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tv   [untitled]    February 18, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm EST

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i. know i know people have been killed in kiev among them two police officers in the deadliest wave of violence to hit the ukrainian capital since the recent unrest. and it's unclear just who is fighting whom as men in uniform clash with each other on the streets. news this hour the council's house of representatives approved legislation that would legalize the discrimination of gays on the grounds of people's religious beliefs. and e.u. officials are calling for the creation of a united states of europe that's despite steadily increasing unemployment and a rise of the ultra right parties across the globe.
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this is all to international with the twenty four hours a day live from our studio center here in moscow where it's just turned ten pm and eight pm in kiev where unrest has reignited in the city just a day after the government's amnesty for protest as came into force rotters clash with police on the streets of the ukrainian capital with reports of fatalities on both sides and as you can see in this video it's increasingly difficult to understand just who the people in uniforms are attacking what are presumed to be ukraine's riot police and in this video we can show you just what means are being used against the authorities you can clearly see camouflage men with real guns pretty far out police have been attacked by shells of molotov cocktails and rocks and this is how protest of detroit. so this video apparently shows the
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first victims of today's massive clashes between the protesters and law enforcers interior ministry confirmed the deaths of nine people now with two police officers among them in the bloodiest wave of violence to hit since the protests began last november let's get the latest now from. going to school. so a dark day for ukraine tell us what is going on there at the moment well at this point we do have at least nine people confirmed dead seven protesters and two police also according to police authorities three police officers are in more than thirty have been injured and five of them have sustained gunshot wounds according to police this is the first time that they can officially say that those on the side of the protesting rioters are have been using live this is again in the protests that have been going on for months at this point it all started out as
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peaceful march towards the the country's parliament in key of however quickly escalated into president to show all violence from the rioters who have been tossing smoke grenades and in fact they have been tossing them not just of the police but also in the buildings that were next to the scene and off beyond the rest you're seeing people according to some reports that jumped out of windows in order to escape the smoke also writing groups have gone over to the headquarters of the ruling party party of regions setting that building on fire that fire has also resulted in the least one death the body was found after the firefighters managed to put out the raging flame so what we're seeing right now is now is how they've been wreaked on the streets. that the protesters did have a deadline in order to stop the assault. police that deadline has run out about two
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hours ago and whether or not we are in for a bloody night in the ukrainian capital is not yet clear however everybody on both sides of the barricades is incredibly tense at this moment arena thanks indeed for that live update well this is life footage now from the city where protest is a still rioting despite that deadline which arena mention to clear the streets having now expired the situation with the city remains extremely tense and these as i say i live pictures right now from the center of kiev and peter cook and he's a former policeman of police and serves as consultant to the u.k. he says that some protesters acting in a worryingly brutal way. i think they before to have a police officer being attacked by the protesters raises a number of questions i'm not sure whether the full facts of where the officer was deployed or what would you choose he was deployed or. my observation would be either it appeared to be in an ordinary sort of street patrol uniform as opposed to
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a public order uniform so it may well be that he was just an ordinary officer on the street. grabbed hold of for some reason but that sort of thing would be. inconsistent totally inconsistent with peaceful protest of any sort and it's an extremely worrying development for any place service when offices are being picked off if you like and taken in by. the u.s. ambassador to ukraine has been quick to react to the latest outbreak of unrest he said he's sorry to see more violence and urged political matters to be resolved in the ukrainian parliament but international relations expert mark feels such statements can't hide washington's real agenda in ukraine. they are funding it they are supporting it they are offering their advice but we saw it clearly in the intercepted phone call that was leaked between the u.s.
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assistant secretary of state for european you and your asian affairs victoria nuland and the u.s. ambassador to the ukraine geoffrey p.r.i. that they were actually stage managing and deciding who would from the opposition would take control of the next ukrainian government and who wouldn't but quite obviously their plans were not followed and their plans came actually into conflict with the plans of the european union which backs another candidate klitschko so they are trying to right the tiger of this in order to get an outcome for them that is good for their foreign policy and their geo political aspirations. but it cannot be said that they are actually in control of what is going on right there right now the mob is in control. well do stay with us here not
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international for the latest updates from ukraine. right on the scene. first for you and i think you're. on our reporters' twitter. instagram. to be in the know. on. time now for a quick update on what's happening in this year's capital of winter sports such as it all studio on the black sea coast and kevin. yeah hi there bill well to lighten the mood a little from what's going on in ukraine there i can report jubilation all across russia and of course right here in sochi. buckets today it's all because the hosts
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how he scored managed to put four goals past norway who could offer nothing in response so it's more about how the red machine made it to the quarterfinals as coach up with paul scott now. russia have booked that place in the quarterfinals of the men's ice hockey competition with what on paper looks like a comfortable four nil victory over norway but they weren't made to what freights goals from alexander a jewel of an india cavell chip put them on their way in the second period it put them two nil up but in their attempts to salvage something from the match in the final moments of the final period norway actually swapped that goaltender for a six outfield player and left them vulnerable at the back which will then grab his second of the match before the scoring was completed by alexey teta shang now the four nil victory sets up a quarterfinal tie tomorrow in the bolshoi lifetime against finland all eyes will be on this one but it won't be an easy game because finland bronze medalist in vancouver four years a guy elsewhere today russia have added
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a silver medal to that tally nicholai a loon in securing the silver medal. in the men's snowboard cross it was a real surprise a bit of a turn up for the books that one let's take a look and see how all of that affects the very latest medals table then you can see that the netherlands norway have leap frogged russia russia are now in fourth place the netherlands securing another one to three completing the podium in speedskating in the adler arena germany are in the lead of the overall standings. so those looking so far the polls got those medal standings well as we already reported those goals aren't just about a limping glory but some amazing personal achievements to look at some of the latest breakthroughs are set to go down in game's history shall we the u.s. meryl davis and charlie white skated away from their rivals on monday they were awarded a hundred ninety five point five two points which sets a new world record congrats to them that it is another hero to buy the russian
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biathletes dariya dollars now after winning her third gold in the mass start race she became the first woman to win a biathlon three times in a single olympics well done to her as well ok well we'll have the final results from day eleven in sochi right here on r.t. when we return in the next hour so stay tuned for watch out because there's always a chance of course throughout the night of more records being broken in the story break for us to tell you about now the black sheep in moscow will. live here from moscow this is our international more from sochi later more international news stories for you after a short break. transit
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road to the nuke of the airport your best way to the heart of moscow. yes.
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time now for a quick recap on our top story this hour the fresh round of violence that has flared up in kiev well these are live pictures from the center of the city there where another showdown between the rioters and law enforcement is happening as we speak the deadline given to the protesters to clear the streets expired just over two hours ago now it's just past eight o'clock in the evening there in kiev seven civilians and two police officers have been killed in today's fighting which became the bloodiest that we have since the protests began last november that has moved on the parliament the clash with police using far arms rocks molotov cocktails and explosives so these are the live scenes from the center of kiev right now and of course we'll bring you more on this developing story the top of the hour here on.
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the house of representatives in the u.s. state of kansas has come under fire after overwhelmingly approving a bill which would legalize the discrimination of game vigils over the state senate now plans to kill the proposal that is going to just went to see what people in the u.s. capitol think about this legislation. kansas lawmakers have outraged the gay community here in the u.s. says you know last year the u.s. supreme court ruled that the ban on same sex marriage is unconstitutional so you have states that have embrace this ruling and you have states that are trying to shield themselves from that ruling and here's how kansas is doing it kansas lawmakers have passed a bill that would allow businesses and state government employees to deny services to same sex couples if quote it would be contrary to their sincerely held religious beliefs so according to these lawmakers forcing businesses or state employees to deliver services to same sex couples is a violation of their freedom of religion and speech gay rights advocates are of
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course outraged over this some say it could be worse than simply not allowing gay marriage because we're talking about services that could include medical care so state hospitals can potentially turn away gay couples at the door and deny treatment and this bill would protect them from discrimination lawsuits if a gay couple calls the police an officer may refuse to help them on religious grounds that's how broad the language of this kansas bill is we're asking residents of washington d.c. one of the most gay friendly cities in the us what they think about this bill. i think it's really terrible i think that employers should not be able to just like not let same sex couples have the same benefits as regular married couples based on their religious beliefs that's a fundamental contradiction of separation of church and state. that's why.
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why why do you think that. i don't think that the state. should be able to force people to do things that go against their religious beliefs kansas's not alone so-called religious example law so be. proposed in idaho mississippi ohio oklahoma and oregon twenty states have laws protecting residents from discrimination based on their sexual orientation but most states do not and it seems last year's supreme court's decision and the overall trend toward equal rights for gay couples have prompted some of these conservative states to take an even more aggressive stance against the gay community in washington i'm going to check on our. well legislation in eight u.s. states carry articles prohibiting provisions in utah for example schools are banned from advocating and the sexuality while in texas sex education classes must include
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lessons that say it isn't an acceptable let's say isn't an acceptable lifestyle and his conduct is a criminal offense or one rights activist told r.t. same sex couples in kansas are discriminated against on a daily basis despite there being no official anti gay law. in kansas we have no anti-discrimination statute which includes sexual orientation or gender identity even if the supreme court tomorrow were to declare that the kansas. discrimination bans are unconstitutional residents of kansas could go right ahead and discriminate or say that it days so it's kind of a smokescreen that a lot of people are growing up that this is really about cakes and wearing and people already have the authority to turn that down because there's now an action for sexual orientation the main thing that this bill will do that will upset the only community is it will enable the government government employees to continue to pick and choose what marriages they deem are bowed by that statute so even after
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cyclone cartouche not there trying to give employees and the government the right to go ahead and turn down citizens and i could be any employee of any government agency. leading e.u. officials has called for the formation of a full fiscal and political union in the euro zone on monday the vice president of the european commission expressed hope the bloc would become the united states of europe viviane reding said that the goal was to ensure stability of the euro and to preserve the single market comments came however amid a steady rise of euro skepticism about europe would have to be made up of nations that have seen a growing right wing sentiment for example france's national front is joining forces with the dutch and the islam campaign to get villagers ahead of european elections in may belgium austria austria and italy have also seen the success of e.u. add to your own an anti immigration party's messerschmitt danish member of the european
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parliament thinks that people are simply reacting to policies that have failed. citizens if you don't desire don't want to have this federal state that the indian rating is speaking about and not your species she therefore reveals. the i don't you're brussels which is in contradiction with the people of europe so many issues try to see in the european union right at this moment and we have to understand that when these parties come it's not because the europeans are turning to the extreme right out of their free will it's because many of the problems that that that form our everyday lives with criminal migrants with the recession of economy and so on has been building created by the european union and this is therefore only the rational approach for many many people to reject all control over bureaucratic and undemocratic european union there is no where is for them to go because all the old parties remain very loyal to the european union they would never speak against brussels and therefore the voters actually almost forced to
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join a ship or these extreme parties. detained in subjected to hostile questioning and all because of links to n.s.a. leaker edward snowden is don't have a human rights advocate just when radek says that she was held upon arrival at london's heathrow airport she told r.t. about the ordeal it was a line of questioning that went beyond the usual that went into who i represent as an attorney and the kind of line of questioning into my into the details of my work and specific clients is beyond the ambit of what any normal customs official would ask i've never been asked these kinds of questions and found it to be very intimidating and hostile. david miranda the partner of journalist glenn greenwald who publish newton's leaks was detained in a similar fashion at heathrow airport last summer he was questioned for nine hours in all his computer devices seized on the grounds of his indirect affiliation with
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the whistleblower just says it is a worrying trend i feel like lawyers and journalists are now beginning to be targeted at the borders of countries in the western hemisphere in so-called democratic countries and it's a threat to press freedom when journalists are questioned and it's a threat to the integrity of the judicial system when attorneys who are working on someone's case are being harassed or intimidated on the basis of who they represent moscow is still trying to get direct access to a russian locked up in the us jail constantine yet a shrink is said to be heavily ill and on the verge of a heart attack he's serving a twenty year sentence in charges of conspiring to smuggle drugs into america we can all speak with his lawyer and. joins us live from houston in the united states
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now u.s. officials have promised to help you to shrink oh but only off to moscow put pressure on washington so has he received medical help now what's the latest. today constantine jarosz and co were summoned to the medical units of the for the explosion and in a very unexpected twist if he was in fact. diagnosed for his heart condition they actually performed a cardiology assessment now a very basic one that yesterday on monday. konstantin was also presented to the medical unit however the analysis that was done on monday was limited to an ultrasound examination of genital areas he had asked whether it would be possible to do.
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cardiology treatment or and assessment of his heart condition he was told yesterday that there simply was no such equipment at the facility to provide for the evaluation now mysteriously today after the topic of health was addressed by the russian foreign minister to u.s. counterpart secretary of state john kerry. in fact did receive the first evaluation of his heart condition and are you satisfied that he now will receive necessary treatment we're hopeful that the treatment will follow as of this point in time though jarosz anthro was simply tested it was not a comprehensive test of course but. it surely should be on the right track from now
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but of course the russian officials and sorry to interrupt but russian officials and doctors want to see do you think they will be allowed to see him i know that the russian embassy is currently conducting the goshi ations with the united states department of state which in turn corresponds with the federal bureau of prisons and the agency within the jurisdiction of the justice department and i know that discussions are currently held to allow russian doctors to. have access to your i shan't go and to evaluate his health. the final determination of those requests by the russian side i don't know whether the united states has granted those requests or whether access is given to russian officials and medics to him what about his eventual. situation could he be handed over to rusher is
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that what you're hoping as. well we're hopeful that the case of constantine euro shanteau will be resolved. sooner than the twenty year sentence or runs out. we contend was unduly abducted in the country or fly bierria subject to two or three days of brutal torture where his teeth were knocked out now and it was all in violation of international law and and even national law for that matter of course. should be addressed. at the national level between russia and the united states and to comes into the ocean to live there in the states thank you very much indeed for joining us here on r.t. international. for time now for a quick recap of our top story now the fresh round of violence that has flared up
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in kiev you're watching live pictures now from the center of the city it's right about twenty past eight in the evening there where another showdown between the rioters and more force is happening at this very moment now the deadline given to the protesters to clear the streets expired over two hours ago seven civilians and two police officers are said to have been killed in today's fighting now that means it's become the bloodiest to hit kiev since the protests began last november rogers moved on the parliament in clash with police using firearms ropes molotov cocktails and explosives of course we'll bring you more on this developing story the top of the. so next it is the latest of breaking the said program here after the break.
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his first state of the city address new york mayor bill de blasio said that he would put forward legislation for the city to issue special municipal identification cards to undocumented immigrants he summed up his feelings by saying to all my fellow new yorkers who are undocumented i say new york city is your home too and we will not force any of our residents to live their lives in the shadows yeah that sounds nice but the reason these illegal immigrants live their lives in the shadows is because they immigrated illegally why should new yorkers bend over backwards for illegal criminal immigrants this is the same logic that if i catch a guy breaking into my house as a gracious host i should offer him a pizza because it's his home too this is not just a slap in the face to rule of law but also to the immigrants who do go through the bureaucracy and headaches to become u.s. citizens the right way the legal way so the blasio if you're going to provide these illegal immigrants with some sort of document it should be a plane ticket back home with instructions on how to apply for
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a green card the legit proper way just like everyone else has to fashion just my opinion. i.
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what's really good folks i met all rob lowe filling in for abby martin welcome to breaking the set so by now we all know their phone calls emails text messages gaming tendencies and even porn habits are no longer private things were friendly neighborhood and essay but the one area that still appeared to be safe from the prying eyes of uncle peeping sam was attorney client privilege well thanks to the latest edward snowden leak that broke over the weekend we know that even this most hollowed and protective of relationships is subject to surveillance to get out according to a top secret document obtained by the new york times a us law firm representing the government of indonesia for assistance with the international trade talks was selected for monitoring in february of last year the n.s.a. was working directly with its counterpart agency in australia to gather information
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about the law firm and its dealings with indonesia and yes this went far beyond just gathering for metadata straightly a signals directorate explicitly told the n.s.a. that quote information covered by attorney client privilege may be included in intelligence gathering well that certain make americans feel a whole lot better about the fairness of the u.s. justice system. from the wiretapping of western leaders to the industrial espionage of brazilian oil companies it's becoming increasingly clear that the so-called national security mandate is a complete joke the agency has shown time and time again that if it wants information on the inner workings of business government agencies and now law firms will stop at nothing to get it so if you believe that attorney client privilege still means something in this country then join us and let's break the set. the possibly it was a very very hard to take a. look at that or had that was that her think
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there was. that it was. it was. it. was. just when you thought it couldn't get any worse for the water supply in west virginia last week yet another toxic spill struck the state this time over one hundred thousand gallons of coal slurry that watery byproduct of coal mining spilled into the fields into fields creek which is a tributary of charleston's can now a river.


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