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tv   [untitled]    February 10, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm EST

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more success for the host nation on the olympic ice with a first ever medal in the short track that's all for the russian team took figure skating gold with a commanding performance in the team event meanwhile in olympic fashion news. what we because it is the home team because they are in russia with the crowd around them it was great to share the symbolism with everyone we were feel the special features of the jerseys which the olympic hockey stars will put on for their first match. brussels warns switzerland cannot pick and choose which agreements to follow as a curb on immigrants threatens to invalidate certain treaties with the e.u. .
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from the entire international news team here welcome to the program. live in moscow down to the black sea coast we go for your latest winter olympic updates with my colleague. hi there rory hi everyone yeah day three of the winter olympics brought too much medal success sadly for the host but there was a bronze in short track speed skating his first ever in the sport the man who won its original south korea and he's now the number one sprinter in the russian squad but scott was also a bit more about it. well victor on secured russia their first ever medal in a short track speed skating he secured bronze in the men's fifteen hundred meters now you may be thinking that victor isn't a particularly russian sounding name or who used to compete for his native south
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korea but he fell out with some of his governing body that and again to russian citizenship in two thousand and eleven. meanwhile in the men's biathlon twelve and a half k. pursuit there was bitter disappointment for norwegian all i know bjorn and you had the opportunity to become the single most decorated winter olympian of all time only needed to do was finish in the top three however he came fourth a little over one second off the pace meanwhile russia's. fifth and there was another one to three for the netherlands the dutch continued dominance of the speedskating this time in the men's five hundred meters and there's a case of keeping it in the family with twins michael and ronald mulder claiming gold and bronze respectively so let's see how all of that affects the latest medals table and you can see that it is the netherlands who lead the way but norway is still amongst the leading nations. elsewhere on day three russia's female killers
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won the opening match beating denmark seven four. who some say could become the poster girl for the sochi twenty fourteen winter olympics she turned a hand to the sports career. but she says she has absolutely no regrets about her career change. when i was very young i had a choice i was not sure if i wanted to be or not sleep or a model i got into a modeling academy for teenagers but after a few classes i realized i liked sport better since then i have never thought about modeling and i wanted to exercise practice and when i enter an active lifestyle i enjoyed. travelling to competitions actually come to think of it the modeling business has a lot of competition as well but back then i just made a choice based on how i felt in my heart. while culling is of course one of the more unusual the winter sports and is relatively new here in
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russia and this is the first time russia the men's team into the competition incidentally they lost their first ever match seven four to great britain but it seems the carling is a sport and a craze that is starting to sweep the nation here we've got amateur footage of a number of russians throughout the country turning down to the sport improvising as best they can by using all sorts of household implement such as believers and even cowbells to replace the equipment that is used by the professionals and it's early days in its infancy here in russia but it seems if it could be a sport that is here to stay one school that does have a heritage on a legacy in russia is that other ice hockey and some of the world's best arrived in sochi with the n.h.l. stars touching down on monday now its eagerly anticipated the men's competition and all their haul their all holy hopes that russia can achieve medal success and two time olympic gold medalist. who also played in america in the n.h.l.
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says despite the pressure of playing the whole on home ice russia can go all the way. of being big. and i mean for gold for the ocean and for all kind of qualities to go so. the forwards with. a good course and style forget experience. in the big big competitions. really will support their fans. can get lots of pressure. to be in the home eyes of. they're hard to handle the pressure there could be under pressure. and they expected the world medal from. this arsenal to. go
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all the excitement levels in the anticipation ahead of the men's competition in the ice hockey is building eight games in three days time and russia's first matches against slovenia. just quickly tell us more about the wrongs today that there was one for russia. sorry kevin arriving real trouble hearing a. third maybe that. bit more about that precious piece of metal and russia's way to bury the problems. well the bronze medal was one i saw as i just saw if i got a problem he looks alone is the first sign that he's competed in the olympics will . oh well as i was saying how you can him a victor on it was the first time that he's been competing for russia in the winter olympics he used to compete for south korea when in fact he won
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a couple of gold medals in sheer rain in italy for south korea he then picked up a serious injury in two thousand and eight. so it had picked up a serious injury in two thousand and eight and wasn't selected for south korea during the winter olympics in vancouver in two thousand and ten he didn't fall out with the sport's governing body so much so that he looked for an alternative citizenship and he wasn't sure whether to are trying to. place in the american team or the russian in the end he decided that he would represent rush hour and this was his first games in eight years he was helping to secure the gold medal but in the end he had to settle for. all right very set up that again your so we repeat ourselves a slightly paul thanks for that all right let's get a slightly different take on the ice hockey tournament now and a look at the jerseys the players are going to be wearing when they go into battle we can talk to our tease arts and culture of course but of martin anderson joins us
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live the report a bit sick kids there not just any old jersey other the the battle to design the mill where there was just as hot as the competition on the track obviously we're standing here for to the olympic pollitt beautiful flame behind us and really for many people it's not just about the sport of medals that people are winning it's actually about what people are wearing too and there's lots of money to be made from these outfits you know people go on about my father for example about the latest everton football kit it's exactly the same nike they actually designed the hockey members here in russia but it's also important to note that they don't just look after the russian team they also look after america canada thin that about ten other countries too and the really a sense of pride people for wearing to wear them and it's almost like they're really you know part of the olympics themselves if you look at the technology behind them it's interesting as well that they're actually made of seventy three percent polyester so it's mostly plastic that people are wearing from recycled plastic since two thousand and ten actually we use over two point two billion other
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things that wouldn't really be the best material for us for sport if you're sweating getting old but obviously they've checked it out and the scientists have a come up with the best materials and recipe i guess you know in short i think that the top which they have this year which they've said everybody it's now i think it's four hundred forty four grams so it's actually months and lighter than the one this year last year and early r.t. met can black he's the creative director of the company this what he has to say regarding some extra details take a look. well we because it is the home team because they are in russia with the crowd around them it was great to share the symbolism with everyone exactly let's not hide it so so gold crowns here. reflecting their gold medals and then four gold stars on each shoulder on home care. it's also important to note that we have two kits we have the red kit which is for
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home i think the white kit that is for a way and we have various different details we've got such as four stars which represent the previous games that they've been successful in before we've got the crests the white kids shows more contemporary look where the red. looks the home kit looks at a more traditional look with the crest we've got russian as lot right in the main thing about these kits is that it brings them all together it gives them a sense of pride it was them i did an identity and also it really makes them stand out from the seams around the world is such an important thing the important thing is to your very difficult in these things is it cut the mustard if you like them i actually it lean towards the contemporary version of course you know you've got the russians are so patriotic that they love the you know the national pride in the quest everything but i think as fashion goes people want to wear something that looks good and you feel trendy and hip and this is a live picture in twenty forty so they've done it i think i think they're both
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great excellent good p.r. job that martin nice to see you thanks very much and culture coast one hundred is that all right let's move on now and we're following all of russia's limpid on twitter of course the moment frequent national hockey league m.v.p. alexander ovechkin be tweeted to rave about the olympic village and show off his skates which are painted in the colors of the national flag as you can see there a tweet both in english and russian to satisfy his army of. fans on both sides of the land. now with the many inspirational stories in sochi the jamaican bobsled team again finds itself in the center of one of the they were forced to raise funds via twitter to be able to compete in the games in the first place and then they lost their luggage when they arrived every traveler's nightmare a lot he caught up with one of the fearless trio and the team coach to. love the people there are really loved here makes us feel like we're stars but you know
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stars is something that shines really bright which is that to make it seem be all of the you know across all obstacles and i hope so but homeowners see what we're doing throughout the world and how the world loves us i know a lot of younger kids in jamaica wanted to be a part of jamaica bobsled team are going to say thanks to the world support we've had and another thing i'd like to see is thanks to mr putin for putting this on and the russian people for volunteering to doing this this is one of the best games that i've seen and it's a great great opportunity for that to make a team to be here and represent jamaica who are here coming out of the underdog so just watch us well aside from the high spirits and praise for the olympics in sochi has also been a lot of negative coverage in the western media course everything from criticism about the state of tells to straight up claims of the games of being held in a war zone to face an imminent threat of terrorism russia's president dismissing all that was an echo of the past. well in the whole during the cold war era there
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was the so-called containment policy that's what it was called it was the policy and practice of containing the soviet union's development unfortunately as we see now occasionally there are through backs to these policies every so often so when russia demonstrates a positive development it's clear that the appearance of new powerful players and competitors in genders some fear in areas such as the economy politics and security i see them attempts to contain russia emerge here or there including with this olympic project. in the last couple of minutes at a first step little splish splash of rain here in sochi down by the coast but that doesn't dampen the spirit still plenty to come will of course and in an hour's time more extensive coverage for me kevin owen down here in sochi from about the studio archive and thanks very much indeed for that we have got more of the sports coming our way that will be our special coverage in a couple hours time here at r.t.
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international i missed that with all the latest updates from the olympics with bosh which. there's a saying you know when you're in the arctic you have the entire world at your feet . she looks like a fairly simple ship but really she's got symbol little. handful of people able to have access to the nuclear icebreakers the real king here is that the polar bears and ice breakers come second not a single complex expedition to the arctic can be conducted with the russian nuclear powered fleet of ice breakers we undertake in the hay unique operation of. the northern sea route russia's arctic ice breakers.
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only. right on the same. search string. and i think that you're. on our reporters. in. the in the.
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quarter past the hour here in the russian capital business r.t. international thank you for joining us here switzerland may have jeopardized its access to the e.u. market for the sake of curbing the number of immigrants coming into the country but a new law which will install quotas for foreign workers goes against long held agreements with brussels some believe further collaboration with the e.u. could now be in question the president of the european parliament multan scholtz he said switzerland cannot expect to pick and choose which agreements it keeps with the e.u. and one that can now expect all of its treaties with the european union to now be reviewed there's a calf an offer points. voted to shut the door to european union workers setting up a showdown with brussels as well as a potential exit from the single european market now the so-called stop mass immigration initiative was the brainchild of the right wing swiss people's party which wants strict quotas on foreigners for switzerland to essentially abandon its
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free movement of people treaty with the e.u. and supporters the we've talked to say that they're worried immigration is driving up rents that is undercutting local workers and that is burdening public services no opponents had argued that immigration caps would in fact cripple economic growth and experts do say that this was in column e. is. not despite for labor especially when it comes to folks who have skills to work in fields like health care and i tell you where there's a big need for skilled workers but despite the very real economic concerns despite the fact that on the one we care is just three percent many voters will ultimately swayed by the argument that switzerland simply cannot take in any more people now in order to understand why you really do have to look at the numbers about a quarter of the country's eight million residents aren't swiss there's been a huge uptick in immigration in fact about eighty thousand new immigrants came to switzerland last year alone the vote will likely mean severe repercussions with
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brussels you have to remember that switzerland isn't a member of the e.u. but it has signed on to a lot of the blocks policies in order to gain access to the european markets for switzerland sells more than half of everything that it produces and with five hundred million customers there's a lot of money at stake here a historic vote that is likely to have a significant impact on the swiss economy as well as on relations with the country's european neighbors reporting in burn for r t i'm lucy catherine o. . international comes to life from moscow a nearly a year after a pipeline rupture caused a massive oil spill in the u.s. state of arkansas or the locals are still suffering dizziness headaches and nausea and the cleanup began almost immediately the other didn't stop the people they're moving out to safer areas guy nature can went for a visit. almost a year after two hundred thousand gallons of heavy crude spilled onto their streets residents of mayflower in arkansas are striving to leave the town here in mayflower
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for sale signs are everywhere almost every house on the street is on sale before the spill this was a place where people wanted to move in to enjoy the beautiful nature around many didn't even know there was a pipeline running under their houses and now they just want out many have already left and jerrel one of them i tried to stay here i tried to just be away you know as much as i could but if it rained i could not stay here because it would all seep through the. all again you know the where the ground was dry it would kind of i guess in case it and then when it rained all those vapors would come back she says like many other residents of mayflower she started having constant headaches and coughing after the spill i have friends that live just behind me that are still here that don't have a place to go they have just small children you don't have to look at the kids in in twenty years when they get to find out something's wrong and they say well why didn't we leave mom let everybody healthfully well some people just aren't able to
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pick up and leave like that exxon wrote back to us saying that a unified command comprised of exxon representatives as well as officials from the state and federal environmental services has deemed all areas affected by the mayflower spill now safe to live in but many of the residents don't buy it and their homes are not selling so i would say that the number of homes sold in mayflower has dropped at least fifty sixty percent but arkansas spill is only a fraction of a new oil pipeline leaks it's estimated that between two thousand and eight and two thousand and twelve u.s. pipeline spilled an average of more than three point one million gallons of hazardous liquids per year plans for the keystone x.l. pipeline a massive project that would. stretch from canada soil since two refineries in texas have caused many to worry that they may become collateral damage in the way of big oil like the residents of mayflower arkansas but there's a lot of us that have been forgotten we were just collateral damage in mayflower
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i'm going to check on our team or about our top story here on r.t. international switzerland may have jeopardized its access to the e.u. market for the sake of a curbing the number of immigrants coming into the country and factor the new law which will install quotas for foreign workers goes against long held agreements with brussels and we're now joined live by m.e.p. joe lie then he's in brussels and paul not from liverpool gentlemen thank you very much for coming on the program here tonight on our team's first experts suggest the swiss could be gambling with their economy which are depends quite heavily on the e.u. market do you think the country can afford to sour relations with the european union over the issue of immigration. look this is a fantastic day for the mark receive lori i mean the swiss have gone out they voted the majority have said that they want to close the system what they want to see is the borders controlled and i'll tell you what it's a great day because finally someone is standing up to the question is is with the
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your european union go from here i suspect they will try to force the swiss to vote again have another referendum because that's what the european tools it doesn't listen to the democratic wish of the people let's not let's not forget they ignored the referendum in france they ignored the referendum in holland they made the irish fought again twice over the nice treaty in lisbon treaty this is a big challenge for postals but i suspect they will try to force the switches hand and pick on the smallest boy in the playground or will i see joe there shaking his head during this hour joe you think this could have any consequences for the e.u. or perhaps politically speaking. is this your. great britain knows in three years is the absolute wrong you cream and between the. boys not done by prostitutes but was done by this risk of them and they even had a referendum ten years ago on this they wanted to freedom of movement they wanted this fundamental rights of citizens to move freely it has nothing to do with their
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profits dictatorship but if this agreement is now considered of course through it has to be renegotiated and switzerland cannot have all. access for their goods on the bigger market and the restrictive people to come to their countries so desta be a new deal and we would see what gives in the next years back over to you here the vote was extremely polarized in fact leaving almost half of the population dissatisfied with the result paul why do you think there is such a divide here. well because that's democracy and you know the majority voted in favor but look a quarter of people in switzerland were not born in switzerland there were eighty five eighty thousand my agreements last year only has a population of eight million people wages have been driven down is putting pressure on houses the health care system and transport quite frankly it's the democratic wish of the swiss people that they want to control their own borders and
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go for them i wish we could do the same in our own country i tell you all let's have a referendum in britain on the exact same subject about a full four million people come into the last labor government to live in this country that's net we can contribute can't control our own borders because let's have a referendum in britain and then let's go back to the table with the european union because trust me the bargaining chip that britain will have will be far larger in switzerland because there's twelve million jobs which is dependent on british trade within the european union hall and i'm jumping back to joe here joe i see once again shaking your head switzerland's decision to limit the number of foreign workers perhaps the latest example of the growing feeling of nationalism where do you think this trend could be heading. certified percent of foreigners deliveries it very well because luxembourg is a growing economy a growing service sector and you have to have seen the reaction of service industry
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today. was upset with this very slight majority because they need to be a guest worker not from africa is here they get it from their neighbor countries from italy from france from germany. in their own need and let's see whether this is really define the verdict and this whole phobia ration is just disgusting as i mean it just i mean sure to be on here i'm not. going to. get all of our. go on a. lot of jobs that have been done by the polish well in your. view or your industry is totally different or. just a mild don't stick water in the corner where. guides you're on and go on
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firstly let's not use look some bag as an example it's not really a country it's like a small english town the fact there are more people in liverpool where i live than there's no looks from back not really a great example let's also make one thing clear here as well. joe let's make one thing clear here we have a million young kids in this country in britain eighteen to twenty four who don't employed who got two point four million people who can't get work it makes no sense whatsoever to such a great your job market even further by having an open door policy to the whole of the european union what we want to see in britain is we want to control our own borders with a point system if you've got the skills that this country needs yes come here what we won't allow to happen people to eastern europe or all the. torino moved. coming not from the you were to come from your for my own nobody it's own that's your bro you can control. them try ok you're. all right listen guys
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i'm going to jump in and just reading all the minutes we all know how to play nice and also let's share our toys joe the introduction of quotas for foreigners would all be create more job opportunities for the swiss themselves i mean that's that's a good thing isn't it. that every country should choose their future and have their choice about do we have common roots and if you are member of a corrupt you followed a route if you don't want to follow the rules then you have to leave the club. simple and every club to it is the same thing well you know it's a poll i was going to come to you might but we just have no more time it's been absolutely you know i agree with you but you know we should lead more time for this poll not all from liverpool m.e.p. as well and joe liner from brussels a great pleasure having you both on i hope to see you both again soon. i. so if you've been out you know taking over in just
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a couple of minutes or an international thank you for joining us we come to you live from moscow. the alleged phone call between the assistant secretary of state and the u.s. ambassador to ukraine has created quite a controversy in the call like smug british colonisers cashless a pig t. in africa they basically say that that native books of phil he's not fit for the government of the of the need to baldwin become prime minister they also mention getting the help of the un to get this thing glued whatever that means although the authenticity of this phone call has not been confirmed but certainly hasn't been denied this reminds me a lot of the snowden leaks independent journalists for years had been writing about government spying but it took snowden to shove it into people's faces and confirm that it was really going on we've heard from people like ron paul jesse ventura and
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many journalists that the u.s. state department uses a horde of international grant receivers and local political organizations to try to consciously and directly control sovereign nations and overthrow regimes they don't like and this phone call is legit that is the same level of undeniable evidence that snowden brought to the table to be fair during the cold war i could kind of see the justification to meddle in other countries so the soviets would create world communism but now who is the enemy that justifies a ukrainian regime change there is no such anime but that's just my opinion. twenty four. exhilarating winter. storm and it's now a make heaven on the rest of. the sochi twenty four take. on. right
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. think. hello welcome to sophie and komi sophie shevardnadze the sochi olympics are finally underway and exceptional in many ways the games are talented by the international olympic committee as having to.


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