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tv   [untitled]    February 17, 2014 6:00am-6:31am EST

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transit. your best way to the heart of moscow. a russian pilots jailed in the you asked me to his lawyer and says despite concern he's on the verge of a heart attack his still waiting to be examined by a doctor. knows and the elements as bad weather hits the social games but the fight for medals goes on with russia hoping its ice hockey team can go all the way to gold. and terror alerts more than two hundred british citizens are estimated to have returned from syria after being recruited by hardline groups there and trained to carry out a trying time. and also this hour a string of signs along the financial world would try to find out what's causing them to take their lives.
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international news and comment live from moscow this is also internationally with me. and welcome to the program. russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov has demanded doctors be allowed access to a russian pilot who is being held in a u.s. jail constantino shannen keris as he has been denied urgent medical attention despite complaining of symptoms suggesting he has a problem with his heart that. he is an ex for more high that it must it has been discussing the issue with the american colleagues will do we know at this point well some forty eight hours after news broke that constantin. condition has critically worsened the russian foreign minister is ringing alarm bells again in fact on monday he said that ever since john kerry was appointed as u.s.
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state secretary he has been discussing the issue with him every time he has been complaining about numerous health problems that has been experiencing all he got in reply from john kerry and the u.s. officials was that there are no problems with the irish anchor that he never applied for medical help he never made any plea for medical assistance which is untrue according to the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov of little supergirl nobody has confirmed that you know she is experiencing problems with his health all that there's any problem with access to medical treatment moreover it was claimed that he had not requested any medical help or tool that is not true constantine requested medical assistance a number of times. through the split with the russian foreign ministry of human rights and work and stands in the gulf and he told us that in fact russia has once again made an appeal to the u.s. to washington to let the russian officials and more importantly russian doctors
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access to. let them examine him and have their own conclusions about what is reportedly a very severe heart condition with with mr yushchenko. really say about mr your chance. to do it as you say was able to meet him what does he say about his condition yes indeed we spoke to his lawyer and he told us that he is being kept in a very poor conditions and he himself is reportedly suffering from a heart attack and practically no help no medical help is being given to me in the new jersey prison where he's being kept right now let's listen to what the lawyer had to say i have seen my client constant go for dick's prison earlier today. did appear sick to me his face was red hugh visibly had shortness of breath he would take pauses in our conversation to compose himself he was. confused and generally appeared to be.
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having difficulty remembering the dates and the chronology of the different events that took place this week we also managed to speak to him because wife and he told she told us that it wasn't the first time that he was suffering from health problems inside this prison let's listen to that. on purple. about a month ago who had a high fever and couldn't get up for days nobody looked after him he was physically unable to walk across the prison to the medical block where he would have queued for our ways because of his constant constant he was keeping his cell mates awake and they were becoming hostile to him constant and used to be hard to man but his problems started after his detention in africa when he was beaten severely for three days by the people who detained him. as i said russia has been trying to gain access to russia to ever since he was detained in december twenty four the u.s.
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officials have not allowed any russians to examine to even have a talk inside this prison as again russian made another attempt now to gain access and more importantly to get doctors inside the prison and we know from mr dog of the human rights and with russian foreign ministry that today on monday they are expecting some sort of reply from the u.s. side but all we know so far is that the only medical assistance that does that to russia has been provided or will be provided it's still unclear is the u.v. check the ultrasound check inside the new jersey prison. live that it's a frank you very much indeed for bringing us up to date. we've been promised he can have an ultrasound on monday that no college examination will take place and you can follow the story of the former russian pilot on our website pushes. with a weeks ago germany leads the medal table at the winter games in sochi where that
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could all still change with a week left to win medals russia is fifth in the overall count but has high hopes for its hockey team of course we gave funs reason to celebrate last night russia beat slovakia and a qualifying match offering some tonic following the base a defeat suffered against team usa on saturday of course big tree was hard for it needed a tense shootout to split the sides with ny the managing to score an open play russia squeezed through one to nothing and now faces a must win match against norway to reach the quarterfinals that's not crossed life so we shouldn't pull through for more on how hokies grabbing that tension by richard wary nice to see you and your how a very special guest right beside you tell us more. i'm glad to be joined by probably radio ice hockey legend to china limpy and so pablo you've
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appeared to olympics so how much pressure obvious russians on the special playing in a home olympics in your opinion will use the live for us and keep us all this way there are lots of pressure on the server but expect we're going to do well. you know but guys going to lots of spirits to play going to different kind of levels you're going to get in the first i want to be made of a russian stance so far i mean obviously lots of states in a shootout very close game just struggle past us mark you want to nothing again in the shootout beats slovenia but he made a play for the same. i have to say you know a little from the mistakes of moves forward because there's still. more games as they go in the school system you know like even this year you know it was a three game so they're all in still. they still got a chance to win the gold. in two thousand and six russia got a great start and then found finland in the semifinals titles i mean so it's
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a marathon not a sprint. it is you know it's unpredictable less olympic games in vancouver even to canada didn't do well in the beginning going to want to go so we'll see we're going to have to do it just. need time to get their tactics together and just get the players playing together because remember these players have been playing for a long time together because i later came from the n.h.l. two days before we started well i think everybody in the same shoes you know most of the guys they came from when they trails or don't have a couple good couple days for perforation and they have to go and play. as for my facebook users of this question what's more important getting experience in the n.h.l. all the places playing collectively in russia to help the russian team in general what's happened in the soviet union for instance with the affair and you know it is in the chilean that you play for the club here with the contras so it's a different kind of right but also this from timmy houses of who is your chief childhood hero when you were growing up. well they had so many players to choose
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from you know obviously older guys who used to play in the soviet union you know here and they still team. really like the one great story about mario lemieux for instance was the betters all of my readers are one of the best ever you know by the way i like the griscom better ok this question from ross fraser well he's someone who's new to the sport of ice hockey so what makes ice hockey such grace for someone of a because force in the world in your opinion. because we've got it all you know it's. it's really exciting to watch the hockey game so you know it's a great spirit. this flying around you know and then you can hate each other so it's actually good. obviously you played your first olympics and not going to in one thousand nine hundred eight obviously you don't want to play much earlier on how crucial all n.h.l. you play is to be limping movement in hockey because there's talk of a sea of maybe n.h.l. players not playing in four years time when they when no one's going to happen in the future as you say when they can they need their mother not the first time ever
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in the child stop this isn't for a couple of weeks and all the bells this players in the world were dissipated in the tournament and it was a conscious or it was of the spirit because obviously this would do a lot more for the development of ice hockey around the world if you're getting the best players come here because obviously the play is something american players are kind of the canadian players they love being here in sochi and playing a million things such as the need plays so you know it's winter olympic games they look at you know some some people walking in the t. shirt you know ways they make when they're in the course of the blocks see the goodwill. that was a legendary ice hockey player and we cannot cross start our correspondent andrew farmer who's in a very for the rosa khutor at the moment. first right thanks richard the weather being the talking point at the moment here. has seen the cancellation for the third time of the men's mass start in the biathlon that will now take place tomorrow along with the men's snowboard cross but the good news is that the bob
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sleigh will go ahead as planned two man russian team currently lead through a border and alexander zuckoff they actually set of course record yesterday during the first two runs and they have two final runs tonight and they told us what is needed to get that goal. so i think the critical juncture will be at the start line if one team goes far ahead of the others that will be very difficult to catch up with them but we're prepared for such a scenario our number one objective is to be stronger at the start next the piloting skills kick in he need to see where you can outmaneuver your rivals you have to do for perfectly successful runs in a row to overcome your opponents who. have done to perfect ones haven't they so let's hope for two more meanwhile the jamaican team who are making their first appearance in this event for just over a decade. lost at the moment but they did receive the second biggest cheer of the night after the russians elsewhere attention is again on russian figure skaters
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this time in the ice dance not because it leak and. a currently in third place with just the free dance to come tonight we caught up with them before these games began and they told us what they thought they needed to do to achieve success. i think is . the most important thing before the olympics because there's so much time talking so much to help or don't want to help and you need to just do your work. and do what you want do what you need just don't listen to other people like so many people just listen for your team like you're preparing and they know what to do so i hope it's going to work. yeah they are definitely do you like to say the ice dancing is a bit like ballroom dancing on ice very therapeutic to watch but you can be rest assured the russians will be busting a gut inside to try and catch the canadians. and the americans davis and white you
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currently lead the charge to go. right from reporting that lie from such a mounting plot to andrea thank you very much indeed and people from all the two hundred countries that will change the balance with television viewing figures at record levels according to a limited commission officials and it's not just the science of the organs breaking records as she's any somalia reports from just yet. but the ten days of the olympic competition have seen a number of sporting breakthroughs and record breaking results russian figure skating stars to. set a new world record with their short program their flawless skate received eighty four points seventeen points the highest ever score and another record was sealed on ice by nineteen year old japanese figure skater new who became the first man to ever break one hundred points in the short program that speed skater sam kramer
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broke his own world record in the five thousand meter race storming to gold in just six minutes and ten point seventy six seconds while great britain set olympic curling records the ladies' team demolished the u.s. by seven points margin never seen before at the winter games one of the most inspiring stories from the sochi olympics is that of canadian athlete danny morrison who has won bronze and silver despite having suffered serious injury speed skater broke his leg while skiing barely a year ago putting. the limping dreams in doubt morrison fell to make the cut for the one thousand meter distance but fellow speed skater gilmore jr offered him a spot in the race and he ended up taking silver that was closely followed by bronze in the fifteen hundred long track distance we asked the victorious canadian what drives him on a c i don't know i think for me this year it's been. not caring as much not trying to control things that are completely under control and i try to control things that are not even important things that are superstitions
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just focusing on the task. the process and execution of the process of being the most southerly host city in winter olympic history sochi is moon temperatures over an additional challenge to athletes that we're seeing complains all the slopes being too slushy but on the bright side so gas have a chance to be enjoying the unique surroundings has. known as the russian riviera sochi is not your typical russian city or to sochi is docked to dozens of rivers streams and into fields of course false countryside but none of more impressive than this scary so it's out with the olympics and even with the spectacular fireworks and for that a ninety minute journey from the olympic park really highlights the diversity of this region ok it's not nagra or
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a grassy but it really is very pretty here and quite relaxing ranging for a warm to twelve metres there are over thirty other waterfalls seven rapids and first team cascades in this area alone all softening their journey from the beautiful caucasus mountains offering the perfect breaks in the course of a bustling city the best time to visit the food is in the spring when the melting snow bring some rush of water. this is one of the. features of the soldier national park which can be easily reached for the roads are excellent now they're open the whole year round and on average one hundred thousand people visit next stop it's into a four by four in such as such a mysterious dolman experts believe these large mechanistic landmarks are once used as graves or shrines well then it is a grave there are a lot of people coming from abroad to visit the dorm and they stay overnight it's believed it was
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a special properties and is older than the pyramids in egypt well i don't know exactly how many years older but this is a fact of the notion that some believe that these five to six thousand the old structures have great spiritual power along with stonehenge the idols of easter island and the parents of egypt that have remained a little for centuries. and skiing as a whole range of sightseeing activities and beach for the trip. it's how the gardens the springs historic one does good to force a lush green forests and with its many faces a trip to the subtropical and i think so you see the secretary and the want to talk to landry's. faking to all same time expense of the coverage and make sure you don't miss our sport bulletin with kate partridge coming up into us time. after nine days of the
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olympics in sochi russia have won more medals than they did in vancouver the flying dutch have set a new record for medals in speedskating a polished devil has won by the ski jumps and the germans are the top of the table but who will come through on day ten watch the r.t.e. sport specials coming to life throughout the day. the g twenty four team promise is the ultimate in the exhilarating winter in our team. and you say no way i'm a clever know it on the rest of our lives take ustream for sochi twenty four take. on arts. coming up and also international the unbearable pressure of big bank a. few look at their actual life they can be fired in five minutes this is a deeply dysfunctional system the financial while the shaken by theories of suicides over recent weeks l.t. looks at why is someone struggling to deal with the high stakes competition.
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a transit route to vnukovo report your best way to the heart of moscow. nato a deadly alliance without a clear mission decades after the end of the cold war this washington led a lion's continues to exist and expand after in a big us adventure in afghanistan and behind regime change in libya nato now look
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somehow in some way to absorb ukraine which is made those gambit. six. color again this is our international walk of bach britain's intelligence services say hundreds of britons who went to fight the regime of bashar al assad as syria have returned home and pose a serious threat of terrorism among the fears is that they could recruit even more young people willing to launch attacks in the u.k. under broad safra of how cities. that's causing huge concern
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here amongst the security services the police have said that they've made a number of arrests and they're monitoring the situation closely indeed ingenue it's thought that sixteen arrests have been made of people having returned back the irony here of course is that the british governments want the assad regime to go they've been pushing the transition and they've been supplying non-lethal aid to the rebels technically they are on the same side as d.g. harvests who are fighting the assad regime and the british fighters who will join those jihad is the concern those calls is that the supply terrorists the isis. of the british system instead of joining these the real worry is that obviously was there fighting with the they gained the skills they're becoming indoctrinated and the real worry is that once the fights in syria they finish fight they could return home and then the target could become. and our online
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team has plenty of stories lined up for you on our website including a report revealing that drug alcohol and sexual abuse in the u.s. military has been getting a while so with the last three years why the trend going down all to dot com. and obama of bam as a restriction is under fire again this time already and president a number of diplomatic posed to be hundred to campaign contributors instead of career diplomats more details on that story i just. there's been a string of bizarre deaths in the globe's financial circles in the past few weeks five high profile bankers have died all from apparent so sides are. better to gauge . there on time the deaths grabbed headlines three of which happened within a week be it the big investment banks they worked for the senior positions they
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held the public nature of their deaths or all three once again it raised questions . about industry largely blamed for bringing the global economy to its knees and a two thousand and eight financial crisis michael taylor a former goldman sachs bond salesman who calls himself a recovering banker knew his world well it's so extraordinarily competitive and so focused profit above all on so transactional that every moment like pressure turns carbon into diamonds you know extreme pressure can both accelerate human achievement and some cases break people the pressure and calling the shots the form of banking we've got at the moment has no interest in the people it affects. because in a sense and legally responsible to invest and stockholders you make a moral decision without thinking about the impact that it has on the people job
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losses people who should know how whom and so on and so forth pressure to rake in profits or the pressure to put in the more hours than your peers after the spate of recent deaths big firms did try to ease tension by telling their junior staff to take more time off or at least to try not to work on weekends it's kind of a disconnect between what they have the weekend off will also make us a ton of money and ultimately making a ton of money is what's going to keep you around so now you strike me as a real solution to your sly and spent a year demystifying bankers interviewing dozens of fine us workers on the condition of anonymity the degree to which bankers are trapped. has been really a really important finding i think we keep on projecting this idea on bank of. masters of the universe you have everything we want but if you look at their actual lives they can be fired in five minutes this is the g.d.p. dysfunctional and ought to be abusive system so there is this real taboo in banking like the army. to own up to one soldier but it.
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does so so your r.t. . now some other world headlines and brief as we speak least say the copilot was behind the hijacking of an airfield an airline passenger plane trying to the geneva airport is now in custody and asking for asylum after taking control of the jet on the captain of the cockpit to go to the toilet this is a recording of his conversation the suspect had with the air traffic control while still in there. you know. remember. now the passengers and crew were hurt and or have now safely left the plane which was supposed to land in rome and you were airport has renewed flights after suspending all services. also known as still for antigovernment
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protesters is set to come into force in ukraine after the government confirmed the opposition has not agreed conditions demonstrators had to end the two months long occupation of the cave city council building and vacate regional administrative buildings across the country some disruptions were reported one a group of radicals blocks the entrance to the city hall in the capital but they didn't and. and coming up next a clash of opinions on cross talk with. international.
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i did first state of the city address new york mayor bill de blasio said that he would put forward legislation for the city to issue special municipal identification cards to undocumented immigrants he summed up his feelings by saying to all my fellow new yorkers who are undocumented i say new york city is your home too and we will not force any of our residents to live their lives in the shadows yeah that sounds nice but the reason these illegal immigrants live their lives in the shadows is because they immigrated illegally why should new yorkers bend over backwards for illegal criminal immigrants this is the same logic that if i catch a guy breaking into my house as a gracious host i should offer him a pizza because it's his home too this is not just a slap in the face to rule of law but also to the immigrants who do go through the bureaucracy and headaches to become u.s. citizens the right way the legal way so the blasio if you're going to provide these illegal immigrants with some sort of document it should be a plane ticket back home with instructions on how to apply for a green card the legit proper way just like everyone else has to fashion just my
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opinion. well. technology innovation all the developments from around russia we've got the future covered.
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with. a low and welcome to crossfire we're all things are considered i'm peter lavelle nato a deadly alliance without a clear mission decades after the end of the cold war this washington led alliance continues to exist and expand after an ambiguous adventure in afghanistan and behind regime change in libya nato now look somehow in some way to absorb ukraine what is nato's gambit. to cross not nato i'm joined by my guests martin mccauley in london he's a specialist on international affairs at the university of london also in london we have jonathan steele he is an international affairs commentator for the guardian and in washington we cross to ricardo all caro he is
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a visiting fellow at the center for the u.s. and europe at the brookings institution all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i very much encourage you jonathan if i go to you first the cold war has been over for over two decades we still have this alliance in existence and there are many people that are very critical that will continue to expand and some will even go as far to say this is maybe the center of the problems going on in ukraine is that brussels is very interested in absorbing even further countries to the east this time ukraine. well i'm certainly of the school that thinks that nato should have disbanded at the end of the cold war i mean nature lost an enemy when it's not tried to find a new role it should have recognized that it was over we were a different continent now a different climate different context there were no enemies in europe anymore and we should collaborate but instead of that the basic agenda of nato still being an anti russian agenda and.


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