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tv   [untitled]    February 16, 2014 3:30am-4:01am EST

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nationalistic us. wealthy british style it's time to cut. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy. for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines in two kinds a report. to
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get. i picked it.
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welcome to red capital it's been a week of tensions that soldiers with the swiss government voting for immigration limits you citizens which would be ok if the country is partly in the e.u. and enjoys advantages of free trade and this decision goes against the basic principles of the e.u. so we'll have analysis to come on that one and more tensions with britain's chancellor george osborne making it clear that scotland will not be able to break
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away from the u.k. as well as keep the pound me while the tensions on the streets of ukraine continue as the economic situation in ukraine. in the situation is in some way connected with a desire to be dependent part of an economic unity on the political tensions a result from both. first of all it starts with britain right here so as scotland gets set to decide if they want to go solo and break away from the u.k. george osborne state city yes vote in the referendum which also made a yes to walking away from the pound this is a direct blow to scotland's first minister alex salmond independence campaign also will set a currency union would cause great damage to both the u.k. and the scottish economy is costing jobs money which could result in u.k. taxpayers promising to bed out scottish banks and hedge the sterlings value in the
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international markets a least that is what oars born is saying anyway so let's talk this through we've got george galloway right here he's m.p. for the respect party in britain so the question is to begin with do you think that mr george osborne is using bullying tactics or has mr solomon's pick and choose options run out which side to use it on. well i think that the sound and sight or george osborne lecturing the scottish people is difficult one for many to swallow but at the same time his message is unequivocal and cannot be avoided it is not possible to be an independent state was using someone else's currency because the people who issue the currency as opposed to use the currency other people who will set the conditions the levels of public
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expenditure the rate of taxation and so on all fiscal and monetary powers must obviously remain with the country that is issuing the currency and mr sam and i think has made a huge blunder in claiming that you can have independence was using do you keep pound he ought to have had the courage of his convictions and said either the scotland would have its own currency or would join the euro zone i know why he did neither of those first of all because the euro doesn't have a particularly good name here and hasn't been going terribly well and secondly because the example of say iceland or slovakia perhaps even better where the slovakian currency lasted for thirty seven days before the world bank and the i.m.f.
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moved in and effectively colonized the country was not palatable as an alternative but you can't really have an independent scotland with an english queen or u.k. pound still in nato and subject to american led military political decisions and of course also still be in the e.u. and subject to all the strictures that come with that if there is a yes in september what is the wisest case scenario if full the scottish economy. or the worst cases are race to the bottom that's the worst case for the working people at least arista the bottom provoked by a low tax low public expenditure for charite reagonomics regime in london forcing is scottish state to chase them all the way to the bottom to cut their taxes even lower to make the public expenditure even less to make even more people
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are employed and scotland would then be independent in the sense that it could fly zone flag from edinburgh castle but the standard of living of people on both sides of the border with virtually perpetual right wing conservative rule in england shorn as it would be of fifty nine i'm anti conservative m.p.'s taken out of westminster that would be a disaster for working people on both sides of the border and it's the interests of working people that i represent i k. george galloway we'll leave it that thank you for talking to us today for a clear on where you set where you sit on the agenda that thank you very much indeed and another political and economic relationship that is on tender hooks right now this time it's between switzerland and the european union and this is following the swiss parliament's decision to enforce a limits on the number of foreign migrants including citizens of the e.u. the e.u.
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has already started to retaliate to this by ruling that an energy treaty that could potentially slash swiss household spending in the future on utility bills that has been put on hold at the moment is now the swiss who are not full members of the e.u. but part of the free movement of people and is a not exactly what the problem is the country they staged a referendum forwarded by the right wing populist party the d c but while immigration is the reason behind the new. regulations swiss exports sixty percent of which make their way to the and these could be at risk so that's the situation we're going to devote in this a little further hey we're going to go to right now speak to has kaufman he's a swiss politician hands hello to you can you please tell me why do you think that switzerland right now is risking the health of their exports being sixty percent as
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i mentioned make their way to the. i'm not very afraid of sanctions in international trade one should think about the importance of switzerland for the e.u. we are a very huge net importer of aspire switzerland is concerned from where i say they're nothing positive can come out of this new version in terms of the economics. i'm not very afraid their first of all we really have three years to implement. so the down are usually right here and our. do not see the consequences to not stop immigration read just want to control immigration ourselves that's world. is
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a is are not picking and choosing between parts of the e.u. switzerland want to be involved with for example trade and parts they don't want to be involved with in other words the free movement of people. well today's trade goes back to i think ninety seventy two has nothing to do with the bilateral agreement and repay your lot for the e.u. think about the beach towns rebuilt through the outs more than twenty billion us dollars and we are afraid donate that more than a billion us dollar for the new ten kountry so we do a lot for to and cherry picking that's simply not true i. know many are ask a politician he should really give me in details. information reached cherry's he thinks about normally then very run out of ideas reach the exceptional for free
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trade part these free trade we have since ninety seventy two and has not nothing to do with. agreement on the free movement of labor and as far as the other four freedoms are concerned like freedom of capital flows everybody knows does not really working hands can i just question that because say for example if jon benet said that they too wanted this kind of an on a range then so they wanted to do trade with a.j. but they didn't one immigration jeannot thing that could cause massive problems so that everyone had the same contact to switzerland had then the e.u. would be in big trouble than i you know about they have smaller portion of foreigners in that county only about nine percent we are a fair twenty three percent and we have a lot of foreigners reach who have become cerise so we really have an author and
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problem and three high notes still silent. yeah but not all are highly skilled not all of the immigrants are from the e.u. so we have a problem as far as infrastructure is concerned. also our social network and if you look at the criminality seventy percent of the inmates of the prisons are foreigners so we have a problem and we just want to call drolly and i would very long to break to sort out their problems and reclaim continue the right hands we leave it there thank you ever so much for taking the time to talk to me i really do appreciate it credit rating agency fitch has downgraded the ukraine to triple c. rating this rating is reserved for vulnerable a condom is a means kiev is now lower than greece the agency cites political instability as
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well as economic factors to justify this downgrade our foreign debt is one hundred and forty billion dollars right now that's nearly eighty percent of the country's gross domestic product the country is still battling riots on the streets and ever since president yanukovych refused to sign a trade treaty with the e.u. and instead in december turned to russia for monetary aid but the fifteen billion dollar loan from russia has been put on hold until a new government is formed all right let's now dive into the corporate world with see what's been moving and shaking russian companies this week chalet so one approaches all the football clubs allow me a f t has been kicked into financial liquidation the players are now free to join other clubs. the twenty eight million dollars. russia's largest come out of fashion after the us has set
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a date for plans to cut nearly twelve percent of its workforce this year the job cuts will begin in marriage you measures to improve the company's. condition this is ahead of the soon to be completed merger will run on the alliance and russian banks have lost their licenses this way your i trust this is due to insufficient reserves and accusations of money laundering as well as dot com from the top to fifty russian bags they have their licenses restored in twenty forty holding the twenty nine last years the center by continues its quality power and standing with banks and just last week we were questioning if the banking industry was becoming more moral now this suggestion was spotted by barclays chief anthony jenkins waiving his million dollar bonus well the latest from the financial giant is that twelve thousand people worldwide will lose their job this shit this is due
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to profits plummeting by thirty two percent but the reward for investment bankers was up thirteen percent so this is perhaps why mr jenkins thought it was wise to skip that juicy but as i'm sure there would have been a bit of a backlash had he not done so start popping. bonuses to bankers guys i gave up at the beginning of the forget about it all right i'm going to be on twitter this week of course you can join with that i'll be keeping you up to date with the business while i have a fantastic week and thanks for watching. i . am. ok. thanks. america is
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joining me. today in park and about financial reform very good for you. and much much. only on the bus and only. wealthy british. type. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on our.
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choose your language. we can we know if you're going to. choose to use the consensus to. choose the opinions that you think are great. choose the stories that impact your. chance to access to. welcome back you're watching r t international almost a year after a pipeline burst in central arkansas causing a massive oil spill the people there are still dealing with the aftermath officials claim the area is safe to live in but locals are suffering the long term effects of
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inhaling toxins on a daily basis and for them moving elsewhere is easier said than done as a tease and it's to count find out. almost a year after two hundred thousand gallons of heavy crude spilled onto their streets residents of mayflower in arkansas are striving to leave the town here in mayflower for sale signs are everywhere almost every house on the street is on sale before the spill this was a place where people wanted to move in to enjoy the beautiful nature around many didn't even know there was a pipeline running under their houses and now they just want out many have already left and jerrel one of them i tried to stay here i tried to just be away you know as much as i could but if it rained i could not stay here because it would all see through the. all again you know the where the ground was dry it would kind of i guess in case it then when it rained all those vapors would come back she says like many other residents of mayflower she started having constant headaches and
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coughing after the spill i have friends that live just behind me that are still here that don't have a place to go they have just small children you don't have to look at the kids in in twenty years when they get sick or find out something is wrong and they say well why didn't we leave mom what everybody healthfully well some people just aren't able to pick up and leave like that exxon wrote back to us saying that a unified command comprised of exxon representatives as well as officials from the state and federal environmental services has deemed all areas affected by the mayflower spill now safe to live in but many of the residents don't buy it and their homes are not selling so i would say that the number of homes sold in mayflower has dropped at least fifty sixty percent but arkansas spill is only a fraction of a new oil pipeline leaks it's estimated that between two thousand and eight and two thousand and twelve u.s. pipeline spilled an average of more than three point one million gallons of
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hazardous liquids per year plans for the keystone x.l. pipeline a massive project that would. from canada soil since two refineries in texas have caused many to worry that they may become collateral damage in the way of big oil like the residents of mayflower arkansas but there's a lot of us that have been forgotten we're just collateral damage in mayflower i'm going to check on our t.v. well this week over six thousand websites worldwide took part in a campaign known as the day we fight back the call for internet freedom as part of a global fight against mass surveillance and excessive powers wielded by intelligence agencies and also commemorated the daffs of a programmer aaron swartz seen by many as a champion of online freedom and he took his life thirteen months ago while facing thirty five years behind bars for downloading academic journals many claim that an anti hacking law was unfairly used by the authorities and their hounding of the activists civil liberties advocates are now pushing for congress to reform it
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parker hagan's from the electronic frontier foundation says there's still a lot to be done before politicians realize such tactics are unacceptable unfortunately the government hasn't changed its perception here there's been there was a proposal last year in the u.s. legislature called erin's law that would address some of the biggest concerns that we have. lost still has an advance to the point where it works past or where it can be cited and in fact we've seen proposals to to make our computer crime laws even harsher and so that's something that we need to keep working on idol related politicians who don't have a great grasp of how technology works understand that this kind of persecution isn't acceptable. now in bahrain a policeman has died of injuries suffered in
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a bomb explosion during friday's anti-government protests over two dozen opposition riders were arrested in clashes on the third anniversary of a pro reform uprising campaigner dr roula also far was also the president of the bahrain nursing society described how activist are treated in her country there's a lot of injuries such as a gun which people which the ministry of interior is using against the people in bahrain broken bones head traumas and some of them of course they're very bad wind up we have to send them to the hospital to be treated but you know for a fact once they go into the hospital they will be interrogated there are all different kinds of people they are in jail at the present time with the political prisoners to such as eleven photographers there are journalists seventy sportsmen and human rights defenders there are still massive an excessive use of tear gas they're still hitting women they are at be using everybody in the country and they will have to stop all these attacks on the villages and the home raids on
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a daily basis and the tear gas that they're using and detention of our men and you think kids in the country then we will say there is a good deed and let's talk and we sit down and talk. now take a look at some other stories from around the world and clashes have erupted between kurdish demonstrators and police in several towns across turkey the confrontations turned violent as officers used tear gas and water cannons to break up the crowds who fought back with fire bombs and rob the rallies were staged to mark fifteen years since a kurdish leader was jailed for a lie for treason. you were is seeking to bolster its digital to fans angela merkel has called for a separate communications network that would prevent e-mails and other data from being harvested on mass by u.s. intelligence the german chancellor has also criticized internet giants for their practice of basing their service in countries with low levels of protection and undermine the privacy of their users she plans to discuss the measures with
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a french president later this week. in venezuela police used tear gas and crowds of opponents and supporters of the president as jewing rallies once again brought mayhem to central caracas a week of street unrest has already seen four people killed in the eastern part of the capital hundreds of youngsters were tested over the deaths of two students at a demonstration president maduro has announced a police manhunt or the hardline opposition leader leopoldo lopez who he blames for orchestrating the worst anti-government on the wrist since last year's post-election rides. i'll be back with news in just a few minutes so stay with thirty international. yes. wealthy british scientists are sent. to the tirelessly.
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margetts why not scandals. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports. if it was a problem very hard to take out plots against long hair the flight pattern that has sex with up her hair plugs let's call it. the first. flight. to solo. play safe. plug the
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play. i suspect. we're going to go did you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open prize is critical to our democracy correct albus. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and our crisis of a girl we've been a hydrogen lying handful of friends dash and the corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once will just my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem try rational debate in a real discussion critical issues facing america to find them are you ready to join
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the movement then welcome to the big picture. is obviously more for the latest because it's pink. women wanted to avoid rape they really needed to buy guns and learn how to use them i'm. sure this is the one that i want to go with them once again it's the fear factor for women definitely the target of the gun lobby and one you don't want to kill them when you're killing money but if somebody would you would piss with her. i'm noticing more and more is this really scary marketing tactics which implies that women have some sort of moral obligation to own guns to protect their family and young girls shoot out here too so we do have a pink or. more kids young kids choke on food than are killed by firearms if being armed made us safer in america we should be the safest nation on
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earth were clearly not the safest. there's a saying when you're in the arctic you have the entire feet. she looks like a fairly simple shit. head and full of people have access to the nuclear icebreakers the real king here isn't the polar bear and ice breakers come second not a single complex expedition to the arctic can be conducted without the russian nuclear powered fleet of ice breakers we undertake in a unique operation. the northern sea route russia's take icebreakers.
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transit road to the new. your best way to the heart of moscow. an ice hockey thriller steals the show in sochi with our trials russia and the united states facing off in a close fought battle decided on penalties. and a russian pilot jailed in the u.s. says he is in a critical condition and may not live beyond the weekend while moscow's pleas for medical intervention aargh north. also this week the second round of syrian peace talks has broken off with the opposition pushing for regime change and western powers blaming president asad meanwhile serious conflict in ten years to spill over into lebanon. and here is a kill all. we hear is our team visits a radical stronghold where jihad us forces are trained.


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