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tv   [untitled]    February 11, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EST

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the northern she. rushes to british. aid workers in serious trouble to evacuate people from the rebel held city of all means as the brief cease fire is extended while the turmoil in the country sent shock waves to neighboring lebanon helping al qaeda gain strength. and you are if you. are the. shocking revelations are visiting radical stronghold where jihad a spiders are trained to battle the assad government in syria. as thousands of web sites joined forces for a day of global action against mass surveillance we remember the legacy of one leading internet activist aaron swartz who is fighting for online freedom ended in tragedy. and sliding to victory russia's women's curling team sees
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all the challenge from the u.s. our team is standing by following all the wins big and small in our headquarters right in the heart of the winter games. are watching our team to national live from moscow i'm lindsey france thanks for joining me it's not only the deadly violence but also a radical ideology that's spilling over the border from the syrian civil war lebanon is one of the country's worst affected parties maria for national travel to a camp there where future is almost fighters are being recruited and discovered the shocking realities of war. was the syrian conflict rages on neighboring lebanon faces a dramatic increase in sectarian violence in january alone for kabul killed dozens
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in beirut and the town of headmen next to the syrian border the targets were a shia areas controlled by hizbollah lebanon's most influential force which also supports syrian president bashar assad we traveled to the northern city of tripoli a sunni stronghold veneman to opposing hizbollah visible in the midst of corn and. it's a part by. his well as military involvement in syria is believed to have given damascus the upper hand in the battle of god and has deeply angered assad's enemies do you think we're going to see more explosions like this well today i'd say. anything i can do for sonny brothers anything i can do for syrian brothers i will do anything i can do for these people suffering from injustice i will do.
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anything the unkind affiliated to a new survey front claimed responsibility for these recent deadly bombings just days before a man calling himself and al qaida commander announced via you tube that the group had put down roots in lebanon people we've met on the ground deny belonging to either of these groups but don't hide the fact that they share their views. no there is no al qaeda as an organization anymore but al qaeda as an idiology and it doesn't need money to spread it spreads by itself everywhere in the world not only in lebanon but in america britain serbia here radical ideas of bread from a young age. fighters here called card as bin laden a teacher and their fight jihad. went twenty three year old returned from syria where he joined the free syrian army he continued his jihad here in lebanon.
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target the district where she'll leave tripoli is divided into sunni and shia parts ironically by the street called syria two years ago we filmed on that street by street in the city of tripoli separates the whites and sunni neighborhoods in this part of north levanon running like a merger between those who support the syrian president and his regime and those who want him out today we can't get the cache sometimes was. who do you fight against who is your enemy i magick would be my fight against the infidels those who don't carry that for go far eleven is probably the war spillover of the syrian conflict and while the world is hoping for peace to come back to that middle east country war seems to only spread further on. people here seem to be used to seeing fighters carry sniper rifles through busy markets they tell us
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everybody here has a weapon and is ready to fight. it will come to this camp outside you will see every day to raise a little girl love her still there said and i will take well you know for someone who is zero experience become a real fighter. a week's training and you are in for a life time of obedience growth are your rules for those who want to become one j. deen you have to forget about money and be ready to die or to be arrested and to accept that no one will take care of you or your family let jihadi flags on the walls weapons on the floor this is the life of a true fighter. it's tough and the rules are strict. who introduced himself as a tripoli sunni leader says many yous are willing to join to live in from now until i grow up i'm ready to defend myself i'm ready to kill
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a whites and syrian army and your interview for little over the. years and while the syrian conflict expands a legion of fighters onto his deadly weapons and an even deadly ideology is on the rise reef notional from lebanon in syria itself humanitarian agencies are evacuating people from the besieged city of all means as a ceasefire between the government and opposition is extended for another three days the sides resumed peace talks in geneva last week on the ground in syria al qaeda fighters have captured the central town of mon human rights activists say at least forty civilians were killed in the attack more than half of the dead were said to be women and children publisher of trends journal jerald says curbing radical ideology is more difficult than ending fighting on the ground. so who is this out qaeda is al-qaeda the guy that prime minister tony blair and
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president bush said that saddam hussein had toews to or is it the al qaeda that weren't that dangerous or die hard al qaeda or or dangerous is long lists so we don't really know where these people are but from what i see and from what i know from what i read and for what i learn these are just disparate gangs of murderers and criminals it's a moral issue at a military issue and that's the only way it's going to be solved. a third shipment of syria's chemical weapons has left syria and is traveling across the mediterranean a russian ship is helping to escort the toxic material which is being transported on a norwegian vessel syria's missed several deadlines on the agreed schedule of the destruction of its chemical arsenal international watchdog has urged damascus to pick up the
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pace. over a year after his death the mission of the internet freedom fighter aaron swartz has not been forgotten a huge online protest called the day we fight back has been launched urging citizens to rise up against the n.s.a.'s mass surveillance is primarily organized by a group co-founded by the late activist who took his own life after facing a standoff with the government party's candidate you can report on why some say the young man was driven to the edge aaron swartz could have been a millionaire living now in silicon valley when he was just fourteen aaron helped launch the first horace's feat which deliver web content by the time he turned nineteen his company had merged read it which would become one of the most popular websites in the world. but money was not his ultimate call aaron went down to champion a fleet internet it's common sense and it's the foundation of our constitution the
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government is constrained by having someone else check off to make sure they're not abusing their power aaron became a political activist calling for others to join this isn't something playing out on a stage somewhere where giants fight each other and you get to sit and munch popcorn this is a fight you can join in right so if you go to demand progress dot org and sign up we have actions every week there are bills that are coming up that could crack down on internet freedom there are companies trying to abuse their power and it's up to all of us to stop them aaron swartz drew the f.b.i.'s attention in two thousand and eight when he downloaded and released about three million federal court documents from a restricted service the government did not press charges because the documents were in fact public he was arrested in two thousand and eleven for downloading academic articles from a subscription based research website at his university with the intention to make them available to the public. although none of what he downloaded was classified prosecutors wanted to put him in jail for thirty five years when he saw all of his
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wealth gone and he recognized his parents were going to have to mortgage their house so he could afford a lawyer to fight a government that treated him as if he were nine eleven terrorists as if it as if what he was doing was threatening the infrastructure of the united states when he saw that he recognized how how incredibly difficult that fight was going to be of course he was depressed at the age of twenty six aaron swartz took his own life. this was somebody who was pushed to the edge by what i think of as a kind of bullying by our government it was several months after aaron's death that edward snowden blew the whistle on the government's widespread snooping showing that while the government wants everyone to be open and transparent it can go with lentulus li after someone who fully embrace the idea of transparency and accessibility of information like aaron swartz day in washington i'm going to check
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out our take. civil liberties advocates are pushing for congress to reform the anti hacking law the government used to pursue swartz parker haggans from the electronic frontier foundation says there's still a lot to be done before politicians realize such relentless prosecution is unacceptable unfortunately the government has and hasn't changed its perception here. there's been there was a proposal last year in the us legislature called erin's law that would address some of the biggest concerns that we have. parents lost still has an advance to the point where it works pastor where it can be cited and in fact received before as those two to make our computer crime laws even harsher and so that's something that we need to keep working on idol related politicians who don't have a great grasp of how technology works understand that this kind of persecution isn't acceptable colleagues of aaron swartz have never forgotten their mission to
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blow the whistle. week from edward snowden finds the u.s. pows blindly relying on n.s.a. data during its drone strikes simply hoping the person on the other end of the missile was the bad guy check the full story on r t dot com. and burn after reading or just story after seeing newly released e-mail shows right after the two thousand and eleven raid that killed osama bin laden top u.s. commanders ordered the destruction of all photos of his corpse check out why the rush for secrecy on our dot com. all that you can find online but there's still plenty more ahead on air and it's time for property shopping. a british town house is up for sale with a starting price of just one pound to find out what's the catch after the break.
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i'm. not pleased and soft you're busy bagging medals with the winter games in today for now and canada is of this point leaving the race meanwhile we're seeing some breakthroughs russia as our teams and this now reports from our softer headquarters . the competition is gathering pace and every day brings new reason and here in sochi the russians women's curling team has moved a step closer to medal success beating their american rivals let's get the details from our andrew farmer in the americans nine seven to make it so you win and also turn out again later today to face the chinese it is
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a very taxing show jewel for them actually have to play something like nine matches before the semifinals also today will get a glimpse of the figure skating stars. so one gold in the team event earlier this week but today they will begin the pairs competition where they are also should be said that they are world and european champions at the moment despite only been together for three years and despite maxime's famous bad temper so how they managed to achieve all this success in such a short space of time with just maybe it's written in the stars i was familiar with some of the axioms. my zodiac sign is gemini and lexeme is a libra so we get along just fine. when we first started skating together i told her that more than half of what people say about my personality is probably true as she told me she could get along with pretty much anyone. whatever people say about
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my or someone else's personality figure skating is a sport and what matters is the result doesn't matter what my personality is like some would say about a coach for example he's insufferable the most important thing is my training and my performance and the medals and who cares if i'm a difficult person and there are a couple of other names she should look out for today. in the men's cross-country skiing and also although the lucknow who's going for her second medal in the women's bio. is also expected to steal the show at the sochi olympics and this problem. seem to be one of the most exciting torne him and in years we caught up with russian hockey legend legend that's fit to serve was a two time olympic gold medalist to find out what his hopes are for the russian team thing big. you know i mean for gold for the us and i got all kind of all kind of qualities to those so i got the best before going
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to the gold thing and i got the good course and stuff to get experience. to be in the united big big competitions and really will support so the fans. can get lots of pressure. to be in the home eyes but. they know how to handle the pressure there now to be under pressure. again they'll be similar good luck and they expect the gold medal from just. this russian team the winter olympics in sochi have been making headlines around the globe but not necessarily about the competition many news outlets have set the alarms ringing over the alleged terror threat that's just by process unprecedented security operation that's also not forget the never ending tales about the shoddy hotels and bad organization while very few missed the opportunity to deliver horror stories about the rounding up of the stray dogs while pledging airports and has dismissed
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such coverage as an echo of the cold war put in a whole during the cold war era there was the so-called containment policy that's what it was called it was the policy and practice of containing the soviet union's development of unfortunately as we see now occasionally there are through backs to these policies every so often so when russia demonstrates a positive development it's clear that the appearance of new powerful players and competitors engender some fear them in areas such as the economy politics and security i see attempts to. ten russian emerge here are there including with the olympic roger the man snowboarding have quite final is one of the most anticipated medal events of the day crews are racing to smooth the course after complaints by some athletes the slopes of sochi make currently be the olympic battleground right now but they promise to become a popular tourist destination after the games we send our teams martin andrews to
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the mountain cluster to test what goes up must come down there's no better way to see the beautiful courses mountains and zooming down the slopes take in the breathtaking scenery and marvel in the vast resorts and facilities they now have here as you know the famous phrase when road so it's on with the boots and off to the slopes at krasnaya polyana a totally transformed area of this months on the big opening this is just beautiful it's been fun we came up skiing the other day a couple days of between work and sochi and adler and corky all came together nicely when we got here is a little and then end up in a couple days a hammer it out it's really cool since no boardings inception as an established winter sport it's developed various styles each with its own specialized equipment and technique snowboarding but he became a winter sports in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight ranging from the stunts of freestyle to the fast pace racing of slope style used to both recreation and
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professional snowboarding it's my first time and it's not as easy as it looks but it's a little bit confusing as i've been told that i'm left footed even though i'm right handed i said in the century position was pushed forward on the first foot that i thought was the direction i should go if you wish me luck. there are around one hundred thousand risk of fractures worldwide among snowboarders each year i'm not going to be a statistic to me and my instructor says he can teach someone to be a recreational snowboarder in. one or two days with the ability to use all lifts perform controlled link turns control speed and direction and stop confidently something i'm having trouble with the slopes are busy now with locals and visitors from all over the world but what's the future of the region after the olympics i think it's best to reserve to russia for skiing and through the summer times
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because all of only because objects. connected in the one large resort people of all ages come here to the slopes fifty kilometers from the black sea coast the perfect way to exercise and to stay youthful. slopes and salty and great i'm enjoying them but i'm trying not to go too far so i don't get knocked down it's risky at my age but she's not known for its alpine skiing or snowboarding and i might not be very good at it but it's an activity that's on the rise and as the professional snowboarders with their various of them pick medals on this very mountain it seems that some of us were not born for such winter hike to the cities not to denver is a. will keep you up to date on everything happening out the sochi winter games reporting from the heart of the olympics and he said now they're keeping us abreast of the olympics in software from our studio there don't forget to check out our
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twitter feed we've rolled out everything for you i special line up for the games with all the latest tweets and pictures from the athletes and you know the russian women's hockey team is having some fun there in the elevator kind of rubbing it into the men's team that their picture is actually in all the elevators not the men's team having a little fun there in saatchi's sharing some excitement and right here on our team will be of course bringing you all the news and comments on the sporting victories of such a twenty four. the g. twenty four team promised to be able to make the exhilarating winter in our. news in no way i'm a criminal and i'm the boss of our look at news team for sochi twenty four take. on art. is it possible to pick up a house in the u.k. for less than the price of a cup of tea let me sound like a joke considering the perceived high cost of british housing amazingly it's become a reality artist paula boyko reports now on what's behind the pound land fairy tale
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. one pound sterling doesn't buy you much nowadays but in stoke on trent lucky locals have managed to grab the ultimate bargain house it's part of a sell off of rundown properties in a deprived part of the city at this sort of apply just sort of to the blue really because i was saving up for a mortgage and things anyway which when you run time is by hard. when you're so used quite shocked that you never actually did go out which actually great for us because we got a house or piled. the snag many of the properties have stood abandoned for years after the closure of the city ceramic factories the area started to decline the roof sleeping every negative thing that you could imagine and two properties all of my commute for those behaviors the workers of the parties which is only walking distance who are all living here and then what happened was as the parties talk to
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started closing down people had to move forward so the community start to disperse to this area is deprived it's riddled with antisocial behavior like drug abuse crime and squatting but the local councils say that the one pound scheme and the new owners moving in should help to create a sense of community and turn the area around. applicants have to be locals first time buyers and earning less than forty thousand pounds per year to avoid entrepreneurial property developers from taking advantage of the author homeowners have to commit to staying in the houses for at least ten years so this is what one pound will buy you on century street in stoke on trent now on top of that one pound owners have to commit to borrowing thirty thousand pounds from the local council for the renovations and work has already started on transforming these abundant shells and turning them into brand new properties and through hey can see what
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they're going. and look like before the scheme came along like many britons gavin couldn't afford a deposit for a house and was paying more in rent then he will be in loan repayments to the council in ten years' time i'll be more free with how. many people can get up to ten years with a housing crisis leaving millions struggling to get on to the ladder many will now be crossing their fingers hoping they'll get a similar chance in their part of town. stoke on trent and now a brief glance at some other global news making headlines in iraq a suicide bombing instructor accidentally blew himself up in his own car bomb killing twenty one of his students after hearing the explosion security forces rushed to the area and arrested more than a dozen suspected militants seven car bombs as well as explosive belts were found on site a militant supposedly belong to an extremist sunni group which recently cut its
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ties with al qaeda. to tehran now where huge crowds of gathered to celebrate the thirty fifth anniversary of the iranian revolution president hassan rouhani addressed a rally there every year in february millions of iranians pour into the streets to commemorate the victory of the popular movement it was against the western backed shah of iran in one nine hundred seventy nine. zero young up next locked and loaded maxence they say blast the world of bank stars your latest dose of the geyser reports is coming up here on our team in just a few minutes. there's
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a scene here when you're in the arctic you have few entire world at your feet. she looks like a fairly simple ship but really she's not simply little. and full of people have access to the nuclear icebreakers the real king here is the polar bear and ice breakers come second not a single complex expedition to the arctic can be conducted with the russian nuclear powered fleet of ice breakers we under a tree
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a unique operation in. the northern sea route russia's arctic ice breakers. no change when you're bored seen promises we call timid in the exhilarating winter in our team needs to join me and he's in no way i'm a criminal and the rest of our lives take new strain for sochi twenty four take. all odds. welcome to the kaiser report imax kaiser there's a new game we like to play you see a game with no added sovereignty it's made to a vote puts me on my knees you call it master and servant we call alex and sam and
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with a sort of independence you need servitude alex why be yet another nation on the chain gang when you can be the first on the block train station yes well max this is the talk of town here is this scottish vote for independence coming up september eighteenth and everybody is very concerned about it and it's back in the news because royal bank of scotland r.b.s. threatened to leave scotland and join the city of london should the scots vote for it to end it apparently they think that's a good threat but i would think that the debts of r.b.s. or a ball and chain on the scottish nation any new scottish nation the first headline read scotland will never be free as long as that has r.b.s. well i'm surprised that r.b.s. took this position because first of all r.b.s. is already in the city of london r.b.s. doesn't represent anybody in scotland r.b.s.
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is already here in the city of london and they are engaging in what the banks on the city of london do are b.s. lloyds barclays and the other one h.s.b.c. h.s.b.c. and others four or sort of the banking apocalypse they're already committing there are who wants them i would scotland one r.b.s. royal bank of scotland i mean it's a joke it's like these bankers threatening to go to switzerland if they're if they're if any regulations are imposed on them just go we can drive you. the airport just get out well it could be you know psyops for pretending that they might want it in scotland so that vince cable for example is like yeah we'll take our b.s. here and stuff the english voters and taxpayers with all those mammoth amounts of debts we don't know what the blackall debts you know there hasn't been an actual day of reckoning yet and the global finance.


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