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tv   [untitled]    February 18, 2014 9:00am-9:31am EST

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this is why you should care only. ukraine's opposition claims three activists have been killed while thirty seven policemen have been entered in clashes that erupted a day after a government amnesty came into force. on dissent cleared whom as armed man in uniform clash with a charter on the streets of kiev. and other news the kansas house of representatives ushers in legislation that would legalize discrimination gays on the grounds of people's religious beliefs and. it will survive it all if only my son came home leave. me probably members and a lawyer of a russian jailed in the us a is still not receiving medical help despite claiming
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he's close to heart but. this is all seem to national coming to life for most of my name is you thanks for joining us. unrest has reignited in kiev just a day after the government's amnesty for protesters came into fools clashed with police on the streets so big ukrainian capital with reports of injuries on both sides and as you can see on this i think creasing very difficult to understand who's fighting whom the footage shows ukrainian riot police being a time to buy a known men in uniform get the latest from here right now please tell us what's going on over. clashes seems to be subsiding at this particular moment they have
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been going on for hours as of now we are talking about. the opposition protesters are saying that there is more than one hundred of them they're also saying that three people from among the activists have been killed in these clashes the police however are saying that first of all they're not using live ammo secondly they also have more than thirty police officers who have been injured and five of them according to the police officials have sustained gunshot wounds the police are saying that the protesters or somebody among them in fact are using live ammunition that actually coincides with the fact that one of the radical groups among the protesters the so-called right sector is actually issued a public call on all its social media sites including on its official website saying that everybody has. come to the city's independence square and to protect them are done as they call it from the possible attack on this from the police
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forces now at this point it's really hard to say exactly we are who is who when the two sides come together in fighting because the opposition protesters have been arming themselves increasingly over the past several months among them as you can see on the video among them are a lot of those who have been at one point serving in the military they know the tactics and we also have. the clothes and other ammunition to protect. selves or to carry out an offensive tactics with so really increasing mayhem in the korean capital it really hard to say when and if these clashes will subside. but there was relative calm in this issue before today how was it reached absolutely as a matter of fact everybody or a lot of people could have said that clashes or protests in kiev are all but dead the government actually has made quite a few concessions to the also solution such as of course the countrywide amnesty we
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saw more than two hundred protesters who have been arrested during the protests freed also the laws which were brought in in the middle of the protests actually have been repealed after the proved to be highly unpopular with the population a but all of a sudden the opposition leaders such as which. have gone over to europe have just returned from germany and all of a sudden we're hearing from them that the government is blocking the reforms in fact that they wanted to go back to the constitution of two thousand and four and that's what the ukrainian parliament was supposed to possibly vote on today however majority of the deputies in the ukrainian parliament refused to vote on it that's when the opposition parliamentary blocked speakers podium and that is also when people on the streets have started trying to access the parliament of course at this point they're being held off by the police but again and exactly how long that
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standoff is going to last is not yet clear it will kind of reaction how we've seen so well so far we have heard from the russian ministry of foreign affairs who have said that part of the blame for what is happening right now on the streets of kiev lies with the western politicians who have been increasingly supportive of the opposition from the get go and also supporting the right wing radical groups who are largely the driving militant force of this. last week that we are seeing in kiev at the moment and have been seeing for the past several months. thank you very much indeed the you are some boss of the two ukraine has been quick to react to the latest outbreak of unrest is as a his sorry to see more violence and political matters to be resolved in the ukrainian parliament but international relations expert mark feel such statements
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can't hide washington's real agenda in ukraine. we have previously seen merican politicians coming to the protesters. come rioters in the streets of kiev cheer leading them on and promising them american support we have also all heard the leaked phone calls the intercepted phone calls between the u.s. ambassador to the ukraine and the u.s. assistant secretary of state for european and in your asian affairs victoria nuland where they were. basically stage managing the opposition leaders and declaring who they would like to see take position in government and who are not i'm not sure that the opposition in the leadership the three main sigurd's representing the mainstream opposition parties has ever been sacked i would argue that if you speak to the protestors on the euro my gun they will say that
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very few of them are actually represented by these opposition leaders and they have actually accused in the past the opposition leaders of attempting to hijack their revolution. so i don't think that these opposition leaders klitschko yet and you know a neo nazi tian bach have ever actually been in control of the protests. say without saying to national for the latest updates from ukraine. team russia's first tokay olympic playoff clash against no way is in full swing now and the red machine has taken two steps closer to making it to the quarterfinals let's get more on the showdown at the bolshoi eyes does from our correspondent a song change poles can't hide a pull so for the latest from day olympic i. well russia lead norway to nail heading into the final period but they've been made to work hard by
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a norway side who have lost all three matches so far in the competition it is of course russia's first match in the knockout stages a place in the quarterfinals or a steak gold from alexander. put the host firmly in a book seat for a place in the last eight where finland awaits in the quarterfinals but norway might think they're still in this match in the final twenty minutes however soviet hockey legend from the eighty's and ninety's. he said before this match that it was going to be as easy as perhaps some people were predicting. that played against already but it's you have to or understand you know there is no. fix so you have to be aware i have to respect where played against. same time you have a chance like to see different. nations and to see what. what you have today and. what you plan for the next round to the quarterfinals.
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well norway are without a win so far in the competition it's played three lost three for them and these no away fans that we spoke to before hand one confident of an upset. i think pointless. and savage with russia. missing pressure to be strong expect to be very interesting and i hope norway will do good but i think the russian bear will crush them unfortunately it will run deep. well elsewhere today i can tell you the russian have added a silver medal to that tally and it was a real surprise with nicholai aloon in coming second in the men's snowboard cross well before these games he hadn't finished higher than forty eighth in international competition on the sochi slope so it's a real turn up for the books that are let's see what all of that has done to the latest medals table then you can see that norway have leap frogged rusher into
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second place this is after they secured a gold and silver in the nordic combined and also a very dramatic gold in the men's biathlon must start as well as still germany but currently lead the way now there have been a number of breathtaking performances on sporting successes in the last twenty four hours and he said now right now has more. now we've seen some real breakthroughs here at the winter games we mentioned that snowboard cross medal for russia quite historic here is what will go down in olympic history you as ice dancing pair meryl davis and charlie white skated away from their rivals being awarded a record one hundred ninety five point fifty two points and here's another hero of the day belorussian athlete daria she won her third gold in the by awful on mass start race becoming the first woman to win three buyouts along gold medals in one of the impacts now the olympic games can be
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a thrill ride for the fans just as much as the athletes fight if the emotional roller coaster isn't enough for visitors maybe they would be interested in a real want artie's martin and explains. hold on tight saatchi park is here will almost the official opening is this some of the guests to the park to come lee get a taste of what's going to be on located next to the fish stadium it's taken an international team. to design and prepare the attraction estimated to cost over three hundred seventy million dollars that's of on the. supermarket hirsch on the pushchair fairy tales. we want to see the people trencher experience the adventure park will feature thirty five rides and attractions based on mission total and continue as a year round for the. medical five feet plans the highlight for many will be the
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adrenaline filled rights including russia's tallest and fastest roller coaster. for different thrill seeking activity i head inland located near dillon pick cluster of chrysler pollyanna energetic this is here must be prepared to climb zip swing balance and jump through the forest the tree obstacle course blends the mountain views with a variety of elements ranging from easy to well extremely challenging i feel like i'm a member of the moscow state circus and so far it's a good play here include this. thirteen twenty fourteen promise a week alternate exhilarating winter forcing our team in here to join me in using our make heaven and the rest of our local news team for sochi twenty four take. on
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. stay tuned for more of today's headlines right after this short break. transit routes of a new get the report your best way to the heart of moscow. cholesterol piano depression. the efforts to.
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improve your life. are you see. those. international welcome back the house of representatives in the u.s. state of kansas has come under fire after overwhelmingly have probing a bill which would legalize the discrimination of gay individuals while at the state senate now plans to kill the proposal he's going to check on one to see what
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people in the u.s. capital flank of the metro station. kansas lawmakers have outraged the gay community here in the u.s. says you know last year the u.s. supreme court ruled that the ban on same sex marriage is unconstitutional so you have states that have embrace this ruling and you have states that are trying to shield themselves from that ruling and here's how kansas is doing it kansas lawmakers have passed a bill that would allow businesses and state government employees to deny services to same sex couples if quote it would be contrary to their sincerely held religious beliefs so according to these lawmakers forcing businesses or state employees to deliver services to same sex couples is a violation of their freedom of religion and speech gay rights advocates are of course outraged over this some say it could be worse than simply not allowing gay marriage because we're talking about services that could include medical care so state hospitals can potentially turn away gay couples at the door and deny
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treatment and this bill would protect them from discrimination lawsuits if a gay couple calls the police an officer may refuse to help them on religious grounds that's how broad the language of the kansas bill is we're asking residents of washington d.c. one of the most gay friendly cities in the u.s. what they think about this bill. i think it's really terrible i think that employers should not be able to just like not let same sex couples have the same benefits as regular married couples based on their religious beliefs that's a fundamental contradiction of separation of church and state might be that's why. why why do you think that. i don't think that the state. should be able to force people to do things that go against their religious beliefs
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kansas's not alone so-called religious example law so be. proposing idaho mississippi or high your oklahoma and oregon twenty states have laws protecting residents from discrimination based on their sexual orientation but most states do not and it seems last year's supreme court's decision and your old trend toward equal rights for gay couples have prompted some of these conservative states to take an even more aggressive stance against the gay community in washington i'm going to check on our. legislation you are states carry on being pro gay provisions in utah for example schools are banned from advocating for homosexuality while in texas sex education classes must include lessons that homosexuality isn't an acceptable lifestyle and its conduct is a criminal offense one rights activist told us he same sex couples in kansas are discriminated against on a daily basis despite there being so no official and to gay statute. in kansas we
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have no anti-discrimination statute which includes sexual orientation or gender identity even if the supreme court tomorrow were to be clear that the kansas. discrimination bans are unconstitutional residents of kansas could go right ahead and discriminate as they do today so it's kind of a smokescreen that a lot of people are drawing up that this is really about cakes and wearing on people who already will have the authority to turn that down because there's no connection to sexual orientation at the main thing that this bill will do that will upset the ultimately community is it will enable the government government employees to continue to pick and choose what marriages they deem are valid by the statute so even after a thick layer of constitutional they're trying to give employees and the government the right to go ahead and turn down citizens and i could be any employee of any government agency. lawyer of
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a russian jailed in the us says his client has still not received the medical help promised by the american authorities constantine claims to be suffering from severe chest pains but so far he's only had a medical scan of everything except a heart his serving a twenty year sentence on charges of conspiring to smuggle drugs into the u.s. but his mother maintains his innocence i sometimes look at his picture and think to myself let me take your pain away i will survive it all if only my son came home. i only get to talk to him once a week it's too expensive to call you know when you see a lawyer he's not guilty why are they driving him to his death what did he do wrong i keep asking what evil did he cause to the united states what did he do did he kill somebody did he rob somebody no he's not guilty of any crime. u.s. authorities promised to help but only out of mosco demanded action from motion to.
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its own doctors to be granted to the inmate season is this a trick and take some of the back of the case of the ex pilot who was encrypted by american agents. in twenty ten detained in liberia in a sting operation brought on to u.s. soil and twenty eleven sentenced to twenty years behind bars for conspiring to internationally smuggle drugs the case of russian pilot constantin your show stirring relations between moscow and washington returns to the headlines yet again a man with no previous criminal background anywhere in the world someone who has never even stepped foot on u.s. soil prior to his being snatched up by u.s. officials became the first russian citizen to be sentenced in the u.s. for an intent to participate in a crime that was built by special agents posing as drug dealers arrested in a third country after the imprisoned pilots numerous cries for medical help remain unanswered in the u.s. his lawyer after visiting the man in jail recent alarm saying his client needs
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urgent medical care if he is to live seeing your sham go seems to be on the brink of a heart attack moscow is demanding that the russian citizen being held in a new jersey prison be allowed a proper visit from russian diplomats as well as russian and american doctors for a full examination of his health. leading the e.u. official has called for the formation of a full fiscal and political union in the eurozone on monday the vice president of the european commission expressed hope for the eurozone to become the united states of europe the. goal is to ensure stability of the euro and to preserve the single market for commons came however amid a steady rise of the euro skepticism a united europe would also have to be made up of nations that have seen a growing right wing sentiment for example france's national front is joining forces with the dutch and to islam campaign their gear to voters ahead of the european elections in may belgium all straight and entirely have also seen the
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success of anti e.u. and two year and to immigration policies let's talk now to morton messerschmitt danish member of the european parliament little welcome to r.c. very nice to talk to you right now so what do you make of this united states of europe idea. well on the one hand i think it's nice that vivian reading as one of the commissioners actually speak out openly about her desires and dreams so many of the other commissioners near fissions will never admit to that the goal is to for me a federal european union you don't the other hand i'm quite confirm darkly sure that that the citizens of europe don't desire don't want to have this federal state that we've been reading is speaking about an obviously she's she therefore reveals. the idea that you're brussels which is in contradiction with the people of europe that's why we need to have more referenda us and to check whether the people of europe actually just want to give up also venancio their fiscal policies migration
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policies and so on to an elected body in brussels that we've been ripped reading represents and of course there are also concerns about poverty and unemployment in the european states right now how can best be tackled in the possible states of europe. well there are so many issues trice in the european union right at this moment and many of them have actually been created by the european union for instance forming the the euro zone trying to merge together very very different economies in the south and the north that obviously is the main reason why the euro zone as such is still the only major economy of the world still in recession also when it comes to the free movement not only of workers but of citizens around in the union that has obviously led to many problems for instance my country denmark with their with their bankers and criminals and other people coming. transnationally from the eastern european countries without any possibilities for
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our police forces to protect our country not even after they have been exposed we can make sure that they don't come back because we are due to brussels regulation we are prohibited from having border controls so many of these profits have a. due to your regulation also interesting the we know they you has already suspended talks with switzerland right over here recession education programs because of the recent and to immigration do you think that the swiss caring about that well i think that the swedes care about their future and they care about the problems that the borders and the free movement has created much more than they care whether some program on education and science has been put on ice by by brussels and i'm quite sure that actually the e.u. officials will soon admits that they have just as much on stake as this which here for instance the european union has invested many many billions of euros in the
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certain in the particular area or in switzerland so i think this is a very stupid and juvenile reaction to a very rational approach by the majority of the swiss voters simply saying that the entire free movement the lack of water control has has carried a catastrophe s.k. to chaos where we have no control of who is coming in and out of our countries where we have no possibilities of shaking with the rules in the labor market in payment for stuff like that is being. done correctly and. i think that the european union rather should have engaged in a debate about the problems they have created then you know like this just closing their eyes to the reality meanwhile far right parties are nationalists again in strength and they are hailing this. do you think such sentiment so we'll only get one. well i fear what will happen here in may at the european parliament elections around in some of the european countries where we have seen movements and
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sentiments parties that we thought would do belong only to the past i mean in greece now we have a new facets we see that the formation of simon powers right now is to get around twenty twenty five percent of the votes these are certainly parties that i had never expected to nor hoped would do once again get. support in europe but we have to understand that when these parties come it's not because the europeans are turning to the extreme right out of their free will it's because many of the trappings that that that form our everyday lives with premal my friends with the recession and economy and so on has been building created by the european union and this is therefore only the rational approach for many many people to reject all controlled all of your credit and undemocratic european union there's nowhere is for them to go because all the old timers used they remain very loyal to the european union they would never speak against brussels and therefore the voters are
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actually almost forced to join or support these extreme parties ok danish member of the european parliament martin messerschmitt mr messerschmitt thank you very much indeed for your time and sharing your perspective with us. now a quick recap now our top story of a fresh round of violence that has flared up in k.s. . demonstrators have broken through police lines the opposition side three accidents have been killed and seven are critically injured that the thirty seven law enforcement officials also heard rioters are attempted to and making their way to the parliament and there were also reports of grenades being thrown at the headquarters of the reading policy and it comes just a day after an amnesty for opposition protesters came into force of course we'll be bringing you more on this developing story at the top of the next hour and coming out for you next
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a look at how drug companies are being accused of creating illnesses to sell the cure. i was first state of the city address new york mayor bill de blasio said that he
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would put forward legislation for the city to issue special municipal identification cards to undocumented immigrants he summed up his feelings by saying to all my fellow new yorkers who are undocumented i say new york city is your home too and we will not force any of our residents to live their lives in the shadows yeah that sounds nice but the reason these illegal immigrants live their lives in the shadows is because they immigrated illegally. why should new yorkers bend over backwards for illegal criminal immigrants this is the same logic that if i catch a guy breaking into my house as a gracious host i should offer him a pizza because it's his home too this is not just a slap in the face to rule of law but also to the immigrants who do go through the bureaucracy and headaches to become u.s. citizens the right way the legal way so the blasio if you're going to provide these illegal immigrants with some sort of document it should be a plane ticket back home with instructions on how to apply for a green card the legit proper way just like everyone else has to fashion just my opinion.
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