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and although what some call the military dictatorship of the island has already existed for decades the new attention on okinawa is also shedding light on another longstanding problem the hundreds of sexual crimes involving u.s. army personnel documents recently obtained by the associated press through a foyer request show not only the rampant scale of abuse by service members but also the high level of impunity for the crimes due to these cases being tried within the military chain of command the report cites infractions by all three branches of the military but adds that quote the air force is by far the most lenient and that one hundred twenty four sex crimes over the course of eight years the only punishment given to twenty one offenders was a letter of reprimand look guys it's clear that the continued occupation of a sovereign land is deeply hurting the people of okinawa not only is it undermining their culture but the culture of impunity surrounding the military sends a stark message to those on the island one that this country shouldn't support and let's break the set.
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it was a. very hard to take a. look. at her how to act like that her right there. we all know that money drives politics but you might be surprised to learn about the amount of dark money pushing policy behind the scenes the dark money is made up
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of funds obfuscated through different shell organizations making it extremely difficult to trace and perhaps no one's master this tactic more than billionaire brothers charles and david koch the koch's are well known for putting the money behind some of the worst legislation on the books and recently some light was shed on the players behind the coke themselves after a confidential donor list was left behind at a posh hotel in palm springs so to discuss what was in that document as well as the role of dirty money behind the scenes from the elections to vulture funds i'm joined now by investigative journalist greg palast is coming out with a new movie called the voters and vote rustlers thanks so much for coming on greg always a pleasure. to be with you abby it's a great let's talk about this koch brothers document that was recently left behind at the donor event what was the most damning takeaway from its exposure. well it's the list of the secret landlords of our planet these are the private funders the koch's are not exactly short of change. david and charles are each worth about
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twenty two billion and let's not forget brother billy orthon about five billion himself what we have here is a list of the other billion years that they're coordinating with who are basically funding an entire right wing political machine now in the good old days when america was a democracy we got to know who was putting money behind candidates who was putting money behind referenda legislation lobbying them days are gone what's happening right now is that we have something called social welfare organizations which since citizens united and another court decision called speech now we don't know who these guys are unless someone leaves a sheet of the names of the billionaire secretly pooling their money with the coax in a photocopy machine thanks a lot brad friedman and others who have passed this list on to me amazing and great and every time i cover the koch brothers on the show people write me asking when
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i'm an expose george soros i mean is there anyone on the left that the doing as much political damage as the koch's are on the right. well the problem is that the left is not really responding that is for example the devotes family which was part of the funding be that pooling their money with the koch brothers their amway products they put forty four million dollars into michigan politics this is the center of the u.s. auto industry the center of american unionism and yet they just passed a horrendous right to work what's called a right to work law basically it prohibits contracts between unions and businesses which say that if you're part of the con union contract you have to be part of the union. where were the where was the other side so you have millions and millions coming from all over the country pouring in to basically slice up and destroy the union power and yet there was no one on the other side not even the obama administration for example which you know in the op. no bailout they used right
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wing republican harry will soon as the negotiator who works with these billionaires they use bruce ratner an infamous investment banker is not bruce travesties but steve rattner stevie the rat and you know they did not defend unions at all in the auto bailout in fact they let a thirty five thousand auto parts jobs go to china and they beat up the union something fierce so you don't have another side there's only one side here that's the problem it's not like there's no money on the other side but you don't see obama actually defending the rights of the workers that makes the koch brothers out on the field with their other billionaire buddies playing against no team at all i mean it is it's worse than the seahawks and broncos. you know that's a very good point you don't see the systematic assault from really any left wing billionaires i guess you could say and you just mention the davis family and mother jones just wrote a great exposé saying are they the next koch brothers i mean it seems like is it
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ever going to end i mean is billionaire families that are just a sell teen workers everywhere dismantling unions graig it let's move on to your book falters picnic i just heard about something really interesting called falter funds that you cover in the book what are these and can you give us an example of how they're applied in the developing world. well in for b.b.c. television the guardian i went undercover and found that there was a group of billionaires and one of them by the way who's the real goldfinger who makes the movie goldfinger look like what the girl scout what they do is that through bribery intimidation they seize what were considered a paid off debts of all of poor nations liberia congo nations that have been in civil war and they then use tactics which involve again bribery or intimidation to force these nations to pay them something like one hundred two hundred times what they paid for these bonds what it does. as it takes poor and destitute company
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countries and completely bankrupt them in in the case of the congo for example. we found out that that there was a group of vultures of vultures as they call themselves vultures like the number one guy paul the vulture singer i don't i don't make up the term vulture they like being called vultures they want to be afraid of them and they're pretty scary they grab ninety million dollars from the congo or tried to. in money that was meant to end a cholera epidemic i was at the car i was at the cholera center in the congo and the doctors without borders running out of medicine and i traced the lack of money back to a bribe paid to the prime minister of bosnia the south the south these guys operate is not exactly just they're just not guys who are collecting old debts they're guys who are squeezing the poorest nations on the planet and playing fast and loose with the with the political system not only in these nations but in our nation other
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nations have outlawed after i ran a report in britain. on vulture funds their operations their tactics were outlawed throughout the commonwealth but not in the united states of america they have protection at the highest levels believe me well i guess you could say what the world bank and i.m.f. does is pretty much the same thing with their structural adjustment policies how are the vulture funds different. believe it or not the i.m.f. the world bank don't like these guys because they actually bust up the deals that the i.m.f. the world bank come up with so for example we've had massive debt forgiveness for nations like the congo in liberia all that done is allow these vultures to come in and seize the the assets that are there for example the case of the congo they were trying to ship cobalt. to to to europe and this was seize it's almost like somewhat legal piracy these guys are really scary they they take the
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resources these nation again i want to emphasize they don't do it just by buying up you know their technical means is that they buy an old bonds that are long forgotten by these nations that were issued before during the civil war a famine or some terrible event in which they pick up debt that's worth the paper is billions of dollars they pick it up literally sometimes for a penny on the dollar and then they don't demand just full payment they they demand a several several hundred percent payment but it's enough to destroy these nations they stop them they basically take the aid we're trying to give these nations that the u.s. taxpayers european taxpayers are trying to give poor nations and they literally seize this money and that's why they're very different even than the eye of the i.m.f. as a sweetheart and a valentine compared to the vulture and compared to goldfinger and his gang but the important thing is that they're influencing our government for example the number
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one vulture investor paul the vulture singer is also the guy who was who brought in the koch brothers all three koch brothers to back chris christie's run attempted run for president a little trouble the how of their idea of putting it chris christie in the white house got a little jammed up on the george washington bridge but i understand that single that the vulture funds are protect they are they are putting in a massive amount of money to protect their vulture operations by by taking our white house by building a vault and it's all of the white house it's all connected greg you work harder than most people i know thank you for staying on top of all of this you have a new movie coming out everyone check it out thanks so much for coming on. the best every thank you. thank you for the choice. last.
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outrage against the n.s.a. has only grown since snowden exposed the agency's dragnet surveillance of average americans but it's been difficult to put that frustration into action that's why today activists and online advocacy groups from around the world are hosting a worldwide day of action against the n.s.a.'s mass spying program this international protest is being conducted in honor of the late internet activist aaron swartz who was a leader in the movement to do rail to stop online piracy act only two years ago and a press release for today's action david segal co-founder of demand progress said quote today the greatest threat to a free internet and broader free society is the national security agency's mass spying regime if aaron were alive to be on the front lines against these practices that undermine our ability to engage with each other as genuinely free human beings so take a few minutes to go to the web site the day we fight back dot org and add your voice of the thousands of others who support the usa freedom act which would help stop indiscriminate surveillance and reform the fight as
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a court we must also urge our representatives to reject the pfizer improvements act a bill that could expand the n.s.a.'s spying program even more in fact you can take action right now by calling the u.s. capitol switchboard to leave a message for your congressperson to over two two two four three one two one so turn your frustration into action honor aaron swartz and do what's right tell congress to stop the spying reform the n.s.a. and take this opportunity to spread the word. coming up i'll give you the latest on new york's fashion week stick around.
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transit. you all best way to the heart of moscow. that. they are dealing the location of the oil spill river. to the well as of the all white tents and said you would stop this storm we might think you know my people will die. to see any sort of counter-revolution preserving maybe even
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a charcoal gender all of the islamic religion this is one very powerful force awards maintaining traditional marriages and values just as they become more powerful western liberalism becomes powerful and we have to sort of make. civilization the current me on a collision course. on the train de blasio xp. to raise the minimum wage for new york city residents to last night's enormous mafia drug bust there's a lot going on in the big apple but one fabulous event is overshadowing all of that . is in full swing and we have some designer shakeups jason wood who has
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been named as the head of hugo boss he's the artistic director this season and we're expecting to see some fabulous things on the runway ok seriously how frickin cute is david back i'm taking selfies with all four of his adorable kids from the robber oh boy dettori is fashion show could you die. right it's had a week and the answer is yes i could die in fact i think i just did a little bit watching that whole the back and spices of the world are deciding which rail thin model where is that vera wang skirt or hugo boss jacket the best one celebrity actually had the guts to reveal the high fashion industry is true colors. know a little bit about history and fashion you know that you guys might be uniforms for the notes and the nazis did that for. you know they did. they still use it as those russell brand of the g.q. men of the year ceremony sponsored by hugo boss and i don't think you'll be invited
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back but hey we can still be going after clothing companies for world war two crime so let's take a look at some of the more grievous practices the garment industry is responsible for today we all know western clothing brands and sweatshop labor go hand in hand due to exposure by journalist and human rights groups you would think that the conditions of workers in the garment industry have improved but thanks to a wide ranging two thousand and eleven report by the international textile garment and leather workers federation we know the conditions of many of these laborers are in fact a worsening the study focused on eighty three different factories in the philippines indonesia and sri lanka that manufacture clothes for every brand under the sun from ralph lauren to banana republic aside from being paid near slave wages the treatment of these employees goes far beyond compensation many were. theirs are put on temporary contracts so that they have no power to unionize or fight back against unfair labor practices such as forced overtime and harsh punishment for mistakes and complaints in another factory forty workers were locked in an unventilated room
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with no bathrooms for three hours for refusing to work overtime and unfortunately few improvements have been made in the two and a half years since that study in fact with this race to the bottom mentality bangladesh has become the epicenter of the garment industry last year the institute for global labor and human rights secretly met with employees at two factories in bangladesh that produce waters for many european clothing companies executive director charles kernahan described the factories as some of the worst he had ever seen and said quote there was child labor people were beaten cheated of their wages male supervisors were constantly press young women to have sex with them keep in mind all of current hands observations were made even before the horrific garment factory collapse in the country which killed one thousand one hundred twenty nine people and injured over twenty five hundred despite signs of the building was already severely developer dated in an effort to meet quotas garment workers were forced to work in extremely unsafe conditions or lose their jobs
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a job that paid thirty seven dollars a month unfortunately this catastrophe has largely been forgotten about along with multiple fires at other bangladesh factories but both wal-mart and gap which have a large percentage of their clothing made in bangladesh including the collapse factory itself have refused to sign on to a broad safety agreement that would legally force the companies to offer financial risk support excuse me for fire and safety regulations the agreement has already been signed by many european and canadian clothing companies that operate in the country the good news is that we have the power to stop this deplorable exploitation of labor with our purchasing power in fact a recent national consumers poll showed that fifty nine percent of americans said it was very important that the products they purchase are not made in danger. this or unfair conditions furthermore two thousand and four studies show that the actions of activists and government pressure against nike's reliance on sweatshop labor in the ninety's led to
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a fifty percent wage hike for indonesian garment workers look i know that finding sweatshop free clothes can be near impossible we're all contributors to this horrific and history but at the very least you know where the worst players are can empower us to make better choices and put the pressure where it needs to be so maybe instead of talking about fabulous clothes this week instead we should be talking about the people that put those clothes on our backs. looking back at the occupy wall street movement it's disheartening to know that not a single banker face trial for their role in the two thousand and nine financial crisis yet close to eight thousand occupy activists were arrested and of the thousands of arrests that did occur a quarter of them took place in new york city but in a spotlight on the conduct of n.y.p.d. officers many of whom engaged in brutal tactics in the instance of twenty three
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year old occupy activists cecille e mcmillan a confrontation with an officer on the night of march seventeenth two thousand and twelve resulted in a beating that left turn conscious before she was arrested and detained of all that was documented but instead of being able to sue the officers that beat her no one was charged with a felony assault which carries a jail sentence of up to seven years while this week mcmillan's trial began in new york city so to talk more about her case and the reason why this trial deserves more attention i'm joined by two volunteers of the justice for south of the mcmillan campaign jani miller and lucy parks thanks so much for coming on both of you. thanks for having me here thank you so much johnny let's start with you in your present. at the time of sicily's arrest in two thousand and twelve can you walk us through exactly what happened that night. oh sure so this was march seventeenth two thousand and twelve which was the six month anniversary of occupy
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throughout the day it was a very festive atmosphere and i think that was part of the reason why the n.y.p.d. had such a grotesque response at the time of such police brutal arrests i was already being loaded up in the bus i was one of the people arrested that night and you know i saw as they were dragging her up the bus that you know she was clearly not conscious she was not well and such and it was very traumatic and she's even thinking about it now speaking about it now is a very traumatic experience for me and what type of injuries did sensibly suffer. so and were presenting to us in the court as well and she sustained many bruises to her right breast and individual it's clear that the police officer grabbed her breast from behind it was a plain clothes officer so also a lot of bruises on her body on her back and she has a red mark on her right eye which is also evident in
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a lot of the photos at the time of the incident and lucy let's turn to you what was the justification for charging her with a felony. well essentially what they're what they're trying to say is that she elbowed this cop in the face but really what they're trying to do to him i believe is show that you can't really protest legally anymore like you really can't go to a protest and be safe which is really scary so if they could successfully puts us the lead in jail for the two to seven years that they're trying to get then it can be a huge scare tactic to keep people from dissenting in the future. the part that really irks me is the fact that she was sexually assaulted by a. please officer and what's even more shocking is that this is not a unique incident specially occupy wall street and y p d this is actually a common tactic extremely agree just cases of sexual assault. grabbing
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breasts i mean numerous examples of this yani why do you think the cops are using this tactic. i mean it's very clear you know if one follows to money for example in june two thousand and eleven people work in donated four point six million dollars to the n.y.p.d. it's very clear who the police serve and protect and in my opinion to them occupy wall street represented a threat to the people that they served it was a challenge to their corporate heads that they are part of what i think this sexual so is sort of. women women are more vulnerable to that so the n.y.p.d. were really going for any tactics they could use to suppress people more and to get more people behind bars essentially so once they realized that they could use sexual assault as a tool for arresting people that they were sort of like why not it's pretty violent we're going to be really continue. you know if we're going to be really honest.
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justice system to mass incarceration are overwhelmingly targets people of color black and latino youth you know and occupy wall street in new york city experience about two thousand arrests but we have eighty three thousand people in prison right now in new york state as we speak and overwhelming majority of them are people of color you know there was a joke an occupied at the u.s. stands for only whites in the system and it's true because even when suddenly was walking into court many people thought she was the attorney because most of the white people are either officers were attorneys. so they the entire justice system rely upon using the oppression of oppressed groups and oppressing them for. they're like women and people of color. to keep people more to keep more people behind bars absolutely i mean the fact that you're going to get sexually assaulted by police
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and if you try to fight back then you're facing two to seven years in prison is pretty egregious example of how twisted at the justice system is jani there haven't been many trials resulting from occupy wall street in fact this is one of the last ones you mentioned earlier why it's important i guess explain further why this case could set a dangerous precedent. as lucy mentioned earlier there's a chilling effect p.d. are able to successfully. get beat up people and get away with it and so by fighting back and you know the whole justice system tries to individualize this turn into to specifics of the incidents of mcmillan and by showing up and by supporting her we're showing that this is a contextualize to arrest that this was about a suppression of occupy wall street as a whole on that specific night i mean there were about eighty other people arrested myself included and so by packing the courts by being physically there by sharing and informing other people about the incident we can set
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a new challenge for example to bill de blasio to bill bratton you know that things need to change loosely the trials been postponed for two years why is that and how has that affected cicely leslie. obviously one of the main reasons i can see one of the only reasons i can see for them postponing this trial this long is to do their best to emotionally destroy her because played for the past two years she has had two to seven year sentence or actually it was originally one to seven years but then recently they brought up thing where because the trial's been postponed for so long they have some sort of legal loophole where they can actually. give her another year on the minimum sentence so i think also because there's so much police brutality in the case they've been drawing it out to really
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give themselves any advantage that they can because i my opinion they actually really don't have a strong case at all and then the other thing is you know they know that she said social justice organizer and so in the past two years there's a chilling effect on her first amendment right activities her right to protest to organize protests a spin severely limited in case of you know her her current case and a huge element of i'm sorry we don't have but twenty seconds left i just wanted you guys to give out a quick web site where people can go to help her because really this isn't being covered much. if you wanted to yeah their web site yeah we have a web site that just got put up actually it's justice for the lead dot com and four is the number for think we also there's also a facebook event thank you so much you guys we're out of time everyone check it out go to facebook e-mail or lucy parks thanks so much you guys. join me again tomorrow
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and i break the set all over again. this is so easy when you're in the arctic you have to entire world at your feet she looks like a fairly simple ship but really she's not symbol of the. full of people who have access to the nuclear icebreakers the real king here is the polar bear and ice breakers come second not a single complex expedition to the arctic can be conducted with the russian nuclear powered fleet of ice breakers we undertake a unique operation. the northern sea route russia's arctic ice breakers. you know
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the united states has as many think tanks as the next ten countries combined yes one thousand eight hundred and twenty eight tanks to tell three hundred million people and i think. the.
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trend zero. your best way to the heart of moscow. hungry for gold rush in france spend their hopes on the country's record breaking figure skating deal and then the band's one thousand meter dash that's amid worries that the weather may be getting too good for the winter olympic games and snow you need to pony. events will go ahead a shade you'll today despite the fine weather and rising temperatures. a ukrainian judge who ruled against rioters involved in the storming of government buildings is shot dead by are known assailants police say the murder was most likely connected to his work also. out of a purely on his sleeve.


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