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tv   [untitled]    February 17, 2014 3:00am-3:31am EST

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a russian pilot jailed in the u.s. meets his lawyer and says despite he's on the verge of a heart attack he's still waiting to be examined by a doctor. seven goals are up for grabs monday as the winter olympics enters its last week competition at the very top of the medal table for the meantime russian hopes with its ice hockey team. a string of suicides in the financial world. we try to find out what's causing them to take their own lives.
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the world's top headlines live from moscow international with me rule resewn. thank you for joining us the lawyer of a russian pilot jailed in the u.s. says his client needs urgent medical help he was finally able to meet. who is pleased to see a doctor have not been met despite symptoms suggesting a heart attack could be imminent moscow is waiting for an answer from washington after requesting diplomats to be allowed to meet. it's been days that the russian citizen a u.s. jail is asking to examine his heart because he says he is experiencing severe chest pain and may have a heart attack any moment the attorney had a chance to see his client on sunday and we spoke with him earlier here's what he said you're shown go did appear sick to me his face was red hugh visibly had shortness of breath he would take pauses in our conversation compose himself he was
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having difficulty remembering the dates and the chronology of the different events that took place this week shortness of breath a burning sensation in the chest high blood pressure these symptoms are indicative of a soon to happen heart attack prison authorities do not comment on the health of their inmates so we have silence on that side of the story at this point it's not clear what kind of care will receive at the hospital on monday but his wife told us about the treatment that he had received so far. about a month ago he had a high fever and couldn't get up for days of course nobody looked after him he was physically unable to cross the prison to the medical block where he would have queued for our ways because of his constant considering he was keeping his cell mates awake and they were becoming hostile to him constantly used to be hard to man but his problems started after his detention in africa when he was beaten severely for three days by the people who detained him. a group of russian diplomats and
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doctors intend to visit constantine are shanker in jail and earlier this week we saw was diplomatic out quiet from the russian foreign ministry which in a facebook post has urged washington to quote do something because the russian come a guy any moment the washing pilot was captured in two thousand and ten in liberia and shipped into the us where he was accused of drug trafficking and sentenced to twenty years in jail as far as his swift transfer russian officials saw it as more of a. smuggling then an extradition and now moscow urges the u.s. to observe the men's rights. now you are showing he has been promised he can have an ultrasound on monday but no cardio exam will take place if you like you can follow the story of the former russian pilot on our website of course that is our tweet dot com. but for now on the program with just a week to go germany leads the medal table at the winter games in sochi though all
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that could change is athletes battle it out for seven sets of medals just for this monday let's go live now to ati's and he's in our. studio a nice or the chase for the medals carries on. it does indeed rory the latest saxon was at the ice cube curling center where russia's ladies have just lost to britain nine six which means they are out of the running for a medal russia is currently fifth in the overall medal count their expectations are high for the ice hockey team because last night the so-called red machine gave the home fans a reason to celebrate russia beats the qualifying match bouncing back from that bitter defeat they suffered against team usa on saturday it wasn't easy though victory only came via a shoot out with neither side managing to score during an hour of open play but the red machine squeezed through one to nothing but now faces a must win match against norway but here in sochi we've got a day of bobsled by
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a full on and freestyle skiing among others but as andrew farmer reports from the mountain closer we should also be following the clouds. well the first thing we should be following is the weather because things have closed in a bit here across not really on or not has forced. for the second time in a row but the men's biathlon match starts in the fifteen k. that was due to take place this morning but we'll have to keep you posted on what happens next meanwhile i am pleased to say this isn't affecting the bobsleigh russia's two man team are doing very well in that alexy blue border and alexander to call for lead the way at the halfway stage the two final runs are today and when we caught up with them they told us what was needed to go so i think the critical juncture will be at the start line if one team gets far ahead of the others it will be very difficult to catch up with them but we're prepared for such a scenario number one objective is to be stronger at the start next the piloting
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skills you need to see where you can outmaneuver your rivals you have to do for perfectly successful runs in a row to overcome your opponent's. turn to. let's hope they can do two more meanwhile for the jamaican bobsled team incidentally who are making their first appearance in just over a decade in that event our last although they did receive the second biggest cheer of the night after the russians now all eyes are on russian figure skaters again this time in the ice dance at least because the low are currently third in that the freedoms to come and when we spoke to them just before these games started they told us what they thought was necessary to succeed. i think is going to be there. the most important thing before the olympics because there's so much talking talking so much people to help or who don't want to help and you need to just do your work do your work and do what you want do what you need then just don't listen
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to other people like so many people just listen for your team like you're preparing and they know what to do so i hope it's going to work when they stay focused because it certainly seems to be working at the moment so i do love my stance saying it is a bit like a ballroom dancing on ice they say these are a p.c. to watch but rest assured i'm sure the russians will be busting a gut inside to try and catch the canadians virtue and moir and the americans davis i'm watching currently lead the charge to go to. one of the most inspiring stories we've heard from the sochi olympics is of canadian athlete danny morris who won bronze and silver despite having suffered serious injury speed skater broke his leg while skiing barely a year ago putting as a limping dreams in doubt morrison failed to make the cut for the one thousand meter distance but fellow speed skater gilmore jr offered him a spot in the race and entered up taking silver that was closely followed by bronze
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in the fifteen hundred track distance we asked the victorious canadian what drives him. i don't know i think for me the secrets been. not caring as much not trying to. all things that are completely under control are not trying to control things that are not even important things that are superstitions just focusing on the task. process. i should mention that man snowboard cross which is about to start in about an hour has been cancelled due to the weather here in sochi up until day ten we've been having glorious sunshine in fact almost to good being the most southern host city in winter olympic history so she's warm temperatures all for an additional challenge to go forward eyes and athletes may seem complaints of the slopes being too slushy but on the bright side such as guests have had a chance to enjoy the unique surroundings as artie's martin enters now reports.
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known as the russian riviera sochi is not your typical russian city. to be dozens of rivers streams and into fours across the countryside but not on a more impressive than discus skate so it's out with the olympics and even with the spectacular fireworks and for a ninety minute journey from the olympic park three highlights the diversity of this region ok it's not my graph or a grassy but it really is very pretty here and quite relaxing rain thing for a one to twelve meters there are over thirty other waterfalls seven rapids and first team cascades in this area alone all softening their journey from the beautiful caucasus mountains offering the perfect break from the hustle and bustle of the city the best time to visit the fools is in the spring when the melting snow brings a rush of water. this is one of the features of the sochi national
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park which can be easily reached the roads are excellent or open the whole year round an average one hundred thousand people visit next stop it's into a four by four in such a mysterious. experts believe these laws. megalithic landmarks were once used as graves or shrines were going to do is that over there are a lot of people coming from abroad to visit the doormen they stay overnight it's believed to possess special properties and is older than the pyramids in egypt well i don't know exactly how many years older but this is a fact the notion that some believe that these five to six thousand year old structures have great spiritual power along with stonehenge the idols of easter island and the parents of egypt they have remained a riddle for centuries. music and dancing is an integra part of life in the caucuses in the village of balshaw
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kitsch ma you can watch a traditional folk show clap your hands stomp your feet as the men and women in their labrat costumes perform national don't shoot scenes and loud drumming routines a very colorful display it gives a true insight into the local traditions of the sochi area that are still very much alive today. was between the earth and skiing to hold a ray of sight seeing activities and beautiful natural landmarks here it's had a clue gardens sulphur springs historic wonders what a fool's a lush green forests and with its many faces a trip here to the subtropical and diverse black sea resort will certainly be a memorable one more time drew's. the tourist delights of sochi beyond the olympics there and currently the weather here causing havoc with out today's outdoor timetable we have course will keep you
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updated on what's happening what's being postponed from the heart of the mountain and the coastal clusters for now back to you in moscow. i. saw a great thank you an eastern hour at artie's i saw your studio which of course. right at the heart of the winter olympic signs are right here we've got everything in want to hear from the games we got the news the interviews and all the comments as well because full coverage online including our official facebook page is actually where you can pose a question to ice hockey legend. ok the russian rocket will pick the best questions to throw straight out that hockey election for the meantime though we'll be following the action and keeping count of all the medals are busy monday for medals to stay with r.t. international for our special continued and then pick of. the g twenty for a muslim culture exhilarating winter. to. make seven zero zero
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am the last of our link used for sochi twenty four take. on. still to come here. bearable pressure of big banking. if you look at their actual life they can be fired in five minutes this is a deeply dysfunctional system the financial world shaken by a series of suicide over recent weeks look at why some are struggling to deal with the high stakes competition. cholesterol pianists depression. the efforts. to improve your life. are you see. for those that. feel.
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so just on a quarter past the hour here in moscow it's all too international there's been
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a string of bizarre deaths in the globe's financial circles in just the past few weeks five high profile bankers have died all of them from apparent suicides us or australia investigations there are untimely deaths grab headlines three of which happened within a week be it the big investment banks they work for the senior positions they held the public nature of their deaths or all three once again it raised questions. about an industry largely blamed for bringing the global economy to its knees into two thousand and eight financial crisis michael taylor a former goldman sachs bond salesman who calls himself a recovering banker knew this world well it's so extraordinarily competitive and so focused profit above all the trees actually every moment like pressure turns carbon into diamonds you know extreme pressure can both accelerate human
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achievement some cases break people the pressure and calling the shots the form of banking we've got at the moment has no interest in the people it affects. because in a sense legally responsible to investors and stockholders you make a moral decisions without thinking about the impact that it has on the people the job losses people losing their home and so on and so forth pressure to rake in profits or the pressure to put in more hours than your peers after the spate of recent deaths big firms did try to ease tensions by telling their junior staff to take more time off or at least to try not to work on weekends it's kind of a disconnect between what they have the weekend off will also make us a ton of money and ultimately making a ton of money is what's going to keep you around so now you strike me as a real solution you're a sly and spent a year demystifying bankers interviewing dozens of fine us workers on the condition of anonymity the degree to which bankers are trapped has been really
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a really important finding i think we keep on projecting is ideal bankers are masters of the universe they have everything we want but if you look at their actual life they can be fired in five minutes this is a deeply dysfunctional and ought to be abusive system so there is this real taboo in banking like the army. to own up to one former ability. does or sylvia r.t. london well our online team has plenty of stories lined up for you on the web site right now including this reporter revealing that drug alcohol and sex abuse in the u.s. military has been getting worse just over the last three years why the trend you can find out right now at r.t. dot com. well you've heard this story as well obama's administration under fire again this time over the unprecedented number of diplomatic posts being handed to campaign contributors instead of career diplomats details on that story just
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a couple of clicks away. on the program the pentagon is pumping in cash to boost its military presence in africa the u.s. says by pouring in troops weapons and most in areas it intends to turn a land of conflict into a land of hope now a u.s. military bases are just about spread across the entire horn of africa drone bases are dotted across the region the biggest being in djibouti hosting over four thousand military personnel and contractors and thousands of u.s. soldiers are reportedly preparing for missions as part of the pentagon's new strategy to train and advise regional forces so now it takes a look at what could really be motivating america's newfound focus on africa the well the well known breadbasket of the world. hundreds of millions of american dollars are flowing into africa as the pentagon upset spending on the continent
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there's plenty of war materials here nigeria a case in point the west african nation is america's fourth largest supplier of crude oil accounting for eleven percent of all u.s. oil imports we have made a lot of investment in that they have invested so much in the oil sector and they need to protect that and that believes rafsanjani is the real reason for u.s. troop expansion in africa not to bring democracy not to help the local populations but to protect american interests and justify the reasons for being here the governess in syria. to you know the collapse of. you know accountability. and of course you know dubai is. different it's a she kind of makeup artist that crisis in the country provided you know it is to me it in terms of i made a composite of policy reasons to actually come into nigeria africa is dotted with
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u.s. bases and a growing constellation of small american drone outposts camp limb or near north of somalia has been america's main facility on the continent for nearly a decade it houses about four thousand military and civilian personnel but at the end of last year it was forced to stop flying drones in the area after a string of crashes and growing anger from locals problem is u.s. forces are getting stretched very thin they're being tasked with missions will be their numerical logistics capability right now and the danger will have to go like all forward and. new conflicts expand shroom and all the next thing you know. troops and money. mischa's u.s. secretary of state john kerry says it is happening in africa so exciting overall
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and we are really deeply engaged and the president has instructed us to really try to. light our fire under our efforts in throughout the crowd but what's not so exciting is the growth of jihadists and groups across the continent thousands of american soldiers are gearing up for missions as part of the pentagon's new strategy to train and advise african militaries to deal with the three eight it's not impressing those who live here is going to be. there. when you see. all suffer if you don't do this or do this in the. physical weeds. is it is. going to change is. going to see. this is
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the. only. going to be. a number of african leaders have expressed concern about the potential militarization of the continent fearful that america's expanding presence will bode badly for africa and her people pulis leah r.t. are the quicker stops right here of some other global headlines for your brief swiss police now saying the copilot of an ethiopian airlines boeing seven sixty seven passenger plane which was forced to land off and attempted a hijack is now in custody and asking for asylum and the line initially was heading for rome it was forced to land at geneva airport this coming your way now a recording received earlier by air traffic control of a man asking for asylum while the jet was still in the air.
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the show. now swiss police say the situation is under control all the passengers and crew are now safe and have been left me they have left the plane now a geneva airport has renewed flights officer spending all services. an amnesty law for antigovernment protesters is set to come into force in ukraine after the government confirmed the opposition has met all the agreed conditions demonstrators had to end the two month long occupation of the key city council building and vacate regional administrative buildings across the country some disruptions were reported when a group of radicals block the entrance to city hole in the capital they didn't break through. venezuela has ordered three u.s. consular officials to be expelled from the country as on rest spirals i present my daughter accuse diplomats of orchestrating the student opposition protests sweeping the country at least three people have been killed in the clashes between pro and
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anti-government demonstrators also issued an arrest warrant for the opposition leader accusing him of inciting a coup. in thailand capital thousands of protesters surrounded the government's headquarters off of police started to retake areas that have been occupied for months crowds used to quick drive some men to seal the gates of the prime minister's main office to prevent the cabinet from working with the opposition considers shinawatra to be a puppet of her brother who is in self-imposed exile also a former leader. now chancellor angela merkel wants a separate communications network for europe to prevent spying from across the atlantic under the current set up a huge volume of internet data circulates along the same routes often via the united states so a message sent from one european official to another just next door potentially has a very long journey before reaching its destination passing through many points
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like a pinball machine and with a new idea it would allow communications to bypass the established routes and offer european web users better protection. reports. now it's not a separate internet so to speak but more of a way to prevent e-mails and other data from being harvested by u.s. intelligence agencies now this is just an idea at this point and it is one that merkel will certainly be discussing with the french president when they meet in france on wednesday merkel said also this weekend that she basically just approved of companies like google and facebook basing their operations in countries with low levels of data protection while being active in countries such as germany where data protection is quite high this is been a very sensitive issue here in germany mr merkel has faced sharp criticism in the wake of the n.s.a. spy scandal for basically failing to take decisive action according to her critics to protect german users from surveillance of internet telecommunications traffic
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that's alleged to have been conducted by u.s. and british intelligence services it's also of course a personal issue for her to some extent remember that mr merkel's cell phone was reportedly monitored but this idea of all mine traffic effectively bypassing the united states isn't unique to europe in fact brazil along with several international partners is also currently in the process of trying to build an undersea fiber optics communications cable that would do just that it would basically route its online traffic directly to europe skipping essentially the the u.s. and it's more than just an idea it's a one hundred eighty five million dollar project construction on which is slated to begin in july it's all the international live from moscow all receive stepping aside coming in here right now for the latest olympic victories and much much.
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i did first state of the city address new york mayor bill de blasio said that he would put forward legislation for the city to issue special municipal identification cards to undocumented immigrants he summed up his feelings by saying to all my fellow new yorkers who are undocumented i say new york city is your home too and we will not force any of our residents to live their lives in the shadows yeah that sounds nice but the reason these illegal immigrants live their lives in the shadows is because they immigrated illegally why should new yorkers bend over backwards for illegal criminal immigrants this is the same logic that if i catch a guy breaking into my house as a gracious host i should offer him a pizza because it's his home too this is not just a slap in the face to rule of law but also to the immigrants who do go through the bureaucracy and headaches to become u.s. citizens the right way the legal way so the blasio if you're going to provide these illegal immigrants with some sort of document it should be a plane ticket back home with instructions on how to apply for
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a green card the legit proper way just like everyone else has to fashion just my opinion.
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hello welcome to the r t sport lympics special all the latest action from the winter games in sochi plus the rest of the world's top sport with me partridge and these other headlines. ice battle russia rally from a us defeat to edge slovakia one nil in a shootout with the host t.v. now set to face norway in the quarterfinals of the olympic ice hockey. while mating goals alexander to call it wins russia's first gold medal in the men's
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skeleton after speed skater victor on wins the country's first ever gold in a short track. plus new heights surrogate booker looks on as french a live picture of her no love in the breaks the ukrainians twenty one year old hold the record in done yet. and best the east rallied to beat the west with a record breaking one hundred sixty three points to one hundred fifty five to claim their first win for all-star games in new orleans. but first to the twenty second winter olympics in sochi where our correspondent richard vancouver. news on day ten well hello there richard well you start with the crowd favorite it was ice hockey and not about dramatic against the u.s. it was a much more subdued affair against slovakia. on the the game against the usa is one of the going to be one of the all.


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