sea resort swells by the thousand
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whether it's sniffer dogs or horses patrol boats or cossacks sorties disses locals are certainly in good hands and with an estimated one hundred thousand police security services and armed troops here the aim is to ensure that these will be the safest a lympics in history martin andrews r.t. tsotsi we've got continuing live updates for you from sanchia where the olympic flame has already arrived plus you can also go to our websites ever visit the last exciting moments of its journey from ancient greece to the russian black sea resort .
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it's emerged that the afghan government has been hold in secret talks with taliban officials to try and tackle the country's volatility discussions took place three weeks ago and reports of lee achieved little although afghan officials remain confident they will eventually bear fruit now the u.s. has voiced support despite washington haven't spent billions of dollars and ten years fighting the taliban militants there and there's the ongoing wrangling over america's role in afghanistan beyond twenty fourteen. what's been achieved after a decade of war. one of america's longest and most expensive foreign investments is turning into one of its greatest obstacles the u.s. intervention in afghanistan has essentially created a new tell about movement far more powerful you know no comparison really with the
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taliban that existed before nine eleven or before the u.s. intervention in afghanistan matter of fact as the taliban and afghan president reportedly remain in secret talks about reaching a peace deal washington's future in the country after twenty fourteen remains in limbo president hamid karzai still refuses to sign a long term bilateral agreement with washington and last week that of the afghan leader cited poet percy shelley when describing the painfully strained relations with america i believe the best way to summarize this is to put it in the words of shelley the great british port i met murder on the way the whole twelve years was one of constant pleading with america please treat our civilians respectfully and treat their lives as the lives of people. the u.s. has reportedly spent more than ninety billion dollars on reconstruction and relief in afghanistan i just did for inflation that's more than any european country more seen right after the second world war however journalist gareth porter says in this
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case no amount of money can buy love what the united states has accomplished in its escalation of the war in afghanistan years or the exacerbation a tremendous increase in anti-american sentiment and a large part of that of course was the use of night raids of on people's homes knocking down doors in the middle of the night and antagonizing hundreds of thousands. who was channel a friends neighbors were affected by this tactic and it's tremendously antagonized . the afghan population is going to be a problem that will affect us national security for many decades to come in the year to come for the u.s. may turn out to mean leaving afghanistan in the same circumstance it was when it was invaded. new york. and for more on
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the america's involvement in afghanistan and reports of it funded human rights abuses in controlled territory to stay with r t for abby martin and breaking the sets. this is the longest war in u.s. history still going strong ninety percent of world's heroin is coming out of that country we're still funding billions of dollars in there i mean at the same time bombing the hell out of it i guess afghanistan actually becomes a little bit more complicated because the u.s. is still occupying have a sense of the u.s. is still running a lot of these a lot of the infrastructure there so we're seeing widespread cases of human rights abuse widespread abuses i mean irrefutable evidence of torture happening in prisons in afghanistan. american military bases in britain might come under greater scrutiny after a series of allegations that washington has been using them for drone strikes and
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spying there are violations including on the in the german chancellor is phone data the emergence of which caused outrage in berlin last year now senior u.k. politicians want the government to overhaul its current intelligence arrangements upon a boycott explains. well they arrived during world war two and they stayed throughout the cold war and now there are some ten thousand u.s. military servicemen working here in britain in dozens of facilities but what are they still doing here well it's alleged that one of the u.s. military bases here in the u.k. was relaying data back from a network of spy posts alleged to have been monitoring the phone calls of german chancellor angela merkel so now three senior peers from all three major political parties here in the u.k. say they want to see greater transparency in relation to u.s. military bases and they want to know exactly what the u.s. military servicemen are getting up to on british soil well to talk about this i'm
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joined by one of the authors of the proposed amendments to defense legislation. baron s. miller barnett's miller thank you very much for joining us the u.s. and the u.k. have a special relationship they're both part of nato what does it matter what they're getting up to on these bases. but you're quite right we do have a special relationship but the global surveillance program that the american national security agency has been up to has gone well beyond what we think is acceptable in terms of security are you saying that these bases have basically become a law on to themselves within the u.k. what we're really talking particularly about menwith hill anyone living in new york should be familiar with it huge goals balls dozens of people working at the scale of it should have told us that something was going on beyond simply missile defense so perelman terence like myself have been asking questions over the last couple of
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decades but we've received a brushoff a not very good answer now either our ministers didn't know what was going on which that would be pretty appalling or they didn't know what was going on. but either way i think we need now to see these bases become far more accountable to the british parliament it really does need to be something that we do knowingly and not just wandering into what we've got now which is a big brother state run from the states proposed amendments to defense legislation are currently being revised but certainly here in the british government there are those that say while they are on british soil u.s. bases should be added herring to british laws. r.t. london. and in the few minutes on r t the brits being trapped by their bedrooms the government denies that its penalties on people spare space in their homes is
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punishing the poorest as they you are in suggests. plus we tell you why it's no longer glamorous to get amorous in japan where thousands are finding their sex drive as grinding to a halt bats and more than a few moments. in one corner the wall street jamie the table undone in drug goes wild. and the other corners the evil no good dick refused to tell bellow long-term capital management always dick the gorilla who. here to mediate the slightest think family balsam will be rescued this stage rumble in the wall street jungle with a seven or billion times out the audience tricks yes the game is rigged.
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the. drama is the truth be ignored. stories others refuse to notice. the faces change the world. come to picture of today's you know. from around the globe. don't do it don't. new york london. the whole world is on the go. you can see trujillo of the original one of the one down the end there a photo of the core of that building at the end of the street another one the more transparent society gets the money or the public tears become we see military and
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state run for least falses mobilized against people who blend into the city who know how great the city the more people trust electronic devices the more new front slows the. fear that the thousand on is on our t.v. . is obviously more for the ladies because it's pink. women wanted to avoid rape they really needed to buy guns environ how to use them. this is the one that i want to go away from once again it's the fear factor for women are definitely the target of the gun lobby and you don't kill them when you're killing money but if so many would you would just prefer. i'm noticing more and more if that's really scary marketing tactics which implies that women have some sort of moral obligation to own guns to protect their family and young girls
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shoot out here too so we do have a pink or. more kids young kids choke on food than are killed by firearms if being armed made us safer in america we should be the safest nation on earth were clearly not the safest. welcome back to our senior international now almost everywhere you look at seems that sex sells t.v. films music but in japan thousands of people are being turned off and looks at a show of skin explains why the japanese are getting poorer and the bedroom. thanks but no sex says this japanese woman in her mid thirty's she's now on her second marriage but intimacy with her husband is off the marital menu. after i had
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a child with my first husband i lost interest in sex we divorced i remarried but my second husband lost interest in having sex with me so i have actually got used to having no sense at all this is becoming a trend which now has its own name in japan sexless according to recent polls more than sixty percent of unmarried man and near half of women aged eighteen to thirty four are not in relationships more over forty five percent of women and a quarter of man aged sixteen to twenty four were not interested in having sex at all for the country with one of the world's lowest birth rates this spells huge demographic trouble we used to have a very large population but you know we're rapidly shrinking with if things carry on as they are japan's population will be half of what it is now by the year twenty fifty that would be seventy eight million we have indeed struggled to find many couples openly showing their affection in the multi-million capital of tokyo and what makes the situation even more bizarre is that japan has always been
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a world heavyweight when it comes to the matters of sex but your show our area in tokyo is one of the old discredit light districts in the world for centuries it has been thriving now its streets are practically empty for almost four hundred years it has been restricted to the locals now with japanese people having less sex the businesses here had to open their doors to foreigners. with the homo could not hear . she used to be called queen love and worked in one of those brothels now runs a special course called sex counseling she helps people resuscitate their basic instinct sometimes through hypnosis she even urges men to dress as women to make them understand what the opposite sex feels like she says the government is partly to blame for the situation taking on. the government puts. stricter regulations on sexually. even sixty commercials disappeared from t.v. these forced young people to go there show in their sex lives that now they have more interest in social media and dating becomes annoying to them.
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not only social networking but also high unemployment among the youth generates this widespread celibacy and sexual reclusion say researchers many simply have no money to date and get married alyona manages to help up to one hundred people every month but with growing numbers of those are interested in intimacy in particular asian of a hundred and sixty million this is just the drop in the ocean lets us have c.r.t. reporting from tokyo japan. it turns out that spending millions on cyber security isn't stopping hackers getting and see u.s. federal agency websites and that's all down to the basics of using computers at r.t. dot com would tell you why staff are on the web suddenly holding the door open to all the line criminals. plus on our all line envisioned section we've got pictures from i see ever on which has endured one of its heaviest snow
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storms and here's. one of the new. policies it's a little. pleasure to have you with us here on our t.v. today i roll researcher. some more world news for you now bomb blasts near government sites in baghdad's highly secured green zone have killed at least sixteen people the deadliest attack happened the see cars packed with explosives went off near the foreign ministry blasts were also reports of near restaurants and commercial buildings there is no
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evidence of who carried out these souls but sunni insurgents have repeatedly carried out similar attacks against civilians and government employees. a train carrying gas condensates has the railed in central russia crossing twelve of the carriages to explode it's not known won't cause the trying to come off the rails emergency services say the fire will take a few more hours to put out more than four hundred people have been evacuated from the area and no injuries have been reported. troops from france and the african union have been unable to stop the looting in muslim neighborhoods in the central african republic peacekeepers on tuesday repelled attacks by radical christian militias only right spot have so far failed to completely restore safety their country has suffered months of zakarian unless that
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has claimed hundreds of lives and forced hands of thousands flee their homes. a saudi journalist has been sentenced to twelve years in prison for this obtain the king and claiming the country incited terrorism the courts also found him guilty of . undermining the nation's for strange even after he's freed will be banned from travelling abroad for twenty years the move follows a recent ruling about brands people as terrorists for insulting the king or defaming the country's reputation. britain's brushing off findings that its so-called bedroom tax is punishing the country's poorest people who receive housing welfare get their payments slashed if they have spare rooms but the government's this miss the united nations study calling it discredited says arcilla has the details. the united nations special repertoire and housing released a report on the u.k. social housing conditions and call for the suspension of the so-called bedroom tax
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saying that it negatively impacts one's right to adequate housing as well as the general wellbeing of the most vulnerable individuals and households now since the introduction of this bedroom tax those who are of working age and receiving house it benefits may have found this money reduced if they are found to be living in flats with spare bedrooms at the u.s. report also says that britain is facing a crisis of availability and affordability with tenants finding themselves with quote a few rights and a little security but the u.k. is a house that has this this this report as partisan and he says it's disappointing that the united nations has chosen to associate itself with a quote misleading marxist diatribe rageous to accuse un report of being marxist diatribe is to be like accusing. being a marxist organization these are basic human rights we're dealing with here this nasty party has to crusade against the poor in this country what they've done quite
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apart from already forcing the poorest families in this country to choose between heating and eating now they've got them worrying about shelter these are the basic tenants of civilization this awful awful government to strip from the poorest people in this country it's driven them to depression and even suicide this isn't the first time that the u.k. and the un have exchanged words on the matter but the u.k. government stands by its decision saying that this will allow the free not to have bigger flats for families that need it more and it also talks about tax savings of about four hundred eighty million pounds in the first year however this is likely to continue as campaigners say they will continue to fight it on human rights grout in fact a liverpool council is reporting david cameron to the united nations saying that his government may be violating international rules on keeping people out of poverty reporting from london. more world news and about half an hour from now but here shortly abbie martin's look at how human rights are taking
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a backseat to big politics in america's ongoing war on terror and afghanistan to stay with us. i marinate joined me on into impartial and financial reporting commentary interview and much much. only on the bus and on.
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new york london. the whole world is on the go. the true hero of the original one a further one down the end for their father to hang up the cords out the link at the end of the street another one of the more transparent society gets the money or look up the tears become we see military and state and for least pulsars mobilized against people who blend into the city to mean hobbit the city the more people trust electronic devices the more defenseless they are the fear that has a thousand on is on our t.v. . one of the new cultural phenomena why should the bank of new knowledge face time to time people about.
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a pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i roll researcher. and one going to the wall street superhero jamie the table and diamond drug goes well. in the other corners the evil no good dick who refused to sell below a long term capital management always dick the gorilla sold who are. here to mediate this fight is take them or paulson will be rescued this stage rumble in the wall street jungle with a seven or billion times ouch the audience shrinks yes the game is rigged.
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to. the the. how do you know i'm not a martin and this is breaking the set so yesterday marked the start of the jury selection in the case of jonathan jordan excuse me davis seventeen year old black teenager who was shot and killed by michael dunn a forty seven year old white man in jacksonville florida so according to authorities davis and don got into an argument over the loud hip hop music coming from the teen's car and dunn said he felt threatened by davis pulled a concealed handgun from his glove compartment and shot in a teenager's s.u.v. multiple times davis was unarmed i got to be seen it is likely that dunn's attorney will employ a stand your ground defense because we all know how much it helped and jurors consideration when it came to trayvon martin and george zimmerman so if you don't want to see don go free for claiming that an unarmed teenager is music threaten his life. anough to take the young teenagers then join me and that's right side.
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of the piece of politically the pit was terrible and they are looking very hard to take a look at once again to look at the club have you ever had sex with the target they're looking to. play. in the for the fun. look. look. look look look look look look look look. look good. but there's one thing this country loves it's a korean war is on things the war on drugs the war on terrorism the war on christmas.


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