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transit route. your best way to the heart of moscow. go do it if you're sick to me his face was rather shortness of breath a burning sensation in the charts high blood pressure these symptoms are. assumed to happen are that our u.s. prison officials say they'll now help russian convicts constantine get our show with the move coming only after in moscow weighed in. mother nature spoils the should be shot on day ten of the winter olympics with at least two stalls postponed due to fit for. the russian hockey squad prepares to take on norway in about a playoff game we'll talk to the man who led the red machine to olympic silver back
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in the ninety's. and to report on the alarming number of so size amongst simi a bonkers and investigate what could have pushed them to this to the age. of nineteen to national life from moscow welcome to assay. a russian pilot who says he's suffering from severe trust pains in a u.s. prison will finally be taken to hospital for treatment according to his noir the move comes after a top russian officials away didn't and demand help for the conduct moscow says washington denies constantine had asked for medical assistance in the first place. the russian foreign minister is ringing alarm bells again in fact on monday he said that ever since john kerry was appointed as u.s.
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state secretary he has been discussing the issue with him every time he has been complaining about numerous health problems that go to shanghai has been experiencing all he got in reply from john kerry and the u.s. officials was that there are no problems with the other shanker that he never applied for medical help he never made any plea for medical assistance which is untrue according to the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov little nobody has confirmed that you know she is experiencing problems with his health although there's any problem with access to medical treatment moreover it was claimed that he had not requested any medical help or tool that is not true constantine requested medical assistance a number of times. the russian foreign ministry of human rights and we're constantin the gulf and he told us that in fact russia has once again made an appeal to the u.s. to washington to let the russian officials and more importantly russian doctors
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access to. let them examine him and to have their own conclusions about what is reportedly a very severe heart condition with with mr yushchenko we spoke to his lawyer and he told us that he is being kept in a very poor conditions and he himself is reportedly suffering from a heart attack and practically no help no medical help is being given to me in the new jersey prison where he's been kept right now let's listen to what the lawyer had to say. go did appear sick to me his face was red hue visibly shortness of breath he would take pauses in our conversation compose himself he was having difficulty remembering the dates and the chronology of the different events that took place this week shortness of breath a burning sensation in the. just high blood pressure these symptoms are indicative of a soon to happen heart attack we also managed to speak to mr arafat because wife and
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she told us that it wasn't the first time that he was suffering from health problems inside this prison let's listen to that. about a month ago he had a high fever and couldn't get up for days nobody looked after him he was physically unable to walk across the prison to the medical block where he would have queued for our ways because of his constant constant he was keeping his cell mates awake and they were becoming hostile to him constant and used to be hard to man but his problems started after his detention in africa when he was beaten severely for three days by the people who detained him all we know so far is that the only medical assistance that does that to russia has been provided or will be provided it's still unclear is the u.v. check the ultrasound check inside the new jersey prison. american agents during a sting operation in liberia and twenty ten he was then flown to the u.s. and sentenced to twenty years for conspiring to smuggle drugs
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a charge he denies all the move a kidnapping and has been in support of the defense team. with l.t. for the latest on this developing story and you can also get more on the run of the polls and go on our website r.t. dot com. and while at the winter olympics germany leave the medal table but that could all change with a week left to win the medals russia's fifth in the overall count but has high hopes for its hockey team which delighted local finds last night russia in the qualifiers which offered find some toning following the bitter defeat suffered against team usa on saturday picture was hard for though it needed a turn to split the sides with neither managing to score in open play russia squeeze through one nil and now faces a must win much against norway to reach the quarterfinals richard ron paul flayed discussed that performance with a man whose previously given the russian finds the joy of celebrating olympic
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success. i'm delighted to be joined by a ice hockey legend to china limpy and so pablo you've played into an intake so how much pressure obvious russians are special playing in a home olympics in your opinion or yours or live for russian team and still is there lots of pressure this everybody expects we're going to do well. you know but it will also experience to play them different kind of levels you know they can handle the pressure i want to be made of a russian style so far i mean obviously the states in a shootout very close game just struggle like you want to nothing again in the shootout beats slovenia but he made a play for the same. i have to say you know we have to learn from the mistakes and move forward because there's still hope for more games as they go in there or to leave good system you know like even there this year you know you can lose a three games and they're all in seal who. they still get
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a chance to win the world. in two thousand and six russia got a great start and then found finland in the semifinals and got more time i mean so it's a marathon not a sprint. it is you know it's unpredictable less the libby gives something good or you know came and didn't do well in the beginning and i want to go so we'll see we're going to have just a few questions from our facebook users of this question well what's more important getting experience in the n.h.l. or the place playing collectively in russia to help the russian team in general what's happened in the soviet union for instance anything that has the ability for you know is in the chilean you play for the club here with the consciousness of different things. but also this from timmy houses of who is your chief childhood hero when you were growing up. well they had so many players to choose from you know obviously older guys who used to play in the soviet union you know here and they still team. really like the wing greats this question from ross fraser well
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he's someone who's new. the sport of ice hockey so what makes ice hockey such grace for someone of a because for some award in your opinion. because we've got it all you know it's. it's really exciting to watch the five games you know it's the great spirit part that's flying around you know and you can hear the each other so it's actually good . obviously you played the first lympics and i'm going to in one thousand nine hundred obviously you did once upon a much earlier on how crucial are an n.h.l. players to be limping movement in hockey because there's talk obviously of maybe n.h.l. players not playing in four years' time when there were no one's going to happen in the future as you said when they can they need them so first i mean we're in the chilled stop the season for a couple weeks and all the bills this players in the world because it's a good tournament and it was a conference or was it this way i gave i was probably a legendary ice hockey player and we cannot cross our correspondent andrew farmer who's in a very forty rosa khutor at the moment that's right thanks richard the weather
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being the talking points at the moment here up in qatar sniper yana you have seen the cancellation for the third time as the men's mass starts in the biathlon that will now take place tomorrow along with the men's snowboard cross but the good news is that the bob sleigh will go ahead as planned to man russian team currently lead through a border and alexander do because they actually set a course record yesterday during the first two rounds and they have two final runs tonight and they told us what is needed to get that goal. i think the critical juncture will be at the start line if one team gets far ahead of the others that will be very difficult to catch up with them but we're prepared for such a scenario our number one objective is to be stronger at the start next the piloting skills kick in he need to see where you can outmaneuver your rivals you have to do for perfectly successful runs in a row to overcome your opponents. but that done to perfect ones haven't. so let's
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hope for two more meanwhile the jamaican team who are making their first appearance in this event for just over a decade. lost at the moment but they did receive the second biggest cheer of the night after the russians elsewhere attention is again on russian figure skaters this time in the ice dance and that's because you meet. a currently in third place with just the free dance to come tonight we caught up with them before these games began and they told us what they thought they needed to do to achieve success i think is going to be there mentally prepare a show that most important thing before the olympics because there's so much topic talking so much people who was to help or who don't want to help and you need to just do your work do your work and do what you want to do what you need to. listen to the people like so many people just listen for your team like you're preparing and they know what to do so i hope it's going to work together they are
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definitely focused i do like i have to say the ice dancing is a bit like ballroom dancing on ice very therapeutic to watch but you can be rest assured the russians will be busting a gut inside to try and catch the canadians virtue and moir and the americans davis and white you currently lead the charge to go. under from the reporting that from the mountain cluster people for more than two hundred countries are watching the balance with television viewing figures at record levels according to olympic committees have fish holes and it's not just the size of the audience that's breaking records as anything now wait reports from our very own such as. the ten days of the olympic competition have seen a number of sporting breakthroughs and record breaking results russian figure skating stars to. seem to involve set a new world record with their short program their flawless skate received eighty four points seventeen points the highest ever score and another right. it was
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sealed on ice by nineteen year old japanese figure skater you through how new became the first man to ever break one hundred points in the short program that speed skater san kramer broke his own world record in the five thousand meter race storming to gold in just six minutes and ten point seventy six seconds while great britain set olympic curling records the ladies team demolished the u.s. by seven points margin never seen before at the winter games one of the most inspiring stories from the sochi olympics is that of canadian athlete danny morrison who has won bronze and silver despite having suffered serious injury speed skater broke his leg while skiing barely a year ago putting his olympic dreams in doubt morrison failed to make the cut for the one thousand meter distance but fellow speed skater gilmore jr offered him a spot in the race and he ended up taking silver that was closely followed by bronze in the fifteen hundred long track distance we asked the victorious canadian
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what drives him. i don't know. for me this year it's been. not caring as much not trying to control things that are completely control or not trying to control things that are not even important things that are superstitions just focusing on the. process. of. fishing to see international for our extensive olympic coverage and make sure you don't miss our sports bulleted with kate partridge coming up in about. after nine days of the olympics in sochi russia have one more medals than they did in vancouver the flying dutch of set a new record for medals in speedskating a polish devil has won by the ski jumps and the germans are the top of the table but who will come to one day ten watch the archie swan specials coming to life throughout the day. so
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jane twenty fourteen promises week ultimate and exhilarating winter in our city needs you still need anything now and how to make seven zero in on the rest of our lives take news team for sochi twenty four take. on. more international news stories coming up shortly after the break. cholesterol is depression. the efforts to work. to improve your life. are you see. form those threats of. branding your own arts. choose your language. we could know if.
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some of. the concerns here could. choose the opinions that degrade to. choose the stories get inside the minds truth be access to your offer to. change once your fourteen promises week ultimate and exhilarating winter season are eight you still need and it's now a make seven zero in on the rest of our lives take news team for sochi twenty four take. on artsy. this is an international welcome bank a string of appearances science house trying to financial wild with five senior
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bonking executives taking their lives in just one week. investigate their untimely deaths grab headlines three of which happened within a week be it the big investment banks they work for the senior positions they held the public nature of their deaths or all three once again it graced questions. about an industry largely blamed for bringing the global economy to its knees and a two thousand and eight financial crisis michael taylor a former goldman sachs bond salesman who calls himself a recovering banker knew this world well it's so extraordinarily competitive and so focused profit above all in so transactional that every moment like pressure turns carbon into diamonds you know extreme pressure can both accelerate human achievement and some cases break people the pressure and calling the shots the form of banking we've got the moment has no interest in the people it affects. because
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in a sense legally responsible to investors and stockholders you make a moral decisions without thinking about the impact that it has on the people the job losses people losing their home and so on and so forth pressure to rake in profits or the pressure to put in more hours than your peers after the spate of recent deaths big firms did try to ease tensions by telling their junior staff to take more time off or at least to try not to work on weekends it's kind of a disconnect between how they have the weekend off will also make us a ton of money and ultimately making a ton of money is what's going to keep you around so now you strike me as a real solution to your sly and spent a year demystifying bankers interviewing dozens of fine us workers on the condition of anonymity the degree to which bankers are trapped has been really really important finding i think we keep on projecting this idea on bankers as masters of
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the universe do you have everything we want but if you look at their actual lives they can be fired in five minutes this is a deeply dysfunctional and ought to be abusive system so there is this real taboo in banking like the army to own up to one soldier but it. does or so your r.t. london senior security officials in the u.k. estimates more than two hundred british based your heart is who went to find a regime of bashar al assad in syria have returned home and now pose a significant terrorist threat. takes up the story. that's causing huge concern here amongst the security services of police have said that they've made a number of arrests and they're monitoring the situation closely indeed ingenue it's thought that sixteen arrests have been made of people having returned back the irony here of course is that the british governments want the assad regime to go
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they've been pushing for transition and they've been supplying non-lethal aid to the rebels so technically they are on the same side as the g. harvests who are fighting the assad regime and the british fighters who will join those d. how does that concern those calls is that the first five terrorists we see itis. the british system instead of joining these the real worry is that obviously was there fighting with the again these skills they're becoming indoctrinated and the real worry is that once the fights in syria they finish fight they could return home and then the target could become. meanwhile the british minister of immigration and security has responded to the report dreams brokenshire says the saudis are applying this so-called prevent strategy to tackle domestic radicalization and the inflow of foreign pointers it gives police the power to examine and detain individuals and the u.k.
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border to investigate any concerns of terrorist involvement however critics call this counterproductive caving young british muslims are being the victims. venezuelan president expels three senior u.s. officials are suspecting them of conspiring against him because maduro has accused them of meeting students involved in recent anti-government protests sponsored by high murder rate and a record inflation before the report on our website. and the president of the european commission calls down the aspirations of scottish separatists a warning the trial. as of an independent scotland gaining e.u. membership of close to zero that story and much more on our part. the pentagon is pumping huge sums of money into africa in the hope of its troops and weapons and mercenaries will turn a land of conflict into
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a land of hope as you can see here american military bases are spread all across the continent the biggest outpost for the u.s. on the horn of africa is in djibouti which is now host more than four thousand military personnel and contractors also thousands of u.s. soldiers are reportedly preparing for missions as part of the pentagon's new strategy to train and advise regional forces aussie's policy investigates now what could be behind washington's military boots. hundreds of millions of american dollars are flowing into africa as the pentagon upset spending on the continent there's plenty of war materials here nigeria a case in point the west african nation is america's fourth largest supplier of crude oil accounting for eleven percent of all u.s. oil imports we have made it has a lot of investment and. they have invested so much in the oil and gas sector and
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they need to protect that and that believes rafsanjani is the real reason for u.s. troop expansion in africa not to bring democracy not to help the local populations but to protect american interests and justify the reasons for being here the governess in syria. to you know the collapse of. you know accountability. and of course you know dubai is the definitive kind of make up a crisis in the country. by the you know it is to me it in terms of american foreign policy reasons to actually come into nigeria africa's dotted with u.s. bases and a growing constellation of small american drone outposts camp north of somalia has been america's main facility on the continent for nearly a decade it houses about four thousand military and civilian personnel but at the end of last year it was forced to stop flying drones in the area after
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a string of crashes and growing anger from locals problem is u.s. forces are getting stretched very thin there be tasked with missions well beyond their numerical logistics capability right now and the danger will have to go like all forward and. new conflicts expand and all the next thing you know those. troops and money says the. mischa's u.s. secretary of state john kerry says it's happening in africa so exciting overall and we are really deeply engaged and the president has instructed us to really try to. light our fire under our efforts throughout the cut but what's not so exciting is the growth of jihadists and anti western groups across the continent thousands of american soldiers are gearing up
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for missions as part of the pentagon's new strategy to train and advise african militaries to deal with the three eight it's not impressing those who live here. the americans have failed to combat terrorism in afghanistan or anywhere else and the same will happen here in west africa it's likely that their presence even bring the terrorists to synagogue but the president does his calculation saying well this will allow me to be a good friend of the united states maybe attract some investment or strengthen my security forces but from the point of view of the senegalese people we risk losing our norful lot. and number of african leaders have expressed concern about the potential militarization of the continent fearful that america's expanding presence will bode badly for africa and hope people policia r.t. . and up next here an aussie international how big drugmakers allegedly profit from illness and five years in the u.k. time from going underground with action that's one thing.
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i was first state of the city address new york mayor bill de blasio. said that he would put forward legislation for the city to issue special municipal identification cards to undocumented immigrants he summed up his feelings by saying to all my fellow new yorkers who are undocumented i say new york city is your home too and we will not force any of our residents to live their lives in the shadows yeah that sounds nice but the reason these illegal immigrants live their lives in the shadows is because they immigrated illegally why should new yorkers bend over backwards for illegal criminal immigrants this is the same logic that if i catch a guy breaking into my house as a gracious host i should offer him
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a pizza because it's his home too this is not just a slap in the face to rule of law but also to the immigrants who do go through the bureaucracy and headaches to become u.s. citizens the right way the legal way so the blasio if you're going to provide these illegal immigrants with some sort of document it should be a plane ticket back home with instructions on how to apply for a green card the legit proper way just like everyone else has to fashion just my opinion.
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a fact of life and was the source of household quarrels back when men dominated oh i don't know now they've invented pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder what a name think about it will display oracle disorder last weekend before your period because if you have dysphoria except what on earth is that awful it's derived from greek ice you were told let's just say it means sure mood is a little unstable than no sit down yet now he says can be treated but i think it will be treated as equal how. eleven it is an amazing american story line if this wait another month tell you don't care about any medications you're taking or if you're pregnant nursing or plan to become pregnant some women may experience side effects their image chemically had prozac a well known anti-depressant positive value but the patent had expired or notable
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so they published one hundred articles on t.c.m. d.d.s. and on his phone most read below and all in one year and thirty journals the gist of medical plenty of samples were had as i upon them it's doctors had to be taught about p.m.t. didn't it. behind us and the solution appeared to be the new molecule. of all it gets exactly the same as prozac to move it gets identical it's just a different color have come to trend the trice is quadruple to be a normal of course since women only take it five days a month. it's be mind boggling fillets diabolically clever. with the rash. some of the pharmaceutical companies sell from a city is to good to be profitable no pudge you avoid all the striving and nothing he would see.


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