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the bottleful that liebig by human still sure isn't full swing with no way to leading the race so far we're closely watching the sports try downs are from all season very own studio in the heart of the winter games it's maybe a celebration of sport and fun. but right of something happening in sochi western media says there along bells and raining over the olympics raising eyebrows as well as washington's a what of the panic and criticism are justified in the weeks headlines. and you know. that reportedly comes from the mouth of the u.s. assistant secretary of state with tori nuland and she reveals washington's plans for crisis rocked ukraine in a league gone cold. on this way so deciding on whether to keep foreigners
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out as the country votes on a controversial bill introducing in one or two. this is all seem to a national coming to you live from moscow my name is even thanks for joining us. conversations hasting out that they went to games with eight sets of medals up for grabs on sunday and he said now is keeping abreast of all the latest really big developments from our. take on that. it's the second day of the games of course and there's a very vibrant spirit here in the winter olympic capital there's certainly an atmosphere of rivalry first and foremost a very festive mood with everyone enjoying the spectacle as for the competition so
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far norway tops the medal table but it's a russian now fleet who stole the show last night team figure skater. in her downswing performance in the ladies short program the fifteen year old showed she has the goods to win the gold and whether she takes the podium or not she's already an olympic darling now sunday is a busy day for the sportsman in sochi lose our lead skiers and snowboarders all hoping to bag gold in the next twenty four hours for tees andrew farmers in the olympic class sir andrew a busy schedule there for athletes some great shows of sportsmanship there i understand you know maybe lympics spirit is alive and well and to hear these stories sensually the russian team has given a very big helping hand to the germans their main rivals are today's will inspire flown what happened was that the germans equipment that they used to prepare their own skis was damaged in their trip over here so they are so the teams look can you
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help can you lend us your equipment all of these said no apart from the russians you said go ahead help yourself it was a very magnanimous gesture and one greatly appreciated by the olympic chief and we all in our pm have never experienced such a special situation and so i'll. play the russian friends who are. for us in the house big a vase handed over the key and so it was possible for the. our team prepared. your team the russian team said here are the keys and beds let's amoral as unbelievable our team managers discuss there is two or three other teams and they said nor because you. will be stronger with good skis and the russian team of support. to go. to success
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so heartwarming story there to start the day with that event incidentally in the biathlon is the women seven and a half kilometer sprint and that gets underway this evening now russia does have a couple of hopes elsewhere for medals i'll bet them change their current sit second at the halfway stage in the league that concludes today as does the team figure skating event and russia currently leads now so fingers crossed to be some medals on the board by the end of tonight also today we will get off first glimpse of russia's ice hockey women's team they play that humans incidentally and expect to game this is toughest the men's we've been catching up to very hearty skipper for russia catarina sentiments of. well not all the girls and models somewhat tough you know what women alike and i think any team sport is interesting in hockey you also have ice and hockey sticks so you can do some pushing and striking with your stick so it's very interesting that each is a sport spending on your disposition you have to be a feisty girl to play
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a few girls in women's hockey assault and tend of course when we're not wearing our uniforms no one can tell we're hockey players but when we're out there on the ring and we have to be tough of course every actually each dream is in it to be at these olympics but not everyone can make it not everybody makes the national team martin andres caught up with the americans who have had the misfortune of just missing out but he still enjoying sochi is his reform. begun his full time journey to. all his childhood olympic wish in twenty thirteen determined to participate in carry a flag at any opening a lympics ceremony he decided on the sporting activity of cross country skiing and competed several months of training in australia new zealand austria and finland i've been skiing on glaciers the aware of the snow i was jumping on a plane because i need to get as much exposure to skis as possible i've never been on skis and about eighteen months ago my dream was to be a walk into the ceremonies as a participant not to watch as
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a fan so i'm there watching it and yeah i mean like i had maybe five or six friends carrying their flags and i knew maybe thirty forty athletes in there and yeah it's kind of like bittersweet to get there but not quite there sadly he didn't meet the qualifying times needed for this year's competition so he's here in sochi to support his plan the sportsman. the winter games held in the war zone under the threat of terror with shutting go tells and stray dogs roaming around that's also g. twenty fourteen is big for trade by many western media outlets but will the criticism die down now that the torch is lit and the games have opened our teams and institute takes a look. hundreds of world class competitions involving thousands of top notch athletes sports fans all over the world rejoice it's time for a live big game fun again. pretty distant but why feed the excitement word of
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a possible new terror threat character a terror threat terrorist threat and your world champion and multiple gold medalist for buzz kill the western mainstream media we're lympics is a wonderful time for a contrast to get together in order to despise each other and or treat each other like crap it's only happens once every two four years you know that a lot of time you got to come together and hate each other and not a second has gone to why. east from picking any little thing that might be off to fifty toilets but not one that could be flushed to toilets i buy that i have two toilets right next to each other just spells party that doesn't spell bad conditions three millionaires to be exact raft one very tiny room left a five paint they're trashing things the problems that that come up in every olympic games as these were unique to sochi olympic stadium has always been accused
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of being an overpriced boondoggle that was constructed shoddily not ready until the very last second every single one that i can remember a media war against the saatchi olympics taken to a ridiculous extreme but my impression of fox news is that they're just sitting around the office and they go hey it looks like no one's russian to get to sochi and i write i'm going to go eat lunch. there that are his finest definitely who are spinning tiny flaws into viral sensations facts or actual sports reporting be damned. it's really kind of unpleasant to watch more to the point it's pretty counterfactual as well going so far as to say that the games are being held in a war zone as opposed to what's really a black sea resort. even though plenty of work went into security hysteria reigns the airwaves the threat of something bad happening in sochi well it's increasing by
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the day taking the fear of yes toothpaste to an extreme toothpaste containing explosive material it is terrifying all right did you hear all the tooth paste is going to explode it wants even staging tests on hiding explosives and tombs were c.n.n. commissioned this test i stop rushing mighty i've stopped flossing i think that might help solve the problem no matter how much the media act as the doomsayers of the games toothpaste will be toothpaste and not. incense will be nonsense in the end the olympics will celebrate joy excitement and victory there will be winners and there will be losers hopefully able to move on with at least some snippets of dignity you're not concerned at all you're really really truly can we piece about why just as you're going to archie new york. that's true we're not going to let anybody kill our birds here on the black sea coast so the sochi olympics will
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see many our fleets become stars but some really are like globally renowned violinist and she's taking part in the giant slalom and competing for her home country of thailand we asked her what made her tuesday take to the slopes this time and not the stage. i've been so inspired with with the skiing if you know the day there are days when it's rush rush rush so much to do and the violin doesn't get taken out of its case but there have been days where i've literally hopped on the plane after a race and had to show the next day and i have to say that it brings a new dimension to my music i was groomed to be a violin is from a young age and it was something that i was serious single minded about i am serious when i strap on a pair of skis but i don't put myself under the same pressure of representing my country is a responsibility but nobody is expecting a podium for me so somewhere i can be entertaining and skis will be a good thing for me as an entertainer but we'll see how it's going to play out for
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vanessa make performing on searches slopes here in our searches studio at the center of the winter games looking to new to bring you all the up to and highlights of the olympics. and he's an hour from the heart of the winter olympics in sochi for as the aussie team is of course in sochi closely following the sporting spectacle for you and you can keep up to date anytime by logging to our website. official instagram page go videos and footage from the olympic campus or join us on instagram dot com slash artsy and we're keeping a close eye on salt slopes tracks stadiums and parks continuing and counting the medals following the reaction and bring you all the latest updates on our air and on our website so to speak up quick. the g. twenty four gene promises the goaltimate in the exhilarating winter boards and keep
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. your money and you say no way i'm a clever know it and the rest of our little hate news teams are so cheap twenty four take. on r.t. . this week a leaked phone call between top u.s. diplomats has revealed new details of washington's involvement in ukraine's ongoing political crisis the recording apparently featured fifth and secretary of state with touring nuland discussing who could form a new government in kiev and bluntly dismissing the aussies in the arena perth naya now reports in ukraine we stand for the principle that all people have the right to express themselves freely and peacefully. and they have a say in their country's future as it turns out washington isn't just cheering from the sidelines. in this video posted anonymously on you tube my understanding from that u.s. assistant secretary of state victoria nuland and the u.s. ambassador in the kieve are heard orchestrating ukraine's political future playing
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a game of verbal chess with ukraine's opposition leaders i think you know the guy who's got the economic experience the governing experience he's the he's the guy you know what he needs is clear on a book on the outside he needs to be talking to them four times a week the embarrassingly conversation goes from bad to worse when washington senior diplomat drops the f. bomb dismissing the european union's role in ukraine so that would be great i think to help glue this thing and have the u.n. help glue it and you know be you the state department has shifted into damage control refusing to confirm the authenticity of the audio while admitting that victoria nuland has apologized to her european allies for the profanity she's apologized for a comment to she's not admitting she made which is itself a confirmation that the comment wasn't indeed made but will she hasn't apologized for the plans to midwife a new government in ukraine you know the words she's she's apologizing for you but
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she's not apologizing for trying to overthrow a government in kiev and calling it popular democracy the diplomatic scandal here as nuland arrived in ukraine for her second visit in less than two months back in december she was walking around kiev's independence square handing out snacks to protesters this time around the assistant secretary of state promised to feed the country with financial support if necessary political reforms are implemented at a press conference and refused to comment on what she called a private diplomatic conversation this is a devastating revelation and a very important revelation because it show. that washington is not only manipulating the washington is dictating who shall be in the government and they have taken the power away from the people. archie. officials are appalled at
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a new report revealing shocking levels of corruption across the block but some experts find it strange that wrongdoings within the e.u. financial institutions are suppressed along this story just ahead. as the media leave us so we leave the media. by the sea motions to the play your party is it the. shoes that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all on politics only on our t.v. .
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speak your language. programs in documentaries in arabic it's when you hear a multi parties in the world talk to six of the r.p. interview interesting story to tell you. the arabic to find out more visit arabic don't teach don't call. this is o.t. international and now some more news making headlines around the world this hour. just in turkey riot police have clashed with hundreds of demonstrators in istanbul's main square offices used water cannon until gas to break up angry mobs
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protesting against government moves to impose curbs on the internet the draft bill allows the blocking websites for privacy violations without a court order but has been criticized as an attempt to god the opposition twitter and facebook were widely used by on to government protesters during demonstrations last year. in madrid around three thousand protesters a wave flares and lit fires during a rally against what they call a state of oppression and spray the demonstrators are unhappy with the government's recent posting of legislation allowing protesters to be fined for filming police and participating in unauthorized rallies several acts of his groups teamed up to organize the protest at. switzerland is heading to the polls to decide on a disputed right away in proposal to introduce quotas on the country's immigrants if accepted the bill would jeopardize this we see you tracy on the free movement
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and critics say the country's economic prosperity is at stake as also his list accountant of reports. well today is the day that swiss voters decide whether to put up new immigration barriers to their european neighbors a vote that could trigger the country's exit from the single european market the nationwide referendum could count the number of e.u. citizens to get residency permits here which would undo a longstanding deal that lets swiss an e.u. nationals move really essentially an open borders agreement now to understand what's really behind this initiative you do have to look at the numbers switzerland has a population of just eight million people but it's seen a massive rise in immigration over the past decade in fact an estimated eighty eight thousand come here each year and one fifth of the population is foreign born and that's simply too much according to the right wing swiss peoples party which has pushed this referendum forward we think we have to respond to tell the people
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we have to change our constitution we have to write each that's what sort of controls to immigration and that's what we're going to do now critics of the initiative say that it sends the message that foreigners aren't welcome they also warn that it could cripple businesses this is economy is actually three percent unemployment here and experts believe that's because of not just going to foreign labor especially folks who have skills to work in fields like health care or internet technology and if you look at the arrivals from the e.u. between for example twenty ten and twenty twelve a large majority sixty nine percent in fact were highly skilled now there is also the issue of brussels switzerland isn't a member of the european union but it has signed on to a lot of the blocks policy in order to gain access to that single market i mentioned earlier where switzerland sells half of everything that it produces that access of course could all be at risk to be very serious. in terms of
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recruitment and. threatening there will be erosion of the relationship european union. this initiative is not compatible with the treaties which are signed between switzerland and the european union so this will lead to. the erosion of the existing preachings they will be. there finish them and then switzerland is in a very very unfairly were because it depends highly on the european market well for now upon and of immigration are still a minority but opinion polls have shown the initiative gaining traction there could of course always be a surprise at the ballot box and will simply have to wait and see for this evening's results to find out we're putting in zurich switzerland i'm lucy kaplan of. a corruption pandemic is so whipping in here member states brussels claims losses to shady deals amount to hundreds of billions of euros. there are estimation
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that corruption costs in the european union is no less than one hundred twenty billion euros each year and that is the equivalent of an e.u. annual budget so it's a lot of money we're talking about the figures were revealed by the e.u.'s foreign affairs commission and its vast annual report the ages his chief cecilia and mouse trunk called the problem breathtaking and warned it getting wise and philip plain and maybe and they pay for the flemish nationals posse has a while highlighting bribery on a national level the report ignores brussels of all places. the problems in some member states are huge in widespread and the problem within the european union is that all the member states are in danger of being contaminated the by this problem because when you are in the euro zone for instance and when one of these member states in the eurozone has
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a big corruption problem world this problem will be felt by the other member states within the eurozone that's a problem with greece for instance so the problems in one country are becoming more and more the problems of the other member states would i find surprising them with i find interesting at the same time is that the european commission has made this report on corruption in the european union but didn't. of corruption within its own institutions and didn't have any specific information about corruption with you funded projects. of projects to or from russia war the pentagon sounds the alarm about the rainy and warships approaching the u.s. maritime borders had to r.t. dot com for the full story. and no tourism to immigration go home
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or face arrest campaign of backfired with smiles to mind these house on what pulls the u.k. immigration minister to resign is just a click away. and establish a life interrupted by a subpoena a british couple are fighting extradition to get you ass on well chargers his tests are saying they want to see the family who says their lives have been turned upside down by the law one morning fourteen months ago a life changing knock on the door with two policemen from scotland yard and they said were i was sorry mr dunham would come to arrest you and your husband since then they've been out on bail and are fighting extradition to the united states to await trial after claims from the dunham's former company in the us that they have more than one billion dollars in illegitimate expense claims something the couple say are without merit showing as evidence that they've gathered the dumb say
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they're not afraid of trial but their worst fear is being sent to the states as the possibility of being denied bail and spending years behind bars apart from one another simply waiting for their day in court if we're away from this country is my father cited for a very good chance he would have asked why we're confident we would win. because we are innocent that we would then be shipped but there's no compensation and. wrongful acts for patients. can you imagine coming back to this country you know three or four years later no harm no money no job and you're now in you know sixty two sixty three years by and trying to rebuild your life controversy has long surrounded the u.s. u.k. extradition act of two thousand and three signed in the wake of nine eleven critics claim the agreement is biased against the u.k. if you're a u.s. citizen wanted by the u.k.
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government you have a higher standard of evidence that you need to provide in the u.s. and also as a u.s. citizen you have the opportunity to go to a u.s. court to plink your case and unfortunate for british citizens there is no such opportunity to have your evidence tested in the u.k. court before you are extradited and that's a basic unfairness to an independent review and twenty eleven found at the treaty quote does not operate in an unbalanced manner but this contradicts findings of the parliament's joint committee in human rights which called for a renegotiation to ensure british citizens get the same protections as americans conservative m.p. who sits on the committee looked at nationalities of those extradited and found at thirty five britons have been sent to the us it's two thousand and four versus just five u.s. nationals who may be opposite journey that's seven times more but for every argument on this side of the atlantic a counter is thrown back the united states has never denied a request under the treaty whereas the united kingdom has denied multiple requests
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from the united states if the relationship is in balance i would say it's imbalanced against the united states but that is little comfort to the don imus and others like them who teeter on the edge of desperation knowing it's very lives at stake from the moment they put us on the plane. first opportunity we can't. just cilia our t. london. well the pot is coming away very soon.
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but the island's best location the boys still remember. how to do it well there's of the low height ten thousand said you would stop this storm we might think you know my people will die coast.
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feel. hello and welcome to worlds apart because laps of the soviet union seem to agree are for him capitalism is the only viable economic system only to see it and to a major crisis a few decades later as the whole world still struggles to recover from the downturn brought about by the greed and excesses of a selected few camp capitalism really trusted to reform itself well to discuss that
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i'm now joined by russia saudia one of the founders of the conscious capitalism movement mr society thank you very much for your time and you know in the later years of the soviet union when structural deficiencies for already obvious some of the fishes talked a lot about the need to create socialism with a human face and a deal was that it would be based on the same with comic principles but with human experience add the core of its value system and i think many thought it was redundant because social is by its very definition was supposed to be humane and had these human streak about it isn't capital is by its very definition supposed to be conscious and rational well let me go back to your premise which is about socialism being inherently homemade or to me the way in which it was expressed actually than counter to human nature because human beings want to be free and we
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are all unique species that actually not only creates value but exchanges where and with each other this is something we're almost programmed to do and if you look historically across civilizations and of human societies every time we have been given the freedom to focus on what we choose to focus on and then to be able to exchange. with others we have prospered through the wasn't deny that in the ideology of socialism their idea was that that was the highest form of freedom when you could contribute to this society and by doing so also improve your own wellbeing that was at least the ideology that was arguably never put into practice i think the underlying premise of socialism is the motion of a fixed. and therefore the onus is on the fair distribution of those limited goods or those outcomes fundamentally why.


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