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tv   [untitled]    February 16, 2014 1:00am-1:31am EST

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your best way to the heart of moscow. an ice hockey thriller steals the show in saudi was arch rivals russia and the united states facing off in a close fought ballad decided on palate. a russian pilot jailed in the u.s. says he is in a critical condition and may not live beyond the weekend while moscow's pleas for medical intervention are ignored. also this week the second round of syrian peace talks is broken off with the opposition pushing for regime change and western powers blaming president meanwhile serious conflict continues to spill over into lebanon and your interview. with piers. r.t. visits a radical stronghold word jihad us forces are trained to fight the asa government
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in syria. of the russian capital you're watching r t international with me marina joshing well it promises to be an action packed sunday in sochi with five sets of medals up for grabs but a russian fans are reeling from the disappointment of saturday's nerve racking ice hockey match against the u.s. and it was a dramatic encounter with its fair share of controversy or snow across live to our tease andrew farmer who is in sochi for us well andrew tell us about the game and how the fans have been reacting. to what a game it was it was a captivating match international hockey at its best if you make a very close game that was decided by a sheet in america when you got one three two i don't think russia should be too
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despondent guy because they do remain on course to reach the second man they are still so. in that group in a place in the back here today and they're fully expected to win because slovakia have lost that opening game so i'm upbeat and i'm very pleased to say many fans to be spoken to are upbeat as well. just feel much when i came here with a friend of mine just to see the match and we're very disappointed with how we hold our team will still show their worth at these games but it's been a. this isn't the last game russia will deliver yet we just have to believe in the open cheer for them. to give the best no matter what little score where the best country is we haven't had a machine after that even if there are some long guys don't let us down next time the whole of sochi the whole country is cheering for you russia at. the game was great the guys did well our captain is the best we can still do it i have no doubt
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about that and that is just the oh. yeah and i'll be cheering again at four thirty this afternoon in sochi in the bolshoi i started which i'm sure will be packed again. definitely andrew and i will get back to you very shortly so do stay with us while we want to learn more about what's ahead in sorting out for today well there were concerns over whether russian captain pavel the two should take part having suffered a lower body injury but he managed to play a starring role in a match with no signs of discomfort ice hockey legend pavel bore a also nicknamed the russian rocket for his speed when he played in the n.h.l. told us the olympics have lived up to all expectations. but you have a k chills the arrival of caesar and all the best players in the world come here and play for the conference started so close you know i would. extend the same
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thing go world cup and the south korean office want to win it you know brazil's play me but with friends see it some way to good teams that's why everybody watching it enjoy it. while the spite of the setback in the hockey russia has seems a major breakthrough as it's now in third place in the medal stable having bad gold in skeleton and both gold and silver in the short track speed skating and there's plenty more hockey drama on the way with russia due to meet slovakia administration chiefs are given off has been cheering on the home side and he told our teams and he's now it that the fans need to put the last behind them including. cruel costs if today wasn't next week is going was a good game i liked it i'm still emotional because i came to a straight after the game. well it was an equal game it was a tough game it was tied and those penalty shots it's like lottery you're never i guess and besides the game didn't mean much from the
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final standings point so russia still has a very good chance yes. and now i'll go back to my defender barbara who is there for us and standing by in a mountain cluster keeping us up to date on the race for the winter games and of course it's all heating up there as we know but one of the big highlights for today andrew. well for me some of the biggest characters you will see these olympics are in the bulb sly and that starts today in russia's two man team we had the former world champion arm wrestler and. he partners alexander zuckoff both have a good chance of a medal in this and then we have the jamaican same who are making their first appearance in just over a decade the last time they were at an lympics it did prompt the making of that great film the cult film cool runnings and this time. winston watson marvin dixon to fly the jamaican flag and they are relishing every minute of it. i love i love
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the people there they're really. makes us feel like we're stars but you know stars is something that shines really bright which is the jamaica team the all of the you know across all the obstacles that we're for. not to concentrate of the obstacle that we're possible we concentrate on we're here in sochi. where the figure skating regimes today with the russians might not win it it is a russian who is trying the favorite she may not have heard of marina but she has been coaching the canadians and the americans who are hotly tipped to get gold and silver and they openly admit that without her help they would not have had the success they've achieved. we've been very fortunate to you know work with some of you know the russian talent and ice dancing you know we take from marina's wave and we feel very fortunate to have learned the wonderful things we have that have
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come out of you know the great russian history of my stance. and the canadians look out for virtue and moir no say we shouldn't discount the russians of the provence we'll be going for them today so you know we are at the halfway stage of these olympics and i'm pleased to say russia's goal for gold medals which is one more and they go to vancouver already and the chances of today as well do look out for russian interest in the long and cross-country ski. brandreth thank you so much for bringing us this update and that was andrew farmer reporting from the olympics capital sochi and he's in the mountain crosser for us bringing us up to date on all the latest developments well peruvian skier roberto carr celeb has become an inspiration for manny at the olympics and despite suffering a broken rib and the respiratory infection he was determined to compete against the
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odds and in the end the forty three year old finished last with time nearly twice the time of the swiss gold winner diario colonia but the two congratulated each other on the finishing line and course one spoke to our team's kevin no one and our sochi studio. it was a very very tough race for me it was a long one i was expected to go away given the broken injuries. when i cross the finish line. a lot of support. that came from peru from even from the gold winner or gold medal winner floyd usually just. just explodes all views you got here with a broken rib before you got to sochi to also have a bit of a bug this week as well which is brought you down a little bit but you're still determined to go on without race your competitors when you got over the finish line eventually there they rallied around you didn't they yeah if in the river. decided to go.
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compete. there read appreciate it i've been getting a lot of feedback from media from a hundred emails so far from people and they were. so excited about the story inspired by the story. i got close to five thousand facebook facebook likes in a matter of twelve hours overnight. being great i'm so happy that people got a story of course remember that we have all the very latest for you on our website here on our team dot com and it will bring you everything that's happening in sochi so had to the last section on our twitter feed here there you can find weeds from the contestants and give them your feedback russia's hockey team captain has tweeted he is that thanks to the many fans who have shown their support that will of course be keeping up keeping you up to date on all the olympic action here on i.t.v. national. team
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twenty four team promises the colts in the game exhilarating winter. storm and use in no way to make seven zero in the rest of our lives take news team for sochi twenty four take. on arts. now russia is urging washington to ensure that a russian pilot jailed in the u.s. is given urgent medical treatment constantine years and his health is critical but he has been refused access to a doctor or reports. first he received twenty years in prison in the united states for a crime he never committed on the american soil now it has gone from bad to worse for russian violent constantin you know. he called me in the morning and told me he felt very sick and that he'd be lucky to survive until monday he seems to be having heart attack because he told me he was suffocating experienced heart pain and was almost unable to walk when he felt sick they put him in lock up and left him on the cold floor while he was offered most flu medication and some antibiotics you know
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show because lawyer told r.t. that the head doctor at the new jersey prison where he's being held will not expedite his treatment monday is. also a federal holiday in the united states so my supposition would be that any kind of medical treatment so constant in your i shan't go could be provided only on tuesday that your national was arrested in twenty ten in liberia on suspicion of drug smuggling he was reportedly severely beaten before being transported to the us where he received a twenty year prison sentence this is something we are seeing repeated over and over again kind of arrogant attitude that washington has toward other countries and particularly to other countries for now. doing what washington wants to dictate to them to do the present system in the united states has no terror are notoriously. disregarding of the rights of prisoners even the most fundamental rights including
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the right to want to live moscow has been insisting all along that the way you know shank this case has been handled regardless of whether he committed the crime or not is a gross violation of human rights probably very beginning so if you're a shrink it has been absolutely politicized we have expressed over the seriousness of having failed to get through to washington via official channels the russian foreign ministry resorted to social media and posted at. lee for help on its facebook page ever since you know santa was delivered to the u.s. russian officials have been denied access with the situation now taking a dramatic turn the russian foreign ministry officials are once again demanding to be allowed to see him along with their own doctors that is of course if you know shankar himself lived to receive that help. r.t. that's a look on the program swiss support for tire and aggression rules sparks a heated debate in the e.u.
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. if you like i mean not fun to you or to come from your former you know its own stats your ball you can control it use our borders our reporting on the shock waves and sending across a lot of the build up killing european parliamentary elections. transit route to vnukovo report your best way to the heart of moscow.
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science technology innovation all the list of elements from around russia we've got the future covered. i. welcome back you're watching a theater national deadly violence and also radical ideology are spilling over the borders of war torn syria and the country that's suffering the most is live in an artist waving to travel to camp were islamist recruits are being prepared and here is what he saw. was the syrian conflict rages on
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neighboring lebanon faces a dramatic increase in sectarian violence in january alone four cobhams killed dozens in beirut and the town of had a mill next to the syrian border the targets were a shia areas controlled by hizbullah lebanon's most influential force which also supports syrian president bashar assad we traveled to the northern city of tripoli a sunni stronghold vehemently oppose in his bella visible message calling those who know. it's hard to buy. his bella's military involvement in syria is believed to have given damascus the op a hand in the battle and has deeply angered assad's enemies do you think we're going to see more explosions like this one for the eyes. of the mortars anything i can do for sonny brothers anything i can do for syrian
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brothers i will do anything i can do for these people suffering from injustice i will do. and isn't the kind of affiliated a new survey front claimed responsibility for these recent deadly bombings just days before a man calling himself and al qaida commander announced via you tube that the group had put down roots in lebanon people we've met her on the ground deny belonging to either of these groups but don't hide the fact that they share their views. no there is no al qaeda as an organization anymore but al qaeda as an idiology and it doesn't need money to spread it spreads by itself everywhere in the world not only in lebanon but in america britain serbia here radical ideas of bread from a young age fighters here as bin laden a teacher and they fight jihad. when twenty three year old returned from
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syria where he joined the free syrian army he continued his jihad here in lebanon. target the district where she'll leave tripoli is divided into sunni and shia parts ironically by the street called syria two years ago we filmed on that street by street in the city of tripoli separates the white and sunni neighborhoods in this part of north running like a merger between those who support the syrian president and his regime and those who want him out today we can't get loans with cash is so intense was. who do you fight against who is your enemy i merge or who do not i fight against infidels those who don't carry that for go far eleven is probably the war spillover of the syrian conflict and while the world is hoping for peace to come back to that middle east country war seems to only spread further on. people here seem to be
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used to seeing fighters carry sniper rifles through busy markets they tell us everybody here has a weapon and is ready to fight. to these camps outside you will see every day to raise the first told us that it doesn't take well you know for someone with zero experience become a real fighter. a week's training and you are in for a life time of obedience growth are your rules for those who want to become ones i deem you have to forget about money and be ready to die or to be arrested and to accept that no one will take care of you or your family blech jihadi flags on the walls weapons on the floor this is the life of a true fighter. it's tough and the rules are strict it was harsh the yard who introduced himself as a tripoli sunni leader says many yous are willing to join the club even
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from now until i grow up i'm ready to defend myself i'm ready to kill our whites and syrian army and you're ready to kill for them over there for the. week here and while the syrian conflict expands a legion of fighters on to these deadly weapons and an even deadly ideology is on the rise refuel from lebanon and while in geneva a second round of syrian peace talks has failed to produce results. very very sort of apologized to the syrian people and press conference here on mediator lakhdar brahimi apologised to the civilian suffering from the result conflict the warring sides remain locked in a stalemate was a government wanting to focus on combat in terrorism in syria and the opposition refusing to set aside their calls for acid to step down john as a studio a columnist for britain's guardian newspaper says one of the key obstacles to peace
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is a foreign aid being provided to syria's rebels. it's hard for sides to admit he caved and all his money in treasure and lost lives for not getting victory and so you still cling to that hope the casing that was a question was a un question from me and if the regional countries judge so convincingly do the government and the opposition think they must make a deal and then that would help could it also means cutting back on home supplies english jihadi fighters coming in and stopping you being of course you will emerge into being what it should be just an internal problem among siblings and a line for you or them climbing a one hundred twenty story building takes nerves of steel that's what these guys clearly have in spades scaling china's tallest building with no safety gear and no permission you can see the full video and the emotion section on our website. wants teams that can accompany humans in space and don't even need much maintenance
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find out about harvard's latest robotic creations at r.t. dot com. now switzerland may have jeopardized its axis to the european single market after a nationwide referendum backed tougher immigration rules the new legislation contradicts longstanding agreements with brussels and some high ranking e.u. officials have now called for relations with the alpine nation to be reassessed switzerland's parliament has three years to put the referendum results into law my colleague rars a share earlier discussed the issue with two peace. the majority voted in favor but look a quarter of people in switzerland were not born in switzerland there were eighty five eighty thousand migrants last year it only has a population of eight million people wages have been driven down this putting pressure on houses the health care system on transport quite frankly it's a democratic wish of the swiss people that they want to control their own borders
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and do for them i wish we could do the same in our own country see once again shaking your head switzerland's decision to limit the number of foreign workers perhaps the latest example of the growing feeling of nationalism where do you think this trend could be heading luxembourg certified percent of foreigners deliveries it very well because luxembourg is a growing economy growing service sector and you have seen the reaction of service industry today in the three was upset with this very slight majority because of the need to. hold phobia ration is just disgusting i mean you have injured us that we are. going to go. out all of us. go on a. lot of jobs that have been done by the polish in your. view or your industry is totally different or. just
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a mild don't stick your order in the quote of. the model hold your own hang on firstly let's not use looks embarrassed as an example it's not really a country it's like a small english town the fact that more people in liverpool where i live than it is not all of luxembourg let's make one thing clear here we have a million young kids in this country in britain eighteen to twenty four who don't employed who got two point four million people who can't get work it makes no sense whatsoever to saturate your job market even further by having an open door policy to the whole of the european union what we want to see in britain is we want to. borders with a point but he says them if you've got the skills that this country needs yes with what we won't allow to happen is for people to have the sort of you are all would you feel that if the benefits. you all were told no money to have been. coming not from the you were to come from your form i know what you don't that's your bro you guys you know bushes control. all right listen to guys i'm
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going to end the job over you might as well be over how to play nice with all that share our toys joe the introduction of quotas or foreigners would all agree create more job opportunities for the swiss themselves i mean that's that's a good thing isn't it every country should choose to their future and have that choice survive to be have common roots and if you get up if you follow the roots if you don't want to follow the roots then you have to leave the. simple and everything up it is the same thing and a brief look now at some other news making headlines this hour in venezuela police used tear gas and crowds of opponents and supporters of the president as dueling rallies once again brought mayhem to central caracas a week of street unrest has already seen four people killed in the eastern part of the capital hundreds of youngsters protested over the deaths of two students at a demonstration president maduro has announced a police manhunt for the hardline opposition leader leopoldo lopez who he blames
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for orchestrating the worst anti-government unrest since last year's post-election rides. several hundred far right the tacitus have how the march in the western czech city of carlevaro the activist manny of whom were bussed in from germany gather to commemorate the anniversary of the world war two bombing of dresden in a stranger's how the memorial and lit torches while dozens of police officers were deployed to secure the area around the counter demonstration with banners reading nazis out of our town. clashes have erupted between kurdish demonstrators and police in several towns across turkey the confrontations turned violent as officers used tear gas and water cannons to break up the crowds who fought back with fire bombs and rocks the rallies were staged to mark fifteen years since a kurdish leader was jailed for life for treason. violent storms have
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whipped northwest france killing one man and leaving a hundred thousand homes without electricity the elderly victims lived on board a cruise liner being buffeted by powerful winds off the coast of brittany six regions across the northwest have been placed on high alert. coming up on our most a former head of the arab league gives his unique insight on the future facing egypt and worlds apart here are two international.
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satanic group wants to erect a statue to the lord of darkness in oklahoma city. which is the logical name capital of oklahoma the satanist want to build the monument of a goat head to devil in or despite a monument to the ten commandments that was put up in two thousand and twelve they maybe should have put up of on to the ten commandments on public property but does that mean that satan is not ceased under wackos have the right to put up their own twisted monuments well that is it depends on how you look at things technically it was to liberalism everyone's beliefs by law are equal even if ninety nine people
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are christian and they cannot impose on that one poor city n'est which sounds nice but in reality that means that those ninety nine christians have to tolerate a monument to the infernal master and defiler of the innocent on their way to work every morning part of having a culture means having a group of people of common beliefs and values if you just include anything into the culture the new longer have a culture all that remains are scattered individuals all i'm trying to say is that it's ok to rebuke the devil guys but that's just my opinion.
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oh and welcome to worlds apart it's been three here is since the arab spring at bandon the conventional order in the middle east three years of high hopes and bitter disappointments of peaceful rallies and violent clashes a precarious peace and a full blown war three years on is the middle east closer to democracy than it was before the revolution to discover that knowledge joined by the former secretary general of the arab league amr moussa mr melissa thank you very much for your. time thank you now three years ago you sided with a task or a square protesters calling for political changes in egypt comparing the whole of syria have backed down both for a jet and for the region as a whole what has happened since do you now feel proud disappointed i might evolve well the. one you call it out of a spring i believe be it is
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a misnomer it is a movement for change it is a revolution against the old order so we have entered we in the arab world in the middle east. have entered already a new phase in the political life of this region but change is definitely against dictatorship and in privet of democracy now the in egypt for example are moving according to a roadmap with a constitution written and approved by the people by the majority of the people we are about to start another phase which is electing a new president and elected to parliament then. putting an end to the transitional period and go on and rebuilding the country so it needs time it's not a question of three years and you'll use the word legacy.


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