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i'm. a red machine buckles after a ten round shoot out against team usa in a bitterly fought hockey faceoff russia take solace in winning both gold and silver in the men's one thousand meter short track. tonight here every minute may count for a russian pilot new u.s. jails the prison refuses medical assistance for the critically ill inmate art he speaks with his wife and lawyer. the sliding scale of justice we found out how in israel the same crime could get you time behind bars or not even be investigated depending on your city.
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eight pm in moscow i'm mad president good to have you with us here on our t.v. it promised to be a dramatic day at the olympics and it was with the red machine team russia and team usa delivering terrific performances at the so she bolshoi ice arena. the game ended in a u.s. victory with the home side battling it out late into a shootout artie's paula scott is in sochi joining me now live with the highlights so paul you watched it all unfold what did the americans do right or the russians do wrong how did it all go. well it was pure sporting drama inside the bolshoi ice time as the usa run out winners against russia in the most dramatic of circumstances the match finished two two the regulation time rusher actually took the lead midway through the second period captain pavel datsyuk leading by example to opening to open the scoring a sweet moment for him he plays his hockey in the n.h.l. but goals from cam fowler and joe pavelski put the usa to one up before the
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levelled at two two with five minutes to play now there was control over see russia thought they'd done enough to win the game in the final moments but it goes controversially disallowed by the officials. now the game then went into overtime nothing separated the two sides so went to that dramatic shootout and america eventually ran out winners in the most heartbreaking of fashions for russia russia all still likely to qualify for the next round they are likely to progress they now face slovakia in their final group game on sunday in a match they now have to win all right and what other events were going on today and how did the home team fare in those. well russia russian sports fans do have some things to cheer on saturday they've added two medals to that tally both of them came in short track speed skating the men's one thousand meter event russia got the gold and silver it was a really good topical display by the two russian skaters victor on secured gold to
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the bronze he's already won in the fifteen hundred meters while the silva went to bloody made and russia could have a no the gold medal coming up within the next hour or so because alexander currently leads the overall standings of the men's skeleton event going into the fourth and final round all right artie's ball scott live for us in sochi with an update thanks very much we'll check back in with you next hour well our t. asked a former russian hockey star how he helps the current team deal with lose. i've always tried to be positive try to be to help and. help the guys you. can see something what i don't like it i don't have a problem to come in the till the players quit play if when they are in the bill in my opinion for both the situation but. i also have the. player who can see the game differently. between all the cheering and sports
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visitors and athletes alike need to on wind and fortunately sochi is not just the olympic city but also a major black sea resort artie's martin andrews has been out and about. medals locked away from the home the sun has set and. there are tens of thousands of. the games and it's not just the cheese hotels restaurants and shops that are busier than ever before the night live here is booming to sing the olympics means mixing it up whether you want to mingle with celebrities it glamorous and beats nightclubs who fancy something a little more traditional like it. can be hard pushed to feel left out so get your shoes on let your head down and that seems to me.
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very popular with locals and visitors he can listen to terry's music from jazz to contemporary when it comes to food like most of my trips here are open twenty seven ideal for energetic tourists i mean it was very positive surprise because it's really very well organized around here. that would be alive only during the summer months. in winter. feeling package after all that partying look no further than the old port winds down grab some food and relax next to the cozy heaters the partying and socializing here in sochi doesn't stop during the daytime there are options for every taste and travel and there's no excuse to go back to your hotel and wait for the sun to rise everybody can eat good food. as a discotheque. for an euro and everybody how happy because you have
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a good atmosphere. and there's more than the sure the dozens of clubs and this is the highlight for the. that's my i know. this is sky high club and all inspiring view over the mountains it's the perfect place mingling with fellow travelers and athletes to relax after a hard day's competing spectating. but everything here is amazing the menus and infrastructure are. very pleased russia is renowned for its but i wouldn't like a life coach and the hip and happening to our use of such she no exception from the sizzling shool to the cool snowy peaks so she's you might call it a cup of. tea. and mari action from that russia vs team usa men's hockey match in the next hour joined us as we i like the best
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moments of one of the winter games most eagerly anticipated matches. the g twenty four team promising alternate exhilarating winter and. social media and you make seven zero and the rest of our lives take news team for sochi twenty four take. on. the cards in europe's industrial powerhouse may be turning again but as germany makes its way back to economic ground many there risk an uncertain future as they fight to stay above the poverty line. but first time may be running out for a russian pilot jailed in the u.s. constantini era shango allegedly being refused medical of vital medical help his lawyer and his lawyer saying the man is already at death's door russian diplomats urging washington to intervene. first he received twenty years in prison in the
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united states for a crime he never committed on the american soil now it has gone from bad to worse for russian violent constantin your russian. your own burglar nearly killed me in the morning and told me he felt very sick and that he'd be lucky to survive until monday he seems to be having a heart attack because he told me he was suffocating experience and heart pain and was almost unable to walk he was beaten severely when he was arrested and has not been feeling well for a long time but his pleas for medical help have been ignored and he felt sick they put him in lock up and left him on the cold floor he tried to get to the doctor but all he was offered was flu medication and some antibiotics sometimes they don't even let me send him letters and they have refused to let any russian officials meet with the prison chief over the head doctor because lawyer told r.t. that the head doctor at the new jersey prison where he's being held will not expedite his treatment which could have the worst possible consequences monday was
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also a federal holiday in the united states so my supposition would be that any kind of medical treatment so constant in your i shan't go could be provided only. on tuesday the eighteenth of february constantine your i shan't go sad that he might not live through that we can pass condition requires immediate medical attention you know santa was arrested in twenty town in liberia on suspicion of drug smuggling he was reportedly severely beaten before being transported to the u.s. where he received a twenty year prison sentence this is not new this is something we've seen repeated over and over again kind of arrogant attitude that washington has toward other countries and particularly to other countries who are now. doing what washington was to dictate to them to do a presence system in the united states the life physicists on the planet that
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highest rate of prisoners and a country like this number in both absolute terms in relative terms has no terror are notoriously. disregarding of the rights of prisoners even the most fundamental rights including the return to live moscow has been insisting all along that the way you know shank this case has been handled regardless of whether he committed the crime or not is a gross violation of human rights probably very beginning be key so if you're a shrink. speaking disturbs has been absolutely politicized we have expressed many things that are serious concerns we have one for the u.s. government to many times that. they are under international obligations to take care of. the health of our citizens having failed to get through to washington via official channels the russian foreign ministry resorted to social media and posted
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a plea for help on its facebook page ever since you know it was delivered to the u.s. russian officials have been denied access with the situation now taking a dramatic turn the russian foreign ministry officials are once again demanding to be allowed to see him along with their own doctors that is of course if you know shanker himself lives to receive that help alexi russia. the russian pilot's case may not be out of the ordinary for the us prison system according to the us department of justice more than forty five thousand people died in custody in the space of the last ten years some of them didn't even live to face charges editor of prison legal news activist alex friedman tells us that keeping inmates alive may not always be a priority in u.s. jails prisoners might have very serious medical conditions and sometimes be very near death and they are told to sign up on a sick call or that they'll refer them to the nurse the next week or they might not
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be a doctor at the prison and that weekend and so they have to wait until the next week to see medical staff. go receive a twenty year sentence he did not receive a death sentence but unless he receives adequate medical care he and other prisoners with serious medical conditions can die while in custody mr you're ashamed go was basically kidnapped you know when he was taken into custody overseas by u.s. officials in the united states really does not have a lot of respect for the rule of international law when it conflicts with what they want to do archie will continue following the case bring you all the latest as the story develops stay with us more to come after a short break. interview .
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we speak your language will not advance. news programs and documentaries in spanish matters to you breaking news a little tentative angles keep these stories. you hear. the spanish find out more visit actuality.
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i know c.n.n. m s n b c news have taken some slightly but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate. that was funny but it's closer to the truth and might think. it's because when full attention and the mainstream media works side by side the joke is actually on we're going to be coming back. at our teen years we have a different price cut because the news of the world just. is not this funny i'm not like damnit i'm not going. to the jets will handle this. at.
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fifteen minutes past the hour now germany registered the euro zone's highest growth rate this quarter as exports pump money back into the economy peter all of a report the good official news will be cold comfort though to one in every six germans who may be in danger of being dragged into poverty. business is booming in germany but under the surface there's a surprising number of people failing to get anything from it but once it gets fiercest we still have six million people on long term unemployment benefits that means almost one in ten households live on welfare and in fact figures from the german office of national statistics and eurostar to show that just over sixteen percent of germans are at risk of falling into poverty compare that to the situation in france the czech republic or the netherlands and you see that more
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people can potentially slip through the safety net in europe's economic powerhouse this is seeing more and more germans turning to charities to help this food distribution center in berlin's one of many all around the country that helps to feed around one point six million germans every single month and if you look at the type of things that they're sorting out if the distribution it's fruit it's a batch to both it's the type of things that people need to have in their diets but that some in germany just can't afford. to mention so many people try and deal with their poverty but it one point they realise they just can't take it anymore and they come to us it's a difficult step but it becomes the only solution. one woman who gave me the name and who didn't want to be identified told me how grateful she is for the help the food bank provides. i have everything here eggs even fish bread the little things
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make a big difference the money i get from the state goes to keep the power on at most i have one hundred fifty euros a month i'm very happy to have this because of this i can buy clothes and live. some of those receiving handouts accuse germany's politicians of caring more for wider europe than the german people event demanded up we part of europe we help you . why don't you help us we have hungry kids but the government says we should help immigrants to move them we have to close the open to all charity organizers say that they've seen a change in the demographic of those coming to them for help. mentions once called we've noticed an increase of older people which is unbelievable for us traditionally old people in germany wouldn't ask for free food and now they have no alternative so we see more people whose need has become stronger and change. whilst it is true that as
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a nation germany weathered the euro crisis better than most there's a fine line between boom and bust the people in the biggest economy feature all of the. always more stories on our t. dot com including italy a lightening the burden on its overcrowded prisons by over the burning a law that put marijuana alongside cocaine and heroin in the eyes of the law is good for around ten thousand inmates currently serving sentences related to soft drugs. mystery of the martian rocks that appear in the red planet pictures seemingly out of nowhere so all i can r.t. dot com for an explanation of the phenomenon. israel's borders with arab neighbors some of the most heavily fortified on earth but within israeli society itself there's no sort shortage of tension between jews and muslims arabs make up a fifth of the country's population but as are his policy reports not always treated equally under the law. morning they treat us like israeli citizens only
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when they want to convict us other than that we're arabs to them and that's the pure racism and ethnic policy of this country that before even six other arabs were found guilty of attempted to murder at an atomic santa and his rady jewish terrorist who took aim at them. it's a conviction that is hard to comprehend very hard that the innocent and victim is even put on trial let alone convicted of a on a ship it was here back in august two thousand and five that sutta and israeli soldier who deserted the army used his military issued wife fall to fire at our passengers on a bus he killed four and wounded seventeen before being attacked by the crowd they grabbed him while he was being handcuffed by police he never made it off the bus and those who were sentenced for his death i think there's more to it than north from the israelis using acts of power to educate us so that if such attacks happen
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again no one will dare to do anything i compared unstudied similar cases to this one in court where iris from israel committed acts against jews and they were killed by james for taking the law into their hands the jews were never convicted and no charges were brought against them it's clear there is a double standard in the justice courts a case in point. and he's ready jew who shot and killed an arab terrorist after he murdered his shiva students while they were studying in jerusalem in two thousand and eight and shot him with two bullets in the head he spun around and he was teetering and then the guy with the m. sixteen who was hiding behind a side door finished the deal we kept shooting at him until we emptied our magazines and that was that let me get them this is they didn't even open an investigation file against that do not the police didn't even ask him didn't even check of the air was dead or not the scales of justice amin to balance in this scale. he said for we seem to feel killing
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a jewish terrorist in this scale. praised for killing an arab terrorist do they even know. israeli know and it's son adoption feels if anything they took two boards out of the ninety one she feels jimmie's to fool the andes code accused should have received harsher sentence and i would say it's a strange people who kills someone was hence our time in the back. who is not a threat anymore a little bit of the trial it's a fear of america the conviction sends a message to the arab community that our blood is cheap and they can spare our lives and so the verdicts out is there a double standard at p. in israel which is what the quilts are meant to determine in the first place. ten of them. turning now to some other stories making global headlines in bahrain a police man died of injuries after being wounded with
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a bomb explosion during friday's anti-government protests authorities there say more than two dozen opposition activists have been arrested in clashes with police demonstrations mark the third anniversary of an uprising that sought to get equal rights for shia muslims from the sunni ruling party. violent storms have with northwest france killing one man and leaving one hundred thousand homes without power really a victim slipped aboard a cruise liner buffeted by gusts of up to one hundred fifty kilometers an hour off the coast of brittania six regions across the northwest had been placed on high alert. scuffles or broken i wouldn't between police and public sector workers angry at pay freezes and layoffs officers push protesters back to the ministry of administrative reform as they try to get into the building security in greece has been stepped up after radical leftist group fired shots of the german embassy and attacked the headquarters of mercedes benz last week. keyser report coming up after her break stay with us here on r.t.
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international. the alleged phone call between the assistant secretary of state and the u.s. ambassador to ukraine has created quite a controversy in the call like smug british colonisers cashless a big t. and africa they basically say that that native books of phil he's not fit for the government we should have the other needs of the bold and become prime minister they also mentioning the help of the un to get this thing glued whatever that means although the authenticity of this phone call has not been confirmed but certainly hasn't been denied this reminds me a lot of the snowden leaks independent journalist for years had been writing about government spying but it took
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a snowden to shove it into people's faces and confirm that it was really going on we've heard from people like ron paul jesse ventura and many journalists that the u.s. state department uses a horde of international grant receivers and local political organizations to try to consciously and directly control sovereign nations and overthrow regimes they don't like and this phone call is legit that is the same level of undeniable evidence that snowden brought to the table to be fair during the cold war i could kind of see the justification to meddle in other countries so the soviets would create world communism but now who is the great enemy that justifies a korean regime change there is no such anime a fascist opinion. welcome
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to the kaiser report imax kaiser you know in fukushima first began melting down to go through sawdust and diapers into the disaster hole amazingly it didn't work in america when the deepwater horizon oil platform exploded b.p. tried plugging that disaster hole with a golf balls and rubber scrap alas that also didn't work now in the u.k. well the wearing david cameron is out in the drowning tory heartland throwing sandbags soldiers and cash in potently into the flood waters but dave all the snooker balls in sheffield cannot stop the rising tide that is sinking all boats into your black hole of debt economy because it's the triple crunch of environment
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energy and economy and no junk shop can save us now. not even a one four seven will save us dave we've been snookered. it's a triple crown of environment energy and economy and all the buffoons are throwing everything into the risk that we see around us the first headline max's golf balls fall short coping with twenty first century disasters chucking diapers and golf balls at multibillion dollar calamities show math has to deal with failure primitive at best even as the global hunt for energy enters new frontiers of risk disaster is beyond the coping abilities of a single company or even a country have prompted suggestions that a global body with military scale technical resources is needed now that's bloomberg news and they're talking in particular about energy whether it's tepco or the deepwater horizon disaster but you know look at this disaster heading our way.
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here to the u.k. yeah many snooker balls max juggle balls and i don't think he thinks knuckleballs could fill this disaster well it's the equivalent you know in the in japan they have many diapers they adult size diapers that they threw into tepco in in the south of the united states and lots of golf courses down there so they threw a golf course golf balls here in the u.k. somebody has the gall to take them to stop this disastrous roll from just wiping out britain but let's let's ask let's ask well neil sullivan he's the master said ronnie o'sullivan the current and five time snooker champion who's right here in the studio really welcome because the report might they do you know all right i saw it at the masters another brilliant performance by the way thank you very much but today we're talking about disasters of the snooker balls so you know the five time current world champion approximately how many snooker balls do you think would have
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taken to show ronnie the photo here to stop this storm don't wow and looks and go back a lot along this millions believe this it isn't really in circles millions i don't think we have enough but that actually could save the economy if we had to manufacture a bunch of super bowls yeah exactly they have to benefactor a billion soccer balls and it would stimulate the economy here in the u.k. as i believe sort of on manufacture here in the u.k. it's the world leading it's to go balls before china of course gets into the game. then but this is the thing actually the article points out that you know this rising risk as we go further out into the deep waters of the oceans to drill for energy we're going there's more and more risk in the financial system so just like throwing diapers and sawdust the big environ you know the energy catastrophes we throw all sorts of cash at financial disasters because we don't know what to do otherwise well this is the tragedy of it all is that because for example all. if
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you're going to survive on camera saying there's unlimited money to throw at this disaster that is our first headline and you know i also want to point out just below the environmental disaster at the top of the page is the economic disaster at the bottom of the page where mark carney is saying that the interest rates are on hold at near zero percent because the recovery is unsustainable but let's talk about what despite this free you know this fragile recovery in the u.k. economy here we have david cameron saying u.k. floods david cameron pledges unlimited public funds prime minister seeks to assert his authority over natural disaster with the promise of wider army roll and more money a resolute david cameron vowed to marshal the forces of the state to tackle the flooding crisis pledging a wider role for the army and unlimited public funds to protect families but this is cognitive dissonance because the this disaster here on the climate side the
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flooding is a direct result of totally ignoring the realities of manmade global chaos so they totally ignore this for years and now suddenly it's caught up to them the economy is crashing because of interest rates being forced lower which is keeping the zombie banks alive and their cash cannibalizing and parasite ties ing the u.k. economy so there's cognitive dissonance all merging into one armageddon confidence nightmare of too much liquidity and flowing too much liquidity quantitative easing everyone's dragging to death they're drowning in debt they're drowning in cornwall they're drowning everyone is drowning because of this frank and david cameron's got to say oh the strange thing why can't you do or do you craft like all these people who play snooker are doing so do us all for the economy don't forget the economy that they're opposing in the house of commons these are financial illiterate you bring up a good point is that it was bringing forward.


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