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keep russia. meddle in short track speed skating with the man who won the bronze promising more victories are ahead. because it is the home team because they are in russia with the crowd around them it was great to share the symbolism with everyone we reveal the special features of the judge. brussels switzerland cannot pick and choose which agreements to follow. to invalidate. the e.u. . there's a lot of this they have been forgotten we're just collateral damage and all. the
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residents of mayflower. oil spill no choice but to flee the area to protect. everyone here with international welcome to the program. down to the black sea coast we go for your latest winter olympic updates with my colleague. again yesterday three of the winter olympics thousands are brought much medal success for the host though today there was a bronze however as you're saying just on the headlines in short track speed skating russia's first ever in the sport in fact the man who won it's originally from south korea but now he's the number one sprinter in the russian squad my
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colleague paul scott is insults you can tell us more about that either paul tells but more about that brahms them. well victor on became russia's first ever medal winner in short track speed skating he secured a bronze in the men's fifteen hundred meters now you may be thinking the victor on isn't a particularly a russian sounding name what he did as you say used to compete for his native south korea but he fell out with the sport's governing body there and picked up russian citizenship in two thousand and eleven elsewhere in the men's biathlon in the twelve and a half kilometer pursuit that was bitter disappointment for norwegian ole unappealing dahlan who missed out on the opportunity of becoming the single most decorated olympian of all time russia's entendre poorly meanwhile came fifth however there was another one to three for the netherlands more success for the dutch in speed skating this time in the men's five hundred meters so let's see how the medals table looks right at the moment then in that further successful the dutch in the
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speedskating means that they currently top the table canada and norway a leading nations amongst the leading pack. everything else to celebrate for the russian fans monday. while elsewhere on a day three there was victory for russia's female curling team in their thoughts match of the campaign they beat denmark seven four now. that the kill is actually skippered by somebody who could become. the poster girl officer she's twenty fourteen many people are suggesting that the captain honestly don't have to become the poster girl she's giving up a career in modeling career not a career in modeling to take up the sport she says she has absolutely no regrets about her career change. when i was very young i had a choice i was not sure if i wanted to be an athlete or a model i got into
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a modeling academy for teenagers but after a few classes i realized i liked sport better since then i have never thought about modeling and i want to exercise and practice and i enjoy an active lifestyle i enjoy travelling to competitions actually come to think of it the modeling business has a lot of competition as well but back then i just made a choice based on how i felt in my heart. well. one of the more unusual when just bolton is relatively new in russia. that this is the first time the russia have entered a men's team into the competition incidentally they lost seven four to great britain in the first of a match in the winter olympics for the russian saying but it looks like it could be a craze that is starting to sweep the nation we. have a number of russians throughout the country trying to replicate the professionals they improvising his best they can using a number of household devices such as food and even cowbells to try to replace the equipment used by the professional so maybe early stages for
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a full cutting in russia at the professional looks as if it could be a sport that is here to stay. what are they what about the most awaited top of these winter olympics the. gold the what updates there what you know. of course talking of being relatively new a new new craze in russia is of course a school with tradition and heritage in this country and a number of the world's leading players arrived in sochi today with the n.h.l. contingent touching down and. there's much excitement around the men's hockey competition and there are high hopes among the fans that russia can go on and success and win the gold medal and two time olympic gold medalist. who also played in america in the n.h.l. he says that despite the fact that there will be pressure on the russians of course
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playing on home ice in front of us he says the russia can go all the way and win gold. being big. and all kind of qualities to. the forwards. the group. experience. really will support. him get lots of pressure. to be home eisenberg. to be under pressure. good luck and experience the gold medal from. you source until anticipation and excitement is building ahead of that men's ice hockey competition which gets underway in three days time russia's first matches
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against slovenia. you know will be across import scott thanks very much. with a slightly different take on the ice hockey tournament here's our cold should correspondent martin andrews also in sochi was in the studio just a bit earlier he revealed to me what's special about the jerseys the players will be wearing for their olympic battlezone. today. the hockey jerseys let's take a look at the outfits of america interesting and very nice they are so we all like to wear them don't we support our teams or whether it's for leisure activities in the colors red white and blue of course to represent the u.s. flag inside the actual jersey they have various medals that's to look back on the previous championship winning they had in the olympics and also there are quotations from the national anthem of the u.s. let's go to canada now. i might actually prefer this design it's rather simple with
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of course the national anthem of the maple leaf that's for canada for home and away really quite some of those inverted colors and inside you have more medals and that's because they're showing the ladies when it's before from previous olympics of course many people today were looking at the russian designs that were failed so we've got red for home and white for a while. a the red design of the russian team i would rather a traditional and custom design featuring the quest we also have four stars talking about is from the past if you look at the white outfit the kits a far different approach somewhat contemporary and if you actually live the players up together gives a very interesting image perspective so let's look forward so we're going to fashion it here in sochi an earlier arty met up with ken black who's the creative director of the company where we because it is the home team because they are in russia with the crowd around them it was great to share the symbolism with everyone
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exactly let's not hide it so so. here. reflecting the gold medals and then for gold stars on each shoulder on the home kit so even though everybody's talking about the fantastic sporting events in these brand new amazing purcel it is here in sochi lots of people are also excited about what they actually look like and indeed the fashion that they're wearing. smart made ok we're following all russia's them too on twitter don't forget among them frequent national hockey league most valuable player alexander ovechkin he's been tweeting during the olympic village in show off his skates which are painted in the colors of the national flags you can see there a tweet both in english and russian to satisfy his army of fans on both sides the good on him with some of the many inspirational stories here in sochi the jamaican bobsled team again finds itself at this center of one of them they were forced
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initially to raise funds via twitter to be able to compete at the games of the first place then when they got here they lost their luggage on arrival every traveler's nightmare lottie caught up with one of the fearless trio the team coach to. i love the people there they're really love with you makes us feel like we're stars but you know stars is something that shines really bright which is that to make it seem be all of the you know across all the obstacles that i love so back home no doubt see what we're doing throughout the world and how the world loves us i know a lot of younger kids in jamaica wanted to be a part of jamaica bobsled team are going to say thanks to the world support we've had and another thing i'd like to say is thanks to mr putin for putting this on and the russian people for volunteering to doing this this is one of the best games that i've seen and it's a great great opportunity for that to make a team to be here and represent jamaica who are here coming out of the underdog saw just watch us a long way from oh but they're in the country proud of they now aside from the high
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spirits and praise for the olympics in sochi has also been ongoing a blow to negative coverage in the western media everything from criticism by the state of the hotels to straight up claims that the games are being held in a war zone and face an imminent threat of terrorism russia's president dismissed it although it's an echo of the past. in a whole during the cold war era there was the so-called containment policy that's what it was called it was the policy and practice of containing the soviet union's development unfortunately as we see now occasionally there are through backs to these policies every so often so when russia demonstrates a positive development it's clear that the appearance of new powerful players and competitors engender some fear in areas such as the economy politics and security attempts to contain russia emerge here or there including with the olympic project you. first spotted right we had of the olympics so far an hour
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ago that's cleared away now still a few events to complete in the arenas behind me that i also up in the mountains off an exhausting day of incredible winter sports here of course to continue bringing you the atmosphere this incredible winter sports event thanks play with us all see again and i was tom. all right kevin thanks very much about looking forward to your next report we've also got our sports special coming up in just over an hour's time when all of the international trying not to miss the very latest updates from the olympics with kate partridge. the european union likes to think of itself as one of the brighter and fairer parts of the world the european commission report on corruption the first of its kind betrays a very different picture in every single member country there is corruption in some
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cases on a massive scale so what can the e.u. teach the world of corruption. the. economic ups and downs in the final months the on the deal sang i and the rest. a single day every week on. the g. twenty fourteen promises we call to make an exhilarating winter in our sleeves he joined me and he's now a make of an oh and the rest of our lives take news team for sochi twenty four take . on ott.
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good to have you with us here on r.t. international switzerland may have jeopardized its access to the e.u. market for the sake of curbing the number of immigrants coming into the country the new law which will install quotas for foreign workers actually goes against long held agreements with brussels now as some believe further collaboration with the e.u. could now be in question president of the european parliament martin shultz he said switzerland cannot expect to pick and choose whichever agreements it keeps with the e.q. he also warned that it can now expect all of its treaties with the european union to be reviewed or earlier i discussed the issue with m e p's joe line in brussels and paul not all in level question is is where do the your european union go from here i suspect they will try to force the swiss to vote again have another referendum because that's what the order p. in those it doesn't listen to the democratic wish of the people let's not let's not
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forget they ignored the referendum in france they ignored the referendum in holland they made the irish vote again twice over the nice treaty in the lisbon treaty this is a big challenge for brussels but i suspect they will try to force the swiss is hand . ground joe you think this could have any consequences for the e.u. or perhaps politically speaking now is this your. great britain no since years is the absolutely wrong the agreement between the switzerland was not done by prosit side was done by this risk of them and they even had a referendum ten years ago on this deal wanted to freedom of movement and they wanted this fundamental rights of florida citizens to move freely it has nothing to do with their profits dictatorship but if this agreement is now considered of course through it has to be renegotiated and switzerland cannot have all. access for their goods on the bigger market and the restrictive people to come to
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their countries vote was extremely polarized in fact leading almost half of the population dissatisfied with the result paul why do you think there is such a divide here because that's democracy and you know the majority voted in favor but look a quarter of people in switzerland were not born in switzerland the eighty five eighty thousand migrants last year it only has a population of eight million people wages have been driven down this putting pressure on houses the health care system and transport quite frankly it's a democratic wish of the swiss people that they want to control their own borders and go for them i wish we could do the same in our own country char see once again shaking your head switzerland's decision to limit the number of foreign workers perhaps the latest example of the growing feeling of nationalism where do you think this trend could be heading luxembourg thirty five percent of foreigners deliveries it very well because luxembourg is a growing economy according service sector and you have to have seen the reaction
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of service industry today industry was upset with this very slight majority because they need to end this whole phobia about immigration is just a disgusting. that's i mean if you have enjoyed your degree i'm here i'm out of here and it was only if you had all of our say. on a. lot of jobs that have been done by the polish well in your. interview would have allowed you to let you. know your new industry is totally different. just to my best to carry water in a cloud where. you know what i'm on at all paul you're on i'm gone firstly let's not use looks embarrassed as an example it's not really a country it's like a small english town the fact there are more people in liverpool where i live than there's no looks let's make one thing clear here we have a million young kids in this country in britain eighteen to twenty four who don't
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employed who got two point four million people who can work it makes no sense whatsoever to saturate your job market even further by having an open door policy for the whole of the european union what we want to see in britain is we want to control our own borders with a point the system if you've got the skills that this country needs yes come here where we won't allow to happen is that people who have eastern europe. in the first . torino going to have better control. coming not from the you're to come from your former and audience own that's your bra you can see that brochures control. those guys are going to end the journey all the misery all had to play nice with all of that share our toys joe the introduction of quotas for foreigners would all be create more job opportunities for the swiss themselves i mean that's that's a good thing isn't it every country should choose their future and have their choice about to be have common roots and if you get up you followed the rules if
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you don't want to follow the rules then you have to leave the club quite simple and every club it is the same thing. this is r.t. international nearly a year after a pipeline rupture caused a massive oil spill in the american state of arkansas all locals are still suffering dizziness headaches and nausea and the cleanup began almost immediately but though that did not stop people fleeing to safer areas a guy in a chicken dropped in for a visit. almost a year after two hundred thousand gallons of heavy crude spilled onto their streets residents of mayflower in arkansas are striving to leave the town here in mayflower for sale signs are everywhere almost every house on the street is on sale before the spill this was a place where people wanted to move in to enjoy the beautiful nature around many didn't even know there was a pipeline running on their houses and now they just want out many have already
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left and jerrel one of them i tried to stay here i tried to just be away you know as much as i could but if it rained i could not stay here because it would all seep through the the all again you know the where the ground was dry it would kind of i guess in case it and then when it rained all those vapors would come back she says like many other residents of mayflower she started having constant headaches and coughing after the spill i have friends that live just behind me that are still here that don't have a place to go they have just small children you don't have to look at the kids in in twenty years when they get to find out something's wrong and they say well why didn't we leave mom what everybody healthfully well some people just aren't able to pick up and leave like that exxon wrote back to us saying that a unified command comprised of exxon representatives as well as officials from the state and federal environmental services has deemed all areas affected by the mayflower spill now safe to live in but many of the residents don't buy it and
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their homes are not selling so i would say that the number of homes sold in my flower has dropped at least fifty sixty percent but arkansas spill is only a fraction of a new oil pipeline leaks it's estimated that between two thousand and eight and two thousand and twelve u.s. pipeline spilled an average of more than three point one million gallons of hazardous liquids per year plans for the keystone x.l. pipeline a massive project that would. from canada soil since two refineries in texas have caused many to worry that they may become collateral damage in the way of big oil like the residents of mayflower arkansas there's a lot of us that have been forgotten we were just collateral damage in mayflower i'm going to check on r.t.e. on the hour every hour loads of stories had to get to the website for example with a deadline for the pullout of american troops from afghanistan very fast approaching washington paves the retreat with money some three hundred million
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dollars into what it's calling the end of war economy. because the right there for you right now. also online this hour wiki pedia coming under the scrutiny of police in finland who say the online encyclopedia could be illegally collecting money from its donors more than story it's just a couple of clicks away. or we're nearly on the finale with no death penalty and a maximum prison sentence of twenty one years norway's a penitentiary system is among the most humane in the world and now the country is going a step further with an experimental jail giving convicts access to pretty much everything well except freedom. for a visit and here. is my close. like with the freedom of thing. has been living here for nearly four years getting an education working as a car mechanic and serving his fifteen and
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a half year long sentence in jail week up in the morning talk show taking a berth as you go to drop old school. to school you have dinner relaxed like normal life just we are back wall this is holden one of the most humane prisons in the world bills in two thousand and ten it's an example of norway's new experimental approach to penitentiary facilities. i hear the roughly two hundred fifty prisoners that houses cook for themselves and for staff members with beef sound and deer steaks among the items on the menu take walks in the park pray and make art do outdoor and indoor sports we can howl like you see here the betterment we can make a place for for maybe one or both of us is going to be a good place to call just to relax. get out from their cells you know hold on has
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a library and a school for those who want to either to continue the education they were getting before going to jail or getting a new one all together yeah you can have some of them to question her literature or history math chemistry physics you name it all are taught to the inmates. in the room and that players and to thank for the next to continue to. inmates also have access to the photo shop a grocery store workshop and a mechanic's shop and even. my personal favorite a sound studio. didn't have a system in this life that was looser than the screw loose in a more working life never think in pavane the thing i'm twenty and they
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come in here and learn it so far the prison hasn't seen one riot or an attempt to break out and when we were inside i couldn't really see why anyone would ever want to frankly i'm stunned it's going to take time for me to process what we've seen here today but what's clear is that even though this is one of the most humane prisons in the wall it still is a place to punish criminals with strict rules security and limitations and since it's been operating only for a few years right now it's too early to see how effective this new penitentiary format is you what is going off r t reporting from norway. are they going to start opening up the world operate with a suicide bomber who slammed a car packed with explosives into a nato convoy killing two american contractors in the capital an islamic militant group admitted it was behind the times it also wounded seven others the taliban is stepping up its campaign ahead of america's troop withdrawal but the u.s. afghan security deal still in limbo. and to neighboring pakistan
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a suicide bomber ran into the house of a pro-government tribal elder and blew himself up police say the explosion also killed four women and wounded five others in a separate incident militants in the south west blew up three gas pipeline cutting supplies to put the job at the nation's most populist province. the syrian government and the opposition started a new round of talks today by trading accusations of escalating violence and disrupted aid deliveries the first face to face meeting was adjourned ten days ago having achieved very little other than actually getting the sides into the same room together still though the syrian red crescent has confirmed that three hundred more people were evacuated from the perceived city of homs after a cease fire was extended for another three days. thousands of both me and have been demonstrating in cities across the country demanding that politicians address the nation's forty percent unemployment in sarajevo hundreds marched from the
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president's building to the government offices calling for the release of protesters detained during riots on friday and saturday anger at leaders inability to handle corruption and poverty boiled over last week with more than three hundred injured in the worst clashes since the nation has seen in the one nine hundred ninety s. . here we go up next on r.t. international the e.u. commission's first ever report on corruption shows its very own politicians are losing billions anyone said to feel that he will see it comes crosstalk.
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the alleged phone call between the assistant secretary of state and the u.s. ambassador to ukraine has created quite a controversy in the call like smug british colonisers cashless a pink t. in africa they basically say that that native books of phil he's not fit for the government we should have the other needs of the bold and become prime minister they also mentioning the help of the un to get this thing glued whatever that means although the authenticity of this phone call has not been confirmed but certainly hasn't been denied this reminds me a lot of the snowden leaks independent journalists for years had been writing about government spying but it took a snowden to shove it into people's faces and confirm that it was really going on we've heard from people like ron paul jesse ventura and many journalists that the u.s. state department uses a horde of international grant receivers and local political organizations to try to consciously and directly control sovereign nations and overthrow regimes they don't like and this phone call is legit then is the same level of undeniable evidence that snowden brought to the table to be fair during the cold war i could kind of see the justification to meddle in other countries so the soviets would
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create world com ism but now who is the great enemy that justifies a ukrainian regime change there is no such anime a fascist my opinion. we speak your language. for music programs and documentaries in spanish matters to you breaking news a little tentative angle is key to stories. that the spanish find out more visit.
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hello and welcome to cross talk we're all things are considered i'm peter lavelle the european union likes to think of itself as one of the brighter in fairer parts of the world the european commission report on corruption the first of its kind betrays a very different picture and every single member country there is corruption in some cases on a massive scale and businesses complain but to do business government connections are often necessary so what can the e.u. teach the world about corruption.


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