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tv   [untitled]    February 18, 2014 3:00am-3:31am EST

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your best way to the heart of moscow. same sex limits the kansas house of representatives waves through legislation that would have enshrined in law the right to discriminate against homosexuals. the u.s. agrees to provide medical treatment to a russian pilot suffering severe chest pains in jail after a strong. foreign ministry. will survive it only my son. talking to the prison his mother to find out exactly how the family is coping. and sliding into the. gold. into the second place at the winter olympics medal table look at how the duo prepared for victory.
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the world's top headlines moscow international with me and very soon will join. me for more coverage but for now the decision by the kansas house of representatives to pass a bill which would have allowed the legal discrimination of gay couples was well met with outrage across america and somewhat embarrassed state senate now plans to sink the legislation which would have allowed people to use their religious beliefs to openly deny services care or employment to homosexual couples can invest. kansas lawmakers have outraged the gay community here in the u.s. says you know last year the u.s. supreme court ruled that the ban on same sex marriage is unconstitutional so you
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have states that have a brace this ruling and you have states that are trying to shield themselves from that ruling and here's how kansas is doing it kansas lawmakers have passed a bill that would allow businesses and state government employees to deny services to same sex couples if quote it would be contrary to their sincerely held religious beliefs so according to these lawmakers forcing businesses or state employees to deliver services to same sex couples is a violation of their freedom of religion and speech gay rights advocates are of course outraged over this some say it could be worse than party simply not allowing gay marriage because we're talking about services that could include medical care so state hospitals can potentially turn away gay couples at the door and deny treatment and this bill would protect them from discrimination lawsuits if a gay couple calls the police an officer may refuse to help them on religious grounds that's how broad the language of this kansas bill is we're asking residents
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of washington d.c. one of the most gay friendly cities in the us what they think about this bill. i think it's really terrible i think that employers should not be able to just like not let same sex couples have the same benefits as regular married couples based on their religious beliefs that's a fundamental contradiction of separation of church and state he think that's why. why why do you think that. i don't think that the state. should be able to force people to do things that go against their religious beliefs kansas's not alone so-called religious example marceau be. proposing idaho mississippi ohio oklahoma and oregon twenty states have lost protecting residents from discrimination based on their sexual orientation but most states do not and it
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seems last year's supreme court's decision and your old trend toward equal rights for gay couples have prompted some of these conservative states to take an even more aggressive stance against the gay community in washington i'm going to check on r.t.e. . now eight u.s. states as well as several cities and counties have what is called no pro homo provisions in arizona for example homosexuality cannot be officially described as a positive alternative way of life and in alabama and texas their sex education must emphasize that homosexuality is not an acceptable lifestyle now there's no anti gay statute in kansas but one activist earlier told us that same sex couples are discriminated against on a daily basis so whatever legislation is finally enacted. in kansas we have no anti-discrimination statute which includes sexual orientation or gender identity
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even if the supreme court tomorrow were to be clear that the kansas anti-discrimination bans are unconstitutional residents of kansas could go right ahead and discriminate or say it again so it's kind of a smokescreen that a lot of people are drawing up that this is really about cakes and waiting on people who already have the ability to turn that down because there's no connection to sexual orientation the main thing that this bill will do that will upset the absolutely community is it will enable the government to government employees to continue to pick and choose what marriage is they are bound by that statute so even after state clearly unconstitutional they're trying to give employees and the government the right to go ahead and turn down citizens and i could be any employee of any government agency or loss the government would r.t. international including edward snowden's lawyer detained and interrogated by customs officials in london it's just the latest such incident where you ask her
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why she was put through and why she thinks whistleblowers are being specifically targeted by certain countries. for now on the program a russian pilot jailed in the u.s. will finally receive medical treatment after russian diplomats and sister he was in need of urgent attention call thirteen yet to shanker has been suffering severe pain and according to his lawyer may be on the verge of a heart attack and we spoke to you at a ship goes mother who insists that her son is being left to suffer for absolutely no reason. i sometimes look at his picture and willing to myself that it would let me take your pain away i will survive it all differently my son came home. i only get to talk to him once a week it's too expensive to call you know when you he's not guilty why are they driving him to his death what did he do wrong i keep asking what evil did he cause to the united states what did he do did he kill somebody did he rob somebody no
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he's not guilty of any crime you are still waiting for washington to allow a russian delegation of diplomats to actually visit prison. no taking us back for a look at the case of the exploited. in twenty ten detained in liberia in a sting operation brought on to u.s. soil and twenty eleven sentenced to twenty years behind bars for conspiring to internationally smuggle drugs the case of russian pilot constantin euro should go stirring relations between moscow and washington returns to the headlines yet again a man with no previous criminal background anywhere in the world someone who has never even stepped foot on u.s. soil prior to his being snatched up by u.s. officials became the first russian citizen to be sentenced in the u.s. for an intent to participate in a crime that was built by special agents posing as drug dealers arrested in a third country after the imprisoned pilots numerous cries for medical help remain unanswered in the u.s. his lawyer after visiting the man in jail recent alarm saying his client needs
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urgent medical care if he is to live singer shango seems to be on the brink of a heart attack prison officials say they will now look into his health with an emergency checkup at a hospital but moscow is demand. in a new jersey prison be allowed a proper visit from russian diplomats as well as russian and american doctors for a full examination of his health a lot still to come here when r.t. international including the story when money cannot buy trust one of britain's biggest high street banks suffers a major blow to its image after leaked customer data becomes a goldmine for brokers full story just ahead for you. in the meantime though let's get some action here on r.t. international russia has. been in the winter olympics medal table but still faces a fight to stay over the last few days of competition live now to our sorties studio and artes and he said no way so our lucky monday for russia.
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it was indeed rory and it looks like it's going to be a lucky tuesday an unexpected silver medal just grabbed up on the slopes for russia in snowboard cross first in history for the host country but with just under a week to go the medal table of course is changing every day sometimes by the hour but so far as you said russia's nicely placed in second thanks to the bobsled team last night they won the country's first gold in the event for over two decades so it's building up to be quite a story games here in sochi by the way one of the champion bob's players is also an arm wrestler and that past time constant tension with his teammate not exactly happy that arm wrestling led to some training sessions being missed luckily they got over that they got the gold and we caught up with the brakeman who told us teamwork is the key to success.
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it's a team sport with the result is a combination of many factors it's the pilots work it's the break it's coaches mechanics who team together it's a winter formula one group with a degree. yeah. that's going to be a day packed with action here in sochi especially since the buyout the long events were canceled on monday due to fix fog are now expected to take place today and tonight all eyes will be on hockey with russia needing a win against norway as artie's andrew farmer now reports. there's only one place to start of the one that's the men's ice hockey because russia take on norway for a place in the quarter finals the pressure is mounting on the host off they failed to reach the last eight automatically but they really should beat this norwegian side you have lost this great opening games and also many have something like one player in the n.h.l. compared to something like russia's sixteenth however there's been
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a word of caution from one soviet legend. i think it's going to be a. little better. for the team because you have played against norway but it's you have to or understand you know there is no. fixed so you have to be aware have to respect where played against you know that same time you have a chance like to see different. nations and to see what. what you have today and. what you plan for the next trial to a quarter finals well many people are predicting a russian win but what about the norwegians there are plenty of them here and we caught up so i expect that no i will lose. the game with. this a. really strong expected to be very interesting and i hope norway will do good but i think the russian bear will crush them unfortunately for
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us and we'll see whether those predictions come true at the bolshoi ice time a little later almost before that norwegian fans will be cheering up here in the mountains because the heavy fog from yesterday does appear to have lifted and that means that the men's starting the buyer will go ahead. it's only going to be in dollar and it's a norwegian he's going in that he's off to i reckon the winter olympic medalist for the russian interest to do the kind of the name if you can and get on each if he's looking to add to the bronze medal the gold last week. now the sochi games have been full of examples of a limping persistence none more so than canadian snowboarder. the thirty three year old won silver in the women's snowboard cross taking some revenge for her heartbreaking to feat in vancouver four years ago back then suffered a bad crash in training before the race started injured and in pain she finished twentieth and failed to pass the qualification round so a great comeback for her here in sochi and she told us she was happy with the
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slopes as well as getting a chance to meet new people. you know it's my third time in receiving in sochi last year to get this new condition wasn't easy for sure but this year it's a totally spring condition and we we used to race in those kind of snow kind of condition and then they would add that they did that many moons course was really good and they did a great job in the course it was there for sure they could get bigger and we used to write but it was really fun and good speed and a good show darchinyan. just good like if it would keep his yacht and say hi it's great experience for everyone and i would like to see him for sure. monday was a day of breakthroughs here at the winter games here is what it will go down in a limbic history for us ice dancing pair meryl davis and charlie white skated away from their rivals being awarded a record one ninety five point fifty two points and here's another hero of the day
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belorussian athlete daria she won her third gold in the biathlon mass start race becoming the first women to win three biathlon gold medals in one a limb fix what we will continue to keep track of. all the records being broken here on the coast and up in the mountains of the russian black sea for now back to you in moscow are very good sounding great aussies and it's an hour at the olympics our headquarters in sochi thank you very much for that indeed well we are all following all the sporting victories right here on r.t. international you'll find even more online on our twitter page we've got our overview of all the events in the lists section and you can find the latest comments the pictures as well from the athletes themselves before the competition sets off however women's bobsled drive a polo she actually posted a photograph tweeted a preview of herself in some fancy new equipment look at the new ride very nice and while a dutch athlete or as may come for us that had
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a message of support with some very inspiring words separate thing is possible dream believe act she will bring you the very latest from sochi twenty fourteen keep up to date with all of us here on r.t. international. twenty four team promises all timid and exhilarating winter. it seems to me and you so now i have to make seven zero in on the bus tomorrow let me take you same for sochi twenty four take. all the. the winter games on fold german television as explaining to children what they're all about focusing bell on politics rob ford and offering pre-teens a controversial view on some very grown up subjects that's coming your way shortly .
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join me. for in-depth impartial and financial reporting commentary contribute and much much. only on bombast and. ugly.
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i. it's already international law rule received a human rights act for could edward snowden major stars a lawyer just when a radical she says she was interrogated when arriving at london's heathrow airport she was detained by customs officials and faced what she describes as a hostile questioning it was a line of questioning that went beyond the usual that went into who i represent as an attorney any kind of line of questioning into my into the details of my work and specific clients is beyond the ambit of what any normal customs official would ask i've never been asked these kinds of questions and found it to be very intimidating
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and hostile and in a similar case journalist david miranda was detained at london's heathrow airport that was august last year he was questioned for nine hours all of his electronic equipment seized just because of his loose affiliation with edward snowden just like radek says this is a very worrying trend. but i feel like lawyers and journalists are now beginning to be targeted at the borders of countries in the western hemisphere in so-called democratic countries and it's a threat to press freedom when journalists are questioned and it's a threat to the integrity of the judicial system when attorneys who are working on someone's case are being harassed or intimidated on the basis of who they represent our ability dot com right now as the u.s. prepares to pull out of afghanistan the pentagon eye is up another part of central asia and lethal could soon appear. as washington considers opening
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new drone base is all the along the border details of that of our own for you this hour while you're there are stories there for you as well in qatar the cost of hosting a major sporting event is being paid in human lives hundreds of immigrant construction workers have died while building stadiums and infrastructure for the twenty twenty two football world cup those disturbing details at all to dot com right now. in the meantime banking giant barclays is facing a crisis of customer confidence after the private data of thousands of its clients was leaked medical issues income salaries savings insurance policies old used as tools of manipulation and scrupulous brokers only boy or investor. when you go to the bank in on some personal questions about your finances the last thing you expect is that you ron says are going to be sold on to rogue traders but that's
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exactly what happened to twenty seven thousand barclays customers here in the u.k. it was an anonymous whistleblower who handed some of that stolen data over to the mail on sunday newspaper revealing the worst case. data loss from a high street bank the police are now investigating i want to go public to stop it getting bigger it was pure gold to brokers who most of made a fortune out of it because it gave them a psychological edge over potential investors their victims the files contained customers possible money and health information as well as that attitudes to risk the whistleblower described it as a gold mine that could be manipulated by traders running investment scams i think people know that big banks like barclays really can't be trusted and we saw p.p.i. and libel actually two point four million people switch away from big banks to
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smaller banks that they felt the call to their money and where the coke bottles say that they're contacting all the customers involved in the data breach which they say relates to people who use their financial planning business that closed down back in two thousand and eleven. protection our customers data is a top priority and we take this issue extremely seriously this appears to be criminal action and we will cooperate with authorities in person when the perpetrator or the banks already had to pay a two hundred ninety million pound fine for its part in the libel rigging scandal they've also had to set aside two billion pounds to compensate people who were missed so payment protection insurance but regaining trust after this latest blunder could be something that money can't buy. poorly boyko artsy
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london or to venezuela now which has given three u.s. officials forty eight hours to leave the country in response to national unrest of innocent here. thank. you in the meantime president nicolas maduro accused american officials are fueling the protests all under the guise of visiting universities and handing out visas washington says the allegations are ridiculous at least three people though fatally shot last week in clashes between anti-government and pro demonstrators. into the day we go here's a scene for you. i. was being killed because police clashed with protesters. way over one hundred demonstrators. drive to seal the gates of the prime minister's office to prevent them from. the opposition. to step down.
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given. to ukraine where demonstrators in ukraine have reportedly broken through police lines in central kiev you are right now watching live from the scene where protesters. have apparently attempted to blast their way into parliament. blocking access to the building and. police special security forces are reportedly on their way to the scene. protesters came into force vacated ministry of buildings that had to be two months. or at international politics as easy as one two three a t.v. broadcaster in germany which aims to teach kids all about russia has a very particular message the president is a villain the opposition is wonderful reports. touchiest understand what she is
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a city in russia the head of state in russia is a bloody mess putin and he doesn't always respect human rights in his land this is how the german kids' t.v. show logo be dealt with the build up to the winter olympics event showed look at some of the clips and you see the show dealing with complex issues in the simple ways to get it at a pre-teen audience at least bloody me a protein this helps him to feel there are so many people in russia who think that like david korten is in power way too long and that it is known that he will win the election before the vote even started then regarding critics of the kremlin alexei in the bayani a galaxy now vitally is putin's opponent and he has always that cleared it out loud and many people think that's the only reason why he had to go to jail. if i don't ask leafs going to the winter games of the i'm sad to find they find it bad that human rights in russia are not always respected comes out of the program make his
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state funded channels e.d.f. to the us to specifically for an interview about potential file use in the show they declined but did send this reply by email. is aimed at children aged eight to twelve years old children appreciate the logo logo manages to portray even the most complex topics which children to understand moreover daily reactions of children to the show are that they're mostly on board with logo content data reported this also applies to political issues whether national or international policy. they haven't been children are being used in the media as a tool for that they should be told that everything that comes from t.v. has been pretty chewed and now go out there and prove for yourself the opposite they always tell the negative things if it's different it's bad if it's different it's dangerous sin city if we're prepared to give me an interview i want to speak to those who fund the broadcast or german taxpayers as. not to don't take an oath
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tell them as truth at the beach with this kind of information would do no good for our kids child psychologists also agree that children as young as eight fully capable of real critical sorts what is being shown to them at that age they are not rebellious they're questioning and they might not quite believe this program an eight year old can't put the whole picture they gather these are all of the artsy jimmy next it's boom bust on artie international.
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trends arrow to vnukovo report your best way to the heart of mosco. i was first state of the city address new york mayor bill de blasio said that he would put forward legislation for the city to issue special municipal identification cards to undocumented immigrants he summed up his feelings by saying to all my fellow new yorkers who are undocumented i say new york city is your home too and we will not force any of our residents to live their lives in the shadows yeah that sounds nice but the reason these illegal immigrants live their lives in the shadows is because they immigrated illegally why should new yorkers bend over backwards for illegal criminal immigrants this is the same logic that if i catch a guy breaking into my house as a gracious host i should offer him a pizza because it's his home too this is not just a slap in the face to rule of law but also to the immigrants who do go through the
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bureaucracy and headaches to become u.s. citizens the right way the legal way so the blasio if you're going to provide these illegal immigrants with some sort of document it should be a plane ticket back home with instructions on how to apply for a green card the legit proper way just like everyone else has to fashion just my opinion. twenty four to. make heaven and the rest of. the sochi twenty four take. on ott. over there i'm aaron a this is very bust and these are the stories that we're tracking for you today.
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first up you thought your d.v.r. was pretty cool right well wait until you hear about the latest technology netflix is working on some pretty incredible stuff you won't want to miss it then we have american icon a mysterious author and shan't the end of modern monetary theory one of those who are on today's show is an orthodox and attention grabbing economic believes never fail to excite and you won't want to miss our interview with him and finally in today's big deal edward harrison and i discussed evie five of these it's a federal immigration platform better known as and best chance for green cards yeah that's what it's better known as our program you all want to miss a moment and it all starts right now. the.
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last one said they were one reason time warner cable for a cool forty five billion dollars it was all anyone in the world of technology media and business could talk about and while the deal is completed will no doubt reshape pay t.v. as we know it today what many overlooked last week was a pretty incredible announcement by netflix now the online t.v. and movie outfit is currently in the process of building an artificial brain using amazon cloud technology yeah talk about revolutionizing in history now netflix is moving into a field of research known as deep learning that means that netflix is training its software to provide better recommendations by feeding massive amounts of information to a technology called neural networks now neural networks mimic how the human brain identifies patterns so opposed to making suggestions based on things you've already seen netflix instead will make suggestions based on what you.


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