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tv   [untitled]    February 18, 2014 6:00am-6:31am EST

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violence on the streets of ukraine's capital as protests this clash with police there are reports of injuries on both sides of the rest of reignites just a day after a government minister came into force. same sex limits the kansas house of representatives waves through legislation that would have in mind in law the right to discriminate against gays. also the u.s. agrees to provide medical treatment to a russian pilot suffering severe chest pains in jail after strong demands from moscow's foreign ministry. i will survive it all with only my son came home.
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and talks to the prisoners mother to find out how the family is coping with the ordeal. to russia grabs olympic silver in the snowboard cross the nation's first ever medal in the sport it helps secure russia second place and soldiers overall medal count. and welcome to r.t. international twenty four hour news live from moscow. and now let's go to our breaking news story in kiev with reports of protesters armed with firearms and grenades and injuries on bars sides of violence has returned to the streets of ukraine's capital and also use renegotiate is here with us and can update us on the latest so it seems the calm is over before it even. really started in ukraine bring
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us up to date exactly well at this point we're getting reports from the police who are saying that there is the use of firearms from the side of the protesters who are also of course throwing rocks and molotov cocktails out the police also seem to be expanding their. action there are reports of them also throwing. grenades into the buildings that are near the scene of protest which is right in the center of the capital and apparently people who are in the office buildings nearby are reported to be jumping out of windows in order to save themselves from the smoke that has been permeating the buildings of the surrounding the surrounding the scene of protest what you're seeing right now at the moment and now again there are reports of were wounded on both sides at least twelve police at this point have been reported wounded cv seriously enough to be taken to hospitals also all of the protesters are saying there are three women resting injuries from rubber bullets
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fired by the police there's also a report of a reuters photographer who has been injured by flustered which exploded while he was filming the events and no word on whether or not he had sustained any physical damages but there are pictures out there on the internet which do show that he has some quite some serious. damage as do the clothes that he was wearing one of the first grade seems to have straight through it again this is happening just when a rather actually has convened earlier on tuesday in order to discuss the possibilities of votes on going back to the earlier conflict to the constitution that ukraine used to have several years ago now this is something that the opposition really wants but it's something that the majority of the parliament parliament members have decided to vote against or actually refused to vote on it that's the opposition. blocked the rather which is the ukrainian parliament. and
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that is when the protesters have went and started storming the police who are on the streets of kiev who are trying to hold of the protesters for as long as they also bird the protesters have also burned several trucks in the center of the city they are also set on fire the offices of the ruling ukrainian party party of regions people have reportedly been evacuated from the building but the thing is that it has been on fire and. several cars that are in the parking lot next to that building are also said to be burning as well so at this point we're looking at all hell breaking loose in the very center of the capital model two weeks after all of it seems to have died down and and therefore with the past two weeks we have seen that the government ukrainian government has made several concessions to the protesters has declared a nationwide amnesty under which those who have been arrested during the protests or protest have also fallen so it is really interesting to see how things will go
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down from here because it does look for a while like the government and the opposition that we have been coming to some sort of if not agreement that at least fire which has unfortunately been broken on tuesday. live here in moscow irina thank you very much indeed for that update and the uighurs some bossa to ukraine has been quick to react to the new violence there the statement reads we cando of progress in kiev sorry to see renewed violence that politics need to happen in the wrong order not from the streets and some more now this is when i joined line by moxley botha who is an international relations lecturer at moscow state university mark a very warm welcome to you all see very nice to see you here so the you are some boxer that actually america says politics should be decided in parliament not on the streets is that cheney a change of attitude of actually shoot from the you are still rules ukraine. no i
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don't really think so we have previously seen american politicians coming to the protesters. come rioters in the streets of kiev cheer leading them on and promising them american support we have also all heard the leaked song calls for the adventure sceptic phone calls between the u.s. ambassador to the ukraine and the u.s. assistant secretary of state swore european and in your asian affairs victoria nuland where they were. basically stage managing the opposition leaders and declaring who they would like to see take position in government and. i cannot say now that the opposition to the leadership has lost control that actually who are those people who are on the streets again that well. first as to who the people are in the streets there are well that they are the people of the euro my
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doll and now this includes lots of different factions but it is important to know that they're all acting synergistically as a whole in the front of the protests of the vanguard if you will that are violently attacking the police cordons and attempting to storm the parliament and buildings we see members identified by their flags and by their paraphernalia as members of the older nationalist right sector for peaceful protests party which has been described continually in the western media in academia as a neo nazi party and other point to make stream right wing and ultra nationalist groups such as spilled most bravo and others. has for the rest of the protestors they are also as we see equally supportive and facilitating the violence and even the pro. your oh my dawn ukrainian english language newspaper the
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post has reported that the women old and young women are literally ripping up the streets pavements streets and passing on the stones in brigade lines up to the front lines with which to attempt to stone the police and also constructing molotov cocktails and passing them up as well so we will we see the the protesters whether nominally peaceful or the front lines all acting as a whole it with regards to the violence yes and briefly do you think that the opposition leadership has actually lost control of that that well i'm not sure that the opposition leadership the three main speakers representing the mainstream opposition parties has ever been exact i would argue that if you speak to the protestors on the euro my dime they will say that very few of them are
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actually represented by these opposition leaders and they have actually accused in the past the opposition leaders of attempting to hijack their revolution. so i don't think that these opposition leaders klitschko yet so when you look at the neo nazi tian box have you ever actually been in control of the protests about international relations professor at moscow state university mark thank you very much indeed for bringing us up to date again weapon changes. and some early success for russia the sochi olympics today in the form of a silver medal in the snowboarding russia wasn't attempts to take any medals and the snowboarding but there you go and that's they magical that impacts. now nicholai in finish second in the cross the country's first of a medal in the sport and was played by his friend tribal but stayed ahead of the u.s. athletes and fed a loon in. the twenty ten world junior champion and before the sochi games said he
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was planning to retire well if he does at least you know go out on a high for a wider look at the olympics and she caught up with the i.o.c. vice president craig greedy. the i.o.c. is very. particularly for the r.c. church because if you give them a commendation which that is if you give wonderful which it could be and full of really good funds then you're going to get great support so we're very happy if you are building a winter site from sargent you've got the motor you end up with the reno for the alpine events with four or five trucks all finishing in the shade lorien and that makes a great deal of change but it has to be people we have to teach people get used to it while it is there's a packed with action here in sochi tonight all eyes will be on the hawking well the russian needing a win as are his and your follow reports. there's
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only one place to start of the line that's the men's ice hockey because russia take on norway for a place in the quarter finals the pressure is mounting on the host off they failed to reach the last eight automatically but they really should beat this norwegian side to have lost that great opening games and also funny how something like one player in the n.h.l. compared to something like russia's sixteenth however has been a word of caution from one soviet legend. i think it's going to be a. little bit of. a bonding for the team because you're playing against already but it's you have to or understand you know there's no. picks so you have to be aware they have to respect where played against you know that same time you have a chance like to see different. nations and to see what. what you have today and. what you plan for the next trial to the quarter finals well many people
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are predicting a russian win but what about the norwegians there are plenty of them here and we caught up so i expect that no i will lose so i saw the game with him. yes a pressure but really strong expect to be very interesting and. norway will do good but i think the russian bear will crush them unfortunately we'll see whether those predictions come true at the bolshoi stoma little later on. the social games have been full of examples of the persistence none more so than canadian snowboarder dominic tag the set of three year old one so when the woman snowboard cross taking some revenge for her heartbreaking defeat in vancouver four years ago bugs and multi suffered a bad crash in training before the race started injured and in pain she finished
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twenty s and failed to pass the qualification round so a great comeback for her and sultry and she told us she was happy with the slopes to you as well as to getting a chance to meet some new people you know it's my third time researching in sochi last year to get this nomination wasn't easy for sure but this year it's only spring condition and we used to race in those kind of those kind of ambition and it was a course was really good and they did a great job in the course it was there for sure they could be bigger and we used to ride but it was really fun and good speed. and it. just like if it would keep to seattle say it's great experience with everyone and i would like to see a pusher. monday was a day of breakthroughs here at the winter games and here is all it will go down in olympic history for us eyes dancing merrily davis and charley wide skated away from
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their rivals then awarded a record one hundred ninety five point five two two points and here's another hero of the day belorussian athlete daddy at dawn or a child but she won her third gold in the by our son mark stein race becoming the first woman to win three biathlon gold medals in one olympic. and of course sort of following all the sporting big trees right here and of course you can find even more online for you and our twitter page has got everything you need to know about or is going on in sochi right now and there you can find the latest comments and pictures from the athletes themselves before their competition sets of women's driver paula walker from team great britain tweeted a preview of herself in some fancy new equipment while dash. comforters sent out a message of support with some very inspiring words and of course we'll bring you
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all the latest from sochi so keep up to date on all the live big excitement right here on r.t. international. the g twenty four gene promises the ultimate in the exhilarating winter was enough. to join us in our way to make seven zero and the rest of our look at news team for sochi twenty four take. on art. right now we're getting reports that two members of protest punk band pussy riot have been arrested in sochi let's not get more from our season he's an hour hi there and he says so tell us what we know. right now what we're hearing is that. when the two of the most well known members of the punk band pussy riot which of course was arrested a couple of years ago for their stunted christ the savior cathedral number released recently on
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a wide ranging amnesty just before the new year we're hearing from social media mostly that they have been arrested on suspected fast in the first in her twitter feed wrote about the two being arrested and then we're also hearing confirmation from reports of another photo journalist that was with them at the time apparently he as well was arrested and he is confirming that they're being accused of stealing something from a local hotel it's worth mentioning of course that local officials have not yet confirmed this will continue to track this story so far it's very much an internet story as they say but it should be mentioned that of course they're stunned back in crisis there then arrests of course brought them great frame across the globe really from other musicians as well as from activists around the world and for some it may be a surprise to know that they are now in sochi a great stage to maybe perhaps get themselves in the headlines once again like i said we'll continue to track the story and bring you more as and when we get it.
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because. now a line from central and he said thank you very much indeed for bringing us up to date and coming up later this hour a decision by the council house of representatives to possibile which would discriminate couples sparks outrage and begin while reporting just a few minutes. it was a little very hard to take. that back with that hurt but there are no.
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the good of the. late. here washing off international life from moscow welcome back a decision by the kansas house of representatives to pass a bill which would have allowed the legal discrimination
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a gay couples was matched with outrage across the year was a somewhat embarrassed state senate now plans to sing them education which would have allowed people to use their religious beliefs to openly deny services care or employment to same sex couples is going to trickle down our problems. kansas lawmakers have outraged the gay community here in the u.s. says you know last year the u.s. supreme court ruled that the ban on same sex marriage is unconstitutional so you have states that have embrace this ruling and you have states that are trying to shield themselves from that ruling and here's how kansas is doing it kansas lawmakers have passed a bill that would allow businesses and state government employees to deny services to same sex couples if quote it would be contrary to their sincerely held religious beliefs so according to these lawmakers forcing businesses or state employees to deliver services to same sex couples is
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a violation of their freedom of religion and speech gay rights advocates are of course outraged over this some say it could be worse than party simply not allowing gay marriage because we're talking about services that could include medical care so state hospitals can potentially turn away gay couples at the door and deny treatment and this bill would protect them from discrimination lawsuits if a gay couple calls the police an officer may refuse to help them on religious grounds that's how broad the language of this kansas bill is we're asking residents of washington d.c. one of the most gay friendly cities in the us what they think about this bill. i think it's really terrible i think that employers should not be able to just like not let same sex couples have the same benefits as regular married couples based on their religious beliefs that's a fundamental contradiction of separation of church and state he might think that's why. why why do you think that. i don't
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think that the state. should be able to force people to do things that go against their religious beliefs kansas's not alone so-called religious example was having. supposing i don't hold mississippi or high or oklahoma and oregon twenty states have laws protecting residents from discrimination based on their sexual orientation but most states do not and it seems last year's supreme court's decision and the all trend toward equal rights for gay couples have prompted some of these conservative states to take an even more aggressive stance against the gay community in washington i'm going to check on our. aging u.s. states as well as several cities and counties have what is called no pro homo provisions in arizona for example homosexuality cannot be official described as
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a positive way of life and in alabama and texas sex education must emphasize that homosexuality is not an acceptable lifestyle there's no and to gay statute in kansas but one l.g. beauty activist earlier told us same sex couples are discriminated on daily bases whatever legislation is in actually good. in kansas we have no anti-discrimination statute which includes sexual orientation or gender identity even if the supreme court tomorrow were to declare that the kansas. discrimination bans are unconstitutional residents of kansas could go right ahead and discriminate. so it's kind of a smokescreen that a lot of people are drawing up that this is really about cakes and wearing on people who already have the authority to turn that down because there's no connection to sexual orientation the main thing that this bill will do that will work the only community is it will enable the government government employees to
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continue to pick and choose what marriages they are valid by the statute so even after cyclone craft they're trying to give employees and the government the right to go ahead and turn down citizens and i could be any employee of any government agency. and online for years r.t. dot com as the u.s. prepares to pull out of afghanistan the pentagon eyes up another part of central asia unmanned aircraft could soon appear that was back to stan as washington considers opening new drone bases close to the afghan border has details on the controversial plan. and encountered the cost of hosting a major sporting about it is being paid in human lives hundreds of immigrant construction workers have died while building stadiums and infrastructure for the twenty twenty two football world cup on our website.
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a russian pilot jailed in the u.s. has not been given proper medical treatment despite experiencing symptoms of an imminent heart attack that's despite constant senior shango being allowed to see a doctor after a russian diplomat insisted he was in need of urgent attention and we spoke to his mother who says her son is being left to suffer for no reason. i sometimes look at his picture and think to myself let me take your pain away i will survive it all if only my son came home. and i only get to talk to him once a week it's too expensive to call you know when you've you know if he's not guilty why are they driving him to his death what did he do wrong i keep asking what evil did he cause to the united states what did he do did he kill somebody did he rob somebody no he's not guilty of any crime. still waiting for washington to allow a russian delegation of diplomats to actually visit here showing her in prison and
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she's in a situation and takes a look back at the case of the ex pilot. in twenty ten detained in liberia in a sting operation brought on to u.s. soil and twenty eleven sentenced to twenty years behind bars for conspiring to internationally smuggle drugs the case of russian pilot constantin your show to go stirring relations between moscow and washington returns to the headlines yet again a man with no previous criminal background anywhere in the world someone who has never even stepped foot on u.s. soil prior to his being snatched up by u.s. officials became the first russian citizen to be sentenced in the u.s. for an intent to participate in a crime that was built by special agents posing as drug dealers arrested in a third country after the imprisoned pilots numerous cries for medical help remain unanswered in the u.s. his lawyer after visiting the man in jail recent alarm saying his client needs urgent medical care if he is to live seeing your sham go seems to be on the brink of a heart attack basco is demanding that the russian citizen being held in
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a new jersey prison be allowed a proper visit from russian diplomats as well as russian and american doctors for a full examination of his health. he has been trying to get reaction to the treatment of constantine notion co and the fact he was denied medical assistance so the fall of the u.s. state department honesty international and other human rights organizations have yet to respond. and a quick recap now on our top story the fresh round of violence that has flared up in kiev. opposition demonstrators forty three these flying there for the twelve percent this have some seriously with seven police officers also at prices that are burning tires and tempted to make their way to parliament there were also reports of grenades being thrown out of the headquarters of the ruling party in retaliation for police firing rubber bullets and that is where ministry claims there have been firearms he's
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comes just a day after an amnesty for opposition protesters came into force after they became to administrative buildings that had been occupied for two months of course we'll bring you more as we get it at the top of the next hour. and coming up next a martin is here with braking to set. the trend zero to vnukovo report your best way to the heart of moscow.
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i just first state of the city address new york mayor bill de blasio so that he would put forward legislation for the city to issue special municipal identification cards to undocumented immigrants he summed up his feelings by saying to all my fellow new yorkers who are undocumented i. say new york city is your home too and we will not force any of our residents to live their lives in the shadows yeah that sounds nice but the reason these illegal immigrants live their lives in the shadows is because they immigrated why should new yorkers bend over backwards for illegal criminal immigrants this is the same logic that if i catch a guy breaking into my house as a gracious host i should offer him a pizza because it's his home too this is not just a slap in the face to rule of law but also to the immigrants who do go through the bureaucracy and headaches to become u.s. citizens the right way the legal way so the blasio if you're going to provide these illegal immigrants with some sort of document it should be
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a plane ticket back home with instructions on how to apply for a green card the legit proper way just like everyone else has to fashion just my opinion. what's really good folks i'm mental rob lowe filling in for abby martin welcome to breaking the set so by now we all know their phone calls emails text messages
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gaming tendencies and even porn habits are no longer private things were friendly neighborhood and essay but the one area that still appeared to be safe from the prying eyes of uncle peeping sam was attorney client privilege well thanks to the latest edward snowden leak that broke over the weekend we know that even this most hollowed and protective of relationships is subject to surveillance to get out according to a top secret document obtained by the new york times a us law firm representing the government of indonesia for assistance with the international trade talks was selected for monitoring in february of last year the n.s.a. was working directly with its counterpart agency in australia to gather information about the law firm and its dealings with indonesia and yes this went far beyond just gathering for metadata straightly a signals directorate explicitly told the n.s.a. that quote information covered by attorney client privilege may be included in intelligence gathering well that's sure to make americans feel.


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