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tv   [untitled]    February 12, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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we're clearly not the safest. hungry for an old russian fans pin their hopes on the country's record breaking figure skating duo made worries about the weather maybe getting too good for the winter games. european commission vice president says brits are too ignorant to vote in a referendum on e.u. membership or cast ballots in the upcoming euro parliament election. a lot of the people you know they seem to. think that we have the. right r.t. travels to south africa as a nation reels and corruption crime and poverty after the passing of iconic leader nelson mandela.
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nine pm in moscow i'm going to have you with us day five of the sochi winter olympics and already continue special coverage from the heart and heights of the resort it may be action packed on the slopes and tracks of sochi but for russian fans it's figure skating that is in the spotlight russia looking for a return to the days of dominance in the rink that it saw in decades past given the country's performance so far in the games the dream could be within reach let's go now live with our teams paul scott who is in the coastal cluster with the latest so far the russian three or russian teams competing in the pairs program chance one more medal do you think. yes well russia could actually claim three medals gold silver and bronze to highlight in figure skating this evening tatyana. lead of the hoff way stage of the the figure skating pays event going into tonight's for. program they set
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a new world record on tuesday evening in the short program to firmly put themselves among the medal contenders they of course already have gold medals to their names following russia's success in the team event over the course of the weekend why russia of course won gold but arena slutskaya one of russia's most decorated female figure skaters says that we shouldn't take success for granted. that these are my full of olympic games here and the first in which i'm not participating as an applet but now that time without a fight i can say that the media does have an impact on the affluence and it's not always positive the media tends to exaggerate things and take people for granted they must understand that we the athletes. would to make mistakes would too can trip up while simply walking on the pavement the media must show great restraint and understanding towards sports as well elsewhere russia's male colors are looking for their first ever victory at the winter olympics where they currently trail
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canada six two while the female colleagues have lost their second match in a row following defeat to japan and paul it's five days into the games now what's the feeling around town. but it's nice that the sport is actually taking center stage because of course the build up to these games are plagued by control of a safe way we are a week into the games now are well into the first week of the games and the atmosphere is fantastic in and around the venues in the live sites where people gather to watch the events on the big screen and there have been some concerns however away from the coastal cluster up in the mountains for the weather conditions are too mild which is causing some of the ice and snow to melt the international olympic committee say that they are not concerned by the conditions at the moment and these athletes that r.t. spoke to also say they have absolutely no problems.
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because it's really challenging like one of the best in the season the conditions on the hill. just just awesome when it's so challenging you don't have any surprise when. the best should win. this is what it's about. people really. celebrating. the sport of course and. some good. well according to reports global viewing figures for these winter games are up by nearly ten percent from the vancouver winter olympics four years ago with an extra twenty five million people. in your school taking place around the world and of course the winter games they wouldn't be running so smoothly in the atmosphere would be great if it wasn't for the volunteers like ali martin andrews was more.
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i think. they are the unsung and unpaid heroes of the olympics and staging such a gigantic event without volunteers like these would be unthinkable more than one hundred eighty thousand people wanted to join up twenty five thousand of them made the cuts a small army of on hand to help has among them thousands of foreigners to bridge the dozens of languages heard right now hailing from the united states canada and the u.k. many have already been here for several weeks prepping i'm rehearsing at the black sea resort in what's the most is the first visit to russia. come from glasgow scotland to come here on my own. experience and the people are really great.
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i like everything here and it feels great knowing that i'm contributing to such a large scale event. from helping out with crowd control to keeping things moving at the security screening areas they are vital to the day to day running of this event running like clockwork and in their bright uniforms the such spectators can't miss them like the competing athletes their roles require commitment patience and insurance for the love of taking parts rather than cash reward. me hello i'm here to see the men's hockey game where do i go so these competitions are held in bars. and you can get them by close them this week then turn to the left and you will see the big building in front of the what to drop it's very big a member of a very nice and you speak english russian i'm going to get german very good to have a show so good thank you very much was part of our. statistically just under half the help is our women and the average age is twenty five in reality
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though this giant team has volunteers of all ages. they call the older people silva volunteers it's a reference to how advanced age a friendly face and knowledge of foreign language is in knowing how to get from a to b. are just some of the skills these guys will need to out the games in the paralympics long days demanding work but it's a red chance to take part in one of the world's largest sporting events and at their name to the roster making such a twenty four team something to remember parts of andrews. sochi. if not all of the latest results rumors and goings on in sochi in a special section on our website that's twenty fourteen dot r.t. dot com right now we're reporting how the russian president is entertaining foreign guys at the host city and of course bringing you all the about dates on all the events.
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hundred days until the next european parliamentary election but people in one country are just too ignorant to vote on matters according to a senior bloc commissioner and that's not the only choice they're allegedly qualified to make she says more on those comments. these are comments made by vivian redding who is the justice commissioner a top official in the european union and it's british people that she's talking about who she says don't know enough about the european union to be able to vote in a referendum on whether to stay whether britain should stay in or come out she's urging britain essentially to spend more time on debates about the e.u. before a possible referendum is announced and basically accusing people of not knowing
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what they'd be voting about and of sleep walking into making a deeply uninformed decision it is a little bit hypocritical of her because she doesn't appear to be particularly well informed about the european union herself she maintains that seventy percent of u.k. laws are actually made in the european parliament the house of commons study has shown that that number is vastly exaggerated and of course all of this is playing into the hands of the anti a you know p. and political parties like the u.k. independence party those who would like person to leave the e.u. when a top e.u. official suggests that people in any country aren't sufficiently qualified to vote in those elections it sort of has a whiff of elitist and a sort of with the lack of democracy which of course is what the e.u. skeptics are constantly saying about the european union and it also may serve to discourage people from the scene in the election in any european election at all oh well they think if i if i don't really know enough of someone telling me i don't
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know enough then maybe i won't bother to vote but we'll have to see how that pans out come may. and while writing off internal splits to ignorance the seeks to expand its trade links its time with an upcoming pact with the u.s. but some critics say it's at the mercy of corporations that could high government hands and expand their interests that still to come after the short break. trends in the report you'll best way to the heart of moscow.
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sky. twelve minutes past the hour the south african opposition is reportedly been struggling to make their voices heard in protest against corruption rising crime
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and widespread poverty there unrest seating in the post mandela country is the nation seems to be edging toward a security crisis party's policy reports. we were about to enter one of the most dangerous townships in one of the most dangerous cities in the world this is the south africa that mandela left behind never know what to expect when you go out in the street some days will be quiet some days you just up and down there are a lot of downs in south africa now days away from the cameras all is not well in the land of mandela twenty six year old constable corrode burma later knows it all too well for five years he's been patrolling the streets of johannesburg to try and instill some sense of order. and now we are entering. there's a large majority of. poverty. a lot of the purely artistic
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tool for a better life or a better way of the. crime where i am right and the few places in south africa today where quantum is more rampant or poverty more in demick than alexandra township twelve kilometers northeast of johannesburg it was once the headquarters of the african national congress and the same to of anti-apartheid activism but it's as if time has stood still here many residents feel forgotten by mandela south africa it is quite frightening situation for us to. really make the best effort this borning township is home to nearly a quarter of a million mostly black south africans sixty percent of them are grindingly poor and unemployed as we drive along the stench of mounds of garbage overwhelms us the stats are sobering each day on average more than fifty people are murdered in south africa another fifty attempted murders take place more rape happens here in
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a country of fifty two million people than in india a country of one billion the police are struggling to cope with a hear hear. if you can answer that truthfully. yeah you can say real sufficiently. but it's up to us. to obtain that. the police in south africa have reacted. and understaffed and according to a new poll a staggering eighty three percent of south africans believe they're also corrupt which means the good guys like a robber and his partner often put their lives on the line without sufficient backup do you think that state will make any difference to the right situation. we can only hope. for to those days but. the residents of alexander though are too busy battling the daily reality to worry
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about what life without mandela will bring twenty years after he came to power they still waiting on promises of jobs and economic prosperity r.t. and xander township south africa. and from an opposition party in south africa i think this country is dealing with the same issues it had two decades ago. these protests and sort of. basic kinks i don't think that they put to that happen a study of death of nelson mandela south africa has been the will capital of protests but a decent last few months we've seen a heightened. militancy of those a protest because it's a response to a government which basically its policies deep in poverty and it does unable to respond to tool to needs of the people that need to skidding teasingly the government is using the old up out of date to racist methods in dealing with the g. to meet the demands of the people to india as late had it only has not been able to
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dismember the up out of the you know it's databases and that keeps people apart left people are pool and white people are taken care of their kids aren't all right according to belgian protesters who say the country is set to remove the refrigerants on euthanasia and allow the controversial practice for kids i've got more on our website. and a cyborg future drawing a little closer as scientists manage to put like risk optic motors inside human cells i don't more about that a click away on our t. dot com. when us mulling what could become the world's biggest free trade agreement looking for more economic power ups the sides are discussing the deal of a transatlantic trade investment partnership treaty marina porton i reports though the document could lead to governments falling into corporate pockets. but night i'm announcing that we will launch talks on a comprehensive transatlantic trade and investment partnership with the european
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union because trade that is fair and free across the atlantic supports millions of good paying american jobs. grand promises minus any explanation it's been one year since the us president announced the establishment of a trans atlantica free trade agreement known as taft they have been negotiated in total secrecy away from the congress and the people. the bit about six hundred corporate executives corporate lobbyists. negotiating the deal with the united states trade representative and with the other countries sweeping u.s. surveillance has cast a cloud over negotiations as germany threatened to pull out outraged over washington snooping on its european partners but if the free trade treaty actually goes through it promises both sides of the atlantic massive gains of up to one hundred fifty nine billion dollars as more exports are expected to create more jobs
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but the profits could come at a cost to citizens critics say the treaty would get rid of policies put in place to protect the people danger here is that this will amount to deregulation that basically will be a race to the bottom and health and safety standards will be diminished in an attempt to create some kind of huge market with the same standards for example genetically modified foods are not labeled in the u.s. while in europe it's mandatory but in the name of free transatlantic trade any regulations against rose is an impediment to trade and therefore. simply no longer coal they're simply removed by these trade agreements so then europe is ordinarily good. and true regardless of what the european people walk under the treaty cars and pharmaceutical drugs could
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reportedly end up being tested only one spy the exporting country instead of the current standard of dual testing be it fracking banking or flying taft critics argue will leave governments with no choice but to change policies that better suit the business needs of private corporate power what their hope is is to have to find the lowest common denominator between the u.s. and and and standards that then make it more easy for there to be quote unquote trade big call our regulations and our standards that hurts. health and safety treaty they're called as opposed to barriers and and we believe that those many of those standards are there for very good reason public support for safety standards and regularly should be the very reason american and european citizens have been kept in the dark about what may turn out to be the world's largest free trade agreement. new york. words
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a writer on economics politics and social justice says governments are already giving into big business can see in many countries at the moment that there is governments that are already serving corporate interests and what little protection citizens have in the place of. domestic government is. the ability to be able to protest the ability to be able to place a petition to the free speech and essentially what. corporate interests are going to be a life and. profits can be maximized and of course this will mean that essentially governments will be new to it what protections are they that they're offering citizens at the at the moment. these are the. only and this can take away any protections that citizens have corporations and we'll
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have a david and goliath situation where a judge has died in central ukraine after being shot by unknown assailants police believe the attack may have been linked with professional are to parties like sara show skew discuss those activities with my colleague. the interior minister of ukraine is still koyo on what exactly they meant by professional activities but we do know that the thirty four year old judge. from the town of clement you consensually crane was killed by two presumably two gunshot wounds and those believed to be fired from a shotgun it's not the first time of course that a judge is killed in ukraine but given what's happening in ukraine right now with all these riots protests take over of administrations the fact that he recently dealt with some of these rioters is certainly causing huge attention he dealt with two of those rioters who were part of the attack on the local administration building he placed them under house arrest and have been charged with inciting riots but not yet convicted he also dealt with many civil cases like. returning of
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debts like inheritance and different property splits that also may have been the reason for his assassination but certainly given the intensity of what's happening in ukraine right now the connection here between the rioters and him is something discussed by the media that has no chance of dying down i spoke to all sides of this protest and if you talk about the anti-government protest it is split within itself already there is a peaceful part of protesters who believe themselves to be peaceful you are activists as they call themselves and there is the radical part and i read an interview apart from my conversations with the guys at the governmental korda who are completely radical i read an interview recently by the leader of the right wing sector this is the core of the rioting and of the protest and he said that they do not listen to orders from the opposition they are not controlled by anyone they are all on their own and one quote from that interview is particularly concerning that he said that should the authorities use live rounds against them against the
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rioters against the right wing sector they have something to respond with so this is creating a genuine concern that they have weapons they're storing them in all the buildings they have taken over i haven't seen any weapons with the right to expect with my own eyes but there are numerous pictures proving that they do have well. it's on their hands so definitely the situation is still very very much burning despite being something of a standstill at the moment. using beautiful women as honey traps to extract secret information could just be one of the tricks that g c h e g c h q has up its sleeve in new edward snowden leaks suggest the british surveillance agency is going far beyond its remit and fudging the lines of legality artie's polly boyko reports. the list of g.c.a. latest antics reads a bit like a cartoon villains manual edward snowden has revealed that a covert unit within the agency is messing with target social media accounts so that changing their profile pictures on facebook they're posting and deleting
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status says and they're sending cryptic messages to their friends and family containing dissent from ation about them now g c h q's joint intelligence threat research group even uses unwitting journalists to funnel information about potential targets and they're also into honey traps they pose as attractive women online in order to get potential targets to meet with them in person i think what's unique in this area it's the first public proof that we've seen that serious issues of illegality have been brought forward the interference with other people's communications the violation of the privacy of hundreds of thousands if not millions of people if the government knows everything about you information is power and then there have enormous power over you which we always say something interesting here with all these revelations what does the blackmail start do you see h.q. isn't a spy agency like m i five or m i six it's
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a government agency tosca with collecting and analyzing data and yet these most recent revelations show that they're also includes sending viruses and launching denial of service attacks against websites the attempt to do denial of service attacks on organizations they don't like are deliberate attempts to obstruct to deceive i think was the phrase they use they say they call it deny disrupt degrade and deceive i mean it's like a james bond movie but these are this is the stuff they're doing and have been doing for years but this is the first proof that anybody's had that they've actually done it and yet how kids who don't work for g c h q. face prison if they do the same and those campaigning for civil liberties here in britain say they want to know why. azzi. boom bust with her in a day coming up next.
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transit route to vnukovo report you'll best way to the heart of mosco. is obviously more for the latest because it's pink. when they wanted to avoid rate
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they really needed to buy gas environ had against them i'm. sure this is the one that i want to go with them once again it's the fear factor for when the definitely a target of the gun lobby and you don't kill them when you come out of it if somebody would you would piss with her. i've noticed that more and more if that's really scary marketing tactics which i thought women have some sort of moral obligation town guns to protect their family and young girls shoot out here too so we do have a pink wife. or kids young kids choke on food than are killed by firearms if being armed made us safer in america we should be the safest nation on earth we're clearly not the safest. you know the united states as
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a. many think tanks as the next ten countries combined yes one thousand eight hundred twenty eight to three hundred million people i don't think. hello there i'm aaron a this is boom bust and these are the stories that we're tracking for you today. first up jenny yellen makes her first official appearance as chairwoman of the federal reserve we'll tell you what she had to say and what you expect from her new regime then we have run out of promise paul fred roberts sees on today's show he's talking gold default u.s. economy and much a much more you definitely cannot miss this interview plus we have renowned economist you know what i just told you that one might do it now in today's big deal we have are now an economist in my opinion edward harrison he's discussing why
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al gore moved a popular big boy now from a top story and what this means for the system that helped out. in the first place all coming up it all starts right now. to serve in our lead story janet yellen all eyes on wall street were fixed on capitol hill tuesday as janet yellen chairwoman of the federal reserve delivered her first public remarks to the house financial services committee now yellen said that only a quote notable change in the outlook for the economy would prompt policymakers to slow the pace of tapering she went on to say the financial market turmoil doesn't pose a major risk to the outlook for the u.s.
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economy. repeating the fed's statements that asset purchases arch on a preset course so pretty much more of the same however one thing that's not the same the clear skies smooth sailing conditions that j.p. morgan chase is accustomed to now is that thirteen billion dollars settlement that j.p. morgan worked out with the fed way back in november the federal government that is it caught the attention of both washington and wall street now the landmark settlement stemmed from ak accusations that the banks overstated the quality of the mortgage securities sold before the financial crisis however a lawsuit filed on monday by the nonprofit group better markets has challenge the constitutionality of the deal in the complaint better markets argue that the justice department violated the constitutional principle of separation of power when it unilaterally struck the deal without a judge's blessing better markets is seeking to have a judge approve an injunction that would have balazs the deal and.


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