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tv   [untitled]    February 16, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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the latest headlines on the week's top stories here are to international fans and saw to celebrate russia's shootout victory over slovakia in the men's ice hockey a day after a disappointing loss against arch rivals team usa. the euro net so infuriated by n.s.a. spying german chancellor angela merkel proposes a plan for european online network to shut out america's snoopers plus. an interview. with the world. we. are t. goes behind rebel lines in lebanon where jihadists are raised to kill other muslims at home and across the border in syria.
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we're watching our to international live from moscow i'm lindsey france thanks for joining me. we are well into the second week of the saatchi olympics and fans are certainly getting their money's worth at the action packed games and day nine proved to be no different as russian hockey fans got some consolation after the bitter loss the day before just after the red machine lost to the usa in a dramatic shootout series the crowd immediately rallied to get behind their team and this time as soon as the extra period was over russia closed the door on slovakia's chances of victory but the win was anything but easy paul scott takes us through the match. it was a victory for russia but perhaps not in the style of the fashion that they or their fans would have hoped for they were made to work hard and pushed all the way by a stubborn and resilient it was nil nil at the end of regulation time and not even
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overtime could separate the two sides so for the second day in a row russia faced the lottery of a penalty shoot out but this time they were victorious it's actually american who finished top of group a they saw after a five one victory over slovenia however many observers are saying that the match between the usa and russia on saturday was one of the most thrilling in the history of the winter olympics and we do have the prospect of the two sides possibly going head to head later in the competition in a medal match and former russia star who enjoyed a successful career in the n.h.l. believes ice hockey gold is the one the russian public want more than any other hockey is the main event like the no i don't care what anybody said about he was kidding or go all the respect and other sports about hockey because you got so many superstars to play in the play you get to show others here it's not every time you can see. talk teams are on the wall playing it's like i want a cup of soccer and the players to come and play and to be proud for the country so
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i think it's a make up. historic event igor larionov and artie's pos got there and despite the sort of pride players feel representing their country better talked about hockey wouldn't be hockey without a little controversy there's been some dispute over the decision to disallow what would have been a winning goal for russia against the usa russian hockey commentator told my colleague kevin owen that the wise thing would be to simply update the worlds. the goal was disallowed because to build the good the nets was moved to the dislocations from its moorings and the goalie was moving from one side to another side and he does it he moved the post as he puts it in this case i think it was one hundred percent unintentional on the side of just on the quick because he was just moving from one side and on to another side and the situation
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was not very dangerous in terms of the goal it was just luck that there was an american refereeing this much is it why should that be thought of now in the future reassess i think probably years just to avoid controversies like this probably that there will be just that wise to take the decision and so. not to have. referees from one country just working on their games with the national team in other along because lines this week the hopes of millions of fans were dashed when russian figure skater you can push and pull down of the men short program at the last minute he announced his retirement after suffering severe back pain during training is breathtaking and almost flawless performance of the team event to help russia to clinch its first gold at the saatchi one picks pushing to was russia's only single skater at the games and his decision triggered plenty of criticism we asked the gold winning figure skater maxime trend called and ice hockey legend the i just love it to solve what they thought we all have great respect for pollution coach
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he's a legend in our sport in a great example for many worldwide and i think the fact that he came out and helped win the team gold given his condition is a heroic achievement would produce i want to take my hat off and tell him that he's the greatest of our cleats so everything he went through and everything he was unique few people in history could have equal to him let's take a look at standings on the medal table now russia's. a short paul position in the total medal tally to the netherlands which is ahead by one the dutch are also in second place behind germany in the gold sweep successful logistics and careful preparation are always keeps making a huge event like this go like clockwork language was another hurdle faced by organizers who had to ensure security staff and volunteers had the speaking skills to support the host cities guests simon denton from the english first language
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school helped tutor workers in the run up to the games and share the details with us we were looking for people all the local organizing committee were looking for intermediate level users but we found that some speakers were x. that they had really high quality english and some native first level but we designed the winter games english online so they could be really precise about the english they might need for example if they were going to be involved with books label skiing all the words that even i as an aid to speak of the teacher didn't know we really went for and we said look guys you really need to small this is going to be great here and i think it's working if you go out there to the olympic park and you go through the security they really really really are enjoying themselves and they're smiling and getting involved you can stay updated on all the olympic action by heading toward website r.t. dot com and follow us on twitter to find the latest news and reaction to your favorite sport there you can find read tweets from the athletes and even tell them what you thought about their performance russia's hockey team captain has tweeted
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his appreciation is to the many fans who have shown their support we will of course be bringing you the latest news from saatchi here on r.t. . g twenty fourteen promise is the ultimate game exhilarating winter in our team here in germany and you see no way to make seven zero in on the rest of our lives take news team to sochi twenty four take. on. german chancellor angela merkel is proposing to break up the world wide web by creating a pan-european network she wants to prevent snooping from across the atlantic the move comes after revelations from edward snowden showed europe has long been a target for u.s. intelligence artie's lucic half an hour from ports. the german chancellor is interested in effectively building up a european communication network to avoid e-mails and other data passing through the united states now it's not a separate internet so to speak but more of
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a way to prevent e-mails and other data from being harvested by u.s. intelligence agencies now this is just an idea at this point and it is one that merkel will certainly be discussing with the french president when they meet in france on wednesday merkel said also this weekend that she basically just approved of companies like google and facebook basing their operations in countries with low levels of data protection while being active in countries such as germany where data protection is quite high this is been a very sensitive issue here in germany mr merkel has faced sharp criticism in the wake of the n.s.a. spy scandal for basically failing to take decisive action according to her critics to protect german users from surveillance of internet telecommunications traffic that's alleged to have been conducted by u.s. and british intelligence services it's also of course a personal issue for her to some extent remember that miss merkel's cell phone was reportedly monitored but this idea of all mine traffic effectively bypassing the
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united states isn't unique to europe in fact brazil along with several international partners is also currently in the process of trying to build an undersea fiber optics communications cable that would do just that it would basically reroute its online traffic directly to europe skipping essentially the u.s. and it's more than just made one hundred eighty five million dollars project construction on which is slated to begin in july and of course in brazil that also does tie back to revelations that washington had been aggressively spying on brazilian officials including the president since those leaks have been made public brazil have made in terms of communications a priority so not just to europe they're trying to find ways to to effectively bypass the united states whether or not those proposals will really amount to any sort of concrete construction or policy changes here in europe of course is a matter of time. budget song tagg co-founder of the civil liberties group. dude
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net believes germany should end any collaboration with the n.s.a. if it wants to protect its citizens. we can see that the new k. the german service is all g.c.s.e. or just the right front of the services there are color breaching he really was doing to say they are listening to all going to say sions if we create a network specific network in europe it will only be true that will be listened to by those services again this is really a political stance and not something that won't to protect the european cities and communications the only solution conceit of this mega one to protect the communications of european citizens would be to ask for less corroboration he said they say from their own services and ask their services to protect our citizens and to project companies in europe these. things. still
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to come in the program the swiss vote to curb immigration sparks a heated debate across the e.u. . people are coming not from to you or to come from your home i know i don't that's your problem you guys are brochures control your goals as we have the details of the showdown between brussels and member states over immigration rules ahead of the european parliamentary elections that's after the break on our to international.
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well in the new world the market like the policies i think i believe. pleasure to have you with us here on our t.v. today i'm wrong researcher. but no peace deal in sight for syria the violence is increasingly spilling over into with borders with neighboring countries lebanon is being hit the hardest
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sectarian divisions there are now threatening to grow into a full blown civil war which is where if a national reports from behind lebanese rebel lines where to harness are being bred for battle. i was the syrian conflict rages on neighboring lebanon faces a dramatic increase in sectarian violence in january alone for kabul ms killed dozens in beirut and the town of haddam and next to the syrian border the targets were a shia areas controlled by hizbullah lebanon's most influential force which also supports syrian president bashar assad. we traveled to the northern city of tripoli a sunni stronghold vehemently opposing hezbollah. in the midst of calling those who . supported by. his bella's military involvement in syria is believed to have given damascus the upper hand in the battle of god and
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has deeply angered assad's enemies do you think we're going to see more explosions like this well today. anything i can do for sonny brothers anything i can do for syrian brothers i will do anything i can do for these people suffering from injustice i will do anything the unkind affiliated to a new survey front claimed responsibility for these recent deadly bombings just days before a man calling himself and al qaida commander announced via you tube that the group had put down roots in lebanon people we've met her on the ground deny belonging to either of these groups but don't hide the fact that they share their views. no there is no al qaeda as an organization anymore but al qaeda as an idiology and it doesn't need money to spread it spreads by itself everywhere in the world not
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only in lebanon but in america britain serbia here radical ideas of bread from a young age fighters here co-lead card as bin laden a teacher and they fight jihad. when twenty three year old returned from syria where he joined the free syrian army he continued his jihad here in lebanon and. target the district where she'll leave tripoli is divided into sunni and shia parts ironically by the street called syria two years ago we filmed on that street by street in the city of tripoli separates the whites and so many neighborhoods in this part of north lebanon are running like a merger between those who support the syrian president and his regime and those who want him out today we can't get. cashews sometimes was. who do you fight against who is your enemy i am
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a jew who didn't i fight against the infidels those who don't carry that for go far eleven is probably the war spillover of the syrian conflict and while the world is hoping for peace to come back to that middle east country war seems to only spread further on people here seem to be used to seeing fighters carry sniper rifles through busy markets they tell us everybody here has a weapon and is ready to fight. come to this camp outside tripoli every day to raise it look at first told us that it doesn't take well you know someone who is here experienced you become a real fighter. a week's training and you are in for a life time of obedience growth are your rules for those who want to become one day dean you have to forget about money and be ready to die or to be arrested and to accept that no one will take care of you or your family let jihadi flags on the
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walls weapons on the floor this is the life of a true fighter. it's tough and the rules are strict. who introduced himself as a tripoli sunni leader says many yous are willing to join. really trying now until i grow up i'm ready to defend myself i'm ready to kill a whites and syrian army and eurasia crew for the river over the. years and while the syrian conflict expands a legion of fighters on to these deadly weapons and an even deadly ideology is on the rise. from lebanon on. the u.s. government is going green as we report on our website newly released american regulations aim to help license marijuana shops deal with banks which have been reluctant to work with the controversial businesses in the full story on r.t. dot com. also online for you ukrainian opposition activists leave the government
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buildings they've occupied for weeks yielding to a deadline so an amnesty law can come into force at the latest on the situation here on our web site r.t. dot com. moscow is demanding a russian pilot jailed in america get immediate medical treatment after prison visit constantini lawyer said his client is choking and is apparently extremely close to a heart attack the inmate is set to be transferred to a hospital for further tests in a few hours but don't cardio exam is planned earlier we talked to yosh uncle's wife and she told us her husband has been unable to get decent medical treatment in prison. has chance of pain all the time and finds it difficult to breathe earlier this month he suffered from some sort of respiratory illness nobody knew exactly what it was because he wasn't examined he had a high fever and couldn't even get up for three days nobody looked after him and of
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course it was impossible for him to walk across the entire prison and wait in the line to see a doctor one constant and finally managed to see a prison doctor he complains that he can't move and his coughing was so intense that his inmates couldn't sleep the doctors simply said he could not sleep under a blanket the other day he was given a few pills to conduct his fever and that was all. constantine jarosz ankle was arrested in liberia in two thousand and ten on suspicion of drug smuggling which he denies he was then flown to the us tried and convicted in a new york court and sentenced to twenty years in prison russia called the move a kidnapping and how supportive your shingles defense anti-war activist richard becker says the case highlights america's disrespect for basic human rights. this is something we've seen repeated over and over again the kind of arrogant attitude washington has toward other countries in particular to other countries for not. doing what washington wants to dictate to them to do the prisons system in the
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united states has been no terror are notoriously. disregarding of the rights of prisoners even the most fundamental rights including the right to to live switzerland has decided to jeopardize its access to the european single market in favor of backing tougher immigration rules a nationwide referendum the new legislation invalidates longstanding agreements with brussels causing some high ranking e.u. officials to call for a reassessment of relations so it'll end parliament has three years to put the referendum result into law my colleague rory says she discussed the issue with to any peace. the majority voted in favor but look a quarter of people in switzerland were not born in switzerland there were eighty five eighty thousand migrants last year it only has a population of eight million people wages have been driven down is putting pressure on houses the health care system on transport quite frankly is the democratic wish of the swiss people that they want to control their own borders and
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go for them i wish we could do the same in our own country joe i see once again shaking your head oh switzerland's decision to limit the number of foreign workers perhaps the latest example of the growing feeling of nationalism where do you think this trend could be heading luxembourg certified five percent of foreigners deliveries it very well because luxembourg is a growing economy growing service sector and i have seen the reaction of swiss industry today in the three was upset with this very slight majority because they need to end this whole phobia ration is just disgusting. i mean if you have enjoyed your degree i'm here i'm not living here i don't know what you're. doing it all about. what you are a lot of jobs that have been done by the polish and your. have you ever let your. you know your your industry is totally different or. just
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a mild. model paul you're on and on firstly let's not use looks as an example it's not really a country it's like a small english town the fact there are more people in liverpool where i live than there's no looks let's make one thing clear here we have a million young kids in this country in britain eighteen to twenty four who don't employed who got two point four million people who can't get work it makes no sense whatsoever to saturate your job market even further by having an open door policy to the whole of the european union what we want to see in britain is we want to. borders with a point to pieces them if you've got the skills that this country needs yes come here where we won't allow to happen to have eastern europe. or torino going to have been better controlled. coming not from the you're to come from your former and nobody don't that's your brother you can see that bush was
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control. try ok you are all those or at least our guys are going to jump in just minutes we all have to play nice and all of that share our toys joe the introduction of quotas of foreigners would all be create more job opportunities for the swiss themselves i mean that's that's a good thing isn't it every country should choose their future and have their choice about do we have common roots and if you're member of a corrupt you followed the roots if you don't want to follow the rules then you have to leave the club it's quite simple and every club to it is the same thing. and stretch our world update here on r.t. in egypt's restive sinai peninsula three south korean tourists and a bus driver have been killed by an explosion officials say the vehicle was traveling from a local monastery to nearby israel when it was attacked more than a dozen other tourists were injured in the incident militants in the region have been increasing their attacks since egypt's president morsy was toppled by the country's military last july. a bomb explosion on
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a train in southwest pakistan has killed at least eight people and wounded twenty others the blast cost several wegg ins to do rail and ethnic separatist group operating in the area says carried out the attack last week the same insurgents blew up three gas pipelines cutting off supplies to millions of homes. rescue operations continue in south africa to pull a group of thirty illegal miners to the surface they've been trapped in an abandoned gold mine near johannesburg since saturday there still may be as many as two hundred more people underground mining safety is a major concern in south africa which has the world's deepest gold mines are often fought over by rival groups. hundreds of far right protesters marched through lithuania second largest city of conus and on independence day chanting lithuania for lithuanians small counter demonstration was held nearby with some
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campaigners waving rainbow flags the nationalists but why is known for such marches with one court even supporting the use of swastikas during rallies. up next we take a look at why american women are apparently buying more and more weapons and watching our to international. and his first state of the city address new york mayor bill de blasio said that he would put forward legislation for the city to issue special municipal identification cards to undocumented immigrants he summed up his feelings by saying to all my fellow new yorkers who are undocumented i say new york city is your home
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too and we will not force any of our residents to live their lives in the shadows yeah that sounds nice but the reason these illegal immigrants live their lives in the shadows is because they immigrated illegally why should new yorkers bend over backwards for illegal criminal immigrants this is the same logic that if i catch a guy breaking into my house as a gracious host i should offer him a pizza because it's his home too this is not just a slap in the face to rule of law but also to the immigrants who do go through the bureaucracy and headaches to become u.s. citizens the right way the legal way so the blasio if you're going to provide these illegal immigrants with some sort of document it should be a plane ticket back home with instructions on how to apply for a green card the legit proper way just like everyone else has to fashion just my opinion.
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in rural areas the majority of families living here are pro-gun learning to fire is often part of a child's education the moral value of protecting the family is more important than the physical aspect where in south dakota. jack is five he can barely get out of the car in his own but every weekend his father teaches them how to shoot with real bullets under the watchful eye of his mother gretchen your occurs and start. your glasses down. the other. one.
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jack hasn't been learning long and already he likes helping his dad set up for him it's just like any other day. i've been shooting since i was five or six. and i learned to shoot. in our. brains or we had in california and i used to go down and shoot every day after school i started shooting not to know i was probably in one thousand. with brian he would go to the shooting range and he took me with a few times and tell me how to should have been doing it ever since i think it's important that women know how to shoot that they can protect themselves. the weapon is heavy difficult for such
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a young child to handle gretchen doesn't intervene she wants her some to feel empowered. to kill do you teach that. we teach jock that guns are to kill in the right situation. he's learning as a target to just learn as a target shooter for hunting but if the situation should arise but that it can be used. killing par is one thing it can do but it can also be used as many more things and it's important for him to know that that it needs to be used in different. situations and we'll teach him that of course it's not correct to kill unless somebody is attacking him start. he see your sights and see a target. say hey see this it's but i can't keep it. thank you need to go up.
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or. remember safety rules. ok if you're ready for one round in. your shoulder him. ok and then on the stock when you see your target nice easy squeeze. what you like about shooting. it's. it like learning how to do it so you can become good one day and you could witnessing the surreal event it's hard not to wonder about the risk of accidents but for jack's parents it's not an issue. a car gives you a bunch of freedom to drive around to go to the stores to do whatever you want your gun gives you the freedom to protect yourself.


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