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tv   [untitled]    February 9, 2014 3:30am-4:01am EST

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people who blend into the city the city the more people trust electronic devices the more. fear that looks. almost like an exhilarating winter in our team a team you still need and you see now a m a kevin zero and the rest of our live news team for sochi twenty four take. all odds. well if you're going to come and live these policies just to.
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have you with us you're our kids today are brothers you should. learn to this is venture capital i'm paid to build a warm welcome to you coming up in the. kids told by does quite often get a proud blame for all of the recent financial crunch is whether it be the great depression and to the race across the two thousand and eight described brady ruthless of having integrity and coasting at the top has billions of dollars and. have all but i believe it. is so cool top all the ready to change that out to cheat with the help balls call it yes i'm being puppet be serious details to come behind
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me on that watch pulse international schools solves all have. finally these so she gave my house to god and while waiting to be joining all the food so he's in such a talking about money that he got loads on the white jam pot should do not move a lot so now so people in general well they don't toss back because often accusing them of having no call gins all credibility why don't you get to change this thing to gold for help in doing so yeah that's right dodgeball. all ninety thousand of them will now swear an oath to do their utmost to preserve our own hearts confidence in the financial services industry now this is part of the dutch government to change its image to take the over inflated industry with assets of more than four times the size of the country's economy and if you're thinking that maybe it's just a p.r.
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but apparently if the new code of conduct is broken then the guilty banks either get blacklisted all face a fine and is not just banks making moves to clean up the image of the banking industry actually this week marcus chief absolute jenkins he waived his four point five billion dollars bonus and that was for the second year in a rival but not all banking chiefs are taking the more snow off very favorite if you morgan's jamie diamond he took over his twenty million dollar paycheck last year despite the abundance of fines we know that his bank has been dealt with but the point is overall it seems efforts are being made now added to this lloyd's another british banking empire has vowed to keep their female star from twenty eight percent forty percent in the city would this make the banking industry more
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moral low to talk about we've got bankers declaring refusing bonuses will. the prospect of more women in the male dominated industry so does all of this all together does it mean a social moral movement in the banking world where our all this search you out these numbers what on earth is going on at the moment with our friend kerry right here who's involved in the financial world in london from i j brenda the oath taken by the dutch banking system is those g.d. years or is it total nonsense. i think it probably there's comes full somewhere in between the two i think when you look at. the reputation of the financial sector since the financial crisis i think it is quite important that we try and change the point of view of some of the employees of banks and i think in some respects it does have to make it a more discerning profession particularly in light of what's happened over the last
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few years so i think in some respects it is a good thing i've had interesting conversations with people in relation to the life or manipulation of the four explain a relation and some are trying to draw a difference between the two whereas in fact i think if you feel that you're doing something incorrect or morally wrong it doesn't really matter whether it's a small or a big thing it should actually fall into the same category so in some respects i think this is a good idea and could be a good template for most banks do it why should the banking industry care was society thinks of the money will be made god loves. to be honest with you is probably quite true but i do feel that over the last number of weeks we have seen that there have been a huge amount of redundancies in banks so clearly there are problems still facing the banking sector at the moment. regards whether or not you feel that the banking sector in the financial sector has been fixed since the height of the crisis and i feel that this goes some way to trying to make people believe in what their job is
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of course also help to kind of fix the reputational damage there i think it is important but i do take your point that clearly banks will make money no matter was but i think it's trying to turn over a new leaf that is quite important here a little i want to ask you about. chief executive antony jenkins turning down the bonus for the second year how important is it the chiefs do this does he have a significance do you guys can. i'm not so certain i care all that much i do believe that in many respects the bonus is more than likely deferred a little bit further and i think it's mostly a p.r. exercise. on behalf of barclays perhaps it is a way off leading by example by the head of the bank but i start about if he stays there gets gets the bank on its feet once again i'm proves to its shareholders he's worthy of a bonus find some stuff worthy of a bonus then i would expect in a few years time more than make up for the losses that he's made over the last
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couple of years oh yeah. let's talk about women because the lawyers all keen to get more female what is in the industry would this how your personal experience do women make the industry more moral. i think it's an interesting case actually and i don't subscribe to the view that women are more risk averse than men obviously i work in quite a male dominated department here but i think there is a perception there that women do do not take more risk but if you look at risk taking as a whole it's generally taken as a financial scenario but if you actually look at risk to be standing up for what's right in the face of opposition taking an ethical path where there's actually pressure to stray i think women could actually bring in a little bit more of a collaborative effort in the banking sector which is more likely to show successful risk taking and there have been studies showing that men are inclined to there are two different waiting on factors for risk taking two of them are the likelihood that the risk in question would help hit strategic objectives the second
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is the effect the risk on the people involved men are more inclined to focus on the former women are more inclined to focus on the locker so i think bringing in more female stuff into senior management could really put create a collaborative effort i make the risk taking that is encouraged to buy and king and to profits more successful and a more moral question of making money absolutely thank you have a so much that's brenda kelly right there from my day talking to us in london today . games on now oh and already a record breaking awful the most expensive. a limpet games in history we know that much and even when i say the price tag now the fifty one billion dollars dollars but it's been spent now it's done and dusted but the good news is the games are expected to generate the most revenue in history channel i'm talking television advertisements sponsorships merchandise even private jets so let's talk to
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a farmer right now who is insult she is for us. so days so she is set to make money then the full plentiful well it should do i mean in terms of associated advertising revenue hoffer trillion dollars is expected to be generated in this sounds like a staggering amount but you do have to remember that something like three billion people around the world will watch the games on their television sets so for advertisers it is seen as something of a golden ticket and that's why you do get the likes of move don't move panasonic and visa all queuing up to be official sponsors of sochi twenty four to yet he today and obviously in addition to that you've got all the people going to sochi so watch the games of course which means great business for local company is. it is brilliant for the local economy and we're hearing that something like one hundred forty thousand people will visit sort cheek during these games of course they all need somewhere to stay so hotels are going to benefit benefit something
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like twenty thousand new hotel rooms were built for these games and all of those have been taken and on top of that you have the shops and cafes and restaurants going to benefit and of course the local taxi companies which as we know always put up the prices so it's very lucrative to sort shake and on top of that of course when people come to sort you to watch the games they need to buy tickets and they alone are worth something like one hundred seventy million dollars while on the same high bridal is in town as well i hear. yeah well if you drive past sort yeah or even just look out the you who are airplane window you will see a lot of private jet. some of the time incredibly they are paying up to sixty five thousand dollars a day just to. only go to spending a lot of money keeping their jets in sochi during these games and over the course of three weeks the airport expects to generate something like forty two million dollars from this new thing will you shoot that and they do tell us that something
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like six hundred fifty people have already inquired about parking their jets but search here put you in the game so huge huge money spinner for many people my guess is that is big money that will thank you so much indeed on the euro ferry busy man it's exciting times there and thoughts are with the guys now underway called believe enjoy yourself goodbye. when it comes to the plates well the value of winning a big shiny gold medal depends on the country that they're from because each country awards that own sport stars so starting with the italians will they're the most generous to the athletes would you brave with a homecoming the award of one hundred eighty two thousand dollars right there at lest forget about debt forget about recession they're getting a nice juicy package that will go russia up next right here where it's all going on one hundred fourteen thousand so she's just about the by the way if you wanted chinese champs so get one hundred thirty five thousand for their sporting efforts
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usa is a little bit more modest hayward twenty five thousand but they tend to get the most in sponsorships u.k. right here yeah zero for their stuff though just have to make do with the meadow white guy so the brits leave it on according to fit credit rating agency the debt created by the sochi twenty fourteen olympics will be in their words manageable the agency said that the region is well diverse and there is a steady flow of funding from the federal government many of russia's state owned banks are providing loans to a limp it projects which in fact is i may. the debt less risky investors are hoping that the costly infrastructure projects will provide income for the region with international and domestic terrorists for decades to come that's the i did all right now let's crack on and let's get corporate we're going to start with russian bags because. last week i mentioned the to be banking group had stopped working
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with fitch after being downgraded in january now fate has withdrawn its rating for bt b. before doing so it reaffirmed the fines triple the minus say service fee t.v. russia's second largest lender accuse the agency of a lack of professionalism and now only offer rates with moody's and standard and poor's i move it on russian the retail outlet into has announced it will hold two i.p.o.'s one of moscow a while the london stock available is believed to be up to a billion dollars while this is in response to last year's profit soaring by two hundred million dollars. russian fast food chain to be more open to restaurants in new york the company specializes in russian pancakes both sweets ones unsavory that surely pop but i hate a lot of people happen for a male and i thirty recommends the sour cream. ok so i've got
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a bit of an appetite for your height that's quite stu opposite sides for venture capital this week if it hasn't get on twitter i'll be involved all this way going to be talking about sochi of course it's often running around well decide to buy so i take care of yourselves have a great weight and so you. would really be sustainable opera. focused on making him like you are advocating night to self interest since that is what your government says has always been the case and had. businesses for hundreds of years without using them a bill. that i think was what god capitalism do who was this notion that economists brought to it which was the idea of profit maximizing.
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they redistribute bankruptcy since to really do it was told to lean on the signs because it is a market economy and its go total budget of the european union what we are talking about is not more than one per cent off that you do feel for your continuing the total budget is about the size of the bunch of finland and if this is called a socialist concept then look at the size off welfare states on the national level this is totally ridiculous what's ridiculous about is that you know the legislators who were dickless about the e.u. marching in more or less to greece and to cyprus started late socialist most sightedly communist i would say to talk about reading people's private bank accounts to support the european union and this is what they're talking about
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people are falling over themselves democrats are falling over themselves to get into great britain because they know the rest of europe is the boss. right on the scene. first street. and i think that you're. on our reporters with their. instrument. to be in the know. on. past quarter past or til the hour now ante drone activists have been firing themselves in courts across the us for protesting against the use of deadly
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unmanned aircraft but there is relative media silence about what the drones do to civilian populations leaving the public in the dark that's what antiwar activists david swanson tells but yes people certainly know the six month prison sentences we've had people face seen or read destroyed just for exercising their first amendment rights this is an ongoing activity across the country and it's noticed in the local media that there's a virtual blackout in the national media in the united states you would have no idea this was happening it's that there's an extensive protest resistance movement against these drone murders and unfortunately most americans don't even know it's apathy they don't even know what the drones are being used for much much less that they're being protested when these missiles go and kill innocent men women children infants in pakistan afghanistan yemen somalia there is no discussion there's no debate it just happens under the radar drone program launched under george w.
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bush why the expanded during the obama presidency countries most affected are yemen and pakistan where hundreds of civilians have been killed a variety of estimates suggest the last five years more than three hundred victims of drone warfare even though the u.s. people seem to be growing any easier over the attacks washington officials showing little intention of putting an end to that a corruption pandemic sweeping the e.u. member states brussels claim is losses to shady deals amount to hundreds of billions of euros. their estimation that corruption costs in the european union is no less than one hundred twenty billion euros each year and that is the equivalent of an e.u. on your budget so it's a lot of money we're talking about figures reveal by the e.u.'s home affairs commission its first annual report agency's chief called the problem breathtaking and warn that it's getting worse philip plays an m.e.p. for the flemish nationalist party says while highlighting bribery on a national level the report ignores brussels complicity. problems in some member
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states huge and widespread and the problem within the european union is that all the member states. are in danger of being contaminated by this problem because when you are in the euro zone for instance and when one of these member states in the eurozone has a big corruption problem well this problem will be felt by the other member states within the eurozone that's a problem with greece for instance so the problems in one country are becoming more and more the problems of the other member states with i find surprising them with fun interesting at the same time is that the european commission has made this report on corruption in the european union but it didn't make a survey of corruption within its own institutions and didn't have any specific information about corruption with e.u.
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funded projects. to protest or threat of war the pentagon. sounding the alarm over iranian warships approaching u.s. maritime borders click on r.t. dot com for the whole story. plus a notorious anti immigration go home or face arrest campaign backfires on its master my details on what forced the u.k. immigration chief to step down or click away. right to see. first street. and i would think you're. an army corps. instrument. to be in. a breach of citizens' privacy and germany's apparently too much or even the country's leading hacker
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organization the chaos computer club is suing chancellor merkel and the government for failing to prevent the u.s. and britain from spying on germans r.t. spoke with one of its activists. we have strong indications that the german government. and or work together with the american spies on all of our digital lives at the moment even if the whole media blitz covering but they stayed very very passive and they it for us it looked like they were just waiting until the storm is over and that's why we want to force the federal prison prosecutor to start a real investigation on what is going on and want beyond wrong and hollow the government's not only the american all the others are injured invading our digital lives it's still not proven that any of these measures really help terrorists than all the other excuses they find and that's just a new way of power and which is fundamentally destroying everyone everybody's
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privacy and probably will also be of big danger for the democracy everywhere you look at seams that sex sells and t.v. movies and music but in japan the latest polls suggest many now prefer virtual intimacy to actual love prompting fears of a demographic danger for the country or teens alexei or a chef ski explain. thanks but no sex says this japanese woman in her mid thirty's she's now on her second marriage but intimacy with her husband is off the marital menu. after i had a child with my first husband i lost interest in sex we divorced i remarried but my second husband lost interest in having sex with me so i have actually got used to having no sense at all this is becoming a trend which now has its own name in japan sexless according to recent polls more than sixty percent of unmarried man and near half of women aged eighteen to thirty
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four are not in relationships more over forty five percent of women and a quarter of man aged sixteen to twenty four were not interested in having sex at all for the country with one of the world's lowest birth rates this spells huge demographic trouble you so used to have a very large population but now we're rapidly shrinking if things carry on as they are japan's population will be half of what it is now by the year twenty fifty that would be seventy eight million we have indeed struggled to find many couples openly showing their affection in the multi-million capital of tokyo and what makes the situation even more bizarre is that japan has always been a world heavyweight when it comes to the matters of sex but your show our area in tokyo is one of the all this red light districts in the world for centuries it has been thriving now its streets are practically empty for almost four hundred years it has been restricted to the locals and now with japanese people having less sex the businesses here had to open their doors to foreigners. with
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a home ok now here. she used to be called queen love and worked in one of those brothers now runs a special course called sex counseling she helps people resuscitate their basic instinct sometimes through hypnosis she even urges men to dress as women to make them understand what the opposite sex feels like she says the government is partly to blame for the situation taking on. the government puts. stricter regulations on sexual content even sex the commercials disappeared from t.v. these forced young people to go there show in their sex lives that and now they have more interest in social media and dating becomes annoying to them. not only social networking but also high unemployment among the youth generates this widespread celibacy and sexual reclusion say researchers many simply have no money to date and get married i'll yell i'm out of just to help up to one hundred people every month but with growing numbers of those are interested in intimacy in
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population of a hundred and sixty million this is just a drop in the ocean let's us s.q.r.t. reporting from tokyo japan more news coming your way at the top of the hour stay with us.
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i. street another one of the more transparent society. we see.
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the city the city. we will. tell the i.o.c. . when you're in the arctic you have the entire feet she looks like a. people. the real king here is the polar bear and ice breakers come second. edition
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can be conducted with the russian nuclear powered fleet of ice breakers we. this is obviously more for the ladies because it's pink. women wanted to avoid rape they really need to buy guns environ how to use them i'm. sure this is the one that i'm going to go with them once again it's the fear of all women are definitely the target of the gun lobby and you don't kill them when you're killing money but if somebody would you would just prefer. i know to say more and more if that's really scary marketing tactics which implies that women have some sort of moral obligation guns to protect their family and young girls shoot out here too so we do have a pink or. more kids young kids choke on food than are killed by firearms if
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being armed made us safer in america we should be the safest nation on earth were clearly not the safest. surveyor dillard's the location of a boy still remember. how to do it well there's a the low high tension said you would stop this storm we might think you know my people will die.
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the battle for the podium is in full swing with norway leading the race so far we're closely watching the extravaganza for our tuesday. studios in the heart of sochi. the threat of something bad happening in sochi so a media setting alarm bells ringing over the game is raising eyebrows as well as questions of whether the panic in criticism are justified also we'll look at the week's news . and you know. reportedly that's from the u.s. assistant secretary of state has she revealed washington's plans for a crisis right ukraine in a leaked phone call. swiss deciding on whether or not to keep foreigners out of the country voting on a controversial bill introducing quotas on immigration.


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