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tv   [untitled]    February 14, 2014 6:00am-6:31am EST

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from celebrations to better at this appointments it's a roller coaster of emotions in the olympics as victory in the russian men's hockey is followed by the surprise brawl of legendary figure skater you've got. here gassin brutal clashes marked the anniversary of the book raney are rising reports on the rebellion that refuses to die down the despite a three year crackdown and thousands of arrests. and zoos in denmark draw condemnation from animal rights groups as another healthy giraffe is to be pulled down to comply with european breathing laws just days after the first animal was killed and skinned.
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you're watching artsy international with me marina call survival welcome to the program now and stay seven of the winter olympics and so much of an artsy is of course continuing and special coverage. so there is force medals are yet to be won but there is a sub did atmosphere among the russian fans softer a big disappointment in the men's figure skating if the pollution who was a clear favorite for gold on expected pole doubting to enter a that's left russia without an olympic medal in the discipline for the first time and thirty years artie's andrew farmer has been keeping track of the developments. that is the end of his competitive career he was always going to retire after these olympics aged thirty one but he did not want it to end that he had to pull out after landing awkwardly during the warm up of the men's individual competition
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yesterday he does have a long history of back problems in fact he still has four screws in the back of his after twelve operations but he will be remembered as one of the most decorated figure skaters of all time he has four limping medals he won gold in the team event here in sochi just a few days ago and also fellow figure skater maxine klein called among others has been paying tribute to his glittering if. we all have great respect for pollution coach he's a legend in our sport and a great example for many worldwide but i think the fact that he came out and helped win the team gold given his condition is a heroic achievement and. i want to take my hat off and tell him that he's the greatest of our cleats everything he went through and everything he achieved was unique she people in history could have equal time qualities valentine's day and i know it's not going to be much of a consolation for mr chang for the moment but he has been named as one of the sweethearts at least in the straw poll i carry myself of about forty people
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yesterday also in the forty's this was alexander ovechkin he scored for russia yesterday in their fight to win against would be in their first game this competition and also you might be surprised at the russian women's curling team. they really have struck a chord with the russian nation and their beauty has made many people fall in love with this school but also i really enjoy talking to people yesterday and to me they proved that romance and good humor is alive and well here with these if we want to know who is the sexiest athlete these olympics. gold. russian federation of cookie. joyce just right or joe what's his name sean weiss retainer yes me american it lets us know border yes i think his very good looking he was the most attractive athlete at these olympics.
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it's going to be a slight i must meet you know i don't know nancy ok russians good. curling yes killing of course killing. christa version of the in germany courage. it's a fast he's very good looking isn't a little note hey why have you written this season volunteer in one hundred people go on facebook. sites like everybody happy valentine's poxy all misses us nice little be doing anything like this so we all will do it on site say to your wife now to search the site smart. back in the u.k. happy valentine's for tomorrow. from sochi we still believe in valentine's as well and the games i want to work in order can do. so there you are romance
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to me and i'm going to say happy valentine's to my fiance in moscow too if you are in love with that russian curling think keep watching today because they tonight again against. well andrew has been talking to the fans r.t. has been getting fitted back from laden athletes on their experiences and salty and of course how they're found the olympic venues after some negative publicity and scaremongering before the games the competitors say they couldn't be happier with what they actually discovered. but they never just server away the buses expand also on the side so your son sign up on the mountain village will have a pretty good accommodation and there's not many plates on the new zealand team so you save by car dog one of the buildings but not so comfortable with buses up around the was in new zealand makes us feel like temperatures will play a bit of a part of the super warm so yeah it's getting pretty slushy but we ride in those conditions all the time and just came down to try to land on your face in adapting to the but. we've also talked to alpine skier who parts his von hohenlohe who is
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a mexican citizen with german voile ancestry he says all the negativity that foreign journalists have been pouring on salty could have been cancelled out by some good p.r. think it's great it's a great game i think that russia the only problem that they have to stay should have hired a p.r. person like me to be better p.r. before i mean you know it's a great place they will want the full venue not the full everything is really poor and we should have just got the positive of my over to europe and to america that we're so negative so it's a bit sad that. they maybe in russia you don't do so much p.r. work which is what it's very very important because the word of mouth and the presentation is very important it was too negative and it doesn't deserve this negativity more olympic action coming up for you next hour plus don't miss the live reports while burial in studio and saatchi later today.
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the g twenty four team promises the colts in the game exhilarating winter. here in germany and you say no way to make seven zero in the rest of our lives they can use change for sochi twenty four take. on our team. she of religious outside capital have been left shrouded in syria gas after fierce clashes between police and say government demonstrators that resulted in at least twenty nine arrests the process movement's is marking three years of its uprising against the ruling sunni monarchy which has been met with a relentless crackdown are to. reports on the long running standoff. it's three years since the arab spring gripped the gulf state of bahrain violence still shakes the streets of its capital mamma as protesters against the sunni led
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government fire molotov cocktails the police respond with tear gas and flash bang grenades thing is that the government is using it as a while and a lot are being tortured house raids just now are living in cities it said i lived in but. you can hear helicopters armored by shooting at people. throwing it here yes here and there making people thought the key to why not even practice outside the street at least eighty nine people have reportedly been killed in the sheol position strive for reforms hundreds of thousands have been injured some lost limbs and eyesight protests have been held on almost daily basis and i witnessed some of those i went to bahrain a little more than a year ago we met with different government officials who told me that despite seeing the protesters as radicals and hardliners they were still looking for some
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sort of compromise but the most sensational statement came from the country's information minister so i mean that our job i think the bahraini opposition is the main ally of the us the terrorist members of the opposition and their leader have close ties to foreign embassies in bahrain wiki leaks of the many documents proving it i talk to the americans and clearly ask them to speak to their friends in the opposition who should understand that bahrain cannot be ruled by an ethnic sectarian parnia bahrain's opposition say the allegations are laughable if that was true they say then why is there no action from the western states the u.s. navy's fifth fleet stationed in bahrain and washington's close ties with saudi arabia may be among the reasons what is happening through. of human rights abuses is. happening in russia the whole was all come up with the whole media. because everything in that region. close to
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saudi arabia really keep quiet about it. i haven't seen for in three years one single. convention over you want to see these were the scenes of the second anniversary of bahrain's uprising with thousands protesting peacefully in the street this time it is already a lot noisier with the opposition planning a three day long protest and the authorities beefing up security last month bahrain's crown prince selman called for another round of negotiations to end the violence but with two failed attempts already and the world family refusing to budge and protesters demands hardly anyone in this gulf state believes there may be any breakthrough soon alexy russia r.t. . he rights groups have repeatedly raised concerns over the brutal tactics used by security forces against protesters and earlier i spoke to an opponent of the regime who spent several months behind bars. present it was it was really very bad and
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it's up to date it's going to go to treating people if you were in prison it's not just the women women and men and children everyone who. we go through the torture process that is nearly systematic everyone everyone will be everyone will be sexually harassed if you and we. blindfolded signed confessions we don't go in with what is inside we don't have any access to don't know you or anyone outside that's the situation it is really very bad for anyone to be detained and different like no since two thousand and eleven i know for nothing just for speaking up understanding for the rights of the people. party has been closely following the answer government writing over the past three years on air and online log on to our to dot com to get the full picture of what is going on there and of course how it all started. a second zoo and then mark says it will
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have to put down a healthy giraffe to comply with the european breeding laws the management says that euthanasia is the most likely scenario it's the second such case in the space of a few days and it has drawn widespread condemnation as artie's lucic half an hour now explains well animal lovers around the globe are outraged by a danish zoo's announcement that it may put down another giraffe this comes just days after the copenhagen zoo's decision to euthanize eighteen month old maurice thousands of people had signed a petition to keep him alive although he wasn't sick the copenhagen zoo said that it needed to put mario's down to prevent inbreeding well now another dinner zoo this one in julian's park is tentatively making plans to euthanize a seven year old giraffe which by coincidence is also named now a lot of people quite upset by this news went viral on the internet but the developments do highlight the seldom seen practice of just how zoos get rid of
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animals that they'd. i don't want or need the copenhagen zoo insisted that it was doing the right thing when it killed the giraffe dissecting him in front of children and then feeding them to lions as for why well they say it's all part of an effort to control inbreeding and to educate visitors according to the european association of zoos and aquaria mario's had genes that were too similar to other giraffes in their breeding programs and breeding in fact is also the reason why the second zoo may euthanize the still alive mario's please do bear with me here. already has to bail giraffes there is a female that may be ready for mating and zookeepers say that basically the two males well they could fight each other to the death over that female and that's why one has to go of course that argument wasn't a good enough explanation for rights groups the animal welfare and conservation organization born free said and i quote the slaughtering healthy zoo animals for convenience is irresponsible and in defensible they want european politicians to
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address the issue pointing out that the practice isn't limited to denmark whether or not dylan's park follows goes ahead with its controversial plans to kill the giraffe of course remains to be seens will have to wait and see whether the zoo will succumb to public pressure for now the fate of at least one giraffe hangs in the balance reporting in berlin germany. offers to accommodate mario coming in from russia the leader of the chechen republic instagram's who condemned the killing of the for his giraffe and to tell users he's ready to take in the second also a well known russian animal trainer and go to the posh me he said it's a foot the cost of finding a new home for marise and the russians. now more news coming your way after the break including reports of a birth or suicide bomber in syria counterterrorist forces in the u.k. investigates why a man left his family behind to join extremists in the war zone. and calls
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for tougher immigration rules grow louder in norway where the number of commerce has increased tenfold in the space of three decades. i marinate join me. into impartial and financial commentary interviews and much much. only on the bus and. there's a seat you know when you're in the arctic you have the entire world at your feet.
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she looks like a fairly simple shit but really she's no symbol. handful of people have access to the nuclear icebreakers the real king here is that the polar bear and ice breakers come second not a single complex expedition to the arctic can be conducted with the russian nuclear powered fleet of ice breakers we undertake a unique operation in. the northern sea route russia's arctic ice breakers. i welcome back to r.t. and her national now immigration is becoming an increasingly divisive issue for europe with widespread calls for tougher laws switzerland has just voted in favor of curbs on eighty migrants and almost half of germans want to follow in their footsteps now in france polls show seventy percent of the population wants
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immigration reduced and also the vast majority of britons hold a similar view in norway a record number of illegal migrants were deported last year and as are it's easy going to school off reports the situation is putting pressure on the governments. this used to be a quiet suburban town in the outskirts of oslo where money is spent fourteen years of his life until he says along with most of his norwegian friends they had to move out because of constant attacks by teenage immigrant against. the ambulance five times or something so it came to the point where i didn't have the time to be robbed all the time and go to the hospital today three out of four students at the local school are a foreign descent mass energy exports brought more we some of the highest living standards in europe and made it very attractive for immigrants over the last thirty years their population has grown tenfold but high living standards mean high cost which not all newcomers are contributing towards many immigrants welcome in africa
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. no they don't have a labor market for them to offer jobs for them so many and. to be depended on social benefits benefits include free housing a two year old integration course and an allowance also paid by the state during this time with n.g.o.s born in the spending may be too much even for the norwegian budget to swallow talks about cutting down the numbers have now reached problem. we want to improve the. immigration system in europe not get rid of it by closing the borders we have wanted to discuss not how to sort of get a more work a good working immigration system how to respect the system but solving one problem may create new ones which has just held a mission wide referendum in which over half of its citizens decided to limit the
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amount of immigrants living and working there causing outrage from brussels and threatening trade ties with the e.u. . r t. let's take a look now at what our web same have lined up for you call smeg birthday party a year after a space rock plays through the skies of russia's urals and they asked are planning an anniversary celebration find out more at r.t. dot com also there the operator of japan's crippled fukushima power plant is accused of covering up the true level of groundwater radiation near the site follow that story and more on the r.t. web site and also on twitter and instagram. british counterterrorism units are on high alert after reports that a u.k. citizen carried out a suicide bombing in syria officers are searching the house of the suspect who left a wife and three children behind to join the rebel forces and the war torn states
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artie's polly boyko is following the story. facts are sometimes stranger than fiction this is the street where abdul wahid the first suspected british suicide bomber in syria is alleged to have lived it schooled martyrs avenue the forty one year old man that lived here is suspected of carrying out a suicide bombing in a truck in the city of aleppo last week after joining the al qaida linked to al nusra front the father of three is said to have put his day job six months ago and joined a convoy running aid into syria he was reportedly in contact with his wife and children up until last week if his identity is confirmed it will be the first known attack by a briton in syria according to the center for the study of radicalization in king's college in london hundreds of u.k. citizens have traveled to syria to fight with jihadi groups recent posts on social
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media suggest that some of the brits fighting back have been involved in b.c. and execution of fellow rebels while residents of ma says adding you come to terms with a reported neighbor suicide attack security services in the u.k. of becoming increasingly concerned about the potential threats fighting in syria could return and stage attacks on u.k. soil. west sussex well britain is not the only european nation whose citizens have been joined in the civil war in syria now a recent study suggests that hundreds of citizens from germany belgium and france and several other states have left their homes to for its alongside the jihad this and some estimates put the figure much higher in fact in the thousands and this of course poses a major security concerns for europe as several of these volunteers have said they plan to enjoy a holy war in the west after a better return now
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a group of british nationals fighting in syria has even turned to social media to support extra its. message across their release propaganda posters threatening terrorist attacks in britain and the us targets in public transport and business centers the captions on these images urged people to join the holy war and become martyrs for the cause political analyst mohammed and sar believes that these foreign fighters pose a threat not only to europe but also to the people of syria one of the most worrying aspects we've seen of late is that people who are out in syria fighters from britain have been calling others to come and join them whether they are british muslim women to support them a factory or sort of themselves out and so in themselves after being effectively warlords who are out there who are gun toting are really no benefit and no blessing to the people out there and are going to become increasingly radicalized and often go out there with
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a martyrdom mentality i think really understanding the nuance to be around the nature of these people who are going out to fight in syria is going to be crucial to understanding the level of radicalization and how these young people feel the u.n. security council is such a vote on a new draft resolution on syria however russia has made it clear that it will use its veto to block the west from bag documents which proposes a fifteen day also made some for the syrian government and file an across the country and russia's foreign minister says the west's one sided approach to the conflict is holding back enter national peace efforts. we get the impression that when those who brought the opposition into the talks everyone to focus in fulfilling the geneva communiqué what they were really after was regime change the only thing that the syrian opposition want to talk about is establishing a transitional government only after that will they be willing to discuss the
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problem of terrorism as things stand most of those fighting against the government stream ist and terrorist groups. in other news around the world that circus police have used tear gas and water cannons against protesters in the capital ankara they were advancing their anger over a new answer that controls the government claims the legislation will protect individual rights but many see it as a clampdown on freedom of speech demonstrators were also demanding the release of army officers and jailed last year for allegedly trying to stage a coup. over cells in indonesia have ordered the evacuation of over sixty thousand people and raise the eruption alert to its highest level after a volcano on java started sending plumes of smoke into the air three airports have been closed with asking over and planes on the ground the military has been called in to help and get people away from the area or thorazine is our urgently port to
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stay at least ten kilometers from the volcano. clashes have erupted them bang call crafter riots police began clearing and cigar from an satins that have been in place for several months security forces used tear gas to force them and strangers from several parts in the city center including the area outside the prime minister's office the opposition has been calling for the prime minister's resignation since last november accusing her of corruption. now you might want to look away if you're scared of heights this is a china haulers a building at six hundred and fifty meters and a pair of russian there the havel's have managed to climates with no safety gear and no permission the shanghai tower is still under construction didn't stop with the skull off and avert the my horror of marking their way whites through the summits capturing this terrifying footage on their head cameras their video has
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attracted almost seven million hits on you tube. i'll be back with more news in just over a half an hour about to stay with us for abby martin's breaking the sets.
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transit routes the report your best way to the heart of moscow. ten a group wants to erect a statue to the lord of darkness in oklahoma city which is the logical name capital of the whole of the sickness want to build the monument of a goat headed devil in or despite a monument to the ten commandments that was put up in two thousand and twelve they maybe should have put into the ten commandments on public property but does that mean that satan has not ceased other wackos have the right to put up their own twisted monuments well that is it depends on how you look at things technically in
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western liberalism everyone's beliefs by law are equal even if ninety nine people are christian and they cannot impose on that one poor satanist which sounds nice but in reality that means that those ninety nine christians have to tolerate a monument to the infernal master and defiler of the innocent on their way to work every morning part of having a culture means having a group of people of common beliefs and values if you just include anything into the culture the new no longer have a culture all that remains are scattered individuals all i'm trying to say is that it's ok to abuse the devil guys but my opinion.
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ever. and i am abby martin and this is breaking sad since two thousand and two u.s. drone strikes have killed as many as four thousand five hundred ninety people according to bureau of investigative journalism and in pakistan alone there already have been three hundred eighty one from the strikes one in particular in two thousand and ten targeted a home in northern pakistan the strike resulted in the deaths of several civilians including the family of a pakistani man named kareem khan as a result khan filed a five hundred million dollar lawsuit against the u.s. government which helped shine a light into this devastating practice and is now a fervent and drawn activist but unfortunately he has been missing for eight days after being kidnapped by twenty men some of whom are in police uniforms according to his lawyer kahn was set to speak with german dutch and british lawmakers about the deadly effects of drones just this week given the fact that his lawyer was
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prevented from coming to the u.s. to testify on behalf of other pakistan drone victims it seems that there are forces at play here that are actively preventing these voices from being heard so if you want to hear the truth about what's really going on below these killer robots then join me and let's break this up. the. it was a. very hard to take. your. life that you ever had sex with the terror threat there's no. such. claim.


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